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    Hey all! So, the biggest thing we’ve heard from our community with the game are issues pertaining to rampant team-killing that has unfortunately been abused by players on all platforms. While the mechanic’s intent is designed to promote life-or-death experiences into each and every game you play, the reality has turned into more of a Battle Royale scenario to a point our team feels a change needs to be made. In the next patch; Public Games will no longer allow counselor team killing through weapons use against other counselor players. The shotgun, machete, and other assorted weapons will no longer have any effect on friendly players. However; there remain a couple dangers. The biggest one is that the car will remain as-is. A car can and will be able to run you over and kill you. We decided on this as the alternative was abused during our beta where users would simply stand in front of the car, effectively blocking it from moving. The next consideration is that counselor-placed bear-traps will still cause damage to other counselors that walk over them, however a resulting death will no longer incur an XP Penalty. To that we say; pay attention to placed traps. Our team believes that the ability to hurt other counselors is something that this game should have as it adds tension and requires players to make tough calls. However, we do not believe this should be a mechanic that is abused by players to the point where the vast majority of our current communications from fans are complaints of rampant/unwarranted team-killing/griefing/trolling. We will include this mechanic in private matches for now, with the hope of better options in the future. Tl;dr · Public Matches - Team Killing is No Longer Possible · Public Matches - Cars Can Still Kill · Public Matches - Traps Still Can Hurt/Kill - no XP penalty Loss to Trap Placer · Private Matches - Team Killing Still Possible · Can’t Have Nice Things. -Gun
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    Hey all, Wes talked with GamesIndustry here about the game. A bit about what we've been going through. Thought you guys would like the read with a heads up on what's going on to a degree. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-08-01-friday-the-13th-stumbles-to-1-8m-sold
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    So, I watched 'A New Beginning' last night and took notes throughout the film. I'm posting them here so we can debate Roy as a Jason using facts. To start, this is what I believe Roy's strengths and weaknesses should be. Strengths +Stalk +Weapon Strength +Stun Resistance Weaknesses -Sense -Can't Run -Defence Weapon Machete (plus average traps and knives) The reasons for my choices are based on Roy's actions during the film: Defense Roy fails to block all incoming attacks, except for the chainsaw. Destruction While Roy's ability to burst through a door is impressive, it is on par with the ability of all Jasons once "Rage" is activated. 59:00 - Roy smashes his hand through a window, killing Ethel with the cleaver 1:10:05 - Roy walks through a door like it's not there 1:13:10 - Roy throws a body through a window Driving The subject of Roy driving comes up often. Roy is not the driver of the ambulance. Roy's co-worker is also found dead in the driver's seat. 21:20 - Roy's a passenger in the ambulance, not the driver Grip Strength Roy has an above average grip strength, in line with other living Jasons. 1:08:00 - Roy chokes Violet against a wall and raises her up the wall, all one-handed 1:22:18 - Roy holds holds himself up using the arm lacerated by the chainsaw Less or More Hit Points Roy takes more damage during the course of the film than the average human could likely withstand and keep going. The amount of damage Roy takes is on par, and possibly more, than other Jasons. 1:14:25 - Roy is hit with a tractor 1:17:15 - Roy takes a slice from a chainsaw to his left shoulder 1:19:20 - Roy takes a knife to the inner thigh, then manages to climb a ladder 1:22:50 - Roy takes a machete chop to the wrist, possibly losing his hand Morph Roy displays 4 instances of what could be considered a "morph". Roy's ability to do so is likely on par with other Jasons, particularly living. 56:00 - Matt and George killed offscreen, presumably before or during while Reggie, Pam and Tommy were at the trailer park. Roy then appeared at the trailer park to kill Demon and Nita. 57:35 - Junior arrives at home on his motorcycle, having left the trailer park (again, on his motorcycle) before Roy (who stayed to kill Demon and Nita), Junior killed by Roy at 58:45, cleaver kill. *Roy is able to go from the trailer park to Ethel's in an impossible amount of time. 1:11:10 - Reggie and Pam ran from the house to the ambulance, Roy does not run after them. Roy appears on the opposite side of the ambulance. Roy does not appear tired or breathing heavily. Basically, an impossible scenario again which requires Roy to "Morph". When Reggie and Pam run away, Roy *walks* after them. 1:13:10 - Pam runs back to the house, stops briefly to see a dead body on the way. Pam is in the house briefly before Roy throws the body of George through the window Rage Roy displays rage in the climax of the film, bursting through a door with ease and powering through multiple stuns. Run At no point in the film does Roy ever run. Roy's fastest pace is a "fast walk" similar to undead Jasons already in-game. 1:11:10 - Roy walks after Pam and Reggie 1:13:45 - Roy "fast walks" in pursuit of Pam 1:16:00 - Roy walks to the barn Sense Roy does not appear to have any sort of extra sixth sense. Roy's attempt in example #2 highlights his inability to sense. Roy's "sense" ability is deficient compared to other Jasons. 1:18:05 - Roy does not "sense" Tommy has entered the barn until Reggie calls out Tommy's name 1:21:00 - Roy attempts to "sense" where Reggie and Pam are. Reggie reveals himself and Roy doesn't see the sneak attack coming from behind by Pam Shift Roy's ability to "shift" is average. He displays being capable of doing so twice- particularly in example #2. His ability is not above or below average. 38:51 - Roy appears on one side of the car, then the other, kills Lana, axe kill (This could easily be accomplished by walking, presented in the film as a "Shift" though.) 45:00 - Tina seen laying on blanket, wide shot, no Roy in sight, Roy appears, kills Tina, shears kill Stalk Roy is a master of "stalk". Out of Roy's 17 victims. a confirmed 11 never saw it coming. 25:40 - Roy appears behind greaser fixing car, flare kill 26:30 - Roy appears behind 2nd greaser inside car, machete kill 37:20 - Roy appears behind Billy, axe kill 43:50 - Roy appears behind drifter, knife kill 46:10 - Roy appears behind Eddie, belt kill 54:55 - Nita gasps, killed by Roy offscreen, unknown weapon kill 56:00 - Roy kills Demon, spike kill 59:00 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Ethel, cleaver kill 1:03:55 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Jake, cleaver kill 1:06:20 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Robin, machete kill 1:06:55 - One of the greatest stalks ever, Roy sneaks in on Violet dancing, machete kill Stun Resistance Roy's longest stun duration is after he is hit with a tractor. All other stuns happen after the hit from the tractor and Roy is able to recover from them in a remarkable amount of time considering the damage he's taken. 1:14:25 - Roy is stunned by a hit from a tractor 1:15:25 - Roy shakes off two kicks to the mask from Pam 1:17:55 - Roy shakes off a chainsaw thrown at him 1:19:20 - Roy is stunned by a knife to the inner thigh 1:21:30 - Roy is hit in the back with something wooden (?), not stunned 1:21:55 - Roy is knocked out of the barn but manages to hold on, apparently with the arm lacerated by the chainsaw 1:22:50 - Roy's hand is chopped with a machete causing him to lose his grip and fall to his death Traps Roy uses no form of traps throughout the film, at least not that we see. This is on par with other Jasons. Water Speed Roy is never seen swimming or in a situation that requires it. We would assume he's not above or below average. Weapon Strength Roy is an effecient killer and doesn't require more than one blow/cut/stab/etc to kill a victim. Weapons Roy's preferred weapon is the machete. Over the course of three days, Roy uses the machete on the first day and then enters the film's climax on the third day with the machete. It is the only weapon to be used on multiple days. The cleaver and machete are both used three times. The machete may have been used up to five times as two victims are found with their throats slashed. 25:40 - Flare 26:30 - Machete 37:20 - Axe 38:51 - Axe 43:50 - Knife 45:00 - Shears 46:10 - Belt 54:55 - Unknown weapon (throat slashed) 56:00 - Spike 58:45 - Cleaver 59:00 - Cleaver 1:03:55 - Cleaver 1:06:20 - Machete 1:07:55 - Machete 1:11:10 - Unknown weapon (throat slashed) 1:12:25 - Railroad spike 1:13:10 - Unknown weapon (eyes gouged, similar to shears kill) Mods- if this post is too similar in topic please merge with whichever post, as opposed to locking it. Thanks.
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    Then I don't wanna hear the small team excuse anymore
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    When I start going Mach 5 and don't slow down in time or hit "A" too early when going out of a window.
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    We sent a very strongly worded message to a few sites for running on speculative posts on Reddit rather than talk to a primary source. This is rather....unfortunate that a rumor from a user completely outside the development or publishing team has somehow become newsworthy. We know things have been quiet on our end, but we promise you that is with good reason. We don't like speculation and we don't like missing a mark. Our team has been hard at work on the updates, and I am very much looking forward to being proactive again with our commentary on updates, fixes and added content. There's only so many times we can say 'soon,' before people shrug us off. Look, winter finally came on Game of Thrones; the Xbox One patch and more content will come for F13....just won't take as long as 7 seasons :D.
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    I also want this But I also want this for Jason
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    I wanted to share an idea to see if people would get behind it. I want to start a Xbox club exclusively for the members of this forums & non members. However there will be slight differences in the type of players allowed to join. 1. First off to allow the members to network & quickly get into games with various other players. 2. Second is the difference between other clubs. This club will be by invitation only. This will allow us to only invite players that meet certain criteria. A. No member will cheat, glitch, mod, hack, or exploit ever or they will be removed from the group & reported if caught. B. All members are mature gamers who conduct themselves respectfully. Minor trash talk is okay but excessive raging will not be permitted. C. Members will not rage quit from a match. The members will also conduct themselves professionally during matches. The purpose of this club will exist to make meeting new players & good fair gamers easier. Finding good games with mature players will become inevitably much quicker & resulted in better quality of matches. I have a lot of friends who are great players & a blast to play with unfortunately they are not members of this forum but their ideas on how to play fairly are mutual with the people in this community. I'm sure as well that the members of this forum also have friends who are not so different. Almost every private match I play in everyone in session is a friend or a mutual friend. Very rarely do I deal with toxic players. I hope that you guys understand what I'm trying to achieve & hopefully we can get a lot of us on board to kickstart this thing. Maybe PlayStation can also create the same thing. The goal is for the players who don't have anyone to play with can use the group to find well trusted gamers who will welcome them rather then teamkill. I often at times don't have many people online or most are already in full games.
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    I try to give meta gaming the benefit of the doubt. I say, well hey, analysis and working the angles is part of some people's play style. This is fine for single player games. Heck I mod the bejeepers out of Skyrim and Fallout. Who cares right? At the most I am "cheating" myself out of the game experience as intended. Sometimes you just want to kill dragons with a big fucking sword. Sometimes you want to shoot Mutants with a BFG and not have to worry about ammo. Heck sometimes I mod the games to make them harder. I have died of frostbite in Skyrim. No biggie, it is my game. With this online game I just can't stand the metagaming, because it feels like cheating. It feels like you are taking a game and breaking it down to parts and then removing the actual playing of it and replacing it with a strategy just designed to get stats. You remove the fun of it by not playing the game. You haven't outwitted Jason or the other player, just the developers who tried to provide a fun experience for their customers. You break any sense of immersion by doing this, and for what? To mine salty tears? Laugh at frustrating other people by taking advantage of things that were never intended? Other people's sadness doesn't fill me with joy. Other people's frustration doesn't fill me with Joy. Getting away from a well played Jason because I played well fills me with joy. The rest is just some bs.
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    As I said, my job is what Ben tells me to do, not what you tell me to do. If something breaks forum rules, it is dealt with. Having dozens of "OMG free Savini" threads is not something we want. I've kept it to one centralized discussion. I'm not telling people what they can or can't download but I won't tolerate dozens of threads from users telling people how to claim something that is clearly a mistake on Microsoft's part. As I said, how I use my mod powers is not for you to decide. Rules are rules, there are to be no duplicate threads so I'll clean them up when I see them. I don't "silence" anyone (a phrase you're a bit too fond of saying), I simply do what is asked of me by the community manager. Now, back to the topic at hand and less of this "you're an abusive mod for doing your job" talk.
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    The guys at Gun Media and Illfonic be like...
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    I think it represents one of my blue balls from never being able to complete a match.....
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    Coming soon, new smaller no environment maps plus bonus map. Shipping container 1v7 in a shipping container. Can you survive the full 20 minutes? Big Rig refrigerated cargo trailer 1v7 in an 18 wheelers refrigerated trailer. Will you end up on ice? Mobile home 1v14 in a gutted double wide. Double the space, double the carnage. Bonus map: Rust
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    Not to brag... but so often I find I'm the absolute best player by FAR in my lobby... ...then the lobby fills and I'm no longer alone...
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    All physical backers get the bloody skin which can be applied to all versions of Jason. Digital will also get bloody versions as well, those come at a later date.
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    I'm locking this thread as like both @JPops and I both said in my 'How to play guide', there is no need to create a separate thread for this. Credible knowledge that is not questionable with regards to exploits can be added to it and credited. I am also reviewing the content of this thread and removing any potential methods of exploitation. As I have said before, we do not advocate use of exploits here and I will not allow guides on how to do them to be published, especially under the guise of 'this is advanced knowledge and therefore is acceptable'.
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    Jason is not getting nerfed, items will now function as intended. I kill 8/8 easily without ever exploiting the block. Who said that shotgun fire is going to go through counselors? Maybe it's just going to block the shot. Never had an issue with a group of counselors they are easily dealt with in groups. In fact I like that, it gives me less ground to cover. Jason is and will always remain OP you just won't have the exploits at your disposal to make him unfairly OP
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    I think a lot of the anger is from people burned by past actions of this company and they are still fresh in our mind, because frankly, a lot of the issues still exist. I remember prior to the launch, watching all the beta videos I could and being excited that one of my favorite franchises of all time was getting a release on current gen machinery. I backed this game and really believed in the devs. And from a design point of view and fun factor, they nailed it. However, The technical bugs and some of the decisions made, have made me somewhat doubtful of the handling of the game. I don't just randomly attack them or hate this game, in fact, most people love this game and that's why they are so passionate about it. Here is a few examples of things that have disappointed me: * Clothing DLC pack was rather lackluster. Really bummed out, but it is what it is * streamers got game days before backers and ruined the Jason kill. * keys were not handed out to the last minute, not leaving enough time to iron out possible problems * Launch day and the way servers were for days after. Half the people I convinced to buy the game, couldn't play and got database error. * Playstation backers got Savini weeks after launch while other's got to play him instantly. *PS DLC clothing 3 weeks after launch * Savini leaked on PS store * NO HOST MIGRATION * the fact that I have to scour 4 or 5 different websites to get official info, even though they have a dedicated forum. * Roof glitch,cant kill hiding space glitch, and other various glitches that still exist. * communication failure when things happen ( xbox savini debacle,deleting posts about it, ect) *taking away new players right to post here * half finished content such as retro jason not having a intro or closing video. I could keep going but I think I have proven my point. Some people still remember all this stuff. It doesn't just go away because they throw a free skin or lackluster mini maps at people. Again, I love this game and hope that with time it gets where it needs to be, but until then they will continue to be met with doubt and anger until things get ironed out. I wish them the best, but until they iron out these issues, people will continue to throw shade their way.
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    He probably hung up the phone and looked out against the dark city and said, "Im needed." Then he vanished into mist
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    Instead of clean and bloody skins I'd prefer my Jason to get bloodier and bloodier with each Counselor I kill. Also digital players will get their own Bloody skins - just with different blood patterns from the physical.
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    Well, i'm at least very disappointed in their handling of the launch and post launch issues, as well as their lack of any substantial information concerning updates and fixes. This was a crowdfunded game and while that doesn't mean we will get a say in it's development we the loyal fans of the franchise and backers are what will keep this game going when others start losing interest. While most companies are large enough to not need fan input this company is not. This game will require Gun to engage it's community or it will fail. If they don't listen to what players want or engage with us they will lose their already limited player base and this game will fizzle out and die in no time. I have disagreed with Gun more than once and have told them so when I do. I'm not one of their yes men. I want to see this game succeed and sometimes that requires tough love. I'm active in this community and help other users when I can and contribute my ideas and to others ideas when i have something to add. This community is to add to the overall game experience, discuss problem, seek answers, contribute ideas, and build a solid player base. For Gun to ignore this forum is just bad judgement in my opinion. Might be too late at that point.
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    The game needs the player base, and it doesn't make them "trashy posers" just because they are understandably upset about something that is so broken on XBONE that I'm surprised that platform even has a single player left at this stage I do not own an XBOX, but I do sympathize with all the XBONE users, since I am incredibly frustrated with the BETA level product that we are playing on Steam and PS4, so I don't even want to know how they feel with their early ALPHA version I have only been on this forum for 5 weeks, but overall, the morale has gone backwards by a very large margin, and by many hardcore franchise fans that were totally in love with every aspect of the game, but that has withered with each passing day that Gun Media remains radio silent about the future of the game, gives questionable responses via their twitter, almost going borderline rude to fans, and the latest, locking an official forum from new registrations I sincerely hope that these guys haven't sailed off into the sun set, just because they had a great vision of a great game, and just don't want to handle the aftermath of selling an unfinished product, while sitting with our money. I personally don't even care about having paid for this title twice, but what I do care about is absolutely zero concern to address game breaking issues, and PR that is completely non-existent.
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    Here's a late-night/early-morning post of random observations. Most of this has come up in conversation with @Ban_All_Music in-game. Where are the stars? If you've ever been camping, or anywhere away from the light pollution caused by a big city, you would remember seeing a shitload of stars. Why is Chad at Crystal Lake? He's a rich Momma's boy- I get that. Why would he ever, in a million years, be a camp counselor? The only possible parallel in the films is Trent in the remake and Trent was not a counselor. Why is there only one thing in a drawer? Has anyone ever opened a drawer in real life to find one single thing inside of that drawer? Who puts one thing in a drawer? Why are the car keys never on the key racks? I get we're supposed to scavenge but wouldn't a key rack be the logical place for keys? Why are there TVs at a summer camp? Does anyone remember watching TV at summer camp? Could you even get reception at Camp Crystal Lake? Why isn't a Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt a clothing option? A counselor shirt should be available for all counselors to wear. The game specifically states they're counselors but none of them can dress the part. Why are all clothing options late-80's-to-early-90's when the game is based in the late-70's-to-early-80's? Self-explanatory. These aren't complaints, they're just oddities that don't make sense. Anyway, that's it for now. I know I had others but I'll think of them later. Feel free to add to this list.
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    What I find very irritating is how somebody like H2oDelirious can support this game so much to be a vital asset to help its development & turn around after release & create videos teaching people how to do game breaking glitches/exploits. Its good to know that trolls like this can have videos removed. I never understood why people find it entertaining to try to piss someone off & deprive them of enjoying something. The fact that these trolls make these videos & gain followers is a strong indication of moral decline in this world even if it is over the internet. Sure it may be a video game but they are real people behind those controllers with real emotions. Bullying needs to be taken much more seriously & not glorified like it's some type of awesome accomplishment to make somebody online feel like shit. For the record I'm not categorizing every type of comedy gameplay videos. Just the pathetic ones of people extremely bullying someone for no reason. I believe the problem isn't the uploader but all the followers that create a acceptable standard of bullying that a lot of youtubers embrace. That is the heart & reason behind the excessive amounts of toxic players & trolling that's encountered online. People practice what they believe. When they see a successful YouTuber torturing people online they try to emulate what they find entertaining & do not find any fault in doing so considering the amount of people who support that kind of behavior makes is acceptable & justified in their mind.
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    I'm just gonna go cry in my ambulance now, don't mind me.
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    I'm really disappointed by the toxicity of a lot of members towards Gun Media & Illfonic. Everything they seem to do (content, patches, balance fixes & updates), are always incorrect and subject to criticism from members & backers... Please, give them a break! This game is only 3 months old... I would like to thanks Gun Media & Illfonic for bringing back the Friday the 13th license the way I always dreamt for! I'm really ashamed by how disrespectful the communities are while playing the game. I know host migration is an essential thing on consoles. It's not Illfonic's fault, if players are disconnecting during kill grabs or leaving the game early because they aren't Jason Voorhees. The result : game is screwed for everyone with no xp awarded. They are jerks around here who want to troll the game deliberately. If this game is a mess, it's because of indecent players who help Jason, team killing, etc. Conclusion: Gun & Illfonic can't be blamed for everything...
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    Sorry no. I kill everyone. If the host wants to quit let them. If he's the first one I find then he's dead. No one should be left alone because they are host. Death is death. You died, get over it.
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    I'm just happy I could join when I did. Would have been fun playing with Shelly but maybe some other time down the road.
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    Thank you very much. I'm sorry to have made such a post, I'm just genuinely upset by the whole thing, and got emotional for a moment. You know what, I know it's silly, but if everyone who reads this post and is on XBOX ONE wouldn't mind sending PoeticPoison22 a message, telling her that the game isn't just full of assholes that hate girls, and to just keep being the person she wants to be, I would appreciate it. Just say you read about the situation on the FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME forum, you don't have to mention me at all. She's being teamkilled over and over by assholes pretty much just for being a girl, so let's show her, in the TRUE spirit of Friday the 13th and it's strong female characters, that Friday fans and gamers aren't like that as a whole. Thanks ahead of time for anyone that does so.
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    Tommy may have his uses but the majority of the time he is beyond useless. That is pretty much up to how he is played. So, I suggest that if you have a pic, gif, video, or story that sums up your experiences with Tommy to drop it here. I think this one says it all.
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    This is my Michael Myers origin story: "I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding; and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes... the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil. " - Dr. Loomis
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    Here is the part where we agree to disagree/admit that everyone has different tastes and politely bow out. But you almost got me to start arguing with "gave us a solid origin story."
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    OK so I know a lot of people are new to crowd funding because they wanted to lend their support to this game. So some might not exactly understand how the process works. When you are pledging to a tier it is not a pre-order of the game. Kickstarter even has this stated that it is not a store and you are buying nothing. What you are doing is donating money. I am sure people have participated in a fund raiser before where you buy super over priced candy to support a cause. While different in the sense as you are actually buying a product in that situation but you will also realise its at an inflated price. That purpose is to raise money not sell it at cost. So kickstarter is similar in the way that you are fundraising but here is where it differs. You are donating money at a tier, you are not buying anything. In exchange for your donation of that amount a promise is made to provide you certain rewards. When you support a tier for $60 your reward would be the game. It's not saying that this is the retail price. I also think people are getting confused on the fact it costs more to produce physical copies. Well yes it in fact does cost more to design, print and ship. So some might say we'll why does it cost the same as digital? Well Amazon is buying these bad boys in bulk and paying a shipping cost to receive these into their warehouses. They are paying these costs up front and they will pass it onto you if you are not a prime member or if you are under I believe it's now $35 for free shipping these days. Amazon is a major online retailer, thier business relies on shipping and they ship in mass quantities. Places like Amazon receive big savings on shipping sort of a preferred customer if you will. It costs them far less money for shipping as say gun media shipping items to you. Gun media is not in the shipping business and UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, DHL, Ect will not cut them breaks on shipping costs so yes it will ultimately cost them more to ship. But again when you look at printing and shipping depending on location $20 isn't a ton of money. Especially if you happen to be international shipping. It really washes out but the fact people need to understand more so than anything else is kickstater is a fund raiser. nothing more, nothing less. I hope that cleared up some questions I have seen in this thread.
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    So, here we are again... @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk Guys, why can't you come talk to us about the Savini thing happening on XBOX ONE? This isn't some little four hour mistake, this is hours and hours of people downloading something you promised to your backers would be an exclusive. FOR FREE. One of you really needs to make a statement within 24 hours of this happening. Otherwise, well, I'll keep playing. Heck, I'll probably even buy any DLC - all because I love FRIDAY THE 13TH so much... But I will NEVER buy or otherwise support another game by this team again, and I will also actively discourage other people from doing so. Once again, communication here is the issue. If a fuck up like this happens, one that breaks your promises to the very people that pledged to kickstarter and backerkit to make your game possible, you should get in front of that issue IMMEDIATELY and reassure your supporters that you are going to make things right. It is incredibly frustrating that none of you will take the five minutes out of your day to come here - YOUR OFFICIAL FREAKING FORUM - and own up to your mistakes. FIVE FREAKING MINUTES, guys. Just to say, "Yeah, a mistake was made. We realize that mistake is going to screw our supporters out of what we promised them - an exclusive skin - and we WILL make it better." That's all the effort it takes, and a lot of your supporters would accept that. It is seriously, SERIOUSLY so freaking lame that here we are again, with another fuck up and broken promise, having to plead for communication AGAIN. FIVE FREAKING MINUTES GUYS. I seriously just don't get what goes through your heads. After all the launch issues, the late NES Jason, the INCREDIBLY late XBOX patch... Jesus. Take five minutes and get in front of these things. It is mind blowing that you can't figure out that the very toxicity that you complain about largely stems from your unwillingness to ever do this without being asked.
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    It's over analysis like this that makes me stop playing multiplayer games. Rips the casual, spontaneous fun right out of it.
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    No matter in what state this game remains, it will always be a guilty pleasure. Especially to us old folks who grew up on the original films. And super especially with alcohol. Yeah.
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    Anyone else actually pumped for these new clothes? Everyone had been asking for some nudity, and I think this is the closest we'll get aside from maybe a raunchy scenario in Single Player. I mean just look at Tiffany. She got the wax done and I bet that booty looks ferocious. Of course the booty medal really goes to A.J., here's hoping she doesn't wear trunks 😉 Wonder if any of the guys will be ballsy enough to bear their balls in a Speedo. Anyone else excited to murder 95% naked Counselors?
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    Clearly this is gonna be Chads new look, but the question remains. Will he still sport the sweater cape?
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    Actually, Kevin Bacon sported Speedos in the original Friday the 13th so it would definitely fit into the F13 canon.
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    1. Put teamkillers in their own playlist of teamkillers. Give them progressively longer temporary bans. 1st offense(killling 5 or more people within 2 days) 1 day. 2nd offense(5 or more people within one day) 3 days, 3rd offense(killing 3 people within one day) 13 days, after that, permanent ban. Each time with a very stern warning that continued teamkilling will get them banned. This would force them to endure being teamkilled themselves by people that don't care about being banned if they truly want to stay as a part of the community. If they want back in the game, not only do they get a timeout, but once they're back in they must endure no less than 13 complete matches in the teamkilling list without killing a teammate themselves in the first offense. If they betray even one person, their penance starts over and they have to endure 13 matches without teamkilling in the teamkilling playlist again. Their second offense is 33 teamkilling playlist matches without teamkilling. 3rd offense is 130 matches in the teamkilling playlist without teamkilling. Then permanent ban. 2. If you get betrayed or attacked, leave immediately. Report them if you can. Record them if at all possible. Expose them on all forms of social media that you can.
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    Ehhhhhhh.. When I hear/read new outfits,I think "okay Chad will have a polo shirt and shorts." When I hear/read new skins,I think "okay Chad will have the same default look with a different color/pattern."
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    Myself and a friend just played two game sessions with Larry Zerner on PS4. We were in a private match, saw he was online and shot him an invite. Then a couple of minutes later he sent both of us an invite. No way I could refuse the chance to play with the legendary Shelly. So we left our friends' private match (who were so jealous we were getting to play with Shelly lol), and joined Larry's. He was the nicest guy. I had two sessions with him. In the first one he accidentally betrayed my friend. Larry had a shotgun, Jason grabbed my friend, and Larry shot Jason to make him let him go, and of course it killed my friend as well as stunned Jason. Poor Larry, he was so apologetic afterward lol. In the second one he played as Jason, and I managed to escape. But my friend was killed by him and was honored to be killed by Shelly. I asked him how well they captured the look of Higgins Haven with the house and the barn. He said they nailed them, especially the barn. Great experience. I feel proud to say I chatted and played the F13 game with Larry Zerner a.k.a. Shelly the guy who is responsible for Jason having his iconic hockey mask.
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    This guy makes a lot of accusations and assumptions :/. Course, he made another video without any information about the banning issue that occurred early. He's very, very wrong on who's doing what and what responsibility was handled by what company and it says a lot that he in no way done due diligence on research other than anecdotal commentary from third party users....this is just flat out wrong and it's a damn shame that he's under the assumption his commentary is right. Wish he'd tried to do more research rather than make this video, but it's something we've seen from quite a few channels that would rather get a video out rather than request information. Unfortunate that the perception seems to be skewed, but Friday the 13th: The Game is a partnership between Gun Media and IllFonic. Gun serves as the publisher and creative while IllFonic serves as our development hand that works on code/programming/engineering, etc. Gun Media came up with the game, Gun Media contacted and worked with the guys at IllFonic and we've been part of this entire experience since the beginning. You can be damn sure we're working on more content. I'm actually in a playtest right now for said content, but hey....