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    This one goes out to all of you Roy fans. After the release of Roy and Pinehurst, we saw large conversations about the color of Roy’s overalls. “Roy’s coveralls are green, but these are blue” “They are blue, look at this screenshot” “They are green, look at THIS screenshot” And back and forth it went for days. With no end to the debate in sight, I asked Ronnie what the actual color was, and he let me know that there were ongoing conversations about that exact topic, and that the blue coveralls were not the only color we planned on Roy having. Ronnie had been working with the team at IllFonic in creating mock ups of Roy to find the shade of green that matched multiple scenes from Friday the 13th: Part V. Apparently, Ronnie had spent quite a bit of time tracking down experts, memorabilia owners, and costumers to find the right shade. As it turns out, that’s not an easy thing to do. With responses from contacts of “cool grey” and “blue with green tones”, he was left without an actual definable color. Ronnie followed up on a lead of “spruce green”, and what he found is that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of colors named “spruce green”, and that they vary substantially. After weeks of digging for info, tracking down colors, and mock up iterations with an artist, we have settled on the following color. Is this color going to be a perfect match for every scene in Friday the 13th: Part V? No, but it is very close. Friday the 13th: The Game will include both blue and green coverall options for Roy - green being the default, and blue being a secondary option - for everyone's favorite paramedic in the next update.
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    Hello slashers, today we’re going to take a quick look at improvements coming to Jason’s grab animation. As you can see, Jason’s new grab feels more powerful as Jason carries momentum from movement while executing the grab. We are also introducing a sound stinger, which we believe makes it even more unsettling for counselor players who find themselves being scooped up by Jason. In the last update we reworked the area and distance of Jason’s grab, and now the improved grab animation makes them look more powerful as well. Let us know what you think!
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    Good afternoon, counselors! Today is all about Perks, and the first thing we want to talk about is a slight reworking of the UI which is designed to help players who live with certain types of color blindness. Each perk, as well as the Perk Legend, will include a numerical value of 1 through 6 as a visual indicator of Perk rarity. 1 being for Poor Perks, while 6 will denote Legendary Perks (more on that later in this post). Next up, let’s share some value changes that we are making to Perks. Easy Listening – Radio proximity recharge rate boost: Old Value: 1-10% New Value: 10-40% Motorboating – Boat movement speed increase Old Value: 1-15% New Value: 5-35% Man at Arms – Weapon durability increase Old Value: 5-25% New Value: 5-15% My Dads a Cop – Cop arrival time reduction Old Value: -5 - -30% New Value: -5 - -25% Quiet Swimmer – Sense detection chance reduction Old Value: 1-25% New Value: 5-20% Lead Foot – Car speed increase Old Value: 1-10% New Value: 5-20% Aquanaut – Swimming speed increase Old Value: 1-15% New Value: 5-35% Finally, we would like to introduce Legendary Perks. Legendary Perks have all the benefits of the Perks that you know and love, but they also include a Legendary Stat Bonus. A Legendary Stat Bonus is a small value increase to a predetermined stat. For example: You could roll a Legendary Lead Foot Perk with +19 Car Driving Speed, -2 Boat Driving Speed, with a bonus of +4 Car Start Speed. Or: You could roll a Legendary Medic Perk with 2 Med Spray uses, an +8 Health Increase, +5 incoming attack damage, with a +3 to Repair Speed. We’ll release a full listing of Legendary Bonus Stats a little closer to when the next update releases. Please let us know what you think!
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    Dedicated servers are not in the next update. The next update includes Single Player Challenges, Jason Weapon Selection, the updated grab animation, the Perk Update & Legendary Perks, and a mostly-film-accurate skin option for Roy.... Oh, and the engine update.
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    I decided to move discussion regarding my overhaul ideas into a new thread. I feel like the last thread carries too much baggage from previous discussions. This time, I have a special treat; I have taken the time to create stat screens to go along with my overhaul idea. Enjoy and discuss. Just for fun I am adding some non-canon Jasons. CHANGES Grip Strength: Upon escaping from Jason' grip via breaking free or with a pocket knife, damage is inflicted onto the counselor. No further damage is applied below 10% counselor health, to prevent the case that a counselor would die after breaking free. -Grip Strength: As it is now, inflicts no damage. Normal Grip: 7% damage, aka 7/100 points of damage. +Grip Strength: 14% damage, aka 14/100 points of damage. Stalk: Counselors will not scream in terror when Stalk is active. Note: Stalk as it currently stands in the game lasts 20 seconds while moving for any Jason, regardless of movement speed or if it is a strength or weakness. -Stalk: No additional changes, functions the same as it does currently in every way. Normal Stalk: While Stalk is active, counselors must within 50 meters of Jason in order for his minimap icon to appear. Duration while moving is 25 seconds. +Stalk: While Stalk is active, Jason's minimap icon never appears, except when spotted by flares and when a car's headlights shine on him. Opening unlocked doors is silent(no door opening sound effect). Duration while moving is 30 seconds. Sense: When Sense is toggled off, it fully depletes, as is the case with Stalk. Stunning Jason temporarily disables the ability to detect sound pings for the duration of the stun and for 15 seconds following it. Stun Resistance: Jason gets stun immunity for about 3 seconds when the player regains control of Jason after a stun ends. With each stun, resistance rises by a small percentage. After 10 stuns, all Jasons' stun times are permanently 15% shorter. The next melee stun that occurs within 8 seconds after a previous stun has ended will be 30% shorter than a standard stun. Shotguns and flares are exempt from this stipulation. Shift: The disproportionate difference between the speed and distance of the different levels of Shift are made to be uniform. Normal Shift is now about that of current J5(Roy) for all Jasons with normal Shift, since J5 has a slightly shorter distance than that of J3 or J8. Throwing Knives: Added -Throwing Knives, bringing the throwing knife count to the following: -Throwing Knives: Spawn with zero knives. Normal Throwing Knives: Spawn with two knives. +Throwing Knives: Spawn with six knives. Traps: Can pick up traps that have not been triggered and place them again. Can place a trap in the spot of a previously triggered trap, no longer blocked by the previous one's collision box. New Strength, Fear: Counselor fear raises twice as fast and takes 50% longer to recover from fear effects. Alternatively, the fear accumulation rate is 50% faster and takes 25% longer to recover, while the stamina penalty is twice as potent. New Strength, Rage: As a baseline change for all Jasons, the door/wall Rage walk-through animation is removed. Just walk/run through doors, walls, and fences once Rage is attained. Attacks against Jason and pocket knives used to escape grabs fill the Rage meter faster than normal. Link To IMGUR High Quality Gallery Part 2: PROS CONS + Can Run - Shift + Traps - Defense + Morph - Water Speed + Sense - Grip Strength Part 3 PROS CONS + Can Run - Stun Resistance + Weapon Strength - Sense + Grip Strength - Stalk + Throwing Knives - Water Speed Part 4 PROS CONS + Can Run - Less Hit Points + Weapon Strength - Shift + Destruction - Traps + Stalk - Grip Strength Part 5 PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Stalk - Grip Strength + Can Run - Stun Resistance + Traps - Morph Part 6 PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Sense - Can't Run + Shift - Morph + Grip Strength - Water Speed Part 7 PROS CONS + Water Speed - Stun Resistance + Sense - Can't Run + Destruction - Shift + Fear - Throwing Knives Part 8 PROS CONS + Water Speed - Sense + Destruction - Can't Run + Stalk - Traps + Morph - Stun Resistance Part 9 PROS CONS + Stalk - Can't Run + Stun Resistance - Less Hit Points + Shift - Traps + Weapon Strength - Sense Savini PROS CONS + Shift - Can't Run + Weapon Strength - Water Speed + Destruction - Grip Strength + Fear - Stalk Jason X PROS CONS + Rage - Sense + Weapon Strength - Can't Run + Morph - Stalk + Throwing Knives - Stun Resistance Jason X, Uber PROS CONS + Defense - Can't Run + Weapon Strength - Traps + Destruction - Shift + Grip Strength - Water Speed Versus Jason PROS CONS + Rage - Shift + Stun Resistance - Can't Run + Destuction - Morph + Fear - Water Speed Retro Jason PROS CONS + Water Speed - Sense + Stalk - Less Hit Points + Can Run - Traps + Morph - Stun Resistance Mortal Kombat X PROS CONS + Can Run - Shift + Stun Resistance - Less Hit Points + Morph - Stalk + Rage - Water Speed Alternate Jasons Part 4(Alternate) PROS CONS + Can Run - Less Hit Points + Weapon Strength - Shift + Destruction - Traps + Fear - Water Speed Part 7(Alternate 1) PROS CONS + Water Speed - Stun Resistance + Sense - Can't Run + Destruction - Shift + Fear - Morph Part 7(Alternate 2) PROS CONS + Sense - Can't Run + Water Speed - Traps + Grip Strength - Stun Resistance + Fear - Morph Part 8(Alternate) PROS CONS + Water Speed - Sense + Destruction - Can't Run + Stalk - Grip Strength + Morph - Stun Resistance Bonus Pamela Template Imposter Pamela a.k.a. Paulma Template
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    "You're". You are welcome.
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    Anyone else think that they should only allow one of each character in a match? Watch the movies, the only twins are in Part 4. It also ruins it for the Jason player when there are a few people playing Bugzy or Adam and a few more playing as Vanessa. I really think you should be given a "spawn preference" choice for characters as we have between Jason and counselors. I think they should also add incentives to encourage team play, like extra xp for assists like item sharing, self sacrifice (repair the car but don't escape in it for example) and things like that.
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    Okay, very long list. No particular order @Ghostboy20 @LadySansaLannister @TheHansonGoons @Bropollocreed79 @Brigadius @Rexfellis @Vaderspupil @AldermachXI @Moe9999633 @JF13 @Alkavian @stoney @matisangry @Maddogg_8121 @CPLhicks31 @Kodiak @deathbat96777 @Cokeyskunk @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow @Redrum138 @Jason4prez @NoOneK9503 @CoyT92 @Chace Hollett @PowellCampsNAKED @Splatterhouse @Elias Voorhees @Chetork @silencedeffect @Redcat345 @Gummybish @The Tommy @Dr. Lecter @bewareofbears @NScarlato I feel like I just sent off a bomb And my favorite for last, @TheButtonMasher
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    Quick Play is full of stupid. I have little time for Private Match. I got other stuff to play. Sick of the trolls and the Jason teamers. Tired of people hosting just to fuck everyone over when they die. I'm bored of it all. If this game dies it will because of it's player base. They slowly killed the game with bad behavior. This game has lost some features and had others added because of trolling and it's been slowly killing the game since launch. I'm not quitting the game. I do like it but it's just become a chore to play. We'll see if the new engine can fix some of this stuff but at this point if someone told me the game was going to be completely dead in a few months I would believe them.
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    We can't keep having changes because a player sees every aspect of the game as "unfair". Players are randomly spawned around the map and I'm certain that you do not spawn in the "phone house" every time you play. It may feel that way, but it's simply not true. Also, just because you spawn there does not mean you have to stay there. Try running to a different cabin. And "most Jason's" are not asses because they go for a kill. I'm not sure you get this but Jason is SUPPOSED to go for the kill. That's the entire premise of the game. It's not a game where the councilors are supposed to survive.......... It's a game where councilors are supposed to TRY to survive and if they are skilled (or lucky) they do. Not everyone is supposed to escape. We are supposed to be fans of the franchise who enjoy seeing Jason kill these councilors, even if it is us being killed.
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    I get it over with - there's a lobby full of dead/escaped people who want to play the fucking game, not watch Jason jerk himself off. While I wouldn't suicide/quit on a Jason doing what you describe, whether I was the last counselor or a spectator I would run you over with a car the next match I could.
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    Hello slashers, today let’s talk about changes coming to how Jason is selected in Quick Play matches of Friday the 13th: The Game. With the next update we will be introducing a behind-the-scenes ticket system that improves the selection process governing which player is selected to be Jason. Players who have marked Jason as their spawn preference are given a surplus of tickets. Each time they’ve played Jason, tickets are subtracted, to reduce the chance of a single player being selected in back to back rounds, even when switching lobbies. An exception would be if that player switched to a lobby with players who have all indicated a preference for playing Counselors. Counselors - in the event that everyone in the lobby has their preference set to Counselor, one of you will still be selected to play as Jason. What happens if two players have the exact same amount of tickets, and neither have played Jason lately? The system will randomly select a ticket, and the owner of that ticket will be selected as Jason for the round.
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    Just find a troll to hit you with a pipe a few times!
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    LOL nah. Given by your posts, you’re just terrible at this game
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    When i purchased this game i knew full well what i was getting into. A game where my survival chances should be slim and i would die alot. And everyone i know and play with, who bought this game feels the same A few people here on this forum seem to want to complain non stop about dying and about fairness.. While i myself enjoy being killed by Jason. I mean sure, not at the exact moment im killed but a few seconds later.. Im cool. Dying to me in this game is usually expected, especially against a Jason that knows what they are doing. And while people get killed, other better be trying to escape.. If not, then everyone DIES.. :D. Sometimes i get killed 1st, sometimes i get killed last.. And sometimes i escape. Which is basically how it should be for everyone and it currently is. And the best part about dying,,, Is being able to sit back and watch the rest of the game like a movie and control the camera shots. I really enjoy that part of the game. Sometimes i cheer on the counselors, sometimes i cheer on Jason if i really hate the counselors. Thing is, some people treat this game like some sort of super competitive game with winners and losers and can't take dying.. EVER. Rage quitting in Jasons hands.. Complaining about Jason being OP. These people are buy far the WORST kinds of players to play with because i don't think they get the spirit of the game. They seem to be confusing escaping with winning and could care less about enjoying the the experience this game brings. Anyone else cool with Dying? Cause im cool. You cool?
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    You might want to find a steady group of expert players. They'll give you a run you won't find in random quickplay.
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    Friendly fire was one of the most underrated core reasons that indirectly made Jason a stronger threat when he arrived and it also made playing counselors more challenging. During the friendly fire era, you couldn't just gather up like a pack of sardines and start mindlessly swinging with no care for the direction of your fire like you can currently in this botched up version of 'Friday the 13th: The Pinata'. Friendly Fire being an element of the game forced you to play better as the counselor, it forced you to have better aim, it forced you to have stronger team mate awareness, and it forced you to create and play off better positioning as a team. And in the same playing field, Jason could also utilize friendly fire by swerving in a defensive direction towards other counselors to create bait & panic situations, which sometimes would fluster counselors into accidentally hitting one another. Split moments like these would often give the Jason player the opportunity to strike or make a move that he could capitalize on when up against groups. The problem was never Friendly Fire on it's own, the problem was the way that Gunmedia executed it that made it not fun to play against. It wasn't fun when you had a bitter troll trying to kill the team secretly one by one, and it also most definitely wasn't fun on the Jason side of things when your kills were stolen from grievers with shotguns and the likes. So here is the proposal of how Gunmedia can re-introduce Friendly Fire to the game, while also severely limiting the troll and anti-Jason kill steals. Friendly Fire: Counselors can no longer be killed by another counselor with a melee weapon (the finishing blow can only be performed by Jason) Shotguns no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Counselor placed bear traps no longer can kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Cars no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just knock them down and then when they get up, they will be in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Suicide can no longer be performed by windows or second story jumps. It will just whittle your health down to lowest possible number. Any counselor who makes another counselor enter "cripple" state (except for bear traps) will receive the -500 penalty that "Betrayal" currently has at the end of the match.
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    TL;DR Exactly. In 4 months the demographic for the game completely changed and it has ruined the game. Finding adults to play with is rare now as lobbies are filled to the brim, brink, and beyond with children. Children, not teens. Elementary school kids. Don’t bother playing on your day off during the day smh or in the evening after work (after school) I guess either. Basically you have a window of 1am-4am to play. Furthermore, to your point, there has been no boot system, no report system that gives an update on the report, and trolls have been enabled to run free and hold the game hostage with no consequences. There may be no way to prevent children from playing, but there are plenty of ways to prevent toxic players from ruining matches. The argument has been “but, but people might take advantage of a boot system to boot trolls and that would be unfair sad face!1” Really? With that lapse in logic there would be no laws or regulations because somewhere something might be exploited by a fringe population. Trolls flock to this game thanks to streamers and semi-viral videos of glitches, hacks, and exploits that are geared toward kids to reproduce and try on their own. Let’s face it, when the game launched it was 30 and 40 something guys who loved the films and survival horror that were playing, now it’s elementary and middle school kids who love to juke jukeee I jukedddd himmm. I for one am tired of being run out of communities, channels, and games that get overrun by children and trolls. We were here first and invested in the game and it’s not been properly monitored. This is what happens when there’s no commitment to the players past beta and once you get their money. It’s been almost a year of lip service with no report button, no boot button, and no way for the players to know who is a POS. There should have been a hall of shame for players to post the name of hackers, exploiters, bigots, trolls, rage quitters, and lobby closers on THIS forum but no, that would be “shaming” people... who deserve to be shamed for their behaviour. We should be able to post a screen cap and a small description with a name, date, and a tag for that person: “GamerTroll666 - 02/16/2018 tagged for closing a lobby as host” oh look it’s GamerTroll666 on 02/28/2018 tagged again for closing a lobby as host. Oh look it’s GamerTroll666 on 03/10/2018 rage quitting as Jason. This person should receive a soft ban for 24 hours with a message saying why. Players deserve to know who they are playing with and people who are toxic should be quarantined from the game. Of course that would be asking too much and any irritation from players asking for action or accountability is labeled as “hostile or “aggressive” meanwhile we have bigoted players insulting and threatening people in lobbies ok. Having a boot or report button is apparently controversial on this forum as people run to defend toxic claiming report or boot options might be abused.... yet the game is already being abused. Because there’s been little to no effort in quarantining toxic players, the player base has gotten younger, more toxic, and overall more insufferable. Anyway, it sucks because the only thing that keeps many of us coming back is our love of the IP and the fact that the game is part of our routine for unwinding after work etc.
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    Nobody promised new info every week, but we did say we would do better at communication. These smaller updates are us communicating changes that will have an impact on how people play. Will all of them be massive pieces of content like Single Player Challenges? No, but it's better to let you guys know what is being worked on, even if it's "lil mundane things".
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    A little late to the party, but I'll give it a go! Five pages in, its quite hard to come up with new names. *Drum Roll!* (In no particular order) @Rexfellis 'The Pragmatist' - Says things how they are and doesn't take any B.S. @ShiftySamurai 'The Diplomat' - Playing the double edge sword of giving people information they want and sometimes the information they didn't want. A tough job. @Kodiak 'Judge, Jury and Executioner' Self explanatory, always shuts down the bad threads. Fun fact, one 'i' too many off being called a camera. @Ghostboy20 'The Fool/Jester' If an image is worth a thousand words then he can say a lot more than I can write posting a GIF. @Truth 'Always Right' I haven't caught him out lying yet. @AldermachXI 'The Stalwart Veteran' Well versed and experienced. @deathbat96777 'The Spiritual Enlightener' The most knowledgeable in theology a guru in the making, a pillar of the community. @Maddogg_8121 'Mr Consistent' Always pleasant and courteous. @bewareofbears 'The Grafter' A hard worker who puts the extra effort into finding things out. @Barbara Ann 'The Goddess of the Mean Girl trope' She started the ball rolling @Culp @Elias Voorhees @Santi_Lee @kitcat @Slasher_Clone @Veevleigh @BangkokHard @Gummybish @Liquid Swordsman @TiffanyIsBae @mandixmx @FinalBoy ^ You are her 13 disciples! - Sorry to anyone who I haven't mentioned, it is very difficult to put a name on everyone, particularly when many people have already given you such good ones before me.
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    At the start of the game Jason doesn't have sense, so if you spawn at the phone house and he morphs there just shut up and stand still/clear of any windows. Once he's done trapping the phone, he'll likely leave. Oh. And don't lock the doors. That's a clear sign that someone is in the house.
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    OK, let me give this a shot. Much like the Favorite Forum Member thread, I am sure to leave a few out. Some may be because I can't think of a suitable name, or maybe I just haven't read enough of your posts to develop an opinion, or (and the most likely) I'm just fucking stupid and I forgot. So...here we go: @Alkavian The Professor This man is definitely a font of knowledge for all things Ft13:TG. If he says he tested something, you can take it to the damn bank that it has been tested. @a kamikaze man The "mean girl"'s Cheerleader. Usually a very level headed poster, and seems to be intelligent. A huge proponent for the Melissa/Mean Girl trope. @Truth The Fucking Truth Simple, easy, and effective. A straight shooter that has no trouble telling you what is on his mind. He may not always have the most popular opinion, but he will stick by what he says. @Cokeyskunk The Tricky Dick At first glance, Cokey is a very likable guy. In reality, I'm sure the person behind the keyboard really is. But, he has a subtle way of slamming stupid ideas without overtly calling them stupid. Me? I'll just say, "That's fucking dumb, and here is why..." CS will say it without actually saying it. I see what you're doing bro! @NoOneK9503 The Ambassador This is a two-fold title. In the first instance, he is the outsider who has, unfortunately, been unable to play the game very much. Do not let that lead you to believe that he doesn't understand the game. Of course, there are certain nuances that only actual game-play will allow you to have knowledge of, but he has seen enough to give some pretty accurate insight as far as the mechanics go. Secondly, he is our Brazilian spokesperson, or at least the most vocal one on these forums. Many native English-speaking members could take some pointers from him on this front as well. sum ov u geys dont spoke englich 2 gud. His English is a hell of a lot better than my Portuguese. @Ghostboy20 The Joker I can't improve upon the GIF-Man title, so I went with my favorite DC character. Always good for a laugh as well as an entertaining conversation. Great dude, by all appearances. This one is for you man: @AldermachXI The Misunderstood I know that a lot of newer members may look at Ald's posts and think that he is just a mean fucker that hates the Devs. This couldn't be further from the truth. He was an apologist for this game for months and he was in contact with the developers and gave us some great information. Like many of us, he finally reached a breaking point and started really pointing out major problems with the game that weren't being fixed. Don't mistake his penchant for being blunt as not having love for this title. If anything, I think his dedication to it has driven him to be the "Resident Curmudgeon" that he has become. Feel free to correct me if I missed anything Aldermach. @Bropollocreed79 The Elevator Farter Honestly, I can picture this dude letting out an SBD in the elevator, and trying to hide his smile while every other passenger retches. (Be careful man, we know your history!) A cool guy that has given a lot of comedic relief in his time here. In around 4 months, he has definitely made his presence known, and the forum is better for it. @LadySansaLannister The Sweetheart No other way to put it. She seems to be a very nice, empathetic person. I have had a couple of different conversations with her, and have never known her to be anything but respectful. She will discuss her issues with the game, but does not seem to participate in any arguments on the subjects. Kudos. @JF13 The Bot Smiter For reasons that I will not go into, as it is not my place to say, JF chooses to play offline rather than in multiplayer. He is obviously a huge fan of the game and the franchise. Also, he has a very respectable collection of Japanese games, anime, and other media. We did not get off to the best of starts, but we have gotten through that, and I am happy to know him. I've gotta give props to a fellow Resident Evil fan. @J.J. The Spoon No, not as in "spooning" perverts! I mean that she seems to enjoy stirring the shit pot from time to time. I can respect that. We have butted heads (no, not buttheads) a couple of times because of her opinions. But, I can't say that she is mean-spirited, she just has some spirit. Sometimes, she reminds me of a younger, female...me. haha @stoney The Wrongfully Maligned There are a lot of members on here that just dismiss what Stoney has to say because she is not a fan of the new patch. Personally, I am a fan of it, and she and I have discussed it at length. Just because we disagree does not mean that I don't value her opinion, she is more than welcome to have it. I think she has been needlessly attacked by a few members. Don't get me wrong, I'll jump all over stupid ass people saying stupid ass things, but she is not stupid. She happens to be very intelligent, and a damn good debater. While we may never agree about the balance of the game, I will always be happy to hear her viewpoints...and try to argue against them. @bewareofbears The Dedicated One Whether it's this game, movies, or any other media, BoB has an opinion on it. His success with the Bots Challenges is admirable. Hell, I've watched his videos to get pointers. I remember a movie thread where he and I discussed film for days, and it was awesome. We don't always agree on the game or cinema, but our discussions have always been civil and respectful. He will call people out when the need arises, but he is not needlessly argumentative. Basically, he says what he has to say, and moves on. We may never complete the "Jason Kill" challenge, but I am working on the "Assists Only" one...that shit is hard! Good job man. @NthnButAGoodTime Kwai Chang Caine (If you don't know who that is, google it, lol)I can't recall a terse post from this guy. Even with his (fairly) new role as mod, he doesn't drop the hammer very often. Just respectfully taking care of cleaning up posts, and explaining why it is being done. NBAGT may be the first person I had a lengthy discussion with when I joined the forum. We have always gotten along. No worries bro, I'll talk shit so you don't have to! @Kodiak Mjolnir You want a hammer? He's got a hammer. He's also got some kick ass sigs! As I mentioned in that other thread, my first interactions with Kodiak were due to the fact that he shut down a couple of my threads. We discussed them in PM's and I accepted his explanation. I know how time consuming and aggravating it can be to mod a large forum, so I'm gonna give him is props for never losing his cool. Don't take kindness for weakness though, it you get out of hand he will give a warning or two, and then just shut that shit down. But, he will explain his actions every time. @DamonD7 The Zen Master Damon seemingly doesn't get rattled by anything. He will greet you when you show up, alert you if he feels you are on the verge of breaking the forum rules, and merge or move topics if the situation calls for it. We've had a few discussions about old video games and they have always been pleasant. We played a lot of the same games as kids even though he lives in the UK, and I live in the southern US. Great guy. @ShiftySamurai The Rock This guy has the very unenviable position of Community Manager for a very vocal and passionate community. People bitch when there are no posts about the game, and then when this guy comes on and says something, folks jump on him like piranha in a feeding frenzy. I piss people off on a regular basis in the course of my job, but that is in my job description. Shifty really seems to just be trying to help and give the transparency that the Devs have promised. Personally, I think he is doing a great job. @Dr. Lecter The Cerebral One There is no doubt that the good doctor is an intelligent man. Much like his namesake, he is well versed in manipulating people into making mistakes. Within the structure of this forum, that usually means that he calls stupidity out just so the originator of said stupidity will attempt to disprove the response. Normally, the unfortunate result (for the poor, ignorant fool), is that he/she will usually look more foolish. Of course, I'm reasonably sure there will be a response to this. Quid Pro Quo good Doctor. @Tattooey Another guy that just lays it out as he sees it. No bullshit, no subterfuge, he'll just tell you what he thinks. Who can ask for anything more? And finally... @TheHansonGoons My Brother From Another Mother We agree on so much shit, it's uncanny. Beer, movies, games, lifestyle in general. I don't have a collection of vinyl, but I do have close to 500 DVDs and Blu-Rays. I also still have my original SNES. So, nostalgia is big for me. I collect consoles, movies, and games, and THG collects his records (among other things). We often have the same viewpoint on differing topics and share the love for different types of media. We've gotta get together and do the craft beer tour/pub crawl thing here in Nola. No way in hell I'm going to Philly, I've been there, too cold for my southern ass! lol Plus, it'll give your GF and my wife plenty of time to talk shit about us. Had to save your title for last bro! To anyone I missed, get over it! Just kidding. I'm at work, and I've been doing this on the sly. If I missed ya, shoot me a PM, and if I have read (and remember) enough of your posts, I will see if I can come up with one.
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    @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier I have played on Xbox One since launch. It shows I have 960 hours played. 8,420 doors destroyed. 🚪 Experienced every kind of bug you can imagine. Crashes, xbox resets itself, freezing, lost connections, rage quits, host quitting, extreme server lag, counselors helping Jason, exploits, bad patches etc. Real end of the world game breaking shit. 😄 I have enjoyed the game. Thank you backers. 👍 The current state of the game is ok but, needs work and dedicated servers. Fighting many bugs in the game at the moment that chip away at my sanity. I load up the game. Jump into quickplay and the it plays out the same most of the time. 1. See I'm not Jason. Player that was picked leaves the match after getting his ass handed to him. Maybe they had a bug that stops them from interacting with anything. Maybe they crashed. Lost connection etc. Repeat for a few matches in a row. PSA: Change your preference to counselor if don't want to play as Jason. 2. I wait 10 to 30 matches and get my chance to play as Jason. The host quits on me randomly at some point during the match. Anger level rises. No credit towards last 2 achievements. 500 and 1,000 matches as Jason in multiplayer to get 100%. This is the main issue that immediately kills my desire for the day to play it. I have noticed an increased level of toxic behavior and trolls in the game. It starts a chain reaction in lobbies and quickly no one wants to keep playing it. To be honest I only keep playing to get 100% for the achievements at this point. Level 150 with no use or need for CP. When it was announced no updates until April because of engine update I stopped playing as often. Think my time will soon be occupied by other games if the next update is going to take a few months to fix the car rubber banding and other bugs. This game gets me angry more than the enjoyment I get out of playing it. Hosts that quit...would you kindly...throw your Xbox into the deepest pit of hell...soon. 😄
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    What I don't understand is why people think it's an insult to sit on Jason's face with Tiffany, or any of the other females for that matter. To me it becomes a gesture of goodwill at that point...unless it's Deborah. Pussy to the face is F13's version of a pat on the back.
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    Hope you guys like my parody if the film's were more like the game.
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    To all the wonderful Buggzy players out there, I admire your perseverance, but please FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SACRED STOP FOLLOWING STEALTH CHARACTERS AROUND! When Lachappa politely tells you to "let me fly solo" and you persist, the perfunctory follow up of "BACK OFF AND TAKE YOUR ROBOCOP STOMPIMG IMPROV WITH YOU!" adequately conveys that I'd like to be left alone. Go fumble about in the woods with Chad or Vanessa and, as the Patriot axiom goes: do your job. Let me repair the car, and stop bringing Jason to me like lonely moms to a Twilight film.
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    Alright I know his is a touchy topic, but I really want to voice my opinion on it. When counselor's commit suicide to deny Jason the kill. The community is angry and they have the right to be as it is a ridiculous action to perform. When counselor's rage quit as soon as they are grabbed by Jason the community is outraged and they have the right to be as this is toxic and demeaning. however, when counselor's go through the entire effort of demasking Jason, finding a sweater, calling Tommy, and preparing to kill Jason before he hides in the water denying them any chance. the community defends it. There was a post a couple months concerning whether it is fair for the Jason player to hide for the rest of the match if players have the necessary components to kill Jason. Many users agreed it as disheartening to die as Jason and embarrassing and defend players who use water to deny the kill. I will say publicly that Jason players who do this method are toxic and ruin the game just like counselor's that commit suicide or rage quit. I just played my 3rd match in a row this week where I had the sweater equipped, but the Jason refused to engage us and either morphed away constantly or more often than not would sit in the water and run out the 20 minute timer. some people have said it is embarrassing for the Jason players to die to counselor's and it's alright if they want to hide in the water and refuse death. On the other hand though if I was grabbed by a level 6 Jason player is it embarrassing I died to a new player? Yes. That's why I let him decapitate me because I made a mistake. It was my fault that this happened to me and I could have prevented it, but I won't rage quit because the Jason earned that kill. Jason players can avoid being demasked, can prevent tommy being called, can target and kill the sweater wearer, can put a trap on the entrance to the shack. If he ignores all those measures though and is able to be killed, but chooses to hide in the lake the community defends him. What is with the hipocrisy of a toxic counselor actions and toxic Jason actions and the community's reactions?
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    Two grabs, two knives, two stun locks, one garbage player, one annoyed Jason. This has to be fixed. It causes people to escape and be able to finish things not as the game is intended given the length of stun involved in certain things IE fire crackers, pocket knives etc etc etc. but doubling it.
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    You forgot Salt. Every new update adds salt to one group of people or another. 😜
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    Creighton died by a bearhug. Tommy survived all his encounters. So Tommy is more of a hero then him.
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    Just move on to the next one. It happens. Not a big deal.
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    We have some adjustments for Part 7 Jason, but I'm not 100% sure at this time whether this change will be included in the upcoming patch or the patch after
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    Title says it all: the lobby countdowns need to be significantly reduced. It’s noticeably taking entirely too long to get a match started at the current rate in which people enter and leave lobbies. So many players enter and leave a lobby that there are as many as 20 players that have entered and left by the time a lobby gets going. When I first started playing this game, people tended to stick in a lobby because finding once was often more difficult. Now I’ve noticed that so many players quit once they die that entire lobbies have to be repopulated after each game and it’s really becoming a problem. With the way players abandon games now and also are finicky about their lobby, it takes 3-5 minutes after EVERY match just to get a game going. And once the countdown starts, someone enters and it starts over again ONLY FOR PEOPLE TO LEAVE and this ridiculous process to keep going on indefinitely ad nauseam for upwards of 10 minutes. I don’t even want to discuss the length of time it takes to initially get a lobby going as people just have no patience to wait for a lobby to populate. Because of this. It’s causing the other player’s patience to be wrecked. I enjoy playing the game after work and it’s a miracle now if I get 3 or 4 matches (that are completed) in during an entire evening. To solve this, suggest significantly reducing the lobby countdown to a minute flat once four people enter the lobby. If the lobby doesn’t populate, the game will start either way and the counter should never, EVER restart just because someone enters the lobby. This whole in and out reset drives people crazy and I know first hand. There is already the second ‘waiting for players’ screen that pipes players in so there is no need for the initial lobby countdown to be so long. Can this please be considered for the next patch?
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    Get over it. I use it to get Jason to follow me. It's really easy to keep him tunneled that way.
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    Very well. You've derailed your own thread so I'll be locking it.
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    ^^I agree with this. But, let's look at another option. Maybe Jason should have no arms, a broken leg, glaucoma and erectile dysfunction. Would that work for you @SmartestJew?
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    Good lord... The game has reached its pinnacle when players are focused on an animated ass....
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    Sucker punch(%25 increase on stun chance) with a lead pipe does not stuns Jason now. Thank you Gun to make this game impossible for us. I was about to take the med spray but before I wanted to buy myself a little time to guarentee the job. I turned around and swinged the lead pipe with Sucker punch equipped, but no he Just stand still and then he choked me. Wouldn't anyone rage quit in this situtation?
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    Please, for the love of God, do not add a pocket knife perk to the game.
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    It's impossible for you because you can't stun Jason 100% of the time with a pipe...? Really? Grab a bat...
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    Absolutely no need to post this. No need to be nasty to people just because. If you haven't got anything nice or constructive to add to the conversation then you could just not post anything.
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    From my experience since playing the game since the digital release back on May 26 of last year, the only people who exploit chain stunning are the same players who trash talk, don't take care of objectives because the only objective they have is to exploit how easy it is to chain stun him and trash talk. They are the same people who do nothing productive all match and will combat stance Jason through partially or full solid doors. I am not sure about the immunity time between normal melee stuns but if a counselor pocket knifes jason and waits until he pulls it out and his arm goes down, before the Jason player has control of Jason again the counselor can time their melee hit and chain stun him before he even can do anything. It is a cheap tactic that useless people exploit
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    Chain-stunning doesn't need to be removed entirely but it definitely needs to be limited. As it is, it borders on being an exploit as opposed to honest gameplay.
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    That's your mistake, having pride. Me? I shit my pants at work one time as an adult. The concept of "pride" is no longer applicable to me.
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    No. It's just about the same. Even with all the pocket knives, I'd still get 8/8 in QP most of the time. Maybe 7 because 1 would slip away. It just took a little longer because the pocket knives delayed the inevitable. They still all died one by one because there's a lack of teamwork when it comes to the objectives - which you still gotta do in order to escape (people like you seem to forget that). Everyone just had a false sense of confidence that they could avoid death for 20 minutes because they were packin' 2-3 pocket knives. But teamwork completely took a back seat in that period. That's no good for anyone. I've always played against a group of skilled counselors who play as a team. This is a group of veteran players, who all post here too. @Alkavian, @TheHansonGoons, @Tattooey, @Risinggrave, @lHeartBreakerl, @Corkenstein, @Brigadius, @bewareofbears, @GhostWolfViking Regardless of how many pocket knives they have, they know how to push objectives, and more importantly, they know when to push objectives. They're EXPERT level players. They divide Jason's attention. You can't be in two places at once...So what do you do when half the group is at the phone and the other half is working the car? ...That's the scenario teamwork places on Jason - He has to make a choice, and he has to give something up. This can and DOES happen quite often in QP lobbies as well. At least on PC...Players know how to play the game and are able to divide Jason's attention, even without a mic, with a language barrier...It's just game knowledge. I'm repeating myself again. But you've clearly hit a skill ceiling in what you've seen on PS4, especially since you seem to be a QP player. But don't pretend for a second that more than a few pocket knives are needed. 3 is still plenty, since there are 3 objectives in the game. That gives you the option to silently disarm a trap at EVERY objective if you're smart about it. And that's always been the idea behind pocket knives - Do you use them for a silent disarm, or do you hold onto it as a free escape? Team players almost always use them to disarm silently. It's not our fault you have trouble finding team players...Maybe join the PS4 chapter of our group (Don't worry, none of the above players are on there - @NthnButAGoodTime runs the PS4 chapter). It might be a huge eye opener for you.
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