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  1. Uh normally each Call of Duty game as around 12 to 16 default maps and about 4 dlc maps per dlc packs. Here's a list of all maps from all COD games. Battlefield 4 had 10 default maps and 5 dlc packs each having 4 dlc maps. Dice's Star Wars Battlefront 1 had 8 default maps. (no dlc maps i think) So depending on how well things will go as time goes on and if the developpers have enough budget,you might see mininum 10 maps or more if things goes well...
  2. Yeah,get rid of Pamela's voice and instead of Jason shack he should spawn in front of a tombstone with the name of his son on it. As for the sweater,replace it with something belonging to his son and have male counselors be able to use that to distract Roy.
  3. So i just noticed something about Part 4 Jason model,cant believe i didnt noticed it earlier... He doesnt have the 2 strand of hair at the back of his head. Cant believe the model designer forgot to add those.
  4. Sorry,dont want to break the rule,but since someone just made a duplicate topic right after i made this one,i decided to bump this one in hope that the mods see what's going on,the other one will need to go. Back on topic,so guys what do you think,was James and Mike toughts on the game fair ? Do you think they should play more of it ?
  5. Just made a topic about it,right before you...
  6. Yeah,i was watching a girl gamer video on youtube and even she said that Part 4 Jason seem to be a bit faster than 2 & 3. Someone really need to do a side by side comparaison video of Part 2,3 and 4 running to see wich one is faster,just make him run from the entrance of Jarvis house to the entrance of the vacation house or from Higgins house to the barn. As for the environments being darker,i like it,it actually look a bit more like the earlier build of the game,the one where Jason leave a trace of smoke when he teleport.
  7. I wasnt sure if i should put this topic in General or Off-topic,i'll let the mods decide... But anyway,James Rolfe (a.k.a the Angry video game nerd) is finally seeing and playing F13 the game for the first time alongside his friend Mike... They seem pretty impressed with the game so far,share your toughts on their opinions...
  8. So Cinemasins finally started to make Everything wrongs videos on the F13 franchise.
  9. There' seem to be some un-balance with how fast Jason destroy barricaded doors. Some guy said it took 4 hits to destroy a barricaded door,another say it's 3 hits,but i saw a video where it's 2 hits. Some of us are talking about it here...
  10. This is what happen when you combine Jason with Leatherface...
  11. For once im kinda happy that it got released earlier,last time...Streamers were the one who got the chance to play the game before the backers,making the backers unhappy while the streamers enjoyed themselves. Now it's the other way around,the streamers are the one unhappy since the early release mess up their stream schedule,LOL. In french: Pour une fois je suis content que la mise a jour soit sortie plutot,la dernier fois les streamers ont eu la chance de jouaient avant ceux qui ont backer le jeu,les backers ├ętait pas content alors que les streamers eu s'amusaient. Mais maintenant c'est l'inverse,les streamers sont pas content car la sortie plus tot de la mise a jour d├ęsordonne leur horaire stream,mort de rire...
  12. Either you are lying or there's an unbalance between the different ports (PC/XBOX/PS4). I was watching the Slash N Cast youtube podcast the other night and when they played part 4 Jason they could destroy the door in 2 hits. Just saw a video by ImAgility and at 2:40 the guy playing Jason took the door down in 3 hits,so yeah there might be something off with the versions. Edit:just watched this video...yup it's 2 hits for a barricaded door on the Playstation 4,while the Xbox/PC is 3 hits or sometime 4 hits... Go to 4:10 of the video to see Part 4 destroying a cabin barricaded door in 2 hits... edit 2:just finished watching the video and i noticed that it's 3 hits if you do a melee attack on the door. (On PS4)
  13. Or maybe because she's going to be a hero character like Tommy wich you will need to call on the radio,so she IS Fox in the flesh... While Mitch is a character stereotype wich is based on Chuck,hence why he is a councelor. The devs wont just constantly add counselors or else we will find ourselves with a list too big,so you will also see some hero characters from the movies,of course they will need to ask permision from the actors wich is what they did with Tommy and Fox.
  14. Like ShortyThaGame above me mentioned,the actors/directors/sfx guys all said in interviews that the Part 4 mask was made from the same mold as the Part 3 mask. It's just that Richard Brooker (Part 3) head + prostetics as a wider head shape from the front to the back wich add more tension to the mask straps forcing the mask to bend backward wich lead to the oval shape of the mask. As for Ted White (Part 4) is head + prostetics is probably less wide from front to back so the mask doesnt bend backward,so that's why it's rounder. Another example would be Part 6 Jason,2 actors played Jason in that movie and the shape of the mask is also a bit different depending on wich of the 2 actors.