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    Hi everyone!Wanted to take the time to talk about dedicated servers vs host migration for consoles and we’re here to elaborate on what we’re doing for Friday the 13th: The Game. To start; we are currently working on dedicated servers for consoles. That is going to happen, however the time it is taking is rather substantial. We’re going to go a bit more in-depth on why things are taking time for dedicated servers and why we chose dedicated over the oft-requested host migration feature.First off; Host Migration vs. Dedicated Servers.One of the biggest, if not the biggest request we currently receive from our fan-base is for the inclusion of a host migration system.Host Migration would take a very long time to implement, something in the neighborhood of six months or so with our team to be able to work without interruption. It, unfortunately, is not a quick fix as some might believe.Even with host migration, as soon as the host drops we tend to see people leaving rooms and finding new games, thus perpetuating the wait and potential for loss of game data between clients. We’re talking about a good 30-60 second delay for a host switch and in that time is fairly common for users to quit. The potential for multiple interruptions for host migration is a very real possibility, especially knowing that users tend to leave the moment they are killed. We also have an issue if the host is Jason and they disconnect or quit; no one would be picked as a new Jason. With dedicated servers we can swap Jason, with host migration we can’t.While this system is potentially good, it stands as a band-aid rather than a full fix. We’re opting for the full fix.Dedicated Servers and What to ExpectWe have more coming soon, but going with dedicated is a smarter route for the game. Console versions of the game will perform smoother overall and you now have removed the host advantage. Whenever someone disconnects, you take away the need for the game to pause and there’s less of a chance of data loss in-between any migration of hosting duties. Overall; the console version will perform in the same manner that you see with PC in regards to joining and leaving games.We are getting close with our dedicated server system going live, however there are a lot of considerations we have to take into account. We have been working with a partner on implementing our dedicated servers and they’ve been doing a tremendous job in the time they’ve had. This is something we’ve been working on for quite some time now, but want to remind fans that it remains a long process as well to fully implement, just like host migration would.The work has been on track, but we have a lot of security protocols in place from the consoles that must be implemented. We have a lot we have to do on our end to ensure things are working properly so that when we go into audit with Microsoft and Sony, we minimize the time needed to go live. They have a minimum test and evaluation period and we want to get through that as quickly and properly as possible.We don’t have a set date at this time. We are aiming for late-September, but it is not out of the question that it might take more time and could go into October before we release. There has to be an audit that ensures things run properly on consoles and that is a process that takes time.TL;DR - Host migration bad, Dedicated Servers Good. Give us a couple months
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    First let’s talk Freddy, Leatherface, etc. These icons of slasher films are IP, or “Intellectual Property”. The easiest way to define this is to just think about them as “brands”. Like Coca Cola and Pepsi for example. The name and likeness of other film icons, like Freddy, are owned by companies. Why do you think it took so long for us to get a FvJ film? Think of it this way. Have you ever seen Coke and Pepsi packaged together? Nope. Never. Wait, I know what you’re thinking...what about Mortal Kombat? They had Jason, Leatherface, etc, all in one game. Yes, that’s true. But it’s an MK game, not a Texas Chainsaw game featuring Jason. So MK becomes neutral ground in that case. It’s just licensed characters, which still has some legal red tape, but easier by comparison. Now that you’ve had a very brief crash course in IP, I’m thinking I know your next question. “OK, Fine. I get it. But what about the characters from the F13 films! Will we see characters like Reggie, Shelly, Chrissy, etc, in the game? You guys already announced Tommy Jarvis, maybe there will be more? Yes?” This one is more of a “maybe”. Let me explain. When we got the license to work with F13, the only thing that came with it was the ability to use Jason’s name and likeness. But even then we couldn’t touch JvF or reboot Jason. They simply were not included. Also not included were the characters from the film. Now, could we just make up a generic female character and call her “Chrissy”? Sure. But that feels kinda phony don’t you think? Shouldn’t it look just like her? We think it should. Which then leads to another authenticity question...Shouldn’t she sound like Chrissy too!? Yes, she should. That’s a problem. First we would need to find the actor/actresses that were in the films. Some have passed away, so securing their likeness would be very difficult. Some however, are very much alive and still very much involved with horror cons. So first we would need to pay them for their likeness. This gives us the legal ability to replicate how they look in-game. The actor/actress would go through our iterations and requests changes here and there to make sure they look as close to real life as possible. This takes time. Months usually. Next comes their voice. As people age, so do their voice boxes. Meaning regardless if you are male or female, your voice gets a little deeper as you get older. Vocal cords stretch and you sound deeper and a little raspier. So a 50 year old version of you, doesn’t sound like the 20 year old version did. Think about that. Most of the actors/actresses from the films were around 20 when they filmed. Which means most of them are in their 50’s by now. So putting them in the recording studio doesn’t always get you the result you’re after. Imagine your dad, trying to sound 20. Yeah. So in theory, it sounds awesome to put Freddy in the game, or try to get your favorite character from the films into the game. But there’s so much more to it than just having the idea. It’s not impossible, it’s just a major time-sync that more often than not, doesn’t pay off in the end. You either get something that feels shoe-horned into the game, or just leaves you feeling underwhelmed. -W
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    Oh yeah. That happens lots. mainly when I come across random parties in quick play. I had a group mainly consisting of Tiffanys, buggzys and a Deborah. They got mad at me cause I kept focusing on Deborah early game. Like I'm really worried about leaving a Tiffany behind at the car. While I chase down Deborah. Lol I killed Deborah. They got pissed. One had a shotgun, and one was begging his friend to shoot him, so I don't get points. Fortunately he missed. Also I could hear them saying. Let's just kill ourselves to rob him of points. Thats when I turned on my mic, and told them to go for it. I'm level 101, and the fact you have to kill your self to rob me of points is a sad attempt at trolling me. Yeah they left the lobby after that game. Lol
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    This formula works out pretty good. Although there is potential for a toxic player to enter the community it's not as bad as quickmatch or randoms all the time. Easy to remove & kick the player from the club. I have to often remind potential members that it is not a clan but just a club to find players when you like. It's non mandatory. If your up to play alone your more than welcome but the group exist if you want to seek out a friend or two for a better quality match. The most important observation I have made when it comes to playing this game is when there is 2 or 3 mature, good sportsmen like players in the session. The game ends up running much smoother. Even the would be trolls are reluctant to cause trouble. Sure sometimes things will still happen but it lowers the probability. Always remember that most the trolling that occurs aside from cheating usually starts with excessive trash talking. Somebody gets worked up & decides to ruin the match either same game or next match by various methods like hiding parts, teamkilling, or etc. I usually will tell them to try to keep things civilized if that doesn't work then they are gone. Which is for randoms by the way. The success of these clubs rides on the ability of the members to encourage their friends to join as well. The more you can populate the club the easier it is to find players & get everyone into a session together. Often at times I feel bad because some get on to late or to soon but being at 65 members actively strong allows us to run up to 3 different sessions where everyone is enjoying themselves. If people using this club improves the quality of their matches & keeps them playing longer then it overall increases the longevity of the games lifespan. Which this game as we all know needs. It only takes a couple bad days worth of gaming before most people throw in the towel & quit. That's why we waste the extra time in doing this to show people that most the problems that plague this game don't exist when we are on & strong. I also like to think that now some of members are getting the opportunity to play together is cutting down on the time they use to spend bickering with each other on these forums. I definitely do not want to see this game die despite how frustrating certain aspects of the game & management can be.
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    Nice one The only other thing I hope happens before I return to XBL instead of Steam is the removal of all the Savini Jasons people got for free.
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    Yeah next to glitchers. Sour toxic poor sports are my least favorite type of people on this game. Some people take it so personally, and they get so angry when they lose. It's kinda hilarious and sad at the same time.
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    Exploiting ruins the game for other people who don't share your views on balance. Other people are giving their time in a shared experience. You have no right to enforce your house rules on them by using exploits. The rules are the rules. Abide by them, stick to private matches, or play a different game. This isn't even mentioning the fact that among good players, Jason is currently quite underpowered. Escaping is supposed to be the exception, not the norm. It's the problem with today's gamers who can't stand losing and don't have the attention span to get better. I swear, some people won't be happy until every counselor has a shotgun with infinite ammo, EXCEPT when they're Jason. Then counselors shouldn't be able to stun you, or break free of grabs, or call the police. You know - for 'balance'...
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    I've seen this said somewhere on these forums(forgot where exactly) and decided to test it out within multiple matches yesterday on PS4 and it worked every time. As everybody knows often times med spray, keys and fuse will glitch out and become unavailable for the rest of the match when a person dies with those items in their inventory. Obviously, not many people know this BUT you can drop items after Jason grabs you and is holding you in the air by the throat. IF you have a pocket knife you don't want to do this, however, when you don't have a pocket knife and you have keys, fuse or med spray in your inventory and Jason grabs you simultaneously press down on the d-pad while struggling to break free to drop those items just in-case you don't break free so those items don't glitch and are left on the ground for others to pick up and benefit from for the rest of the match. I know the up-coming update/patch is supposedly right around the corner which is suppose to fix this specific issue to my knowledge but in the meantime I'm just trying to spread the word out so more people know this and start doing it to not glitch out items when they die. Obviously, objective items are the priority and you should do whatever possible to make sure they don't glitch into the ground but in my opinion those glitched med sprays are also extremely important. I honestly can't remember how many times I've walked and seen people walk by those when it could of helped somebody. Hopefully more people start doing this going forward until it gets fixed.
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    I like how you started with "bikini DLC" first.
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    When I first got the game, I definitely felt the chills. Over time, you get used to the unnecessary music, how to surprise attack Jason, and where to take car/boat parts to where. When I really feel the chills and thrills is definitely when the 2 Minutes Remain warning pops up. It gets real intense when your the last one alive during these last few minutes and Jason is constantly after you.
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    8+2=10. X is the Roman numeral for 10. Blue is the color of the Earth 2 obviously it's Jason X
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    Wish PS4 had respectful players outside of private matches. The public lobbies are a cesspool of toxic waste on PS4. Even the communities I am in have jackwagon players. It's frustrating. I guess I grew up in a different era where you were taught to show respect to others. Obviously not the case with online gamers today.
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    We were already building Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp, and we've been creating and testing an internal prototype for some time now. You may recall that we announced Summer Camp last Fall via IGN. Soon after, Sean Cunningham personally reached out to us behind the scenes. That’s when things got awesome. Sean came to us in early 2015, but we quickly discovered these weren’t the normal business conversations you would have when you try to secure a license as important as Friday the 13th. It was totally different. It was a conversation built on mutual admiration and respect for what each had created. Sean immediately noticed the passion we had for Friday the 13th, and after several incredible meetings over the next few months, we decided to upgrade our plans for Summer Camp and embrace the Friday the 13th video game license. After several incredible meetings over the next few months, Sean surprised us by offering the Friday the 13th video game license. It was literally a dream come true for a group of lifelong fans. He knew he could trust us with the most coveted horror IP ever, and we plan to make good on that promise to both him and you, the millions of loyal Friday the 13th fans around the world.
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    Just something I felt like venting. Has anyone else experienced hate for being a good Jason. I don't like to toot my own horn but I consider myself pretty good as most games I kill all counselors including tommy; however I noticed how toxic the community can be. I've been kicked from games for blocking incoming attacks from counselors(not the exploit only melee combat), "spawn killing ", and the best one of all....... not letting counselors fix objectives. Just wondering if anyone else has some stories to tell.
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    I play on xbox one and have been level 101 for a couple weeks now. I think it would be a great idea to add a type of prestige system to the game, so that players that hit max can still level up. I have still been active on the game and enjoy playing with my friends, but miss leveling up. This would also be beneficial to players that are still looking for perks that they want because of the CP boost you get every time you level. Please post any ideas for icons to put next to the level. I think it would be cool to put different Jason masks next to the level. Big fan of the game and series add me on live if you wanna play. GT: BomBarton Counselors killed: 1089 P
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    this guy is a fucking douchebag. the team killing and trolling is bad enough, but the harassment and shit via message crosses the line on so many levels. there should be zero tolerance for that crap.
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    maybe they'll add the dark knight as a hero. other theories: 2 over 8, 2/8 is 1/4, there are 12 movies if we go 1/4 of the way through them we get movie 3. Part 3 reskin. 8+2 = 10, Jason X and Grendel binary value of 130, maybe add 130th character who died Condor from Jason X was Jason's 130th kill Ward B. from JgtH 130th kill if including Roy kills ascii value 'A' for Alice possession knight move from chess, maybe they will add 'night moves' to sound track
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    I love the counselors that throw tantrums when they die before fixing stuff. I ask them, are they five years old? The one that got the toilet, you can understand his grumpiness. Does anyone ever want a chocolate swirlie? I guess they live in a delusional world, where they are supposed to win 100% They sound like the kind of players that would kick a Monopoly board over when they go bankrupt. Mother never said that I had to kill counselors in a certain order. She just said to kill them. Let that player get into someone else's lobby and let that happen to them. We'll see how much they enjoy getting screwed out of XP... There's always hope for a player that can recognize their own mistakes and learn from them. Next time, tell them you don't give in to gaming terrorists...
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    There is no host with dedicated servers. The game would not end. The only potential issue we would run into would be the Jason player leaving. Plan is to simply switch someone over to Jason at random. We wouldn't be able to do that with a host migration option, either.
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    My understanding is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty with this group. Meaning forum people, friends and random people you have played with that seem ok are invited and allowed to play, unless and until they show they cannot hang out nicely. That is the way the pc group was designed, and that was based on conversations I had with people from the other groups. FYI, on the PC group, I am going to get active again and really try and make it work. Right now we have 7 people and everyone can invite people.
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    Just a status report. The PlayStation group is up to 48 members with multiple active lobbies in the evenings. Things are looking good!
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    Believe or not I didn't kill anyone except the last player. We had a chad battle royals. Everyone was beating each other up. Heres the video. I decided to upload it. Sorry it's not focused. Had to make sure no Chads were leaving the playing field or using med spray.
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    So I understand that you can't be Jason every time, it wouldn't be fair and everyone wants to be Jason. But I will literally play (on my day off) over 12 games and not be Jason once. While people become Jason multipleee times. I'm all about waiting my turn but sometimes it's just unbearable. I've heard others also stating that they experience the same thing. Idk in my opinion there needs to be a better way of choosing who Jason because. I hope I don't sound like I'm whining.
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    There does seem to be a correlation between when you come into a lobby and how often you get picked. Was playing with another forum member the other day and I noticed one random that was in the public lobby would drop out after getting XP for a match, then repopulate into the lobby and cue up. He did this many times. Of the last 5 games that I paid attention to his actions, he was Jason 3 out of those 5 times (twice in a row once). He had also been Jason in earlier matches before I noticed what he was doing. I'm not saying it's proof of how the matchmaker works, but there is pretty compelling evidence (empirical and anecdotal) that whoever comes into the lobby last is prioritized more to be Jason. This person eventually left because he was "tired of being Jason." 1. I'm not saying this is how this works. As a trained analyst, I simply tend to notice patterns and I found it interesting. 2. If this IS how it works, I would consider what he was doing to be an exploit of the matchmaking lottery. 3. I hope matchmaking fixes upcoming are already addressing the issue (if there is one AND the programmers found it). @GunMedia_Ben and @Randygbk
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    Doesn't he have to buy a new copy of the game every time he gets banned? The physical copy isn't out yet. If he has that kind of money to throw away then he needs to find something better to do with his life.
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    What a sad little bastard. Picking on kids. You can tell by the way he glides so effortlessly through the menus screens that too much of his life has been wasted trolling in mother's basement...rather than actually having/living a normal life. To take the time to produce the video as well. 😂 What a laughable muppet. Go and get laid you silly sack of shit cockwomble. 😂
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    I am 100% sure you will not find me saying body blocking is intended anywhere on the forum or off the forum. It is indeed an exploit I am not exactly sure where anyone came up with that information because that does not exist. Exploiting is not something that is allowed to be promoted. A discussion about it can be had as it is a forum. Showing how to do exploits will be removed. I hope that clears up some confusion on the issue.
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    Just an update. I reviewed the content of that video a short time ago, quite thoroughly but previously missed the bit where he explained how to exploit around traps. I've removed his content from the thread. For clarification; 'body blocking' to avoid traps is an exploit. Don't do it
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    The randomness is awful. I don't know if it's a bug, or bad algorithm, or how it's actually supposed to work. If it is how it's supposed to work, I guess the devs must think everyone has all the time in the world to play. That everyone can dedicate a full day to get picked as Jason for a couple matches. It's absolutely ridiculous. There are occasions where I'm picked a few times in a short span of time, but that only makes it worse - because I know that if I don't get picked a lot, I probably won't get picked at all. There's no balance to it. I could handle it better when the player base was better, but these days it's a shitfest online. It is very common now for host to quit, or other players quitting to deny you a kill. Extremely frustrating after you've been waiting several hours. Aside from that, connectivity is not even stable so that's yet another issue. Combine it all and purely random selection is just about the worst idea ever, and they should've seen it coming. Yeah it's been discussed many times before, but it keeps falling on deaf ears so it needs to keep being discussed. Frankly, whatever method is currently being used for Jason selection is straight up garbage. I'm looking forward to single player because it will help to alleviate the frustration a bit, but it's not really a solution. Only so much fun you can have playing against bots. I like playing as counselor and as Jason, I just wish I was able to experience both at a reasonable rate. Rant over.
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    Thanks for the update. Hopefully this will quiet people down as you guys know FAR more about building a game than all us yahoos whining on a message board. Look forward to more info and the update. LOVE. YOUR. GAME!
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    Trey's scenes made me shut my legs. The idea of dating a guy like that makes my skin crawl.
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    This is so, SO incorrect. In my opinion, anyway.
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    "Because you were the suckiest counselor to get caught and I figured we were made for each other."
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    The damnedest thing too is that, Gun forgone going to a big time publisher because they were afraid of them wanting them to tone the gore in the game... Ain't that some shit.
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    I spend the first few minutes dealing with objectives. Trapping phone and car, breaking doors and collecting knives. I don't chase unless you don't run away from the house I'm at. I had a dude get salty that I killed him after I broke the doors and windows out and he was still there.
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    I've been in similar situations. Killing yourself to prevent Jason from getting points is beyond pathetic and too common. Funny enough once I had a host rage quit because I swung while he was climbing out the window killing him before he could kill him self. Let's just say I got called less than decent names afterwords...
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    I actually did the same spend more time creating character than playing the game
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    I honestly think Part IV will happen, there's always been a big demand for him. Many fans including myself consider Final Chapter to be the best of the films and one of the best versions of Jason. If they just included him as a re-skin it would really be a missed opportunity, anyone who knows their F13 knows he is completely different in style to Part III, despite a similar look.
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    I don't know if it's bugged, but I think the perk system needs an overhaul. I'd like to see the chance of better / higher stat perks increase as your level increases. Would provide an actual benefit to levelling up other than just unlocking texture swaps. It's honestly pretty frustrating to still roll perks with abysmal stats if you've been playing since release. A different idea to that would be to actually separate the perk levels, providing you with options whether you want a poor / common perk (which covers a lot of the utility perks) and would cost the least CP to roll, and increasing the cost to roll for each higher level / rarer perks. The level of randomness in all aspects for this game is way too high. The game needs to provide the player with a bit more expectation.
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    I would like both part 4 and Roy Burns. However part 4 must come first. Running angry Jason will be terrifying.
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    They did not say it was legit. They said it's currently not in the cards. We could change their minds. It's not so much the speed of combat stance vs doors but rather the clipping 2/3 of the way into the cabin for extra reach. They need to fix that.
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    Nah fam it's an "advanced technique." Sorry I just died a little saying that joke.