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    Our team offered a digital skin of Jason Voorhees as a Kickstarter reward for those that wanted it at specific tiers as listed. $65 Jason Voorhees Digital Pro Pack $99 Physical Game Edition + Digital Content $129 Physical Game + Digital + Extra Download Key Pack $140 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $140 Rev. 2 Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $230 Signed Physical Game + Digital Content $275 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector pack $275 Rev. 2 Signed Physical 'Machete' Steel Collector Pack $400 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Database $500 Virtual Team Member $750 Youtube Star $1,000 Jason's Victims $1,199 Name a Cabin! $1,250 Design & Name an Achievement/Trophy $2,000 Jason's Victims + Design an Achievement/Trophy Combo Pack $2,500 Dev Team Hangout $5,000 Design-a-Kill! $6,000 Horror Icon Dinner $7,500 Launch Party $10,000 Be in the Game! We initially stated that our team would only offer the Tom Savini designed skin as a Kickstarter-only item to thank our earliest supporters. They would be the only ones to get the skin, and would get to have something exclusive for gameplay. Our thanks to them, and their way to show off a bit to others that they were there at the start. Of course; we hit 12,000+ backers. Not all of them got that skin. Many opted for the cheaper options that got them the base-game, and many are now realizing that each tier lists rewards. Simply backing the game did not get you the skin. So we decided to take another route when Backerkit opened soon after the end of Kickstarter. We offered the skin as a standalone product for backers at the pricepoint of $6USD. The same can also be said in all regards for the counselor clothing pack; they were a la carte items. You were given a menu in which to choose what you wanted, what they were to get for your level of backing, and when all was said and done we would deliver on those items. We made that clear on Day 1 of the Backerkit that these two DLC were for backers; both Kickstarter and Backerkit. Kickstarter was a month of funding, while Backerkit lasted until the end of March 2017. We made multiple forum posts. We made multiple Facebook posts. We made multiple Twitter posts. We made multiple statements to our Backers, we posted to all current Backers on Kickstarter/Backerkit via updates and emails to ensure they had the right items they wanted and to ensure they bought for the correct platform. We showcased the skin as a teaser, we posted a video, we had Tom Savini reveal his creation on our social channels with final warnings that this skin was not going to be sold after the conclusion of our backer campaign. So here we are and here is where we are always going to stand; that skin and those clothing items are not for sale. They are not for secondary sale. They are for those that backed us and have been with us from the beginning. They are the people that took a chance on a campaign that has produced a game that is overall fun. Sure, we have issues that are being addressed at this time, but no amount of comments, complaints or insults or suggestions are going to bring that skin back. There was over a year and a half time for someone to feasibly learn about that content and purchase it for $6 or $9; you did not even need to buy the game is you did not wish too at the time. This team stands firm that for those of you who missed out; sorry. You missed out. Our backers believed. They funded. They supported. This is our thanks to them with a skin that is in no way superior to the other versions of Jason present within the game. I am sorry for those that want it now, but you missed out. We did everything we could to ensure that the word got out through our channels, press and otherwise, but the answer remains the same; we will not sell them.
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    Last updated: 20th October 2017 Hi everyone. I've seen a lot of people making posts about how Jason should be nerfed, or that they're having difficulty surviving the night. As a beta player and avid F13 game fan, I've been collating all of my knowledge of the game from beta experience and general know how obtained by following dev posts to bring you a post with some helpful advice. These are the best tips I've got, and out of about 10 games I'd say I escape about 6-7. Note: For the in-game 'how to play' guide, please see @bobmussini's post on page 6 of this thread. Table of contents Part 1 - Counsellors Part 1.1 - Counsellor selection Part 1.2 - Counsellor tips Part 1.3 - Counsellor stats Part 1.3.1 - Complete counsellor perk list Part 1.4 - Weapon stats Part 1.5 - Maps Part 1.6 - Items and their uses Part 1.7 - Knowing when Jason is near you Part 1.8 - Special controls and how to use melee mode Part 1.9 - Win conditions, how to fix objectives, and which ones you should go for Part 1.9.1 - Counsellor controls (Xbox One) Part 1.9.2 - Vehicle controls (Xbox One) Part 2 - Jason Part 2.1 - Picking your Jason Part 2.2 - Jason Tips Part 2.3 - Jason variants Part 2.4 - Jason abilities Part 2.5 - Jason controls (Xbox One) To skip to any of these sections, press CTRL + F and type in which part you want to see. E.g.: type 1.4 and hit return a couple of times to find section 1.4 further down the list. Part 1 - Counsellors Part 1.1 - Counsellor selection One of the most important things to remember when trying to survive as a counsellor is you have to play to your character's strengths. Example: Trying to fight as a girl generally doesn't go well as none of them possess high strength or luck. Trying to stealth as a guy is generally a lot less effective than playing one of the stealthy girls. Pick your play style at the start of the game and roll with it. If you go for a character like A.J., then use her stealth to your advantage. If you play Adam, use your 8 strength and 6 intelligence to defend yourself and repair things. If Buggsy, get a good weapon and try to keep other counsellors alive whilst you find stuff. Here is a short list of each counsellor and what they're best for: Jenny Myers - Jenny's composure is very high, meaning that Jason has a difficult time keeping hold of her in grabs and also finding her with sense. Her luck is also quite good, so her weapons break less and she gets minor increases to little things. Her stealth isn't bad, but the main reason you will get killed as Jenny is because of your noise. Use her composure to your advantage. She gets scared a lot less and is a lot harder to find on sense unless she's terrified. Keep to lit areas and use your flashlight to keep your fear level low and Jason will have a hard time finding you. Chad Kensington - Chad has very high luck and speed, meaning that he's actually quite lucky with stuns and gets minor boosts to everything else. I recommend looking into the luck stat to see how it affects the counsellor. Chad's stealth isn't bad, but his composure is terrible. He is very easy to detect with sense when scared, but his high speed and mid-level stamina give him a decent chance of outrunning Jason. His stamina doesn't last long, but he can get a short burst of high speed. When playing as Chad, make sure you're good at dodging Jason's attacks because once Jason gets a hold of him, he has an extremely difficult time escaping. Chad's high luck makes him a good counsellor to annoy Jason with as he has a high chance of stunning with most weapons that have a decent stun stat. Even a wrench is a decent weapon in Chad's hands. Vanessa Jones - Everyone's favourite beta character. Vanessa has the best speed and stamina out of all of the counsellors, but her composure, intelligence and strength aren't good. Vanessa makes an excellent distraction due to her easily noticed noise pings, which Jason can see even without sense. Use Vanessa to distract Jason or for finding important items. Don't try to actually fix anything though, Vanessa is only slightly smarter than a box of rocks and every time you fail a repair, a noise is heard by Jason. He'll come for you, so give your items to a smarter player to use. Kenny Riedell - Kenny has 5/5 on every stat, making him a balanced character with no particular strengths. He can be used for pretty much anything, but he doesn't have any particularly strong stats and consequently isn't excellent at any one task. A.J. Mason - A.J. is a very stealthy character. She has high composure, maximum stealth and pretty good intelligence too. A.J. is an excellent choice for solo players, as she benefits from being alone. A.J. is good at fixing things and remaining hidden most of the match, so make sure she's not scared and she is often one of the last ones to be found. She's terrible at fighting Jason though, and with 1/10 luck she won't get any lucky free stuns on him and she will take the maximum amount of damage from any source. Deborah Kim - Deborah is another stealthy character, like A.J. She has 10/10 intelligence and is the best person to fix objectives without alerting Jason. Her composure is a decent 5, so she's not too easy or hard to find with sense. Her speed and stamina aren't very good so she's not good at running from Jason. She does however have 9 stealth so hiding is her best bet. She also has 1/10 strength, so don't even try attacking Jason unless it's a last resort. Adam Palomino - Adam is kind of the Yin to A.J's Yang. He isn't as stealthy as A.J. is, but he has 8/10 strength instead. His composure is also 7/10 like A.J's is, so he can be difficult to detect with sense when he's not scared. His intelligence is 6 so he's not bad at fixing things, but again best left to a smarter counsellor if they're nearby. His speed and stamina are average, so Adam is pretty decent at repairing things and is better for fighting than hiding, although he can hide effectively too. Brandon 'Buggzy' Wilson - Brandon has the highest strength of any counsellor in the game, and is the most effective counsellor to use when fighting Jason. He deals a lot of damage to Jason with melee attacks and possesses high speed and stamina. His stealth and intelligence are terrible though, and he has average composure. Brandon is the best character to use as a protector, and he can also be used to run around finding items for other people to use to repair. He isn't as fast as Vanessa, but he can fight a lot better. Use him if you want to get Jason's mask off. Eric "J.R." LaChappa - Eric is similar to Deborah in stats. He has 10/10 intelligence and fairly high stealth too. However, he has rubbish stamina and speed and is no good for running. His composure is slightly under-average, but he has higher strength than Deborah. Eric plays a very similar role to Deborah, as he's good for repairs and stealth. He's easy to catch and kill though, so be tactical when playing him and keep his fear low. Tiffany Cox - Tiffany makes for an excellent stealth gatherer. She has high stealth, fairly good speed and high stamina. However, she has terrible intelligence (1/10) and low composure, meaning she freaks out easily and is easy to detect with sense. She can run fairly fast for a long time and makes very few sound pings when running. When playing Tiffany, use her to find items, but don't use her to fight or repair. Mitch Floyd - Mitch has a nice mix of stats that make him a good solo player. He has high repair, high composure and moderate stealth. His speed and stamina are average like most of the other repair characters, except one main difference between Mitch and the others is that his composure is very high; he can be quite difficult to detect as he's quite a tough one to scare. Due to Mitch's low luck and strength, he's not good for fighting Jason but he can escape his grasp quite well. He's a good choice for a player who's playing alone. Tommy Jarvis - Whilst not technically a counsellor, Tommy is still a playable character. He has 10/10 on every stat and is the best counsellor for everything. Tommy's role is dependent on how the player wants to play him. He makes a great distraction, gatherer, fighter or repairman. He's a key character when defeating Jason, and if he dies in play then Jason cannot be defeated. He can be called using a CB radio located in a cabin with a radio tower and red light on top, and one player who's escaped or died will return as him. Part 1.2 - Counsellor tips There are a few important things to bear in mind when playing counsellors, and I'd say your number 1 enemy is fear. The more scared your character is, the easier it is for Jason to find you. Here are some tips and an explanation of stealth, noise and fear: Jason's sense detects fear. He can see sound pings without using sense. If you want to hide from Jason more effectively, manage your fear. Your character has several different states of fear. Not scared: Your character doesn't look around nervously, and has no expressions on their face. Very hard to find when using sense and highest stamina recovery rate. Nervous: Your character looks around, but has not got a scared expression on their face. You won't be detected from a long way away, but you will show up easily on sense if Jason is close enough. Lower stamina regeneration rate. Frightened: Your character hunches over slightly and looks around nervously. They have a scared expression on their face. Easy to find with sense and a low stamina regeneration rate. Terrified: Your character shows all of the characteristics of being frightened, but your HUD fades away due to your fear. Easy to find with sense, pretty much anywhere you go he'll be able to find you. Fear can be managed by doing certain actions. Being in lit areas, staying on paths rather than venturing into the woods, being inside, being around other players, arming yourself, having high health, hiding (unless Jason is in the room with you) and completing objectives will all lower fear. Seeing bodies and looking at Jason are the quickest ways to raise fear. Fear will also rise from having low health/being attacked, being alone for too long and being outside in the dark for too long. Manage your fear levels effectively to survive a lot longer! Fear will affect your stamina regeneration rate. If you find that your stamina is regenerating a lot slower, lower your fear a bit before continuing on and you'll be able to regenerate it fast again. Your flashlight will slightly increase your stamina regeneration rate when it's activated, as well as lower your fear quicker. Crouching will make your stamina regenerate slower than if you were standing. Manage your items effectively. I always keep 1 first aid spray and a knife on me, with space for an objective item or a spare third slot. Try to be inside for as long as possible if you haven't got a knife, because being caught out in the open with nowhere to run is an easy way to die. Don't attempt to fight Jason unless you have a decent strategy. Using melee mode is effective, but get used to it before attempting to fight properly. Each time you fail any repair or objective, an audio clip is played for the Jason player. For the phonebox, it's a 'beep beep' sound. For gas, it's a splash sound. For batteries and generators, it makes the sound of two live electrical cables connecting to each other (BZZT sound). If you're not a smart character, then pick a good time to attempt a repair or Jason will be on you. Be wary of traps around objectives, and be wary of traps you place! I've seen dozens of players die from their own traps because they forgot about them. Jason's traps are covered with leaves, so be careful around objectives. You can also attempt to disarm a trap by crouching near it and using a pocket knife. Barricade doors, and loot as quickly as possible. Set traps up behind doors too, as the cabin you're in may need to be revisited if Jason starts chasing you. TALK TO PEOPLE USING YOUR HEADSET. Get a walkie-talkie in-game so other walkie users can hear you, but talk to people! It makes a huge difference. It doesn't matter if you're a quiet person, or you hate the sound of your own voice. I don't talk a lot and I hate hearing my own voice, but in F13 if you don't talk to people, you're not playing as effectively as you could be. AVOID SHIFT! Watch your mini-map. Jason will pop up on it from time to time when people mark him with flares or you see him. You can also tell when he uses shift as the little red icon on the mini-map will persist long enough for you to see he's shifting in a given direction. If he shifts, find an object to put between you and him like a rock, tree, car or cabin. Make him bump into stuff whilst he shifts. You can also put down firecrackers as soon as he shifts for a momentary safe place (unless he throws knives at you). If Jason is using shift near you and you're outside, the camera will zoom in closer to your character. If this happens randomly whilst you're outside, start sprinting and zigzagging. Pick perks that compliment your character's stats. They can make you even stronger in those areas, or can make up for short-comings. Sell back useless perks in the perk menu to roll for better ones. Try to get out quickly. Once Jason gets rage about 10 minutes in, things get a lot harder. Barricading cabins will become pointless because when Jason gets rage, he simply presses the interact button on a door or breakable wall and ploughs straight through it. All of his abilities cool down faster as well. After escaping, any items you had on you will wash up on the shore for other players to get! They appear anywhere where the water meets the land and could be strewn out across the map. Part 1.3 - Counsellor stats Composure - Composure reduces the rate at which your counsellor gains fear and also makes it harder for Jason to keep hold of you in grabs. Luck - Luck has many different minor bonuses. Here are the currently known ones. Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats. Also increases chance to stun Jason. Decreases the amount of Stamina consumed when performing a dodge while in Combat Stance. Slightly increases the amount of Stamina you receive after landing an attack on Jason. Slightly increases the amount of Stamina you receive after breaking free from Jason's grab. Slightly reduces the amount of stamina you lose when blocking one of Jason's attacks. Slightly reduces the amount that you stumble when fear is high Slightly reduces the amount of noise you make. More swings before weapon breaks. (weapon durability) Chance to not take damage while climbing out broken window. Intelligence (now renamed to 'repair' in recent update) - Increases the speed at which you repair, and also decreases amount of skill checks required to complete a repair. Speed - Self explanatory; counsellors with higher speed move faster. Stamina - Increases the amount of stamina your character has available. Actions like attacking, sprinting and running decrease stamina. Stealth - Decreases the amount of noise your character makes. Strength - Increases your damage to Jason and increases your chances of stunning him by depleting his HP. Jenny Myers Chad Kensington Vanessa Jones Kenny Riedell A.J. Mason Deborah Kim Adam Palomino Brandon 'Buggzy' Wilson Eric "J.R." LaChappa Tiffany Cox Mitch Floyd Part 1.3.1 - Complete counsellor perk list Credit to @Brigadius for providing me with this list, and credit to the original author 'Hype_Man' on Reddit for compiling this list. PERK DESCRIPTION + - Adrenaline Rush Increase Stamina Boost Received after breaking free from Jason's grab. Stamina Boost Increase Stamina Regen Decrease Aquanaut Swimming speed increased and less stamina consumed while swimming. Swim Speed Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Controlled Breathing Fear decreases faster while inside a hiding spot. Fear Decreases While Hiding Overall Stamina Decreased Easy Listening Being within proximity of a radio playing music boosts stamina recharge rate. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Noise Generating Penalty Escape Artist Break free from Jason's grab easier. Grab Breaking Speed Increased Breaking Free Stamina Boost Decreased Evasion Increased dodge speed while in combat stance. Dodge Speed Increased More Damage Taken Firecracker Start with a firecracker and increase their stun radius. Stun Radius Increase Noise Generating Penalty Friendship Melee attack damage increased for each other counselor nearby. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Grease Monkey Car Starting and restarting times decreased. Car Start Time Decreased Boat Starting Time Penalty Grinder Increase the amount of XP gained while equipped. Xp Increased Melee Damage Decreased Heavy Hitter Increase Melee Stun time on Jason with the Baseball Bat. Stun Time Increased Stamina Recharge Rate Decreased Heavy Mover Speeds up the amount of thime it takes to barricade doors. Faster Barricading Speed Noise Generating Penalty Heavy Sleeper While inside a sleeping bag, you have a chance to avoid Jason’s Sense ability each time he used it. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Fear Rate Penalty Home Body Less chance of being detected by Jason's Sense ability while indoors. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Overall Stamina Decreased Hypochondriac Start with Medical spray. Medical Spray healing increased. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Ice Cold You experience less Fear when seeing the dead body of a teammate Dead Body Fear Resistance Sprint Speed Decreased Lead Foot Increase the top speed of cars while you are in the driver's seat. Car Speed Increased Boat Speed Decreased Level Headed Chance to avoid detection completely during Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Noise Generating Penalty Light Foot Generate less noise when sprinting. Noise Reduction Fear Rate Penalty Lone Wolf Reduces your fear while you are alone and separated from teammates. Fear Resistance Bonus Melee Attack Strength Decreased Low Profile Faster movement while crouched, and chance to avoid Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Sprint Speed Decreased Man At Arms Increases weapon durability for all weapons, allowing you to attack more before they break. Weapon Durability Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Marathon Increases your total stamina, allowing you to sprint for longer durations. Overall Stamina Increased Stamina Regen Decreased Medic Get two uses from each medical spray. Also increases healing when using a medical spray. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Motorboating Increased boat speed when you are at the helm. Boat Speed Increased Car Speed Decreased My Dad's a Cop Cops arrive quicker if you are the one who calls them. Faster Police Arrival Speed Vehicle Speed Decreased Nerves of Steel Loss of mini-map with high Fear does not occur. Overall Fear is also reduced. Fear Resistance Bonus Sprint Speed Decreased Night owl Reduced fear penalties from darkness. Darkness Fear Resistance Bonus Noise Generating Penalty Potent Ranger Deal more damage when playing as Tommy Jarvis. Attack Damage Increased As Tommy Attack Damage Decreased As Other Counselors Preparedness Start with a large map. Also provides some resistance to fear effects. Fear Resistance Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Psychic Start with a walkie talkie and increase the range of your voice. Voice Broadcasting Radius Noise Generating Penalty Pyro The Jason spotting effects of the Flare Gun last longer. Flare Gun Spotting Effect Increased Fear Resistance Penalty Quiet Swimmer Water noise reduced, and chances of being detected by Jason’s Sense ability while in water reduced. Sense Avoidance Chance Fear Resistance Penalty Restful Stamina recharge rate increased, allowing stamina to be recharged quicker while standing still or crouching. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Scout Escape from Jason’s traps and counselor placed bear traps more easier. Trap Escape Bonus More Damage Taken Slugger Melee damage is increased and start the match with a baseball bat in hand. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Sneaky Move faster while going through windows and getting in or out of hiding spots. Windows And Hiding Spot Speed Increased Damage Received Increased Spatial Awareness Your chance of stumbling while running is reduced. Stumble Avoidance Increased Noise Generating Penalty Speed Demon Increase vehicle speed when escaping alone. Increase Vehicle Speed Decrease Repair Speed Sucker Punch Increase chance of stunning Jason with melee attacks. Melee Stun Chance Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Swift Attacker Increase your Melee Attack speed with all weapons. Attack Speed Increased Attack Damage Decreased Teamwork Fear reduces quicker for every teammate who is nearby. Fear Reduction Bonus Per Teammate Attack Strength Decreased Thick Skinned Take less damage from all incoming attacks. Attack Damage Resistance Increased Stumble Chance Penalty Thrasher Increases melee attack damage while using an Axe. Axe Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Tinker Repair all items faster. This includes car, boat, phone box, and electrical box repairs. Repair Speed Increase Overall Stamina Decreased Part 1.4 - Weapon stats Part 1.5 - Maps One thing to bear in mind when playing the game is that the maps change every time. You won't often find an item in the same place twice. Various different things change around between maps, including cabin type and placement, objectives and their locations, items and Jason's shack. You can find a map in the game in drawers or at a map stand on a path. Maps you find in-game will always show the location of escape vehicles and counsellors, and can also be used to find Jason's shack. Jason's shack appears in multiple locations, and you can narrow down it's location based on if there's a campfire at one of it's usual places. Campfires replace his shack when it's moved to a different part of the map. Below are the general layouts for each map: Higgins Haven Higgins Haven (small) Packanack Lodge Packanack Lodge (small) Crystal Lake Crystal Lake (small) Jarvis House Part 1.6 - Items and their uses When playing as counsellors, you can find an assortment of different items in drawers to assist you with survival. Here are the items you can find and their uses: Walkie talkie - Can be used to talk to other people who have walkie talkies, regardless of where on the map they are. Without one, you will only be heard in proximity chat if you use voice chat. Pocket knife - The pocket knife can be used to stab Jason with when he gets hold of you, essentially preventing a free grab kill. Phone box fuse - Used to repair the phone box so the police can be called. Firecrackers - Firecrackers can be used as a loud noise distraction, and they can also stun Jason if he walks into their range whilst they're crackling. First aid spray - Can be used to heal your character. Car keys - After installing a battery and pouring gas into one of the cars, the car keys are required to actually start it. The car won't move without keys. Map - When you start the game, you don't spawn with a map unless you have a perk that lets you. Finding a map will allow you to view the world map and locate other counsellors, locations and objectives. There are also map stands on each map where you can always obtain one, and they're usually in fixed positions near paths. Flare gun - Used as a weapon, the flare gun is a single shot utility item which can be used to stun Jason or mark him on your map. When firing the flare gun in his vicinity, he will appear on the map for all players to see. Shooting him with the flare gun will instantly stun him if you land a hit. Bear trap - Pretty self explanatory. You can use traps to temporarily get Jason off you. Press the fire button to place it, and hold the action button to arm/disarm it. Shotgun - The shotgun only has 1 shot, but will stun Jason for a long time. Only 1 or 2 shotguns appear each game; Tommy Jarvis also has one. Part 1.7 - Knowing when Jason is near you Jason can be on counsellors in mere seconds thanks to his shift and morph abilities. Sometimes you'll never see him coming, other times you'll be able to spot certain cues that signal his presence in the vicinity. Visual cues - Whenever Jason uses his morph, stalk or shift abilities near you, a video effect will occur on your screen. This effect looks like an interruption to an old VHS video; it's easy to spot. This happens when Jason uses morph, and once for when he activates shift and once for when he deactivates it. It will also trigger when he uses stalk to trick the player into thinking he's left. When Jason uses shift, the camera will also zoom in closer to your character if you're outside. If you're having trouble dodging him, make sure to keep an eye out for the visual cues! Audio cues - This one can sometimes be a bit deceptive. Each Jason has their own chase music which will trigger when he's near you. This music will continue to play to signal Jason is near, and will eventually go quiet if you move far enough away from him or he uses stalk and you can't see him. Sometimes during gameplay, the music might intensify with a crescendo before going back to normal. It's important to know that it's Jason's chase music you should pay the most attention to. It will interrupt any other BGM (background music) currently playing. Part 1.8 - Special controls and how to use melee mode There are a few special controls to bear in mind when playing F13. Some of these may not be clear from the get-go, so I thought I'd quickly mention a few. Double tapping the action button in front of objects whilst not moving will usually make your counsellor interact with them faster, sometimes at the expense of more noise. Sprinting at a window and pressing interact will allow you to quickly dive through it. This always hurts, even if the window isn't broken. You will take quite a substantial amount of damage if you dive through an unbroken, closed window, but you can dive through an open unbroken window and not get hurt. You can use melee mode for better control of your melee combat. On Xbox One, you click the right thumb stick in to activate it. Not sure of the PC or PS4 controls. It can be quite effective when used correctly. You can dodge left, right or backwards in melee mode. It drains some of your stamina, but if timed right it can be used to avoid swings and sometimes grabs. You can use it immediately after landing an attack on Jason too, allowing for a quick side or backstep. Using melee mode locks on to your nearest target - even counsellors. It's very useful when trying to fight Jason as it makes your swings more accurate. You can block Jason's melee attacks. I've found that this is particularly effective against 'chopper' Jasons; the ones who like to swing their weapons and not do any grabs. You can also block knives at the expense of some of your health. Jason also has melee mode and can do everything the counsellors can except dodge. Melee mode will not prevent Jason from grabbing you. He has to be closer to you for a grab so melee mode can keep him back a bit, but his weapons have longer range. Grabs cannot be blocked. Your only defence will be a pocket knife, another counsellor or your button mashing skills. Holding the attack button whilst in combat mode will perform a heavy attack. Particularly useful with an axe! Part 1.9 - Win conditions, how to fix objectives, and which ones you should go for On each map, there are 5 possible win conditions each game. Some of these are harder than others and your survival depends on a few factors, including which objectives you plan to go for. Generally, you should prioritise your objectives based on what you find. If you find a phone fuse early in the game, then your #1 priority after finding a pocket knife should be finding the phone box. If you find a battery, then prioritise getting it into a car - or at least running it to the car so someone else can. I strongly suggest that you leave repairs to a character with a good repair stat. Each time you fail a skill check on ANY objective, a noise can be heard by Jason. To repair objectives, simply bring the correct part to the correct objective. Here is a list of objectives and my personal strategies: Win by car escape. There are two different cars that spawn in-game. One only has two seats (orange coloured one), and one has 4 seats (blue one). The cars both require the same 3 items to get them functional and those items are gasoline, a car battery and a set of car keys. Depending on how many cars spawn, that's how many sets of car keys there will be in the map. The maximum is 2 and the minimum is one; there will always be at least one car. Prioritise fixing a car if you and your team find at least 2 pieces of it. Win by boat escape. Sometimes, the boat will spawn in place of the two seater car. It never spawns in place of the four seater. Unlike the cars, the boat requires less parts and no keys. To win with the boat, you require a propeller and gasoline. However, it can be quite easy for Jason to rock the boat as you try to escape. Even the ones that aren't fast in water can morph near enough and swim quick enough to intercept you. I've used Savini Jason to catch boats before, and his water speed is actually a weakness. If you're up against one of the ones who has water speed as a strength, they can actually move faster underwater than the boat can. Be careful! Prioritise fixing the boat if you find the propeller, and if you're up against a Jason who doesn't have water speed as a strength. Win by surviving the night. To survive the night, simply survive 20 minutes without dying. A timer will appear in the final 2 minutes and some intense music will begin to play, so there will be no chase music cues during this period if Jason comes near. Trying to survive the night should be a last resort. If there are no cars, hardly any counsellors left alive and no means of imminent escape, then this is your best option. Hide well, because Jason is at his most powerful from the 10 minute mark onwards. Win by police escape. This one is one of the best options for escape. If you manage to find a phone fuse, you can install it in the phone box. The phone fuse box can be located on the OUTSIDE of cabins (and outside the barn on the Higgins Haven small map), usually attached to an outside wall somewhere. Repair it using the phone fuse, and the phone will always be located inside the cabin that the phone fuse box is attached to. After repairing the fuse box and calling the police (bear in mind it takes about 10 uninterrupted seconds to call the police), a timer will begin. After the time has elapsed, the police will arrive and you can then check your main map to identify where they are. The police arrive at one of the exits to the camp, and will always be at the end one of the main roads. If you find the phone fuse early, make fixing the fuse box and calling the police your highest priority. Everyone can escape with the police! Win by defeating Jason. Jason can never die, but he can be put down. There is a method in this game for doing it, but I'm trying to keep this a generally spoiler free guide. If you want to know how to defeat Jason, have a Google of it and see what you find. I wouldn't recommend attempting this method unless you manage to meet all of the prerequisite conditions; it's very difficult to pull off in a public game. If you're against a good Jason, this tactic will hardly ever work. Part 1.9.1 - Counsellor controls (Xbox One) *Credit to @Zombie79 for providing control screenshots Part 1.9.2 - Vehicle controls (Xbox One) *Credit to @Zombie79 for providing control screenshots Part 2 - Jason Part 2.1 - Picking your Jason So, there's a bunch of different Jasons. As with the counsellors, I'll write a brief explanation of what each Jason is good at. Part 2 Jason - Part 2 Jason has a lot of traps and an excellent morph ability. He plays best as a trapper. Place traps at key locations, and use his morph strength to quickly get to a trap when someone sets it. Control the objectives when using part 2! Part 2 can usually kill slower counsellors easier with his jog, but his shift speed isn't very good so he's not too good for chases. Part 3 Jason - Part 3 Jason possesses the best strengths for fighting counsellors in close combat. He has weapon strength, grip strength and he can run. He can kill counsellors quickly with grabs and his weapon, but his sense isn't very good and he can be stunned easy. As part 3, place traps at a few key locations and use Part 3's speed and damage to pressure counsellors to high fear levels. Part 4 Jason - Part 4 possesses strengths best suited for running counsellors down. He suffers from only 3 traps and a slow shift, but he makes up for it with destruction and weapon damage. He's one of the few Jasons who is also capable of running too, so he can be very useful for pressuring counsellors in the early game. When playing part 4, it's best to pop 1 trap per objective and then go hunting. Use his destruction, weapon strength and run speed to run counsellors stamina down to nothing, then they're an easy kill. Part 6 Jason - Part 6 Jason possesses a lot of throwing knives, a fast shift speed/recharge and strong sense. He does suffer from less defense and morph speed though. As part 6 Jason, place traps at a few key locations and use knives to build high fear, which your sense can lock on to. Use shift for chases and morph for trap response. Part 7 Jason - Part 7 Jason can be quite difficult to hide from. He possesses stronger sense and usually doesn't have a lot of issues finding counsellors. However, he can't run and has very few traps. Part 7 Jason is excellent for preventing boat escapes as he can catch the boat even whilst it's moving. As Part 7, use knives to build fear. Place your few traps at the most important objectives early in the match, and use your sense and grip strength to pressure and kill counsellors. Part 8 Jason - Part 8 Jason possesses some excellent stats. He possesses water speed, destruction and stalk. He does however have weak grip strength and sense, so finding counsellors can be hard. When playing as part 8 Jason, place traps early in the match at key locations, then use destruction to smash down cabin doors very fast. It only takes 3 hits for part 8 to break a barricaded door, so use him to pressure people and build fear. Use water speed to prevent boat escapes and stalk for sneaky kills. He can hide in houses very well if you can anticipate a counsellor will enter the one you choose to hide in. Can also use stalk-shift for a very quiet, immediate shift attack. Part 9 Jason - Part 9 Jason also possesses some great stats. He has shift, stun resistance and stalk as his strengths, and his primary weakness is less traps. He has a HP weakness, but HP is not a measure of how much damage he can take before he dies. HP is the amount of punishment he takes before he falls flat on the ground and takes a while to get up. As part 9, place your few traps at the most important objectives early in the match, and use shift and stalk for chases and stealth kills. As part 9, you won't be able to effectively control all the objectives with traps, so be extra perceptive and check your map often to prevent escapes. He is hard to stun in combat as well, so you can use melee mode to battle counsellors down to weak HP for a grab kill finish. Savini Jason - Exclusively designed for those of us who backed the game and purchased him, Savini Jason is (in my opinion) one of the best Jasons. He possesses excellent stats and his weaknesses aren't bad. He has shift, weapon strength and destruction as strengths, whilst having less water speed, weaker grip strength and the inability to run as weaknesses. As Savini Jason, use the early part of the match to trap important objectives. Use his fast shift speed and recharge coupled with weapon strength to stab counsellors down to low HP. If you want grab or environmental kills, make sure the counsellor is very damaged before attempting it, as counsellors with high composure have no problem escaping his grip. Use destruction to pile on pressure and keep counsellors running, it only takes 3 hits to break down a barricaded door. Part 2.2 - Jason tips As with the counsellors, there are also a few important things to bear in mind when playing Jason. Here are some of the tips I've found to be most effective: Generating fear is the best way to find counsellors. Early game, try and trap the most important objectives and then break some generators whilst your shift charges. After shift is ready for use, you can begin chasing counsellors. Throwing knives can be found around the map. They're highlighted with a little circle icon in your field of vision. Use your throwing knives! It's also a good idea to get a good stock of about 5-6, as characters with high speed and stamina like Vanessa, Tiffany and Buggzy can be very hard to catch if you're a Jason who can't run. Hit them with knives until they can't run anymore. Your traps are the most effective way of controlling objectives. You can't be everywhere at once (unless you're part 2, who morphs very fast) so you need to rely on keeping counsellors away from objectives. It's not about how fast you can kill them! There's 20 minutes to win a game and once Jason gets rage, he becomes incredibly difficult to deal with. Keep everyone in the map as long as you can, and kill them at a steady pace and you'll be able to get the full 7/7. Be wary of counsellors playing as Tommy Jarvis and counsellors who have Pamela's sweater. I won't post spoilers, but these two are an important part of defeating Jason. Jason gets more XP for killing counsellors with environmental context kills. 2.3 - Jason variants Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Savini Jason *For more information on Jason stats, please see here. Part 2.4 - Jason abilities Most of these abilities are described in-game, but I'll list them here along with a couple of tips. Morph. This is the first ability Jason gets, and it allows him to teleport to anywhere on the map. Simply activate the ability, pick where you want to go and press the interact button. It's not pinpoint specific, so you might appear a little bit away from the exact area you wanted to go. Sense. This is the second ability Jason gets. At first, it will not have much use as sense is what Jason uses to detect fear. Counsellors don't start the game scared. Raise counsellor fear levels (see Jason tips section for how) to make sense more effective. Shift. This is the third ability Jason gets. It is essentially a chase teleport. Upon using it, Jason will continuously move forwards and can be steered left or right. Pressing grab, attack or the use ability button will cause the ability to stop. A popular tactic used with shift is the shift-grab or shift-stab. Simply get close whilst in shift and use grab/stab when you're right next to the counsellor to pop out of shift and perform the action. Stalk. This is the fourth ability Jason gets. Activating stalk will deactivate Jason's chase music (unless counsellors can actually see you), trigger a video interrupt effect for counsellors and amplify any sounds made by counsellors. This includes microphones, actions like opening doors/drawers, barricading, setting traps, character speech, hiding, footsteps and window interaction. Stalk can be very useful when combined with morph and shift, and one popular combination is the stalk-shift-grab/stab. Simply pop stalk, then shift then grab/stab. Counsellors have a harder time dodging this one as there's little indication that Jason is coming. There are a bunch of creative ways to use stalk, including waiting inside a cabin a counsellor is going to. The part 4 update also changed stalk so now your footsteps are silent too! Rage. Rage is the final ability Jason gets, and it will automatically activate about mid-way into the match. This ability is not triggered, and you can monitor it's progress by looking at the white mask icon on the top left of Jason's screen. When it's full, rage activates. Rage allows Jason to walk through doors and breakable walls, immediately smashing them. It also decreases the cooldown on all of his abilities. If you get rage, counsellors are going to have a very tough time. Part 2.5 - Jason controls (Xbox One) *Credit to @Zombie79 for providing control screenshots So, hopefully this guide will help out some people who are having problems early on I'll add more if I can think of more, and if anyone has any corrections then be sure to let me know.
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    I brought the game day one, didn't back it and didn't receive the skin. I'd love the skin, but I completely understand and in fact, applaud, the fact that the skin will remain exclusive to backers. It is only right and fair.
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    Please give a visual meter or symbol on how much fear a counselor has AND when Jason is able to spot you through his sense perk. I know about the "look at the counslors Face" but it is not reliable. I've done some testing in private matches with a buddy and I definitely had 0% fear. I had my flashlight on and I was crouching. But he still managed to find me through sense. I've read the threat about the "fear system" and I know the basics about how it works and how to lower it etc. But as long as you are in his sense vicinity you will glow like a Christmas tree unless you have a perk (which is useless since you can deactivate sense and then reactivate with no cooldown) or are hiding in a hiding spot. So either give us a visual smybol to let you know that your fear is so high that Jason can "sense" you (not that he is using it right now but that he could do it) or give us a meter which fills as your fear grow's. It was hoping for some moments where you stand still and see Jason nearby and hope he doesn't see you but since he always spots you with sense thats not gonna happen. To make it clear I'm not asking for a nerf. It's just so frustrating playing super stealthy just to find out Jason could see you all along and that your playstyle is useless. But if I had a symbol or meter telling me "Jason can sense me right know" then I can adapt my playstyle and for example look for the next hiding spot. English is not my native language so don't go hard on me.
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    Get Rob Zombies dirty crusty fingers off Jason. We all saw what he did to Michael Myers.
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    >.< I know this has been said a million times but you have to do something now it is way too easy for Jason to win by animation locking with his grab. Literally the Jasons who do this piss me the heck off Q_Q its becoming so boring honestly when he teleport shift right clicks and goes on to the next person literally that is my main problem I have stated this before! The game is un-enjoyable when Jason swoops in picks you up executes you and moves on to the next target. Now I know a lot of people are Jason fan girls and will say there is nothing wrong with infinite grabs.... but hello there is the only hope for survival is a pocket knife also is it fair that Jason can get hit by a bat and get knocked out but stop a car and pull someone out a window with little to nothing phasing him these issues need to be fixed , I have noticed mostly jerks play Jason or trolls just to abuse the set you guys gave to him yes you still can survive , yes you still have a chance, but in reality he can shift right click animation ignore and execute and I believe this is a major issue I know Jason is a hulking monster but getting hit by a car should knock him down at least including if the car breaks down and his grab should have a cool down timer or counselors be wounded before he can use it. This is literally all I ask it is the most annoying thing in the game as proven by game play and facts Q_Q please do something please....
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    Might as well get Scooby Doo and the gang and they can escape in the mystery machine.
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    Because even if he was on board, the idea would likely turn off a majority of gamers who want a simple F13 game, such as we have now. And that is even before I address the attack snake.
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    Over on the F13 reddit, a guy posted a location guide where all the objective spawn locations. Check it out. I know I'm always "Where is the phone?!" and "Where is the map stand?!" so memorizing this will be helpful to me.
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    Check out this awesome Jason Voorhees pixel art that a friend made for my Xbox One Gamer pic!
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    Not sure where exactly, but i was watching the slash n cast podcast where they quoted a dev (forget which one) in saying that all maps will be free, more Jasons coming (referred to Jason X specifically. Not sure if pre or post uber), and new counselor clothing packs. He also reiterated on how Savini Jason as well as the pre order clothing pack will stay backer exclusives. I normally would find the the exact post made by the dev, but I don't have enough time to find every bit of info the devs scatter like Easter eggs. If others would like to find it feel free to link it. Video for reference:
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    Here's a little trick I do When you're running from a jason player, try to get a fair distance from him but not far enough to where he can't here you through a mic. Act like you're in control of the situation. Kite him, run from house to house baricading doors. Finally strike the killing blow. Say something like "I got him distracted. Hurry up and repair the car/phone/boat". This will sink into any good Jason player and realize you are the least of his concerns (even if you're not). There have been some times a jason has called my bluff but I distracted him for long enough that other counselors escaped. And I count that as a win.
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    You're crazy...but you also get this honorary gif.
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    get your revenge. the one guy helping Jason out in one of my matches, I spawned back as Jarvis sought the bastard out and shot him. Yesterday however, I managed to get the boat put together all by myself, to have 3 other people standing there waiting for me to finish, one instantly jumped on the boat and another shot me in the back while the 2nd person jump in and they took off leaving the asshole who shot in the back behind. The person who shot me however was the one I was more pissed off about (if your going to steal my boat that's one thing, but to not even let me take my chances to survive after being boat jacked, that's cold) so next round, I was lucky enough to find a shotgun right away, found the guy who shot me and returned gestured. (eye for a eye)
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    I really like part 8. He and 9 are my favorite undeads. With 9 I don't think I've gone less then a 6/8. Also 8 has the best kill animations, hands down. I really like playing as a counselor. I do wish that I got to be Jason more often, but I don't see myself putting multiplayer down until it becomes too much a chore to get games going. The only real issue I have is that if I'm spawned near the phone or the car, I need to haul ass and hope I'm not killed right off the bat. With that it'd be nice if @lHeartBreakerl played more often, the bum. Anywho, since I'm here, a story. I got a car going with another dude on the Crystal lake map. Jason 8. So as I'm starting the car, Jason pops in and kills the other guy. I'm driving South and Jason is doing the shift/try to crash thing. I'm backing up and then going forward as the others run up for a ride. Eventually I get yanked out of the car and while I'm helped by somebody with a bat, the four counselors steal my car and leave me. Jason goes after them and I hit a cabin to get stamina. I find the second set of keys in it. I then run down the road a ways and find the car deserted, the other counselors spread to the winds. A few are coming back as I take the car, this time telling them to fuck off for leaving me, and noting I have the second set of keys. Good luck, suckers!
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    The only thing that scares me in this game (and it scares me hard) is when I find a dead body unexpectedly and you get the jolt of music and your character jerks backwards.
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    It's not like I have $ to go out and buy a pc and ANOTHER copy of game I already bought and payed for on PS4 that's number 1!!! Number 2 it's been 4 days since the devs answered a question from any of us. They are ignoring us flat out at this point!!! I'll deal with a shitty running game cause when it works it's fun as hell! But for us to still not have our savini and clothing packs available over a week after launch and they don't even give us any ideas or updates and when we ask them on all their social media channels they give us ??By blatantly not answering us. They deserve just a little of hate they are getting in my book!
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    No. You are just doing something wrong if you die that quick that often. I have NEVER died that fast in any round ever. Iv died first, sure, but it's never immediately after a match starts. You clowns need need to stop calling for nerfs, just because you keep getting killed. You aren't supposed to survive. The majority of those playing counselors will die. It's supposed to be that way and it will remain that way.
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    Hopin' my DLC codes finally work later tonight. The Duke's date with Savini Jason is way overdue.
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    So far mainly the guys have the strength to knock out Jason more easily. Why not have a girl with at least 5 strength since currently Vanessa has the most at a mere 4. Could be a tomboy type or a gym rat. Doesn't need to be She-Hulk, but someone with average to above-average strength. Perhaps a Male counselor with extremely high composure to even it out since currently the guy with the highest composure rating is at 7/10.
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    I would like to have your toughts on this subject. When i first mentioned how it would be nice to have Jason have the ability to carry corpses,someone said it would not be a good idea because it would make Jason waste time. I call bullshit on that remark,this concept will make the game even more interesting. It doesnt matter weither Jason carry a body or not because is walking speed will not be affected at all anyway and if you dont want you can always leave the body where it is. Think about what you could do with a corpse,you can hide it in a wardrobe to scare someone or make it more difficult for a player by limiting is hiding spot. You can also throw a corpse trough a window or from a roof right at a player to scare them. Think about all the possibilities.
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    One of my favorites was I had the keys and a couple people protecting the car were taking swings at me...I was only going to the car to get the three of us out of there as I saw them on the map and the car was good to go. So I ran away and hid in a closet until they went away to search for keys...then I took the car alone and escaped....Chad is a dick #trophyearned....but by my guesstimation they were bigger dicks
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    So there's been no update on the PS4 patch situation since Wednesday; nothing on twitter, facebook, or the forums from Gun. Everyday it's been tomorrow and all the tomorrows have come and gone. Despite the more pressing underlying Issues; PS4 users still don't have access to DLC they obtained through backer kit. Despite both Steam and Xbox having access to these since the weekend...is anyone else as bothered as I?
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    How about some punctuation and paragraphs?
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    As someone that was a Kickstarter of this game I have no problems if you were to sell them as DLC.
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    Because not everything in life is fair. The Savini ship sailed and is not coming back.
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    Whoa Whoa Whoa! Hold your horses... Most streamers aren't trolls. It's bad for viewership. No one watches that garbage. How OTHER people behave when they know there's a streamer in the match is a completely different story. They're looking for their 15 minutes...But my stream focuses on showing people how to play the game properly. Just the other night, I took a bunch of randoms under my wing and got everyone together, armed, and we managed to install the battery, gas up the car, AND get away while Jason was attacking us. This was due to my "cancer", apparently. After the match, 3 of those Counselors friended me, and everyone watching on stream was going nuts. Think a couple of them even started following me on twitch. Trolls are certainly a problem. But don't go bad mouthing streamers. That's a silly generalization. But something tells me you probably do this in most aspects of your life...
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    No. If you die within 30 seconds regularly, even anything more than somehow lightning strucks the same spot twice rarely, you need to figure out what you did wrong.
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    So after 9 launch days and 4 days of NOTHING the first word we've gotten from F13's new Game Support twitter is "We're working closely with Sony to resolve the issue" That's it. That is all they said, nothing more, no time frame; no REAL information. 9 days after launch despite Steam and XBOX having their DLC; PS4 is still left out in the cold with no real information. Honestly I think at this point all PS4 backers have a right to get angry and impatient. I myself have done my best to hold in my temper but at this point it's a bit absurd and unfair don't you think? EVEN if they said "it was up to Sony now" then I would be able to blame sony; but they haven't and this right now puts the blame solely, squarely on them. I also understand some of you are tired of hearing about this, I apologize to you. But to PS4 users exclusively I'd say this is simply wrong. For those who suggest going to other platforms...we already BOUGHT the game and DLC for PS4...how would jumping consoles help when the DLC is no longer available to purchase? Second some of us can't just switch, I got Friday the 13th for PS4 because my computer is rather old now and can't handle it.
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    Hey, Devs! Loving the game so far and thank you for the hard work on this rollout. One thing that I feel is really missing from the game is the weather. Are we going to get weather at some point? Friday the 13th without rain, thunder, and flashes of lightning seems very odd. This would add another element of fear just like it does in the movies. Is that something that was just overlooked or is it coming? Looking forward to what else is coming for the game.
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    Hey, at least the game can follow the movie pattern. Most of the f13 movies had bad reviews too. But, that doesn't stop us hardcore fans from supporting them. Casual players? Sure, maybe it will affect them, but us lifers are gonna hang around til they shut the servers down. Regardless of what the reviews say, it is fun as hell to play. And nerve taxing and intense. Just what i need to have my first heart attack.
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    It would be nice if they even just let us pick what weapon we want to use with whatever Jason skin we want. Don't see why any Jason is stuck with only being able to use one weapon anyway.
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    I would rather like a few weapon changes instead. Jason's most famous weapon is his machete but only part 7 Jason got it.
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    Maybe it's just me, but I'm gonna pass on checking this out. I don't want to know where everything will be and like going in "blind" per se.
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    Press the Xbox guide button and select "looking for group" Then select Friday the 13th the Game and there will be tons of people looking for players to join their private matches. When you select one, scroll down and click on the host name then select join game. That is how I have been playing it.
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    You sir are a shining example of how this fanbase should be.
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    If you can press every other key on the keyboard, you can press a comma and period.
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    Unfortunately, in this instance, a lot of the negativity has been justified. No, of course it's not reasonable to expect the devs to be on call 24/7 to answer every single query. Nor is it reasonable to release a game in the state F13 launched in and expect nobody to say anything negative. So who is in the wrong here? The devs? The complainers?
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    You're hearing plenty of arguments, you just don't agree with them. Most people DON'T want the game changed. We like how OP Jason is and we don't want people who have a hard time with the game having it changed so it's easy. It's not supposed to be easy. Escaping or living is supposed to be rare, not the norm, so if you don't like dying I agree with Cy3er you should play something easier.
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    I just want a to create a own Counselor.
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    The developers love streamers. Somehow they're convinced streamers are "the new press". I wonder how that worked out for them... It's unlikely you'll see much for bans, etc. They have their hands full at the moment. I think it'll be another week or more before things de-escalate from clusterfuck status.
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    You need to learn the maps then. If you spawn near one of the larger cabins / escape points - Jog away from them and as soon as you hear the first "Ki ki ki, ma ma ma" stop moving so you have a better chance of not being If you spawn IN one of the larger cabins or realize you are in the phone cabin - immediately hide under a bed or in a closet. This reduces your chance of his sense finding you, he will likely leave (since it would be a huge waste of time to try to search every room in the house). Worst case if you were able to hide upstairs, even if he does go searching the houses, there is enough ways to dodge him to try to escape. If possible be sure to turn on the radio to distract him - even if you plan on hiding there. Anywhere else, do things as normal. I have spawned at a major objective (Pakanack lodge with the phone and the car) and have been able to hide, they put their traps down then leave after a quick sense (which I had a good chance of not being detected), then they leave figuring everyone has gone off. I can then do a quick search and head out. Hiding isn't perfect, but that early the game, even in the big lodges, you have a decent chance of escaping if you play smart. There have been the rarities where I have died right off the bat - if I do something stupid like lead foot my way in the lodge trying to get the shotgun, or when other people leading him to me, but in general - even with a bad spawn location I am not dead that fast.
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    Found two counselors in a cabin while Jason. Broke a window, used Stalk and waited right next to the door for about 25 seconds. I hear a click and the door opens to screams.. Enough said.
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    Manhunt is my #1 favorite game of all-time. Bought three copies of it for three different systems. The combination of John Carpenter music and presentation along with a late-'70's exploration slasher flick (Maniac, etc.) has never been topped. No need to add in all the CIA, occult, German, etc. stuff. Minimalism is key here. The less the better. Much like the Halloween movies. Less is more. When they started with that whole Thorn business, it went downhill.
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