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    Link to the article It's sad it's come to this. What does everyone think? Agree? Disagree? I think it's refreshing to see a major gaming outlet report accurately and fairly on the problems of the game.
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    Would it be too much to ask to have the perks listed from Legendary to Poor or vice versa? Having the Epics near the top would look much more neat.
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    I really don't give a crap about Kotaku. They bitch about everything anyways... Kataku is like the CNN of video game websites.. Meaning its run by idiots for idiots
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    @Ahab pretty much nailed it. Somehow they are gonna go back in time and fix everything.
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    The original post that started it all!
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    but the game is "Friday the 13th", not "Friday the 15th"
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    Have to be honest, at this point, with all they've broke. I'm starting to hate playing it. When you get in a game that functions, something else will break, and the cycle continues on and on.
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    It’s just a forum joke started by @The Tommy. He has a boarder line obsession with the branch, and his early posts were all about it, and how special and sacred it was. I’m sorry you missed being here when it was more fun.
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    This is how the forum ends: not with a bang, but a whimper.
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    Yeah, I haven't played all week because of this. They have complete broken the game with this bug. Takes forever to get a match going. Not worth my time. Hoping patch is soon
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    See that right there? This isn't how a conversation works. This is an inflammatory comment. Those are exactly what not to post. I was actually trying to converse with you on something that you felt was important and you already brought it down that road. Have a good evening Mr Hardy
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    Yes i want this with. Toggle on/off rain be allowed to change counselors Be allowed to change their perks all at max rarity ( not our perks but all perks selectable for bots only). Fixed bots more smarter , less buggy , harder and of course stop increasing their spawn items to make them look harder. Lol basically i want challenging bots with more selections.
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    How tf is this thread still alive. Yes Savini is very obviously 100% the best. A Jason with +Shift (20s cooldown / 10s cooldown in Rage), +Weapon Str (30 dmg per slash) AND +Destruction cannot be anything other than top. Part 4 has +Weapon Str and +Destruction but pays for it with -Shift and -Traps. Meanwhile, Savini has normal traps and actually no real weaknesses whatsoever. -Water Speed is not a weakness because even the slowest water speed Jason can goalie the very narrow boat exit and that is providing the map even has a boat. It is an absolute no brainer that Savini is head and shoulders above the rest, and even more so now that you can give him any weapon you like. Think about it, Part 3 and Part 8 are considered top tier and they have only one of Savini's strengths each.
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    Cause he's a beast!! Just look at him....
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    @AldermachXI It surprised me to see emotes as a reward in single player challenges over something like XP & CP, which might give some reason to replay them as well while still trying to get some legendary perks... or to be used in grinding levels for people who still want to unlock some stuff. Considering that they could have just put the emotes out there in two or three different DLC packs before the deadline to make some more money. Good luck to you with getting your own game going. These things do take time, but I hope you get something off the ground sooner than your guess of ten years and hope to hear some news of it in the near future. @tyrant666 You have a good list of pros and cons... and I have to agree with pretty much everything. I was not really shocked on the communication level from the devs since I showed up in these forums... but it could have been much better than it has been. I did find the trolling with emotes rather annoying when I started playing this game, but I think I grew desensitized to it over time... I have not found it annoying for a long time. I have actually been able to use the emotes for communication a few times after a headset died on me... and a few players where able to pick up on the fact I was pointing to what they where asking about... or to follow me to what they where looking for. I was very happy to get a new headset soon after though. Voice communication works so much better. My biggest disappointment with the game is just the bugs... even after the engine upgrade and they were focusing on fixes, the first patch brought more new bugs... including the one I find most frustrating, groups being kicked when entering a quick play lobby. Although most of the bugs I actually find amusing, many others players have big problems with them... we need working fixes fast... and fixes that do not cause new problems or worsen existing problems. This is a truly fun game to play if they could get it working properly.
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    Because after all the teaming, teamkilling and other bullshit regarding patches completely breaking the game don't you think we have put up with enough from these fucking trolls?
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    So someone can just make a new account if they’re banned. And that’s OK??? Even though they have a track record of hacking on all previous accounts? That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. But it’s ok because they have to buy the game again, so you just keep getting more money, right? So it’s not about the integrity or hacking. It’s about the money.
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    The conspiracy theory is that they need players because of the dropping numbers in the playerbase.
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    Actually I'm very open minded. If you want an option to die even faster more power to you. Do either of you play private, or just quick play? Because it sounds like you only do quick play. The chances of good coordination are lower in quick play making you think being Jason is too easy. Play against 7 players that know what they are doing and they'll probably kill you if that is what they want to do. Make a post offering a challenge as Jason that they won't kill you. I'm sure 7 players will be up for giving you the challenge you're looking for. And if you're so good, let them demask you right away too and you'll see the folly of this option that has been proposed in this thread. Finally, I'm one of the better team players in the game. This is where I excel. I don't mind dying to get objectives done or for people to escape. The problem is that either in quick play there's usually nobody with mics or they're in party chat. If you've got a mic and actually want to get shit done, I will assist. P.S. I'm telling you it's literally night and day between quick play and private.
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    Stop making excuses for poor game play. Jason never camps the boat, which is why that's my first priority when I'm in a game as Our Lord and Savior Lachappa. And if he does? He can't be in two places at once, so, to the phone fuse I go! Also, on consoles, most Jason players will trap objectives and then start knocking off noise pings. Waiting around at one objective is a surefire way to allow other counselors to escape. The benefit of playing a character like Lachappa, is that you NEVER fail a repair skill check no matter how much Guinness is in your system. So, unless Jason has a line of sight to the objective pre-Rage, you're so golden, you're Pony Boy.
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    GOD TIER Savini Jason: The backer-exclusive Savini Jason roundly outclasses all other options by just about every metric you can possibly throw at him. There's a lot of anger and (I suspect consequent) misinformation about him out there, from people who either don't have him or don't like that he exists. Regardless of how you feel about Gun Media or Kickstarter or anything else, this does not change the fact that Savini Jason's kit is extremely powerful, to "Guile in original Street Fighter II" degrees. He has the three best strengths in the game (+Shift, +Weapon Strength, +Destruction), he is one of only two Jasons to have a long-range weapon, and his weaknesses are all non-issues. His cumulative ability cooldown is 1:35, giving him the second-best opportunity potential behind Jason Part 9. The bottom line is that Savini Jason has all of the best tools for controlling objectives, pursuing counselors, and killing them quickly.
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    You're reaching a false positive here. Almost nobody has played him, because almost nobody has him. On paper, which we're looking at, he's unambiguously the best. There's no jealousy, just an objective look at his abilities. Unless he has hidden weaknesses or broken stats, then according to his stats, he will be the best. I main Part 9, and almost always leave no survivors. In terms of relevant stats, Savini essentially trades a worse Stalk and Stun, for 2 more traps, 3 hit destruction, longer reach, and more damage. If you added that to Part 9, I'd definitely never leave anyone alive. That's my baseline. Stalk and stun are good, but middle tier perks. I'd be changing two average abilites for 3 great ones, and one average one (reach).
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    As someone that has played alot as Savini Jason, my recommendation for playing against him is to stick together and be more aggressive because he is extremely easy to stun. If the counselors split up or just try to run, they are only going to die tired.
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    Savini's strengths are all the most powerful strengths in the game, and his weaknesses barely qualify as such (-Grip Strength is totally irrelevant, Can't Run is more "Jason's default state" than "weakness," and -Water Speed is a huge edge case). You're also forgetting his fourth hidden strength, increased weapon range, which is huge (only Jason Part 6 shares this advantage). No other Jason has a collection of traits that add up to anything nearly this strong.
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