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    As Much as I'm gonna get slammed for saying this, there is no strongest Jason. Each has different strengths and weaknesses and it also depends on the people you play against. They are all great Jason's and are all as strong as each other in their own ways :).
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    When people have pocket knives they hate slasher Jason. Then they have thick skin, med sprays, and combat perks they hate grab Jason. They also hate Jason that traps things. And Jason that is good with his throwing knife. Or not being able to outswim Jason and drowning. I guess some people complain about any way they end up dying.
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    Easy playing Jason?! I disagree there! How about not using the traps and not relying on your map, see how long it takes you to catch one! Especially when they start jumping in and out of windows and running around cars! I think its easier playing as a councillor.
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    The game needs more maps to stay fresh. The amount of counselors and Jasons are fine for the moment. Next content update must contain new map(s). I can't stress that enough. I'm sure we'll get more counselors. But that's not what the game needs at the moment. First it needs to be fixed, then there needs to be maps. Once there's another map we can start talking new Jasons and counselors. But maps should be a number one priority. Well, after getting the game fixed. They also mentioned a create a character system but they are very, very expensive to have. It's unlikely we'll see one ever implemented.
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    It's an exploit and it shouldn't happen. It's like hiding under the bridge or up in the rafters. The game does include hiding spots...under beds, in tents, in closets...BUT if Jason finds you there he can kill you. I'd say that if a counsellor can get to a spot that Jason cannot reach, that is an exploit and it's cheating. If I were Jason and people used the car to block the barn or a single door cabin so that they could hide out inside I would just leave and find other people to play the game with. Not wasting my time with that nonsense.
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    I find that those who hate this "chopper" style rely on pocket knives too much.
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    Ive been asked numerous times "let's kill Jason and he will just stand there" and I tell the group "sorry guys nope I can't do this if I do it it's going to be legit ... guys it's more rewarding to work towards something" same with the pamela tapes on YouTube nope I'll wait till I find one! See I grew up in the NES days when the only way to see the ending to Rygar, Zelda, Mike tysons punch out was to work for it! "I flipped that game" lol
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    This is why I always morph to the phone box first. Always.
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    I don't understand why the "players met" function doesn't work on PS4? Surely this would've been one of the criteria the game must've met for the PS4 certification that dragged on? It's annoying that this basic feature isn't functionable.
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    Kill how your inner Jason sees fit. Murder them all. They are fools for coming to your camp.
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    There are topics on this already, such as my own: I ammend my part 4 Jason to the following: +Can Run +Stalk +Sense Cooldown -Morph -Less Hit Points -Traps
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    This. 1000% this. Iv had people complain over literally every kill possible. I tend to kill them in whichever way they're complaining. So if I hack a dude and he starts whining that I'm "chopping" well then I'm going to keep chopping.
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    Devs, When a player dies with the fuse, the fuse becomes bugged on the ground next to the dead corpse and nobody can pick it up to repair the phone box to call the police. Please fix this so that counselors have a chance to escape fairly. Thanks.
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    Gun should add an avoid player feature. This would allow you to add people you don't wish to play with. You can add cheaters, glitchers, exploiters, boring players(ie jasons that just swing), whoever you want. Then it would just filter those players out while searching for a game. Eventually cheaters, glitchers, and exploiters will only be able to play with themselves. Maybe have the feature have levels of avoidance like never play with this person(cheater) or avoid but not completely block for a boring player. This could be a great way to filter out the people that ruin the game for others. This is a far better solution than -1000xp for team killers too. If they keep up there trollful ways they will have nobody to play with.
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    I love this game, and i dont mind waiting for the next round to collect my experience. So here is a list of things that would be great to let players do when they are in the death lobby. 1. Allow players to play with their customizations, roll perks, assign perks and just do general management. 2. Allow players to set their character choice for the next round. 3.Allow players to rotate camp camera, and or see a mini map to not just know where the cameras are but the action. 4.Allow players to see the progress of the objectives. 5.Allow players to see a map even with all active players including jason. 6.have a dynamic camera that passively switches to action. Repairs, calls, chases and it will rotate toward the jason. And make a show of the tension in the match. And not just see a 1st person mode of the inside of the commode 7.hell, let players spectate jason. With the chances being rare to be chosen to be jason, understanding his mechanics and spectating his view lets players passively learn mechanics. 8.have a glossary of in game items, stats, or functions. Sort of likethe how to play but a bit morein depth. I swear most people dont know you can use a flare gun for somethin other than shooting jason. note. Any functions that could be abused by a jason in a party with other players could be disabled if the game detects the player in a party.
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    Here's some old pics to view and discuss. They replaced the weapon expert perk with the radio giving stamina perk(forgot name), changed parts needed for vehicles, dropped some Jason abilities, dropped weapon swap, map changes, name changes. Thought you all make like these. @illchuck @Vedyx
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    You have to enter Combat Stance to Block and in Combat Stance you can't Grab. If you think it's bad that he can block these you should see what happens when he gets shot. He'll drop... and get back up. Almost like he was some sort of supernatural manifestation of evil. Like something out of a Horror Movie. What was that one in the '80's, took place in some Summer Camp... they made tons of them.
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    An idea for a Youth Home map from Part V. Would be nice to see the ambulance dispatch/garage where Roy works (I'm sure the Dev's could wing-it with something cool). A split map featuring two car bridges seemed pretty cool. Also included Ethel and Roan's farmhouse. Leaving his dirtbike outside could be a cool easter egg.
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    I agree. It sure is scummy to stick to your word and thank the people that actually got the project off the ground. Most other devs would do the awesome move of Lying through their teeth to scrape together a few more pennies.
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    I saw someone in another thread related to map questions suggest that they add Crystal Lake from the old NES game to the list. I had been pondering about this myself and his post pushed me to create this thread, so shout outs to @Manny1985 for presenting the idea to the forums first. I would like to see how people think about adding this map to the game, and if they would like the layout. If it a lot of people like it, I will create an official thread in the Suggestion subforum for us. I think the layout is great for the game, roads and paths are already in place. It could maybe use some more trees around the whole map instead of just the two dedicated forest areas, but the caves should be included, and that is where Pamela's head and sweater should be, just as her head was in the old game. The lake could possibly be extended off to the right in order to create an exit for the boat, as there was a rowboat in the original game as well. It actually astounds me how similar the NES game is to this one, now that I think about it. They took inspiration I believe. They could probably recreate the original NES game using assets they already have, but that is another topic altogether. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Retro Crystal Lake as an official map, maybe even with it's classic music recreated?
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    The -1000 xp really, really shouldn't be applied due to bear traps.
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    There's no cheap way to kill, IMO. These knives were included for a reason. You can slow counselors down by wounding them, or you can kill them. Which ever works. Those knives were a god send when people were exploiting the glitches in the Packanack lodge.
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    Love this game. Never have I seen a dev team so in love with a project. Remember folks- they are stressing out overly and not sleeping to work around the clock to fix issues such as team killers, glitches and exploits. They love this game. And they deserve support and patience. I made this thread in hopes to see a few of you cheer the devs on and remind them we are behind them. Thanks for making this game and thank you so much for your diligence and hard work. I truly appreciate it.
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    In the meantime, everyone grab a gun and aim it high!!
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    Hey everyone, The Discord for The Crystal Lake Post is ready to go! https://discord.gg/mKwNFP4
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    Single player should be the last thing anyone is worried about right now. Let's get the glitches and connectivity issues under control before we go trying to roll out new content.
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    First let’s talk Freddy, Leatherface, etc. These icons of slasher films are IP, or “Intellectual Property”. The easiest way to define this is to just think about them as “brands”. Like Coca Cola and Pepsi for example. The name and likeness of other film icons, like Freddy, are owned by companies. Why do you think it took so long for us to get a FvJ film? Think of it this way. Have you ever seen Coke and Pepsi packaged together? Nope. Never. Wait, I know what you’re thinking...what about Mortal Kombat? They had Jason, Leatherface, etc, all in one game. Yes, that’s true. But it’s an MK game, not a Texas Chainsaw game featuring Jason. So MK becomes neutral ground in that case. It’s just licensed characters, which still has some legal red tape, but easier by comparison. Now that you’ve had a very brief crash course in IP, I’m thinking I know your next question. “OK, Fine. I get it. But what about the characters from the F13 films! Will we see characters like Reggie, Shelly, Chrissy, etc, in the game? You guys already announced Tommy Jarvis, maybe there will be more? Yes?” This one is more of a “maybe”. Let me explain. When we got the license to work with F13, the only thing that came with it was the ability to use Jason’s name and likeness. But even then we couldn’t touch JvF or reboot Jason. They simply were not included. Also not included were the characters from the film. Now, could we just make up a generic female character and call her “Chrissy”? Sure. But that feels kinda phony don’t you think? Shouldn’t it look just like her? We think it should. Which then leads to another authenticity question...Shouldn’t she sound like Chrissy too!? Yes, she should. That’s a problem. First we would need to find the actor/actresses that were in the films. Some have passed away, so securing their likeness would be very difficult. Some however, are very much alive and still very much involved with horror cons. So first we would need to pay them for their likeness. This gives us the legal ability to replicate how they look in-game. The actor/actress would go through our iterations and requests changes here and there to make sure they look as close to real life as possible. This takes time. Months usually. Next comes their voice. As people age, so do their voice boxes. Meaning regardless if you are male or female, your voice gets a little deeper as you get older. Vocal cords stretch and you sound deeper and a little raspier. So a 50 year old version of you, doesn’t sound like the 20 year old version did. Think about that. Most of the actors/actresses from the films were around 20 when they filmed. Which means most of them are in their 50’s by now. So putting them in the recording studio doesn’t always get you the result you’re after. Imagine your dad, trying to sound 20. Yeah. So in theory, it sounds awesome to put Freddy in the game, or try to get your favorite character from the films into the game. But there’s so much more to it than just having the idea. It’s not impossible, it’s just a major time-sync that more often than not, doesn’t pay off in the end. You either get something that feels shoe-horned into the game, or just leaves you feeling underwhelmed. -W
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    I've had my 4th match in a row where half the people quit mid execution and I lose the points just because some kids get salty over being killed. It should count as soon as the execution starts.
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    Not jump, but I could go for grab thru windows... for when counselors stand so close to them just flashing their flashlight mockingly lol.
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    An idea for a Camp Forest Green map. Water on the left this time since no map is like that yet. A good spread of building clusters.
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    Right now I feel like the male counselors (not including Tommy of course) have very little role to play in things. Their only role is being able to do DAMAGE to Jason in a kill attempt. Vanessa is a better fedex/distraction/runner than Chad OR Buggzy, even Tiffany is better because she's quieter and has more stam. Deb is a better mechanic than Adam or Lechappa, heck even AJ is better as a fixer than a biker dude that you'd think would be a grease monkey. and obviously virtually all of the females are better at stealth (with the exception of Vanessa) On top of this a female counselor is required for a Jason kill, you don't need any male counselors just 1 female counselor can die and come back as Tommy for the role. You see entire lobbies of AJ's, maybe a Vanessa, maybe a Deb. Male counselors need something , with strength not being that important for stunning, it just doesen't work out well. I thought about maybe a driving skill, like Adam would be the best driver, improving speed and handling of the car, but of course that'll be called sexist if the males are better at a particular role than females. So what do you do? How do you break up the all female meta?
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    Voted no. Would rather their time, money and effort be invested in maps based on the film source material. This game isn't a remake of that crappy 8 bit NES cheesefest. Next people will be wanting wolves, birds and floating heads in the game. Retro Jason has already opened up the floodgates to such suggestions as "Bigfoot Jason". Let's keep this game a serious game based on the movies. People would rather time, money and resources be spent on a Retro Jason map than a Forest Green Map for example? Baffles the mind.
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    I actually enjoyed both reboots. Part 8, 9 and Jason X were pretty terrible and much worse than the reboot imo.
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    Think it's time to start preparing for the apology update 2.0
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    Understand Jason's abilities. Morph is a huge one. You have the map there and can teleport anywhere on the map. Get the car trapped and then go for the generators. Sense is extremely useful. Noisy counselors have the bubbles that appear on sense but scared counselors are highlighted in red. Make them scared by killing generators and smashing windows. Take a moment to realise where the noise is coming from and track it down. Don't panic and think you have to start stealing people's lunch money in the first minute. Plan where you're going to go. Shift can be great at covering distance but don't neglect morph so you can save the shift ability for when you're chasing someone down. Like all the other abilities it can be terminated early. Don't try to materialise behind counselors who are fleeing you. Try and get a few steps ahead. Shift grab is great if you can pull it off but it won't always work. Materialising and swinging your weapon will injure and slow your prey down. Stalk remains a very mis-understood perk. Besides giving you enhanced hearing and sensativity to sound it also kills the "Jason's Near" music allowing you to lull campers into a false sense of security. From what I've read from developer posts on these boards it's actually at it's most effective when you don't move. As long as you don't move and have not been physically seen by a counselor they should have no idea you're there. Once you've gotten a grip on the abilities then you want to master your environment. Prioritise your targets by nullifying the car, radio and generators. There are throwing knives littered all over the camp. Stop to pick them up. Smash windows to frighten and injure counselors. Enter combat stance and aim slightly to the side of a door to get through it faster than the standard game animation. If counselors are going to lock themselves inside a cabin put traps outside the windows then smash a couple and bash down the door coaxing them to hop out the windows and either become injured or end up in your trap. Remember that any counselor who's suddenly turned to face you is either dumb or probably has a pocket knife. Why not strike them playfully with your axe first? Approach shooters at an angle instead of head on and they will often miss. Go into combat stance to block the stun effect of flares. Let sprinters lose all their stamina while you trot after them before using an ability like Shift to close the distance. Hope these are helpful and I'm sure there will be other really helpful suggestions too.
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    I don't know about that. it'd be better to just have an environmental kill where he smashes their head in the the hood of the car. No smashed batteries, no stat reduction, just an environmental.
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    I've mostly found this to be American kids, that might be generalizing, but I find that when I connect to lobbies on console, I am mostly paired with American players, Europeans, or players from the U.K, and I seldom if ever hear kids from the UK or Europe, only the U.S, and they always sound like 12 year olds who go on excessive rants to either taunt Jason, taunt players as Jason, taunt other counselors, or just yell a bunch of jibber jabber down the mic, and on occasion, crap like "We need to sacrifice one for Jason!" or "Don't kill me Jason! I'll help you find them if you let me live!" I think they should allow muting after the match has started though, since many of them only start their ranting once the match begins, at which point you cannot mute them The amount of racial slur from American players I have heard is also nothing short of appalling, mostly yelling about killing colored folk, rape, or molestation - There are some truly despicable individuals out there.
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    Its like the game is skewed to have Jason just being so much more powerful.........
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    Considering they already dealt with copyright issues to make this game and figure out what they can include or not from the movie properties, I doubt they need the forums to flag copyright issues for them. This seems very out of place and not our role.
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    This. Holding a double XP weekend when the game still dashboards (on XBone) every 3 games or so is a little pointless.
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    I have a question for people who say that they are not only upset, but who are outright "pissed" at the current situation... Why are you SO angry? I mean, it's just a game. It wasn't even a full priced game. I would have paid full price for it because of the IP. A Friday the 13th game? Sign me up! If this was $79.99 (full price in Canada) and published by EA and it shipped with these issues I could see the grumblings having some merit. It's a small company and not a full priced game. The matches that work (and more often than not they do) are incredibly fun. The developers obviously love the IP and it shows. They haven't abandoned the community. They are working to fix all the issues. They are even trying to give us free stuff to make up for any disappointments. Now they are trying to make sure that the free stuff is to everyone's liking. The server issues and the exploit glitches will all be fixed in time. And even when it runs perfectly and the games never crash, it will still remain JUST A GAME. I can't understand the vitriolic comments. People are acting as though this is hampering their livelihood, as though they are, say, an independent contractor who relies on their pick up truck and they paid a mechanic to repair it and it's still broken, resulting in lost wages that they need to put food on the table for their families or pay bills etc. If you paid for the game and are not satisfied with the condition of its release, that sucks. Either ask for a refund or treat it as a pre-order. Play other games until the game is flawless and THEN come back to it. I'm assuming people do have other games and that nobody bought a specific console or gaming PC just to play this. If you did, then wow, that's an impressive demonstration of next level obsession. The people complaining in a reasonable manner come across as consumers who are upset with a product, and who only want it fixed so that they can enjoy it. They seem to WANT to enjoy it. They would be willing to say "Thanks Gun for fixing the game because now I love it, but learn from this please so in the future we can avoid any ugliness". The people who come across as enraged just seem like entitled, spoiled, and a bit childish, I'm sorry to say. Adult behaviour isn't something to forego simply because of the anonymity of the internet. It's almost embarrassing to be part of the same community with people who cannot keep their emotions in check, both while attacking or defending the game developers. People say that they feel "lied to". On the other end of things you have Gun Media, a small company, who are trying to please an UNEXPECTEDLY large customer base. They have said "Hey guys, sorry about all issues. PLEASE bear with us! We love that you bought the game! Thank you! We're gonna give you some free stuff to ATTEMPT to make up for all of the problems (that we are working feverishly to resolve) so we hope you enjoy this retro skin, new outfits, and free CP!" Then something unforeseen happens and the delivery of the free stuff (THAT THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO GIVE TO US) gets delayed, and part of it comes not quite as described. So they get attacked EVEN more. They would have been better off not giving us any free stuff because now they are being crucified for attempting to make amends. Nobody is appreciating the gesture. Do you think EA gave a shit when Battlefield 1 shipped with all of its problems? Hell no. They were just counting their money. I bought Star Wars Battlefront thinking that there would be a single player campaign like in the other Star Wars Battlefront games. Was there one? Nope, just a few skirmish maps. Then they added Walker Assault and Starfighter battles to appease people. Was it enough. Far from it. They didn't advertise it as mostly multiplayer and they never included in their descriptions a lack of single player campaign. Did I feel lied to? Betrayed? Ripped off? YES. Did "giant gaming company" care? No. It comes down to a lack of appreciation, and by that I mean an accurate understanding of the monumentality of the task at hand. People don't appreciate the amount of work that goes into making not just a game, but a multiplayer game on THREE platforms, and then having it work flawlessly on launch. It's not like this wasn't beta tested extensively. I played a match yesterday with a guy from England and a guy from Norway, and I'm in Canada. We were all communicating real time, and playing a video game with NO LAG. That shit is damn incredible. And it didn't crash at all. Maybe it's because I grew up in an era when your mom giving you quarters for a Galaga or Pac Man machine was a big deal, or when Commodore 64 games had graphics that were dazzling, or playing PC games in my early 20s that only needed one patch to run properly...when your buddy having internet access was a big deal. If you think I am kissing Gun Media's ass then you are wrong. If you call me a "fan boy" then I cannot help your level of misunderstanding my communications. I'm just being realistic. Hopefully Gun can learn from all of this and their next project is built upon the knowledge of these mistakes and upsets. So to go back to my first question, why are you SO angry? I would also like to add a followup query...what would you do if you were Gun Media right now? Seriously, what would you do, from a business standpoint? I'm sure they and the community at large would love to hear your ideas.
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    Why there isnt host migration is completely baffling.