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    You do know what fire axes are used for.. right? :|
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    My sincerest of apologies if I posted this topic in the wrong category. Also if there is already a topic about this (I checked and came up with no results), my apologies again. Anyways... If you could come up with some achievements for the game, what would they be? So far, I came up with: A Face Only A Mother Could Love - Unmask Jason Voorhees. It's Got A Death Curse - Kill all campers in the lobby as Jason Voorhees. Today... Is His Birthday - Play a match of Friday The 13th: The Game on a Friday the 13th. Then He's Still There - Kill 13 campers in the lake. You're Dead Meat, Slime Bag! - Destroy 13 radios.
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    Guess everyone's gonna have to play and find out.
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    Here it is. Any criticisms, complaints, or just plain whining now have a welcome home. This thread will serve multiple purposes. First, it will act as the go to place to voice immediate concerns that don't necessarily require their own thread. Second, it will act as an easy place for Gun to find criticism. Third, it will act as a place to clear up misinformation. We've all heard people say shit that simply isn't true. This will act as a compendium of misinformation which people maliciously spread about Gun, which can then be corrected. Fourth, it will help keep the rest of the Forum mostly clear of controversy and argument. Note, this is NOT a place to shit on people. Same rules apply here as everywhere else. And this thread is NOT a declaration of war against Gun either. It's purpose is supposed to be constructive, and whether that's supplying an easy place for the developers to gauge criticism, or as a place to let off steam, it isn't intended to be malicious in any way. Fingers crossed this goes well, and I'm sure the mods will take care of things if it doesn't.
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    My gripe is we only get ten likes a day on this forum, and there are generally three times that number in good/funny posts.
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    I don't like that it's not May 26th.
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    So what you're saying is that if I was a streamer "content creator" I could have received the game in early 2017.
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    Meanwhile,at the offices: "They say Jason is too OP and want him nerfed..." "LOL,give him traps!" "LMAO"
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    I have come up with an idea that is not really ideal single player but I thought it was a cool idea that I would like to see possibly implemented. It is not only cost effective but simple to do and I got the idea from the virtual cabin. Obviously I would like to see this In a first person point of view. Who would be interested in an offline exploration mode? I think it would be pretty cool to walk around camp crystal lake and just explore the grounds. Yay, nay? What are your thoughts?
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    Obviously internet tough guys are my worst fear ever. I must have really hurt your feelings.
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    aw but I actually do hope we get achievements that are specific to each counselor, it would give incentive to play every counselor and to play them according to their trope : Something like what you said for Jenny would be cool, I'd like her to have a Final girl achievement. « Damsel in distress » : call the police a set number of times as Tiffany. « Natural born leader » : escape by driving the 4-seater as Kenny, with every seat filled. stuff like that, for evey counselor! something that got a laugh out of me a while back was an achievement called : « The Final....whoops » for dying first as Jenny.
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    I think i remember Gun saying somewhere that there intention is to make this the end all be all of friday the 13th games. They have no sequel intentions from what i can see. They'll just keep updating and adding on to this game which i don't mind at all. I actually prefer it to a sequel.
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    On the other hand, adding features to a sequel at the expense of potentially abandoning support or having lukewarm support is considered a cash grab and once you get that reputation, its hard to shake. They would be better off having it as a patch or DLC for this game.
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    I like diss. Diss iss goot. I'll even start. I hope there's a way they can ensure the chat experience for the game remains "as it should be". Meaning no exploiting chat via party systems. Unfortunately, there's little to nothing that can be done about this on PC. But I think I read somewhere that devs can restrict party chat on consoles to game-chat only? If nothing can be done, that's too bad. But understandable too. It's just unfortunate, because the game does a lot of cool things in terms of proximity chat, not to mention the walkie talkie sort of becomes pointless if the group were to be partied up in chat.
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    Slowly backs out of thread. Looks for the "Vanessa has foxy legs appreciation topic."
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    I'm out of likes again. All I know is I intend to avoid the forum like the plague for the first few days so nothing gets spoiled for me. If things are ruined for me I'll definitely do a countdown of shit people spoiled for me.
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    We've seen already that any Jason CAN wield any weapon, as the first PAX West reveal showed, but I think it was due to budget constraints that they were forced to relegate only one weapon to each Jason. Knowing that, it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to patch in the ability to swap weapons in the future. I believe it would be done the same way that kills and perks can be picked for the counselors and Jason: The character select menu. The game has not been designed with the idea of Jason picking up weapons mid-match, so we probably will never get that, but knowing that the game's code and engine allows for any Jason to wield any weapon, we can get this feature in the future. Perhaps each weapon has its own pros & cons? Pickaxe: +Environment Destruction / - Counselor Damage Woodcutter's Axe: +Counselor Damage / -Attack Speed Spear: +Reach / -Environment Destruction Machete: +Attack Speed / -Block Chance Fire Axe: +Attack Speed / -Environment Destruction Double-Axe: +Block Chance / -Attack Speed Pitchfork: +Environment Destruction / -Attack Speed Just some thoughts.
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    How are you preparing for the game? Me, Personally, I'm re watching some beta footage, watching the movies, set aside forty bucks, took the 26th off from work, ect. But i'm curious as to how the rest of you are preparing, or have prepared for the 26th.
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    I've been gearing up to probably stream this when it comes out. creating some YouTube content, too. Was planning on giving away a few copies to viewers. But OP deserves a copy more than some randoms on the internet who are probably only gonna watch just to get a download code. So as long as @GraveKeeper wants a digital copy to tie him over, he's got one.
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    I have a 3D version of that up on my wall.
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    Not to say Wes was wrong...but basically here's how it happens: 1. We were initially refused classification. 2. We appealed and were granted USK18+ 3. One of the committee members for the rating appealed and we are currently waiting to completely approve our rating. I can't get into specifics, but we are very hopeful.
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    We are currently under review with the German government.
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    Since the other guys ruined the other topic with their off-topic apology demandingness and such, I figured we should get back on track to the only topic that really matters. Now this is a topic a lot of people can get behind I still say they should round it out a bit more, but we'll have to wait to see it in action before making a final verdict. Base model, zero texture pictures don't do it justice. (Come on now, you knew this was coming)
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    I am dieing for this release I can not find any enjoyment with any other game or and all else seems bland and boring. Even the new games on the horizon seem to have no sway. I am sure there are many that feel the same way.
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    It was probably that threatening shovel of yours. i can't remember from the Beta - so an icon shows up when the cops arrive? I know they would be either at the NW or NE of the map. I'm on the fence about the police countdown being shown. Not being shown creates an unknown element and surprise, being shown gives you that timer tension. I do quite like the idea of it being a random amount of time, rather than due to which counselor called it. Some games, 5 mins felt too generous. A RNG range of 5-10 mins could be fun and add to the 'good luck/bad luck' water cooler stories. 5-10 mins AND no timer? That'd be scary. You'd need to make sure it doesn't just lead to camping, or at least minimise it as much as possible.
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    I made the pics a while back now, I only used pictures from the game and concept art so there won't be anything from the reboot, Freddy vs. Jason, etc. As for Roman numerals: Stay tuned. I'm kidding- of course I used Roman numerals.
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    Manhattan and the Grendel were on the stretch goal chart, around 4.5 & 5.5 million. Earlier, a bit over 2 million was an "abandoned camp". I imagine these three have been discussed more than any other possible map with the 'abandoned camp' being what we would most likely see first if they implemented any of these. They've got a bunch of forest assets to draw upon where as Manhattan and the Grendel will have to be created from scratch. I know they're not doing the stretch goals anymore but I thought it was kind of a peek into their thought process and how much things will cost on their end. I want the Lazarus more than Manhattan but I'd take either. I mostly agree but with this being a game- map variety would be a bonus. In comparison to Star Wars, this would be like having three maps on Tattoine and nowhere else. Not a great comparison but you probably get the idea.
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    Agreed; the unblockable Grab made combat mode more like "baiting mode" any attempt was suicide. One could argue that a dodge could counter Jason's grab, but the grab is so instant and unreadable AND spammable that you can't predict when he's gonna grab, or when you can, he can just keep walking toward you and spamming Grab so you can't even counter with a hit. Dodging should be something that leads to a quick counter attack. That's it.
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    OK, I thought I was pretty clear but perhaps I was not. When a member recieves a punishment and that punishment is served there is no reason to continue on the subject matter. To do so just instigates an argument and is a violation of the forum rules. I will ask again that we leave the subject alone. Thank you!
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    I completely agree and to me the fix seems so very OBVIOUS! Jason should not be able to grab counselors when they are mid-hit. That way he would be forced to enter combat mode and block, then grab. That way there would be actual combat instead of entering combat mode as counselor and seeing Jason keep joggin toward you and knowing you're doomed
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    This infuriates me even though it doesn't involve me.
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    Now I want to see Jason break down a door with a party horn. You're a monster.
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    Day booked off work Got blunt, gonna get plenty of nice snacks and drinks. Brother has the same days off as me so we're both gonna be hammering it for 4 days
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    I found the combat mode super useful... on Jason. With Jason you could use the combat controls to aim at elevated windows and look upwards to check out your surroundings/ the second story of Higgins. On survivor it was a waste of time. Survivors had VERY slow attack speed compared to Jason, it made your wild swings seem more like desperate flailing. Which I suppose is good considering that's KIND of how its suppose to be. However it was ACTUALLY WORSE in combat mode. You can do all that with your normal swings better than you can IN COMBAT MODE... Out of all the times I knocked Jason in the beta NONE OF THEM where in combat mode, Its simply not a useful tool. Once you get used to the sway and the reach, non combat mode baseball bat swings were FAR more effective than just about any thing else. While IN combat mode your speed is lowered, your attacks become more predictable, your blocking is pointless.. and worst off all it makes you a SUPER easy grab target. If it hasn't gotten one since the beta, combat mode needs a bit of an overhaul. Because in its beta state it was REALLY bad.
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    and and You guys can fight to the death for this...
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    Oh god so many good map locations.. And so many good DLCs to come out with them Part 4 Jason DLC with the Jarvis house. Roy DLC and the Halfway house. The Voorheese Estate from part 9 with Creighton Duke survivor DLC The part 8 SS Lazarus/Manhattan map combo with the New York street Thug Survivor DLC And of course... Jason X AND OR Uber Jason DLC with the Grendel map Free maps so it doesn't split the community, but good god I would pay for some Jason X / Jason 4
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    Well..I think Savini was going for something that could be canon but not something boring. I think Savini Jason is great, it's possible canon and is awesome enough to warrant a separate purchase. I'm sure many people would have looooved to see a hell Jason despite if it's an easy google search. Something more imaginative like an NES Jason, a medieval Jason, an animal like Jason, would have have been cool yes, but I don't think that's what Savini was going for. I don't think they said "Lets get Savini to come up with something totally imaginative, something weird and wild." I think it was them wanting Savini to do what he wanted and he wanted to do Jason from hell, as if there was a Jason part 10: Jason returns from hell. Something too imaginative would probably also not fit for what they are going for in this game. Though I do think it would be fun to see something in the future, such as NES Jason for the kicks.
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    Really? I'll agree there's something wonky about 6's body type (though it actually makes me like his design more. Don't ask why. I don't know either) but the mask looks spot on in the most recent screenshots. And I've got no idea what you mean about Part 7. What's wonky about it? However I must say that I was disappointed by Part 9. He looks fantastic without his mask, and I love what they did with his eye, but his mask doesn't fuse into his skin Huh. I'm inclined to agree. But Higgins Haven was never my favorite location, so I'll reserve judgement until we get Pacanack Lodge. Preachin' to the choir. Sadly I think this is one of those unfixable problems.
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    Sorry... but no. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth for several reasons. One, child Jason had a very minor role in the series as a whole, and I can't see players controlling a child on top of counselors trying to kill him.
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    I think Jason's shack spawning on an Island is kind of, not stupid but, ill advised. Sometimes it spawns on land, which makes it easier to get to undetected, but sometimes on the island, which means that Jason will detect you swimming to the island and drown you before you'd have half a chance to get there. I also have a gripe with the topography of Higgins Haven(and most likely the other maps too) not matching well enough with the films. The house is there, and the general surroundings are kind of similar, but they could have done better to make it more like the films. For example, In Part 3, the road leading from Higgins house to the exit goes around the back of the barn and across a small bridge. When Chris Higgins tries to escape in the van, she drives across this bridge before getting out and running along the trail at the side of the barn that leads to the front. In-game, the back of the barn has no road or small bridge, just forests and huge rock formations. Also, the dock with the small shed next to it where Shelly ambushes his crush is somewhere in-between and in front of(or the back of) the barn and Higgins house, but in-game it's off to the left of the house. In the film, Jason walked out of the barn with the spear gun, turned left, and walked to the girl at the dock with both the barn and house to his back. In-game, he'd have to walk straight forward from the barn aaalll the way across the road and past Higgins house to get to there. Now I know artistic license and yada yada, but it just really bugs me that the iconic locations from the films are only kinda sorta like the actual location instead of a faithful adaptation of it.
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    That's a valid concern, and one I have as well... This is a small dev. Servers getting overloaded at launch is quite possible. Hopefully they're ready to handle it...I think this game will start to sell a lot more post-launch, too. Once people see what it's all about. Another concern I have, and is the main reason why I pre-ordered on PC and Xbox One, is anti-cheat on PC. Again, being a small dev team, cheats/hacks may be really hard for the devs to combat. Consoles will obviously be more secure. But I really hope they've taken the proper measures on PC, and hopefully punishment for cheating is extremely strict (i.e. complete ban).
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    I feel the same exact way. Outlast 2 seems to be the only game that interests me in the meantime. I have like 18 games installed i need to play and beat to get my moneys worth, but whenever i play a game i just keep thinking about f13. It's slowly killing me.