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  1. I hate the Head Punch and the one handed choke kill. Almost every Jason I go up against uses these kills. It's getting super boring. Even if I get grabbed by an environmental kill location they still use these quick kills (even when no one is around us). I hope they make them a little longer.
  2. I have no idea why I even clicked on this thread, lol... 😅
  3. I have not noticed that stamina regens quicker while dancing. I will try that out when I play again, haha 😁
  4. Fear level affects your stamina regen. The flashlight also seems to help with stamina regen when it's turned on. Make sure you're not crouching when your stanima regens because it seems to take longer. This is my experience anyways. Hope this helps. 😁
  5. Agreed! I finally have Epic in all of my favorite perks. I don't want my perks reset. 😱
  6. I agree with you 100%! I don't mind if Jason got Stalk sooner, but I don't like the idea of swapping out Sense with Stalk. Well said 😉👍
  7. I am 100% sure. What if you are in a lobby with a bunch of stealthy counselors and they aren't around the objectives? They make very little noise. This would make the game too hard for Jason. Just my two cents. 😁
  8. No way! It would be way too hard to find counselors. 😒
  9. I have come across a lot of new players too. I had a Chad that kept following me around trying to kill me with the machete and a Kenny that tried to kill me with the shotgun, lol.
  10. I really want the rare or epic Swift attacker perk. I have only had a common and uncommon one, but I sold them. Here is my collection of perks...
  11. I'm sure you can get an epic in every perk. I have an epic Marathon perk (14%).
  12. I hope you guys get the emotes working.
  13. I have an epic 14% and it's an amazing perk (I pair it with an epic Restful at 14% as well). I have not timed it, but it seems like I can run for a lot longer without running out of stamina.
  14. You guys did an amazing job! The new Jason, map and rain are awesome! Thanks, guys
  15. I hope you get it sorted out, @PlayerAgainstTheMachine. Must be super frustrating 😕