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  1. Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know that I came across more people glitching in-game out of the map.

    They were kids and these are their Steam ID's: STEAM_0:1:68510993 , STEAM_0:1:121481235 ,  STEAM_0:0:158864772 .

    They recently kept changing their Steam Names after the game to not get caught, I just wanted you guys to look into these players and please fix these glitches.

    (Their Steam names before the name changes were Pears, Smallz, DimitriEatsRice.)

  2. I thank you guys for making this game I have been waiting a long while for it but its sad i cant get savini Jason. I`m not saying this because I want it, But again i really thank you guys alot, Thank You! :)

  3. I'm pretty sure I can't. I haven't ever tried. If that needs to be set in stone from the Reddit mods, then they should do that. Fact remains; we don't interfere with the goings on with that sub Reddit, the same with the Discord. In fact, we have full control here and I hardly believe any censorship goes on around here. We basically just police, and I can promise you that hardly ever happens on my end (thank you to the guys who do help on staff here, btw.).
  4. We do not run the sub Reddit page and are not able to lock or close threads. That being said, I am more than happy to address the issue here for you guys. We were sent a report prior to this incident from a person that knows someone at IllFonic. This person is an industry vet that has worked on multiple triple-A titles and review of the evidence made it clear that sexual harassment without provocation occurred that involved two perpetrators against three others (one of whom is a minor.). I do not personally know this person who made the report and their bearing as an industry fellow in no way impacted our decision. I had never spoken to them or frankly had known about them prior to the emailed that was forwarded to me with the complaint. Arguing occurred between the two parties (the minor was unfortunately caught in the middle of the conflict) that quickly escalated on part of the griefers with sexual harassment that involved minors to a degree that is absolutely, terribly unacceptable. This kind of behavior was reviewed by our team and the call was made without hesitation to ban for such incredibly horrible behavior. That was apparently not the end of it as a review from one of those banned stated a conflicting report. The users that were banned posted negative reviews on our Steam Page that can be read here: Immediately, users within Steam and Reddit believed that our team had gone overboard. We have stated multiple times that we review each ban thoroughly and do not take action without 100% proof. To be frank, the several thousand emails we've received of reports have seldom ended in bans due to lack of evidence or what is clearly not bannable (team killing, name-calling, etc.) We are looking for behavior that is unacceptable, and these two users spent the better part of 8 minutes harassing without pause suggesting sexually harassing things that involved a minor. Regardless; the banned users in question have clearly not spoken the entire truth of their actions, nor have they posted counter argumentation or documented proof that countermands the things we have witnessed. I find it very unlikely that they would post their side of the story up via a video, as the things stated involve sexual activity with a minor to a very deliberate and lengthy degree. I digress, they are more than welcome to post the video themselves to prove their innocence. The banned users decided to post negative reviews and create statements, yet at no time did they provide the full story, or even begin to attempt to provide evidence despite the fact that our team only bans with evidence being presented. Our team does not air people's dirt publicly and we will not disclose our method on how we review each case; I am sure no one wants to be outed publicly for their actions that got them banned from a game, given a VAC ban and sent along their merry way. These users were given a ban and promptly forgotten about until these reviews were posted. It is unfortunate that people have decided to create a witch hunt in this manner, as I have read circulating rumors, demands for action on events that never occurred and so forth. The counter argumentation on breaking the rules from the affected users does not hold water as well; there was no deliberate team killing for the sake of harassment. The affected users did not ask Jason to spare them, and asked for Jason to play fairly. After continued harassment they decided to team kill the griefers and as soon as the situation was resolved went right back to normal gameplay. This is entirely acceptable as it was not premeditated behavior and team killing is an acceptable part of our game. The fact that a minor is playing our game has no bearing on anything. The ESRB/PEGI and other rating systems each have their own standards, but the ESRB is not a governmental mandate, nor does it legally bind anyone. It is a guideline that is used by game publishers and retailers. We do not accept the sale of this game to minors; it is a parent's job to educate themselves on the content of the game and decide for themselves if they wish for their child to play a game like Friday the 13th. We cannot say if this minor had parental consent or not, however it is not against the law for him to have played. The fact of the matter is; we banned two users for breaking the rules and engaging in behavior that encouraged and prompted sexual acts with a minor. I won't go into the continued harassment that occurred outside our game, as it does not fall within our purview. We have proof on our end and have taken appropriate and discrete action as we would with anyone being banned with our game. It is unfortunate that these users decided to do what they did, however we hope that everyone understands that the burden falls on them if they are willing to reveal exactly what they said to deserve the ban. -Ben
  5. Please send a dxdiag and logs to Did you ensure your specs are able to run the game?
  6. We review each report. It is very, very, very unlikely a ban would occur simply because someone claims you will be. We have to check each circumstance.
  7. Just a small hotfix for the perk issue that was going on with PS4 users.
  8. We are putting kill volumes, those require testing so that people don't die in regular parts of the game.
  9. Ensure the patch is installed.
  10. We are happy to announce that a hotfix patch for PlayStation 4 has gone live! This hotfix is mainly addressed at fixing memory leak issues (those crashes that occur from time to time) as well as the various exploits that have been utilized by players. The 'crouch glitch' that has been used by players to get on roofs and within hidden areas is patched out and should no longer be occurring to players. Other areas have also been looked at and patched up as to prevent users from getting into spots where Jason cannot go. These fixes are already live on Steam as per the last patch and Xbox One users can expect a full patch shortly; our main focus is to ensure crash issues that are occurring on Xbox One are reduced to as close to zero as possible. Per our earlier updates; this is a far more involved process with consoles, however testing is going well and we feel confident that dashboarding crash issues will be alleviated with the upcoming patch! Again, thank you all for your patience and support. We received over 5,000 reports this weekend due to the exploit issue which prompted us to take action as quickly as possible. Bans have been issued and will continue to be issued to those exploiting to harass/abuse other users. -Ben
  11. Hey ben, I was working on a topic about cool guest and dlc I would like to see in the game, but it got locked, please could you un-lock and un-block it?  I wasn't done, and I also am not sure why it was closed and hidden.




  12. Don't be racist. I will ban here and I'll ban in-game. Why is that hard to understand?
  13. I mean, it's a lot to ask...but we don't have the infrastructure to support what you get in Call of Duty, Battlefield, Overwatch, LoL and other games of that caliber. We don't have the manpower and those systems take time. Each of them have spent years, almost decades working on systems that are still in no way perfect. Trust me, this is being worked on for a more 'user-friendly' system, but right now our main concern is to curb the exploit users and ban people that have been causing major issues. We will review everything.
  14. You can record with some capture cards or utilize an exterior recording device and set your VO to external speakers.