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    I love to play this game in correct way. The "Correct Way" means playing game by playing your role. If you are a fixer , fix. If you are a fighter , fight. If you are a troll , get the fuck out no one wants you here. Now I see that the players who shares the same thoughts like me is playing the game less often and this means : Your chances playing in a "normal" match is too low. Because everyone wants to troll now since the good players are not playing. You need at least 4 expirienced and non-troll players to make the game fun for both sides. You need a good Jason too. And good Jason means roleplaying , making people laugh , using their microphone to make this even more scary or funny. I am requesting the devs to follow the forum and take a look at the players' requests. There are tons of good ideas in the forum that too much people likes and thinks : "Oh my god this should be in game!". Before adding the new content , why don't you buff and change the gameplay for Jason? The counselors are in a too op state for beginner and even expirienced Jasons right now. Grab should change , furniture shove should be added , and many other changes to make it fun for Jason and scary for counselors. The way it supposed to be.
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    F13's obsession with avoiding any duplicate threads, rather than just trying not to have the front page cluttered with multiple threads on the same subject, is...unusual to say the least. Generally speaking, mods focus on locking necroed threads due to the entirely reasonable position that a new thread will avoid relying on old posts created before the current state of the game. But volunteer mods' marching orders are whatever they are, even if the people giving them probably shouldn't be doing anything more complex than asking after our preference regarding fries with that. However, if mods intend to continue locking productive discussions because the OP failed to locate whatever existing thread(s) the mod thinks they should have used...the least they can do is include a link to what they consider an acceptable thread for the discussion being locked. If that's too much trouble for them, why the hell are they telling the OP to do it?
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    jason should not stun during rage unless shot with shotgun or his moms sweater other than that he should unstoppable once he reaches rage
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