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  1. Announced today. Freddy is coming to DbD!
  2. To really enjoy the game to its fullest, and accomplish more as well as fun interactions with other lobby members, a mic is definitely key.
  3. Did someone spoil the end of The Sixth Sense for you? lol... thanks but things like this remove the fun of exploration and discovery for me. I know some people like jumping on for info like this, but I’ll pass!
  4. Any new players that jumped on board via disc, jump into the other threads on this forum. There are a lot of good PS4 players that you can send friend requests, that just have fun playing the game. You can find me in that section and send me a request. Noob or not, always looking for people to just have good times with. Just please have a mic. I don’t mind answering any questions and helping new players get up to speed on the ins and outs! A bigger player base is great.
  5. I usually hate when people commit suicide on purpose. I play with a group of regulars, and a couple will pull that sometimes when I’m Jason. They yell at start of match, “suicide time! Crue’s Jason!” They say it’s because I’m going to kill them anyway. lol... like I said, usually I hate it and find it cheap. Although one time I did have to admit it was hilarious. Match started. I go around to set some traps and prepare myself for the carnage. Suddenly the match just ended! I was like WTF... then I saw. Everyone had immediately committed suicide. LMAO... I have to admit it was pretty funny.
  6. I love the design as well. A lot different... and I also enjoy when it’s the 2 seater and boat. Doesn’t always need to be 4 seater with it. That alone changes things up and requires different thoughts and strategies. Having different options like that keeps things more fresh
  7. My wife experienced the same thing last night on PS4. 10-12 matches played, and level didn’t budge. CP and XP didn’t grow. Very frustrating
  8. I actually got mine too... but couldn’t understand why my wife didn’t. Just sucks, but I can’t be shocked
  9. We FINALLY got in to play after the fiasco on PS4 tonight. We got about 10-12 matches in. My wife plays on one PS4 on her own account and I play on mine with my own account. My wife started as level 27 and finished as level 27. Didn’t receive any of her CP or XP. Which is bs... anyone else had that happen tonight? Especially PS4 users?
  10. Hilariously I may end up just having to play as Michael Myers on DbD on a day I should be Jason! Thanks guys
  11. Every time this happens they blame Sony. Yet it’s the only game this effects. You would have thought if that were true the problem would have been pinpointed one of the prior times and fixed so it wouldn’t happen every time they release new content, or have an event, or whatever
  12. This is amazing. How can they not be prepared time and again for this! It will not work on PS4. Empty quick play lobbies. Time outs in private before a match can start. Errors joining party or rooms. Not one successful game yet! I’m floored. You would have thought, today of ALL DAYS, they’d be ready for
  13. Please don’t change the 2 seater/boat combo! I love the switch up. I haven’t even had a chance to try it and already love the idea of it. It’s a new dynamic that could change planning and strategies. Different in this case is good. lol... at least in my opinion.
  14. Can’t wait! Been looking forward to getting the steelbook machete version for a long time. lol
  15. Forget the emotes... I was stoked for rain and lightning when I downloaded... dam that sucks, but should have known better. SMACKING MYSELF IN THE HEAD REPEATEDLY