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  1. Looking good guys! My phone camera is terrible, so I apologize for the quality. lol
  2. That would be cool, but I doubt that we will be able to do that. I hope I'm wrong though
  3. I'm not happy about it, but I understand the reasoning behind it.
  4. I don't think anyone knows what it looks like yet.
  5. I bought the digital download for both PS4 and Xbox (along with the DLC for both as well). I usually never buy physical copies of games because I always lose them, haha.
  6. That is actually a good guess.
  7. Agreed. I have seen people complaining, but I don't understand why. We now have a solid release date and its only a month away. Super excited!
  8. It kinda sounded like you were saying you get the Jason and clothing pack from pre-ordering the game, but I get what you are meant now. Can't wait to download both the clothing pack and the awesome Jason.
  9. You don't get the Savini Jason and Clothing Pack for pre-ordering the game. Those were a separate purchase.
  10. As a counselor I'll try to play as stealthy as possible. Deborah, A.J. and Tiffany is the counselors I will play as the most. As Jason I'll probably play with my food for awhile and then go in for the kill, haha.
  11. Its definitely A.J. I am almost 100% sure that she isn't wearing shorts. I think its a shadow that is making it look that way (could be wrong though).
  12. That is A.J. I think that is a skirt and not shorts. Seems to be the outfit she has always had.
  13. Hi! Welcome to the Forum.
  14. They have said plenty of times that their not going to do that. The Savini Jason and Clothing Pack was available for a year and a half.