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    THE F13 AVATAR COLLECTION This is the start of my F13 Avatar Collection. Any user is welcome to use them and I will be adding to it over time. All these meet sizing requirements for the avatar profile slot, so no need to worry if size is to big. These are also accessible on my profile page if you are looking to change in the future. Don't see what you're looking for? I take suggestions just drop a comment and I'll see what I can do. INSTRUCTIONS There are two ways to apply these avatars. You can download and re-upload to avatar slot in profile. You can simply right click image and copy image link address and paste in avatar slot in profile. (no need to download) Clicking images will make them appear in gallery view. ANIMATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MASKS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KILLERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME COUNSELORS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOVIE CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PETS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XAMOEL Collection --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    So we were having a discussion in the outer realm last night, and I brought up an idea that the other guys suggested I post here: A complete revamp of the progression system. So the idea starts with completely scrapping the current progression system and starting everyone from scratch. No need to reset Levels. But all perks would be removed, as would the useless perk rolling system. Instead, perks would be arranged in a progression tree. So you start by selecting a "base" perk, then you would upgrade said perks by completing assignments (which are currently tied to badges). For example: - Heavy Hitter would require "X" amount of Jason stuns in order to level up to uncommon, rare, epic, new max level - Grease Monkey would level up with "X" amount of repairs/car starts - Run "X" amount of miles to level up Marathon And so on...The requirements for leveling up a perk would be relative to said perk. This helps create more of a play style for players/counselors and add the replay value and some form of real progression people have been begging for. I also suggested adding new skills for counselors, which would be unlocked when you max out a certain perk's progress (i.e. A skill to disable traps with any weapon for maxed out Tinker, maxed out Grease Monkey could allow the counselor to hotwire the car - no keys needed but takes longer to start, etc) I also think some sort of stat screen would be nice at this point. I realize the game isn't competitive. But I just want to see things like Escape Ratios for each of my counselors, Jason Kill %, Number of Escapes with each method, etc...Just something that highlights all that sort of info. No need for leaderboards or whatever. Just a stat screen for personal reference. I think this is the key for longevity for the game. Maxing out new perks would also require players to go outside of their comfort zone and use different perks than usual, and the process of leveling up would require them to complete assignments they may not be used to doing...All good for replay value. I realize this is a tall order considering many of the perks don't even work correctly a lot of the time (still don't know the status of a few). But I think a system that requires the player to complete something in order to level up perks is a lot better than the random perk rolling system we have now. Hopefully Gun can put some consideration into this and even provide their thoughts on it. I think it's the next step for this game. If there was ever a sequel, they would have to do it this way.
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    “Kill then Jason. But don’t slash them, honey. They’re kids, for God’s sake! But please hurt them for mommy.. but don’t chase one for too long. That upsets him and also me. Please! End this tonight, Jason! But not with the head punch. I hate that.” - said no Pamela ever
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    A very well-made and hilarious video.
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    Currently, if you are wearing the sweater and try to use it when Jason is in any sort of invincibility frames, it will be wasted. It will also be wasted if he shifts or morphs just as you use it. With the frequency with which Jasons morph away just as the sweater is used, I wouldn't be surprised if they could just sit there with the morph map open and click as soon as the sweater is used. Please make it so that if the sweater can't actually stun Jason properly at the moment, then it cannot be used at that time.
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    It's definitely not intended for counselors to be unreachable by Jason at any point in the game. We try to test for issues like this as often as possible, unfortunately there are still a couple that slip through the cracks. Every patch we fix any unreachable spots that are found and all reports sent in are greatly appreciated.
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    Then you’re one of the people ruining the game.
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    I have found that there is a crowd of people turned off to the Jarvis house because of the fact that the key item spawning is a little off. They consider it "hard mode". I like the added difficulty, myself The Jarvis house is my new favorite map for sure. Especially when it rains.
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    Found new bugs and exploits playing on the new Jarvis map and Packanack. Old bugs and exploits are still in the game that never got patched too. @Alkavian @Tattooey @Risinggrave @lHeartBreakerl @AldermachXI @DamonD7 @TheHansonGoons @Gertz @GunMedia_Ben @Brigadius @ColdArmy13 @Truth @Max Walker @[IllFonic]Courier 1. Fix the boat. Start it up. Don't drive it. Just sit there. Jason flips the boat and you become unkillable for the rest of the match. Jarvis map 2. Swim to any boat exit. Stay close to the orange exit. Stay there and Jason can't drown or kill you. 3. Packanack. Main lodge. Go outside near the fence by the front door and hide in the corner spot. The lodge lights up red for Jason without going inside. 4. Throwing knives at counselors can turn them invisible on the Jarvis map as part 4 Jason. Tiffany was invisible with crazy hair flying all around. 5. You can exit the Jarvis map as Jason. Get past the police by using shift. It will teleport you. Then just walk out. 6. Spawning on Packanack has a chance to kill Jason. You fall to your death out of the map at the start. 7. There is a way to get through a white water barrier near a tree branch in the water on Packanack. North part of the map. Jason can't kill you or drown you. 8. On the Jarvis map calling the police does not alert Jason. No audio if called or they show up. 9. Boat can be destroyed by jason if flipped over by the dock. 10. Some objectives mess up when trying to repair them. Requires multiple attempts to try to get the repair mini game to activate without getting kicked out of it. 11. Jason breaking doors, generators, or windows can damage multiple objects that are close by and counselors. I am being hit by Jason through cabin walls, doors and objects when he is outside destroying a generator, window or door. This bug must be linked to Jason being able to attack multiple counselors at once now. It's stupid to hit a door and break out 3 windows and hurt a counselor with one swing of your weapon. 12. Unlimited stamina bug that allows you to fly in a choke animation. Linked to Jason grabbing a counselor and they break free. Could be that shooting Jason with a flare gun causes the bug. Stepping in a trap and using a knife on Jason can trigger the bug too. 13. Bear trap on leg. Step into a bear trap and spray yourself with a med spray. Then step into another bear trap quickly. You will get the trap stuck on your foot. You become a walking GPS for Jason. He can see you on his map 24/7. Any other trap you step on will not be triggered. Allowing you to fix an objective. To get the trap off your leg Jason has to grab you.
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    That's the same number of people in my lobbies when I do public games.
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    Props to everyone reading this who expected to see a screenshot of a thong!
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    The issue that I see is three things. 1) Those investing the time to contribute are getting burned out trying to help and defend, as the effort is mostly thankless. 2) When their frustration becomes too much, the positivism is drowned out by the anger and that anger is singled out as being harmful to the community (largely because those individuals became influential for all their previous positive efforts). 3) When those folks come back they are disillusioned with the whole ordeal, especially since the streamers and tubers may exhibit horrifically bad behavior (publicize it and make money off of it), and far more tragically affect the gaming community with their wider reach. They won't be chastised or brow beaten for their efforts. There is an irony in it. Some help without expectation of reward or thanks despite ongoing frustrations, but when their frustration at lack of resolution to what is causing them dissatisfaction is expressed, they are deemed a negative influence in spite of their dedication.
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    I did a search and couldn't find another thread about this, so here I'll list everything that's recently come to my mind about new counselor weapons and items. Let me know what you think. Weapons Bow and Arrow: Guitar: Long: Same as baseball bat. Hammer, Claw: Range: Short: Same as frying pan. Hammer, Sledge: Range: Long, same as axe. Hatchet: Range: Short, same as wrench. Mattock: Range, Long, same as axe. Meat Cleaver: Range: Short, same as wrench. Oar: Range: Long, same length as the axe. Rock: Ranged, carried like vehicle parts, medium-short range, aim and throw like the shotgun and flare gun. Travels in an arc. Throwback to old F13 game! Never breaks, can be picked up again and again, but low damage and stun. Basically, it's better than nothing. Shovel, Long: Range: Extra Long, slightly longer than the axe. Shovel, Spade: Range: Medium, same as metal pipe. Sickle: Range: Short, same as wrench. New Items: Books Counselors can find these books throughout the map. There is only one of each of these books per map. They have buffs to any counselor holding them. It is possible to hold all three at once, but you will want to distribute them among your team for maximum effectiveness as they do take up an item slot. Home Intruder Defense: Effect: When in inventory, while indoors you have reduced noise, fear, and faster barricading speed. Can also climb through windows and get in and out of hiding spaces silently(creates no sound effect and no noise pings). Repair Manual: Effect: When in inventory, reduce repair skill check count by 1 every time you attempt a repair. Wilderness Survival Guide: Effect: When in inventory, while outdoors you have reduced noise, fear, and Jason's traps glow within a short range of you.
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    BoB has one of the highest like ratings on this forum, approx. 76%, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. I see yours is at 41%. Which means that people obviously like or value his posts. You have no idea what the pm message thing was about so you probably shouldn't use it as a point. You are judging someone with having zero knowledge of the situation and make a lot of assumptions. You know what happens when you assume, right? BoB is entitled to his opinion and has made sure he was heard. he provided plenty of constructive criticism that fell on deaf ears, you should take some time and actually read his posts. Speaking of keeping the peace. You are having a go at someone who currently can't defend his views. You also came into a topic just to stir it up so your first point shows hypocrisy. Also that last quote goes both ways here, we are the hands that feed them. Lastly, it's against the rules to talk down on other forum members which is what you came in here to do. You are under no obligation to like anyone here and if you have nothing relevant to the topic just skip it. I do it all the time to prevent getting in arguments and stirring the pot. We are all supporters of this game and want to see it at its best but many are getting frustrated with some of its quirks. They should be able to express their opinions freely on the game because if everyone just parrots one another the game will never evolve into something more.
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    Either 13 counselors and 1 Jason, or 12 counselors and 1 Jason, with the possibility that Tommy will be the "13th" person. 4-Seat vehicle replaced with 5-seat vehicle, either a truck or an RV. 2-Seat vehicle replaced with 3-seat vehicle. Could be a car with one seat occupied, or a boat with one more seat. All vehicles require 1 more part to fix. So the truck or RV additionally needs a tire, as does the 3-seat car, and the boat additionally needs a ripcord. When in the presence of 4 or more counselors, Jason's abilities get a buff, somewhere around 10-20%. 2 more traps for each Jason, possibly required to be picked up somewhere in the map, otherwise they're just added to each Jason.
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    Yeah I get that a lot too. When I'm surrounded by a group of counselor's beating me up repeatedly and I start slashing away to injure them and get them off of me. Then they start screaming, "OHHH WE GOT A SLASHER HERE, UGH FUCKING POS SLASHER JASON!!!" Okay, what do you expect me to do exactly? Grab everyone so you guys can just constantly stun me over and over again until the clock runs out? Want to play the grab stun game near an objective over and over again? It's like they excpect Jason to want to lose. Irritates me to no end. Why? WHY on earth would a decent Jason player. I mean a Jason player that's played Jason maybe 3 times will figure out pretty quickly, "Oh, they stun me every time I try to grab someone in a group, hmmm, maybe I should just slash whenever I'm around a large group." You figure it out pretty quick how it works. I sware some people just can't stand losing. Little cry babies. Probably pissed off that they couldn't use their precious little knife.
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    Unique idea, I like it and I think the game definitely needs something like this. Progression system in any game is vital to its longevity, and it's sorely missing from F13 for the most part. Past a certain point there's nothing but clothes unlockables. That is nowhere near enough incentive. The entire perk system being based on randomness just frustrates players and is lazy in design. Nothing worse than being high level and getting a useless +1% perk. The game should reward players for their time and skill in meaningful ways, and provide something for them to progress towards. So your idea here ticks all the boxes, most creative one I've seen actually. Good work.
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    Mitch never gets wet??..... Sounds like my wife.....
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    i love talking loudly during movies, sorry, it's a big part what makes going to movies fun. sounds stupid, right?
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    Maybe it is because Jason is a killer?
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    Jason emotes. The head tilt,the mask lift,the "Kane Hodder deep angry breathing"
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    Discord info that I think many of you may like.
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    I created her tonight for fun! Just an idea of what more or less I who I would like to see as a Mean Girl counselor. Let me know what you all think. If you all like her I can do different outfits for her and stuff.
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    The dude really got upset for me not teaming up with him. It was funny hearing his sigh of despair for not negotiating. Fuck teamer's and do the same as me Jason's don't negotiate with them.
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    I remember way back when Team Killing was still in the game, a Buggzy was teaming with Jason and he was TKing a Lachappa, but when Tommy, an A.J, and me came walking by them. The Buggzy player started screaming that Lachappa was trying to TK him and told Tommy to shoot him, he aimed the shotgun at Lachappa, but then did a 180 and shot Buggzy. That was a good day.
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    Have mained Adam since day 1. He's the most well rounded char. He's the only char in the game aside from Kenny who can perform every single Team Role (Runner, Fixer, Protector, Fighter, Kiter). But unlike Kenny, Adam can perform all of those roles anywhere from "good" to "Really well". Adam outclasses Kenny in every way. Adam can easily get a fast 3 bar repair everytime by resetting your minigame bar quickly, He can break out of Jason's grab faster than anyone else in the game. When he's not sprinting, Adam's stamina is actually really good and he can last for quite some time. Adam has good speed which lets him get in to attack Jason and out really fast. Adam's strength makes him the second best char for de-masking Jason. He has good composure so he doesn't get scared very easily and his fear goes away fairly fast. Adam's main drawbacks are simply his stealth which makes him make a LOT of noise unless he crouch walks. That and Adam's Stamina burns out really fast when sprinting as opposed to jogging where he has a great stamina pool. But Stealth doesn't matter at all and Stamina management with Adam isn't hard at all as long as you only sprint when absolutely necessary for brief durations. But any good Jason kiter already knows to spend 95% of their time jogging, not sprinting. Equipped with Medic, Thick Skin and Restful though, Adam can be even better at Kiting Jason for ages and wasting his time. Adam is a Jack of all Trades char and that's my playstyle. He's super versatile. No other char is as versatile as he is. Kenny is the only other versatile char in the game but he's average at everything which makes him Adam light unfortunately.
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    I wish dedicated servers come out in Halloween.
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    I'm all for people using a variety of kills. I hate when someone just head punches. I try not to use the same kill twice. But when there are 4 people at the car trying to restart it and stun me, some heads are coming off.
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    Thanks! I'll take a look at this list. This kind of stuff helps a lot. I've also watched the video you posted. Good stuff!
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    According to the DLC roadmap, there should be more counselors after Halloween and before(?) the Snowflake Icon, so maybe that’s when they would add her. (Assuming they went with the idea.) Personally, I cant imagine why they wouldn’t make a Mean Girl. It’s too fitting to not get used.
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    "Kill them Jason. Make them suffer like we did." - Pamela Voorhees Mama says kill them. Make her happy. She don't say how to kill them. Play Jason the way you want to.
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    It was fine before, combat stance worked on those hard to hit windows. Jason's weapon getting stuck was honestly a small price to pay on those occasions where it did get stuck with the original method. I personally don't have a big problem with the prompt method, however, that stupid invisible bubble that blocks the windows when a counselor dives through them where the person playing Jason needs to literally wait until they get back up before he can break it is what's annoying about this method and NEEDS to be fix/changed. As Jason you should be able to use the window breaking prompt at anytime even while counselors are going through/diving through them and deal damage to them from the broken glass like you could before.
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    Think you've stumbled upon the new "Predator Vs Jason" DLC which is upcoming.
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    When you do a long stretch reveal like this, you really do need to do something clever and interactive to get people into Nancy Drew mode and keep the community engaged and involved. Regardless of how clever the reveal MAY end up being, spending 3 months doing NOTHING but showing random dots gives virtually no way for anyone to actually Nancy Drew the solution so anyones guess is as good as the rest. It's just luck who ends up being right if anyone is. This doesn't engage the community into working together to figure out a puzzle and feel rewarded for figuring it out. It's literaly just people grasping at straws making wild guesses because the puzzle is WAY too vague. It could be a numerical date, it could be representing counselors and Jason with the killer being hidden amongst counselors, it could be about the blue color which could be Roy or Pamela, it could be a passcode for VC2.0 etc etc. It's just way too vague that it could literaly apply to dozens of COMPLETELY different things. It's like releasing a riddle that says "I am dark as night" and that's that. The answer could be among hundreds of answers. It's too vague. There's no substance to make you look back and say OH THE ANSWER WAS THERE ALL ALONG!! On top of that, once you finally reveal what it's about, you're almost guaranteed to get a "Really....THAT'S all that was about?" Reaction of people just not giving a shit. Unless the reveal is literaly game changing, jaw dropping stuff, it's just gonna end up with a lot of bitter people complaining about how half the theories were better than what the dots actually lead to. Teasing is fine but either reveal it already or if you want to draw it out, give the community something to actually work with. Do a viral puzzle with an obtainable solution at the end. Otherwise you're just taking the piss out of it and making people roll their eyes everytime you release a new dot and go "Hehehehe we're up to something! Teehee hee!"
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    I've been known to flame that rage. If you think you're so good, then show me. I'll do everything I can to keep him raging. I'm not so great at the game, but I'll juke him as long as I can because it's more fun when they rage about it. If he kills me then so be it, but I might "accidentally" jump through a broken window too many times. I can never really tell when it's going to kill me. @PsychBam There's nothing wrong with trying as Jason. The mentality of "I NEED to kill everyone" just makes it less fun for everyone else. Go ahead and do it, by all means. Just don't be a douche about it (not saying you're a douche). Nobody needs to hear Jason talking shit. I tend to congratulate people when they do something well, especially when they do a good job of juking me. I'll even tell them "hey you're buddies fucked up on the fuse so you're good to go" or "yeah I fucked up my shift and there's no way I can stop you so you can relax". I guess I'm just a more passive Jason. I don't care if people get out or survive, as long as they played well without glitching/exploiting and had some fun.
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    I don't go 8/8 all the time, but I do it pretty frequently when I'm Jason.. Am I just not supposed to try as Jason?? I don't understand your point. A lot of people try their hardest when they are Jason because you only get to be Jason like once every 10 games and they want to do well and because when you only kill 2-4 people then everybody talks shit about how you suck and you are trash. So apparently it's a lose-lose situation and I'd rather have 8 kills. It's the same type of thing where if I come up on a group of 4-5 at a car and start using my weapon everyone starts screaming I'm a slasher, but if I were to try to grab people then I get a string of stuns and if I successfully grab and kill people with a quick kill because I don't want them to start the car then I'm lame. There is just no correct way to play Jason apparently. It's basically if I don't let them escape I'm a try hard or if I use my weapon on 5 people to discourage them from the objective and get them to scatter rather than try to stun me then I'm a slasher. LOL
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    If no one is around and an objective is repaired, then it's fine to take it and go. I repaired the boat (both prop and gas by myself) and no one was nearby, so I took it and left. Nobody wants to stand around waiting for a counselor they can help and give Jason a chance to find and kill them. If I see somebody getting close to the car or boat while I'm in it and Jason is not chasing them, then yeah I'll stop and pick them up.
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    lol...No. Jason doesn't need any more help. The question is ridiculous, frankly.
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    You are absolutely right. It’s an exploit. You influence the games outcome through an unintended method.
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    We're 1v1'ing the whole time I'm chasing you. If I catch you, you've lost. Take your death like a man.
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    I hate cheaters and exploiters. I hate them. Like General Hux hates the Republic kind of hate. Like I'm going to give a speech detaling my hate with my face red, eyeballs bulging and spit flying out of my mouth right BEFORE I DESTROY YOUR WHOLE FUCKING STAR SYSTEM kind of hate. And if your a Jason helping, glitch exploiting, team killing pile of walking shit and your reading this from the bottom of hells heart............. Fuck you.
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    On a related note, here is how I feel when I've hoarded 3 pocket knives and the cops have arrived and am willing to share Sorry I'm not an artist.
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    This thread is DOOOOOOOOOOMED. Jpops, Damon, Kodiak, or Wiggum will send this thread to the echelons of DOOOM. DOOOOM I tells ya.
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    here's a thought... Just let me swing the battery/ gas can like a weapon...
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    The system was updated after a glitch in the new software. It will no longer display names for who is liking what, only that people like a post. We recommend not responding to threads and saying 'Liked' as a means to showing that you liked something. Simply like and move on :). Posting like that will be considered spam, and we'll need to ask you not do it any more. Apologies for the confusion over the current situation, looks like the issue should be alleviated.
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    Mitch wears weatherproof gear to keep his stash dry.