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    Quick Play is full of stupid. I have little time for Private Match. I got other stuff to play. Sick of the trolls and the Jason teamers. Tired of people hosting just to fuck everyone over when they die. I'm bored of it all. If this game dies it will because of it's player base. They slowly killed the game with bad behavior. This game has lost some features and had others added because of trolling and it's been slowly killing the game since launch. I'm not quitting the game. I do like it but it's just become a chore to play. We'll see if the new engine can fix some of this stuff but at this point if someone told me the game was going to be completely dead in a few months I would believe them.
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    Hello slashers, today let’s talk about changes coming to how Jason is selected in Quick Play matches of Friday the 13th: The Game. With the next update we will be introducing a behind-the-scenes ticket system that improves the selection process governing which player is selected to be Jason. Players who have marked Jason as their spawn preference are given a surplus of tickets. Each time they’ve played Jason, tickets are subtracted, to reduce the chance of a single player being selected in back to back rounds, even when switching lobbies. An exception would be if that player switched to a lobby with players who have all indicated a preference for playing Counselors. Counselors - in the event that everyone in the lobby has their preference set to Counselor, one of you will still be selected to play as Jason. What happens if two players have the exact same amount of tickets, and neither have played Jason lately? The system will randomly select a ticket, and the owner of that ticket will be selected as Jason for the round.
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    Just find a troll to hit you with a pipe a few times!
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    Friendly fire was one of the most underrated core reasons that indirectly made Jason a stronger threat when he arrived and it also made playing counselors more challenging. During the friendly fire era, you couldn't just gather up like a pack of sardines and start mindlessly swinging with no care for the direction of your fire like you can currently in this botched up version of 'Friday the 13th: The Pinata'. Friendly Fire being an element of the game forced you to play better as the counselor, it forced you to have better aim, it forced you to have stronger team mate awareness, and it forced you to create and play off better positioning as a team. And in the same playing field, Jason could also utilize friendly fire by swerving in a defensive direction towards other counselors to create bait & panic situations, which sometimes would fluster counselors into accidentally hitting one another. Split moments like these would often give the Jason player the opportunity to strike or make a move that he could capitalize on when up against groups. The problem was never Friendly Fire on it's own, the problem was the way that Gunmedia executed it that made it not fun to play against. It wasn't fun when you had a bitter troll trying to kill the team secretly one by one, and it also most definitely wasn't fun on the Jason side of things when your kills were stolen from grievers with shotguns and the likes. So here is the proposal of how Gunmedia can re-introduce Friendly Fire to the game, while also severely limiting the troll and anti-Jason kill steals. Friendly Fire: Counselors can no longer be killed by another counselor with a melee weapon (the finishing blow can only be performed by Jason) Shotguns no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Counselor placed bear traps no longer can kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Cars no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just knock them down and then when they get up, they will be in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Suicide can no longer be performed by windows or second story jumps. It will just whittle your health down to lowest possible number. Any counselor who makes another counselor enter "cripple" state (except for bear traps) will receive the -500 penalty that "Betrayal" currently has at the end of the match.
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    TL;DR Exactly. In 4 months the demographic for the game completely changed and it has ruined the game. Finding adults to play with is rare now as lobbies are filled to the brim, brink, and beyond with children. Children, not teens. Elementary school kids. Don’t bother playing on your day off during the day smh or in the evening after work (after school) I guess either. Basically you have a window of 1am-4am to play. Furthermore, to your point, there has been no boot system, no report system that gives an update on the report, and trolls have been enabled to run free and hold the game hostage with no consequences. There may be no way to prevent children from playing, but there are plenty of ways to prevent toxic players from ruining matches. The argument has been “but, but people might take advantage of a boot system to boot trolls and that would be unfair sad face!1” Really? With that lapse in logic there would be no laws or regulations because somewhere something might be exploited by a fringe population. Trolls flock to this game thanks to streamers and semi-viral videos of glitches, hacks, and exploits that are geared toward kids to reproduce and try on their own. Let’s face it, when the game launched it was 30 and 40 something guys who loved the films and survival horror that were playing, now it’s elementary and middle school kids who love to juke jukeee I jukedddd himmm. I for one am tired of being run out of communities, channels, and games that get overrun by children and trolls. We were here first and invested in the game and it’s not been properly monitored. This is what happens when there’s no commitment to the players past beta and once you get their money. It’s been almost a year of lip service with no report button, no boot button, and no way for the players to know who is a POS. There should have been a hall of shame for players to post the name of hackers, exploiters, bigots, trolls, rage quitters, and lobby closers on THIS forum but no, that would be “shaming” people... who deserve to be shamed for their behaviour. We should be able to post a screen cap and a small description with a name, date, and a tag for that person: “GamerTroll666 - 02/16/2018 tagged for closing a lobby as host” oh look it’s GamerTroll666 on 02/28/2018 tagged again for closing a lobby as host. Oh look it’s GamerTroll666 on 03/10/2018 rage quitting as Jason. This person should receive a soft ban for 24 hours with a message saying why. Players deserve to know who they are playing with and people who are toxic should be quarantined from the game. Of course that would be asking too much and any irritation from players asking for action or accountability is labeled as “hostile or “aggressive” meanwhile we have bigoted players insulting and threatening people in lobbies ok. Having a boot or report button is apparently controversial on this forum as people run to defend toxic claiming report or boot options might be abused.... yet the game is already being abused. Because there’s been little to no effort in quarantining toxic players, the player base has gotten younger, more toxic, and overall more insufferable. Anyway, it sucks because the only thing that keeps many of us coming back is our love of the IP and the fact that the game is part of our routine for unwinding after work etc.
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    Nobody promised new info every week, but we did say we would do better at communication. These smaller updates are us communicating changes that will have an impact on how people play. Will all of them be massive pieces of content like Single Player Challenges? No, but it's better to let you guys know what is being worked on, even if it's "lil mundane things".
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    What I don't understand is why people think it's an insult to sit on Jason's face with Tiffany, or any of the other females for that matter. To me it becomes a gesture of goodwill at that point...unless it's Deborah. Pussy to the face is F13's version of a pat on the back.
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    We have some adjustments for Part 7 Jason, but I'm not 100% sure at this time whether this change will be included in the upcoming patch or the patch after
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    Get over it. I use it to get Jason to follow me. It's really easy to keep him tunneled that way.
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    The gas should run out on cars, it would prevent some of this. As well as being able to jump out like @Wolledc said.
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    Couldn't agree more with this, where is updated info on the real content, Uber Jason and Grendel!! This Jason selection "news" just seems like filler crap so they can say they kept their word and teased new stuff every week while we waited over 2 months for a new patch. They still haven't stated if sp challenges is going to be full version or if we are getting sp challenges demo first, like their roadmap stated
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    Do you understand why those kills are used so often? Because Choke is the most space efficient so it's your most guaranteed option, and Decap is not only space efficient but is also the fastest. If I am trying to defend an objective, whether to stop it being repaired or stop the car starting, I sure as hell am not using anything but those kills. As I am at objectives majority of the time, they are the kills I need to use. As I also catch counselors in small spaces, I am not waiting around for different options to show up while you spam out of my grab, I will use Choke or Decap and be done with it. So they are not cheap, they are the best options. Leave the elaborate kills until late-game when counselors are no longer a threat and only when it's a low risk of them escaping (open space). If there's a quick environmental next to me I will use that too.
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    If you add a door to the interior wall of Jason's shack that can only be opened with a pocketknife QTE and Jason attacks you give Jason adequate time to respond to mother calling and also remove a pocketknife from the overly protected Jason killing team. Perhaps you could add a key to the door that randomly spawns around camp that maybe marks Jason's shack on your map. Killing Jason is too simple. I feel this would make Jason killing more complex with more risk than reward and also deter people away if they don't have the supplies they need.
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    Do you like this steady stream of fixes/content, constantly altering the game? Or would you rather have waited until everything is finished (SP challenges, dedicated servers, Grendel, Paranoia, etc) and get the complete package once it's perfected? I can see the points for both sides. To continue receiving updates keeps things exciting...at the same time, I can understand how some are frustrated over buying a flawed and unfinished project.
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    They will not give an exact date. If they do and miss it all hell will break loose. Could be April 1st, April 13th, may 26th, December 4th.... Who knows. The only thing I would probably count on for April 13th is double xp/CP.
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    I'm willing to bet that every Jason main in here has taken full advantage of the current car issue. By the logic they use to say traps and doors are an exploit we can say using the car glitch to get an easy kill on the car driver is an exploit as well. "Oh, well just don't drive without a knife.". Easier said than done sometimes when the looters already have everything. Smh. Maybe the devs should make Jason start with every ability right off the bat, have an immunity to stuns, remove all knives, all weapons, make it to where counselors can only walk, make it to where counselors can only travel within a two cabin distance from spawn location, put all object parts in the shack, and pretty much just start the match with one big animation of Jason killing everyone at the same time. Jesus, y'all complain about the dumbest shit. How about you focus on other ideas of how to actually improve the game. Like counselors actually falling when they trip (looking at us Vanessa mains. This would help Jason). Stalk being more useful. A working report system where players are actually banned for using tactics the devs have CLEARLY stated are ban worthy.
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    Traps are meant to be used any way you deem fit. They are a weapon. There are no rules set against them. There are no limited tiny boxes in which they HAVE to be set in. To my knowledge the devs haven't said anything about them. If so, THEY need to make a decision and implement it. But, I'm sure they will listen to the complainers and patch it out. Like I said before, if you are willing to forego looting a cabin to pick up a trap and run it to an objective then you deserve the reward of it. It is risky as hell. Same way with using them out in the open and baiting Jason into it. The thing about putting them in the door on the inside: Jason breaks a near window "oh I see a trap there. I'll combat the door then shift grab you". On the outside of the door: you gain very little from it. Time to get out of a broken window. Whoopiddy Doo. Traps out in the middle of nowhere and on objectives serve a purpose. I say use them any way you deem fit and screw the whiners. This is a survival game. Use them to help you however you need too. I've had all of the above used on me and thought it is pure genius and those who used it thought out of the box. Good for them. Bottom line is I'm going to continue to play the way I like to play the game. If that pisses someone off too bad. We don't have to play together. Simple as that.
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    The game isn't about combat. It's about survival. There shouldn't be an arsenal in every single room to use against Jason.
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    In before DorionRo comments...
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    ^^I agree with this. But, let's look at another option. Maybe Jason should have no arms, a broken leg, glaucoma and erectile dysfunction. Would that work for you @SmartestJew?
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    Seeing a lot of people saying QP is toxic so to counter balance how about we share good experiences? I can think of two off the top of my head. • I was playing as Tiffany and was injured and could not find spray, there was only a little chatter between players all game and only three of us left. They were together heading to the cops. They must have noticed how slow I was moving so asked if I was low on stamina. I told them I was injured and they both came to my rescue, they had no spray but they stayed with me down the road and protected me when Jason morped in and somehow we managed to escape. Both really nice guys who I play with whenever we are online together. • Again playing as Tiffany I was in a pretty busy lobby with lots of chatter, I was on the Jarvis map and this German guy was talking crap to people but I tend to ignore it. After a while I found the gas and decided to ask somebody with high repair to help me escape on the boat. The guy back as Tommy offered to repair and said over mic someone take the boat with me, so Vanessa rocks up and just takes off alone on the boat with the German dude laughing and calling us names. During pre lobby people discuss how he had been setting up traps inside houses to kill councellors. He makes baby noises and laughs again. Next match the guys being obnoxious again and takes off in the 4 seater alone after a few of us work together fixing and fetching parts. Jason is close and stops the car just ahead and we can hear the German trash talking and Jason grabs him and says the rest of us can escape as he cusses everyone out. After the match the German dude is raging but quits and the guy who was Jason says he had watched the guy screw people over about 5 or 6 matches and he had seen enough so wanted to destroy him. So yeah QP can be a tad problematic but I've met some good people along the way!
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    So I was thinking about this, couldn't find anything in the search. This perk will do the following: - Gain a random perk upon spawning. - The given perk will be the rarity of your gambler perk - You cannot stack/gain another perk you already have equipped with this equipped - You cannot get gambler from gambler - The perk you get will be displayed everytime The perk's + and - are here: + Chance a perk will be 1 rarity higher than gambler perk(Will just give you strongest value of said perk if you have epic gambler) - Chance a perk will be 1 rarity lower than gambler perk(Will be weakest version of given perk if gambler is "poor" rarity)
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    If I'm understanding correctly, you are trying to dodge cancel. This is a still a viable tactic in combat, the grab range has not affected it. In this case, don't dodge backwards. Dodge to the right (Jason's left) immediately once your hit connects, and Jason will whiff his grab if you execute it fast enough. Speed is key here, you can practice the motions on a wall if you like, your weapon just has to hit something for swing recovery to be cancelled with dodge. Still a good tactic to use for solo demask in open space with machete, since it has low stun chance so you need the dodge cancel to evade the grab.
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    Leaving cabin doors unbarricaded. I see this from time to time in private matches too. Speed looters go through a cabin like the Tasmanian Devil, emptying all the drawers looking for pocket knives and health sprays while leaving objective parts behind and leaving the cabin doors wide open. It's a good way to get your fellow counselors killed if they are trying to flee from Jason when he's hot on their heels. You jump through the window and before you can get up, he waltzes right through the open front door and snuffs the life out of you.
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    So I've been trying to think of ways to coerce counselors into using a pocket knife on Jason's traps as opposed to just running their face into them with surplus of med sprays. As an assistant to this, have a fairly substantial exp gain when doing so the first one in a match, being around 100 or even 150, based on the rarity of knives and number of potential traps. This would not only be an incentive to more thoughtfully disable traps, but also give a nice pat-on-the-back to those who naturally do so.
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    Hey guys I was thinking, how annoying is it when your trying to grab a counselor only for them(or another player) to hit you and then crouch down on top of you? I think there should be an instant grab kill if people get to close to jason while he is down or stunned... Whats everybody think? Shouldnt Counselors should be scared of been caught by jason not playing around with him?
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    You guys have really delivered on the goods! 🙄 THIS.GAME.IS.UNPLAYABLE. It takes literally almost 11 minutes to FIND a game and we have gotten this now FIVE times in a row. UN👏🏻PLAY👏🏻ABLE.
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    I have been reading posts about this game "being on it's last legs" since July of last year. Amazingly, it's still around and people are still talking about it, so the Devs are obviously doing something right. Trust me, I know this game has problems...many problems. But, I have been having more fun playing this game in the last couple of months than I have in a very long time, and I have counselor picked as my preference. You obviously disagree, and that is fine. I'm not going to argue with you, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in on the subject.
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    I don’t know about you guys but I love these kills, I just think that the gore is bad. There’s gonna be a list of what kills need to be updated. Head squeeze: the skull should be crushed with one of the eyes popping. Not just a bloody face. Head crush: the skull should be crushed. Not just a bloody face. Head stomp: the skull should be crushed against Jason’s boot. Not just a bloody face. Two handed choke: when Jason stomps on the counselors head, the head should be crushed. Not just a bloody face. Rugby player: after every head butt, the counselors face should be more and more caved in. Not just a bloody face. Headbutt ( pickaxe ): when Jason swings his pickaxe into the counselors face, there should be a hole in the counselors face. Not just a bloody face. Crotch chop ( axe ): it doesn’t even look like Jason is swinging his axe into the counselors crotch, splitting it open, it looks like Jason is hitting them in the lower stomach ( maybe it’s the camera angle? ). Stunner ( axe ): after Jason hits the counselor in the head with the end of his axe and swings his axe into the counselors face, the counselors face should be split opened. Not just a bloody face. Up and under ( pig splitter ): the crotch and the face should be split open. Not just a bloody crotch and face. The Jarvis ( pig splitter ): the side of the face should have a huge slash mark. Not a bloody face. Throat slit ( pig splitter ): the throat should actually be slit and opened just a little bit. Not just a bloody neck. Slammed and split ( pig splitter ): I already think that Jason should have cut the counselor completely in half but I guess not. At least have the parts he does cut through be split in half. Not just a bloody body. Your so vein ( garden shears ): the wrists should be cut open. Not just bloody arms. Knock down ( spear ): after Jason stabs the counselor in the face with his spear, there should be a hole in their face. Not just a bloody face. Eviscerate and the fish gutter ( machete ): after Jason cuts the counselor open, their guts should spill out. ( maybe it’s not realistic? ). Candy dispenser ( machete ): the counselors throat should be opened by a lot. Not just a bloody throat. Dismember ( machete ): when Jason swings his machete into the counselors face, the counselors face should be split open. Not just a bloody face. Fireaxe throw ( fireaxe ): when Jason yanks his fireaxe out of the counselors head, there should be a gash where the fireaxe was. Not just a bloody face. How to peel a coconut ( double sided axe): when Jason forces the counselors face into his weapon, their face should have a open cut wound. Not just a bloody face. Pitchfork stab ( pitchfork/trident ): when Jason pulls his pitchfork out of the counselors head, there should be a hole in their head. Not just a bloody face. Wall head crush ( environmental ): the counselors face should be completely crush against the wall. Not just a bloody face. Door slam ( environmental ): after the last door slam, the counselors head should be slightly crushed. Not just a bloody face. Throat slit ( environmental ): the counselors throat should be opened a little bit. Not just a bloody neck. Im not saying I hate these kills, some of these kill are my favorite. I’m just saying that those kills need to be updated and look more brutal. I know it would take time but I think it look a lot better like this.
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    It's still shit and probably will continue to be shit after the next patch. It doesn't seem to be a top priority.
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    Too bad we can't blast them with a shotgun anymore... I used to love coming back as Tommy and hunting the teamer, Jason would get so pissed! I guess now all we have is bear traps, you could do the triple trap you did to me last night! Lol, that was a new one there! If that was a counselor, they would be screwed!
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    Again.. with the lone wolfing and bullshit about 'new' players. Fuck the lone wolves.. And fuck the newbies. They want to learn how to play? Learn how everyone else did... Want to lone wolf, go nuts.. get caught and die, well toooo bad.. Its as simple as that. Theres tons of videos and topics about how to play this game. There's offline mode to play as Jason. Learning how to play Jason will teach players how to deal with Jason. Friend of mine thats under lvl 20 knows full well how to play this game. Hes not that good at it, but knows the basics. I don't hear him complaining about anything
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    His strengths include rolling grasslands with isolated trees and shrubs, and a warm climate year-round. Look out, counselors!
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    Don't concern yourself with what people label an "exploit". In all but the most extreme cases it is simply a matter of people blaming their losses on anything but themselves, and they are always the ones with the least understanding of the game. They will never progress because they simply expect wins handed to them. Do whatever you're good at, and as long as Jason has a reliable counter for it, it is fair play.
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    My guess is it was too difficult to program the physics for it. It would look pretty stupid if it didn't move as she jogged, so there's (I would assume) a lot more coding required for something that's just cosmetic. I would like to see it added, but it's not that important to me.
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    Not a screenshot, but something I made that might get a few laughs The original thread is real quiet down in off-topic, lol.
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    There should be a sixth option of "I don't care" because Thats how I feel right now. Stop making duplicate threads as well! You've already made one. There's no need to make another dude.
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    We're having discussions about the possibility of a new roadmap.
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    Simple, just don't 'fake any excitement'. There is content coming and from what I gather, it's been rolled out fairly consistently since launch. There's always something new being changed or added. You're entitled to your opinion like everyone else is, but 'this is a fucking joke' is not a necessary comment to post. You could easily rephrase it to 'I'm not happy about this'.
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    I agree. Is there really something useful in every drawer ever? Definitely not. In movies, there's always some person digging through drawers and throwing papers around looking for their gun or other item. There's no real fix outside of fucking balance up again with more items. I mentioned a long time ago that I would've liked to see some drawers with a spider or rat in them, causing the counselor to yelp. Some cheap jump scares of a rat jumping out would be fun.
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    Add more items that would help but don't break the bank. Maybe start with no flashlights amd have to find them. Add matchbooks and rags to create molotov cocktails from the abundant beer bottles, and turn the tree branch into a torch. Add nails and hammers to fortify any door to take 2 more hits to destroy(not effected by destruction strength).
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    If you can't deal with people teabagging you then you shouldn't do online gaming in general. People do it to have fun and joke around. There's no reason to be such a killjoy about it. Besides you'll usually catch the people that do it and you can gruesomely murder them to return the favor.
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    The thing is, double posting is against the rules here, so I was actually trying to help you out. What I really wanted to say was:
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    I've had plenty of matches where I alone completed EVERYTHING. Quick play is not where you go for team play. That's where you go if you just want the most random assortment of games. You really never know what to expect from a quick play lobby, and that's the fun part to me.
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    I already threw down the gauntlet. I named myself and I believe 9 other people who could easily take up his challenge, yet his rebuttal was a lack of reading comprehension. He challenged anyone to a quick play match with randoms against him as Jason, so I list names to answer the call. He reads it as me and everyone I listed as a group against him instead. Between this guy and his ego, to the people like J.J. who do nothing but complain... I'm not saying people shouldn't have an opinion... I'm saying some people shouldn't have hands.
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    Hellllll no, especially not with how toxic the community is on top of the amount of shotguns there are in a map; private matches exist if you want friendly fire. You seriously think cars, shotguns, and the like putting counselors into a crippled state won't be abused by trolls? At the very least you're able to run away from Jason unharmed when the Vanessa teaming up with Jason runs next to you. Now imagine what happens when she's able to cripple you with the shotgun while running next to you. That makes the problem even worse. There are many ways that Jason can be buffed, or counselor gameplay being changed for the better, but reinstating friendly fire on QP is going to cause headaches when you consider how many squeakers are online these days. It's not even the squeakers to worry about alone; many people are assholes online in general.
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