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  1. The system was updated after a glitch in the new software. It will no longer display names for who is liking what, only that people like a post. We recommend not responding to threads and saying 'Liked' as a means to showing that you liked something. Simply like and move on :). Posting like that will be considered spam, and we'll need to ask you not do it any more. Apologies for the confusion over the current situation, looks like the issue should be alleviated.
  2. Please refer to the new rule asking not to quote multi-image posts, or the OP....and it doesn't serve to post a simple 'Liked' comment when you can simply hit the 'Like This' button. A reminder to all users that we ask you please keep spam to a minimum. Thanks!
  3. Unfortunately blue screen would denote a hardware issue. Not much we can do about that. Would recommend checking your PC hardware out! Apologies.
  4. Hi all! Just a small tweak for everyone just to keep things a wee-bit more tidy around here. We'd ask that if you are quoting large blocks of comments or pictures to please be mindful that this can result in a lot of scrolling. We ask that if there are any pictures in your quote that you please delete the picture in your quote. If the post is fairly large in length (over 300 words or so ought to do it), please simply quote the person, but delete the content so that the person quoted is at least notified of your quote. Please, under any circumstances, do not quote an OP in a thread. A reply is just that...a reply to the OP. Thanks all! Just trying to keep things a bit easier to scroll for users.
  5. It might have to do with location. Can you send dxdiag go
  6. :D. Happy Friday the 13th!
  7. Things can always change. Not always going to give you a rut to get into.
  8. Can you forward screens? It is very dependent on your specs if this is PC.
  9. We are looking into more XP for helpful things! Details will be forthcoming!
  10. She will be tied to a level unlock, same as Mitch.
  11. Please do not quote so many pics when responding...Creates way more scrolling than necessary. :/
  12. Campfires can definitely go for hours in a rainstorm :P. Glad you guys like it thus far!
  13. We are working to rebalance perks against stats, so things are being done. We'll be monitoring feedback on how things go.