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  1. I am an Xbox player and a friendly counselor. Distracted Jason for ages with Tiffany while a camping Deborah had to make her way from one end of the map to the other to escape with the police.
  2. My idea is pretty shit. But I have thought about this before. I would love an insane asylum Jason. He wears a straight jacket he has managed to break out off, skin that has been ripped off parts of his body and face, his mask has been replaced with some old bloody bandage, wrapped poorly around his face and his weapon would be some long, rusty and sharp garden shears.
  3. I don't think most people want to fight Jason, because whether you do or don't, ridiculous things like this happen. I searched Mr Fantastic and this GIF came up. That's how obvious it is.
  4. How about we also fix Jason having an unrealistically long grab distance and a combat system which doesn't really work because Jason can grab through it and slash about 100 times per second. That way I won't have to fly away like a sky dancer doll on speed everytime something bad happens.
  5. I really hope that the costume packs aren't a measly 2-3 skins per counselor, like I'm hoping more 5-6 per counselor.
  6. Level 101 for a month or so, only just got my first tape yesterday x
  7. Awesome idea, Did you know in the UK we call them Bum Bags. The more you know.
  8. I think a lot of it has do to with the connection, well for me it does. I can outwit the best Jason players when my ms is good, but when it is bad then I have flashbacks to the old days of Crazy Taxi!
  9. It does take a while, I've been gifted with having a few months off of work and spent way to many nights playing this game. You wouldn't miss out, it would just give the developers more time to produce more content to release and give you more to work towards. Trust me when you get to level 101 you feel like you've hit a brick wall and think "Now what do I do?". Thank you. It does get a little boring because other than surviving there isn't much to do. I don't know who blond is and I don't know anything about gardening. Unless you mean ho, in which case I consider myself a classy kick-ass counselor. You can do it, enjoy the leveling up while it lasts! I do too. That's why I was so bummed when I reached level 101 because I can't unlock anymore clothes.
  10. I still don't quite understand what this means but if it has something to do with clothing then I am hyped. Get some dresses and jeans for my stumbling Tiffany.
  11. The car one with the horn has sold me.
  12. I can see why people would want this feature but I feel, from playing this game for a long time, that 20 minutes is long enough to kill a team of counselors without giving Jason new abilities. Considering Jason has a ridiculously long grab distance aswell as the ability to slash someone to death in seconds without a cooldown between hits I can't see the need for Jason to have more power and abilities than he already has, especially with the 'Thick Skin' perk being supposedly nerfed. Although, I could see Jason being able to damage a counselor by reaching through a window and grabbing their arm or hair, rather than pulling the counselor completely out the cabin, but that would need to come with some of his other abilities being reduced.
  13. So I finally reached level 101 and it got me wondering why this is the highest level you can get to, and it hasn't been a year since the game has been released. I am suggesting that the maximum level should increase every 4-5 months by 101 levels. (The maximum level is currently 101, then it would be 202, then 303 and so on) Every 101 levels, the counselors would unlock a new outfit, which you would then unlock a variety of reskins for as you level up. (These new outfits can be mix and matched with other outfits for that counselor) Also you would unlock reskins/bloodied/altered versions of Jasons current costumes (E.g You could unlock a red part 2 Jason at level 114 or a Torn up part 8 at 121) Aswell as a whole new costume every 101 levels.
  14. I love this idea more than anything!!! Chanel Oberlin meets Cher Horowitz meets Regina George meets Kathryn Merteuil meets Courtney from Jawbreaker!
  15. I like that idea, it makes the game feel a bit more real and personal.