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  1. As stated, this is not a simple matter of 'reset.' This is a lengthy process that we plan on working out. I am sorry if I didn't respond to your tweet. We've on average been getting 1-2K tweets every 20 minutes. It is almost impossible to respond to every single request. We are 4 guys at Gun Media handling everything and we're working to better things for everyone. Please keep checking our direct posts for info. We have been posting soon as we can.
  2. Overall we see things are going well, the majority of users are getting games and the population is rather large. Our team cares about everyone and it sucks wholesale that our backers can't get their DLC and a small portion are having connection issues. Those two things are our major priorities. The patches should absolutely help and we are working on even more things after we get things completely correct for every and all users. Thanks guys! The comments, both negative and positive, mean that you guys care and we want you to know we care as well. -Ben
  3. Hey all. So I want to come in and say some stuff for everyone to be aware of; things are a bit screwy right now, and our team is working as hard as we can to ensure all of you are getting to play. We planned for a lot of people to play, but we're blown away by how many people have in fact started playing. The servers are upgraded, but the migration takes time. This is not an easy process that can be done with the flick of a switch or a restart; this is a progression of updates that has to occur around the world for our various players on multiple platforms. I won't lie to you, there are growing pains that you've probably experienced yourself or heard about. The best and most reliable way to play is Private Matches. We encourage you to ask around here on the forums, the Reddit page, Discord or with your own friends to get into games and play. Those use Peer-to-Peer access, so you can play with others. Do keep in mind, it is P2P so connections could be weird if the host doesn't have a decent set-up. Our team has been working nonstop. I won't lie, I was up close to three days and finally got some sleep last night. We're all focusing on getting fixes in and keeping you guys up to date, but the expectations are fixes that occur in minutes, when the reality is these take hours if not more. Issues such as Database Login Failure and issues with lost unlocks or perks are due to server migration and back-end services. Your profile should not lose those items overall, and we have seen people regaining their unlocked characters, but it can and will take time for everything to get to complete normalcy. The server load is crazy and we're working to ensure that the new setup for servers will handle everything. On the other hand; we want everyone to get into games, not get dumped into a server with no one else joining. Overall; there's a lot of players and quite a few are playing right now, but we are working to ensure 100% of our fans are getting what they demanded. As for those waiting on their DLC; we are working on a solution, but unfortunately we have to wait on Sony and Steam reps to get back to us. The issues look to be permissions-based right now we've been hounding for support on our end. This situation absolutely sucks right now, because the only people it affects are our backers, the people that believed in us and gave us more money to make this a reality. It is not fun, nor is it part of the deal. We at Gun apologize sincerely for the wait, but we should have news soon. Your new Jason and the clothing pack will go live, it is one of our top concerns. Those of you on Xbox; we're waiting to hear back on MS for the server issues. It's not fun that they didn't launch our title on time, it's not fun our backers couldn't download the game due to their server issues and it seems that servers on their end are also having issues that we are waiting to hear word on. It's something we are pushing to resolve just as fast as we can. I personally game on Xbox One more than any other platform and I was looking forward to a match this morning before coming that was a let down on the release of my first major game for a console :/. I'm right there with you guys. Our guys got a little sleep last night, we're all getting back to it right now and we hope to get things smoothed out soon as we can!
  4. I'm getting the database error. However, I am able to immediately sign in with no problems when I switch to my sisters account. I believe somehow my main account (Gamertag: Poopman1000) became corrupted in your database preventing me from connecting.

  5. I am having problems with the DLC's for Friday the 13th game for PS4. I entered the codes and it's not working.

    1. GunMedia_Ben


      We have a patch coming soon. Approved and all, just making it go live soon a we can!

  6. You have failed to provide information. You keep claiming you sent emails, but we have none at our contact link. If you contacted Backerkit, that would also quality. A Kickstarter message with no confirmed response hardly makes us 'screw you.' That number you called also states to email as it is not an actual number to our team. I am more than willing to help, but you seem to be offering a lot of bluster without being willing to offer any proof of your claims.
  7. I sent in several emails to the support email and left a message at 1-800-746-0197. I did get emails saying that changes cannot be made, and no one called me back.

  8. Apologies, but did you attempt to contact Backerkit, the fulfillment provider? Kickstarter is not a fulfillment platform. Did you get any acknowledgement from anyone at Gun or Backerkit? Please provide these other emails. This is simply a listed post to Kickstarter that was not answered as it was delivered to a campaign that had moved to Backerkit. We made it clear that Backerkit was the place to contact to all of our backers and supporters in just about every Kickstarter update. We will need more information to better help you out, unfortunately.
  9. Searching the F13 contact email, there are no emails from your listed address. Who did you contact? Can you provide email discussions and acknowledgments from anyone at Backerkit of your changes?
  10. Yes, I sent several emails and actually called a left a message for you. You sent me a Steam key even though I asked for a Playstation 4 key. I don't need an apologies, I would just like my PS4 key. 

  11. So have you contacted Backerkit for help? Have you forwarded your receipt? Are you absolutely sure that you ordered a PS4 key? More info would be helpful. Apologies, but we are getting swamped with a ton of questions due to the launch. It's very tough for us to answer everyone...we're only 4 guys.
  12. We're on MS's time. Not a single thing we can do until they get back to us.
  13. We're waiting for Microsoft here, but nothing much I can do right now until they get back to us.
  14. Sorry guys, but Xbox Support says there is an issue with our backers are having issues. I've had my Xbox with the game installed just...chilling and doing nothing as no one is getting much access. Also note that our game is not showing up for purchase for reasons that have not been made clear, even though our retail launch was supposed to be 55 minutes ago :/ Working on it best we can, apologies. -Ben
  15. Xbox One and Steam backers are getting their keys delivered now! PS4 EU have them due to an issue...but welp...there ya go. We will have PS4 NA keys out very soon! Enjoy the game!