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    So, first off, thank you to those who have greeted me on my return from a brief vacation. It's nice to know that my presence here matters to some. In my time off, I tried to think of a way to come back and be more productive around here. But truthfully, I'm not sure there's anything I can say at this point that I haven't said (multiple times) before. I don't want to be overtly negative, since there's already plenty of that. Instead, I wanted to kind of sum up what this experience has been like from Day 1 (for me) up until now. So get comfortable, grab something to eat/drink. Because this might be a long one... I decided to break down my experience into 3 categories, which i listed in the title. The Good. The Bad. And of course, the Ugly. I'll start with The Good: There's a lot about this game that I still enjoy, despite the long list of issues. The top thing for me is the sound. The music and ambient sounds really ARE great. I still catch myself stopping and getting immersed in the sound every now and then. The menu music is so quintessentially "Friday the 13th", it's perfect. I love the ambient sounds when the map has loaded and you see the scoreboard - especially when you can hear the dock in the water (that's one of my favorite sounds in life). I think overall, the sound is one of the things we take for granted in this game. This one might surprise some. But I also like the graphics and art style they decided to roll with. I'm sure some people would have preferred more photo realism and less of a "cartoony" look for the characters. But I personally love it. I think it's just right for a video game. I really like most, if not all, the character models. They nailed all the tropes pretty well. Lastly, I think the concept is great. I know I just said this in an earlier thread, but I think the game's concept is near perfect, on paper. It's just the execution that leaves a lot to be desired. This little snippet of something @wes posted a long time ago always resonated with me: "let's talk mechanics and level layouts. We built all the maps with pacing in mind. Think about a rubber band in your mind. Put the rubber band on your right-hand pointer finger, now stretch it over to your left-hand pointer finger. Now stretch it out as far as you can, then relax it back, bringing your fingers close together. Separate your fingers, bring them back close, back and forth. That's the mindset for pacing in our game. You are one finger, Jason is the other. The mechanics we create in the game become the rubber band. How fast can the counselor run? How fast can Jason run? How fast is Jason's cooldown for his abilities? What is the distance from one building to the next? All of these are considered in the mechanics of the game. Some games create tension by limiting resources (food, water, bullets) but we do it through how we built the entire game. The level layout, the characters, their abilities, etc. It all comes back to the rubber band." This, to me, is exactly what the game should be. Unfortunately a lot of the changes that have come since launch make the above statement false. That's no longer how the game operates. Which segways us into... The Bad: This is where we get into what exactly went wrong. I think, first and foremost, it's important to acknowledge the double-edged sword that was "getting the Friday the 13th license". This was both a blessing and a curse for the dev team. It's very likely this game would still be in Early Access, going through the motions, if it wasn't for acquiring the F13 license. It could possibly be thriving on its own merit, or it could be dead and gone already...No one really knows what would have happened to it. But I do know for certain that getting the F13 license sky rocketed expectations. It put AAA expectations on the game and had an A (maybe) capable studio. That's a pretty scary thing, if you ask me. I already mentioned the great concept the game has. It's a pretty simple concept, too. So it's especially disappointing that the dev team hasn't been able to deliver on this simple concept without a long list of bugs. I won't pretend to know how to develop a game. But I will say that I would focus on perfecting what's there before even attempting to add more. That's where things went bad for this game. When they decided to keep piling on instead of fixing what was already there. New content does nothing if it can't be enjoyed properly. The Ugly: I'm gonna keep this section incredibly short because I don't think we need any more focus on the ugly aspects...But I will say this: When bad things are left festering in a bad state, they turn ugly very quickly. 2+ Months without a patch to FIX things is a big problem. It compounds several issues, and being silent (or even acting upset) towards your fan base for expressing their displeasure will cause said ugliness to boil over. This is where we're at now. I've been a gamer for 28 of my 32 years on this planet. I've never seen this much passion for a game. Ever. I've also never seen a dev team so stubborn. Help us help you, Gun/Illfonic. Because at this rate, this story isn't gonna end happily for anyone involved.
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    Looks like their model to me. Why are they bothering to shoot at it though? Just hit it with a frying pan and do a silly dance!
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    The game at launch felt like an authentic Friday the 13th experience. No stupid emotes. No stupid costumes. No weak Jason getting trolled. He was terrifying to face, and a joy to play as. Matches almost never went to time, and usually ended with between 0-2 survivors, unless the 4-seater managed an escape. People loved Jason so much that almost every match had someone quit at the start because they weren't Jason. Now it's common for people to quit because they are Jason. His grab had a longer range, he was harder to stun (though was stunned for longer), there were waaaay less weapons and items (1 shotgun versus 4), and Tommy had no items either. Parts weren't marked, so players had to actively communicate and work together and search to survive instead of just having everything handed to them. If a player died ferrying a part in the woods, then it was often lost for the rest of the map, meaning escape options were lost, and the fight for the remaining ones more desperate. We had team killing. This meant rescuing people from Jason's grasp could come at a cost, as it would often cripple your fellow counselors with accidental hits. The shotgun would kill friendlies often as much as it'd stun Jason. There was more gore. Blood would splatter on the ground when attacking counselors, but the developers took it out for unexplained performance reasons that nobody noticed, and introduced rain that ironically killed everyone's frame rate in half their matches. Occasionally even ones where it wasn't raining. The engine in general felt more solid. There were no invisible barriers around windows, meaning Jason could hit or grab players climbing through, and stopping them looping. You had to dive if he was on your tail. Connection stability was better. No getting randomly dropped out of every 4-5 matches. There were no small maps or Jarvis map, so matches felt a lot more balanced, instead of the absurd objective completion speed of the small maps, or the spread out parts and cabins on the Jarvis map. The bad: Matchmaking was fucked. You could wait up to 20 minutes to even be put in a match. The game had tons of out-of-map glitches, and players would get on rooftops, out of bounds, in locked rooms, etc, and force everyone to wait the 20 minutes out. Jason helpers would grab the shotgun, kill a counselor, come back as Tommy, then kill another. This happened often. Gun claim they also used to hide parts before marking, but nobody I know experienced that more than a handful of times. It simply wasn't popular as trolls like people to know they're being trolled. There were also a number of gameplay glitches. Jason could combat-stance his way through beartraps and block flares. Items (including keys and the fuse) would often sink into the floor when a player died, rendering them unrecoverable. Some perks and Jason bonuses simply didn't work at all. Less maps and characters, as DLC hadn't dropped yet. Neutral: Jason could stack traps, making some objectives totally locked down, but traps and falls were not auto-limps for some characters, especially those that used the overpowered Thick Skin perk. However, traps have now been forced to be spaced out, and everyone uses Medic, so it's virtually balanced out. The players were less experienced (on both sides) that led to more organic gameplay and less powergaming/metagaming. This also led to some poor decision making that could cost you the game, but it also felt realer than everyone making optimal decision as they do now, with marking just making that worse. Conclusion: The main difference that the launch version was amazing from a gameplay and atmosphere perspective, really poor from a trolling perspective, had lots of gameplay glitches, and matchmaking was unforgivably slow. The game was great, the community often shitty, and the game technically unpolished. We had hope for improvement. Now it's abysmal from a gameplay and atmosphere perspective, the trolls are still here but have simply been legitimised, and the engine performance and matchmaking stability has dropped a lot. The game is now shitty, the community still shitty (but now accomodated), and the game has amazingly gone downhill in 7 months from a technical perspective, but creating more bugs and performance issues than they've solved. We have lost all hope for improvement. I've never seen a game do this before. A game that over a period of 7 months got worse from both a gameplay and a technical perspective with almost every month that went by, and did so with tone-deaf and arrogant developers acting like their customers were the ones in the wrong for not enjoying it. My theory is they simply only care about money. They figured the backer, fan, and mature audience markets had all capped out after a few months, so pivoted the game towards kids and trolls to wring out a few more sales.
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    How would the speargun be unfair? 1 shot and if you hit them in a fatal spot its an instant kill. That alone, would single handedly make people think twice about walking up to jason with 2 pk's, 2 sprays, and a fucking frying pan. I am all for this. The spear gun would be feared by all, amen!👍
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    At the same time you have Vanessas and Chad's fucking up repeatedly putting in items while I stand next to them.
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    At the risk of getting your hopes up, because I do not have specific answers on a timeline right now, nor can I elaborate on specifics, I can tell you that the balance changes we've been working on seem to be on a solid path that coincides with concerns that users have made very well known. Playtests have been going well for the changes we've made, and we believe players will be overall happy with what's being done with the game in the future. These things take time, a lot of time, and the holiday break affects that, for sure. Got more info coming. I also tend/try not to directly respond to specific users, nor name names as my goal here is to address the community as a whole. None of my posts are intended to specifically address one single user's concern. It might seem that way, and I have definitely seen my share of comments made at my expense, but I'm right there with the rest of the team that I want to make the best game possible. The work is more important to me than my personal involvement, and I try to keep any and all comments as open as possible to be addressed to everyone. Hope that makes sense?
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    I feel like this thread has been around and closed in the past. But I'll say all that needs to be said for myself and I'm sure many others... The game has gotten progressively worse with just about every patch since launch. Things are going backwards, not forward. The devs and mods have no more right to ask for patience and understanding. We gave you all the patience and understanding we had over the first few months. That luxury is gone now. If you want patience and understanding, start to deliver on your end of the deal. Give us ONE patch that fixes problems and doesn't create a handful of new ones. If/when that happens. You might get some praise. But at this point and time, all the criticism is completely warranted. I believe the saying goes "You made your bed. Now sleep in it."
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    1. Jason had a very large grab range. 2. Counselors were more afraid of Jason because there wasn't much in the way of pocket knives for all. You were lucky if you found one. Med-sprays and shotguns were more scarce too. 3. Some perks like Thick Skinned were more effective to the point of being OP; hence they got nerfed. 4. There were tons of server related problems. 5. Xbox had a memory leak from hell making the game crash constantly. 6. Team killing was possible in public matches. 7. Traps didn't auto-limp a counselor not running a perk to protect them. They avoided some damage based on Luck (like windows still are). 8. Many bugs/glitches from back then still exist. There was one called the "home run" glitch which would literally knock Jason right out of the map; ending the match. Really there are too many things to list. Back then, Jason was a threat and counselors didn't take him lightly. It took real skill to be a successful counselor and the wins were very gratifying. Killing Jason was harder because he was a bigger threat. The game was generally scarier because you knew as a counselor you were the underdog. Playing Jason was a bit more intuitive.
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    @GhostWolfViking @AldermachXI @bewareofbears @TheHansonGoons @Alkavian @Brigadius Here you go. Hope this helps. Patch Notes: Counselors: -Added more pocket knives to every counselors inventory at the start of a match. -Gave counselors the ability to revive eachother -Loaded every shotgun with 10 rounds -Pocketknives are no longer consumed -Stamina no longer depletes Jason: -Replaced Jason's weapon with wiffle ball bat -Replaced throwing knives with potatoes -Replaced Jason's traps with turtles -Gave Jason dancing emotes -Gave Jason spring break lingerie clothing pack Map: -Added a radio to every cabin -Vehicles no longer need parts -Added 6 more vehicle exits -Placed Jason's shack outside the map Upcoming Content: Grendel Space Map (Coming Soon) Uber Jason (Coming Soon) Bug Fixes (Never) Stay tuned for more clothing & emote packs coming soon!
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    Respectfully disagree, based on my own experiences as Jason. But, to be fair, I'm drunk 75% of the time I play.
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    If little dancing cartoon characters on a video game bothers you that much then you are probably a little too sensitive.
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    The main difference that sticks out to me is the change in tone. When it first came out, it felt like a Friday the 13th game. Jason was OP, counselors ran in fear from him, and rarely did you have more than a handful of counselors surviving a match. When the Jason music would kick in, you'd feel dread because it meant that you were likely about to die. Which is how it should be because very few people in the movies survived an encounter with Jason. Then they started catering to casual fans. They added in stupid costumes and emotes. They nerfed Jason to the point of breaking the game. They added in so many knives, firecrackers, and guns that counselors get 3-4 free passes running into Jason before they are even remotely in danger of getting killed. The tone when the game started was one in which counselors were running scared and desperate to survive. The tone now is one in which counselors are running towards Jason to dance around in sexy devil outfits and spam stuns and teabags.
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    Just a heads up...looks like we're getting spam targeted, so we're closing registrations until we can stop this spam situation. Shouldn't be too long, but just a heads up so members are aware. This is similar to the situation we had a few months ago with the spam assault we got at the time. We anticipate it won't be as long with the closed registrations, but will update when able.
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    I mean, I have yet to meet anyone who actually LIKES the increase in pocket knives, but conversely, I'm actually choosing to play as Jason more now. My personal rule as Jason: I'll take 4 pocket knives, and after that, all counselors become piñatas to me. Also, how awesome is it that you can prevent them from healing with slashing?
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    Totally agree, other than offline bots. Like everything else in the game, they're half-assed and feel unfinished. But the former is why everyone is so angry. It went from a possible game of the year contender to a disgrace to the franchise, with a bunch of clueless and arrogant indie hacks lecturing a fanbase who evidently cares far more about the franchise than they do, why such changes were great.
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    Yeah, and a 90lb girl with booty shorts and a frying pan knocking out a 7' 300 lb psycho is fair.
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    I don't see a problem. My favorite part of the films is when a teenage girl in a bunny suit whacks Jason with a frying pan to knock him out, then does a goofy dance and squats on his face. Such a...such a joy there. Real authenticity on the part of the devs, I tell you what. Yeah.
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    New Emote Pack for Counselors 1.) Put 'Em Up (inspired by Popeye the Sailor man) The counselor performs an aggressive-like gesture with their fists clenched into the air: 2.) Harlem Shake (inspired by popular dance craze & each counselor has their own unique dance) The counselor performs a bodacious and self-fulfilling dance: 3.) Twerk (only for female counselors) The female counselors show their ability that they are the best and most flexible dancers around: 4.) The Dab (available for all counselors) The counselor performs a vicious dab: 5.) Tap Dance Mania (counselors can do more than just run on their feet) Demonstrate high precision tap dancing to all your friends: 6.) The Robot Ever wondered what happens when man becomes machine? 7.) The Ballerina (emote for female counselors only) Elegant dancing with inspiration from beauty: 8.) The Cowboy That's right boys and girls, it's time to get down *YEEHAW* 9.) The Feel Good Dance Ever want to just get away and dance with your true emotions? 10.) The Zombie Moonwalk For those with the balance of the gods: An extra high-quality emote pack for the counselors next update would be amazing and is what we all need to add some extra depth and creativity in Friday the 13th. All these just for $3.99.
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    The whole emote argument seems to be divided by two different types of people who are looking for 2 different experiences from this game. There's the group that is simply looking for a fun video game to play. The more options for customization the better. Then there's the group of die hard F13 fans who are looking for an experience that loosely mimics the films they love. I backed this game expecting the latter, based on statements the Devs made during the kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, they seem to have shifted their priorities in the past few months, to cater to video game fans and not F13 fans. It is what is. The devs can't rollback DLC that people paid for. There are enough casual fans that I expect to see more of these features coming in the future. I've given up on getting back the F13 experience this game offered in the early months. Even with mechanics, balance, and bugs being fixed it will never quite be the same game. Emotes aren't going anywhere. I have begrudgingly learned to live with them. Hopefully some balance changes can make using the emotes too risky, and we'll see them fade away, while at least still being available to those that feel they add something to the game.
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    Tiffany Cox, also known as the flirty girl and in my opinion, key phrase, MY OPINION, the best part transporter in the game. This guide is intended for beginner-intermediate players. Let's take a look at her stats. Composure: 3/10 Luck: 4/10 Strength: 2/10 Repair: 1/10 Speed: 6/10 Stamina: 9/10 Stealth: 10/10 Let's take a look at these stats in depth to see what the flirty girl of Camp Crystal Lake has to offer starting from worst to best. Repair: Right off the bat you need to understand that you should not even be trying to repair anything in a match. You are tied with Brandon for having the worst repair, 1/10. Do yourself and others a favor by simply bringing parts to the objectives and let the repairers do your job. However, there will, keyword, WILL be instances where you will be the only one left in the area to repair the objective, if this is the case simply spam the mini game by pressing the action button and then letting go until you get a mini game that has 6 skill checks. Only do this if Jason isn't nearby, and you are the only one left in the area. Be ready to run when you mess up at all times. There is a high chance you will mess up so be very cautious doing so. Other than that know your role. Strength: Don't expect her to try and deal damage to Jason, it's not going to end well, save that for fighters such as Brandon and Adam as well as Fox. Composure: When you are playing as the flirty girl you need to understand that she is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to how much fear she can resist from getting. While she isn't Chad bad, let's be honest that 1/10 is annoying, she is still vulnerable in this department to how much fear she produces, you can counter this by building up fear resistance perks such as night owl, and ice cold as well by staying lighted areas and in cabins. Also have your flashlight on. On the bright side, her fear will go down faster than most counselors because as we all are aware, composure is double edged sword. I repeat, HAVE YOUR FLASHLIGHT ON. Moving on Luck: While her luck isn't terrible, it is most certainly not the best in the game, however it's workable. She can get 2-3 hits on average with any weapon. She has some resistance to how much damage she takes from going through broken windows. Overall the stat is workable and can be improved with perks such as thick skinned. Speed: Here is where we get to her strengths, her speed is above average meaning she can outrun Jason and most counselors in the game, this helps because this ties in as to what her role really is in the game, the part transporter. Stamina: Her nearly perfect stamina means you will be able to run quite the distance and help bring parts to objectives without having to worry about running out of stamina. This can further be buffed by adding in the perks marathon and restful, especially marathon. A rare or epic marathon would actually bring her stamina halfway above a perfect 10 (Even as much as 10.75). This doesn't mean you should go around sprinting all over the place, understand the concept of stamina management. When Jason isn't around you, jog to your destinations. Even if Jason is near you, the only time you should be sprinting is if Jason is close behind you or he is shifting. When he shifts, use triangle formations to throw off his shift. Use actions such as climbing through windows, hiding in places when Jason is not nearby, and aiming the shotgun at Jason to help build stamina, as well as stunning Jason. Stealth: Her perfect stealth allows her to jog without making any noise and run with very little noise. She won't have to worry about Jason tracking her down for the first half of the game. Utilize it where it really shines. This is where her role shines a lot. Be cautious thought that if she has reached maximum fear, she will give off more pings so make sure to maintain that fear. Her role: As we all know there are three runners in the game, Brandon, Vanessa, and Tiffany. Brandon is a runner that can fight whereas Vanessa is a runner that is able to distract Jason for a long time. Tiffany is a runner that can bring parts SAFELY, to objectives, without exposing the repairers since they don't have that great of stamina and speed. This is why you see a lot of Tiffany players working with Deborah, AJ, Mitch, and Lachappa. Stealth + Stealth = A good time. Her speed and stamina shines a lot during late game match so this shows her versatility in both halfs of the game. Her luck while it isn't the best, allows her to defend herself if needed. The ultimate goal is to help repairers and to stay away from Jason as long as possible, imagine Jason is Chlamydia, stay away from the Chlamydia because if you don't you will get it and die. Early Game VS Late Game: From my personal experience ever since I've started playing the game and viewing the forums here, I've seen a lot of people emphasize how important it is to have stats that help you survive late game as opposed to having stats that will help you in Early Game. In my opinion, once again key phrase, my opinion, both phases of the game are important, in fact I believe early game is slightly more important. Repairers flourish in early game, it is a common understanding that most repairers have high stealth. Stealth shines a lot in the first half of the game. If the counselors are effectively communicating with each other and teamwork is obviously in place, most objectives will be done within the first 5-8 minutes of the game, possibly even sooner. Repairers typically shine in the first half of the game whereas fighters/runners typically thrive in the second half of the game. Tiffany can thrive in both halves of the game if the conditions are right, meaning communication is in place and teamwork is evident. Her stealth allows her to have an advantage in the early game and her speed and stamina allows her to have an advantage in late game. Remember, this is not guaranteed to occur, only if the conditions are right, which most of the time let's be honest, they aren't. Perks Recommended: Marathon: Uncommon to Epic Restful: Uncommon to Epic Medic: Uncommon to Epic Thick Skinned: Rare to Epic Hypochondriac: Rare to Epic Lightfoot: Epic Nightowl: Rare to Epic Ice Cold: Rare to Epic Nerves of Steel: Uncommon to Epic Preparedness: Uncommon to Epic Perks are meant to give you a little extra edge in the game so don't expect them to do wonders. Think of them as like a piece of the puzzle to a large picture. Some other tips you need to consider: 1. No matter which counselor you play you have to remember that communication is a very important aspect so try to find that walkie talkie so you can let other counselors know what you are doing, if you are carrying any parts, and where you are going. 2. It is important to push objectives early on in the game. You see that battery laying next to the hay in the barn? Drop that bat and grab it so you can take it to the car. 3. Understand that you are not always going to be working with a coordinated team, sometimes you will be playing with other people that do not know how to play this game, if so prepare for the worst and plan on trying to stay alive for the whole 20 minutes. This is all simply my opinion on how Tiffany should be played so remember, grains of salt.
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    Launch: Aside from connection problems and the roof/ through stationary object glitching, the game was awesome and felt truly like you were in a F13 film running for your life away from Jason (before half the community decided to start killing each other). The dev team really nailed it their first time out. The problem is, once they decided to touch the windows for the first time, that began "The Downward Spiral" (NIN). That one patch not only messed up the windows, but also hit detection on doors both in and out of combat stance as Jason, and the cycle of adding one/ breaking two with the patches started. Now: Numerous bugs and problems we all have witnessed since that first window patch have either not been addressed, ignored, or had been fixed yet a following patch broke again (Jason stun locking and accumulation of damage during stun). When the game works, it is fun, but if you can't play more than one match before running into ANY of the bugs we all have been reporting on, that is a big problem. Dedicated servers (on consoles, at least) are now essentially just a dream since there has been absolutely no update on them since the first mention. I had huge faith in the team back when I decided to back the games development, but now, if any of what some people are saying is true, with them not even playing their own game anymore, I feel like I shouldn't even waste my time if they won't touch their own product.
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    I appreciate the joking actually no I don’t because there are too many idiots on this forum that would desire these emotes further more to ruin the game. If you weren’t joking then this idea, this thread should be burned in a fire & your console banned indefinitely for such an idea.
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    First off let me say that this post is more in jest than anything but I just wanted to express my opinion on play style when you return as Tommy Jarvis. I can't even count how many times I've seen a player return as Tommy and immediately head for the exit despite having counselors still struggling to survive somewhere on the map. Tommy is your shot at redemption, your chance to help your team mates survive. Hell, connecting with the shotgun is the same amount of xp as surviving so you should be trying to hunt down Jason almost immediately. Find a pocket knife and some spray and you can help just about everyone who's still in the game get out unscathed. I don't really care if you come back as Tommy and take the selfish path but I will let you know back in the lobby that it's your job to lend a hand. That's why you call him. Better to die a hero than survive a coward.
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    Biggest difference between now and launch is that it is now one of the worst fucking online games I’ve ever played. At launch, I’d felt like a Friday the 13th film. Now, it’s complete fucking shit. Offline bots is all I play at this point.
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    And this is why threads like this fail. It's like you all forget that the best perks for a counselor is subjective to each player - Not everyone plays the game the same and there's no right or wrong answer for perk loadouts. Any perk can be beneficial to any counselor, if the player knows how to make use of what they're improving. There's really no use in arguing back and forth over perk loadouts. Yet it continues to be the most common argument (and subject of repeat threads). People put waaaay too much stock into perks. Remove everything besides Medic and Thick Skinned and you'll see how overrated most perks are. They have very little effect. Those perks are the only two that make a real difference. At the end of the day, there are several factors in your survival - none greater than the skill of the Jason player. That determines the difficulty of the match more than anything. And against a GOOD Jason player, teamwork will determine your survival. Not counselor/perk choice. A lobby with a well rounded roster of counselors will give Jason far more trouble than any "meta loadout" Tiffany, Vanessa, Chad, etc. Splitting Jason on objectives is and always has been the best strategy. And when you're doing that, it really doesn't matter what counselor you use or what perks you use. Teamwork and communication are your best tools. Besides, a good F13 player should be able to play a randon counselor with random perks and still be able to succeed, as long as the teamwork is there. I'd argue the most dangerous thing for Jason playing against our group would be if everyone had maps/walkie-talkies from the get go. The sooner we can coordinate, the easier the round.
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    She's always one of the first ones to light up like a red Xmas tree and gets dispatched quite easily. My "guide advice" would be...don't use her. It's all about Jenny or to a lesser extent Debra.
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    Why has no one made a Crazy Ralph's Doomsday emporium commercial yet?? "YOURE DOOMED! YOU'RE ALL DOOOOMED!!! Unless you stop up at Crazy Ralph's Doomsday Emporium! We got knives, shotguns, axes, machetes. Feeling hurt? We got Med sprays! Feeling Hungry? Grab one of our finest trying pans or pots! Did I mention we got knives, knives, Kkkniiiveess!! Just a hop, skip and jump away from your cabin. Stop on down!"
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    Sadly, this is the most common and frustrating thing about the game for those of us who primarily engage in quick play matches. All of us here know about it. Yes it sucks and personally this problem has caused me to take extended breaks from playing because quite frankly, it pisses me off to the point that my blood pressure rises to dangerous levels. Expect this thread to be locked by the mods and to be told to use the search function next time but this is the one true gripe and issue I feel needs addressed before anything else because it ruins the entire experience for many players way too often. Just this morning it has happened to me 3 out of 5 matches causing me to be done for the day, already. I have also stopped recommending the game to friends until it's fixed because I know a few people who feel cheated out of their hard earned money, as many of them have limited time to play and the majority of that time has been ruined by douche clown hosts when matches don't go their way.
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    I’m at the point now where I’ll only play a round if I’m the host and if anyone is dancing at the exit to the cops for more than 15 seconds, I just end the damn game. I couldn’t care less about any lost XP. I hate those douchebags.
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    I just got done playing a match where I was Jason. I ate 6 pocket knives in the first 6 minutes. Had a Jenny in front of me who was picking up 3 items from a corpse while i slashed repeatedly. Every slash whiffed despite me being literaly on top of her. She ran away, shift in front of her and grab as she's running past me. My hand clips through her face, she keeps running, grab whiffed. Next they get phone box repaired. I morph on top of them and grab, same thing as above. Adam runs inside and is complaining on mic he can't find phone. In the meantime, i go to break the box, Jenny hits me with a machete and cancels me out of my animation. Repeat x3. I grab Jenny, eat another pocket knife. I slash Jenny, whiff. I slash again, whiff. I grab again, whiff. Meanwhile Adam still can't find phone. I grab again, pocket knife. I go to break box again, cancelled out of it 4 more times. Grab again, whiff. Phone call gets made. Another match with Vanessa and Tommy with the same shit as above. Literaly every attack and grab whiffs and any grab that connects eats a knife. Throw knives and put them in limp. Walk up on top of them and grab as they're healing. Whiff. Repeat but slash this time, whiff. Then Vanessa gets sweater and i go for her, whiff, whiff, whiff, whiff. All the meantime 4 of them gang up and punish every whiff with a stun. My mask comes off. I go for tommy, whiff, whiff, whiff. Needless to say, i finally got killed as Jason for the very first time. Another match I friggin Stalk, Morph behind a cabin then shift inside while Kenny is holding a drawer open making a decision on taking an item or not. He has NO clue i'm there. I shift right on his back, grab him as he's still in the drawer. Can you guess what happened? WHIFF. Kenny closes drawer and runs away. Same thing happens with Vanessa and Deborah who are chillin' in the woods not moving. Stalk shift on top of them, grab, WHIFF. They flee. Stalk, Shift, SLASH on top of Deb. WHIFF. Another match car gets started and i shift directly into the front of it as it's coming at me, they keep going forward while i get pushed off to the side of the car. Car Escapes. Another match, my fucking Trident is IN Deborah's face as she starts the windup of her bat and guess who gets hit? Not Deborah. This is shit happening near every night at this point and prior to the current patch, I was not having these issues anywhere near as badly. If the devs seriously think Jason is in a good place and Counselors don't have it ridiculously easy currently, they are extremely out of touch. It's at the point where I don't even want to be Jason anymore because you CANNOT reliably punish anything. Every fucking thing whiffs and goes through the counselors. And when you do get a friggin grab on the 30th try, you eat a knife. Wash rinse repeat 7 more times through 100 attempted grabs. And counselors can heal through slashing and keep going because your slashes whiff too half the damn time. Then they can stun lock and cancel your animations endlessly while tanking traps like it's nothing and you simply can't RELIABLY punish them. Let's not even talk about how often Jason gets glitched now to where he can't attack or interact with objects. This happens in at least 50% of my matches now. You can't fix it unless you successfully grab someone or get hit. Tough luck if they're inside a cabin with doors shut. You literally cannot do anything as you can't break the door down, open it or rage it. Phone box repaired? Good luck stopping it, you can't interact with it. It's absolutely atrocious. Being skilled with Jason means NOTHING when any attempt you make to counter or surprise a counselor ends in your counter or surprise whiffing 60% of the time. Meanwhile the counselor can RELIABLY punish the living shit out of Jason repeatedly with almost no effort. I don't understand how the devs think Jason is ok currently. I just don't get it. Do you guys play the game with high level players? If you're playing in pub matches or with low skill friends, you probably don't see any issue. But against a group of good, coordinated Counselors, it is a NIGHTMARE to be Jason currently because you cannot RELIABLY punish shit. And when a single counselor can make it impossible for you to stop a phone call because you can't grab or attack her and she can keep cancelling your break animation easily, it's absurd. The increase in pocket knives wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for your grabs and attacks constantly whiffing thus making a SUCCESSFUL grab that much more frustrating when it's 7 goddamn pocket knives and it took 7 attempts to get that successful grab in the first place. Jason friggin' sucks badly right now. Counter play and high level play would be fine to deal with counselors if you could RELIABLY use your skills. Why are 60% of Jason's grabs and attacks whiffing everytime? How can Jason punish mistakes like that? It's like playing Basketball and everytime you get the ball, you trip and lose it. Anytime you go to block a shot, you trip and fall. Anytime you try to steal the ball, you trip and fall. That's how it feels to be Jason right now. I'm so frustrated at this point I don't even want to play him anymore. Just gonna set my preference to counselor only. And that sucks because i've happily played Jason since release and always enjoyed it and enjoyed sneaking up on people and scaring the shit out of them or making people fear seeing i was Jason and know they had to be on their A game. Now i feel like i'm playing soccer with my legs tied together. /EndRant
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    I see some people here defending emotes/costumes by making comparison to the movies with comments like "Most of the horror movies always had teens dancing or dressing up silly" or "The Friday The 13th was never scary to begin with." In regards to that. Friday the 13th was not a perfect trilogy in general, but I'm certain some of the movies(like Part 1 for a good example) shared a great deal of scary moments accounted by other long time fans. Most of the victims from the movies that encountered Jason were scared and that's the idea here, you're suppose to be stepping into their shoes and experience their fear. Also, just because you had one non scary scenario from a movie, that should not automatically equal another non scary scenario into a horror game. Mind you, a horror game that's aiming to be a survival horror experience. If this game had a single player type of story mode, you want throw in the dancing/costumes into the mix? Knock yourselves out, that makes sense, because the movies with a story did that. It comes across somewhat excusable because since it ran with a full plot, it had time to make up for different acts to be scary. The multiplayer is not like that, it's centered around on only one act of a film. I guess the best way for me to put this, it's like watch many alternate versions of the final chases with Alice, Ginny or Chris wearing different costumes or doing new dances in certain film reels. It should be different film reels that ditches all of that and the director should only focus on the horror aspect. "Oh but it's not that serious, costumes/emotes are here for people to enjoy and have fun with them, get over it." As if waiting for a long time just to proceed into the next game wasn't bad enough, I have to put up with that while watching Jason chase a bunny, Wonder Vanessa getting more chances at surviving, or the Devil Tiffany player is so confident and cocky, he or she has to dance, all this, while putting the lobby on lock down. Sorry, that's just not my idea of fun. It's completely redundant is what it is. So not only it ruins immersion, it's incompetent to valuable gaming time. It's a good few legitimate reasons why they should both go away.
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    Oh no, we cant have this. I see this thread being locked soon because a few people like to make up rules concerning the forums, even if its not an actual rule.
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    I appreciate the reply @GunMedia_Ben...That's probably the first time you've ever replied to me directly. I have no doubt that the team is hard at work. I've never said they weren't. I mean...they show up to the office every day. I'm sure work is being done. But unfortunately we're just not really seeing the results of that work. Well, not positive results. That's where the issue lies. I really hope everyone at the office(s) realizes the importance of getting this next patch right (and I've said this before). We can't have patches than fix 1 things but break 4 in the process. People have been complaining since long before October. But those two October patches messed up so many things. Then the Dec. 22 patch did nothing to fix those issues. It just added some content to keep people quiet for a little longer. It probably doesn't need to be stated. But this next patch is make or break for the game. The whole "Jason is a joke" thing has been compounded since October. That's way too long for things not to turn around in the next patch. I love the passion and integrity you show with your posts here...But unfortunately that all counts for nothing without results. You said the team takes pride in their work...Show us. Because the efforts put forward so far don't show that. Sorry.
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    A post was hidden/removed due to recurring accusations from a user that continues to parrot incorrect information. We're totally not going to censor users for voicing displeasure with the game, but to continue to spread rumor and false information due to aggravation helps no one. This thread represents frustration from a group of users on this forum that have continually made their displeasure known. The thing is, these are issues that cannot be solved quickly. Our team cannot offer more than we already have at this time; I promise you there are reasons for this beyond more than what we've said, but our team has always held that transparency is key. Everyone at Gun and IllFonic works their butts off to bring about a game to fans while balancing the needs of a lot of folks here. There are core fans, there are social fans, there are people who have been life-long fans of F13, while others are just now discovering the brand for the first time. The decisiveness from our core community here towards other communities is something we recognize daily. Reading threads from players who have an assumption this is a 'cash grab,' or that we 'took money' or somehow believe that our team doesn't care about a game that has from the very onset been a passion project is something that we face every single day. It's something that's pretty well known in the industry overall...but that still doesn't stop our team, those people creating something that matters to them not as product, but as a show of who we are, from coming in and working on the game. That means more content. That means more accessibility, that means a lot of things from gameplay to backend support that gamers never really ever pay attention too. Updates are coming, news is coming and your comments and concerns have rung very loudly, and very clearly. We recognize comments from fans. We recognize concerns from passionate people who love to log on and play this game every day. Even with the accusations, with the heartache and the vitriol that occurs from users here, we know it comes from a place of commitment to a game and franchise they've known. We will have more for you soon, I promise. Dan is focusing on it, Wes is focusing on it, Ronnie, Randy, myself. Everyone you've known. People you don't know, all of IllFonic. Trust me, our commitment hasn't changed. It sucks that things take longer than anyone wants, or that we can't provide the most solid information, but you are heard and we are working. See you all, soon.
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    Great post @AldermachXI The more they try to silence criticism, the harder the critics will push. When they figure this out they'll be better for it.
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    I think on paper, the game is pretty damn perfect. The concept works just fine. The problem is simply the execution. If everything worked as it should, bug free, I don't think anyone would be complaining. Some people would want more (some always do), but no one would be complaining, either. Our biggest problem, if not for the bugs, would basically be the random perk rolling system. Something where you could choose/level up perks is a lot more diserable. Unfortunately there are so many bugs that people just start to overthink solutions. The game has a simple formula. All they have to do is execute it. Instead people want to suggest new mechanics when they can't even perfect the ones we already have. That's foolish.
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    So my original complaint has been locked due to a couple of people b****ing "Whaaaa, this has been done before!" The topic is an important topic and draws a lot of attention and needs to be addressed. How many people tho, are willing to go searching for a thread that was created several months back, rather than read a recent post that they know is active? I sure the hell am not willing to search through endless threads to find the newest one or one thats active. To me this is just a way to silence us and hope that we forget what we're angry over.
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    I use to love this game, and love playing as Jason. But I must admit, that everytime I log on now, the more p***ed off Im getting with how this game is turning out, for Jason players. The creators have made the game so one-sided its not even funny, and it favors the counselors. For example! Removed Jason's ability to plant traps in the same spot. Created small maps that allow counselors to find essential items in close range to escape. Allowed dropped items to show on map. Placed guns, health spray, pocket knives, at camp sites, which essentially allows most players to arm themselves to the teeth. Updated Tommy to be better equiped. Reduced Jason's grab range drastically. Created perks allowing counselors to be more durable and stronger than Jason himself. And so on. ...... And what have they done for Jason in order to balance this out? Not a f***ing thing! I bought the game because I wanted to play as Jason, what I didn't want is to play as Jason and have 5 people escape in 5 minutes into the match.(Actually happened, I saved the video) I didn't want every counselor to have 3 pocket knives, guns, health spray, fire crackers and what not, at the ready, so that every time I get close to one I can be stunned repeatedly. (Saved numerous videos showing this b.s.) I can understand why some adjustments were made, Jason shouldn't be able to reach 10 feet across the map and grab someone, or lay layers upon layers of traps on each other. Its not realistic or canon. But you know what else isn't canon? For every counselor to escape and survive. Especially in 5 minutes! What isn't canon is for counselors to magically see where things are in the woods on a minimap. What isnt canon is for every counselor to be armed to the teeth. Which leads me to ask. Does the game creators just not care for the character? Or the game? Or its players? Some people still have luck with Jason, I do too at times, but mores times than normal, the one-sided shift is too irritating to tolerate. Im starting to wonder if Dead by Daylight is a better game to switch to? Maybe they treat their game and players with more respect than to constantly screw something up. Oh well, you guys got my money, and it seems thats all the matters. I will say its getting awfully close to me shelving this game and never touching it again. Unless the creators balance the damn thing out! Will they do this? When will they?
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    As a bunch of other people said, this topic has been covered a million times lately. This thread is going to get locked but if we want change we have to be vocal about it and keep up the pressure.. Unfortunately it seems like they just don't care about our opinions right now. Yes, Jason is a shell of his former self. Yes, Jason is under-powered right now. Yes, Counselors got buffed too much. Yes, the trap change was stupid. Yes, there are far too many shotguns. Yes, there are far too many pocket knives. Yes, Jason's grab is completely broken and goes through characters like they are ghosts half the time. Yes, the morph grids got royally screwed up in the last patch or two. Yes, the hit detection is abysmal. Yes, there are far too many game-breaking bugs for a game this late into release. I am an extremely calm person but I damn near lost my shit twice on stream yesterday at the amount of ridiculous bullshittery that was going on. This is not okay and at least needs to be acknowledged by the devs before the population drops any further. Silence is not the answer, open and honest communication is. Isn't that what they were preaching they were going to do before the game was released? Well, you fucked that up too.. Well done.
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    And it's lawsuits from people like you which will prevent ambitious, smaller developers with passion from ever venturing out into making what is an incredible licensed game, and will become even more incredible. You do this, and anytime a start-up company wants to go after something big, they'll remember the "Friday the 13th incident," and be scared off. Congratulations. Seriously. You have NO IDEA what these people are going through. Do you think they're HAPPY we don't have dedicated servers yet? Do you honestly think they LIED to us with no intention of EVER giving us dedicated servers? Can you imagine how frustrating it has to be to have a clear path to something great, then hit roadblock after roadblock -- and when your fanbase asks about it, you can say NOTHING to them because you're working with a licensed franchise and must adhere to an NDA? --and now, because they're late on their original aspirational timeline, you want to sue them?? Are you TRYING to make them give up and never update the game again?? These guys are working tirelessly on this game. Day in and day out. I don't know what your job is, but I wonder if you can imagine what it's like to constantly work over 40 hours a week on the SAME project, constantly trying to make it better, and hearing SO much toxic feedback. Constantly hearing people DEMANDING more patches "right now," DEMANDING more upgrades "right now," DEMANDING more progress updates "right now." But they CAN'T because they don't have any new, SOLID info to give yet -- and the non-solid info they do have, the NDA keeps them from saying much of anything about it. So -- let's sue them for it. Brilliant. We paid 40 bucks for a game that most of us HAVE gotten 40 bucks worth of enjoyment out of. And much MORE enjoyment is coming -- seemingly perpetually. That's a pretty great ROI on 40 bucks, if you ask me. But you go ahead and sue them. Because they're so awful. Try to scrutinize everything they said and pin them down to one or two words that will get you a payday and ensure this team never creates another game again. Enjoy your check. The rest of us will hate you for murdering a startup company that was stupid enough to pursue a dream. But have fun.
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    Any PvP based game is going to struggle with balance. I have never seen a single game that was able to make EVERYONE happy with the way things are balanced. The reason for this isn't because the game is broken, it's because the game is changing, and MANY people despise change. Adapting is a challenge and it tends to knock people of their pedestals for a second while they get used to the new mechanics. When they took away trap stacking and the vacuum grab, I was a bit bummed, too. But it also make me realize that there were several Jason abilities I was simply ignoring that was now going to get some actual use (Stalk and Slash). I'd never tell a player to stop playing because they're frustrated. Feedback is crucial to keeping the game at the top of its potential. However, you're not going to get where you want to be by being hostile in your verbage to the devs and playerbase. I do feel for your frustration, but rest assured the devs are reading your messages and taking these things into consideration. They may be silent right now, but that is only because they want to have a solid solution in hand before committing to anything.
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    It had it's problems at launch with server issues - but it was more of a serious survival horror game in those days with the emphasis on Jason being the face of death if you took liberties with the Jason player. You had to play intelligently to escape and survive. That factor has been diluted since October - counselors have been buffed and Jason nerfed in some terrible misguided conception of "balancing" things. The whole point of a survival horror game is that the threat has to be real - they seem to have lost their way since October, and the December patch furthered "watered down" the Jason character. Gun's Ben has inferred they are taking steps to rectify this, and that the new patch is in testing phase. I truly hope they can deliver - but be aware the patch effect on gameplay has been a downwards trajectory since release...so we all need to hope they can pull something out of the bag, and stop the stall nosedive. Will add that I believe the grab range etc was changed as the small corridors of the Grendel on the upcoming Jason X map would make it stupidly easy for Jason players. I have no facts...I can only speculate about my thoughts on the reasoning behind such drastic nerfs. Trouble is, they don't confirm this with "transparency" so the playerbase becomes a detached, hot cauldron of ambiguous confusion. Then people start getting banned when their patience starts to boil over.
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    Why on Earth would you want to fight a floating head...? That might just be the dumbest idea I've seen here and that's me being nice about it...
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    I found this on a modding forum for Resident Evil 4. Don't know if they actually ripped assets from F13, or if it is a unique model, but I thought it deserved attention. To me it looks a heck of a lot like a model ripped from F13. It replaces the chainsaw guys in Resident Evil 4 with part 3 Jason. Resident Evil 4 Jason Mod @wes@GunMedia_Ben@Randygbk
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    Eventually,everyone is going to flee this sinking (cruise) ship and the official forums is going to be nothing but new users registering to post about the same things that get us labeled as toxic. And there won't be any one to help the mods by pointing out the search function or flagging posts. Well if being "toxic" is calling these guys out on their constant bullshit and never buying into the "indie dev,have patience" excuse from the beginning, (when it was clear this was the path we were heading down) I'm proud to be "O.G. toxic."
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    Wow. So salty. Did somebody pissed in your cornflakes this morning ? And I agree with the poster above you : your english is horrific. And it's coming from somebody whose first language is NOT english.
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