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  1. Release date has been need for this topic.
  2. So, we got a new forum as you can see. We'll need to get a new skin for the place as the old one is no longer compatible. Will see about changing things up here, soon. Other than that, things should be fairly similar to what you've been doing on here since the beginning. This was mainly a user-interface update and security has been bolstered (probably.) -Ben
  3. And that, ladies and how you get an instant suspension.
  4. Don't bring up banned users.
  5. Xbox and PlayStation have their own systems, whereas PC will be built in. However, we do not anticipate it being an issue. If it is, we'll come to that when we have too.
  6. Welcome to the forum, please post an intro! As for the skins; those were pre-order only. Please check rules and previous posts before making new topics!
  7. Damn. Over 100K views.
  8. I deleted your comment because the warning was given. It's now been ignored.
  9. Chad has a rating of 2 Jenny has a rating of 2 Tiffany has a rating of 1 Only 3 of the 10 characters have ratings over 5. We would ask that you not bring up any discussion of race, ethnicity, religion or politics into conversations here on the forums. This is a game that lends to the stereotypes of the characters seen in the movies. Each of these characters plays to strengths and weaknesses, regardless of who they are. It is a balanced consideration between every character. Do remember, Vanessa was by far the most played character during the beta. Equal opportunity murder, folks. That's our motto.
  10. Welcome to the forum, but please be sure to read the rules and guidelines and make an introduction post .
  11. Best way is to contact Please be sure to post an introduction and welcome to the forums.
  12. neeeeeeeeeeeerds.
  13. We encourage you to check out the various fan-run groups already created on various websites, social channels and within Xbox, Steam and PlayStation waiting for the game to release.
  14. Last chance to get the Savini-skin!
  15. This has already been discussed in a separate topic.
  16. I'mma let you think about how to best proceed forward by giving you a week vacation. Try not to stir shit up with members of the forum with your antagonism when you get back.
  17. And we're done here.
  18. I can tell a lot about a person by how they type on forums and my recommendation to you is to cool it and maybe try to interact casually. Also, I want to make it clear right now that you've been rather antagonistic in your responses and for some reason love to interject political views and disdain for higher education when literally no one asked you for said opinion. Whoopdy do, you can type well. Any copywriter, editor or author would immediately work to impress upon you that your style focuses on trying to sound 'smart,' without actually adding to the conversation. It rubs people the wrong way and falls more in line with someone using stage cue writing techniques, which are completely unnecessary when posting on a forum about a video game that involves a horror icon.
  19. The issue is that your comments were completely from left-field, antagonistic and unnecessary. I am issuing a warning, SenatorJPO, for your continued posting demeanor. Tone it down, be casual, keep your comments on topic and on agenda without getting political or discussing your disdain for colleges. We get it. Thanks, Ben
  20. Okay, So...we consistenly have a Friday the 13th movie playing in the office at any given time. I just finished up Jason Lives, and I remain convinced my favorite final girl is Megan, played by Jennifer Cooke. She's a badass, takes charge and happens to kick a lot of ass in the movie. That and her driving skills were pretty awesome. Who's your favorite survivor? Tommy? Tina?
  22. Couple things I'm going to add; 1. JPops is a volunteer with our forum and one of the most reliable guys I know. His work is incredibly appreciated and he's been a hell of a guy to rely on for help with our incredibly limited resources. Keep in mind, he is a volunteer and is not a member of Gun, IllFonic or anyone on the Friday the 13th team. 2. You have every single right to insult me, yell at me, blame me, throw me under the bus or try to be snarky with me all you want. I am a person and I will respond as I see fit, but I won't silence you for opinions, ideas or thoughts. What I will silence is direct misinformation. The countdown has been presented as an 'official statement,' from one user to demand news under threat. That presentation is on a thread that has over 75K+ views on a topic that has been hotly discussed by our team and others. When a user gets on our forums and states his internal timeline as authoritative, I will not abide. You are more than welcome to speculate. You are more than welcome to create your own timeline for what defines 'Early 2017,' and you can be as angry at me or the rest of Gun as you like because we aren't bowing to your pressure. That's entirely acceptable; but as soon as you cross a line and try to create an official statement on our forums without actually representing anyone on the F13 team, we're going to have a problem. Yes, the game of telephone is hard, but when we see the specific source of the issue taking place on our forums, we will do everything we can to ensure that people are made aware that it is in no way representative to our team, our timeline or our game. We went over the aspect of Early 2017 as defined by any time from January to April. By all accounts, our team is on track with our target of Early 2017, and we will not give you a specific date until we are 100% certain on what that day is. I promise you this, we are doing every single possible thing we can to ensure that you guys get this game and when you do you're going to have a smile on your face. I will more than gladly take this criticism because in the end we have one shot to deliver a first experience and we want it to be one you'll remember fondly.