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    Hey all! So we're happy to announce that the build has gone live for all platforms today! You might see some time differences with each platform, but everything is starting to go out now! The biggest draws are of course the new smaller maps that have been added. We've reduced the size of each map by around 40% which should encourage a bit faster-paced game play overall and give you guys something new/different to toy around with while we work on the already hinted at new content coming at a later date. You might also note that Team Killing has been removed for public matches. Cars can still be used to kill, however weapons will have no effect on fellow counselors, should you be wielding a shotgun. We will continue to monitor game play overall for continued tweaks. For those on Xbox; this is a big one. We've reduced crashing instances to almost nil at this point and are fairly confident the memory leak has been plugged. Things should be far, far more stable and with new matchmaking tweaks we believe things should be far more optimized. Keep in mind, we are still working on console dedicated servers so host-quits will still result in the game ending, however crashing to dashboard should not be experienced. We have also added localization to the game. English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian have all been added. Lastly; we've done another major sweep of bugs and exploits. Rock hiding spots, collision exploits and the outside-the-map exploits that were being used by players have been plugged. You should also notice that items will not fall through the map as frequently/if ever. As always; please continue to send all issues you encounter to www.jasonkillsbugs.com should you encounter weird/odd things or exploits being utilized by players. PATCH NOTES Stability Overall stability should be drastically improved due to a number of crash fixes and a major memory leak fix. Parties/Invites/Matchmaking Disallowing party leaders to join game session invites to sessions that do not advertise (private matches). This is due to not being able to search for sessions that do not advertise, which prevents party members from following their leader into them. Party leaders can now follow public game invites, bringing members with them. Steam Matchmaking tries harder to find lower-pinging matches. PS4 matchmaking up to 6x more efficient with tighter ping requirements. Fixed XB1 matchmaking bugs. Fixed a number of issues with how the game handles Party Invites and Matchmaking; there are still a few issues out there that are rare but it is much improved. Fixed a number of issues on how canceling matchmaking was handled that could leave players in a state they could no longer matchmake. Party members now see their party leader’s matchmaking status and time.\ Various improvements to error messaging. Maps Added Small Maps for the existing maps; Packanack Small, Higgins Haven Small, and Camp Crystal Lake Small. Increased the density of Kill locations on all maps. Adjusted collision on Maps to prevent people from standing on water. Adjusted collision on piers to prevent cars from driving on them . Added a Map Icon to Campfire Kills. Fixed a number of kill spots that were not functioning. Fixed an issue with not being able to fix boat propellers based on boat positioning on the dock. Placed collision under piers to prevent people from swimming under them. Fixed a number of areas that the player could get out of the map. Fixed a number of areas that Counselors could get to that Jason could not. Added better collision around Boat Exits to prevent Jason from getting to areas he shouldn’t be in. Gameplay Team Killing changes. Team Killing is no longer possible in Public Matches. Cars can still cause damage to the players if they are hit. Traps can still hurt and/or kill the player but there is no longer an XP penalty for the person that placed the trap in Public Matches. Private Matches have not changed. Fixed an issue where the Counselors breath wouldn’t start to recharge if the user continued to hold the button after breath was depleted. Fixed an issue with Fear being canceled if pulled out of a car. Fixed an issue with the Police Objective happening when it shouldn’t be. Fixed a number of issues regarding objects falling through the ground. Fixed an issue where Damage and Stun chance were only being calculated on the first attack. Jason can no longer block through traps, firecrackers, flare guns, shotguns, and the Police. Fixed reliability of perks that spawn items at the start of the match. Misc Fixes Increased texture resolution on the XB1. Fixed the PhD for Murder Achievement/Trophy. Improved intro and outro cinematics. Fixed player muted states sometimes getting “lost” after level change. Can now unready in Private Match even when the countdown is low. Fixed a hitch caused by the video settings savegame after signing in or changing those settings. Localization added; EFIGS+J+P+R
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    Hey guys, So we do have internal projections but we'd rather be 100% certain when giving out dates, rather than give you guys speculation. It's better to be 100% rather than to give you guys a promise and miss a date. In essence; we are working as quickly and as hard as we can. This patch brings all versions to parity and gives us a more substantial platform to update for future content. We want to get updates going out at the same time, on a schedule that is sustainable and works for everyone. We're working to reduce the instances of patches going to Steam/PS4 before Xbox One and vice versa. That being said; we have a target. Is that target set? No. However, it is our hope.
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    Since people are quoting me in here from Discord I figured I would drop in and say hi and follow up. So...hi everyone! The certification process can be fickle; sometimes you get through quickly with no issues and sometimes you get kicked because there are issues that you didn't see while the build was in test in the office. Sometimes it takes a few working days and sometimes it can take more. It's just unpredictable. I probably shouldn't have dropped the specific dates we felt we would be through internally in Discord as anything could happen. I should have left it as my normal "Soon(TM)" response. Obviously, it wasn't ready today and who knows what will happen tomorrow. Don't be angry at me or anyone else if nothing happens tomorrow, it was a guess on my part. I know it can rough waiting, trust me, we are doing everything we can to get something out as quick as possible. I think players will be happy. - Gertz
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    We've made it so that's not possible anymore with the next update.
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    The guys at Gun Media and Illfonic be like...
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    I know there are a lot of us who are wishing for a Mean Girl counselor, so let us rally and brainstorm together in one place! There has been a few mean girls over the course of the movies, most notably Melissa from Part VII. Now why would a Mean Girl be a good choice as a character? Personally I've always found them to be hilarious. It would be the perfect opportunity for a feisty girl that, combined with a few witty insults to provoke Jason (Or another counselors, wouldn't that be great?) could do for a fun character to play. When I think about how such a character would be, I can't help but to have Chanel Oberlin in my mind as inspiration, she is the perfect embodiment of a mean girl; ruthless, self-absorved, narcissistic, so very blonde and fasionable over all things. How would a Mean Girl look? I think most people would say that a long haired, blonde female is long overdue! However, over all things, she is meant to be fashionable. It would be a great opportunity for a counselor to wear for the very first time a dress, and heels. Once again, Chanel quickly comes to aid to inspire with her thousand outfits and looks. Now the best part...! The stats...! I've thought of a few archetypes, and I think this is my favourite: Composure: 5 Luck: 8 Repair: 2 Speed: 8 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 7 Strength: 1 I'm going to draw my own basic fashion sketches for fun! What do you guys think? Feel free to share and come up with your own thoughts! Her colour palette should be...! Tah-dah, white, and pastels. They are very girly; and when wore by a mean girl, something about it makes her extra-obnoxious. Melissa knows this very well! References: About the Melissa/Tamara blend, I combined the hairstyle and the dress of Tamara with Melissa's sophisticated taste. Unlike Tamara, Melissa knows that cold toned skins look so much better with pearls and silvery accessories/jewelry than gold.
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    *These are simply my opinions and I hope I do not come off too chauvinistic, but feel free to add to it in the comments!* The Signs of a "Good" Jason player To some, as long as the person who plays as Jason kills everyone, it may be fair to say they did everything right. While this may be true, I like to think differently. Jason is completely OP. He has to be. So while some would say getting a 7/7 or 7/8 ratio at the end of a match is a good game, we may be ignoring some aspects of the game (Who the counselors are, whether we are dealing with seasoned players or newbies, etc.) So while some Jasons may get all the counselors. I would say it's hardly fun when they do 7 asphyxiations and trap the hell out of the 4 door car. Here are my opinions on what a true "Good" Jason player does: 1. Varied Kills I love environmental kills: I love throwing Jenny into the fireplaces, Cracking Adam on the back with a boot, or smashing Bugzy against a fence on Higgins Haven. I try to do environmental kills as much as I can, but it's understandable if a environmental kill isn't nearby or a trap went off somewhere. But I don't want to see the same quick head punch decapitations and asphyxiations will spectating. Try to vary it up, not only do you get more XP, but it's entertaining for those who have died. 2. Trapping properly and effectively So you've found the phone fuse. You find the box, but there's at least 4 traps by the phone. While the strategy is understandable, I find it ineffective when Jason wastes all the traps on one objective, when often there are at least 3 to worry. Use 2 traps on the phone instead of 4, trap the gascaps and engine and don't waste traps for the car doors or for windows. It's honestly a better strategy in my opinion. 3. Use Stalk Using stalk is truly to master the art of Jason. It's difficult to master, I am still learning how to properly use the ability. But I have had games where a Jason used stalk and scared the hell out of me. Not only does it make the game more fun, but it is really useful. Use that Stalk more! 4. Exploiting Fear Cut the power! Break the windows! Stare ominously into your victims soul! Exploit their fear! It helps you to find those stealthy counselors. Even the mangled bodies of your victims will scare them! 5. Know Your Victims! 2 minutes into the game and you find two counselors going into two different directions. One is Vanessa and one is AJ, so who are you going after? Obviously, a good Jason player will go after anyone who has a strong repair ability. While those Vanessa and Bugzy players may get on your nerves, it's the quiet one's you have to keep an eye out for! 6. Sound Pings The sound pings may be just a part of the sense ability, but they can be really helpful. If you have good awarness, you'll know exactly if a counselor is close to an objective. This is especially useful for those who play Part 7 Jason, who is often ridiculed for his strengths and weaknesses. So it's useful to pull up the map every so often to keep the objectives in your head. I hope this is informative and not too chauvinistic to read. Please comment for any other suggestions or opinions!
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    As seen in the Packanack Lodge Small Map!
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    Rules for Playing as Jason: 1. Counselors do not get to tell Jason how to play. 2. Counselors do not get to tell Jason how to play. 3. Counselors do not get to tell Jason how to play. 4. (See Rules 1-3). When they drive out counselors say: "Bye Jason! You're a noob! You suck!" When you slash them counselors say: "Quit being a slashing bitch!" When you grab and kill counselors say: "You're a Try Hard!" You cannot win, therefore, kill them all. :)
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    Since we have you here.... What's the blue dots mean? ?
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    Thank F13 news. "We find disseminated info so you don't have to".
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    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges.
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    Hey guys, so I know there's been some discussion on this previously but not really a dedicated topic about it. It's just something I've been thinking about, especially in regards to the upcoming updates. Hear me out, tell me what you think, agree / disagree, it's all good. Firstly I'm not saying the game should be just as I imagine it. F13 is a lot of different things to people. For me, it is horror first and foremost. And the way I pictured this game was as a tense, brutal, modern survival horror. F13 has always had some comic relief as is typical of the 80's horror greats, so it's expected that some of that would be in the game too. But with upcoming content like dancing emotes, and everyone running around in bikinis and speedos, I can't help getting a GTA vibe to it all, and what that means for the future of the game. I love GTA, but F13 having elements of that is jarring for me. I think that not everything in a movie translates to a game, they are 2 totally different experiences and what works in one might not in the other. Adding more things in isn't always beneficial, especially if they start taking away from the core idea. I've always wanted F13 to be a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and represent Jason as the great cinematic horror character that he is. For me, content like this is starting on a path that I feel could break the immersion for me and subtract from the experience. What do you all think? EDIT: just to be a little more clear, I think there is a reason why Final Chapter is cited as a favourite among hardcore F13 fans. And it's not because of Crispin Glover's dance. Despite its comedic elements, there is a dark and violent nature to that movie, most of all in Jason. It really shows just how terrifying he can be, without even being undead. That's the tone I always wanted this game to be.
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    In the virtual cabin and the trailers we can clearly hear each counselor having a unique voice. Even Adam who has the same actor as Kenny still has a different voice tone and lines. We can also see the different actors for each in the credits. Yet in the released game, every male counselor excluding only Chad, uses Kenny's voice and lines. All the girls have their unique voices and lines but not the guys. Whenever this has been asked about to the devs, we've gotten the canned "We don't comment on fan suggestions. Please see our policy on those. Link here" kinda thing or otherwise silence. It's never been officially acknowledged and even the new patch coming out that fixes all of these bug glitches makes no mention of fixing this. @wes @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @Randygbk Can you fill us in on why all the male counselors use Kenny's voice and what happened to all the unique voices shown in the virtual cabin? Will we ever get this fixed? Is there a reason this is not being acknowledged? Any elaboration would be greatly appreciated.
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    I hate the t-bagging, I think it's incredibly stupid and ridiculous. It's like a joke that got old years ago, can't understand why people still find it funny. When I see it being done, I don't think "wow, they really got me...". No, I just think you look like a total idiot. EDIT: Here's an idea. How about giving Jason a little ability against the t-baggers. Anyone hanging around next to him when he's down, tea-bagging or whatnot - Jason will be able to surprise them with a grab from the ground. It's a staple of F13 films and horror films in general, would fit in great.
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    The first time I saw a counselor up there, I took a moment to inform that him about bans for glitching. He let me know that I should suck it. I think the exchange left us both better people.
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    Here's my intro to the forum; A few years back when I was a Jaycee (community service group), I chaired a haunted corn maze. It was in an actual cornfield where if you heard an owl hoot or wolf howl it wasn't an effect. The last night, Halloween night, I dressed as Jason. It's a Part 7 and looks like it just jumped off the movie screen. I'm 6'2". In boots, 6'4". I do the Kane breathing and everything. I sell it pretty well. I was in what's called a Kill Box. Despite several paths, there's only one way in and one way out. Take the wrong one and it just takes you back to our favorite disgruntled goaltender. The Kill Box was at the bottom of the maze and everyone would have to pass through it. I'm in a position to see (it was a full moon no less) everyone coming through the maze. There was this one guy that night; The Hard Ass. Wife beater, low pants, off-center hat, tats, every Eminem lyric memorized... And a cigarette. In a dried corn maze. I just watched that glowing end zig-zag through the maze. Every word is F this and F that and how bad the whole event was. He had two gals with him. Then he came to me. There was a straight, long path from him to me. There's woods all around this field and a full moon. I'm 6'4" in a hockey mask holding a machete (plastic) and dressed to kill. This guy stopped dead. Sidebar. I figure, this guy's about my age (mid 30's) and looks rough, but I've got him dead stopped. Then it hit me; he'd probably met Jason the same way I did. Sneaking a look on cable TV when I wasn't supposed to. It was double terror- scary Jason AND fear of being discovered by disapproving pissed parents. But this isn't the TV room. This is outside in a dark field and Jason F-ing Voorhees is right F-ing HERE! He had to come my way. No choice. The only way out was the path just ahead and to my left. There were two others between us that only circled back. I knew this. They didn't. They stepped my way and I mirrored their motion. Another dead stop. A standoff. "C'mon, Brad, just mow him down," said a voice hiding behind The Bad Ass. "F YOU, Crystal! That's Jason!" he shot back. They moved my way. I reciprocated. I heard screams. Possibly three. They dove down the first side path they came to. It circled them back to the main path. I stared straight at them as they stumbled down the path, never breaking eye contact from over/through the corn. I slowly backed away, opening to them the only path out of the Kill Box...but only barely. They would have to get VERY close to me in order to get to this path. They knew it. They knew I knew too. The Bad Ass decided he'd been out Bad Assed. He created a new path. Avoiding me. Best scare I've ever gotten from anyone ever. So! Good luck, gamers! Thanks Gun and Illfonic for such a great game!
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    Weather is going to be a bit challenging to implement due to some issues with the Unreal Engine, though it is not off the table, and of course they are focused on the beta and launch and soon after that, singleplayer. But this thread is a sort of "wishlist" if you will. I want, as to make gameplay more random and unpredictable alongside the randomly generated cabins and items, to have weather give an effect to gameplay. How it affects characters in particular. I'll be going through the typical things people would like to see and marking down some changes to gameplay that could potentially happen to make things more interesting. Weather takes on three forms: - Light - Normal - Heavy Light weather will have almost no effect on gameplay other than looking pretty. Normal will have some effect on gameplay. Heavy will have tremendous effect on gameplay. Weather can also take on two "modes": - Stagnant - Versatile Stagnant is weather that remains largely the same throughout the whole match. Versatile is that the weather starts light but progressively gets worse as Jason kills each counselor. Now onto the types of weather that should be in the game, and their effects: Fog A must for any horror game, fog reduces visibility. Light fog is present only in a very thin haze on the lower parts of the ground. Obscures almost no view. Normal fog covers the distance and makes it harder to see. Figures would only appear as shadows until you get close enough. Heavy fog is dense and greatly reduces the distance of visibility. It's like a white veil over your eyes. Silent Hill levels of density. Your counselor is far more affected by fear once alone. Potential Effects: - Reduces distance of visibility - Makes light less noticeable unless shining directly at someone. Rain Another popular and grim weather pattern, rain makes escaping from Jason a bumpy ride. Light rain does nothing but look pretty. Normal rain can create mud puddles which can make very loud noises that Jason can pick up on. It does make running outside less noticeable, however. Mud puddles for normal rain only. Heavy rain can flood certain low areas of the map, making them non-accessible. It can obscure vision from a medium distance. Paths can be muddy, so traversing them makes you slightly slower in running speed. Going downhill is also more dangerous as there are mudslides that can cause you to slip down and hurt yourself. Some muddy areas are slippery and can cause you to fall more often. It is far harder to make noticeable noises outside. Takes more stamina to run up a muddy slope. Potential Effects: - Reduced visibility - Less noises for Jason to pick up on - Puddles that Jason CAN pick up on once stepped in. - Muddy paths reduce speed - Muddy slopes uphill can take more stamina - Muddy slopes downhill can cause slipping - Mud in general can cause slips Clear The default. Everything is default. Thunder/Lightning A classic. Thunder can make any situation seem tense. Can be accompanied by lightning, but only for visual effect. Light thunder is mere light rumbles in the distance. No effect. Normal thunder are flashes in the sky, a few distance, some sounding more threatening. Can provoke fear for every bolt that is loud and sudden. Heavy thunder is the storm without the rain. Consistent sounds of thunder, so loud thunder bolts are more common. Same rules apply. Potential Effects - Produces fear for loud sounding bolts - Flashes of lightning Storm Ho boy, you're screwed. Light storms has light thunder/lightning, rain, and wind. Getting lost in the woods is more fear provoking. Normal storm, for lack of a better term. All conditions apply for thunder/lightning and rain. Heavy storm. All conditions apply for heavy thunder/lightning and rain. Snowfall Who wants to see Camp Crystal Lake during the winter, say I.... Light snowfall. Looks pretty. Not always accompanied by light snow (see below after). Normal snowfall, accompanied by snow on the ground. Negates noticeable noises caused by normal snow. Heavy snowfall, accompanied by deep snow. Reduces noticeable noises caused by deep snow. Snow No snow except for whats on the ground. Light snow. Easily walked through. Makes noises slightly more noticeable. Normal snow. Wear your boots! Makes more noise and slows down walking/jogging speed. Deep snow. Brrrrr! Makes much more noise and greatly slows down walking/jogging speed, sprinting speed, and able to trip more easily once fear rises. Blizzard Added effect to the game; stay inside for a period of time to keep warm! Don't wanna get frostbite! Normal blizzard. Yes, we skipped light. No light version of this. Normal blizzard obscures vision from a long distance, but reduces noticeable noise. Must stay inside or you can suffer negative effects from frostbite (see below) Heavy blizzard. Obscures vision from a medium distance, reduces noticeable noises, but must keep inside to stay warm more often to avoid negative effects from frostbite. Frostbite: Happens when you stay out in the snow too long. Frostbite cripples your character's overall health and overall stamina, as well as overall speed. The longer you stay outside, the more affected your stats. This effect cannot be negated; it is permanent. I worked hard on this thread... took me like an hour to write and think over, so please show some love
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    If you attack people with weapons, you are a talentless pussy and you should "kys". If you grab people and do the head punch or single-hand choke, you are a slightly more talented pussy and you need to drink bleach. If you use throwing knives, you are a cheap bastard and you are "autistic" (Dumbest damn "insult" ever). If you use Jason-specific grab kills, you are a try-hard fa**ot and you like to suck your uncle's...well, you get the idea. If you use environmental kills, you are a showoff and you should get cancer. If you block attacks, you are a cheap exploiter and you should perform impossible sexual acts upon yourself. If people escape, you are a noob and apparently a fan of beastiality and you wear your aunt's underwear . If the counselors kill you, you are the worst fucking Jason ever, and all of the other players in the match have been having sex with your mother...for $1. Nobody wants to die in the game, hell, I don't want to die in the game. Unfortunately, the game is engineered to almost ensure a pretty high body count if the person playing Jason does his/her job well. Some kids* just can't handle doing poorly in a game. I would hate to see how some of these people handle real-life problems. Just play the game that is comfortable for you and ignore the stupidity as much as you can. Mute can be a wonderful thing at times. *By kids, I do not mean a certain age group. I mean a mentality. Immature, childish people who lash out at the smallest amount of adversity.
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    Unless of course the team killer is working with Jason, which happens a lot. Or if someone has killed a TKer in defence, they would now be punished for it. Or any other side-effects that would punish good / normal players. I've always said that no solution against team killing would be adequate if friendly-fire was kept in public matches. So I was very happy to hear that the devs had finally come around to taking it out entirely. It's happening and it's for the best, people need to just realise and accept that.
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    It doesn't really bother me to be honest. It's just a part of online gaming, no matter the genre. I don't normally do it personally, especially in public matches. I will sometimes teabag friends playing Jason in a private match because, well, it's kind of funny when it's someone you know. I know, it's childish, but we are all just big kids at heart anyway.
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    So I compiled some of the things we already know considering the information currently released. Heres the first image. In this image it is beyond apparent that this is another forest map. So the possibility this is the Lazarus Boat, Manhattan Docks, or The Grendel from Jason X falls short. Now I cannot remember where I read this & I will update as soon as I find the link but I do remember reading that the new map & Jason would correspond with each other. Another thing to remember it does rain in space. Now the second image which I'm not sure how many people actually caught on to this but I'll throw it up along with the box cover of part 5. I believe that this cannot be coincidental. We know because of the blue dot mystery that Gun likes to keep secrets & surprise everyone. Perhaps the revamped website is a mystery or secret hidden in plain sight. Also seeing that the majority of the community is eager to see Roy Burns as Jason Voorhees. I apologize if this has already been discussed I decided to post this in hopes that it's a new way to perceive this.
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    I can't even play the game. Keeps telling me to verify my internet connection (my internet is just fine.) Same thing happened on launch day.
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    The update is live! I'm downloading now on my Gameboy! OMG NES Jason looks amazing!
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    I love scream queens
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    ...But you really suck at it? Yup. This guy. I've read the tactics people use, I try to apply them, but I simply suck. Shift-grab? Shift-nope! I feel there should be a group for the no-hopers like myself, so we can be equally as bad but convince ourselves we're great.
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    My idea is a screen somewhere in the menu that has your statistics. Example: Number of times killed, number of couselors killed, number of escapes, number of health sprays used, etc... I know games like GTA and WoW have similar stat screens. Not only would this be a cool way to check on your gameplay, but it could also help you track your Achievements and Trophies. What do you folks think?
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    Actually, you are correct...and incorrect. Parts 2,3, and 4 do happen on consecutive days. But, they are all set in 1984, which was the next year that was slated to have a Friday the 13th during summer. The original film happens in 1979. Here is the timeline for parts II-IV*: 1982 Summer: While staying at her family's summer home Higgins Haven, seventeen-year-old Chris Higgins gets in a fight with her parents and runs into the woods. There, she is attacked by Jason Voorhees. Chris passes out and awakens back at home. Her parents refuse to speak of the incident. 1984 Friday the 13th Part II: Tuesday, July 10: Paul Holt's counselor training program at Packanack Lodge is opened. Jason Voorhees(wearing a burlap sack to cover his face) kills local doomsayer Ralph. Wednesday, July 11: Enraged that the Crystal Lake area is being intruded upon, Jason kills six of the counselorsin training, a local police officer, and the dog of one of the counselors. Eventually, Jason is faced by Ginny Fieldand Paul Holt. Ginny discovers Jason's Shack and manages to slice his left shoulder open with the same machete that killed Pamela Voorhees and stops Paul from being attacked by Jason. Ginny and Paul arrive at one of the cabins to rest, thinking they have killed Jason. Ginny falls asleep and has a nightmare that Jason attacks her once more. Thursday, July 12: The police arrive at Packanack Lodge. Ginny is rescued, but Paul's fate isn't quite exactly known. However, most likely he was brought into another ambulance heading towards the same hospital the bodies and Ginny were heading to. Friday the 13th Part III Thursday, July 12: Jason revives following Ginny's machete wound and flees from his shack. That night, he gets a new set of clothes from the laundry line of Harold Hockett, and then proceeds to murder Harold and his wife. Jason spends the night at Higgins Haven. Presumably around this time, Rob Dier learns of his sister Sandra's death at the hands of Jason and vows to avenge her. Friday, July 13: Nineteen-year-old Chris Higgins and five of her friends go on a weekend trip to Higgins Haven, picking up Shelly Finkelstein's blind date Vera Sanchez on the way. Upon their arrival, Jason kills the vacationers one by one, as well as Chris' boyfriend Rick and the three members of a motorcycle gang. During the massacre, Jason obtains a hockey mask from Shelly, which he uses to replace the sack as a mask. After a lengthy confrontation with Chris, who recognizes Jason as the person who terrorized her in the woods two years previously, the girl axes the madman in the face, seemingly killing him. (It is likely that Part III took place on a Friday the 13th because Chris and Andy refer to spending a weekend in the country. The script confirms that the murders at Higgins Haven take place on Friday the 13th.) Saturday, July 14: The police find Chris in an unbalanced state, hysterically talking of a "lady in the lake", Pamela Voorhees, having attacked her. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Saturday July 14: The bodies of Jason and the ten victims at Higgins Haven are transported to Wessex County Morgue. There, Jason revives and kills a coroner and a nurse and hides their bodies before making his escape. Sunday July 15: A group of six vacationing teenagers arrive at the cottage next door to that of the Jarvis family, where Mrs. Jarvis and her children Trish and twelve-year-old Tommy are currently residing. Jason kills a stranded hitchhiker on his way back to Crystal Lake. Monday July 16: Rob Dier arrives at Crystal Lake, determined to hunt down Jason. The murderer kills the vacationing teenagers as well as Mrs. Jarvis, Rob and a set of teenaged twins. Trish and Tommy fight for their lives until Tommy impales Jason's head on his own machete. Seeing that Jason is still demonstrating signs of life, Tommy stabs the killer over and over again, screaming "Die!" endlessly. Jason Voorhees, finally dead, is buried in the Eternal Peace Cemetery, although officials of nearby towns are led to believe that his body was cremated. Tommy, heavily traumatized by his experience, spends the next five years being transferred from one mental institution to the next. While continuity is not the strongest point of the films, the timeline is pretty well established, at least for the first 5 films. The release dates of parts II and III do not coincide with the events in the films, they both take place in 1984. Part IV was released in 1984, which is the time in which it is set. Part V was released in 1985, but was set 5 years after the end of Part IV, which would make it 1989. Hope this is straightforward enough to be understandable. But, with the established timeline, Part IV's Jason, Jarvis House Setting, and the 1984 DLC Clothing Pack all seem to coincide. So, I really think Part IV content will be included in the big patch. *This information is taken from the Friday the 13th Wiki, but it has also been corroborated by many sources.
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    I remember a time when 50% of this forum wasn't intentionally misleading clickbait topics.
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    I found out that you only get those sound affects when you're hosting the game.
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    It was going to be tyres at one stage. And a starting cord or whatever you call it for the boat.
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    Sometimes a simple post like this is sort of like a hand on the shoulder when you are feeling low, very calming. Thanks @GunMedia_Ben. Appreciate you posting on here more often lately if no one else has noticed. Also appreciate you not blowing smoke up our proverbial asses and waiting to be 100% sure.
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    Indeed - We had an 11 year old, spawned as Tommy the previous match, proceeded to team kill 2 people with the shotgun on purpose, then the next match he spawned as Jason - 7/7 escaped, he didn't quit, but wow, I have never heard a child scream that much, it was like a violence incarnate. "Aaaaaaaahhh!!!! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! I DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE! I HAAATE YOUUUUUUU! STOP MAKING FUN OF MEEEEE!!!" then we heard random violence in the background that sounded like a keyboard getting flung around into other inanimate objects It was a thing of beauty though, and to be honest, we were all mocking him, purely because he went out of his way to team kill in the previous games, then kept chirping the people that he killed. Revenge is sweet, especially on kids that should be climbing trees, not playing 18+ titles.
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    not sure about everyone else but I'm getting dumped in to hosting lobby after lobby with no one else joining.
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    @Barbara Ann I guess it depends on how you use Tiffany. Tiffany is better at quickly ferrying parts unnoticed. Like ferry, drop at car, race to next house, ferry agian, etc. My mean girl stats are kind of a middle ground between Tiffany and Chad in a way.
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    Whats your Skype? - Gertz
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    FUCK THIS! I wanted 3 NEW maps, a new Jason, and update to retro Jason (is that an oxymoron?), single player, new clothing DLC, Freddy Kreuger in the game, a new car, Tom Savini to come to my house to hang out and drink beer, @GunMedia_Ben to mow my lawn, @Gertz to Skype with me and @Randygbk to build me a new gaming comp. What kind of weak ass bullshit update is this?!?!? /sarcasm I swear, some people would bitch if you hung them with a brand new rope!
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    I have renewed hope/hype. Wes just can't post this on his twitter if we aren't getting the update today.
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    I don't think it will be Part 5. The "A New Beginning" reference is just for what I'd call a soft second launch. They really blew it over the first few months and at some point decided to get their shit together. It's a positive new direction so far, "a new beginning". Hopefully it keeps up. I expect that it will be a Part 4 map with the Jarvis url leaking from the website. At the very least there is a Part 4 map in the works.
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    How is this post misleading? I offered a speculative theory regarding what the new Jason & map might potentially be using the official sites own image as a clue.
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    I'll be the first to admit i teabag from time to time but generally only in lobbies where everyone is having a good time and bs'ing on mic or when the jason is being an arrogant dink. even then, it's totally in good fun. i don't know... it doesn't bother me when it's done to me as long as it's not accompanied by mean-spirited shit-talking. as far as ruining the immersion... come on... we've got a blueberry jason with nintendo music, jasons getting shot across the map after getting hit with a bat and endless yammering over mic (usually with crappy mumble-rap blaring in the background.)
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    Well i like to think like in the movie part 2 who to me look like the game took most of the idea , and i like to think that fox and the bad bikers came and take the gas and battery for a prank but not knowing jason was here xD hehe
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    @GunMedia_Ben and @Gertz my heart is aflutter! Thanks for coming in and sharing. Thanks for your hard work. Thanks for what the game is and what it's going to be.
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    I had exactly this happen to me today in a game as Jason 5/7 Counselors killed, then I proceeded to kill the 6th, who coincidently was the host, he didn't like getting killed, and left, so with 6/7 killed, I loose all the experience I would have gained, loose all my kills, and 15 minutes of game play for nothing. You really need to look at the host leaving scenario, and implement a system where host is passed to a random player in the group instead if kicking EVERYONE from the group, and taking away ALL EXPERIENCE gained over the last 15+ minutes