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  1. Lol these cool outfits with the emotes will be an awesome combo,
  2. It'll be a good thing for micless players, or the less vocal players. Will be a lot of funny videos made too I think like someone shoots Jason and instead of teabagging does the no way emote lol
  3. I say make uber just like part 9 just add the ability to run. It is uber Jason after all
  4. I use tiff most of the time, use an epic repair skill for her and it's not so bad. I have had success with full car repair and escape on my own with her. It's a little hard but that's all in the fun of it IMO. I think lachappa could use a speed buff just a little but tiff is fine the way she is really. All in how you play her and perks used.
  5. I'm all for Tina being in game, I think the only time she should be able to use her power is to escape Jason, just like the pocket knives are used only telekenetic type moves tho, I also would Like one of those to be the collapsing roof and light bulb like in the movie. Love the idea of the father kill at the boat dock too. I also agree that she should be able to be grabbed and use weapons. If I was Tina would hate to not be able to attack and if I was Jason it would be horrible trying to kill her would end up trying to run away from her and that's not what a real Jason would do. Would be great fun in a scenario like 'hey you just telehung me with the light bulb cord now that your in cool down mode and my shift is active'.... Here I come. Lol stuff like that would be fun both ways. Also had to throw in the cord choke. I was a big fan of part 7
  6. OK, I was thinking it would be way better to have scenes tailored to whatever player you are vs the campfire scene all the time, like maybe you are aj walking in a cabin or bugzy getting out of the outhouse after hearing a scream or something. Out of the car, shower, bed whatever. Those types of starting cutscenes would be a pretty cool addition to the game play.
  7. I think team killing is OK only when they are being stupid like trying to steal your spot in an escape vehicle they didn't help with or running up to beat on you for no reason. I make it simple tho if I run into Jason helpers senseless TKers or such I send them a message saying whatever I feel like and block them. Simple fix and works well. I think those type will get sorted out in time or will quit playing altogether when the next new game comes along they can be a pro tard at. Devs would waste much wanted time for game development by looking into all these issues imo
  8. I just thought of that scene in part 7 at the end where he slaps that guys chest after he shoots Jason and he goes flying in the boat. None can handle a slap from the nature boy. They should call that move the rick roll lol
  9. The only thing that would make Roy a cool Jason is if he could run and have stamina like Vanessa, now that would be scary as hell trying to run away from that or trying to hide in a cabin as he cuts the door down in a very fast way. But then again he couldn't really stop a car or handle many machete or axe swings, but hey it would be a fun trade off if a lot of the fans we're up for that kinda challenge
  10. Sickle like he used to kill with in part 7 and the bladed weed whacker lol, bzzzzzzzaahhh
  11. Yea would be cool to see him slap the councillors chest at the top for a very hard roll down the stairs.
  12. Lol, guess there would be a lot of fappers out there.
  13. Maybe when you max out in lvl you unlock full nude characters but on the downside if you use them you will have more fear and stumble often
  14. I agree, I go thru windows. Smarter play style and more considerate I guess but not everyone will go that route tho.
  15. People do the same to me too sometimes, either help them out or do your own thing, it's not set in stone who is allotted items or what is his or hers. It's a game to play however you choose.