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    Hey, campers! Below you will find screenshots for each Jason. These shots were taking from the "select your Jason" section of the game. I'm posting these because I thought you guys might like to see the pros/cons for each Jason. We gave each Jason a strength and a weakness to help bring some gameplay variety to each Jason. Let me give some definitions to the strengths and weaknesses now, as I'm sure you'll have some questions that the images alone can't answer. J2 Strengths Can Run - Pretty self-explanatory. Traps - This Jason starts with more traps than others. Right now, that number is 6. Morph - Faster cooldown, so he can morph more frequently than other Jasons. J2 Weaknesses Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Waterspeed - This Jason is very slow in the water. J3 Strengths Can Run - Same speed as J2 Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J3 Weaknesses Stun Resistance - This Jason gets stunned more frequently than others. Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Stalk - Similiar to "sense" in that it doesn't last as long. J6 Strengths Throwing Knives - This Jason starts with 4 knives. Other Jasons have to find them during a match. Sense - This Jason's sense lasts longer once activated. Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. J6 Weaknesses Defense - This Jason has lower HP and lower chance to successfully block attacks. Can't Run - Has a "fast walk" but can't run like J2 and J3. Morph - The cooldown for using this ability takes longer, so this Jason can't Morph as often during a match. J7 Strengths Sense - Faster cooldown with this ability. Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Grip Strength - It's harder to "wiggle" out of this Jason's grasp, once he grabs you. J7 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Shift - Slower cooldown on this ability. J8 Strengths Water Speed - Very fast in water, slightly faster that the boat. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J8 Weaknesses Sense - Once sense is activated, it doesn't last very long for this Jason. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others. J9 Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Stun Resistance - The chance this Jason will be stunned will be lower. Stalk - This Jason can remain in "Stalk" longer than others. J9 Weaknesses Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Less Hit Points - This Jason has lower HP than other Jasons. Traps - This Jason only has 2 traps to use. Savini Jason Strengths Shift - Faster cooldown on this ability. Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon against counselors. Destruction - Reduced amount of hits required to break doors/walls. Savini Jason Weaknesses Water Speed - This Jason is very slow in the water. Can't Run - Can fast walk, but can't run like J2 and J3. Grip Strength - Counselors can break free from this Jason's grasp faster than others.
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    This should be a time of celebration, not hatered. We finally got a date after all this time and people complain? Because it's not in April? Think about it. It could've been a lot worse! But the Devs did their best. I hope people can just respect the hard work they put into this project.
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    Like I said previous to the last countdown, we should have a countdown to release. I wasn't sure if I was going to do one but I thought it could be fun. It's also my 1,000th post (time to go outside...) on this forum. Hopefully this won't get shut down- this is a place to bring your hype. 32 days until launch!
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    Let me first start out by saying that when we talk with content creators, streamers and people that can spread the word on our game; we look at how their work is made. We look at quality, we look at content and we look at what someone is going to do for their channel to bring this game to the forefront of as many people as possible. We haven't discussed what we're doing publicly yet, but I can tell you that we're working for the best interests of this game. We want it to survive, we want it to thrive, we want you all to be able to play for years to come. We can't let this game be a flash in the pan...and if we can't get traction on people playing, that's exactly what is going to happen. You have to think long-tail here; streamers and YouTube channels are mainly there for entertainment. They find something they like or can be engaging, they play for a bit and they move on to the next shiny game. We have a core community that we listen to quite a lot and engage with on a day-to-day basis. You guys are the community, but a core community does not necessarily mean we're going to be able to build up funds for all the things we want to do for this game. You guys are our community, you guys are our supporters....but what good is it down the road when not enough people played or we can't continue to fund growing the game when there aren't enough people playing or buying the game? We want this to be the definitive F13 experience in gaming, right? The crowd-funding we got simply wasn't enough. We've been fighting tooth and nail via Backerkit to raise funds and we lowered funding quotas to try to get things going, but in all honesty funding is and always has been key. We have a monumental amount of interest in the game, and we will make sure that we can do everything to let people know that this game exists, it is fun, and the people who made it and support it are fans first and foremost. Streamers and YouTube creators aren't being given special treatment as in 'look at this game, you get it before anyone else.' You can't look at that mindset from our perspective. We want them to cover this game, talk about it and spread the word the same as we would want the LA Times, Kotaku, Game Informer, The AV Club and CNN too; we want more people to know about this game. It's pretty safe to say that the majority of people that are going to play this game still do not know it exists; we promise you that. This is standard practice with any project; a movie pre-screens for reviewers, a band plays a single for record labels and critics, and every game worth their salt makes sure that they can spread the word by any means necessary. Our goal is eyeballs, our goal is a fun game and our goal is to ensure that every single person has fun playing it.
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    Thanks for taking up this burden for humanity, Lynx. I, for one couldn't bear the scathing, blistering hatred from the same twelve people on this forum who would lay into me for daring to question the most holy. I will name my children after you and forever remember this sacrifice.
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    So... Can we be sent our keys sometime soon? I did hear something about them being sent launch day but that's kind of dumb considering people are currently pre-ordering and won't have to potentially wait for an e-mail like backers. The beta had issues with the keys being sent out slowly in batches, I don't expect anything different with the full launch. Aren't the devs going to be at a convention at launch anyway? So yep, I'd like my key. I know I can't do anything with it but I did buy it (or it was promised to me if you're going to say I didn't buy anthing) so I'd like to have it. Thanks.
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    How dare you, sir. We all know JgtH is the worst film in the franchise.
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    This game is first and foremost about Friday the 13th. It's a passion project, one that all of us here are spending a lot of time and effort to ensure things are exactly what they should be for the best possible experience we can come up with. Sure, we're a business, but that's to fuel a passion more than anything else.
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    I knew from the moment they announced the content creator thing it was about marketing and money. I get that and I don't blame them for it. At the end of the day, they're a business, and they need to do what's in the best interest of their business. On those grounds, I don't blame or fault them for it. But, as a fan and gamer, my gripe with this is in streamers getting to play early and thus when the game launches there won't be any sense of 'everyone on the same level' of learning everything and figuring everything out. It'll all have been spoiled in the streams prior to launch and on Day1 people will already be picking certain chars and doing certain strategies etc. they saw in the stream. That's what I am dissapointed about. I was looking forward to the launch day bliss of ignorance we'd all have and get to explore and figure everything out on our own and together. Going in blind won't be possible with the pre-release streamer thing. So that's my two cents on that. I don't blame them for marketing to get more money. God knows they need it. But, I can't say I'm not dissapointed that most stuff will be spoiled before we even get to play it ourselves.
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    (Takes a drink of water) (Takes a chill pill to ease anger from 4 AND HALF WEEK DELAY!!!) So. lets look at the trailer, we have.. A new kill. Thats pretty cool. But the interesting part, is the perk system. Perks seem to be able to be rolled with positive and negative aspects to boost their effects. An RNG buff system for perks? Well that's going to be pretty unique! Not sure how that will effect the meta on the whole but it sure as FUCK spices things up a bit! Also that bit at the end where he slashes Early 2017 to announce that SOUL CRUSHING 4 AND HALF WEEK DELAY!!! ... was kind of funny I guess
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    Hey, Campers! We got our benchmark test results back. We tried to run as many "popular" configurations as possible. Hopefully, with this chart you can identify if your rig can run F13, and what FPS you can expect. These results were based on a using the "low" and "medium-high" settings in the graphics section of the menu.
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    They have been more transparent than any other devs i can recall. They don't owe us anything. Matter of fact, we owe them a big thank you for even designing a game based off of and centered around one of the most , if not the most, iconic killing machine in horror movie history. So...sack up. Be thankful we are even getting this game. This is for fans by fans. I'm glad they took the time to build it and get it right. You can say "i backed them". Well, i did too. Makes no difference. They don't owe us anything other than the awesome game they have made which is like 2 seconds away from being released.
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    Obviously, I'm goddamn thrilled to have a release date! Gives me time to clear up on a couple other games I'm played first, too. I really want a clear slate when I start playing this. Stuff noticed from the trailer! Jason 6's weaknesses - Defence, Can't Run, Morph Jason 8's weaknesses - Sense, Can't Run, Grip Strength Jason 9's strengths - Shift, Stun Resistance, Water Speed Jason 9's weaknesses - Can't Run, Less Hit Point (that's new), Morph In the clothing section, it's split into Tops, Bottoms and Shoes as earlier suggested. There are 6 items in each category with a half-block on the left, so at minimum (I emphasize that) it's 7 items per category. There's also a perk screen, with "RollPerk 500CP" at the top. Seems to be a system where you spend your game cash and get a random perk (don't know if that's for a single game or lasts longer) with a random positive and negative effect as well. In the video they got: Perk - Sneaky (move faster while going through windows and getting in or out of hiding spots) Positive - Window and Hiding Spot Speed Increased 7% Negative - More Damage Taken 1% (pretty fortunate there)
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    I just want to chime in as well, as someone that supervises the Discord. I wasn't witness to someone shutting down that conversation. If it was a matter of talking in absolutes, like "Devs don't know what they're doing. I know better" attitude, I would understand, but I'm all for discussing the game and that leads me to another thing Inclusiveness: I've been aware of some of the cliquey-ness in all corners of the Discord and it's something I discourage on the whole and expressed very passionately a few months ago (but it seems like there needs to be a reminder), because I've always been of the mind that people should be able to look at the chat and see that it's fine to just jump straight in and join in on the discussions without feeling pushed out by others for one reason, or another. That being said, if you are the one that's pushing others out with insults, things mentioned in the rules, or using language that shuts them out of being a part of the conversation, that could get you shut out. There is going to be a mod-meeting soon today to discuss again, some of the things that have been troubling me.
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    Locking the original thread was futile. As if that's going to stop people discussing it. Hence why we're here four pages later. I don't like censorship.
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    [MORE NEWS] Game approved in Australia, just now!
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    This I think is why people are kind of upset. Many here supported this game from the beginning. Not just with money but with word of mouth. People here bought cabin keys to give away. Posted on facebook and twitter and forums. Got the word out. Lots of people here were the ones that GOT it to the point to where streamers were interested. Lots of people here were on board from the very beginning. Ever see Rocky V? I think some people feel like Rocky. He trained Tommy. He got him to the big time. He loved him from the beginning. Once Tommy got wwhat he wanted from Rocky .... he didnt have any use for him anymore and only wanted his rich friends. Kinda feels like Gun doesnt need the little guys anymore.
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    As much as the world being on the teams shoulders, Bears has a valid point. Anyone that has pre-ordered it on steam has their copy duplicated, licensed and reserved on their account. Once it hit's the time, the code is made live, ready to download and play (DL is redundant if they let let you pre-load). What we know is they will send out Backer codes on the day... Which Without any delay or complications, means steam buyers could still potentially be playing sooner, by minutes or even hours depending on What time of day it goes live on steam and the time of day the codes are sent out. From a business and gaming point of view... going by information known, does seem a little silly and leaves no time for errors.
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    Your criticism is highly hypocritical. In one breath you cast stones and say this is an unfair move and it's about the fans. Yet it was you who went and said you were a content creator insistently asking for access when in fact you have not even created anything in about 10 years. To me it is this, if you are going to call people out you should stand behind your principals. To say one thing and then do otherwise paints a pretty clear picture that the problem is not the practice in itself but the problem is the fact it is not you whom has access. So which is it? Is it a snub to the fans or do you feel it's a snub to you personally? I am not in the habit of calling people out but to act like you are against a pretty standard practice in the gaming industry then ask for access yourself is not really a good way to attempt and make a point.
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    Actually joined the forum just so I could respond to this! So hi everyone. I just wanted to throw my two cents into the Pamela Voorhees thing. As a die hard fan of the underrated first film, I am really, really, really hopeful that one day we'll get an option to play Pamela. A lot of the posts I've seen and even the official response from Wes seems to be overthinking it a bit. I mean I totally understand from a technical standpoint that including her as a killer will change some dynamics and in particular with mocap and kill animations, that is tough. However, her being a 'real person' and a woman, and how in the movie its only POV shots, etc. This is a movie where Jason Voorhees is technically a living, human man in 2-4. So being a series of films where a human being can withstand multiple injuries and an axe to the head, and still get up at the hospital and kill several more people...I think we can suspend our disbelief with Pamela. I mean she could have most of the same abilities as Jason; teleporting, etc. None of this stuff is necessarily canon. Jason doesn't have a supernatural ability to teleport in the films (at least not in most of them). I don't believe she needs a special map just for her or anything. Apart from the mocap/animation difficulties, I think she could work as an alternative to Jason and I would probably use her 90% of the time. I see her having either a large hunting knife or machete as her main weapon. Boost her stealth abilities above even Jasons. Give her the new stalk ability by default and make that sort of her main ability, with maybe an ability to whisper/lure/taunt victims. "Help me!" Having a raving lunatic Pamela Voorhees running around the map, talking to herself "Kill em' mommy!" laughing maniacally. She could be a more verbal villain which would be fun to play. Keep her generally as strong as Jason, but maybe not as strong to balance out some of the overpowered stalk abilities. If she was to come with a special map, Crystal Lake from part 1 in the pouring rain/lightning. I think the game is going to be great upon release, but I would LOOOOOOOVE for this to happen in a future DLC. I know people have their favorites, but seriously uber Jason...from the silliest, worst film in the franchise? ..or the mother of it all? Honor Betsy Palmer. She deserves the recognition! Especially after the unfair crap she went through in real life after the film was released.
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    Whilst you make a couple of valid points Nashgane, you need to remember that this isn't a triple-A game. The development studio is small, and when they first started they needed some extra incentive for people to support/back them. The counsellor clothing pack and the Tom Savini Jason were offered to those of us who backed them early on, and it's their "thank you" to us for our trust, support and dedication. For the devs to offer these items later as DLC or pre-order bonuses after Kickstarter/BackerKit ended would be an insult to those of us who bought the design or clothes believing they'd be exclusive. It's understandable that those who didn't get the items would want them, but they were on offer for a year and a half, there was always plenty of time. It would be unfair to the rest of us to let everyone else get their hands on them; it'd be the devs 'thank you' to us not being special anymore.
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    I agree with these comments a lot. I'm happy these guys got the license, they appear to be fans of the franchise. I backed because they were able to get support from actual Friday the 13th creators and they sold that they'd be able to complete this game due to their professionalism, knowledge and commitment. That said, there's way too much dev worship or "just feel lucky they're making it." I think it's symptom of social media where folks view these guys as celebrities or their "friends" because they responded to them on social media. Some of it's perpetuated by Gun, they've done a good of making those folks feel they're involved beyond what would be normal, etc. It's smart marketing but what gets lost is that it becomes business when money changes hands. Not the greatest analogy but a stripper will continue to pay attention to you as long as you're throwing money their way. That's actually a terrible analogy but you get the point.
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    To be fair, anybody with eyes and a potato for a brain can see the game doesn't suck ass. If Pewder showed gameplay footage that wasn't heavily edited to fit his narrative,that would work against him. Except all the people who will. I agree with this for a few reasons. I'll preface my views as though Gun does want to give early access and this isn't them reaching out for other reasons. 1. The backers are the sole reason this game is coming out. I get that Gun wants to make the game as popular as hotcakes and sell it to everybody and their grandma too, but respect your roots. 2. I'm worred that if streamers are given access to a full game (as in Jason can die etc) that it will affect both the meta and the mystery. I get that is going to happen regardless, but I'm not liking the idea of others possibly having weeks of headstart. 3. Simply put, I don't like being treated like a pleb. While I don't have some massive following, my comments and ferver for the game on my own personal social media has caught the interest and excitement of more then a few pals, who plan to play if for no other reason then just to kill me. They've never watched these streamers and don't know them if I mention them. 4. Being a "little guy" themselves, it seems like Gun wouldn't shoot itself in the foot with the masses. While I plan to play F13 regardless, future dealing with the company are not absolute certainty. (at least for me**.) Pissing off everybody with the "Early 2017" delay* didn't win them hearts and minds, and I don't see catering to a small group at the expense of the kickstarters/backers helping. * The delay didn't piss me off. Waiting to the last minute to announce it did a bit. The idea of streamers getting access however, has me pretty flipping annoyed. ** The most important thing is content. Even though I like Gun, I wouldn't buy a "two old people humping" simulator. But if their business practices start to piss me off enough, I wouldn't bother even if the content is decent. Ask EA or Capcom what I've bought of theirs in the last few years.
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    I did this during the beta too. Jason shouldn't be saying stupid shit as he's chasing you around and nobody needs to hear me yell "I'LL TEACH YOU TO STAB ME!" or "GOD DAMN IT! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU ALREADY." or even "QUIT LOOPING THE DAMN CAR YOU PUSSY." It would just ruin the immersion for everyone else.
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    .....................they bought the game. They are entitled. That is how the consumer/seller relationship works. What you suggesting is the equivalent of a person going to a store, paying for a product at the register, and being told they can have it in a year and a half. The person walks away after and say, "I should be grateful they even took my money! Can't wait!" There is no logic in that and it goes against the foundation of capitalism...I feel like that needs a "sir!" at the end. I shall exempt you from a "sir," sir! An author isn't a good example. It's art without a clear way to achieve it. You could say that he could sit down and actually write them, but that is presuming a lot. When someone is an artist and not one with the label of "artist" that just talks in a goofy voice over other people's work, pushing them could put them in permanent hermitage. Salinger is a nice example. He vanished at the height of his popularity. Didn't stop writing though. I'm not angry about the delay. But it would be nice if people would read the topic they are commenting on to see where everyone's head space is. No point in opening old wounds because you haven't read one single page of comments.
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    Years in the making and their vision made it come true ! Proud to be a Early Backer of this project and grateful to the whole Team We have been waiting for this game for way too long and they are delivering !
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    Secret hidden ultimate unlockable Jason? I bet its my Shitty Jason design!
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    Really dude? someone who has been ultra-critical of the devs complaining about having shit thrown your way? Pot, meet kettle. I guarantee whatever transgression you feel has been passed to you or anyone else feeling slighted and 'targeted' by attacks, the devs are feeling it ten-thousand-fold. If one singular source repeatedly lied to me? I would stop believing that source; this is not a case of that. You keep going on like this is a longstanding tradition with these guys, nothing but broken promises, and here I am having a hard time remember more than 1 or 2. They said fall 2016, delayed to early 2017. Compensation: Single player missions, Offline AI bots, Jarvis, new map. people got additional beta keys for free Early 2017 became May 26th 2017 and physical copies later than that. Compensation: Everyone that got physical copies is getting a free digital copy so they can play day 1. Yeah, what lying, scheming assholes, its like they are purposely trying their best to make up for the fact that some things, both in and out of their control, took longer than expected. How easily people forget all the great work they have done since the beta, from mechanical and level improvements to new functionality and zero in on a broken promise. Keep in mind, looking at the release date post from Wes, here's a promise...that was kept
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    Friday the 26th.....sweet mother of God.....that's Friday the 13th X 2!
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    Boo this man! Though I hope you continue to pop around in Off Topic until the game drops. You've been one of the cat's I've come to like most on the forums. I've enjoyed our conversations over the last five months. To be frank, I'm gonna miss a handful of the people here once we all depart for the game itself. Edited: four to five in the second paragraph.
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    Yes, thank you. You must be one of the only rational persons on this forum. We're getting the game and that's what matters. What's another month compared to the 26 years we haven't had a decent F13 game for?
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    Oh,for fucks sake. Being jerked around for 3 weeks.,.. might be time to just..... Dare I say.... RELEASE THE GAME ON STEAM.
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    And now we can't post in the other "Why no release date".....I'm not one for conspiracies,but....
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    There's a legend 'round here.... A game finished,but not released. A curse on gun and illfonic.... A certification curse.
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    I'm in the middle. I thank them in the same way I thank a server who brings me food at a restaurant. However I'm not going to take them out back and drop to my knees in reverence. That store is gonna kick itself later. Ah well, somebody else will make money selling the game.
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    I thought so (and was hoping so myself) but their continued silence on the matter makes me think it is related to killing him. I would much prefer that its the level of damage he can take before being knocked down or stunned, with things like flares to the face and bear traps being an instant snare.
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    Seems that this subforum has reopened. I certainly couldn't post here earlier. Here's my last post for a bit as I asked on Twitter if they might be willing to clarify what the Hitpoint stat might do. Happy speculating. Catch ya later.
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    The beta was the first time I watched any streamers and I usually had to mute them. I won't be watching any streams but I hope they don't spoil anything before the game comes out because we'll all hear about it whatever it is. Also, aren't streamers somewhat like reviewers? How objective can you be if you're getting special privileges?
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    Wow..... First really good Friday the 13th game and all most of you can do is complain about a delay, nitpick imperfections in the game, and grumble that a triple A company isn't producing this game. Wow....just wow. People have become way too entitled. This is a game for true fans by true fans. Get over yourselves and respect that we finally have an awesome Jason game to play. To the devs....thank you so much for working so hard on a game for a franchise that you and i both love. Really glad i pre ordered the savini skin and the clothing pack. For you other fans that are just as happy as i am about this game....hope to see some of you on ps4. Just give me more than 2 minutes before you kill me.