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  1. Hey all! First off, here's a handy banner: You can enter here: A few more details: The total prize is a PC setup with custom F13 Game logos and artwork! This is a rather high-end PC from OriginPC that comes with an ASUS Republic of Gamers monitor, HyperX Gaming keyboard and mouse, ASTRO Gaming headset and GUNNAR Optiks eyewear! We're utilizing 'Gleam' for the giveaway, so very un-intrusive. We will select two-runner up winners to win a console (either Xbox One S or PS4, their choice) 5 random winners will receive their choice of GUNNAR Optiks You have to be 18+ years of age and a legal US resident to enter, no purchase is necessary Giveaway Ends Nov. 30th, 2017. Details, terms and conditions are listed on the giveaway site (No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & DC, 18 or older. Ends 11:59 p.m. ET 11/30/17. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules for details)
  2. Hey everyone! While we're all here basically for Friday the 13th, one cannot deny that the genre overall has a major hold on fans. Sure, Jason reigns supreme with slasher flicks, and by gross is the biggest franchise out there, but what else are you watching when you want to get your horror fix on? Are you into the zombie franchise with Romero's zombies? The Monster Squad of Dracula, Werewolves and Frankenstein? Do you go for paranormal with ghosts, or perhaps its Cronenberg's human transformations? What gets you that horror fix you oh so love? (Well, besides Jason ) To be frank, Jason is my favorite character in horror. Always has been, but it's Psycho that really gives me the most 'bang for my buck,' when it comes to horror. The Shining is also a great example of what I really love when it comes to horror. The idea of humans as monsters is more of a driver for me, which is why slashers like Friday the 13th (1-3), Halloween and Sleepaway Camp are such memorable movies. So tell me, what's horror mean to you?
  3. okay.......what did I just read....?
  4. We have heard reports of this and are currently looking into it. Will keep you up to date when possible!
  5. Hi everyone!Wanted to take the time to talk about dedicated servers vs host migration for consoles and we’re here to elaborate on what we’re doing for Friday the 13th: The Game. To start; we are currently working on dedicated servers for consoles. That is going to happen, however the time it is taking is rather substantial. We’re going to go a bit more in-depth on why things are taking time for dedicated servers and why we chose dedicated over the oft-requested host migration feature.First off; Host Migration vs. Dedicated Servers.One of the biggest, if not the biggest request we currently receive from our fan-base is for the inclusion of a host migration system.Host Migration would take a very long time to implement, something in the neighborhood of six months or so with our team to be able to work without interruption. It, unfortunately, is not a quick fix as some might believe.Even with host migration, as soon as the host drops we tend to see people leaving rooms and finding new games, thus perpetuating the wait and potential for loss of game data between clients. We’re talking about a good 30-60 second delay for a host switch and in that time is fairly common for users to quit. The potential for multiple interruptions for host migration is a very real possibility, especially knowing that users tend to leave the moment they are killed. We also have an issue if the host is Jason and they disconnect or quit; no one would be picked as a new Jason. With dedicated servers we can swap Jason, with host migration we can’t.While this system is potentially good, it stands as a band-aid rather than a full fix. We’re opting for the full fix.Dedicated Servers and What to ExpectWe have more coming soon, but going with dedicated is a smarter route for the game. Console versions of the game will perform smoother overall and you now have removed the host advantage. Whenever someone disconnects, you take away the need for the game to pause and there’s less of a chance of data loss in-between any migration of hosting duties. Overall; the console version will perform in the same manner that you see with PC in regards to joining and leaving games.We are getting close with our dedicated server system going live, however there are a lot of considerations we have to take into account. We have been working with a partner on implementing our dedicated servers and they’ve been doing a tremendous job in the time they’ve had. This is something we’ve been working on for quite some time now, but want to remind fans that it remains a long process as well to fully implement, just like host migration would.The work has been on track, but we have a lot of security protocols in place from the consoles that must be implemented. We have a lot we have to do on our end to ensure things are working properly so that when we go into audit with Microsoft and Sony, we minimize the time needed to go live. They have a minimum test and evaluation period and we want to get through that as quickly and properly as possible.We don’t have a set date at this time. We are aiming for late-September, but it is not out of the question that it might take more time and could go into October before we release. There has to be an audit that ensures things run properly on consoles and that is a process that takes time.TL;DR - Host migration bad, Dedicated Servers Good. Give us a couple months
  6. We’d like to be upfront and say that this is the first time we have done this whole Kickstarter fulfillment process. We definitely didn't expect it to be this difficult as there are a lot of moving parts that no one at Gun Media has had extensive experience with. We are very sorry for the delays and are trying to get every order out the door as quickly as possible. There is no excuse for not having the game in backers hands prior to or on the same day as retail went live. We are shipping as much as possible everyday when the stock comes in from the various vendors for the steelbooks, disc, inserts, posters, magnets, etc. We had ordered everything in the correct numbers well before our shipping dates, but a number of things came in late, had issues in manufacturing or arrived damaged, which prevented us from sending it out immediately. All packaging and shipping began on Nov. 6th and continues to this day. We’ll be shipping for the next few weeks to get every package out and in the mail to backers. That said, we are averaging over 800 packages a day, but it will take more time to get through all of the backers that backed the game. To be clear, shipping IS NOT finished to all backers in all regions yet, not even North America. This is an ongoing process and will take time to complete. Tracking numbers are sent out when orders are processed and dropped off to ship. If you have not received an email yet, please be patient as we work through the multitude of orders we have to process. Try looking in your Spam/Junk email folders as filters can tend to catch mass emails and send them there. Please also check alternate emails you may have used for the tracking codes and log in to backerkit to check your accounts directly if the email is not found. Why is the game available at retail but it’s taken longer for backers to get their games? To clear up the question on many people’s minds, these are not produced from the same batch as the original release of the game to retail. This was all a separate custom order that our physical publishing partner Nighthawk placed to help us fulfill the Kickstarter & BackerKit rewards. It’s not easy to make small batch orders work with console manufacturers, especially not with this many SKU’s/different platforms, territories and versions of the game. Pair all that with multiple Steelbook configs, custom sleeves for Kickstarter on all SKUs, plus the bonus items we wanted to include for everyone, and it’s been a trial by fire to to say the least. We are extremely sorry for this and have been doing our best to rectify the issues. We’ve encountered multiple setbacks in manufacturing, timing for orders to be produced and shipping of the goods were issues we dealt with too. The custom elements, the steelbooks, the exclusive cover-sleeves all took additional time to procure and get manufactured to specifications. There were issues with the cover-sleeves and the glue used, in addition to sizing issues amongst the 4 different sized boxes they go over (Steelbooks, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam cases). The retail release didn’t have to have the covers, nor did it contain collector's editions or Steam versions. It was a much more complex order that involved a myriad of different manufacturers that in some cases, needed to coordinate, meaning a delay in one manufacturers delivery, would cause another in putting a disc inside the box and sealing it for instance. We apologize for all the delays and missteps in this process. We’re game developers and not retailers. Unfortunately we aren’t a well-oiled machine when it comes to handling fulfillment logistics, but we’re definitely trying. We’ve hit snags along the way, adapting as we learned, but we’ve always been moving forward. We are providing logo magnets, Part IV Jason stickers and a mini-poster for everyone who ordered a physical copy as our way of saying sorry. We will get every backer the goods they ordered, we are committed to getting everything in your hands as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your understanding as we get through this enormous endeavor while also juggling development related production tasks around the announcement and release of updates for the game. What about the Kickstarter Exclusive Cover-Sleeves? All Kickstarter backers that ordered a regular edition of the game on PS4, Xbox One or Steam will be receiving an original exclusive cover to go over their copy of the game. These were not offered on BackerKit, so if you ordered the game on BackerKit you will not be receiving one as they were Kickstarter exclusives. The Collector’s Edition Steelbooks also come with exclusive Kickstarter slip-covers, these are shipping out now and tracking numbers will be received this week. What’s going on with Signed Copies? The game will ship separately to you and the signed sleeve/cover will be mailed to you at a later date. With everyone's schedules so hectic this has proved to be a challenge, but never you worry. We want these to be collector’s items that you will cherish and do not want to omit anyone from signing. We're pinning down the signing dates and will be ensuring that all the horror legends and Gun Media and select Illfonic devs sign each sleeve. What about the Art Book and Soundtrack? The Physical Art Book and Physical CD Soundtracks are not finished and will come later. As you may know, Single Player is still in production and we are planning to feature art and music from the whole game in the Art Book & Soundtrack. Physical and Digital versions of these will ship once completed. Both the Art Book and Soundtrack are shaping up to be amazing and we’ll keep everyone informed on dates of completion via social media. What’s up with European and Australian Copies of the game? There are additional delays on orders containing Steelbook’s or copies of the regular or signed versions of the game for Xbox One or PS4 that are meant for Europe or Australia markets. Our European distribution partners have had issues getting the amount of games we needed to fulfill orders for these regions. Thus, there will be a longer delay for orders going outside of North America. That’s in addition to the longer actual time it takes to ship overseas and get through customs to receive the package. These copies will ship as they come in, and should all be out for delivery in the next 2 1/2 weeks. We will let all those affected know when these arrive and begin shipping. Video of Shipping In-Progress Support Inquiries To address issues with the phone number that was given out by mistake by LRG customer support, that was an old phone number and should not have been given out. Limited Run Games and Illfonic should not be contacted for physical
  7. Our team offered a digital skin of Jason Voorhees as a Kickstarter reward for those that wanted it at specific tiers as listed. $65 Jason Voorhees Digital Pro Pack $99 Physical Game Edition + Digital Content $129 Physical Game + Digital + Extra Download Key Pack $140 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $140 Rev. 2 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $230 Signed Physical Game + Digital Content $275 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector pack $275 Rev. 2 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $400 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Database $500 Virtual Team Member $750 Youtube Star $1,000 Jason's Victims $1,199 Name a Cabin! $1,250 Design & Name an Achievement/Trophy $2,000 Jason's Victims + Design an Achievement/Trophy Combo Pack $2,500 Dev Team Hangout $5,000 Design-a-Kill! $6,000 Horror Icon Dinner $7,500 Launch Party $10,000 Be in the Game! We initially stated that our team would only offer the Tom Savini designed skin as a Kickstarter-only item to thank our earliest supporters. They would be the only ones to get the skin, and would get to have something exclusive for gameplay. Our thanks to them, and their way to show off a bit to others that they were there at the start. Of course; we hit 12,000+ backers. Not all of them got that skin. Many opted for the cheaper options that got them the base-game, and many are now realizing that each tier lists rewards. Simply backing the game did not get you the skin. So we decided to take another route when Backerkit opened soon after the end of Kickstarter. We offered the skin as a standalone product for backers at the pricepoint of $6USD. The same can also be said in all regards for the counselor clothing pack; they were a la carte items. You were given a menu in which to choose what you wanted, what they were to get for your level of backing, and when all was said and done we would deliver on those items. We made that clear on Day 1 of the Backerkit that these two DLC were for backers; both Kickstarter and Backerkit. Kickstarter was a month of funding, while Backerkit lasted until the end of March 2017. We made multiple forum posts. We made multiple Facebook posts. We made multiple Twitter posts. We made multiple statements to our Backers, we posted to all current Backers on Kickstarter/Backerkit via updates and emails to ensure they had the right items they wanted and to ensure they bought for the correct platform. We showcased the skin as a teaser, we posted a video, we had Tom Savini reveal his creation on our social channels with final warnings that this skin was not going to be sold after the conclusion of our backer campaign. So here we are and here is where we are always going to stand; that skin and those clothing items are not for sale. They are not for secondary sale. They are for those that backed us and have been with us from the beginning. They are the people that took a chance on a campaign that has produced a game that is overall fun. Sure, we have issues that are being addressed at this time, but no amount of comments, complaints or insults or suggestions are going to bring that skin back. There was over a year and a half time for someone to feasibly learn about that content and purchase it for $6 or $9; you did not even need to buy the game is you did not wish too at the time. This team stands firm that for those of you who missed out; sorry. You missed out. Our backers believed. They funded. They supported. This is our thanks to them with a skin that is in no way superior to the other versions of Jason present within the game. I am sorry for those that want it now, but you missed out. We did everything we could to ensure that the word got out through our channels, press and otherwise, but the answer remains the same; we will not sell them.
  8. I was immobile in bed with back pain for about 4 days, then had a trip to NYC last weekend and through Tuesday. Been a bit out of the loop, but I'm back now. We have been actively monitoring all the communication and this response has been worked on for the past couple of days to ensure accuracy and provide the best possible information that we can do. We know it took some time to get a response out, but we're not going to immediately post responses without full information when possible. It's tough to not jump in immediately, but we want to be thorough. Hope you guys enjoy the rewards as they start to come! (Our CFO just got his PC case in today, lol)
  9. Hey all! Today we're going to reveal a bit more up our skirts here at Gun Media and IllFonic about our actual DLC plans for the game, beyond what you've already been informed. While dates are tentative, this should give you all an idea of what is currently in the works/on the docket for Friday the 13th: The Game at this time. We have some news from IllFonic for you regarding timelines and single player:
  10. We did a lot of playtesting around this and determined that Jason was hecka OP rather than just OP at that stage with rage. We want a counselor player to, at all times, feel like if they have some sort of item that they might get a slight bump in confidence to be able to distract/stall Jason ever so slightly. Do keep in mind that stuns are reduced for Jason while in there is a slight buff to Jason in that regard.
  11. This will unfortunately probably never happen due to the scale and time it would take to make something like this. There's a ton of work that goes into map-builders for a lot of games, especially with how our game focuses on a lot of hills, rocks, streams, etc. There's more verticality to our game than others that play on a flat, or multi-step kind of map that you see with other games that might allow for 'design-your-own-map,' kinda games. It's a cool feature when it's around, but very hard for us to implement.
  12. Interesting, but probably not doable with our timeline and scale. We had looked into the idea a while ago, however it's not really feasible at this time. Of course, if things change we can look into it, but it is not currently planned.
  13. This has come up before and this is rather typical in most games. Basically we build a highly polished section for show and then start to build out and create more content and so forth. The more content you make, the more memory and resources that are being allocated to run the game. The more you run, the less fidelity you get overall. The way that our game works in Unreal as an online title with a lot of interactive parts (characters controlling vehicles, interacting with one another, a ton of spawned items on the map, etc...) all cause a lot of memory to be used. So; the game does look really darn good, especially on PC with Epic settings, but depending on where you run your game on what platform might cause you to see just a little less. Single player on the other hand, is all loaded in locally for you, which is why games tend to look better in single player, or maps are larger, or various ways to help boost fidelity without losing much.
  14. Here's an official one:
  15. Hey all! Got some cool news and something very dear to us here at Gun Media. We believe strongly in supporting those that sacrifice for all of us to be able to sit back and enjoy some quality video gaming time. To that extent, we're happy to announce that we're going to partner with Stack Up, a veteran-owned and operated charity that is dedicated to helping those deployed and those back home who need our help. The Plan Starting Friday, Oct. 13th at 12:01AM EST, Stack Up invites everyone to work together in a 24-hour stream event to raise funds so that more games, more support and more community to active and retired vets can enjoy video games and the togetherness that it brings. 24-Hour Charity Stream event START: Friday, October 13th - 12:01AM EST END: Friday, October 13th - 11:59PM EST Gun Media is proud to announce that we will match up to $3,000 in donations from our community in an effort to support this charity! What You Can Do Are you interested in helping out by streaming with the Stack Up Red Shirts? Simply click this link to 'Stack Up' on the rest of the team to support this charity: By signing up to join, you'll be part of the Tiltify Page bringing awareness and more donations to this charity through utilizing your own Streaming setup on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer or however you want. Signing up is non-committal and is simply a pledge to be active and help. You'll be able to play with and communicate everyone signed up to help spread more awareness to your community and others. Are you interested in supporting this charity? During the event you can participate and donate at our Tiltify Page: Anyone can join and participate! Let's make this Friday the 13th memorable in more ways than one by giving back! More About Stack-Up Founded in 2015, Stack-Up (TAX ID: 47-5424265) brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming. Stack-Up serves United States, NATO (UK, Canada, etc.) Australian and New Zealand veterans through three primary programs: The Stacks, Supply Crates, and Air Assaults. Learn more at their site:
  16. #whoisfiVe Coming at no additional cost!
  17. Stop posting in all-caps, please.
  18. What did we fudge up that isn't in this thread? Please let us know and we will unfudge as quickly as possible. -Ben
  19. Easy Anti Cheat. They are the 3rd party anti-cheat software we use. You have to use it on Steam to be able to play.
  20. He's legit. They didn't give us a heads up they were joining, but we've clarified. That is a legitimate employee for EAC. -Ben
  21. ...closing this for now as it's turned into a flame war. Please be kind to one another, even when disagreeing and please refrain from double posting.
  22. The system was updated after a glitch in the new software. It will no longer display names for who is liking what, only that people like a post. We recommend not responding to threads and saying 'Liked' as a means to showing that you liked something. Simply like and move on :). Posting like that will be considered spam, and we'll need to ask you not do it any more. Apologies for the confusion over the current situation, looks like the issue should be alleviated.
  23. Please refer to the new rule asking not to quote multi-image posts, or the OP....and it doesn't serve to post a simple 'Liked' comment when you can simply hit the 'Like This' button. A reminder to all users that we ask you please keep spam to a minimum. Thanks!
  24. Hey everyone! I'd like to welcome our newest admin to the team, this is 'Courier,' otherwise known as Aron. He's the newest hire over at IllFonic and will be working as the dedicated community manager. He'll be more active on these forums as he's been brought on specifically to help add in more community outreach given our present situation. Aron comes from experience with major communities around social media and should be a valuable presence here. You'll still see me around here doing what I can, but Aron is specifically here to represent IllFonic and work towards integrating more and more community feedback in a direct aspect rather our team taking in all the data and working from a more 'behind the scenes and then post when we can' attitude. Hope you guys welcome Aron, aka Courier to the team and I'll let him go ahead and say hi when he's able. (Tonight might be a bit hectic....enjoy the patch ;))