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    Hey everyone The initial reaction from our Part 4 / Rain announcement has gone over very well! We are excited that the community is happy but wanted to address a concern that came up. People felt since the game is already pretty system intensive that rain would set most machines and consoles over the edge making performance a lot worse. This is a valid concern as particles can be very expensive. Most maps are CPU bound rather than GPU bound from the vast number of items, blueprints and entities that must sync across the network. We have a little more room to play with GPU and the best solution for rain, that not only looks good but is rather efficient for performance, is to use GPU particles. Initially our art lead, was having issues with GPU rain particles as they would come through the roofs of the cabins and houses. When we moved away from GPU particles we noticed a big performance hit as it was slowing down the CPU which is mostly where we are performance bound. Our initial reaction was to remove the amount of rain particles and make them bigger. This didn’t look that great and we started to think if it would be even possible to do rain at all. We knew the solution would need to be using GPU particles but we just had to figure out how to get it working. Original CPU particles with larger rain drops but less rain due to performance on the CPU. Once we had everything working the art team was very nervous about performance on consoles and the hit we would take on PC as well. We fired it up on Xbox One and PS4 to see how much more we would need to optimize to squeeze in rain on all our maps but our initial findings showed hardly any performance hit at all, which had us very excited. This allowed the art team to really start dialing the art in. Adding more wind to the trees, working with Angelo, our VFX artist, to dial in the look of the rain, cranking up the gloss maps on certain textures such as cabins and terrain textures, and even adding a wet look to the characters clothing. Oh and you can’t forget lightning too. New GPU particles with more rain. Players have noticed recently that performance on certain maps have taken a dive. We have spotted these issues and are working hard now to get performance up across all platforms which so far we have been making good strides with. We hope to have this all resolved by the time rain launches as well. So not only will performance be better across the board, you won’t see any additional hits when it comes to rain. - Gertz
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    I created her tonight for fun! Just an idea of what more or less I who I would like to see as a Mean Girl counselor. Let me know what you all think. If you all like her I can do different outfits for her and stuff.
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    Hey all! So this next week is gonna be a doozy. We're focusing on bringing a major content update to you all and we're happy to announce that the new Jarvis Map, Jason Part IV and Mitch Floyd counselor will all be coming free! In addition to this new content we'll be adding rain effects to the game for all maps! Jason Part 4 and Jarvis Map We are happy to announce that the biggest part of this update is the inclusion of the FREE new Jason and map coming to Friday the 13th: The Game. Check out one of the most famous locations on Camp Crystal Lake with the Jarvis House. We've even included a few easter eggs to explore! Along with the new map is of course Jason Voorhees as he was seen in The Final Chapter. You'll be equipped with a Pig Splitter this time and three new weapon kills that are absolutely going to devastate any counselor unfortunate enough to cross him. You can check our little trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=390mlGhyQc8 Mitch Floyd Joins the Roster Camp Crystal Lake’s roster of counselors is growing! We’re happy to announce the addition of the newest, chill dude that’s looking to spend a couple of hours alone each day at camp to really take in the scenery, get one with nature and enjoy all that grass on the lawn at camp. Here you can check out a bit of what makes Mitch tick, as he’s coming to camp on Friday the 13th, this October for FREE! Rain! We're happy to add a bit of weather to the game; each map in Friday the 13th: The Game will be getting rain and thunderstorms to add even more tension to the map. Rain will be random in public matches, while you can select it within private matches. Double XP Weekend To celebrate the holiday, we're going to run a full double XP weekend starting on Friday the 13th and ending that Sunday the 15th. We will have set START/STOP times posted in the forums! Emote Party Pack 1 Our first Premium Emote Pack is going to go live as well! You'll get access to 10 total emotes for all counselors! Show off your dance moves and other emotes to your fellow counselors or Jason if you're dumb enough to tempt fate! Will retail at $1.99USD (regions vary). Additional Information Lastly; we've got game-balance tweaks coming and we've taken a lot of feedback from the community regarding combat and luck. You will see things return to more normal gameplay thus seen from earlier builds. Additionally; we've worked some on the optimization of the game as well after resolving the memory leak issue. There should be an overall improved experience for just about everyone in the coming patch!
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    "What defines a tryhard Jason?" Whiny counselors.
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    Jasons not suppose to be a sweetheart... Placing more the 2 traps on a phone box let’s me know which objective is being worked on. When I hear 1 trap go off and another within a couple seconds. That clear indication it’s the fuse box. The objective is to kill everyone. Jason never makes exceptions in the movies to let anyone survive. Calling someone a try hard cause your begging Jason to let you escape is petty. There is a reason it’s called “achievements”
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    Hey Campers, This is a thread that I have been meaning to do for some time but have not previously got around to it. Many times I have new players ask me for advice in game or I see new players lamenting that there isn't more information given in regards to tutorials and strategies. They get the generic, break windows, trap phone first, trap four-seater, don't play Part 7, et cetera but do not actually hear much in terms of specific strategies for specific situations. What I would like to do with this thread is pick a specific scenario or strategy about once, maybe twice, a week and discuss different approaches to dealing with it. Think of it as a playbook where we can share ideas and specific approaches we use for a given situation. This thread will not be on any one specific topic but something that evolves and changes weekly. This first week, I got my inspiration from @Tekdrudge. The topic was regarding shift-grab and if it was skill or luck. See topic here: WEEK 1 - The Juke (let us talk about the fine art of leaving Jason in the dust) Ok, some might say this is self-explanatory. Don't run in straight lines or git gud or some other such nonsense. New players, and some veterans, have issues with avoiding the aforementioned Shift-Grab. People can be pretty salty about it. There are things that will help offset the skill of the players who have mastered this technique. A. Bear in mind perspective/point of view. A Jason approaching from the rear has YOU as a foreground target. Moving in a linear direction away or perpendicular to Jason's perspective makes you an easier target. Counselors that are walking or jogging are easy pickings in these situations and running counselors are not much better off when moving perpendicular to Jason's perspective. Moving away is slightly better when sprinting because you *possibly* can open up enough distance when he comes out to Shift-Grab you - he might miss. Either way these are less desirable techniques in my opinion. B. Closing the distance of YOU as a foreground target is used by a lot of people. They are trying to throw off Jason's perspective and make him overshoot the target by doubling back on their own path. This can work against short-range Shifts, but it is still essentially moving in the same azimuth (from Jason's point of view) and simply closing the distance quickly. A good Jason can still easily snatch you. C. I recommend using a triangle pattern: You change your foreground presence by moving diagonally. This adjusts your range from Jason in the foreground and makes him consider more than one axis of movement (you are not just moving back and forth or left and right). Figure 1: Moving directly away. Probably the worst option. You are only adjusting your position in the same direction of movement as Jason is facing. Figure 2. Moving perpendicular to Jason. Bad (it gets worse the farther you are away because Jason has more time to steer the hit). A simple Shift approach, leading you like in a shooter game, and Jason has you. Figure 3. Better than 1 or 2 because you are closing the distance between Jason and reducing the time to react. Best used on extremely short Shift distances to throw off the Jason player. It is OK. DO NOT TRY AGAINST A LONG SHIFT. You're just making it easy for shift ninja Jason in my opinion. Figure 4. This is what I do. I change my position both in the foreground and laterally. I move primarily in diagonals and they are strung together in a quick series of adjustments. Don't run any one leg more than a second or so. After the end of two diagonal movements you make a break (horizontal seems best). I would recommend breaking back towards the original center-line for your axis of advance (complete the triangle). This will often throw off Jason's Shift approach and get you out of the grab swath. Remember you can also invert and/or reverse this tactic to make your counselor very unpredictable for a Shift-grabbing Jason. Additional Info: Juking on rough terrain benefits the counselor. Jason has a tendency to get hung up on rocks, trees, building corners, and just about anything else. As you are running/jogging be expecting the Shift and thinking about which way to initiate your juke to put the most obstacles between you and Jason while keeping up your erratic evasion.
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    After Sony dropped the ball they just confirmed it.
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    So let me posit this. You're playing a game and your friend tells you 'dude, check this out,' and shows you an exploit in your favorite game. That exploit gives you the ability to screw with other players in a way that they can't win against you. You utilize it because right then and there, you're getting enjoyment out of it. Sure...it's cheap fun and you don't know the other players...so you aren't really too worried about how much you might be hurting them. The payoff is immensely funny to you while you don't really care how much it detracts from everyone else. You do it because it's funny and because the game let you. You only do it once because after doing it, you realize it's also not letting you do much and the game isn't really that fun after utilizing said glitch so you stop and go back to playing. Heck, you even see others doing it and get frustrated that you're being duped. The next day you wake up and you're banned from the game because said glitch became a major issue. You only did it once, but because someone caught you doing it and reported you...well, you got a ban because the devs said 'ban.' Do you deserve at permanent ban? That's what we're doing. We're removing permanant bans from people that simply utilized known exploits that have since been fixed. These users took advantage of a situation, yes....but they were punished by having no access for several months. The hackers are perma-banned. The racists are perma-banned. The teamers are perma-banned. But to perma-ban people for walking on a roof for kicks isn't really our style. Some people did it maliciously and will again (we'll ban them in no time, I promise.) Others will have gotten the message we don't screw around. You're asking me to give a death penalty for speeding. We've made note previously that we would review bans and provide amnesty where we believe it was appropriate. A vast majority of the exploiters were younger people that believed it was 'funny,' and have had more than a slap in the wrist for what they did. We've fixed those step-height exploits and we're always working still to ensure they are going to be resolved before they become major issues. A ton of time has been spent to stop that kind of behavior. Maybe, just maybe....allow some of these folks the chance to enjoy the game they paid $40 and made the mistake of jumping on a bandwagon they shouldn't have.
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    So I'll start with Bloody Jason, as you can see you can put the skin on all Jason's expect Part 4. And as you can see Part 4 doesn't get an option to equip it. Now to the meat of the bones, the clothing. Yes that is a black heart shirt! And Tiffany get's a white dove! You can't see it on the shirt because it won't load for some reason but as you can see the icon there is a dove! So some clothes are a hit and miss while other's are cool looking, however I cannot use these items with my digital and have to have my disc in in order to use them. It sucks and would like to transfer them to my digital account. @GunMedia_Ben I hope you guys allow those who bought the digital and disc to transfer the items to their accounts. @BoxingRouge and @Tiffany I hope you two like lol
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    Hey everyone I hope you are enjoying the new patch which includes a large number of bug fixes and new content! We know we likely didn't fix everything that you feel is wrong with the game and we likely have new issues with the new content. I assure you we are doing our best to address the major issues as quick as possible as well as adding in new things for people to enjoy. The last few months have been hectic. You can always submit bugs to the www.jasonkillsbugs.com website when you find them. We also are regularly in the F13 Discord channel and we monitor the forums for bug reports. If you post them there its likely we have seen the issue and have it logged. Rather than leave you with the ra-ra speech I want to take a moment to break down some of the long term issues, new things we know about, and then how we are moving forward with getting them fixed for you. Moving Forward We have learned a lot over the last few months of being live and we have made the decision to move out a few items that were not listed in the road map to ensure we get better testing on the new content and allow time for developers to fix long standing bugs. This is happening immediately as of today. Standing Major Issues The Car/Boat The vehicles are a mess. Its a physics driven object that players are able to freely drive around the map and in some cases interactions with other objects cause disastrous issues. To fix this we are moving our engine up to a newer version that includes a number of fixes to the physics systems and then from there we are going to hammer away at whatever remains. What we didn't want to do is fix the issues once and then have to fix them again as we implemented the new version of the engine so there has been a delay in getting everything wrapped up. Integrating a new version of the engine is not insignificant. It requires us to isolate the game, see whats broken, and fix it all. It is then merged into our main development branch for everyone to start working from. Right now we are a few weeks away from being able to start working with the new version, from there we will have someone dedicated to fixing vehicle issues until the car and boat are in a better state. Performance Along with the Physics fixes mentioned above. The new version of the engine has a number of performance fixes, optimizations, and upgrades the game to DX12. We have also run an audit on all the maps to fix up any additional issues that may be causing additional performance hits. This is ongoing and now part of our process. While nothing was a large increase in frames on their own we hope that all the little fixes over time start bringing it back up. Perks Over the last few patches we have fixed up a number of issues with Perks but I know there are a few still out there. Please let us know if you find anything else, we are looking into them all internal and fixing things as we find them. Environmental Kills There are a lot of kills placed all over the maps. We are doing an audit on all maps but it takes time to launch a game and move to each one to initiate a kill and make sure it works. If you know of a location that a kill is broken at let us know. Jason not Receiving XP if the Counselor Disconnects This will be fixed in the next patch. Duplicate Tapes This will be fixed in the next patch. Jason and Counselor Interactions Grabs, characters intersecting with one another and becoming stuck, Jason smashing the car, flying counselors, Jason being able to destroy objects while holding counselors, etc. They are frustrating so one of the people we are freeing up is going to be working on all these. New Issues The below items are all fixed in the next patch or expected to be fixed Spectators Dont See Rain Jarvis House Stuck Spots Boat Repair Location Doesnt Work on the Left Side of the Boat Police Voice Queue After Calling The Police If you run across any new issues please use the social channels mentioned above to get that info to us so we can get them fixed. Thanks for your ears and I appreciate you reading through this post. - Gertz
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    Seriously....I don't complain about a lot but.....this pisses me right the fuck off. I DO NOT want to play with those assholes. It just shows them they can do whatever the hell they want and eventually they'll be forgiven.
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    sorry but i just had too lol
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    I just noticed "likes" became now anonymous,can i ask what the point is in that?Since ppl talk and discuss things here wasnt it nice that we knew which ppl agreed with our posts or supported them? P.S.: if you liked this,thanks,but i have no idea who you are lol.
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    Jarvis House New Playable Map: Jarvis House Jason Part 4 New Playable Jason: Jason 4 Level 44 Requirement Weapon: Pig Splitter (+) Can Run (+) Weapon Strength (+) Destruction (-) Water Speed (-) Shift (-) Traps Counselor Mitch Floyd New Playable Counselor: Mitch Floyd Level 24 Requirement 9/10 Composure 2/10 Luck 8/10 Repair 3/10 Speed 4/10 Stamina 6/10 Stealth 3/10 Strength New Features Rain The Rain feature is now available and players may have a chance to encounter this new weather in any of the current playable maps. Note; we had originally discussed toggle on/off feature for private matches however that will be in the next patch due to time constraints. Counselors pushing Counselors are now able to “push” other counselors "In order to prevent players from griefing via “bodyblocking”, we have introduced a new feature that allows Counselors to push each other. The player being pushed will slowly walk away in the direction opposite of the player pushing. This feature does not affect Jason." Changes Thick Skinned perk changes Thick Skinned now reduces ALL damage “Originally, Thick Skinned was intended to reduce damage specifically from Jason's’ attacks. However, there was a bug that was causing Thick Skinned to apply twice which in turn also caused the perk to incorrectly reduce all incoming damage. This issue was fixed in the last patch. After considering our internal testing and community feedback, we agreed that the previous iteration of Thick Skinned worked better for game balance when the inflated damage reduction values were no longer present.” The tooltip for Thick Skinned has been changed from “Take less damage from all incoming attacks.” to “Take less damage.“ [Known Issue] Perks that had their values adjusted will have no in-game effect until re-equipped Stun Duration adjusted Jason’s Stun Duration timer has been adjusted “Jason’s Stun Duration has been adjusted across all counselors and items to better balance the changes made by the previous bug fix.” Grease Monkey perk re-balanced Reduced the effectiveness of the Grease Monkey perk “Grease Monkey was individually causing too large of an impact. We have adjusted Grease Monkey to be more consistent with other perks.” [Known Issue] Perks that had their values adjusted will have no in-game effect until re-equipped Trap Damage adjusted All counselors now take the same amount of damage from traps “Traps have been adjusted to inflict the same amount of damage across all counselors. Players that activate a trap will now always be wounded unless equipped with an adequate trap damage reduction perk.” Jason's Stalk ability minor change Jason's footsteps are now silent while the Stalk ability is enabled Bug Fixes Perks Fixed a bug that allowed players to keep perks with old balance values Fixed a bug where the Medic perk to show incorrect amount of charges on the Medical Spray item Fixed a bug that was causing the Grinder perk to unintentionally grant Jason additional XP Counselors Fixed a bug that was causing weapon durability values to calculate incorrectly Fixed an issue where counselors could interact with nearby objects during ‘breaking free’ animations Fixed a bug that caused Pamela Voorhees’ Sweater to sometimes not properly appear as equipped Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes become stuck if they used the Emote Wheel while in hiding Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause counselors to disappear from customization menus [Not Fixed] Jason Fixed a bug that was causing Jason 9 to have a higher base HP than intended. His HP should now properly reflect his tooltip Fixed a bug in Private Matches where choosing a player to be Jason in the pre-game menu was not working properly Fixed a bug that would sometimes crash the client if Jason grabs a Counselor that is sitting in a boat Fixed a bug causing Firecrackers to stun Jason through certain walls Tommy Jarvis Fixed a bug that caused the Tommy Jarvis’ arrival cutscene to sometimes not be displayed Fixed a bug that was causing a second Tommy Jarvis model to appear Fixed a bug that allowed Tommy Jarvis to be killed during his intro cinematic Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause Tommy Jarvis to spawn for a disconnected player Spectators The “Police Arrival Timer” and “Match End Timer” are now properly in sync while in Spectator Mode Fixed an issue where after re-joining a session, the spectator will crash after spectating Jason’s death Maps General Tidied up various counselor survival exploit locations on all maps Packanack The Phone Box on the cabin can now be repaired regardless of the angle it is approached from Fixed an issue that allowed players to drive out of bounds Packanack Small Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with the Poker in one of the cabins The Power Box outside of the barn is no longer being blocked by a tree The stacks of hay bales by the Archery Range are now properly blocked off Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to pick up the Shotgun near the Archery Range Vehicles Fixed a bug that was allowing players to cancel the animation while leaving a car User Interface Jason is able to properly access the scoreboard again Spectators are able to properly access the scoreboard again Updated the font for the match intro movies Matchmaking Reduced the timer to start the match (only when the lobby is full) Sound Volume of the intro movie reduced
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    Sorry to say, because I agree with a lot of what you're saying - But don't you think that the same people who thought it was "funny" to exploit glitches will think it's equally funny to run people over with cars for lulz, or walk a battery into the woods and drop it there? Trolls will find a way. Especially considering that the two methods of griefing I mentioned above aren't bannable offences. I also think your "hilariously enough" bit on Steam was a really poor choice of words. I don't think anyone thinks this is hilarious. I agree that the exploits should no longer be a problem...But if you don't think these people will grief in any other way they can, you're just being naive.
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    First off, out of all of the nonsense that we have dealt with as of late, I have to say that THIS has taken the cake as the worst thing Gun has done. I came across a rather interesting post in the community hub on steam titled "Ban list needs to be purged" and while chuckling to myself I decide to check the comments and see how many of our favorite cheaters supported this guy. (The OP is a notorious teamkiller and exploiter from back in the day that I reported numerous times and nothing was done btw) Imagine my shock when I see this post from from good ol' Ben.. If true, this is by far the biggest slap in the face to the people that have done nothing but support this game and put up with all the bs. This game may have a dying playerbase with barely over 600 players on at one time each day on Steam but unbanning cheaters, trolls and overall scumbags is NOT the way to go. Just let them cheat, get caught and keep buying the game over and over again when they get banned. They obviously don't give a shit about you, the project you spent years on nor the honest players that are simply trying to unwind after a hard days work so why do you care about them? I've never been pissed at an entire company before but good god if this happens imagine the PR shit storm that will ensue. The majority of us forum-dwellers seem to be decent people so I want to know how everyone else feels about letting the cheaters back in.
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    Yesterday after work I decided to blow off some steam and butcher a few counselors. First game I join, I manage to find keys and battery in the same house. Shortly after I locate the gas and make my way to the car to make my escape. Jason teleports to the area and runs past 3 people and into the house where i am. He continues to chase me and only me until I am dead. Another counselor shows up, takes the keys and gas and gets the car running. She proceeds to drive around and intentionally run over 5 other counselors who are obviously make their way toward a moving car in attempt to escape. Her and Jason celebrate for 4 minutes before he kills her and the game ends. These two people don't leave the lobby and there is no mechanic to kick them, so everyone is forced to leave and find a new game. I join a new game. I locate gas and make my way to a car. At that car I find 2 other counselors, one installing the battery. I get the gas in and one climbs in the drivers seat and gets the car started. Myself and counselor 3 jump in the car. The driver drives me to Jason where Jason proceeds to pull me out of the backseat and kill me. The car then drives away. I spectate and watch as these two drive around to pick up more counselors and deliver them to Jason. In the mean time someone calls the cops. Counselor two in the car gets out and gets the 2nd car running. Those two cars proceed to the road and park in front of the police exit. As counselors come to the police, the cars run them over. The 3 of them then proceed to screw around for 8 minutes. All totaled, about an hour of my time is wasted. I did however happened to record these instances on my phone. However, then I had to figure out to send these two large video files to the email address to report these 5 people. (hahaha I am dumb and don't already know how to do that) So add on another half hour of my time wasted. The fact that this game lacks ANY ability to police abuse like this is ridiculous. I spend all this time to submit this stuff with explicit instructions that I have to be able to PROVE it, but you refuse to even acknowledge if there was sufficient evidence to punish the culprits. I have no idea if I wasted 30 minutes of my time. So do I do this again next time or do I just suck it up and accept that nothing is being done? Feedback is a loop, anyone in leadership or customer service knows this. If I don't know the outcome of my complaint, for all I know you just ignored it. That is terrible customer service. How is there no in game report function? How is there no kick function for the lobby? Why must I spend time putting together evidence against these people that are already wasting my time? You can do better. You should do better.
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    Don't patch it. I like the 2 seater with the boat. It makes the match more interesting.
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    No offense dude but the world doesn't revolve around you and your channel. Not trying to speak for every one but the majority of us are THANKFUL for the surprise gifts.
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    "Hilariously enough" Wanna know what's hilarious, Ben?
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    Hi everyone, With the release of the latest patch yesterday, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Aron (or Courier) and I just recently joined the Illfonic team as their Community Manager. You should be seeing me popping up around the various communities (Forums, Reddit, Discord, etc.) from now on. My job as Community Manager will be to help you all understand us at Illfonic and vise versa. As the new guy here, I’ve mainly been spending my time familiarizing myself with the Dev Team and getting a feel for the community around Friday the 13th: The Game. I also wrote the latest patch notes and will be working on improving all future notes too. Any errors or undocumented changes for these latest patch notes are completely MY FAULT and I apologize for that. Illfonic is looking forward to improving communication with its player base and we are actively working on ways to change how we have been handling things. If any of you have suggestions or concerns regarding ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ or Illfonic, please let me know here! I may not be able to respond to a lot of you, but I will definitely be taking notes of everything.
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    Starring James Woods as Tranny Tommy.... Lol
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    The devs said it is not intentional and will be fixed. There should always be a 4 seater with a boat. Until it's patched it's Hard Mode.
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    Part 4 is kickass! The destruction is a plus, along with the running! And all 3 of his weapon kills are insane! I love Part 4!
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    Why does everyone need to escape every match? Two people escaping by car seems like a win to me.
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    I bet the next movie character in the game will be Shelly, as Larry Zerner is seen frequently in Gun/Illfonic circles and actually plays the game. I would like for him to make it to the game.
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    As a steam player.....nice to see Xbox get something early. Enjoy guys :-)
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    Ok, so I got on to play FT13 to try new content and not going to lie the Tommy Jarvis House is probably my fav map!!
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    Wow, big shocker.. nerfing yet another perk that gave the counselors close to an advantage. You guys broke Jason's stun so that he can brush off anything in mere seconds while the car takes a full 5 seconds to start and 3.5 seconds for a counselor to get in the car and get the car moving. Grease monkey JUST started working after how long? And it's nerfed to where it's now useless? Come on guys.
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    We had our first forum members only match tonight. Played a few games & had a good time on the new maps. @AldermachXI @GhostWolfViking @TheHansonGoons @ColdArmy13 @Risinggrave @lHeartBreakerl
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    Attention all tagged members you are in charge of getting ahold of the session hosts on Friday the 13th. So if you are online please send a message to the host of your platform so that you may receive an invite. Xbox: @Tattooey @AldermachXI @TheHansonGoons @lHeartBreakerl @Alkavian @ColdArmy13 @UprightChair @DamonD7 @Risinggrave @InfamousWhasup @LJPIII @Corkenstein @xXxEspoxXx @Slapnuts840 @Dr B DDS @Shadowrave1010 @GhostWolfViking @Deeify @Repo Boom @Tinpusher77 @RKSDooM @Truth @Absurd Boy @Crawly Creature @Brian76 ------------------------------------------------------ PS4: @NthnButAGoodTime @Moe9999633 @Toddarino @pucho @Splatterhouse @Brevator @The7Reaper @BigJVOOREES @Redrum138@PastyMcBalderton @RustInPeace @Spinesplitter @TestedTwice @PrestonDelRey @Omnichris64 @Tiffany @Pokedub @DarkRicochet117 @stang69_427 @ShYgUy @matisangry @GameboySM @Manny1985 @The Razor's Edge @DeadManJoe @Decayed_Beauty @Floydtopia ------------------------------------------------------ PC: @Definitelynotjason @thatdudescott @SolidusPrime @ToxiCrow @Luminelle @Gdain @Gents @ShankerOne @Kodiak @FlameRiderSD @The Chosen One @DildoBaggins138 @Redcat345 @Khryn @AldermachXI @Shaild @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow @TheMrFer @Suck It Nerd! ------------------------------------------------------ NOTE: Given the amount of players that will be on on Friday from the community each slot will be reserved for community members on this list. However if a spot is open & no other community members are on then another member may invite a friend. This is to prevent non forum members from taking spots reserved for community members.
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    Maybe all he ever wanted was a Baby Ruth
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    Slashing someone because you know they have a knife is not a try hard but smart it gets things over with and with how shady people are in this game I tend to Slash now more than grab because of players leaving due to being upset they got killed. Also every limping counceler will get slashed to death it's faster and better to move on to another part of the map. No need to have a long kill. A good Jason shouldn't wait but get shit done asap so that layer on in the game it will be too hard to do anything and when players look at their to do list and it has nothing done moral gets lost and players tend to not care.
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    "Trolls will find a way" Although usually they don't have help.
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    Alright. I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that I think the blue dot reveal failed cert. It's the only explanation. /s
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    Well it took over 18 hits to knock it off, but there he is.
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    2 seater and a boat is a nice change of pace and I hope it stays. I would actually welcome it randomly on other maps too because it makes the gameplay feel fresh.
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    If this were a game based around something else, I'd be onboard. However, the surprise of stumbling across a dead body unexpectedly is a key element to the game and the movies it's based on.
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    I'm on PS4. Never once have I witnessed a lack of players. Hard to understand the claim the game is on life support.
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    Actually all of this describes a bitch counselor who expects Jason to play against his win condition so that you "feel better" The fact that counselors can tank 2-3 traps is exactly why Jason would "excessive" trap an objective. Q. Who the fuck complains about how many traps Jason uses? A. Bitches. Bitches who know they aren't very good at playing a counselor. Bitches who expect a clear phone box/car every game so they can escape without having to work at it.
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    @Twisty /fistbump Right there with you. Gun/Illphonic...you did good.
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    On the flip side, from what I've seen(and this could be due to unfamiliarity with the new map), it appears to be easier to survive the night on that map because it is so massive.
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    Jesus, there's nothing worse than an entitled streamer that thinks the world revolves around them and their channel. Especially unknown ones, which account for 99% of them. I was in a lobby with a guy recently whose voice sounded borderline retarded. He was bragging in the lobby about how he recently had a match where he found a tape, escaped, came back as Tommy, then escaped again. He said 'nobody in the history of the game has ever had such a round', and the resulting video will 'go viral' and 'make him famous'. He spent the whole match slurring thanks to subscribers and such, while playing like absolute ass.
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    Doesn't bother me at all that everyone who stopped playing Friday The 13th on my Steam friends list is suddenly all online,checking the game,waiting for this update. I'm perfectly fine that consoles got this first. They deserve it...They