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    We all know how excruciating it is to play a match, snatch up a counselor, and – BAM! – “the host has left” pops up on the screen. It’s annoying. It’s INFURIATING. It’s an issue that players have been experiencing, and telling us about, for a while now. But what do we do about salty players who can’t take the fact that they are losing? We give them Salt, with a Capital S. “Huh?!” Salt is a currency, only instead of being able to buy something cool with it, you buy an express ticket to the Salt Mines. More on that in a minute. Earning Salt is EASY! Just do any of the following: Leave a match early, like a jerk Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk “WTF are the Salt Mines?!” Great question, it’s almost like you’re reading my mind and asking exactly what I need you to, so I can explain the system. The Salt Mines are where Salty players go to play with their equally Sodium-soaked peers. They are kept to their own matchmaking queue where Salty souls only play against other Salty game quitters, locked away from players who know that, sometimes, losing is a part of playing In Quick Play, Salty players will play together, but they can play with anyone in Private Matches. “How much Salt do you get for each of the things listed above? Does Salt go away? How fast?” We aren’t saying, that would be like a "how to" for trolls Yes See 1 “When does this happen?” We’ll be rolling out this change with the engine upgrade update. Happy Matchmaking.
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    We’ve seen a ton of feedback for a while now about Part 7 Jason being “underpowered” or “weak”, and while we agree that maybe his stats aren’t the best to encourage play over some of the other Jasons, we are not planning a complete reworking of the character. Even though we aren’t completely reworking the character, we do believe that a couple of tweaks to this character’s strengths and weaknesses will make for a better play experience: The following changes will be made to Part 7 Jason: Change 1: We are replacing +Grip Strength with +Weapon Strength. This will help to make Jason’s slashes more harmful to counselors. Change 2: We are replacing -Shift with -Stun. This change will allow for more mobility by Jason. We believe that these changes will increase the viability of selecting Part 7 Jason.
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    I prefer to play in games with adults rather than prepubescent children. No offence if that's you. You may be great at this game, and maybe you aren't the loud, yapping, insulting, annoying type I am directing this at, but those types have made me post this. So if anyone wants to play with adults only, whether you talk on mic or not, (I talk in game when necessary, but I'm not a big talker otherwise) feel free to add me and let's play.
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    Reading thru these 6 pages I've come to one conclusion.......... There ain't a damn thing this Dev Team can do that will please most of you. A good portion of you wanna bitch and moan about players rage quitting or leaving matches early but as soon as they announce a system to help with these issues what happens? Y'all don't even wanna give the system a chance to see how it works or if it will help. You just wanna bitch and moan about a solution we haven't even got to see in action. It makes me wonder how many of you ARE what you complain about. As human beings we ALL have a way of justifying our own actions, even if/when those actions are the same as the actions of others we feel are doing wrong. "I think rage quitters should be punished..........but I'm not a rage quitter just because I leave a match immediately after (during) being killed. I'm just impatient and wanna move on to the next game. I shouldn't be punished." Fact is........... We ALL know how this game works. "You start, you play, you finish." That could mean you finish early by escaping........or you finish early by dying. It could mean you finish late, but what it shouldn't mean is "I finish whenever the fuck I want because I can just leave." The "human condition" is what makes this game such a pain in the ass. As long as you have to play with other human beings, you're gonna have to learn to deal with shitbag people. Will the "Salt Mines" help? I don't know. What I do know is this......... They MIGHT and I won't know unless I give it a chance. I also know that any system they put in place will NEVER cure the "human condition" and there is only one real solution for those people that want a multiplayer game that doesn't come with a bag full of assholes and here it is........... "Quit playing online multiplayer games or get used to dealing with assholes."
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    Why is leaving the match early such a big problem? The matches are long and it’s understandable that people don’t want to wait 15+ minutes to play the next match. Pretty unfair to those people, to be honest.
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    People in here are getting a head start- so much salt already.
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    This is going to be interesting. While I am glad they are trying to prevent rage-quitters, I am wondering if the Salt Mines while be populated with the Trolls and Xbox One players? I have stopped playing at times due to repeated dashboarding, lost connection and connection time outs. Based on Shifty’s posts, they do not have the ability to deferentiate between intentional and accidental “leaving”.
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    Because Jason can tell if you salted out while he was killing you because of ragdolling, and it robs the Jason player of the satisfaction. Not everything's about XP.
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    I auto-mute anyone who even sounds like a kid as soon as I enter a lobby.
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    Yes before you start spaming the post I know what your going to say and there prob other form on here. "if you take Jason morph away how he surpost to keep up with cars leaving". First off let me get to the point that Jason has never morph in the movie or needed to use morph to kill couselers. But how would Jason be able to kill them without morph well there are other options like give Jason the ability to use spike strips like cops do or daggers to pop tires on cars or smash cars so they can't be use. Boats can be broke by Jason attacking them with weapon and putting a hole in the boat. As far as cops how about smashing the phone so you can't call the police. Give Jason the ability to take items like battery and gas from a cabin or away from dead couselers or if there hit drop that item pick it up and move them so that couselers can't get them so easy however if Jason get hit he drop the item and the courselers can pick it up again. Balance the game to make it harder but more fair because Jason being able to morph is really seem unfair.
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    Didn't morph in the movies???... Just off the top of my head... watch part 8. Jason is on the street chasing the old guy (can't remember his name at the moment), who runs into a building. Jason does not enter the building behind him and he (the old guy) is suddenly thrown out a window... by Jason. Just be happy he cannot morph into a house with the doors open or closed. Others here could probably point out a few more instances of 'how the hell did Jason get there, when he was just back there?' Spike strips?... not even going to go into the part about: where the hell would he purchase these spike strips? Without morph, he would be placing the spike strips on the road long after both cars are long gone. If by some miracle he gets to the exit for the car before a car does (and guesses the correct exit they will pick), EVERYONE that knows the spike strips have been placed in the game will be looking for them, stop when they see them and turn around to use another exit (or simply drive around them). Not to mention the FACT that having flat tires will NEVER stop your car from being able to move. It may slow it down and make it a lot harder to control, but it will not stop the vehicle. Boats can be broken and made unusable?... if Jason could make it to the boat before it starts moving (which, without morph, I have a great many doubts would even be possible unless his shack spawns fifty feet away from it), then you would be removing an escape option permanently. This would be a good balance here if morph was taken away, until you think about it. When does Jason's shack EVER spawn that close to the boat? Smashing the telephone?....... That would be totally useless by the time Jason arrives at the phone itself, simply due to the fact that the police were called 3 minutes ago. Good luck guessing the correct spot where the police will show up and actually getting there in time to stop anyone from leaving. Jason can take repair items to hide them?.... Wow.... As should not even need to be mentioned with this one... Jason would have to find the part to do this and then take it somewhere to hide it effectively. With his speed vs. the counselor's speed, this would be a ridiculous and completely ineffective tactic... considering if Jason could even find a part at all before the counselors have them ALL installed and the vehicles on the move (not to mention the fuse in the box and cops called by this point) before Jason can even get to the cabin closest to his shack and complete a search of it. Balance the game to make it more fair for whom exactly? I have seen many games where both cars are moving before Jason has the ability to use his FIRST shift in the game. That would be SIX... yes count them SIX counselors gone before he even has a snowballs chance in hell of stopping the car with his running or power walking speed. The game is pretty well balanced now, even with early escapes being possible or even commonly occurring. Asymmetrical horror survival game does not mean that the 7 counselors should always win over the 1 killer. It means the 1 killer is overpowered enough to have a good POSSIBILITY of finding and killing all 7 counselors.
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    There has been some confusion on what "Leaving a match early" means. To clarify, players (who are not currently hosting) will not gain any infractions for leaving a match AFTER they have been killed.
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    Mmmmm, don't think this will work the way you think. It has to remain a viable escape for the whole match imo.
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    I think it's more of a reading comprehension issue.
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    I wish my camera phone was shitty (pic filesizes are too big), since I just received my Part IV mask, signed by Ted White. Thank you guys again for an awesome job!
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    Its more of an ethical thing for me as this is an adult game(and prob cuz I'm a parent). Kinda like how I like to throw back some beers on the front porch. If a young kid came over and tried popping one open with me id prob tell him to get off my lawn. Just my opinion...
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    This is awesome and I have no issues with the changes. I'm sick of people quitting especially hosts. If you get a lobby that's annoying or not the ping to your satisfaction, leave before the match starts. I'm level 150 and I don't leave a game because I died. I spectate and hope to be Tommy and when if I'm Tommy I know where I'm needed because I was spectating. Now I rarely die as first or second so if someone wants to quit as long as they aren't host I'm ok with it. The only people that will be salty with these change are the ones that are doing the things listed. And quiters are jerks.
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    I think it would be cool if Jason had the ability to grab a counselor if they're right near a window and drag them through it kind of like he does with the car. Or at very least add this to his Rage mode abilities.
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    Oh, this wasn't an XXX- site..? Appologies, I'll take my leave..
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    This is good. For all those who are complaining because they leave after they get killed, yes you ARE being a JERK. Leaving lobbies over and over makes it take longer for everyone else to fill lobbies and play the game. If you get killed within the first minute, take those 19 minutes to: -go to the bathroom -have a drink/smoke break -read -do some pushups -go for a short walk -talk to a friend, family member, or loved one -watch the match play out and learn some strategies to avoid being killed in the first minute If you really hate watching the rest of the match, maybe this game isn't for you.
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    I can understand why this is being implemented but I’m not happy about it. If I’m the host and I have people teaming with Jason to screw other counsellors over, I always crash the match. Why should they be allowed to get XP at the expense of everybody else? I’ll gladly take the salt points, because I’m not just going to sit back and let people ruin the game for people. Is it not possible to make a system similar to DBD, where you have the option to leave with your XP after you’ve died / escaped or the option to spectate? Back when I still needed XP I was sometimes forced to sit and watch people hiding under beds or inside of wardrobes for 10+ minutes and it’s incredibly dull lol. Now that I’ve maxed out my level, what reason do I have to sit and spectate after I’ve escaped or died? I don’t think we should be ‘punished’ for not wanting to stick around. I only stay if I have other friends in the lobby with me or if I’ve found a lobby of good players. The latter is rare nowadays as this community can be so toxic for no reason. Shouldn’t games be played for FUN? Why are people so damn aggressive all of the time? *sigh*
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    “Go repairing generators squats and getting hooked”... Go and play open draw simulator with the endless glitches and bugs. I can kill survivors by my hand with a mori, it feels good that I earned the kill instead of an instant easy win.
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    I can see both sides to this, but from my own experience, I see how leaving early can be detrimental to everyone else in the game. Choose Jarvis House or Pinehurst, and you’ll clear out a full lobby in no time, thereby leaving fewer players to work with and delaying Tommy’s arrival. On those two maps especially, serious players don’t have time for the quitters. I’d rather them stay out of public matches altogether, and do that horseshit in private matches. It’s my thinking that’s what the salt mines are for. If you want to leave early because you died right away, wasn’t picked to be Jason, or simply don’t want to play on a certain map, the system will lump you into the same group as the bigger offenders. It’s not a perfect solution, but IMO, it’s a lot better than letting quitters get away with quitting. The salt mines will force quitters to play with people who are all too happy to quit on them too. Again, this is only from my personal experience, but I find that most people who quit matches early — regardless of the reason — also get the most angry when someone does the same to them. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I don’t think leaving after you’re killed is a huge deal, but leaving while alive should be punishable, certainly. A lot of players leave early, and most of the reasons they do it aren’t valid ones.
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    You people are making a serious error in thinking combat is supposed he a real strategy in this game. You're not supposed to fight Jason directly. You're supposed to run and only fight as a last resort.
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    Yeah, that would be bullshit. Let's say you screw up and get killed in the first minute or two of a match. So you're then obligated to sit and do nothing but watch for the remainder or you're punished? Or what if real life gets in the way and you have to leave a game for some reason?
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    @ShiftySamurai This implies salt is currently being tracked. Yes or no? You've also yet to answer the most important question: will leaving as a spectator incur salt?
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    As long as they can tell the difference between someone leaving because of a bad connection with a high ping or losing their connection completely versus someone rage quitting then i'm all for it.
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    Stun lock... chain stunning.... bullying Jason..... pinata Jason.... don't get into the semantics of it. I understand what he is talking about and you probably do too. It is a problem and extremely frustrating to have to endure as Jason. I have seen many Jason players leave a match because of the battle Chads, not because they are bad people or trolls, but because the frustration level caused by this to people that either have not learned how to deal with it (ALL new players) or simply do not have the patience to put up with the stress caused by the frustration when Jason becomes a pinata. #Stress Kills How people describe it should not be an issue here. It exists and is a problem. I don't have a problem with the battle Chads anymore.... bring it on!! New players though? I think it is one of many reasons the player base is so low. Several of my friends that no longer play have stated this to me as the reason they put the game down. My only concerns about this update are: *Sometimes the game crashes during play... this is not the fault of the player. Does the player gain salt for this? *As others have stated.... there are many trolls that will take advantage of this.... and they can be VERY creative. Sometimes the mute button just isn't enough here. *Will players gain salt for leaving after they are killed and can now speak to people in the afterlife club? At this point, leaving will not effect the game of others and many people do leave after this point, before or after Tommy arrives. No one other than a host on the platforms without dedicated servers should be penalized for this, unless someone can tell me how this could ruin or otherwise detrimentally effect the game for others. *Do players lose salt over real time, time with the game running, playing in offline mode or multi player? We will all find out soon enough. I hope the salt mines help... but I foresee complications.
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    This is kind of fun watching rage-quitters out themselves. I imagine if connection issues persist, we'll all be in the salt mines so the whole thing will be moot. I'd hope connection issues are being addressed with the upcoming update.
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    Leave a match early, like a jerk - Legitimate reasons for leaving a match far outweigh anyone doing it just to be a jerk. Mostly you will just be punishing innocent players, who ironically, often leave in response to the actual jerks / teamers. Or lag, or bugs, both of which are common among other things. I most certainly hope you don't mean leaving after you have died, as there is no reason for punish anyone for that. If someone wants to give up their points and try to find a new lobby instead of spectating, that should be perfectly fine. You could make an argument for people leaving because they're not Jason, but your new Jason ticket system should counter this anyway shouldn't it? Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk - Has no effect on the actual match. It's still 1 less counselor for Jason, and 1 less liability for the counselors. If it was mid-kill then Jason got the points anyway, if not then he subtracted a counselor without doing anything. Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk - This is quite funny actually because the only Jason that would willingly leave is one that has already been humiliated, or in danger of dying. So it's like adding insult to injury. The Jason who gets wailed on into rage quitting (optimal result for counselors) will now also get sent to the salt mines. It's quite cruel...but I can see the humour in it. Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk - This is acceptable, but ultimately it's going to keeping happening anyway and it's no solution to the problem. Dedicated servers are the real solution. The most you accomplish with these changes is either splitting the playerbase, or everything continuing as normal with everyone ending up in the salt mines which = no change. Because I imagine a lot of the salt is going to be acquired through unintentional means, or for otherwise legitimate reasons.
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    This. I'm a counselor main since day 1 and all this "love" for Jason annoys me so much lol
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    Also, LOL!!! Trying to "fix" the problem with leavers, when there is a much larger issue. Trolls and Teamers. Now we will be forced to play with them. The one counter we had to teamers was to leave. Guess we aren't doing that anymore?
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    2 - What do you mean by "early"? During the intro or when the first person killed by Jason doesn't want to wait 18 minutes to be able to play again? 3 - Jason players will get the same treatment when they quit as soon as the sweater girl do her magic? 5 - How the game will know if people are leaving because they want to or because of the internet, real life problems or something like that? Btw, you chose to use the word "jerk" too much. Jerks or not, those people bought the game. As the guy who works with the game that those jerks bought, well... You know. You can send the message with more profissional words.
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    I'd like to ask, does "leaving the match early" include leaving when you're dead?
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    Hmm does this count for after you're already dead or escaped and Tommy is already there?
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    ...beginning to see why you got the ban in the first place.
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    I think the implication is that you're on drugs cause you've literally posted something that has been beat to death, resurrected and beat again until it's suffered a fate worse than death.........but I could be wrong.
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    he is the killer he is supposed have upper hand and do things counselors can't
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    Had a ton of fun practicing and running the tourney with you guys. Definitely the best group I've played with to date. You guys force me to try extremely hard as Jason too and make me up my game even further. It can be beyond frustrating but it makes me improve even more so. Happy to play with such fun people every day
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    Visually speaking, Part 7 is my favourite Jason in the game, he's just my least favourite to play as. Things could change after this patch!
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    Its funny because for me.. Everything that most DBD fans like.. is what makes me not want to play. Skill Tree system to me is a huge turn off. Creates huge imbalances between players. Makes people ANGRY when they don't earn tons of points in games to level up. Listening to players in DBD cry about campers boggles my mind. Then theres the killers.. That don't kill. Its like the entire game is created around killers not being able to kill, but instead pro longing chases and hooking players on hooks to get 'points'. (This makes no real sense to me) DBD is a fun game... But Friday the 13th is the BETTER slasher movie experience. Thats the two biggest differences between the two. Also the map design in F13th looks amazing.. Like it was crafted with care. DBD looks like someone with a map editor decided to make a spooky area and called it a day. Nothing feels authentic in DBD.
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    Get over yourself. This is the type of "update" that should have come loooong ago. Not after Jason already gets credit for kills. This is not going to bring back the players that you think it is. Leavers aren't that much of an issue anymore. But I guess since you've been gone, you wouldn't know that. Ever since the updates for Jason to get credit for kills, and being able to queue as ONLY Counselor, there have been a LOT less leavers. The only leavers now, are ones that try to avoid trolls and teamers. And of course, people who are forced to leave because of crashes/bugs.
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    I'm a lurker and have lurked since Beta, but I had to comment on this thread. This update is going to be huge in terms of bringing back older players (myself included). But I had to quote this right here. Seems to me as Sogreth will be one of the first players to enter the Salt Mines. Enjoy playing with other Salty players!!
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    host quitting shouldn't be an issue going forward right guys? right?
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    Sometimes the intro will show the radio tower cabin in the background of the scene, so for example Higgins intro is in Evergreen, so if you see it there then you know to shut down the power box which powers Evergreen and Stillwater (they are shared). I have done a lot of research on Tommy cabin spawns which I will be making a thread on, they are random spawns but not as random as people think. There is some bias to the spawn.
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    We're having discussions about the possibility of a new roadmap.
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