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  1. Our team offered a digital skin of Jason Voorhees as a Kickstarter reward for those that wanted it at specific tiers as listed. $65 Jason Voorhees Digital Pro Pack $99 Physical Game Edition + Digital Content $129 Physical Game + Digital + Extra Download Key Pack $140 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $140 Rev. 2 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $230 Signed Physical Game + Digital Content $275 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector pack $275 Rev. 2 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $400 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Database $500 Virtual Team Member $750 Youtube Star $1,000 Jason's Victims $1,199 Name a Cabin! $1,250 Design & Name an Achievement/Trophy $2,000 Jason's Victims + Design an Achievement/Trophy Combo Pack $2,500 Dev Team Hangout $5,000 Design-a-Kill! $6,000 Horror Icon Dinner $7,500 Launch Party $10,000 Be in the Game! We initially stated that our team would only offer the Tom Savini designed skin as a Kickstarter-only item to thank our earliest supporters. They would be the only ones to get the skin, and would get to have something exclusive for gameplay. Our thanks to them, and their way to show off a bit to others that they were there at the start. Of course; we hit 12,000+ backers. Not all of them got that skin. Many opted for the cheaper options that got them the base-game, and many are now realizing that each tier lists rewards. Simply backing the game did not get you the skin. So we decided to take another route when Backerkit opened soon after the end of Kickstarter. We offered the skin as a standalone product for backers at the pricepoint of $6USD. The same can also be said in all regards for the counselor clothing pack; they were a la carte items. You were given a menu in which to choose what you wanted, what they were to get for your level of backing, and when all was said and done we would deliver on those items. We made that clear on Day 1 of the Backerkit that these two DLC were for backers; both Kickstarter and Backerkit. Kickstarter was a month of funding, while Backerkit lasted until the end of March 2017. We made multiple forum posts. We made multiple Facebook posts. We made multiple Twitter posts. We made multiple statements to our Backers, we posted to all current Backers on Kickstarter/Backerkit via updates and emails to ensure they had the right items they wanted and to ensure they bought for the correct platform. We showcased the skin as a teaser, we posted a video, we had Tom Savini reveal his creation on our social channels with final warnings that this skin was not going to be sold after the conclusion of our backer campaign. So here we are and here is where we are always going to stand; that skin and those clothing items are not for sale. They are not for secondary sale. They are for those that backed us and have been with us from the beginning. They are the people that took a chance on a campaign that has produced a game that is overall fun. Sure, we have issues that are being addressed at this time, but no amount of comments, complaints or insults or suggestions are going to bring that skin back. There was over a year and a half time for someone to feasibly learn about that content and purchase it for $6 or $9; you did not even need to buy the game is you did not wish too at the time. This team stands firm that for those of you who missed out; sorry. You missed out. Our backers believed. They funded. They supported. This is our thanks to them with a skin that is in no way superior to the other versions of Jason present within the game. I am sorry for those that want it now, but you missed out. We did everything we could to ensure that the word got out through our channels, press and otherwise, but the answer remains the same; we will not sell them.
  2. Hey all! Today we're going to reveal a bit more up our skirts here at Gun Media and IllFonic about our actual DLC plans for the game, beyond what you've already been informed. While dates are tentative, this should give you all an idea of what is currently in the works/on the docket for Friday the 13th: The Game at this time. We have some news from IllFonic for you regarding timelines and single player:
  3. I don't have the exact numbers/dates for you, but the vast majority of those that downloaded via that Xbox link for a free Jason had theirs removed. The same for those that utilized a save exploit. Those that downloaded on PS4 and paid have been able to keep their skins, so far as we know.
  4. MS removed all Savini skins downloaded past a certain date/time. Anything prior to that stays (backers and potentially those that got the skin prior to that download link being discovered) and anything after that was removed from user accounts. I can't go into specifics, but that was something that our retail partner set.
  5. I'm sorry you believe you were 'screwed over,' but we delivered to you the Tom Savini-designed Jason Voorhees either through your backing us on Kickstarter at an appropriate tier, or through your additional $6 donation you made via Backerkit. A skin was promised, a skin was delivered. Not entirely sure how you believe you were 'screwed over,' other than the belief that you feel that the skin was never supposed to be offered by Gun Media after delivery of the game. To that extent, you are right. It never was supposed to be offered by Gun Media, nor was it offered by Gun Media. It was accidentally offered by the first party retail partners that we work with to deliver the game and any additional DLC. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence in the industry. 'Exclusive' DLC has leaked for other games, items that weren't meant to go live have and studios such as ourselves have been caught off guard all the same. There is nothing we can do and nothing that can be done after discussions with said first party retail partners. Mistakes were made and were resolved as quickly as possible. For all of this, I still am not entirely sure the argument that anyone got 'screwed over' anything other than an exclusivity promise. That promise was kept as best as could be by our team. We worked with our retail partners to ensure and confirm that said exclusive items were meant to be given as entitlements and were confirmed not to be sold. Some of our partners ensured this was the case, others had issues. Mistakes occur and when said partners are dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of games a year with limited manpower on their publishing arm, the occasional slip-up does happen. It was incredibly unfortunate it happened via two platforms for us, but that's the reality of it. We move fix the situation as best as can be done, we move on and we work to ensure it doesn't happen again. I get your frustration, but the only 'exclusive' aspect of this skin was a time limit and potentially $6USD. This wasn't achievement-based. This was for anyone that decided to believe in the additional $6 to get their hands on a promise and a dream. We are grateful for that support, even if you do not believe we show that, but this skin was one of two items we offered at an additional price-point that anyone could have purchased had they done so. $6USD for a skin that was entirely new and designed by the horror legend himself. $6USD. So again, I am sorry you feel you were screwed out of the content that we delivered to you, but we've been as upfront about this as we can. We've made it clear that we have no intention of ever selling the skin to anyone at any time, and we've done the best we possibly can to make that a reality, issues notwithstanding.
  6. We've publicly stated that we didn't let those skins go for sale. It was an accident, and an unfortunate one at that. We can't dictate how their shops work, they make the call. Sony can't revoke and MS was only able to revoke past a certain time. As much as was possible to be done in fixing the situation was done. It's unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do as much as we'd like to try. We've apologized, but we were as blindsided as everyone else from backer to someone simply logging on and seeing that skin for sale. There are rules and procedures in place for every retailer out there. Again, sorry for what occurred. We were frustrated, surprised and caught off guard by what happened, but what happened was and is still beyond our control. We stand by that the skin will not be for sale and there will never been an attempt to sell said skin. For those that got it due to the accidents, PS4 buyers will retain said skin. For those that downloaded on XB1 at a certain date will either see it removed or it will stay. Those specifics are up to the retailer.
  7. I'd love to see where a dev posted that was an 'advanced technique.' This is a bug, one that is being looked at at this time. BTW; please try to ensure legibility and English is properly written when posting. This is an English-based board, and it's appreciated.
  8. With the new Counselor Clothing Update, players will have much more control over what they want to wear as a Counselor. Our old clothing system was pretty limited, only allowing you to choose between various material and color options for the default pieces of clothing available on each Counselor. We understand that as Counselors you want to look your best, so we have been hard at work on a full revamp of the clothing system, which now provides much more control and customization. This revamp includes a new, streamlined clothing user interface (we know the old one was pretty clunky, sorry about that!), and behind the scenes, involves a system for swapping in and out skin masks and clothing meshes. What this means for you as a player is that you will be able to choose brand new outfits in addition to the default ones, and also customize the look of each piece of clothing within each outfit. To pick out your new threads, go to the customize screen for your favorite Counselor (Chad, obviously) and select Customize Clothing. Pick the outfit you would like to customize. Choose a clothing slot. Finally, pick the color/pattern swatch that you want on that piece of clothing. The new Spring Break '84 Clothing Pack DLC will also be available along with this new update, and we have a lot more fun outfits coming down the pipe soon. So suit up, customize your look, and show Camp Crystal Lake what you got!
  9. Balancing concerns would prevent this from occurring. We want counselors holding on to only a very limited amount of items at a given time.
  10. We could see about something like this, however I can't promise anything at this time.
  11. Sorry, but that won't happen. It's specifically designed that Jason stops the car.
  12. This is a known issue, we have fixed internally for the next patch.
  13. Sorry, but that is definitely going to go too OP if we allow something like that.
  14. This has been brought up a few times. Interesting idea to be sure.
  15. Sure...the rules do not in any way 'specifically' state that we ask you to create thread titles that help...because we believe that people should be able to write and create something fairly simple like that. Simply writing 'question' for a new thread in no way helps the mod team, nor regular members, in discerning what you are asking about. Please be mindful of that in future posting. This isn't controlling...this is simply courteous.
  16. No idea what this is asking... Please be sure to post an intro and welcome to the forums.
  17. Talk about timing.
  18. Selection is randomly selected at this time and will remain that way for now. If someone gets killed quickly, they should have a chance to get back in just the same as someone that escapes.
  19. We are definitely looking at Tommy and his mechanics. Nothing specific right now, but we are looking into making him more the 'hero' character he needs to be.
  20. Boat is easier to catch and you can still hear failed attempts at repair ;).
  21. We ban deliberate exploits. We review everything to ensure bans aren't enacted unless we are 100% sure.
  22. Please do try to get screenshots of where you see this occurring!
  23. All skins have been delivered. If you purchased it, you will see it in your Backerkit account; same place you logged in to access your game.
  24. You'll need to log into your Backerkit account and change your address there. Contacting Randy also helps, but the best way remains utilizing your Backerkit account.