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    Finally, the real fucking countdown can begin... 10 days!
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    8 days remain! For those hoping for film related pics for the countdown- CrazyRalph made some a while back for another countdown:
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    Here's the light that I made at my FALLOUT 4 settlement in honor of the upcoming release:
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    I think "beloved" requires quotations or an asterisk. Still, I am the unofficial, completely unauthorized Countdown Bear: I just remembered Care Bear's do a Care Bear Countdown so obviously that means I do this because I care.
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    A post by @LawDog had me thinking of a new mode: Possession One player starts as Jason No one can see who picked which counselor at the beginning of the match, or the Jason player is assigned only when the match begins The Jason player has to kill or possess counselors The body of the counselor possessed by Jason deteriorates as the match goes on, causing the need to possess a new counselor or be easily identifiable/grow weaker XP bonuses for sabotage Escape or maybe the Jason player can only be stopped with that stupid Voorhees dagger Anyway, just an idea. Thoughts? Ideas? I'm pretty sure this isn't an original idea but I wouldn't want to see possession inside of the regular game mode.
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    That shit will put hair on your chest. Then it'll make all your skin fall off and you'll glow in the dark. Not worth dealing with the spiders as big my hand to be a bit closer to launch. Nope.
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    Go to hell! Or bind a naked man to a table and shave him! You decide! 9 days to go!
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    I might be wrong but I think it's so you don't give away to Jason that you might be in there? So if he sees a noise blip up ahead and morphs there, he's going to know that the cabin with the window open is most probably where the counsellor is. If you close it behind you it's not going to be obvious to Jason which cabin you are in if he knows you are in that area.
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    From what I've read, all Jasons have music unique to them. Part 7 & 8 were scored by Fred Mollin so it will be interesting to see if Harry Manfredini does something in line with Mollin's scores or if they'll be something entirely new. For customization whores, being able to chose your music would be awesome. I don't see that happening but a fun thought.
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    I've compared the recent counselor stats, and I've noticed that certain counselors are either similar to each other, or are lacking in other stats that would benefit them more. Provided below are my ideas for every counselor in the game so far, in picture format: As seen on the table, no two counselors share the same perfect or worst rank. For instance, A.J. has a very high stealth stat still, but Tiffany is the one who has a perfect 10/10 and no one else. Brandon no longer has the lowest Repair skill, while Tiffany still retains her weakness to repairing electronics and vehicles. I also wanted to put more emphasis on the 10/10 scores by removing the 9/10 scores, as the one point difference would be almost negligible in game-play. The 8/10 score is still high, but the 10/10 score would yield a more noticeable result when used. Now, as for the changes I've made...I predict that A.J. will likely be the more controversial change out of everyone, and my reasoning is that she's a little too similar to Deborah in play-style as both have the exact same role (Repair and Stealth), much like how Eric is too similar to the two as well. I felt that it would make more sense that a tough-as-nails gal would be more focused in combat than repairs, hence the change. So basically, this was mainly done out of boredom and I don't really expect this to be taken into consideration due to the official release date having been announced ages ago, which I'm really eager to play once the game is released. What do you think? Any changes that looks better or worse?
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    Hahaha xd I don't know I think those items were more to thank people for backing the game early and keeping them exclusive keeps the backer items special. I'm 100% they'll make more clothing packs in the future though, in fact in his stream Wes was talking about an « overhaul » on the whole clothing system, which means potentially actual different clothes instead of recolors and retextures I think.
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    Some people are a bit peeved that they're just recolours of existing clothes. Personally, I wouldn't say I'm disappointed, just a little underwhelmed. $9 isn't too much at all, and we still get clothes that other people don't get. Think about it - you can customise your character how you want, and anyone who didn't get the clothing pack can't look like you! That's worth $9 isn't it?
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    Unfortunately on that one they still haven't given us the official server start time. That and us backers still have to wait for the keys on launch day, apparently.
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    I mainly interested in seeing some stills of the maps. We are only days away from launch and we have only seen one map and minimal gameplay, mostly just beta feeds with glitches and all. Just seems like a weird strategy to launch a game and want people to buy it on almost no information. For a mainly word of mouth advertising campaign you think you would put out some more images and videos(not full of bugs) for us to show perspective buyers. The average player will want to see something substantial before making a decision on buying and there is next to nothing to really show at X days out(pun intended). Steam has the most to show but it's all the same map and some kills footage. Why not put up the PAX video footage or other map stills so it doesn't look like it's all just repetitive. I can show my friends some beta streams but there are many bugs and it's not what you want to show as advertising. I want to see some more of Packanack not just the main house. I want to see that giant stairwell that mark rolled down. I want see the new counselors in action. This is not so much a complaint and a give me more topic. It's a why are you being so secretive about your game days before launch topic. Days out and still no console footage. It's bad enough that consoles can't preorder, I understand why, but they cant even see what the game looks like on the console they own. I want this game to have tons of players on all platforms so we can enjoy it and have many lobbies to choose from and not be waiting on a lobby to fill all the time.
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    I'm gonna have to debate you here. Shallow characters. Our lead, Sam Winchester has more motive then most leads in these films. His sister has motive as well. And the rest of the partygoers are no more shallow then in any other installment. I don't get how Shelly and Andy's friendship was any more real then Chewy and Lawrence. This smacks of personal bias. As to why anybody was pals with Chad Kensington Trent, the answer is money. What you're telling us is that the reboot did something most in the series fails to do. It made your girlfriend empathize, get in the shoes of the characters. "That could be me. Oh shit, that's messed up." is much better then "Wow, by killing those six extras in a vanilla axe slash, they made the killcount higher then the last one." The fact is that Friday the 13th is full of people suffering. Chris, the lone survivor from 3 had a mental breakdown. Tommy did as well, though by the completion of his character arc, he had overcome his demons. The fact is that in F13 people die in terror and pain. Also while some may enjoy seeing people in pain, maybe the director wanted people to realize that being murdered by a psycho wasn't a picnic. Eh. This sounds like morality policing to me. "I don't enjoy slasher flicks for it's lowbrow violence and sex, I enjoy it for it's higher pursuits such as how these idiots put themselves in position to die." You're enjoying the same schlock as the rest of us plebs. All in all you are entitled to your opinion, but I have to say your commentary sounds pretty ridiculous.
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    Fact remains that it was resolved. No need to bring the topic up to begin with let alone after it is done. Doing so only fans the flames and that will quickly earn you warning points.
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    I would love to see "strange, floating crows" in the game! I was at the beach, at the weekend, and there were these "strange, floating" gulls in the blue skies above me. It's so strange seeing a land creature like a bird in mid-air. It can only be the work of dark, astral magic.
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    Another Fallout fan? Raising a glass of Nuka Cola Quantum to you, sir.
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    Agreed. I'm well aware this is largely a community advertising campaign(word of mouth). My question was really referring to why they've given us so little to tell people. I can show stat screens, and some stills of Higgins and one of packanack, and some older videos, but no really polished materials are out here for us to share. I can show some beta but that's buggy and not really the best for advertising. It's entertaining though. One good short video like my example above is all that would be really needed. Doesn't show much but it grabs your attention and gives you a real glimpse at polished gameplay.
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    I know I'm not speaking for everyone, but to me, the release date trailer showed everything a « noob » would have to be shown to understand what the game is about. If that trailer got people interested, most of the information is easily available with a quick google search. Other than that, I think the mystery surrounding many aspects is in itself helping keeping the buzz around the game going. On social media, I see a lot of people wondering what Crystal Lake and Packanack are going to look like, how to kill Jason, how the boat will work. Sure they could create more buzz now by showing additional images, but i don't know if that would get people talking more. I, for one, am satisfied with what I've seen, and I am beyond excited to discover the stuff we haven't been shown by myself (although knowing me I'll probably spoil myself and watch the streams, although I'm trying to be strong)
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    Not advertising the game much? Have you guys seen all the stuff they been posting to their twitter and youtube? I think some of you are forgetting that this is a 20 some odd man team here. They don't have money to throw out for marketing every which direction. The money is going to the game. It's every one of us' job to market the game, and help them spread the word. So... LET'S GET IT ON.
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    Looking forward to the release so I can stop reading marketing buzzwords and phrases like "spoon feeding" and "player discovery." More info on basic game mechanics and maps should have been released but at this point we are so close to launch it doesn't even matter.
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    I got excited. I thought he came back.
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    For some reason I can only see this in my head again.
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    By Rwanda Horrid *see Death and Darkness for more info
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    That was the beta... Alot of people seem to think that no big changes will be made between the beta of a game, and the release of said game. The devs have said there will be region based servers (But not which regions) and while playing you will ONLY be matched with people from the same region as you, so if you're playing from NA you'll only be matched with other NA players, using the in-game group system however you will be able to invite people from other regions to play, but when you queue up for a match you'll only be matched with people from the group host's region, say for example a player from NA invites a friend from EU then they queue up together they'll be matched with NA players because the group host's region is NA.
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    The Asian servers at my local curry house can be a bit slow when it gets busy.
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    Blaise, the disagreement was settled. Do not try to start it back up. Consider this a warning.
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    The Part III Disco Theme and His Eyes are both really catchy. Those are the ones that pop into my head more than any others.
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    Used to do that too with my siblings... It was like this crazy version of tag and Jason's mom's shrine was the base. So ridiculous, but you had to repeatedly say "Jason it's your mother, Jason it's your mother!" to get him to leave the base. I still tease my sister about it all the time because she was so little and pronounced it "Jaysuhn its yuh muddahh, Jaysuhn its yuh muddahh..." hahah
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    I picked five, couldn't decide on one. Tiny Sparrow, His Eyes and anything Alice Cooper. I got to see Alice play "He's Back" live a few years back. Never thought in a million years I'd get to see him play it live.
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    If you watch the end of Part 3,just as soon as Jason get rid of the rope around his neck and when Chris strike Jason in the head with an axe,you can hear the same trumpets (the ones that go 'wiiiin wiiiin') and strings that you hear when being chased by Jason in the beta,tough the trumpets are louder in the beta compared to the actual film. Listen to the entire music during the first 1 minute and 30 seconds of the videos,it's the same chase music from the beta.
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    Okay.. since you are being very nitpicky-press-specific in order to try and turn my words around to involve anyone who reads this. I have changed it to "YOU" so you can better understand the passive-directness that comment was initially making and less toward others. I hope that makes more sense.
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    Get in on the fun a lil.
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    I tell you there is no terror so much as being chased like that. You know the guy behind the hockey mask is your pal, but that base impulse to beat feet kicks in and you're off on an adrenaline surge. Sadly we never had a cornfield, but the woods worked well enough. And good times for sure.
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    Someone most probably from Asia wanting to know if there are servers that serve Asia? Doesn't seem that weird to me. Probably better messaging the developers directly on social media for an answer though, as they are rarely here.
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    We did the same thing as kids. My cousins had a cornfield in their backyard and we would play in that(the adults frowned on it). We also did it up in a lake in Wisconsin. Had an actual old hockey mask. Good times lol.
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    @Nothingface found some non pc platform footage not long ago.
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    Yep I think they will. Remember reading an interview with Tom, and he did say something along the lines of he gets to revisit material that was cut from the Part VI script.
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    That's pretty much the only reason to leave a window open Or to possibly prevent throwing knives coming flying through, but I bet they'd just break the glass and still carry on their trajectory into the counsellors anyway.
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    I'm not sure of the strategy myself but I imagine they'll do some sort of build-up in the last week. I'm going to avoid any new map footage if there is, looking forward to seeing it in-game.
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    Welcome to the forums. Don't worry too much about missing preorder come launch day it will be available on all digital stores
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    BackerKit was the hunk of preorder exclusives. If you didn't buy there, tough luck. The exclusives were Tom Savini Jason and three exclusive clothing skins for each counselor. There were also others but refer to someone else for details. You may find a seller for the Savini Jason and Clothing Pack but will no doubt be more expensive.
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    maybe have low hp? It's Roy after all not Jason. But he did take a beating. If they did do a part 5 what about the mask coming off part in the game? Players knock it off and it's Roy underneath? Part 5s ending always reminded me of a Scooby Doo episode lol.
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    I doubt we'd get 10 new counselors all in one shot or if ever. IF we get 10 new counselors total in the life of the game, that'd be a welcome surprise. I'd expect to just see a few new ones in the future like the Mean Girl, the Stoner Guy etc. and possibly a few alts of existing archetypes as mentioned. But I don't think they need to be placed under "Bookish Girl" as an alt. They could just be named like "The Nerdy Girl" or "The Punk Guy" or something to let them have their own unique flair. Each movie had an "Edgy Guy" for example so to speak, but each one was vastly different and could be labeled independently without 'needing' to specifically all fall under the "Edgy Guy" Umbrella.
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    The rest of the movie Jasons should be released first. But seeing how everyone seems to love the Savini Jason and the demand for it (even though its been available for a year and a half), it would be a poor idea on Gun's part not to do more of their own designs. There was some concept of a Jason between parts 1 and 2 where he wore his moms sweater on his head, but it was scrapped for hell Jason. But yeah. they definitely should make more of their own Jason designs. Or hell bring Savini back on for another skin that everyone who owns the game can get (as paid dlc). More profit for them, more fun for the players. Win/Win
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    That's true. We used to say "Want to play Jason?" when we play our version of F13 tag in the woods. But it still doesn't feel right to me. If I owned the rights, I'd try to find a suitable horror title that fits and just start using that in lieu of F13.
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    Welcome. I think you're referring to the local Urban Legend around here. We dare not speak his name in fear that he could be summoned from a magic tome and unleash hell hounds upon us.