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    I saw someone in another thread related to map questions suggest that they add Crystal Lake from the old NES game to the list. I had been pondering about this myself and his post pushed me to create this thread, so shout outs to @Manny1985 for presenting the idea to the forums first. I would like to see how people think about adding this map to the game, and if they would like the layout. If it a lot of people like it, I will create an official thread in the Suggestion subforum for us. I think the layout is great for the game, roads and paths are already in place. It could maybe use some more trees around the whole map instead of just the two dedicated forest areas, but the caves should be included, and that is where Pamela's head and sweater should be, just as her head was in the old game. The lake could possibly be extended off to the right in order to create an exit for the boat, as there was a rowboat in the original game as well. It actually astounds me how similar the NES game is to this one, now that I think about it. They took inspiration I believe. They could probably recreate the original NES game using assets they already have, but that is another topic altogether. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Retro Crystal Lake as an official map, maybe even with it's classic music recreated?
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    Voted no. Would rather their time, money and effort be invested in maps based on the film source material. This game isn't a remake of that crappy 8 bit NES cheesefest. Next people will be wanting wolves, birds and floating heads in the game. Retro Jason has already opened up the floodgates to such suggestions as "Bigfoot Jason". Let's keep this game a serious game based on the movies. People would rather time, money and resources be spent on a Retro Jason map than a Forest Green Map for example? Baffles the mind.
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    I don't know how to start a topic... PLAYSTYLES! So yeah I'm gonna highlight what the different Counselors and Jasons are best at.... TRANSITION! Counselors: Adam: Adam has high composure of a 7, along with a high strength of an 8, making him great at fighting off Jason, he can keep his cool and swing an axe, and if Jason grabs him he can break free pretty easily, but he also has good repair of a 6, making him a bit of an odd ball, as all other high-repair counselors also have high stealth, while Adam only has 3. As Adam you should be repairing if A.J Deb or Lachappa aren't around, if they are; protect them. A.J: A.J is a fairly well-rounded counselor, with her only low stats being strength and luck. She's pretty handy with a wrench with a 7 repair she's your best bet if Lachappa and Deb are off playing DnD or something, Her best strengths however are her composure and stealth, with a 7 and 10 making her the most stealthy counselor in the game, if stealth's your game, A.J's your.... Dame? I don't know, however, with only 1 luck and 2 strength she's not very good with a weapon, so I advise taking a flare gun whenever possible. Jeez, I've already been here for 15 minutes and I'm only through 2 counselors..... Brandon/Buggzy: Buggzy, I don't like him, but that doesn't mean he's bad! Oh no, he's pretty good infact, if you know what you're doing. His best stats are his Strength(10) Speed(8) and Stamina(8) however, these epic stats come with less-than-epic downsides, he has extremely low stealth of a 2, and low composure of a 4, making him easy to find, so if you're playing Buggzy I suggest setting out on your own, search for parts, and drop them off by the vehicles/phone box. Chad: (My personal favourite) Is very good, yet very under-rated, But why is he so good? Well I'll tell you in 1 word: Luck, let me explain... Luck is an extremely helpful, yet under-rated stat, but what does it do? Well it does many things, the main thing is it makes weapons more durable, meaning they'll last for many more swings, while a bat will break after 2 or 3 hits for A.J it'll take about 15 hits for it to break as Chad, and the bat is the least durable weapon, can you imagine how many hits you could block with a pan? A shit ton. So if you're playing Chad, you're the unlikely hero, protect your team, escort them to the car with parts in tow, and if Jason stops the car, hit him with your trusty baseball bat, or if need be, sacrifice your self. (I recommend Ice Cold, Night Owl and Level Headed/Slugger for perks, they'll help you out alot) oh yeah, he's also pretty sneaky, but keep your flashlight on (F on PC L1 on PS4 or LB on XB1) to keep your fear in check since Chad only has 1 composure. Deborah: Deb is amazing, why? 10/10 repair, 9/10 stealth, 5/10 composure, What more do I need to say? Go repair some shit! Eric: Deb but prettier Jenny: Sneakier, Female Chad, protect some peeps! Kenny: I feel like Kenny is really under-rated, in the right hands he's a force to be reckoned with! There's nothing he's bad at, making him a badass. Tiffany: Don't feel like helping your team? Grab Tiff and hide out at the graveyard for 20 minutes, seriously, Tiff is almost useless to her fellow counselors, she's just a worse Chad, but she's sneaky! Vanessa: STOP FOLLOWING ME VANESSA, I"M DEB YOU'RE GONNA GET ME KILLED! Okay, I kinda slacked off on those last few so here's some perks for em': Kenny: I like using Preparedness, Tinker, and My Dad's A Cop, while 5/10 repair may seem low, slap on Tinker and bada-boom bada-bam, you've got yourself a budget Deb, although, Kenny can be played however you like, experiment with different perks and playstyles on him, I find he makes a good protector or budget Deb. Eric: Seriously, he's just male Deb.... just use repair perks on him, like Tinker, Grease Monkey, and My Dad's A Cop. Tiffany: Level Headed, Low Profile, and Night Owl, hide at the graveyard??? Profit. Vanessa: SPEEEEED IS KEEEEEEY!!! Okay, half way done.... Oh my god it's been 45 minutes? Help. Jasons: Part 2: Okay, I'm reading off the wiki so I don't get anything wrong and... "Jason (Part 2) Gender: Male" Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. Strengths: So he can run, really this doesn't make much of a difference MOVING ON.... Morph, this is actually SUPER helpful and the main reason I play this guy ALOT, I can't tell you how many times I've stopped the car using this, it's amazing. Traps: Also great! The way I do my traps on most Jasons in like this: 2 by the 4-seater, 2 at the phone, 1 by the 2-seater/boat, BUT with Part 2 I'll do this: 2 by the phone, 2 by the 4-seater, 2 by the 2-seater/boat, and one to replace a trap once it gets triggered. Weaknesses: With great strengths come terrible weaknesses, and Part 2 J's no exception, Defense; Not the worst downside but it can HURT if you play with friends (like me) or people who know what they're doing, because you'll often find yourself being axed, or piped, with Part 2 it's alot harder to prevent this as you have a lower block chance and less HP, if you don't know what HP is, If you reach zero HP your mask will come off, allowing the counselors to kill you, so try dodging, instead of blocking. Water Speed; Not a huge deal, with a morph strength just morph near the boat exit, wait till the boat's closing in, and mash X/A/E and hope you tip it. Now, the biggie.... Shift; Now why is this so bad? Well Shift if Jason's biggest tool for chasing, and his most effective way of securing kills via shift-grab, with this weakness the cooldown is longer so if you miss your first shift you're in trouble, plus, your movement speed while in shift is slower, making you SLOWER THAN THE CAR which REALLY hurts, if they get that car started and have a good driver they're home free. Jesus, I spend 20 minutes on ONE JASON?! god... Part 3: This is the brute force Jason, the Glass Cannon, the uh... One with a hatchet.... Strengths: He can also run, no big deal thanks to knives and traps. Grip Strength: This makes it harder for counselors to break free, which does 2 things; helps counter slippery counselors like Adam and Jenny, and allow you to more easily carry your victims to context kills for extra XP! Weapon Strength: This allows Jason to kill the counselors in only 3 hits, meaning hit em' twice, grab em, and do whatever context kill you want >:). Weaknesses: Again, some pretty big weaknesses on this bad boy. Sense: This is the big one, shorter sense range and duration, making it alot harder to find counselors to kill. Stalk: Not that important but a huge turn off to some (Like me) who prefer to sneak up on their victims, which is why Part 3 is my least favourite Jason, love his kills though. Stun Resistance; This is another big one, causing this Jason to be stunned more easily, and for longer, so like i said, he's the Glass Cannon, so be wary of those flares and bats. Part 6: (My fav) Part 6 is a hunter and chaser Jason, once he see's you, you're dead, unless he has more important things to attend to. Strengths: Part 6 is interesting, because he has a strength no other Jason has anything like, which is.... Throwing Knives: Part 6 starts with 4 knives, 4! Plus the two that spawn in the cabin, and the three or so you'll find while placing traps, making you start each match with roughly 9 knives! Holy Chad! That's alot of knives! but we're only getting started.... Sense: This is where the "Hunter" part comes in, with increased sense range and duration he'll find you quite easily if you're not careful... Shift: And here's the chaser part, shorter shift cooldown, and movement speed while in shift, ya know what that means? when in shift you go faster then the car, the car! So no matter what, the counselor's can't outrun you on land.... Now, the weaknesses, honestly, they ain't that bad. Can't run: So? with those 10 knives plus faster shift you don't need to run! Defense, again, just gotta be careful, weaken them with your knives before you go in. Morph; Oof, this one kinda hurts, longer morph cooldown, it always sucks when you morph to the car, then someone trips you trap on the other side of the map, even more so with this Jason, but you'll manage..... If you see this badass of a slasher in the opening cutscene you should be terrified of your impending doom... Part 7: People often say part 7 is "bad" or "weak" I laugh at such statements! If they think that, they're the weak ones, when it comes to playing Jason atleast, While Part 7 can be pretty rough to a new player, hardened players like me have no problem adjusting to the slightly harder killer, now why is he hard? It's a mix of mediocre strengths, and weaknesses that really sting to a newer player, let's take a look. Strengths: Let's start with the best one; Sense; Just like Part 6, this badass-looking mofo will be able to sense you from a mile away if you so much as snap a twig under your boot. Grip Strength; This is what I mean when I say "mediocre strengths" Grip Strength isn't that important unless you want the mose XP possible. Now, a pretty useless one, Water Speed; Pfft, Hahahahaha! Wait, you - you're serious? oh.... uh.... What? Half the time that's completely useless! If theres 2 cars you pretty much only have 2 strengths! Don't get me wrong, It's great when there IS a boat, but half the time there's NOT. Now, the weaknesses. Shift; This one really hurts to a new player, but not as much to a hardened player, just like part 2, you go slower, and the cooldown's slower, ouch. Can't Run; Don't care. Traps; Oof, this is the big one, only 3 traps, instead of 5, meaning, if you misplace a trap, not all the escape options will be trapped, so be careful, plus not being able to trap the car hood and gas tank hurts, because they could have all parts but 1 ready, and 4 people at the car, you won't know until they're almost done. Part 8: The "OP" Jason, which he's not, he's really overated, and here's why: Strengths: Water Speed, again, half the time this does neither jack, nor shit. Destruction: So, this is what all the fuss is about? two less hits needed to break down a barred door? Really? While this is good, after 10 minutes it won't affect anything. Stalk; This is also big, people don't realise, but stalk is a great tool for getting easy kills, and here's a tip; Stand still as if you were using morph, then after a few seconds turn on stalk and use shift to move next to an open window, this will cause the glitch effect and stop the chase music, making the counselor think you morphed away, not let them come to you, grab em, and kill em, even I, a level 60 get fooled by this trick sometimes. Now, his weaknesses,the main reasons he is NOT OP. Weaknesses; Can't Run okay why's this here? we know already. Grip Strength; <This, this right here, is a curse in disguise as a simple weakness, this will force you to either A; repeat kills, causing you to get less XP, or B; Let the counselors break free a few times, but this isn't even the big one, this next one, HURTS Part 8 so much, it almost single handed stops Part 8 from being OP. Sense; Let me explain, A Sense weakness means shorter range and duration on sense, making it harder to find counselors, preventing this Jason from steamrolling nearly every game. I really like Part 8, because he forces you to change your playstyle as time goes on, in order to be the most effective, At the start of the match you'll be playing agressive, breaking down doors, walls, windows, but once you get rage, you become weaker, you need something else, that's where the Stalk strength comes in, you'll stop busting everything down, and start being a bit sneakier. Geez, I've been here for almost 2 hours... I'm almost done.... Just pull through.... Part 9: (Another favorite of mine) Part 9 is the sneaky chaser, why do I say that? well let's see... Strengths: Stun Resistance; This means Part 9 won't be stunned so easy, and if he is, he'll get back up real quick. Shift: This paired with SR is a match made in heaven, why? The car is why, If they're escaping in the car and you stop it, they'll try to stun you, but with SR you'll get back up before they start it up unless Tommy hit you, in that case just shift infront of the car and repeat until they all die. Stalk; This is just the cherry on top of a perfect Jason milkshake, allowing him to stalk for longer and more often. And he really only has 1 real weakness, but I have to go over all 3.... Can't Run Okay! We get it! Move on! Less HP; A few swings from a machete and pop goes his mask. Now the real weakness: Traps; Only 3, just like J7, disapointing, sure, but J9 is still a fuckin' beast. If you see him coming, you're right to be shitting you pants. TL;DR: Counselors; A.J; Repair. Adam: Repair/Protector. Buggzy: Distraction/Protector/Gatherer. Chad: Protector/Gatherer. Deb: Repair. Lachappa: Repair. Jenny: Protector. Kenny: Whatever you want. Tiffany: Selfish. Vanessa: Gatherer/Distaction. TL;DR Jasons: Part 2: Trapper. Part 3: Glass Cannon/Context Killer. Part 6: Tracker/Chaser. Part 7: Tracker/Context Killer. Part 8: Brute Force/Stealth. Part 9: Stalker/Chaser. Oh, and Savini Jason: I don't fuckin' know, I don't own him. I hope this somehow helped someone out, if I missed something some feel free to let me know! Also, THIS TOOK ME 2 AND HALF DAMN HOURS SO ENJOY IT. K bye.....
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    BREAKING: Gun Media security guard assures PS4 users who have gathered outside the company's headquarters that there isn't a problem in the PS4 server block of the building.
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    This is being discussed elsewhere on the forum also. That said, I hate the idea. Like I said in other threads, Roy needs to be a playable 'Jason' option. He killed 17 people in Part 5. 17! He's no slouch.
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    Roy killed 17 people in Part 5. Roy is on par with Jason in every way in the film and deserves to be implemented as a playable 'Jason'. If he's DLC and you don't like him- don't buy him. I think a lot of folks would jump at the chance to use Roy in a match instead of Jason.
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    Microtransactions can fuck off.
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    Had a pretty great night with the game. Still some connection issues and dashboarding, but overall it worked as it should, and I had some great games with @DamonD7 and @Slashin' Passion.
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    If you're gonna do a Michael Myers game it should run basically like F13, except in a suburban environment with Halloween decorated houses. Instead of Tommy showing up it would be Dr Loomis. And have one person be Laurie Strode and make it an objective that she has to survive so everyone else is either trying to help her or trying to escape on their own.
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    The -1000 xp really, really shouldn't be applied due to bear traps.
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    So far double EXP weekend has been a nightmare for me. -People are going around intentionally killing other players including myself "because double EXP so who cares" No real reason to do it, just doing it because they feel like it. So screw it, not going out of my way to help others until this event is over. The smart thing to do would've been to increase the EXP lost to 2k to match the EXP gained. -People are abusing the glitched hiding spots moreso than before, making everyone wait a full 20. -Skill level seems lower now. I get paired up more frequently with counselors that don't know what they're doing. Guess all the Minecraft players came back for the double EXP. Ya, I'm kinda pissed, but this doesn't invalidate the reality of the situation. I appreciate the gesture Gun Media, but maybe you should think things through next time.
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    You think the people who do the game programming do the servers and networking stuff?? Likely not. This post shows ignorance of how things work.
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    To add to your point, the amount of time Jason was hanging there meant he should of been drowning in his own blood. A man that large hanging that long would burst every blood vessel in his neck. It's possible for his neck to have not broken, but decidedly impossible to survive. Let alone with seemingly NO noticeable effects.
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    Its better to have information that to be left in the dark and be that much more infuriated when youre home
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    Jason 3 survived the wounds of Jason 2 and went on a killing spree. THEN Jason 3 was stabbed in the leg and through the hand, hung, hit with a log, and had an axe embedded in his skull. Then Jason 4 survived all those wounds... and went on ANOTHER killing spree. Roy was hit by a tractor, clumsily attacked with a chainsaw and hacked with a machete before falling onto a bunch of spikes and promptly falling asleep forever. He's "Leatherface tough" not "Jason tough."
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    Lets really keep things in perspective here. Jason 3 also survived being hung by the neck from the top of the barn before he got axed to the head.
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    Ok let's try this. Hi I'm a YouTuber and like tons of YouTubers today I enjoy making fun Jason vids. My favorite moments are when I scare the crap out of a group of victims or just taking long murderous walks around the lake. Some purists dislike funny, goofy, silly Jasons or just seem to dislike Jason talking at all. But there's a huge fan base of people (me included) starving to see your funny/scary/weird/entertaining take on Jason. Don't be shy pudding pie guy! Show me your Jason gameplay and make me laugh or poop myself...or both. This thread is ONLY for showing your Jason or telling us all how you do your Jason in ways that make people go bonkers. Heres my Jason. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FXGQrm5GoV0
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    My sons (8 and 10) would watch me play the game and eventually got the courage to play the game so I let them. They are are courteous players that are very talkative in the game as counselors. In fact they are probably more talkative than me. They don't cuss but rarely get a bit excited so I make sure that they don't act up and if they do I set them straight. So I don't care about playing with kids as long as they are being civilized. The best part I that thanks to the game they been wanting to see the movies. So we started watching them in order. Everyday we watch a Friday the 13th movie. Today we are up to Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Quality family time.
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    I'd rather play with a kid who plays well with others than many adults I met who TK, glitch, rage quit, etc. Age isn't a factor for me. That said sometimes I go a little easier on kids or try to help them more.
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    It's more of a 50/50. When playing with children, it all depends on how they act rather than their voice. I don't mind their voices, as long as they act mature enough.
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    Thank you guys for keeping it civil. @shwag I agree with what you said earlier. More maps = more fun and that's all I was thinking about when I made this thread.
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    Do agree. It's blatantly going to be anti-climatic when you reach level 31 and then all you unlock after are new tops for Jenny 30 levels down the line. "Level 60...cool just unlocked a new pink top!" "Barbie" the 13th: The Game.
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    I'm past Level 31, have to admit I couldn't give a shit about leveling anymore than I am. The clothing options are the lamest XP reward you could possibly have for a Friday the 13th game. Just an odd choice- weapons, kills, anything relevant to Friday the 13th would have made more sense. The 'connection to host lost' errors are pretty annoying to boot.
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    I was playing as AJ and was already bloodied up on the run from Jason. After climbing through a window, Jason began smashing windows before hacking at the door. I'm in a room with one bed and there are two dead bodies in the room. I thought my days were numbered but decided to hide under the bed. Funnily, I crawl under the bed, but then auto shuffle glitch back out of the bed...still in the lying, hidden position but alongside the bed. Jason enters the room, sees the two other bodies and what he thinks is a bloody corpse lying next to the bed and completely ignores me. Paces around for 30 seconds, scratching his head. ? He leaves. I get up, exit the cabin and I'm killed shortly after. The first time I've literally "played dead" in this game. ?
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    I could see Roy implemented as a single player mission based on part 5, much like I think they should implement Pamela. Those two should be individual characters only playable in single player missions, not actual versions of Jason.
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    Roy as a playable Jason. He's not Jason, don't put him in that role. I won't throw a fit if they do as it seems a lot of people would like to see him get worked in, but I will choose to play only as Jason (Not pretend to be Jason)
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    I wouldn't mind if it was added, but I wouldn't want it to be added at the expense of a movie location - and there's a wealth of directions they can go with that. From the Jarvis House/Part VII house cluster, Halfway House, to the Lazarus boat, to the Crystal Lake town, Part IV Hospital, to the Lakeview High School. I imagine there's only going to be so many maps produced so it feels like this "Retro Map" could only be produced at the expense of some of the other(s). As far as a Forest Green map goes the dialogue pretty much infers that they did everything they could to make people forget the town was ever called "Crystal Lake". You can easily base a Forest Green map from that....a new main road, new trails etc. As far as the dock goes, I remember the dock in Part 1 being a U-shaped dock and the Part 6 dock being an "I" shaped one with lamps. Let's face it they're entirely different shooting locations...they do look different. Not to mention you can add the Eternal Peace Cemetery to the map.
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    Right now I feel like the male counselors (not including Tommy of course) have very little role to play in things. Their only role is being able to do DAMAGE to Jason in a kill attempt. Vanessa is a better fedex/distraction/runner than Chad OR Buggzy, even Tiffany is better because she's quieter and has more stam. Deb is a better mechanic than Adam or Lechappa, heck even AJ is better as a fixer than a biker dude that you'd think would be a grease monkey. and obviously virtually all of the females are better at stealth (with the exception of Vanessa) On top of this a female counselor is required for a Jason kill, you don't need any male counselors just 1 female counselor can die and come back as Tommy for the role. You see entire lobbies of AJ's, maybe a Vanessa, maybe a Deb. Male counselors need something , with strength not being that important for stunning, it just doesen't work out well. I thought about maybe a driving skill, like Adam would be the best driver, improving speed and handling of the car, but of course that'll be called sexist if the males are better at a particular role than females. So what do you do? How do you break up the all female meta?
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    Why? hes basically the same as every other jason except for jason X which was a joke movie and should be deleted from history.
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    I actually enjoyed both reboots. Part 8, 9 and Jason X were pretty terrible and much worse than the reboot imo.
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    As a software engineer I have to say you don't know what you are talking about. Seeing how I already explained it you didn't read the posts either. Just for reference Xbox has a similar features built into it already. So, so much for it being to complex to develop. But thanks for dumbing it down for me. Also I believe you don't down level, I believe it was confirmed that you get 1 xp if your negative score is larger than your actual end of game score. So no matter what you don't lose xp to down level.
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    You made it 20 seconds longer than I did.
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    My time trying to play resulted in the host leaving, and because this game has no migration for some very strange reason it means we all leave
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    I stopped at "I'm coming all over ya" so only lost 30 seconds. Enjoy the added view.
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    I keep getting paired with people working with jason and leading them to everyone else. One d-bag kept just saying yes master. If I could reach through this tv and choke him I would
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    They made Counselor placed Bear Traps useless because of this.
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    Has the game become stale or is the OP just unhappy that people are failing to play in the manner that would keep him the most entertained?
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    The game needs more maps to stay fresh. The amount of counselors and Jasons are fine for the moment. Next content update must contain new map(s). I can't stress that enough. I'm sure we'll get more counselors. But that's not what the game needs at the moment. First it needs to be fixed, then there needs to be maps. Once there's another map we can start talking new Jasons and counselors. But maps should be a number one priority. Well, after getting the game fixed. They also mentioned a create a character system but they are very, very expensive to have. It's unlikely we'll see one ever implemented.
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    I understand the conflict...if I booked a cruise and that heap of junk was awaiting me at the port - I'd want a refund!!!
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    Well first of all I don't think Jason should run, secondly I really don't think Jason taking hostages is a great move either.
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    I don't recall anyone suggesting you did, but it does seem odd to bitch about "cut and paste" answers in one breath, while refusing to read the more in-depth answers presented to you in the next. *shrugs*
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    backer reward, your never getting him. in b4 close. see the pinned post as to why.
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    Friday the 13th is so much better than Dead by Daylight I think, the graphics/maps look better & nicer. I personally don't like first person games very much, it's rough on the eyes n perception like your in tunnel vision DbD looks annoying as your chasing these survivors all over the place just hacking at them & hanging em on hooks? Repairing these generators that all look the same. You don't see what the killers look like as your playing. I like that they have Michael Myers on some special edition but wasn't impressed with gameplay I watched actually. I like the counselor characters in Friday the 13th much better & how you can dress them they way you like while adding perks to their skills.
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    Just add a report system so you can report the griefers. Replays should be saveable and sent in to support in the event of griefers. Moderators can then watch the replays and voila, done. first offense 24 hour ban second offense 3 day ban third offense 7 day ban fourth offense 30 day ban fifth offense - 90 day ban sixth offense - permanent
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    I think Jenny's last outfit unlocks at level 100. Eeesh.
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    well... back when it was beta, you had better chance of surviving as a counselor more than they did now there weren't traps, and you didnt need a phone fuse to fix the phone box
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    been in those situations multiple times, ive never really seen a group of counselors successfully fight a jason, it usually ends pretty bad
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    Yeah some of the matches are faker than the Kardashians.
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