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  1. Thanks much, I used the part 7 Jason mask.... My fav
  2. I captured a screenshot back when we had team killing available I ran into a girl helping Jason kill everyone. I was playing as tiff and killed her with the frying pan. Was great
  3. I say it would work great if you turned stalk on right before you morph to a suspected councillor location such as the main house at pak lodge. People hear the door open......hell yea got the shotgun turn omg grab and kill that's where it's at. I like the idea for sure.
  4. I use the emotes sometimes. Nothing wrong with them. But I never used the scoreboard before so I don't know what is missed so much
  5. I agree and come here and some others. Great idea.
  6. I laugh at killing them when I'm Jason. When I'm not j tho I help them. I'll just use the come here emote and most of the time they follow me to victory..... Or we encounter a decent Jason player and they become bait cuz they will hide in the closet while I run away
  7. I noticed the trees and brush is more thick on the new map. I love that it seems more spooky if your getting chased. And the lone cabins can be a death trap if your caught in on by yourself. Or have to fight with a teammate to have hope of getting away. Adding to the fear factor is great for the game.
  8. Tiffany's repair perk isn't working for me. Was halfway decent before. Other than that loving every second of it
  9. Melissa should be added. Common guys tons of people want her as much as Jason x. Chad's counterpart. I guess tiff could be Tommy's bff if Megan never shows
  10. I think it's a cool idea but I don't think they can add Freddy really. They probly could do a living and unread Jason or something.
  11. Hope they make Megan and Tina hero characters.
  12. I like how big the map is, And love the cabins way out by themselves. Would be hard to escape from those. The way the rain sounds in and out of cabins are realistic and awesome. Brings back the fear factor for me. Great job gun. Looks like the game is going in a good direction. I also noticed that all the character models have been tweaked and look good. The only one that stood out as weird was tiffs bug eyes. Hope that's cause they are bringing in the eye popping.
  13. I say bring back the tk option if your going to let the cheaters come back. At least we can defend ourselves when they try to block us in a room we can kill them. Also add a feature if they team kill they light up red and have large sound blips for the remaining part of the match
  14. Setting up Jason's or clothing etc at lvl unlocks gives people more incentive to play the game. Smart move for the devs. Jason x lvl 80 unlock;) jk
  15. OK so I played a match that was a little glitchy but everyone I grabbed stabbed me with a pocket knife. I hope they didn't add a pocket knife perk. 3 from one person and then one from every other player. That was crazy hard to beat and kinda not very fun. Anyone else have this happen? Between the shotgun, flaregun, and firecrackers adding near a dozen pocket knifes would be horrible imo....... Sorry in advance omg. Pocket not picket lol