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  1. it would be so revolutionary, innovative and amazing for the horror genre! Unscripted and natural! Plus fitting for the Friday the 13th lore and genre! Since I read that the game is getting emotes, I'm thinking the developers could add a mechanic/system where two counselors can interact with each other to initiate a making out session! So of course that involves holding and kissing animations! but it can really look great and within the mature rating guidelines!! this isn't something only The Sims has. kissing is universal! it would also test the developers skills in animations and model interaction. I'm sure they can make it look great! now gameplay incentives? Well it's actually human and respectful to kiss each other passionately, so it could have benefits like regenerating both players stamina faster, a bit of health regen to both, and the counterbalance would be they both would be vulnerable in getting grabbed/damaged. The plus side is that making out makes no noise, so it's possible to take advantage of it during stealth situations. It can also be a strategic last resort! Now how it would function and steps to engage in kissing? well ok 1. both counselors have to be standing and facing each other, no large item nor weapon equipped. 2. press and hold the interact button, and press aim button, that enables ready stance, if both players are in ready stance and in range, they automatically begin holding and kissing each other! 3. to disengage from making out, one or both players can press interact and they will stop holding and kissing each other, and can move and do any action immediately afterwards. 4. during the duration of the kissing session stamina drains but health regens slowly. Devs can balance it out, so it is beneficial, but not OP, and at the sametime, not such a disadvantage that it discourages everyone from using it. so it would have strategic and valuable benefits. So you see, this sort of thing would make Friday the 13th even more awesome and appealing to more people and more true to the source material.
  2. I'm gonna play more today, I heard the server improved for some today? monday felt more stable than sunday pretty much. this is the one game that got my friends list into the double digits, lol. now there's too many players to invite in one lobby, but at least that's more options and people to choose from to invite.
  3. kids play Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat 9/XL and other violent and mature graphic games, as well as watch the most horror filled movies. nothing out of the ordinary. doesn't matter if people agree or not, they still gonna play. and there are kids that are actually more mature and respectful than teens, adolescents, adults and even seniors, and don't harrass other players like older people do to them. kids can behave like kids, and that's ok, they usually are more attentive and loyal than some adults. like really, even those annoyed by the younger voices, were the complainers an only child? are they sociopaths that can't accept kids in gaming and society? I teamed up with a good number of kids in this game and others, and most of them were great teammates.
  4. the grab is fine, dont mess with it. there's already a fair chance to hit jason with weapon and lots of different ways to interrupt the grab before and after they grab someone. nerfing the grab can cause a major dumbed down experience, the fear factor would drop like a brick, and matches would be more casual routine instead of intense. just dont get caught, try not to be found, dont go alone, share pocket knife if you have extra, use sprint effectively, the enviornment, try not to be alone for long, and others ways to avoid being finished off. the game already provides a lot of advantages for we counselors, and it wouldn't be horror if some luck wasn't involved besides strategy and skills. we had Jason that would even rage quit because they couldn't catch and kill anybody. nerfing the grab would be a bad thing. its still possible for even a weak counselor to break out of the grab, if say, for example, Jason decided to try to move to a enviornment kill. its situational, but the balance is looking fine.
  5. A lot of franchises would benefit from this game design, including Forbidden Siren and Fatal Frame series. The devs really are raising for multiplayer and horror in general!! and 7 counselors is a perfect amount for amazing group play!! and the openness of the huge world map. I used to have little rants of things like the minimap, but I'm actually fine with it. the devs found a perfect balance for hardcore immersion fans, as well as the quality of life convenience fans too!! and its always challenging! devs shouldn't mess with the balance. and I like hosting lobbies because I can have someone else be Jason if they want to. and there's always someone that wants to be Jason, so that's great for the Counselor fans being the counselor they want to be full time!! Flirty Girl / Tiffany Cox is so PERFECT!! and I like grouping with all kinds of counselors!! ^.^
  6. it also doubles as a co op game, with a smarter enemy than a.i.!! the group possibilities are experiences are 11/10 amazing beyond words, even just the being in the company of others is so soothing and fun in this game, more than any other co op/multiplayer game!! the camera zoom level is perfect, look sensitivity, movement, etc. even first person in vehicle, I like how we can see our body, I like looking down when starting the car, the animations are incredibly immersive!! Everything looks and plays so great and I have the DENSITY of the forest, and the darkness of cabins, the sounds, everything!! no AAA developer with a larger budget can replicate this masterpiece of masterpieces!! it has the right game design, talent and everything!!
  7. It would take a novel to describe all the priceless values and one of a kind experiences only Friday the 13th The Game provides! Even with the server/level issues (someone I know has a serious issue where there level is stuck at 0, mine fixed 2 days ago. there was two level lock issues I had, on the first day, and on sunday, but both fixed on the same days they happened, it just took some hours), I already played over 100 problem free matches online!! Despite the level lock issues now and then, I got level 18 and unlocked Tiffany on the 3rd day since launch! Flirty Girl/Tiffany is SO awesome!!!!!! I like how Tiffany and AJ have longer hair in the full version, and the dynamic hair physics makes their hair look longer and prettier. Greatest character selection ever!! Leveling is decent speed, and I don't use the customization at all, no perks, maybe after things smoothen, I think a part of the problem is people buying perks and finishers may have glitched their data, but overall aside from server maintanence and two cases of level lock, I been able to unlock what I wanted from the game, and enjoying every second of it! Also the AMAZING player interactions and things said on voice chat are priceless!! havent met any toxic players, and people been mostly respectful, just hearing brushing of a few peoples ego, but nothing personal xD TONS of laughter! I haven't laughed so hard at amazing and outrageous situations!! So much awesome cooperative and group experiences too! Even seeing gameplay videos of others during times we are busy and not at home to play more of it, is very interesting, better than any movie and superior to any horror game in existence!! Overall I think the balance is fine, Jason grab may be OP, but I think nerfing that would make the game less scary, and make it frustrating for Jason players and things would get easy to the point where more counselors get away with less thrills. There are cases where it's very easy to get away in the right situation without even encountering Jason or getting damage, so overall I think it's not that bad. fighting him is a risk, so people just gotta be careful, whether they use the battle stance or try to sprint flank after a grab attempt to whack him. Overall, the game's balance is sensitive, so please don't mess things up giving in to some complaints that risks dumbing down the experience. Friday the 13th The Game is THE greatest horror game experience EVER!! and once the devs smoothen things for everyone, more can really enjoy this perfect horror game. It goes to show open games like this instead of story driven game, is much greater leaving things open with more freedom and no predetermined outcomes nor paths. It's the ultimate horror enviornment and game design to date!! With more replay value than any AAA horror game. it even surpasses the movies with how open and interactive it is, each match is like a sequel in itself!! Since the first day, I'm so glad I switched to private lobbies, hosting some of my own, inviting people from the PSN Community Wall, and gathering more players. mics or no mics, people still contribute and its great how everything functions! the devs of the NES game would be proud of this 2017 game's devs. this kinda game is best experienced with multiplayer. ^.^
  8. Anyone that truly values their experiences playing the full version, shouldn't watch those streams/pre launch videos, people get more of their money's worth and get more impact from first day playing, not watching this week's videos/streams. the streams would spoil a lot of content in detail, that's better first experienced and explored hands on. watching those videos would result in premature meta strategies, do's and don'ts habits, and results in less surprises, exploration, adaptation, and discoveries when actually playing it. first impressions would have less impact watching those prelaunch streams/videos. and it's annoying seeing others play, especially if they talk during the video. better to just wait and play it oneself. those streams really are for those that are still undecided, and don't care about content spoilers (especially the other maps), before playing the game.
  9. I'm skipping the prelaunch videos and streams. I get annoyed watching other people play, especially the ones that talk. It's better to play it myself the way I want to play it. Watching more vids beforehand is just spoilers at this point. It'll be more fresh and surprising just waiting until release. and those streams are likely going to spoil the other maps, so better to just not watch those things, and just download it play it when it's available in 2 days. more exploration and fun surprises.
  10. Tiffany is only rivaled by Jenny overall.
  11. 60 fps always looks better than 30 fps. though stable 30 fps is minimum standard.
  12. Actually I'm buying it day 1, not a backer, but I still contribute to the game actually buying it, playing it, and recommending it to friends. I didn't have the PSN wallet to buy the game, but now that I got more PSN cards, I have the account ready and money reserved to purchase it. I would buy map packs and counselors single player DLC, though I think if they are gonna add map packs as DLC, it might divide the community if they aren't free (even EA learned from overwatch and sw battlefront 2 is said to release all DLC maps free for all) though other DLC they add can be paid DLC, like hairstyles, costumes, and other stuff. a counselors single player DLC version of the multiplayer would count as an expansion mode, so I don't mind spending like $30 for that mode, though it would probably sell for about 10 to $20. Well anyways, the base game is what people are hyped for right now. It already has a lot of qualities for great replay value.
  13. A lot of my friends want to PS4 Share record and upload their F13th gameplay videos to youtube. video and audio better not be blocked. Koei blocks audio from their games, and some others block even video from share uploads, which is a dumb thing to do, when even PC gamers will still upload gameplay on youtube. so there shouldn't be any blocks on PS4's Share record and youtube upload features for this game.
  14. So exciting!! It's launching next week, and already prepared the PSN account, now it has $70 and ready to get F13th!! Its gonna be very interesting and it's cool the other maps haven't been revealed, so more surprises!! Not sure how long to unlock Tiffany, but I'll play as Jenny/girl next door in the meantime, and first day is gonna be so exciting and the days that follow are gonna have so much interesting things and group possibilities!! The launch period is gonna be the golden age of the game, so it's very cool a lot of fans are gonna make the most of it. And with higher success, the game might be expanded further. We counselors are gonna win!
  15. Where is that from? well downloaded Paladins, resubbed to FFXIV, still the wait is crazy and dont wanna spend on things before it