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    Discord info that I think many of you may like.
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    No I really wouldn't. I love this game to pieces, but last time I backed for a piece of exclusive content, it was released for free. I love the game and the devs, but I don't trust them with my money anymore.
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    Can we get a playboy bunny costume for tiffany
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    Please, for the love of humanity, admit this is a joke. Not that I don't want to run around in whitey tighties as Lachappa, but this is just wrong.
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    I hope not, because that seems very lazy and we already have swimsuits which is similar.
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    Thanks for posting that. I said many times before, part 4 Jason was hardly in the film, and when you finally see him, he's in the shadows. The film is very dark, and it's hard to see up close details like the eyes or ear, even though it's in the movie.
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    Don't get too happy about that too fast. I think you'll find that grab range is not that big a deal versus making the grab radius more forgiving at close ranges. It'll make shift+grab much more effective, as which way Jason's facing upon exiting the shift will be come much less important.
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    @TheHansonGoons Oh! And you're right about the Axe Mark in the game. But never cared about it since both ways are realistic to me. Part 3 is a "fresh blood" when Part 4 is a "dry" one. Maybe you want the "dry blood" from Part 4 instead in the game. I can support that. Edit: About the "goofy ear", he actually has it in the movie too. Here: And a extra picture from Part 4 Jason's bust:
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    I hope they fix hit detection as well. Seems like if a counselor swings and a weapon hits, it doesnt register half the time. Its most obvious at corners are when Jason first breaks down a door. Maybe they increase I-frames but that doesnt seem right. Also can we please go back to Jasons old weapon interactions? I HATE "X" mechanic for windows. All the short ranged Jasons had to do to break windows before was go into combat stance. I think this tweak is also why Jason can sometimes break multiple doors/windows/counselors.
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    thats a copy of scene but she doesnt die so you cant say she's dying but its still really good
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    I’m on PS4 so I’m not sure if we have different Tiffany menu pictures but I know back when I started she had a sassy, sly look to her but now she’s more “I’m happy but also drank a few energy drinks so I’m pretty buzzed FIGHTMEBITCH” look to her hahaha