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    Hey, campers! Below you will find screenshots for each Jason. These shots were taking from the "select your Jason" section of the game. I'm posting these because I thought you guys might like to see the pros/cons for each Jason. We gave each Jason a strength and a weakness to help bring some gameplay variety to each Jason. Let me give some definitions to the strengths and weaknesses now, as I'm sure you'll have some questions that the images alone can't answer. J2 Strengths Can Run - Pretty self-explanatory. Traps - This Jason starts with more traps than others. Right now, that number is 6. Morph - Faster cooldown, so he can morph more frequently than other Jasons. J2 Weaknesses Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Waterspeed - This Jason is very slow in the water. J3 Strengths Can Run - Same speed as J2 Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J3 Weaknesses Stun Resistance - This Jason gets stunned more frequently than others. Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Stalk - Similiar to "sense" in that it doesn't last as long. J6 Strengths Throwing Knives - This Jason starts with 4 knives. Other Jasons have to find them during a match. Sense - This Jason's sense lasts longer once activated. Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. J6 Weaknesses Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Can't Run - Has a "fast walk" but can't run like J2 and J3. Morph - The cooldown for using this ability takes longer, so this Jason can't Morph as often during a match. J7 Strengths Sense - Faster cooldown with this ability. Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J7 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. J8 Strengths Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J8 Weaknesses Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others. J9 Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Stun Resistance - The chance this Jason will be stunned will be lower. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J9 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Less Hit Points - This Jason has lower HP than other Jasons. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Savini Jason Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Savini Jason Weaknesses Water Speed - This Jason is very slow in the water. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others.
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    Let me first start out by saying that when we talk with content creators, streamers and people that can spread the word on our game; we look at how their work is made. We look at quality, we look at content and we look at what someone is going to do for their channel to bring this game to the forefront of as many people as possible. We haven't discussed what we're doing publicly yet, but I can tell you that we're working for the best interests of this game. We want it to survive, we want it to thrive, we want you all to be able to play for years to come. We can't let this game be a flash in the pan...and if we can't get traction on people playing, that's exactly what is going to happen. You have to think long-tail here; streamers and YouTube channels are mainly there for entertainment. They find something they like or can be engaging, they play for a bit and they move on to the next shiny game. We have a core community that we listen to quite a lot and engage with on a day-to-day basis. You guys are the community, but a core community does not necessarily mean we're going to be able to build up funds for all the things we want to do for this game. You guys are our community, you guys are our supporters....but what good is it down the road when not enough people played or we can't continue to fund growing the game when there aren't enough people playing or buying the game? We want this to be the definitive F13 experience in gaming, right? The crowd-funding we got simply wasn't enough. We've been fighting tooth and nail via Backerkit to raise funds and we lowered funding quotas to try to get things going, but in all honesty funding is and always has been key. We have a monumental amount of interest in the game, and we will make sure that we can do everything to let people know that this game exists, it is fun, and the people who made it and support it are fans first and foremost. Streamers and YouTube creators aren't being given special treatment as in 'look at this game, you get it before anyone else.' You can't look at that mindset from our perspective. We want them to cover this game, talk about it and spread the word the same as we would want the LA Times, Kotaku, Game Informer, The AV Club and CNN too; we want more people to know about this game. It's pretty safe to say that the majority of people that are going to play this game still do not know it exists; we promise you that. This is standard practice with any project; a movie pre-screens for reviewers, a band plays a single for record labels and critics, and every game worth their salt makes sure that they can spread the word by any means necessary. Our goal is eyeballs, our goal is a fun game and our goal is to ensure that every single person has fun playing it.
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    This game is first and foremost about Friday the 13th. It's a passion project, one that all of us here are spending a lot of time and effort to ensure things are exactly what they should be for the best possible experience we can come up with. Sure, we're a business, but that's to fuel a passion more than anything else.
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    I did this during the beta too. Jason shouldn't be saying stupid shit as he's chasing you around and nobody needs to hear me yell "I'LL TEACH YOU TO STAB ME!" or "GOD DAMN IT! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU ALREADY." or even "QUIT LOOPING THE DAMN CAR YOU PUSSY." It would just ruin the immersion for everyone else.
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    Seems that this subforum has reopened. I certainly couldn't post here earlier. Here's my last post for a bit as I asked on Twitter if they might be willing to clarify what the Hitpoint stat might do. Happy speculating. Catch ya later.
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    To be fair, anybody with eyes and a potato for a brain can see the game doesn't suck ass. If Pewder showed gameplay footage that wasn't heavily edited to fit his narrative,that would work against him. Except all the people who will. I agree with this for a few reasons. I'll preface my views as though Gun does want to give early access and this isn't them reaching out for other reasons. 1. The backers are the sole reason this game is coming out. I get that Gun wants to make the game as popular as hotcakes and sell it to everybody and their grandma too, but respect your roots. 2. I'm worred that if streamers are given access to a full game (as in Jason can die etc) that it will affect both the meta and the mystery. I get that is going to happen regardless, but I'm not liking the idea of others possibly having weeks of headstart. 3. Simply put, I don't like being treated like a pleb. While I don't have some massive following, my comments and ferver for the game on my own personal social media has caught the interest and excitement of more then a few pals, who plan to play if for no other reason then just to kill me. They've never watched these streamers and don't know them if I mention them. 4. Being a "little guy" themselves, it seems like Gun wouldn't shoot itself in the foot with the masses. While I plan to play F13 regardless, future dealing with the company are not absolute certainty. (at least for me**.) Pissing off everybody with the "Early 2017" delay* didn't win them hearts and minds, and I don't see catering to a small group at the expense of the kickstarters/backers helping. * The delay didn't piss me off. Waiting to the last minute to announce it did a bit. The idea of streamers getting access however, has me pretty flipping annoyed. ** The most important thing is content. Even though I like Gun, I wouldn't buy a "two old people humping" simulator. But if their business practices start to piss me off enough, I wouldn't bother even if the content is decent. Ask EA or Capcom what I've bought of theirs in the last few years.
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    Hey, let's not go around throwing insults- put on your big boy pants and deal with this like a mature responsible adult. Edit: Just trying to break the tension a bit...
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    Stuff like this is why I would never use my talent at gaming for personal gains. Backers should be the ones getting early access, not people who record themselves overreacting and claiming to love their audience every other loading screen. I understand why they're doing this, but it doesn't make it any less unfair to those who have basically already purchased the game and more.
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    Back in my day,we had to get our NES games from Toys R Us. You didn't just grab the game off the shelf either. No sir,you grabbed this little ticket thing and took it to the front of the store. After paying for it,you then took the ticket to this little room with a window and they gave you your game. Anyway,my parents paid over $50 for Friday The 13th on NES. I've been waiting for the idea of this game shortly after I first played the NES version. Over 28 years ago... But I could use a dryer. Also,my fridge started making this weird noise now,I'm sure it's going to break soon. I might settle for $3000.
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    Destruction looks fun. I'm not thrilled that 6 is the only one that starts with throwing knives. Those are what prevent looping/constant running, and if you have to scavenge for them by default that's going to be a pain. While the "can't run" issue doesn't bother me as much, I dislike that 7 can't run AND has a slow Shift cooldown.
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    Me and others were already doing it in Beta just to be annoying to him... and it was a fast growing trend. Hell there are videos all over YouTube, just get everyone to get a trap and you can just troll Jason. It's a very valid and big concern.
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    If it's only stun related then fine. But if it's "HEALTH POINTS" it doesn't matter how easy or hard it is, if its a matter of just lowering his health bar... that's the challenge now and trust... when youre a Jason getting trapped and wacked by a team of 7 ganging up, who now know you have a Health bar of some kind... Jason is not going to be fun to play lol
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    I'm not happy about it, but I understand the reasoning behind it.
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    Well said. It's unfortunate obviously that I personally didn't meat the criteria, but I totally get it. I saw someone mention that it's not fair content creators get stuff early, but it really is basically advertising for the game. It's a symbiotic relationship in the sense that both parties benifit largely from the partnership. I hope that they do a second round of emails though, I want to make that list!
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    Part VIII doesn't have morph as a strength. Sack head does. Wat?
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    They are wrong. It's a blast for longtime fans of the series. It's fun for anybody looking to play a horror game with other people. This is how adults play tag with a F13 theme.
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    So what you're saying is that if I was a streamer "content creator" I could have received the game in early 2017.
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    I kind of fell off the hype train for a while. I was more than a little disappointed by THREE FUCKING AXES(?!?!), the silly looking pitchfork on the otherwise brilliant Savini Jason, and the Part 9 model. Not to say I was angry, or that I gave up on the game entirely, but I took a step back, and let my attention be drawn to other passions. (Kekistan, Total War: Warhammer II, and revisiting Tolkien specifically) But I have since begun looking into many of the updates again. And I must say that the fire in my heart stirs yet again, and I yearn to see Jason brutalize teenagers once more. Consider me back on board the Hype Train. But I'm curious, has anyone here gone through a similar journey as myself? A temporary loss of interest, followed by a surge of want? I'm interested in hearing other people's thoughts.
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    The only people getting access pitched us or played the beta without us contacting them prior. Every offer we got for paid promotion was summarily rejected without consideration.
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Welcome to the forums! I'll be on the Xbox, too.
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    Welcome to the forum Mars!
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    I know a lot of killers use it in films but i think it would be unique in terms of Jason using one as it would slow him down and cause a lot of noise while killing a counselor so Jason with a chainsaw would have to use a slash and dash strategy instead of being stealthy.
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    Pre-orders are currently not being accepted. PS4 there will be no pre-orders but there is potential on Xbox and steam. In any case, the game will be available for purchase on all platforms digital store fronts on release day. Hard copies will be coming after launch day and news on that will come a little later.
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    You guys really should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves though. You left out the best and single most important Jason of them all. https://youtu.be/kmZ-bJcSTh4?t=30
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    Part 7 holds a special place in my heart, and zombified Jason is my favorite Jason. To me, this is the epitome of zombie Jason.
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    Now that we have the stats for those Jason,might add what i think Part 4 stats would be if/once he's added after the game release. positive: -can run (tough he will be a bit faster than part 2 and 3,making him the fastest of the Jason) -either weapon strenght or grip strenght -destruction (breaking walls/doors faster) negatives: -slower shift cooldown (to better balance it out,since he's the fastest runner) -less stun resistance - less hp (Jason health condition was less good in Part 4 because of all the abuse he received from Part 2+3 and because it was a cold+stormy night) So basically,this Jason would be for a more risky kind of playstyle,you can be agressive with him,but will be less good in a fight against counselors.
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    I think part 9 should have a bit more meat on him. Really like the face they did and he was my least favorite out of the movies. (Saw him for what, 5 minutes?)
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    Earlier today they posted the Jason Stats thread and I couldn't post in it so I made one in our usual forum to discuss it. Mod came in and slapped me on the hand with the usual "read rules don't post we already have that" message. I think at that moment when they merged the threads that they must have realized, yeah, they can't post there, and presumably adjusted it. Just my guess on the reaping. As for this thread...
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    So here is what i understood from those stats... Part 2:This Jason is pretty much the hunter/trapper version,since he can put more traps and morph around the map a bit more. Part 3:This Jason as a more agressive style tough he will need to be careful since he can get stun more often. Part 6:This Jason also as a more agressive style but also is good at tracking peoples and long range attacks (cemetary pole as longer reach and he can throw more darts than the other Jason variants) Part 7:This one im not sure wich type i should put him in,he's good at tracking peoples,good swimming speed,but i think his best point is his grip strenght,if he can get succeed in getting hold of a counselor of course. Part 8:This one is kind of an hybrid,players can be quite sneaky with him.but they can also be more agressive if they want when it come to doors/walls,one thing for sure he's going to be very good at getting around when it come to cabins/buildings and water. Part 9:This one is also an hybrid,players can be very sneaky especially if combining stalk with shift,but also quite agressive since because of shift and stun resistance,he's more of a ground type,by that i mean that he will be better in open space and cabins,but less good in water. Tom Savini Jason:This one is pretty much full on agressive,he doesnt give a s*** about doors/walls,he will shift more often and his devil pitchfork do much more damage + since this is a spear type weapon it as a longer reach.
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    "2017" No standard beyond that. Why would Gun deal with that shit again, right?
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    6,8 and TSJ all seem sick. We will have to wait until the game launches to get a picture on how much or little these will effect gameplay. Honestly I hope the differences between Jasons feel major. Id like picking a mastering and certain Jason to have some weight to it.
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    Especially since alot of people don't know you can hold down the button to make it go faster
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    Touche. I still think his morph should be a strength,but I can't argue your logic.
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    Technically,we've known about the streamers getting to play test for a while now. I wouldn't say my boxers,are in an uproar,but they are twisting around my balls a little. I'm also suddenly worried about what defines the game as a success,and how that success or lack there of will influence how long the servers stay alive.....
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    Pretty sure they said traps will be a one time use since they revealed the Jason traps. That won't work and I didn't see that at all. I saw more of counselors trolling other counselors by killing them. Plus all Jasons will be able to use long range weapons, even the ones that don't start with them. You seem to think all Jason players won't see what your talking about eventually? Unless the Jason player is dumb, the meta is going to constantly change and I guess your just assuming the devs will drop support for the game. Hell, they already added a repair feature for counselors to remove the traps because of the outcry in having to step in them to 'take one for the team' and we haven't even gotten a chance to play with that feature yet.
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    Love the artwork for the previously unseen skins. (I mean their stat sheets) 7 and 8 are faster than the boat which is terrifying. Guys, don't worry about the HP part...its only logical to assume that if he can be killed, he has to have a hit point count. As I mentioned in another thread...just because he has hp, doesnt mean is hp isnt ten thousand times higher than a councilor. It just means that it can be drained...most likely by performing several steps or actions in a specific order. I'm guessing that if you take every weapon on the level, and all the players are Bugzy, and you hit Jason enough to break every weapon on the level in his face, it still wont be enough to kill him without performing some or all of the 'kill method'
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    Don't want to be negative, but let me first say I love each Jason and how they have been designed but personally I don't like the fact that only part 2 and part 3 Jason can run, I know its accurate to the films but it would be nice to have maybe another Jason be able to run. But other than the running issue, I love the stats!
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    This, this is the winner chicken dinner I'm seeing right here. Durable up close but has some trouble GETTING close.
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    Ah,I backed this on Punchstarter last year,nice to see it coming together.
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    Lmao it's only for 1 or 2 days that only happens like once or twice a year. Don't see how it's really that bad.
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    Since it's really only 2 days out of the year this wouldn't be bad after awhile the game will be dull for many players so having a Event like this wouldn't be bad
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    I don't know anything else I can say about this topic other than this. I'll leave it there.
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    Personally, i think the TRAPS are *very well hidden* by Jason, with the leaves. If a counselor is able to spot this... they deserve to be able to get down there and disarm it. Having counselors being able to disarm the traps, would create a perfect balance. Because it would prevent Jason's player from setting them in OBVIOUS (trolly) places. Having a counselor now able to deactivate a trap, will push Jason's to set the traps in more DISCRETE places, more *CREATIVE* places, rather than in front of a car, or by the phone box where they (the counselors) will MOST DEFINITELY see them, and deactivate the traps. Also, in scenarios where counselors may be trapped in a cabin, and Jason has left the place surrounded by traps and he leaves to come back for them later. A potential counselor could come by, and deactivate the traps and set them free to leave. Rather than be stuck. You don't ever want to leave the players stuck.
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    My only concern with traps NOT being able to be disarmed by the counselors... is if, Jason spawn-camps the objectives with traps. Although I don't think he really has enough to hit EVERY objective properly. We'd have to consider it. (Theory Scenario) 5 traps. Morph. One on the car hood and front-door at least. Morph. One on the phonebox. Morph. One on the boat... And now I have one extra to do with as I will. While it won't affect the entire team, it guarantees that SOMEONE will have to take a dive, and step in a trap, to at least deactivate it, so the others can do their work. (This could be a fun thing for some), but it would push counselors to get first-aid sprays, to go out and prepare for that scenario, so someone could get sprayed RIGHT after they step in it. But some players, may not like that for the fact that it forces a player to get injured in order to progress. If I missed something inbetween this scenario, in order to fix the situation. Let me know. I am absent minded sometimes. (Correction: Boats are near docks, he wouldn't be able to set there. So there would have to be TWO cars, and Phonebox) for him to troll the objectives, which also leaves him open to set even MORE traps around the car, if there's only one car on the map).