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    I wanted to share an idea to see if people would get behind it. I want to start a Xbox club exclusively for the members of this forums & non members. However there will be slight differences in the type of players allowed to join. 1. First off to allow the members to network & quickly get into games with various other players. 2. Second is the difference between other clubs. This club will be by invitation only. This will allow us to only invite players that meet certain criteria. A. No member will cheat, glitch, mod, hack, or exploit ever or they will be removed from the group & reported if caught. B. All members are mature gamers who conduct themselves respectfully. Minor trash talk is okay but excessive raging will not be permitted. C. Members will not rage quit from a match. The members will also conduct themselves professionally during matches. The purpose of this club will exist to make meeting new players & good fair gamers easier. Finding good games with mature players will become inevitably much quicker & resulted in better quality of matches. I have a lot of friends who are great players & a blast to play with unfortunately they are not members of this forum but their ideas on how to play fairly are mutual with the people in this community. I'm sure as well that the members of this forum also have friends who are not so different. Almost every private match I play in everyone in session is a friend or a mutual friend. Very rarely do I deal with toxic players. I hope that you guys understand what I'm trying to achieve & hopefully we can get a lot of us on board to kickstart this thing. Maybe PlayStation can also create the same thing. The goal is for the players who don't have anyone to play with can use the group to find well trusted gamers who will welcome them rather then teamkill. I often at times don't have many people online or most are already in full games.
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    Weird, we're under 1% crash rate. Seems fairly stable to me. However, you seem to be discussing the balance of the game, which you currently do not enjoy. That, has been made more than aware over the course of several months from your spam posting...which I can say has been given a lot of leniency as to try to be mindful of discussion, rather than having to read new threads or comments from you that are antagonistic, underhanded and designed to cause angst and anger, rather than try to be constructive. It seems every day you figure a new way to find the absolute worst in a game that has been purchased and enjoyed by over 1.8M people around the world on three platforms after being made by just under 50 people on a skeleton budget. If you want to learn about game dev, please visit more resources to get an idea of the kind of terminology and work that's involved with how games are made. I understand most people do not know how this kind of process works, so I recommend this link: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/. For the sake of not giving other forum-goers the wrong idea, I'm going to close this topic and hope they see my response to your commentary. As for being 'regretful' on backing, it seems very weird to me that you have 3,505 posts on this forum and spend such an inordinate amount of time posting about your disdain, rather than moving on and doing something new and exciting or playing other games that might strike your fancy as opposed to Friday the 13th. I fully encourage you to explore other titles while you wait. We'll continue to do our work on our end. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and let you give that a shot by offering you a vacation. We'll let you relax, enjoy other games and take a breather from the woes and worry of this forum. I've been made aware of your private messaging behavior. I have seen your spam posts, I have watched your exacerbation of other users and staff here and frankly I believe you might need to give it some time to recollect your thoughts. See ya later, Bears.
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    They just need to go back to this.
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    We'd appreciate you being able to articulate when posting. It might get you a quicker answer to anything you ask.
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    sorry but i just had too lol
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    I predict I will run into the Jarvis house in my first round, find Tommy's room, lock myself in, and look at the details in the room.
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    This comes up a lot. How hard would it have been for them to just write Fall and Winter instead of using the clip art? Who doesn't associate Halloween with a pumpkin? I could understand an un-carved pumpkin but a carved pumpkin is basically the symbol for Halloween.
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    To all the guests I see when I click online users, Join us. We don't bite. Much. Come on in, create an account and join in on the insanity. We have plenty of room for you all. Ask those questions burning in your soul. Let you imagination run free and make those suggestions you yearn to see. Help us, help you, help us find bugs, glitches, and areas of concern to make this game all it can be. Delve deep into discussions you never imagined you'd have and think so abstract you'll believe you're in an 80's horror movie game forum. And, most importantly have fun. Sincerely, Brigadius
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    I believe there needs to be a system implemented that asks the player do they want to return as Tommy. I can't count how many times players return as Tommy and they're AFK or they return as Tommy and have already left the game. This option would give the player 10 seconds to choose if they want to be Tommy and if they don't, it would move to another player.
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    First off, tone down your language ('blow the devs all u want, GTFOH'); it's not appreciated. Second, I backed the game as well and have been here since before the beta and likely even before you knew about the game. Third, those issues don't happen frequently. I don't experience lag when I play, items no longer fall through the floor, nobody flies in the air anymore, the '20ft axe' glitch is very rare. '80ft grab range' is quite simply you stating that you're not happy that Jason's stronger than the counselors are; his grab range is perfectly acceptable and I really, really don't understand why people complain about it so much. It's not difficult to avoid if you play smart and I play a character who doesn't even have high speed or stamina. The game is playable and is very fun; there are too many people who exaggerate how minor glitches completely break their game. That's quite simply not the case and I'm speaking from over 270+ hours time played on Steam and 150+ hours on XB1.
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    I figure that summarizes it up nicely. I've got extra time on my hands so I decided to add an additional piece of information this week. Considering how fast forums move on this site with the constant need to post redundant threads, I'd better post here with frequency greater than once per week if the audience this is for is ever to see it. Search function? What's that? WEEK 1 Part 2 - "Run! Go! Get to LaChappa!" So the next thing I figured we could discuss is prioritization of repair parts. The boat is self-explanatory since there is only ever one boat on a map. It is when two cars spawn on a map that there seems to be a big disconnect in where the parts should be taken and why. Some argue that the four seat car is always a priority since it can get the most counselors out on a map. I’ll save that for a different strategies segment. In this segment, I simply want to focus on why it is important, whether you can communicate by mic with your teammates or not, you should probably stick to this strategy. It is a basic plan anybody can follow, as with or without microphones, and it facilitates teamwork. Teamwork gets more people out alive in this game than going it alone. 1. Get a map. If you’ve been playing for a while you probably know where the vehicles spawn, and if you can communicate with teammates they can probably tell you where the vehicles are, but I would still suggest you get the map. For those who don’t know, the Preparedness Perk allows you to spawn with the map from the start. 2. When you find a car part (Gas/Keys/Battery) look at the map and take the item to the CLOSEST vehicle. Why? Because the parts for the other one are in close proximity to it. You do not want to be doing double work and wasting time. You also don’t want to move parts away from a perfectly valid escape avenue for the sake of getting stuff to the blue four seat car. Additionally, working two or more escape plans simultaneously increases everyone’s odds in the late game. Lastly, if you bring everything to one location you make it easy for Jason to take out item carriers and guard dog all the parts in one place. 3. Fixers fix. Runners Run. Take the items to the closest vehicle to where you found them. If you have a character with competent repair, put the item in the vehicle. If you have a character that can’t operate a cereal box, take the item to the closest vehicle and drop it (hold down on the D-pad for consoles – I don’t know the function for PC). Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a Bugzy or Tiffany trying to fix something when an AJ, Deb, or LaChappa are standing around begging the person to let them do it. Do your job! The fix or drop prioritization ensures you don’t have someone racing all over the map with an item and getting killed in some obscure location. It also helps mitigate people leaving by other escape means and taking key items with them. Lastly, it helps to get players to focus on the role their character is very good at. 4. You carry. You deliver. Don’t pick up a car repair item unless you are immediately going to fix the vehicle it is sitting next to or unless you plan on immediately (with no other priorities) taking it to where it needs to go. Obviously, in the late game you may possibly need to fetch a needed item and take it elsewhere when things go sideways with an escape plan, but these suggestions are really more for early-mid game strategy. 5. Put down the keys! Put the keys next to the car. Leave them alone until the car is repaired. Too many people are concerned with getting left behind and want to hoard the keys. Remember what I said in point #2 about working more than one escape plan. Leave options on the table and work all escape options that you can. There are only ever 6 slots for escape in vehicles. This means that 1-2 people will not have an out unless the cops are called. With the average Jason player, probably half the lobby will die or more by the end of the match. Odds are good you’ll have an escape slot available in a vehicle even if you leave the keys – provided of course that you work more than one escape plan and prioritize parts delivery early in the match. 6. Tag you’re it! If you are alone, maybe because you spawned there or everyone else there died or fled, you are now THE ONE (cue heroic music) the survivors are counting on in that part of the map. I see a bunch of players (usually non-fixers) who will leave key items in favor of picking up a baseball bat (resigning themselves to some sort of last stand/desperate evasion play). Or maybe they have a full inventory and don’t want to give up that third pocket knife for the keys….this is BAD (you are focusing on personal short term escape over potential survival as a win). PICK UP THAT REPAIR ITEM and get it to where it needs to go. I hope this helps newer players a bit. I should point out that these strategies hold for early and mid game success. In the late stages of a match you may be forced to "adapt and overcome."
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    It's not pointless at all. You're on here conversing with other users - other people. We can understand what you're trying to tell us a lot better if you use correct grammar, it's not hard. It literally won't even take more than 1 minute to add some grammar for the courtesy of everyone else reading it. I'm a graduate of two different universities and have a BSc. Hons degree and an MSc masters degree and I still type in the way I'd like to read something. @Junebug88559 the game is fine and completely playable in it's current state. There are things to work on as there is with any game but it's not broken or unplayable.
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    Guess we'll have to find out soon ;).
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    I think the car should have a random amount of times it can be smashed or crash before it won't start any more. Or have each crash increase the time to start.
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    Why we can only give 10 likes per day? That's a bit unfair...
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    Just wanted to point out regarding "how my posts come across", the point I was making is that everyone is being SO aggressive about their "opinions" on the new nerfs and treating them like facts. They outright disregard and insult anyone who disagrees. This is in reference to everywhere in total, reddit, twitter, here, facebook etc. So yes, my stance comes off aggressively too. But that's because it's the only way to make a point in these circumstances. You need to draw a line and say "No, you opinion isn't fact. Just because you can't survive doesn't mean no one is surviving." Etc But essentially the point is that too many people are throwing fits over stuff they really don't understand. It's the equivalant of someone bitching about Ryu throwing nothing but fireballs or Guile throwing you constantly in Street Fighter as "Broken and cheap" because they just refuse to learn how to deal with it. Should SF removing throwing and fireball spam because a lot of casual players can't get around it? That's my point. I'm not against balance changes going forward. I'm simply against people who are extremely biased and don't care about balance, only winning, dictating what needs to be nerfed or buffed. Or the knee jerk reactions from people who played one way before and refuse to adapt to the new changes demanding we need this or that to make the game easier for them. It just gets annoying watching people everywhere constantly bitching about easy mode Jason now and counselors being unable to survive when none of that is true. Good counselors still can give Jason a headsche and Counselors can still survive just as much as before. You just don't see all of the survivors on here bitching because they have nothing to bitch about. So all you see is the people who can't survive complaining and it gets annoying. Learn to play the game, adapt to the meta with each new patch. And let actual issues determine what balance is needed, not knee jerk reactions of people throwing tantrums on DAY 1 of a patch before they even take the time to try to learn the new balance. And then stubbornly refusing to change after their initial reaction and just continuing to try and play identical to before and continue to whine that they can't.....
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    Alrighty then, So I've been very busy and not able to play a whole lot as of late. However, I've had plenty of time to search for videos of post-patch game play to watch Jason rounds (lots of them) and use a stopwatch to measure Stun times. What people "feel" like Stun times are in matches are quite skewed from actuality. Counselors can't see how long Jason is actively stunned because the visual indicator is only visible to the Jason player. Jason players likely aren't using a stopwatch to measure how long they are actually stunned...kinda detracts from the whole, "I'm busy killing people" thing. Here is what I've been seeing. The typical Stun time for melee hits with bats and whatnot are about 10-13 seconds. Depends if you can tap out of it or not as Jason, Strengths/Weaknesses, and what perks the counselors are running. Flare guns are averaging around ~8 seconds. The shortest Stun I've measured are Firecrackers - 6.72 seconds against Part 9 with Stun Resistance. Remember that Jason is stunned while he has the periphery black haze on the outside of his screen view. Also bear in mind he has to complete his recovery animation before he can move on to killing again (with some recoveries the stun ends before recovery/other stuns persist even after Jason is moving). The recovery animation takes roughly 1.5-2.5 seconds depending on if his is getting up off the ground or not. You need to factor in recovery for the stuns that end before it completes. In a nutshell, I know a lot of you are thinking the Stuns are very short. Actually timing them with a stop watch...they are generally fine. This list is basically the low end stun duration averages. 1. Melee Weapons/Shotgun = buys you about 10 seconds. 2. Flare Guns = buys you about 7 seconds. 3. Firecrackers = buys you about 7 seconds. 4. Pocket Knives = buys you about 7 seconds 5. Kick Free = buys you about 6 seconds On a side note: Part 2 Jason seems to have shorter Stuns than even Part 9. Before posting this, I took some more timings, and saw Part 2 come out of Firecrackers in 5.89 seconds... Methinks Part 2 needs to be looked at. Also saw him eat a shotgun from Tommy for 8 seconds.
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    We've decided to make a couple wallpapers for you guys: Chad and Tiffany, full body and 'Just the Business' versions. Get them all here: https://imgur.com/a/3foQu
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    4 tapes found now. Private match. Level 101. No trick to finding one. Open drawers and hope you get lucky.
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    Disagree. Go away. This place has got a death curse. Youre all doomed.
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    I say instead of making it permanently inoperable, it could require a repair skill check to fix. Say the hood pops open and you need to re-do the repair skill check under the hood. The car would have to crash 2 to 5 times before that would occur. Throw Luck into determining how often that happens. A Chad driver would be the best choice considering this option. Chad could get away with more crashes than low-luck counselors.
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    Cant take the heat? stay out of the kitchen.
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    I like the new Aldermach.
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    A great example of how to play Tommy Jarvis the correct way.
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    i think it would be super awesome if they added this emote
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    Anyone else hates those obsessive Jasons that won't leave you alone? Now I get it,you can play the game however the hell you want but I mean come on! People over there are fixing the car,calling the cops and you want to kill me so bad that you will ignore everything else,This usually happens because the Jason is friends with others but that's another issue. I would have Jason's chase me for 10+ minutes at times,I still remember this one game where I spawned in in packanack Lodge and Jason teleported there and literally chased me for a good 7 minutes,some one calls the cops so I'm like "Maybe he will ignore me now" nope still chases me for 5 mins and when the cops finally arrive I somehow managed to juke him for all that time and escape. I have even made Jasons rage quit because they would chase me for 10 minutes and finally give up and leave.
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    I'm not 100% on this, but after playing with Part 7 last night, I think he got a stealth skill cooldown boost in the last update (unless its just my imagination). His Morph and Shift seemed to have a slight increase, which helped me score an 8/8 in a game against @BoxingRouge, @pioneer67fkd, and a few others, which is also where I was able to score this:
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    Between the grammar and pointing out how it's just a video game forum,mentioning college,and the title: "i got a question for yall ahah." Plus he actually engaged other users to respond. 10/10 troll post.
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    I have it on good authority from someone on these forums that it’s about 80 feet.
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    Not the case at all.. The thread has been unpinned due to the amount of pinned threads currently cluttering the general section of the forum.
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    I love when I get called "Tryhard". It is so satisfying... It is especially gratifying, when I've been quietly waiting in Stalk for them to think I have departed and ambush them for a freak out. Them: "AHHHHH! SHIT! What the...seriously! Damn, tryh...." Me: **nice long kill animation to draw out the salt**
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    Punctuation is a fantastic and underused tool. And to answer your question, I honestly have no idea. I assume physical copy holders won't get the second bloody digital skin, but who knows. I'll have both so I won't be able to confirm either.
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    I played the three matches with Ghost and there was a pretty serious bug in every match (different each time). I played about five matches later in the evening and only saw one serious bug. Generally, I've not seen many things (with frequency) that are terribly game breaking; more inconvenient than anything. That day just seemed to be THE DAY for all hell to break loose. It was certainly the most stuff I've seen happen in such a short amount of time. Glad Ghost caught the stuff on video for Illfonic to have a look at. I'm not in the camp that the game is broken. I'm in the camp that the game needs tweaking and polish. Ghost has been having more trouble than myself, but that seems to be often the case in these forum chats. Some people have horrible game crashes and bugs...some of us have hardly any (until Ghost shows up and brings the gremlins with him ). Some people have a broader definition of "broken" than others of us who have been gaming 30+ years and have seen the horror of awful games over DECADES. Frankly, F13 isn't even a blip in the universe of terrible games. Atari had a whole list of stinkers to go with their hits. Not to sound like anyone's grandpa, but in our day they didn't even have patches to un-fuck the mess or DLC's to expand a tired game. You paid $60 for the game - as is (broken or otherwise) - enjoy. Worse, you didn't have anyone reviewing it on Youtube or media to spare you the bad investment. We certainly didn't have forums to slather each other's shoulders with salt and snot or a direct line to the developers. And I'm sure a few of you will be like, "Hey Alk! I played SNES. I know what you mean." I played Pong on Colecovision...Nuff' said. Ahh yes....state of the art...in 1982. As long as GUN media and Illfonic continue to move forward to make the game better I'm happy. I have patience, born of age and experience...and years in the Army didn't hurt for learning to be stoic in the face of adversity. Here are a couple tidbits of life advice for the younger folks here> RULE #1 Don't sweat the little things. RULE #2 Everything is little things.
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    They're the inverse of the "at least I was the last survivor" mindset in a lot of counselors. People who are arrogant about their supposed ability, but garbage at the game, so they set their personal goals incredibly low, and are happy with achieving an easy, medicore, self-declared 'win-condition'. They're playing solitaire to a degree. Some Jasons ignore everything else, and treat the game as a 1v1 game of cat and mouse. Usually with the first person they encounter. The idea being that they can't lose the main match if they aren't even playing. Who cares if the car leaves? That's not what their goal is. It's the same with 'last survivor' types. They sit in a corner of the map or under a bed the entire match, and then brag to Jason about how "it took you so long to find me", totally oblivious to the fact that they were no threat at all to any objective, and Jason wasn't even looking for them until now. Jason has far better things to do than randomly look under beds pre-rage for someone who was never a threat. But in their mind - they won. It speaks to a special kind of person that they constantly play for second place, and then puff themselves up over 'winning' a sub-game that nobody else was aware they were playing, or were supposed to be competing for. The amount of final survivors who've spent the entire match in a closet, then given me shit as I kill them for 'taking so long to find them' is unreal.
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    My post was just a joke. Ben is a bro. But this is the internet. Give anyone a voice, and you'll find a palette of different opinions. It is what it is. I enjoy the community for its variety of opinions -- some I find personally invalid, and some I find too optimistic or fantastical. It is what it is. That's why it's called a forum. You'll find the same on the Discord and the subreddit. Those who think the teams don't care about fixing the game are simply short-sighted. Gun and Illfonic can be as transparent as they can, and these people will still find a reality congruent to their beliefs. The reason you're seeing such a hive of negativity (and positivity; let's get real) is because Gun and Illfonic are pretty connected to the fanbase. Inarguably more transparent and connected than most other game dev companies. Players of the game know this, and so they yelp louder because there is incentive to voice their opinions. Picture baby birds in a nest and how they chirp louder when the mama bird is within range, except mama bird is always within range with Gun and Illfonic through Twitter, the forums, the Discord, the subreddit, et cetera and so on. Don't let that discourage you, @Trident77. Let people be people, and let yourself be yourself.
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    @Gertz @wes @Randygbk @GunMedia_Ben Any chance that there will be a stable, working version of this game by year's end? I've stopped playing altogether but I've been holding out hope one of your patches would improve things but the common theme seems to be taking one step forward and two steps back. Could you let me know in plain language whether or not it's worth it to expect to play a stable working version? Is this as good as it gets? Four months is the entire life-cycle for some indie games and we keep being told that it's only been four months and it will get better. Will it? Can you guarantee it? Yay DLC but what about the game's broken state? I have to admit I regret backing this game. I wish I'd waited and others had too, and you guys really had to work for it instead of being gifted the license of a favourite franchise. There's parts of this game that are great and I wish I could enjoy but from Day 1 (where I wasn't able to get into a match for over 48 hours) to now- it's basically been overwhelming frustration. We've been giving a lot of empty promises- any chance you can make one that you intend to keep?
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    I play LaChappa. I feel like that pillow every match. If they tunnel you. You'll probably die if they obsess about it. Lead them off away from objectives and embrace the hateboner. It is just how some people choose to play.
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    I honestly don’t mind. If a Jason player wants to ignore other counselors while they’re fixing objectives to chase me, fair game. I consider it a win on my end if I can help anybody escape. If a Jason player starts chasing me, I’ll often start flashing my light at him. That seems to make Jason players go into tunnel vision and focus on you; which gives counselors time to get stuff done. Not sure why flashing your light at them makes them so upset, but I’m not judging. Lol.
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    Appreciating all the feedback guys. Been reading and notating everything here.
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    Messing around with the gear what about a Michael Jackson inspired "Thriller" jacket for Bugsy apart of the Halloween DLC that would be dope.
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    I think the devs are fine with this particular glitch as it has no effect on gameplay at all. Ben posted on Reddit somewhere that they were fine with it; you're not likely to get banned for using this one
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    NINJA VANISH! (Employing hiding spots in F13 the Game) - thanks to @A.J. Mason for the topic suggestion. I still see there is a healthy debate on the forums regarding the viability of hiding spots in the game. Of course, I am not referring to hiding behind doors or rocks, but rather the in-game hide locations (i.e. closets, beds, tents, and outhouses). Some people see them as options for safety and others do not. Here is my advice to newer players who may not yet have committed themselves to one side of the fence or another. THE THREE S’s: First let’s briefly discuss the things that will get you hunted down by Jason. I call them the Three S’s (cue sh#@ty presentation music). Jason will be able to detect you because of three things: Sight, Sound, and Stupidity. Sight. Jason can see counselors using the player’s eyeballs to scan the surroundings on-screen (obviously). He can see counselors by the sound pings which act as visual cues to a general area a counselor is moving in. He can also use his Sense ability to highlight counselors (or the structures they enter) which is based on Fear. Lastly, he can see player microphone icons lighting up with proximity based chat nearby. Sound. Jason can audibly hear counselor’s in-game. He can detect the canned game noises they generate such as opening doors, climbing out widows, and the verbal cues made by panicking counselors. He can also hear player’s heavy breathing into their microphones, their fans whirring in the background, and their proximity based chat. Stupidity. Well, we all suffer from this time to time. Make the wrong call or a silly mistake and you’ll probably catch Jason’s attention. If you are trying to hide, I’d suggest muting your microphone. STEALTH Many people assume Stealth will save them. It is nice to not make as much in-game noise pings when moving around to be sure, but Stealth is only one factor. High Stealth characters do not readily generate noise pings compared to low Stealth characters. As an example, A.J. can jog around the map quite happily and not generate noise pings because of her 10 Stealth. If she runs or swims, she’ll still make noise, but at a greatly reduced interval. Vanessa on the other hand, is about as quiet as a tornado passing through a trailer park. High Stealth value helps reduce the sound pings (a visual cue to Jason). That’s right. You won’t be one iota quieter to a Jason player actually listening for you. SENSE Sense is one of Jason’s abilities and it is based on Fear (a core game mechanic). All Jason’s get Sense, and Sense has a base detection radius for all Jason’s. Fun fact, Jason’s with Sense weakness don’t actually have a reduced Sense radius. The power just charges more slowly. Same goes for Jason’s with Sense as a strength, but the power charges faster. By default, Jason’s can “detect” counselors out to a certain basic range assuming the counselor has not accumulated Fear. Counselors gain Fear through many different things, which we will not go into here, but understand as their Fear levels reach certain thresholds, they can be detected at a greater distance. When Jason attains Rage mode, his basic Sense detection radius drastically increases (as does all the recharge speeds of his powers). Pre-Rage Jason will detect counselors if they are in his detection radius + their current Fear threshold if they are outside a building or inside a building and not using a hiding spot. Sense avoidance perks offer a chance to not be detected (but most of these perks are circumstantial – i.e. work indoors or while in water). Post-Rage, Jason can detect counselors even if they are inside a hiding spot unless they are running Sense avoidance perks. Essentially, stay out of hiding spots Post-Rage unless you have a perk(s) to specifically help hide you in those circumstances. STUPIDITY Ignorance is tied to not knowing something might be a poor choice; lacking education on the topic. Stupidity is knowing, and doing it anyway which results in a negative outcome. We all have those moments, despite education and common sense, where we choose to make poor decisions. Sometimes mistakes are accidental in-the-moment and when our brain chooses the "abandon ship" option. There is a whole (very comical) thread about this on the forums. I’ve even contributed some of my own less than stellar fiascos. The bottom line is that nobody’s perfect, but try to mitigate silly mistakes. You’ll live longer. How to apply this knowledge in game for hiding: 1. Use hiding spaces Pre-Rage to elude Jason’s Sense ability. He will not detect you by Sense without Rage in a hiding spot. 2. Keep quiet in hiding spots. Turn off your mic. Sound made by your character and yourself will give you away more often than Sense. Good Jason’s listen intently to sound cues. They also will metagame you to death by looking for your microphone symbol activating. You can play perfectly and your mic will sell you down the river (happened to me many times). 3. Don’t hide in dark buildings with low composure characters (Composure below 4). The character will often mutter and make noise giving you away to Jason’s who are LISTENING. Don’t try this with moderate Composure characters either if their Fear is maxed out (no more mini-map)! At maximum Fear even those with moderate Composure (4-7) will often cry out – especially if Jason walks by the hiding location. 4. Don’t camp hiding spots. They are a reprieve from death. If you stay long enough for Jason to get Rage, it will likely be game over. Even running Sense avoidance perks, it is not hard for Jason to tap spam Sense on/off to get the RNG to detect you. Additionally, if you are not out and about helping the team, you are lowering everyone’s chances of survival. 5. If you hear Jason’s music while in a building and you know he has Sense already, stop moving, turn off the flashlight, and be quiet. If Jason just morphed to your location he may not know how many people are in the building. If another (less knowledgeable and noisy counselor is in there with you), hide. Jason will often break in and see them. Wait for Jason to finish them off/pursue them and depart. When he's gone, come out of hiding and go about your merry way. 6. If you are alone in a building and Jason is hunting you. You CAN hide, but I’d only recommend doing it if it is a cabin with a bunch hiding spots, your Fear is down, and the lights are on. Jason will almost certainly know you are hiding, but most Jason players will tire of breaking hiding locations in a game of hide and seek (good Jason’s know it will waste a lot of time). Often your teammates will attract his attention by doing something that shifts Jason’s priorities temporarily. Remember – it’s not that he didn’t know you were there. You just made yourself more inconvenient to hunt for the moment. Still it buys you a reprieve…for now. 7. Don’t pick hiding spots in a building close to doors. Generally avoid picking spots on the right side of a room (based on the direction Jason is entering from). Why? Most people are right-handed and will favor picking something to the right sub-consciously. Now those crazy lefty’s…well I’d play the odds. 8. I prefer hiding under beds and in tents because it is quieter to enter/exit them. Closets and outhouses make a bit more audible noise for Jason to zero in on. 9. While in a hiding spot your Stamina charges extremely fast (around 5 seconds for a full pool). You can use them the regain what you lost quickly. If you are tired, even if Jason isn’t around, pop in for a quick refill. 10. Avoid using the hold breath function. It really is a last resort gamble that more often than not gets you killed rather than helping you (in my experience).
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    This is my 3,000th post. Join us- you too can get into arguments with people from all over the world! Debate intricacies of the game and franchise like a bitter custody battle! Kill spare time! It's more fun than spectating! It's not all that bad though- join up, just use the search function before creating a thread. No, you're not the first person to think the game needs Jason X, host migration, Pamela, Freddy, etc. Seriously- use the search function. That is all.
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    Weapon Kills - These are kills I've thought up of in my spare time, a lot of them are either impossible with the developer's skill level (not an insult) or just outright not fitting Jason,but they're ideas, ideas aren't demands. Part 2 Jason takes the Counselor by the throat and throws them onto the ground, stepping on their chest and bringing his pickaxe overhead, only to slam it down straight into the Counselor's forehead, digging it so deep it nearly comes out the mouth since it goes in at a slight angle where it enters the forehead straight on. Yanking it out with the counselor's head following slightly, but staying attached to the body. Blood could be spewing out of it during the animation, but stopping once the animation ends and the counselor enters ragdoll. Jason kicks the Counselor onto their knee, one knee on the ground and the other in a right triangle shape, yanking on the Counselor's head (meant to look like hair) to make them face upwards, Jason moving his grip to the near-top of his pickaxe as he sends it into their jaw, disconnecting it from the head and leaving them to squirm on the ground before Jason stomps on their head to end their misery. Jason sets the Counselor down, bringing his axe back and swinging it with powerful force to the Counselor's gut, lifting them up slightly with the pickaxe slightly showing on the other side, Jason then pulling it out and making the Counselor fall onto their knees. Next, it'd be a similar swing, long and drawn back straight to the Counselor's gut again, this being the fatal blow, he pulls it out again and lets the Counselor fall straight on their stomach. Part 3 Jason forces the Counselor onto both of their knees like Part 6 does with Spear Impale, stepping back and giving a broad swing to their upper head, digging clean into their eyes and then kicking their body away to get his axe out of their cut head. Jason holds them up high, just like in Choke or Heart Punch and then swings his axe firmly into their mid-section with one hand, struggling and squirming start before Jason puts a hefty pause to their struggles when he brings his axe overhead rather from to the side to strike their neck, the limp body being dropped by Jason as he turns around to continue his mass murder. The more sluggish tone to Part 3's weapon kills contributes greatly to this one. He sends a punch to the Counselor's gut to make them fall over, which he then walks up behind them slowly and menacingly to only send a double handed axe strike straight to the back of their head, decapitating them and sending their lifeless body plummeting with their head rolling. Part 4 THIS IS ALL BASED ON IF THE PIG SPLITTER IS INDEED PART 4'S WEAPON. Jason turns the Counselor around and swings an overhead strike to the Counselor's shoulder, grinding it harshly until the arm comes clean off. Jason then kicks the counselor's feet to make them get on both knees, which Jason proceeds to send a powerful strike to the other shoulder, repeating what he did with the other and grinding it off painfully. And with the arms finished, he sends a POWERFUL overhead strike to the middle of the Counselor's head, going straight down the head until the nose is cut in half, watching the corpse fall forward and then yanking the weapon out of the victim's skull. Jason sets the Counselor onto their feet, but keeps a hold on their shoulder to keep them from running. He then raises his weapon up and then crashes it down into the Counselor's chest, ripping it down to let his blade be free. He repeats this with the other side of their shoulder to split them in half (if the game could allow it, but for now it'd just be bloody marks down their body similar to what Part 7 causes with Eviscerate). Stepping back and letting the torn up body fall infront of him. Jason kicks the Counselor away and flings his splitter straight to their leg, making them kneel in pain, maybe the Counselor can even pull the weapon out and try to attack Jason, (if this would be a possibility, Jason would stop the arm of the counselor and make them stab themselves in the throat, driving it deep and then taking back the weapon he just made a counselor in theory kill themselves with, perhaps it could be a randomized feature that sometimes a Counselor will try and pull the blade out and attack to add some randomness to the game in attempts of keeping it fresh.) but if that's not a possibility, Jason would come up and bring a firm hand to the Counselor's head, pulling them back and ripping his blade from the Counselor's leg to give a clean cut to the counselor's throat, or maybe a throat hack to decapitate them with it. (no news has come out for a part 5, skip.) Part 6 Jason kicks the Counselor onto their back and drags their arm up to match head level, then he impales the counselor's and with the spear deep into their palm. After this, Jason grabs the Counselor's head and pulls on it so their neck is viciously yanked against the dug in spear, aiming to decapitate the Counselor, which he does do successfully, pulling it off with excessive force. Jason sets the Counselor down and lunges his spear right into the torso of the counselor, lifting them up and throwing them backwards like Darren in Part 6: Jason Lives, a short kill that could give comedic effect if the ragdolls keep how they are, but maybe a bit too fast, people already consider part 6 overpowered. So to add some length to the kill, it's a basic reskin of the Savini Pitchfork Lift, watching them struggle on the spearhead before being flung back, but this may go back on the exclusitivity of the Savini Jason's kills, so this one may be a hit or miss for people. Jason pulls the counselor against his chest and starts to choke them out with the spear, similar to the way in Manhunt (2003) with the bat's red execution, pulling on their throat until they can't see straight due to the loss of breath from the violent choke, Jason then stepping forward and shoving the spearhead end right into their mouth, going through the corpse and out the other end, pulling it out with some jagged trouble. Part 7 (my personal favorite) Jason sets the counselor onto their feet and does the machete stab animation, but then he twists the blade into a more cliche stabbing position, yanking it out and repeatedly stabbing the Counselor viciously, stab after stab after stab, each heavy and drawn out before the final stab stays in their torn up stab wound, letting the counselor drop before being pulled out of the wound of the downed counselor. Possible blood effect of hiding spots could be applied here, the way blood slings onto the blade and up into the air from being stabbed (bed). Jason takes the Counselor by the throat and keeps them lifted up high, driving his weapon into their stomach, digging it up slowly and agonizingly until it comes out the torso of the counselor, before being dropped with the quick death. Jason tosses the counselor away, but not onto their back, giving them space to run before the accuracy of Jason's throws gets him to chuck his machete bullsye for the Counselor's head, going right through it as they fall to their knees. Jason coming up behing them slowly and gripping the hilt of his blade to pull it out quick, the excessive nature through making him whip it out in a way to instantly send it to hack at their throat until their head is cleanly chopped off. (this part is optional.) Part 8 Jason turns the counselor around and hits the back of their neck with the blunt end of his fireaxe, brining an arm around the Counselor to slit their throat quickly, causing the counselor to fall onto his hands and knees, clutching his bloody wound before Jason sends a crushing stomp to their head, wiping off his foot with the dirt below. Jason punches the Counselor's gut to make them bend over, and then sends his axe straight up into their torso while bent over, digging it deep until he yanks it out and flings the sharper end right into their back, aiming to puncture through the exact same wound the straight axe hit was in. Jason kicks the Counselor away and throws his fireaxe straight for the counselor's leg, aiming to knock them down and off their balance. Jason then walks over and yanks his weapon from the Counselor's leg with a foot on the leg that was stuck, staring down at the counselor before swinging with a double handed overhead strike straight to their head, some struggle when yanking it out aswell. Part 9 Jason turns the counselor around and gives an overhead swing straight into the counselor's back, holding them by the head to keep them upright as he pulls the axe out with force and flips it in his hand to hook it right into the counselor's head, the non-bloody side getting a taste of horny teenager blood as he yanks the axe free from that part alone. Jason sets the Counselor down to dig it right into their gut, shoving them down onto their back. He steps a bit forward and gives a violent kick to the handle of the blade to fling it out and get caught clean in Jason's grasp, only to be flung back down right into the neck or head of the counselor. This is all I could come up with for Part 9 Savini Jason kicks the counselor onto their stomach, the Counselor tries to crawl away desperately, but Jason catches up with them and puts a firm boot on their head, but not crushing it, instead he brings his pitchfork down and begins to repeatedly stab their back, a total of 6 times with the 6th being a heavy dig and blade-twist before yanking it out and crushing the counselor's head to make sure there's no way of survival. Possible bed hiding spot blood effect on the stabs. Jason sticks the side of the Counselor with his pitchfork and lifts them up, letting them dangle there and dying from blood loss, only to be flung off of his weapon in a direction.(now, I know this is likely going to be already coming out, due to mo-cap footage being released of an obvious long weapon holding up a counselor, but it's something I've been thinking of once I first saw Savini's weapon, and I need filler.) Jason stabs at the leg of the counselor to make them drop onto both knees, he'd then take a step back and ram his pitchfork into the counselor's head with an angle to sling them up, a traditional side head cock as the lifeless counselor hangs head first from his pitchfork, before dropping them casually. Context/Environmental Kills Cars - This is when Jason is near a car that's started, broken down or unrepaired. UNREPAIRED - Jason takes the counselor and slams their head into the engine of the car, slamming the hood down with violent force to crash their head into it repeatedly for a total of 8 times of repeated, fast slams. STARTED UP/BROKEN DOWN - Jason kicks the Counselor's feet out to make them kneel, slamming their head into the car window and then opening the door and slamming the counselor's head into the door, basically the door slam kill but with the car door, it shocked me this isn't in the game already. STARTED UP/BROKEN DOWN - Jason can throw his fist into the window of a car to grab at the throat of a counselor, not letting go no matter what, making the car undriveable (while the animation is going) until he rips the throat of the counselor in the car out, possibly having counselor's drag that body out (with a fear based repair minigame) if they need the seat. Wilderness - This is when Jason has someone grabbed in the woods, we ALL know how pesky it is to deal with a grab kill in the woods of a map. Higgins Haven By the map location there is a set of chopped wood by it, Jason could throw the Counselor into the stump of where the wood was being chopped at, grab a piece of wood and repeatedly bash the counselor's head into the stump until they're limp and lifeless. In the barn, there are a few static props just there for decoration, how about they're used? example, the pickaxe just in the hay, perhaps as the same with the Packanack Small intro, Jason digs his weapon into the ground and gives a strong punch to the Counselor's head to make them stumble, picking up the axe and giving a quick swing into the wall, pinning them there with a bloody mess on the ground, possibly coming out the other end of the barn. Crystal Lake The toolshed could use some more purpose, perhaps Jason could throw a Counselor around in it, beating them up enough to kill them using it. The archery range has a lot of comedic possibilities to it, and one could be that Jason pins a counselor to one of the archery ranges using throwing knives (3 required for the kill), pinning the counselor with both to the range, stepping back and flinging a knife straight into their head, taking the two knives that pinned them back. Another archery range kill could be simply being bashed up against the deck of the range until they're a bloody mess. I don't see that any good things on Packanack that isn't a repeat kill. There are A LOT of repeated kills for context kills, so some variety: on context kills where Jason either punch decapitates or squishes their frontal head into mush against a sign post, (the one with 'SPRINGWATER CAMP' and a logo on them, etc etc.) Instead, he knees them in the gut, and bashes their head against it until they're straight up sent through it, head poking out the other side as the bloody mess of counselor drips for others to admire. For context kills on the tables just outside Packanack with the firepit, Jason would slam their head into the table multiple times, four total hits before tossing them aside after the bloody mess of a table is used up instead of the just singular head smash. For the context kills on the windows, there could be some variety in them. For double windows, Jason could toss them sideways, making their bodies fling and break both the windows with more logic to it since both windows break at the single touch of a counselor. Or maybe a small knee to the gut and then chuck into the windows, singular windows stay the same. For the firepit kills, there could be some more variety aswell. Perhaps sometimes it'll do the fireplace kill on it, and other times it'll do the deepthroat kill. I know there are certain campfires and firepits that have varying kills, one will be the fireplace kill and one will be the deepthroat, I understand, but having some more consistent variety would be lovely.
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    I think the J4 content will come out a week before or a week after the 13th. They'll want to make sure the servers are ready for an (potential) influx of new players on the 13th. Potential bugs in the J4 content on the same day seems like a suicidal idea. If there is a bunch of new players after the physical launch, I hope we can take them in graciously. We all have a ton of experience with the game which is going to make things rough on the newbies. I'd hate to see potential players abandon the game because of more experienced players trashing them for not knowing the ins and outs the way we do. I already see it, and I try to stand up to those who bully a Jason who is obviously new to the game. If we want this community to continue to grow we have to help make it a positive and fun experience for everyone.
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    What's your point? It's a game. Let people have their fun. Banning people for everything is just silly and not the solution. Just have a laugh and join a new lobby if it bothers you.