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  1. The focus isn't directed at business to me or anyone else on this team. It's our work and our passions being realized. We work, we push, we grow and we do everything we can so we can continue to make the games we want to make so that we never have to compromise on our work. You are never going to get any BS from any of us, I promise you that. When you see Gun Media, you get the four of us as we are. We've all worked together for years now, and our dynamic works because we don't screw around where it matters and what matters is making this game the game it needs to be. We're people, too and we read everything that gets posted.
  2. I thought I locked this.
  3. They haven't withdrawn it just yet. We've hit an appeal snag that will be decided later. Given the ongoing nature, we cannot discuss things, but we're very, very hopeful.
  4. Bugsy, Adam, Kenny and Eric.
  5. The only people getting access pitched us or played the beta without us contacting them prior. Every offer we got for paid promotion was summarily rejected without consideration.
  6. This game is first and foremost about Friday the 13th. It's a passion project, one that all of us here are spending a lot of time and effort to ensure things are exactly what they should be for the best possible experience we can come up with. Sure, we're a business, but that's to fuel a passion more than anything else.
  7. We made a thread on this....please don't make duplicates.
  8. Well....that's fucked up.
  9. Let me first start out by saying that when we talk with content creators, streamers and people that can spread the word on our game; we look at how their work is made. We look at quality, we look at content and we look at what someone is going to do for their channel to bring this game to the forefront of as many people as possible. We haven't discussed what we're doing publicly yet, but I can tell you that we're working for the best interests of this game. We want it to survive, we want it to thrive, we want you all to be able to play for years to come. We can't let this game be a flash in the pan...and if we can't get traction on people playing, that's exactly what is going to happen. You have to think long-tail here; streamers and YouTube channels are mainly there for entertainment. They find something they like or can be engaging, they play for a bit and they move on to the next shiny game. We have a core community that we listen to quite a lot and engage with on a day-to-day basis. You guys are the community, but a core community does not necessarily mean we're going to be able to build up funds for all the things we want to do for this game. You guys are our community, you guys are our supporters....but what good is it down the road when not enough people played or we can't continue to fund growing the game when there aren't enough people playing or buying the game? We want this to be the definitive F13 experience in gaming, right? The crowd-funding we got simply wasn't enough. We've been fighting tooth and nail via Backerkit to raise funds and we lowered funding quotas to try to get things going, but in all honesty funding is and always has been key. We have a monumental amount of interest in the game, and we will make sure that we can do everything to let people know that this game exists, it is fun, and the people who made it and support it are fans first and foremost. Streamers and YouTube creators aren't being given special treatment as in 'look at this game, you get it before anyone else.' You can't look at that mindset from our perspective. We want them to cover this game, talk about it and spread the word the same as we would want the LA Times, Kotaku, Game Informer, The AV Club and CNN too; we want more people to know about this game. It's pretty safe to say that the majority of people that are going to play this game still do not know it exists; we promise you that. This is standard practice with any project; a movie pre-screens for reviewers, a band plays a single for record labels and critics, and every game worth their salt makes sure that they can spread the word by any means necessary. Our goal is eyeballs, our goal is a fun game and our goal is to ensure that every single person has fun playing it.
  10. Release date has been need for this topic.
  11. And that, ladies and how you get an instant suspension.
  12. So, we got a new forum as you can see. We'll need to get a new skin for the place as the old one is no longer compatible. Will see about changing things up here, soon. Other than that, things should be fairly similar to what you've been doing on here since the beginning. This was mainly a user-interface update and security has been bolstered (probably.) -Ben
  13. Don't bring up banned users.