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  1. I love the new map, only things that need fixing: - the two main houses should have more stuff in it, the kitchens don't have pots and pans to grab as weapons, drawers are usually empty and there's only like one weapon in each house -the door to go down to the basement of the vacation house and the door to exit the basement of the vacation house to the outside are unable to be locked, all doors should have ability to be locked -all objectives spawn in the south, the phone should be able to spawn in different places such as the Jarvis house(like in the movie, remember where Jason rips the phone box off), the vacation house or random cabins, doesn't have to be in the south Same with cars, they only spawn in two places, the south or by the main houses, they should spawn wherever Speaking of cars... -there should be two car objectives, I've only encountered matches with one car one boat and the phone, what about the matches where there's two cars? It should be random like the other maps -the main houses need to be more lit inside, even with electricity on it could be a little dark at times, it should be that dark when power gets killed -electricity boxes or phone boxes should be in basements if at main houses -the round window in the 2nd floor of the vacation house the one where Trish jumped out of in the movie should be interactive just like in the movie we should have option to jump out or if Jason to use it -the bathrooms of the main houses don't have health sprays when usually they are found in bathrooms Other than that everything is fine, the part 4 skin looks accurate and the music is accurate and the maps do as well.
  2. Ted White was the scariest, presented a Jason which the audience despised, which is what an antagonist is indeed for, to get booed, to want to see the protagonist succeed. him chasing Trish up the stairs, breaking the door down and throwing the hammer presented himself like a man who knew the woods really well and been through alot of stuff, really crazy psychopath that you need to get away from.
  3. Could one of the devs tell us the date of when the Part IV map and skin will be released, or at least update us on whether it's completed or not, or an estimate on the release. This will only increase hype and sales.
  4. JGTH over Part 4? Don't buy it, Part 4 made more at the box office, this has to be rigged. I think they did this to be slick because 2 of the 3 are Kane Hodder Jason's and the mo-cap is by Kane, so it would make it easier for them, despite the fact that other parts are clearly more popular, even part 5 is more popular than JGTH and JTM
  5. Friday The 13th - A Whodunit Classic with slasher innovations. Friday The 13th Part 2 - A Whodunit with a surprising reveal with better pacing. Friday The 13th Part 3 - The most popular of the series among mainstream fans and highest grossing, Campiest Friday The 13th with serious tone that captures early 80's culture. Friday The 13th Part 4 - End of Golden Age of Slasher genre, most serious tone. Friday The 13th Part 5 - Campy with comedic tone that captures mid 80's culture, most whacked out of the series. Friday The 13th Part 6 - Ahead of it's time self-referential, Jason however starts to walk, decreasing scare factor. Friday The 13th Part 7 - Most brutal. Friday The 13th Part 8 - Cartoony.
  6. This isn't going to be one of those games where you just slash away or use cut scenes, Friday The 13th is known for jump scare kills(hiding under the bed, outside the shower, refrigerator distraction, hiding in the water, behind trees, and etc) Jason hides, we shouldn't know where he is on the map and his kills are surprises, the attackers goal should be stealth kills. This makes the game more challenging and you feel more fulfilled when you overcome the killer.
  7. It's not about being spoiled and ungrateful, it's that this game Needs an offline mode otherwise it's dead. it doesn't matter if the offline mode sucked(hypothetically speaking since this is highly unlike), it needs an offline mode or in 5 years or so when the servers are down, the game is dead and can never be played again.
  8. I am wondering will the Jason theme play when you're being chased by Jason and will the earlier skins run? If these games are trying to stay true to the movie the the Jason skins from Parts 2-5(including Roy) should run, while 6 and on should walk, if not then it's not true to the series.
  9. Then return every single dollar to every person who funded this game after game sales and lower the price to $9.99 because a game like that ain't worth more than $29.99 especially the physical copy which is 60 dollars. I am truly shocked, I didn't think the question(why would we need to raise money for the Tommy Javis character when you already have the license?) would expose the developers like that. I miss the times where developers would put forward their Own money to make a game for the fans and their reward would be game sales. Instead they ask to raise money for things they can do for Free because they want money and "no one works for free". if it's gonna be like that then please return the profits to each fan who paid. All the fans owe is the price of the game copy, development money is up to you, if the fans are going to produce it then do what they say.
  10. Thank you for finally admitting that it is about money, they're not going to give the fans something they can do for free because they didn't get money... so they're doing this for the money, not the fans. This confession also shows the Stretch Goals to be a fraud, the money isn't needed for their creation, since they can create it but "no one works for free". The fans pay for the game, not the development, that's up to them, the developers, so asking for money on top of that, when they can do it for free is shady, they're already getting paid for game sales, Already got paid for development and they're making a profit since they got the game off fans money. This should clear some fans concerns as to why this is happening. it really breaks my heart I thought this game would be for the fans, or at least mostly for the fans, but it clear that money is the main concern. The Single player Offline mode can be included but "No one works for free". One question(why would we need to raise money for the Tommy Javis character when you already have the license?) exposed it all.
  11. That's alot of money, I don't even make that in 2 years. Really unnecessary, they don't need the money to code it, they can simply code it if they wanted to, this is arbitrary.
  12. That's a problem, they don't need the money to code it, so why should we reach those monetary goals for when they can do it without the money? It sounds like an excuse for cash. I thought they were doing this for the fans.