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    Gun should add an avoid player feature. This would allow you to add people you don't wish to play with. You can add cheaters, glitchers, exploiters, boring players(ie jasons that just swing), whoever you want. Then it would just filter those players out while searching for a game. Eventually cheaters, glitchers, and exploiters will only be able to play with themselves. Maybe have the feature have levels of avoidance like never play with this person(cheater) or avoid but not completely block for a boring player. This could be a great way to filter out the people that ruin the game for others. This is a far better solution than -1000xp for team killers too. If they keep up there trollful ways they will have nobody to play with.
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    The game needs more maps to stay fresh. The amount of counselors and Jasons are fine for the moment. Next content update must contain new map(s). I can't stress that enough. I'm sure we'll get more counselors. But that's not what the game needs at the moment. First it needs to be fixed, then there needs to be maps. Once there's another map we can start talking new Jasons and counselors. But maps should be a number one priority. Well, after getting the game fixed. They also mentioned a create a character system but they are very, very expensive to have. It's unlikely we'll see one ever implemented.
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    Devs, When a player dies with the fuse, the fuse becomes bugged on the ground next to the dead corpse and nobody can pick it up to repair the phone box to call the police. Please fix this so that counselors have a chance to escape fairly. Thanks.
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    have we not been on the internet long enough to know that we can not force other people to share our opinions on things ? trying to debate aka argue with other folks on the internet is just a pissing contest. you are not changing anyone's minds nor making yourselves out to be better then the next person. two walls talking does what exactly ? fact 1 no ground is being covered here fact 2 this thread will get closed due to people being little bitches why does every thread have to turn into a shit show on here. ffs...
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    My experience tonight was awful, not a single round went unblemished: In no particular order Packaknack roof exploiters Host quitting Host quitting because I killed them as Jason More Packaknack roof exploiters Children 12 and under teamkilling, working with Jason Rinse/repeat I think I'm done until this all gets patched/fixed. It only takes one person to hijack your game. Whether it being exploits, team killing or simply quitting as host- you're at the mercy of someone else and the PS4 community at large has shown they're more interested in playing hostage with you than playing the intended game. There's a surprising amount of kids in-game also and their priority seems to be using the glitches and exploits. The gameplay has grown a little stale and I can live with that but the game as a whole is fundamentally flawed and flat-out broken in many respects. At the very least, host migration should be the #1 priority after fixing all of the exploits. With the wrong group of people (and it happens a lot), the game is unplayable.
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    I'm aware enough to understand such a thing would be almost impossible to add to the game- but my deepest game desire is to save the game to theater and then spend endless hours adjusting camera angles, lighting, sound effects, credits/titles, cuts and effects. Yes yes, this post wastes your time by detailing something we most likely will never see, but ahhhhhhh...I can dream. Love the game btw. To Hell with the haters.
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    This October there will be a Friday the 13th and I am here to suggest that the devs add something huge or do some kind of big event on that day. It is only rightful something big happens when the 13th lands on a Friday for this game. I got many other suggestions but discovering the date landing made me prioritize suggesting this first
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    It is very difficult to identify the triggered traps on Jason's map. Especially when the trap icon is over another icon on the map. Please, Devs, do something to better highlight which trap was triggered. Maybe changing its color.
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    I like 'em all. I always switch it up and play different victims. They all die gloriously and that's all that matters. Never had so much fun losing at a video game!
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    If you say "Halloween map Jack 'o' Lanterns" five times in the mirror a certain forum member should appear in this thread.
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    With the implementation of the report system, I think an honor system would also benefit the game. The way it would work is at the end of each game, at the end screen where you see everyone's results, you could honor another player as Hero if they made an honorable sacrifice, Party girl/guy if you had fun with that player, Mastermind if the player made good calls and helped you avoid death, stuff like that. Then, maybe you could unlock titles, or maybe your honor score could be displayed next to your name or maybe you could get special bling, anything to show other players what your playstyle is and if they can trust you. What do ya'll thinK?
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    Gun Media just released some mocap footage of their animations with the man who plays Jason himself, Kane Hodder. Pretty awesome to watch Kane do his thing. I love his screaming and yelling lol obviously Jason doesn't yell but he's just channelling the anger needed to do the acts he is doing. Also the random "FUCK" during the Sleeping Bag recording had me dying. Even though I'm the same height as Kane, his stature just makes everyone seem tiny in comparison. Like, did you see how far he actually threw that chick for the window kill? Watch Kane be awesome here:
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    This. You can't just make a statement and say it's a fact without backing it up with evidence, but then ask everyone else for rock-solid proof on their viewpoint.
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    Jason should be able to morph on the roof to counter people exploiting trap glitching, but also to jump down from a roof onto someone when stalking for example and scare them.
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    So since there was the double experience weekend and I no longer care about my level, I have taken it upon myself to hunt down anyone I see abusing glitches and murdering them until he patch finally drops on PS4. Just curious how other feel morally about this, and if other have taken up arms against people who brag about glitching. So far my kill count on glitcher is 10. :)
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    When players hear the word "balance" they think people want to make jason into a worthless dope that only gets a few kills per game on average. Of course the game should be about sticking to how Jason is a character to be feared and who kills almost everyone who gets in his way in the movies, and to feel powerful when playing as jason. I WANT TO STAY TRUE TO A BADASS JASON JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO. I see so much confusion over what people mean when they say balance, so let me clear up what the word means. Players are confused about adding balance as if it was making it so all counselors can escape 50% of the time, BUT thats NOT what i mean by balance. Balance is talking about if the jason has the SAME skill as a counselor, how many counselors he should be able of killing statistically on average. This is up to debate- it should not be 0 and should also not be 8, though. In my opinion It should probably be at least 4 counselors but not be 7 or 8 because a skilled jason would get the same score against these "average" players. Playing games are fun because you get better, you learn, and in this game you should get BETTER at surviving if you are willing to LEARN. Balance is about the case that if you are more skilled than jason, your chances of survival should be higher, that's it. Your chances for survival should not be LUCK entirely- this is not balanced, in fact it would barely be a game more like a slot machine. Balance means skilled players on either side do better, balance also means that getting killed by jason in every scenario should theoretically have been preventable, but NOT preventable for the full 20 minute game!-- due to skill alone. Balance is about taking to account the the skill levels of players, at the utmost extreme the difference between an unskilled jason vs a skilled counselor survival time should be higher than the average survival time. TLDR: Balance does NOT mean nerfing jason.
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    Survival by any means necessary, even if it means leaving someone behind. That said I always try to save, or if I have the car I'll always try to fill it before driving out with it, but at the same time it isn't always worth it to try and save, especially if it will more than likely end in your death. Nothing wrong with prioritizing yourself.
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    I've made about 400 so far. I have a running competition in my household. I've challenged my daughters to see who can make 1000 kills first. The winner gets what she wants, within reason. Needless to say, they are really motivated by that incentive. It's gonna cost me big, thinking about it now. My wife wanted in on the challenge. Her bet is, if she gets 1000 first, I give up the man cave. If I win, I'm getting the man cave redone.
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    It always comes back to Savini Jason... Savini Jason is no easier to stun than any other Jason. Depends on counselor, weapon and the perks. If you keep getting knocked over or stunned easily use your combat stance more. Used effectively you hardly ever get stunned....
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    First off, I love this game, as you can tell by my ranking. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible. The music, the lighting, it's all gold. From a counselors perspective, every round is a terrifying experience regardless of what level I'm at. Almost like the film Predator. Terrified and overwhelmed when I first started playing, and now at Level 60 feeling like Dutch towards the end of the film. Scared, yet prepared to fight to get out of Crystal Lake alive. There are some technicals hiccups and glitches that people take advantage of that I consider cheating, (I.E. map glitching) but those things iron themselves out over time through the cooperation of devs and the community. However throughout the two hundred plus or so matches I've played there's one thing that is unavoidable at the moment that absolutely destroys a quick lobby.... Team Killers. Team killing is a MAJOR issue. During these instances, without fail one of two things will happen next... 1. Before the round is even finished, the team killer(s) will leave once they've been killed to go find another lobby of victims. Or.. 2. The lobby is closed by the host. It literally sucks all the life out the match and potentially the lobby. You may hear some people on the forums defend Team Killing, saying it adds another layer or that it thematically makes sense. And while you may hear that on the forums, I have NEVER heard any person mid game who was excited about having to fend off an asshole counselor wielding a machete at them. And very rarely if ever in the F13 movies do counselors just start blatantly attacking one another with weapons. I know you implement a betrayal penalty involving XP, it doesn't work....Here's why... I recently was killed by a team killer. I messaged him as I normally do team killers to call them an asshole who is ruining everyone's fun. He gave me the usual charming "go fuck yourself" response. But this time I decided to ask the guy why he does it. I really wanted to know. His response was... "I'm already at a high level, I have all the perks that I need, I don't need the xp, and I love getting people like you angry."......This isn't a normal F13 gamer, this is a troll. A troll isn't playing the game to have fun, they have fun by ensuring others aren't. And a troll breeding ground is being created by allowing people to attack others with weapons. I know that people have the ability to turn off team killing in private matches, but doesn't it make sense that players in a private match are generally going to not kill each other anyway? Or if they are, they're all in agreement that that's what they're going to do? Giving hosts or whole lobbies the ability to kick people IS NOT THE ANSWER. This would cause more disarray. From my time with R6 Siege, I can tell you exactly what will happen... Counselors will be kicked because they're the last one alive and some people in the session will vote to kick simply to start the next round faster...Dick move and not fun. There's plenty of things counselors can do to each other THEMATICALLY to screw each other over that make the game fun and hilarious! If a counselor gets killed by a car, thats fine, shit happens. Driver still loses xp for not being more careful and you move on. Leaving behind fellow counselors as you drive off with the other set of keys and or phone fuse in your possession, totally approve, because it's something that chad would do and still leaves the players alive to attempt to survive the night. If a counselor runs into another counselors bear trap? Watch your step next time. Also, the counselor who sets bear traps shouldn't get a betrayal penalty if a teammate dies. I've seen trolls step into multiple traps on purpose to screw someone else out of xp and it really sucks, not the trappers fault. For the sake of the health of the casual players and the game itself, Quick Match team killing with weapons must be disabled. I cannot stress enough how damaging it is and every player I come across in quick match feels helpless when it happens. The only people who will cease to play quick matches if you don't allow weapon damage from counselor to counselor are trolls and griefers who are ruining the experience for everybody else. And they can feel free to play privately amongst themselves. Thank you to Gun Media and IlFonic for creating such a wonderful game. I hope to soon write a post of things that I love and things that can be improved upon, but this really needed to take precedence. If anybody wants to get in touch or to play with me, I'm on the PS4. My PSN name is Cult_Of_Nash
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    There are already audio cues, etc from the game itself of the counselors for Jason to hear. It's not really necessary to hear mics and would eliminate some of the Jason/counselor team-ups. @malloymk
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    Release a working Friday the 13th game, eh? Eh?
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    You clearly dont understand the difference between opinions and facts. A similar claim cld be that you are only as strong as your teammates. Meaning if one player is trash you are trash. Making lone wolf the smartest strategy in that scenario. Im not arguing wether team is better then lone wolf or not, im solely worried about your misconception of facts vs opinions. In my opinion, all strategies have a time and place to shine. How you choose to play is solely up to each and their own.
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    Awesome thanks for sharing. Mr. Hodder is a beast!
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    I'm done with this. The fact that you think that you can solve the issue of which playstyle is better with kindergarten math is sincerely frustrating to me, and it doesn't help that you're acting like it's an obvious fact that we're all willingly blinding ourselves from. Just because a bigger team can solve problems in real life doesn't mean that same will apply in a completely fictional world. This is a debate best made with more evidence and less bickering.
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    People still wipe? That implies that all people of advanced age require help going to the bathroom and neglects the majority of most people's lives are spent enjoying their pottytime alone.
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    Answering back with your lack of evidence by asking me to provide evidence myself does nothing to prove anything. These are opinions, not facts. Also take into consideration other people are different. Some people do tasks better by themselves than with someone else interfering. This goes for both video games and real life. People can do whatever they want. Your way is not always the right way.
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    I think people have different ideas of what "lone wolf" means. 1.) Being alone, across the map, using walki talkie to communicate and coordinate, possibly repairing car/phone or distracting jason while others across the map repair that is lone wolfing. 2.) Doing everything above BUT without communications, coordination, or teamwork. That is also lonewolfing. Both are "lone wolfing" but one is far more effective than the other. (Hint: its not the second one)
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    I dismiss them because whining about being killed in a video game that is all about being killed is a pointless and, frankly, enormously pathetic thing to do. Regardless of how "legitimate" your gripes are. If you have a problem with the mechanics of a game then don't play it and/or communicate those problems to the developers. Don't whine at the person killing you. That just makes you look like a little bitch, worthy of nothing but disdain and sterilization.
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    Lol. Guess you think the Lone Wolf perk is trash, too. As for "fact":
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    That's quite the connection between "whining bitches who cry about being killed are lame" and "this game is flawless" that you continue to make there. Maybe you could bust out an image of your conspiracy wall with yarn strings connecting subjects and a big circle with a slash through it over a picture of Gun Media to explain yourself to us lesser beings? (Assuming that, like I said earlier, you're not just having some sort of aneurysm or bloodclot in your brain - fingers crossed !) Regardless, I can't really help it if you're going to continue to connect "whining little children who die in a video game should grow a pair" with "teh game is teh flawless" because, let's be honest, it sounds more like a personal problem that you are having than anything I'm contributing towards. Meanwhile I'll just sit and continue to pray that these whining, inbred primates earn their Darwin awards sooner, rather than later, before they do too much more damage to humanity's genepool.
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    No, the devs have stated you can go alone (It's more harder) or work with others. I've had to lone wolf the game so many times because people in party chats. I always go for the two seater car or the boat and let them try and figure out how to escape. Same. I'll help people but if they aren't team playing then I just escape and leave them. Ain't wasting my time helping them when they don't talk or anything (I know if they don't have mics that's fine but come on, you can message people still)
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    i try and protect my team always, anyway i can even without a weapon. my pet peeve is when cowards/selfish people spawn in as tommy and just leave. when i'm tommy i beeline it to the largest group or whomever is left and try to help them escape.
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    I mean if they don't want team killing to happen why would they add it into the game on that note if you're playing via party games you can disable this function by toggling friendly fire on/off in my opinion it adds a different play style to the game such as hey the boat is fixed and three ppl want to get in it then it becomes a you are me type scenereo but to actually ban ppl for something they put into the game by there own will seems stupid.
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    Think I'm at around 7-8 haven't really been counting.
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    I think if your killing just to piss people off is something stupid but killing someone because they are either working with Jason or just being a jerk and holding out on the keys and won't give them up. Now I think team killing should be a thing, people will use it for good or evil. Me I'll use it on kids who are being annoying or trolls on roofs.
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    I'm with the backers when it comes to Savini and everything but to those who were lucky I agree were lucky. They should be happy they can even play him. I'm glad we have the backers who backed this game so it came into the light. It's fun (Even with bugs and glitches) I do agree it shouldn't be sold again, it should remain to the backers and to those lucky enough to get the leak.
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    Wrong. Shift is awesome and very easy to advoid. Get better. A week in is hardly enough time to even understand the mechanic never mind thwart it with ease. Most shifts don't hurt a good player.
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    As soon as I find a glitcher I quit and find a new lobby. It's easier to just get the hell out and let them have their "fun".
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    I'm on PS4 and it took me a long time to find people playing with microphones but once I did the games were GREAT. I found one instance of roof glitchers and I just quit the game. I also got to be Jason about 6 times in a day, so that was really cool.
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    Just about every major MMO utilizes this report feature. Name me a sandbox game released in the last several years and I'll be happy to youtube glich videos involving that game. That is just a burden that comes with off-the-rails games like this. Accidental glitches are one thing, but purposely exploiting glitches that are clearly not meant to be used just wastes everybody's time. The devs need time to work out those bugs, but in the meantime, a touch of integrity on the players' part would only be to all of our benefits.
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    I played a match today where 6 of my team used the roof glitch in packanack main house and jason only had me who was running around i felt bad for that jason , so used it myself to kill them all -6k exp and let the jason kill me so he got exp. This needs to be fixed asap.
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    here u have 2 dude/kids using an exploit of getting under the staircase and up to the roof l would recommend you either patch in so you can get under stuff like that or make it so the person just instantly die as soon as they are glitching through a wall sure it might be a bit harsh but hey there is nothing fun about abusing a glitch/exploit in the game since the people want to enjoy the game but these types of people just ruin the game by doing this sort of stuff
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    I agree with everything but Team killing. It sucks but to me having to try and figure out who is friend or foe is something I like about this game. Would you kill someone to escape? Would you injure another player so Jason would go for them and not you. This is the one thing I think the game makes you think about. As for working with Jason, was with a bunch of kids who were team killing and or keeping the keys from other players. So there are ups and downs to the game, yeah kids will team kill you but that is something we all need to really think about, would you stab a team mate in the back to escape or die along side them?
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    Having nothing to do when spectating. If you spawn near the phone Jason can kill you in the first two minutes. Let me play with the perks or outfits or SOMETHING for the next twenty minutes. Especially when I'm dead for 10, someone calls Tommy and then the next person to die gets respawned as Tommy...
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    Basically, the idea is that the longer Jason is positioned close to your character, the "stronger" he becomes. The strength stops growing when the counsellor sees him. This would encourage stalking, and scenic kills rather than run up and instakill. Making it feel more like the films. The strength stops growing to prevent exploitation, where you're running away from someone who just seems to want to stand near you. The "strength" could be in the form of increased ability levels, or unlocking epic movie kills which award points. Assuming, of course, there is a point system used to encourage people to roleplay counsellors, rather than just sacrifice the game in the hopes of being Jason next time.