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    Have you noticed how, no matter what patches/updates are released, there are ALWAYS those who cry armageddon? An example of what I've seen in the last 12 hours: "This game is completely unplayable now." "This is ridiculous I'm not going to play unless they fix all of this." "I'm starting a Change.org campaign to get rid of these fixes." "F*ck these guys. They intentionally made a great game then ruined it on purpose!" "Jason is completely nerfed. No one wants to play him now. This is a 'Counselor Escape Button'." "I loved this game, but I'm selling it tonight. GUN and Illfonic can go to hell." I'm going to keep this short because I know no one reads the Tolstoy-length posts. Wow. First of all, the devs weren't ignoring you, "the fan base" -- they were listening. They were listening to everyone. There was glitching that actually ruined certain rounds, there were inconsistencies, and there was rampant exploitation and cheating. You don't like the fact that you can't double and triple-trap now? Why would the Jason in the films have double or triple-trapped? Did he think, "Ooh, they'll see the LEAVES! Maybe they'll disarm it, so I better plant two or three more!" No. He would have planted a trap and moved on. You don't like the fact that dropped important items now show up as an icon on the map? Did counselors in the films think, "Y'know, there's a monstrous killer on the loose. It'd be really funny to take these items that would help us escape and drop them behind some rocks or in the lake, and watch everyone frantically look for them!" No. They wanted to live. So those whom do not had their power to troll reduced. You don't like the fact that Jason's reach has been reduced to the LENGTH OF HIS ARM? Sorry, but he isn't Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man. It was off, so they fixed it. These guys deserve applause for listening to everyone -- not just you. Compliments and suggestions are always welcome. Complaints are even listened to. But "bitching" is a universal tune-out for every human being. You're mad? Fine. Take a breath and say what you're mad about, and hope you will get your way. But throwing every bit of negative emotion into your post simply creates an inclination to scroll past it, and it takes away your credibility in the forums as a "whiner." Again, everyone has a voice. It's all about how you choose to use it. Peace, Love, and Hockey Masks, - Skunk
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    In many matches last night I would raid a couple of cabins and the police would be on their way. Granted the Good Sport Club on PS4 is full of good players. However it was too easy to escape good Jason's too. I literally bumped right into @pioneer67fkd as he came out of shift and ran right past him as he missed his completely useless grab attempt. This game needs some of it's edge back. I hope to see the new patch soon with some changes towards making Jason more deadly and the councilors less likely to escape. It's just way too easy. Jason feels clunky. And as a counselor the thrill of the chase is over.
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    Just had a series of disappointing matches again tonight, and despite playing almost daily since release, my entire playgroup tonight (all 5 of us) decided together that we'd had enough, and are done unless the game gets a drastic rebalance, and recaptures its original spirit. One of the things that tipped us over the edge was listening to a series of talking Jasons during matches who sounded genuinely depressed at playing him, and as counselors, we had to actually offer constant encouragement to Jason-fucking-Voorhees in the middle of playing to prevent them from quitting. I even let one kill me (pretending I was trying to escape), as I felt so bad for him, and just wanted to boost his confidence. This is absolutely absurd that this is the case, and was the final nail in the coffin for us. The developers have shot themselves in the foot so badly that they've taken their entire leg off. We've totally exhausted our good will for the game, and thus also our patience with the constant glitches too. It's been months and months since release, and frankly, it's an insult that the developers have so little respect for their audience and their product that this shit remains unfixed (and actually keeps getting worse) and we're just expected to live with it. As if it's just the way of the world and sloppy work is the norm. Well, no more. I refuse to be indoctrinated into seeing negligent and incompetent management of a product I paid good money for as reasonable behaviour. I also refuse to let you hide behind your bullshit "Aw, shucks! We're just a small indie studio!" excuses anymore. Your attitude to your customers sucks, and you've needlessly ruined a product that used to be great, turning it into a parody of what the Kickstarter promised. You only got away with it for so long due to people's affection and nostalgia for the franchise, and their desire to go the extra mile in patience to see such a project succeed. But now you've abused that patience, and started to make a mockery out of the films - we're out. All of us. Of course I understand many people will see this and just think "Bye Felicia", and of course that's fine - I'm not fishing for sympathy - but I thought it was important to make a topic where people feeling the same way can express that.
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    I'm copying a post I made on Steam.(Although I will say these forums seem less whiny) Listen I get it....its easy to look at a DLC of a few kills and go... thats not worth 3 dollars... Of course thats not worth 3 dollars but you are however leaving out the fact they aren't dividing the community with DLC, if this were a shooter the DLC would be 4 maps that come out every 3 months that you have to pay for.... We get the maps for free here...we get the new Jason's for free....we get the new counselors for free....hell we even got some emotes for free..... The way they are doing DLC is how it should be done.....they give us the important stuff for free that way the community is not divided and then they offer up something small and non consequential to bring in some profit.
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    To be fair they should bring the vacuum grab back, I was fine with it.
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    Always that one guy trying to fix a car as Tiffany and your just standing next to him as Deborah.
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    (Player) last night - "what are you doing noob I already looted all 5 of them cabins hahaha" (ME level 81) - "I know troll I'm just shutting and locking all the doors you left open ... oh look I found the boat propeller hahahaha oh and shut the fucking doors next time"
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    Updated the DLC roadmap for you. Your welcome. @Alkavian @AldermachXI @Tattooey @DamonD7 @Brigadius @Risinggrave @ColdArmy13 @TheHansonGoons @Max Walker
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    Those of you who know me know I'm usually limited to gameplay on weekends and holidays -- because I'm a working schmuck who commutes over two hours to work each day, and after meals, cleanup, kids to bed, and chores -- when I have to choose between F13 and sleep, guess which usually wins?? That not withstanding, I got to play a bit on Saturday. At the time, there were no friends to be had, so it was "QuickPlay or No Play" for me. So I jumped into a full room. "Hey everyone!" *silence* "Nobody else has a mic?" *silence* "Oooo-kayy, I'll shut up now before you all mute me." Game play begins. My first time playing as Deborah. Looking forward to fixing all kinds of neat $#!&. Immediately find a knife, a walkie, and the FUSE! Neat! "Hey guys! Got the fuse! Anyone seen the fusebox?" *silence* Ugh. So I run to the next cabin. Med spray. Cool! THEN -- everything instantly goes into slow motion and turns an amber hue. They're killing Jason!! What??!! But it's been less than TWO MINUTES!! Game ends. Trophies and XP awarded. Me: "Well, you guys were either incredibly coordinated, or incredibly lucky!" *silence* Game starts again. Ol' Deb beats her nerdy little tushy to the nearest cabin. AGAIN, I find the fuse almost immediately. 2-3 houses later, THERE'S the fuse box! And it's trapped, but quite poorly. I start fixing it without triggering the trap, get it done in 0.5 seconds -- embarrassing the crap out of the entire Kensington family line. I race inside and call the po-po. Timer starts. WOW! I got the cops called within the first 90 seconds of gameplay! None of the other objectives are started, so I meander to a good midway point between the two exits and wait. One minute left to go. THEN -- Slow motion and amber again. Jason dies. AGAIN. And as previously, within the first five minutes of the game. Okay, this is getting weird. It happens THREE MORE TIMES in subsequent games. EVERY Jason dies. New players are coming in, and at the end of each round, each player who played Jason comes over the mic and either congratulates the silent room or yells obscenities at them before leaving. Finally -- it's me. In all my retro 8-bit purple-and-blue glory. And I know what's coming. I grab knives, trap the fuse box, then go to trap both cars. ONE dude is standing at the first car, not doing much of anything. He takes a wimpy swipe at me, but I grab him and dispatch him quickly. Then I return to business. AS SOON as I drop the last trap: *CYMBAL CRASH!!* "They're here, Jason! Don't let them take Mommy!!" The game . . . is afoot! Rather than dropping right in on a coordinated ambush, I drop on Stalk and port about 50 feet away from the shack. I'm behind the shack, and they're all in front. So I run up to the back wall, then squeeze in around it. And there's Jarvis, machete in hand, with his back to me. Jarvis spawns with a knife now. So I drop my purple axe upon him with a satisfying crunch and a loud "NOOOOOOOO!" He whirls around and smacks me ONCE with the machete. INSTANTLY, my mask flies off. "WHAT??!!", thought I. I take another swipe at him. He limps away to spray. Then I get attacked by the others to stall for him, but I'm on Jarvis like flies on my mother-in-law's Hungarian goulash. As soon as he sprays: "Jason? Mother is talking to you. Put the knife down." I'm hitting my Resist button like crazy, and the dude with the stunner bat is approaching. I snap out of it just in time to run forward and miss his bat swing. Again I swipe Jarvis twice with the axe, and he's limping again. Another counselor runs up to him -- presumably to spray him, but I ran between them to block and swiped Jarvis again. "errrrppphhh" *dies* Someone: *every expletive you've ever heard* The other counselors instantly scatter -- their plans dashed against the walls of broken dreams. The normal hunt resumes. I get one or two rather quickly. I get another in my phone box trap. Then, it's down to just me and the room host -- who's playing Vanessa. Finally find her in a cabin standing near a window behind the couch, DANCING. I circle around the couch, and she starts playing "All Around the Mulberry Bush" with the couch. I try knives. She dodges all. I try relentless pursuit. She evades. I try stopping and waiting. She frickin' DANCES. I even try walking out of the cabin and around the corner, turning on Stalk, then Morphing over to her -- but she slipped my grab and got around the couch again. More mulberry bush. This goes on for a LONG time. Time MUST be almost expired by now. Finally, I get as CLOSE to the couch as I can and do a hard grab with her on the other side, AND I GRAB HER!! Host: "Bull $#!%!! Bull $#!%!! BULL $#!%!!" I must tell you, I've never heard a more satisfying crunch as I did with her head. "You killed 8/8." Return to lobby. "LOADING . . . " "You were kicked. Host has left the game." Salty, salty, salty. Now mind you, I was MORE than happy to collect all that yummy XP for the repeated Jason kills. However, I wasn't going to be one of those guys they just came in and trolled. Purple Retro Jason took a big, hairy dump in their punch bowl and force-fed it to them. Then. I received a friend request from the host. Heh heh heh. So. How'd you spend YOUR weekend?
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    This is a subject that has come up a few times and one I think should merit genuine discussion. First of all I love the game and don't want this to come off as a whine or complaint, but it is something I'm hoping to see addressed but am worried that it won't be. This game is painstakingly faithful to the franchise, and that's half the reason we all love it, but the recent Halloween DLC among a few other niggling things are worrying me that this is about to change. You see the Summer Camp '84 clothing perfectly suited the franchise (Chad's tiger prints aside) and made for good aesthetic addition, then the Halloween pack came along, and now I can't play a game without all LaChappa's being dressed as Andre the Giant and Kenny in bright pink police shorts among other things. This is beginning to unravel all the hard work you guys have put into the franchise immersion. I've heard complaints about Retro Jason's inclusion, and whilst I understood them I actually didn't mind him as at least he was a faithful recreation of a piece of the franchise history, I was actually more bothered about Part 9 having a big woodman's axe when his incarnation only ever held a machete. But with Xmas around the corner I can see Chad dressed as an elf, Tiffany as a Reindeer, LaChappa as Santa or a giant Snowman or something and I'm concerned, especially when there are so many other low-key, effective, immersive options. Options like winter coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, maybe a few Xmas lights, trees or egg-nogs placed in the cabins, seeing breath leaving mouths. At a push perhaps one tacky Xmas jumper, snow if it's possible but it's probably a really big ask. It's the same for Valentines Day, etc. We don't want Chad dressed as Cupid, Tiffany in lingerie (as much as it pains me to admit that), etc. Or at least I assume we don't, I guess the replies will see. Whilst all these things make me laugh the first time I see them, it's a fleeting cheap laugh that won't last the same way that your dedication to atmosphere will. Again I'm not looking to complain, I love the game, but I hope to see more 'Camp Crystal Lake' councillor shirts from the movies, and less 'Bugsy as a giant turkey for Thanksgiving!'
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    There's always that one guy who follows you into cabins and tries to loot drawers you're going for when he could be in his own cabin right next to you.
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    Lol, or the one guy eating in his mic like a cow.
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    I think I'm done with the game unless it gets patched now. This shit sucks worse than the roof glitchers. Playing as Jason is now a thankless chore. You feel like you're swimming upstream the entire match just to be entertainment for some dancing douchebags. Playing as a counselor is boring as it requires very little skill, seeing as all the parts are always located and in play, and Jason is a joke, so people simply resort to trolling Jason to get their kicks. When the previously wonderful core mechanics have been damaged so badly, your goodwill towards all the other bullshit that hasn't been fixed in months starts to evaporate - the shitty matchmaking and endless disconnects. The host quitters. The awful hit detection. Shit like the sweater randomly not working. Jason falling through the map at the start of the match... I feel like I've been beta testing this game for free for months, and it's insulting. When you've made a Friday the 13th game, but nobody's scared of Jason, then you've seriously fucked up. When you've made a Friday the 13th game and nobody wants to even play as Jason, you know you've fucked up even worse. The worst thing is that he used to be terrifying, and everyone loved playing as him. You managed to turn gold into shit.
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    Added a minimum required distance between Jason traps to prevent players from being able to multi-trap objectives and chain stun Counselors Personally I feel like this is bullshit for all the Objective-Control Jasons. If you want to use all your traps to prevent one objective from being used you should be allowed to do so...that's how that Jason works. If your a counselor and need to get through all those traps then find some first-aid or pocket knives and deal with it or you know REPAIR THE CAR/BOAT!
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    Here I’m going to simply illustrate the major difference between two companies to show you how bad we are getting the short end of the stick. Dead by Daylight is a very simplistic game but however there are several aspects about the game that over shadow F13. For starters to name a few 1. You cannot see the killer’s gamertag until the game ends (so people don’t recognize a player) 2. You can repeatedly play as the killer (be the killer every single game) 3. The killer is awarded with XP for rage quitting survivors (more XP for a rage quit then a kill) 4. Killers actually have their own unique powers & upgrades (each killer has his own gameplay style) 5. Killer’s & Survivors have their own ranking system, perks, & consumables (acquiring rare perks is simple) 6. You are free to leave the game as soon as you die or escape (you don’t have spectate) 7. Servers are far more stable (you never crash or dashboard) 8. There are several maps to play (New maps added monthly) 9. Several unique killers to choose (no two killers are alike) 10. New killers released monthly (3 horror movie icons released in 2 to 3 month period) 11. Patches take days to weeks to release & fix (very quick & no painful wait) 12. DLC actually stays relevant to the games atmosphere & immersion (content actual adds replay value & longevity) 13. New patches & content is given a date (ETA is given) This is a small sample of the superiority of DBD compared to F13. ————————————————————————— Now Friday the 13th 1. You see the killer’s name (in fact random killer is broken since launch) 2. The game will rarely pick you as killer (it may pick you every other game or never) 3. No XP or points given to players who leave mid kill or at any time during the game (devs have yet to make any statement on a simple fix) 4. All the Jasons are different reskins (just different weapons & strengths/weaknesses) 5. Ranking system is complete garbage (new Jasons & different colors for same clothing & getting rare perks is nearly impossible) 6. Your stuck spectating the entire game (you sacrifice all your XP if you leave while spectating) 7. Stability issues get fixed only to come back (crashing, lagging, imbalances) 8. Only 3 maps (took 5 months for 1 new poorly designed map to release which basically is nothing more then recycled cabins, trees, & textures) 9. Quite a few Jasons to choose (all are currently imbalanced & don’t add different playstyle either) 10. 1 new Jason released in 5 months (garbage stats & competing with part 7 for worse Jason) 11. Patches are delayed a month or two (patches break more then they fix & another month needs to be spent to fix one simple problem but introduce 5 more issues) 12. DLC adds no replay value or longevity (instead caters to twitch streamers & youtubers) 13. No date or estimate is given (instead “Soon” & then random release with no prior warning) ————————————————————————— Why are these issues not addressed properly?
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    This is what I don't understand about these people. You play a fighting game, and 1 person wins. You play a sports game, and 1 person wins. You play a racing game, and 1 person wins. You play a FFA shooting game, and 1 person wins. You play a TDM shooting game, and while your team may win, it still has a leaderboard, and only one person gets MVP. Yet they play Friday the 13th, and piss and moan if only one person escapes on average. They need to change the game so everyone gets a participation prize, despite it being in conflict with the films, the game's genre, and the stated aims of the Kickstarter. A game that's all about survival and searching should now hold everyone's hands and constantly direct them towards their victory conditions. A game that's all about horror should now stop making the killer powerful and scary. "Waah! My undeserved second chance only starts with a shotgun!" "There, there - have a medspray and a pocket knife too." And the developers continue to pander to them so they have more people to sell pink cop costumes and breakdances to. It's ridiculous. It's a mockery. I genuinely feel more like I'm playing a Scooby Doo game that a Friday the 13th one these days, such is the lack of threat and atmosphere. I'm just waiting until they remove the option for Jason to kill anyone, and players just get downed, and can be revivied by other counselors. You know, for 'balance'. The only thing keeping me invested in the game now is the vague hope they revert the patch, or that the Paranoia mode is an acceptable substitute to the main mode. At least until the participation award crybabies fuck that up too, by demanding it match their own level of mediocrity.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: I can't respect anyone who claims the new patch has improved the game. They're just bad players who enjoy the fact the difficulty has been lowered dramatically, and make unfalsifiable claims about their skill level as a shield. The kind of people who prefer a game that gifts them wins every 4/5 games to one that makes them really earn their wins, at a much, much lower rate. You people are ruining the game. You've taken something bold and unique, and infected it with your own mediocrity.
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    I’d like to take a moment to address the Devs directly. @Gertz@GunMedia_Ben@[IllFonic]Courier For those who are not aware, I have spent the better part of 20 years working in various fields in some form of analytical role or as a developer for training related materials for the military. I have spent, literally, days at a time doing trends analysis, statistical assessments, and developing courses of action based on changes made within a given “system”. I provide feedback, suggest changes, and develop workable changes to improve performance. I’m going keep this brief, but I’d like to suggest a couple things: 1. If you are working with a system that has a ton of consequential interplay between mechanics, don’t change too much at one time. Before you make any changes, assess what implication that change will bring. Figure out what other factors within the system will be affected and forecast the most likely outcomes. Make the change and observe. Keep the change modest. 2. Adjust that single change as needed until you get the desired result. (the extremes on both sides of the coin quit being the only voices that ring loudest) 3. Make the next change. I will say I generally don’t have much issue with this last patch in regards to the changes, though I’m still developing an opinion on the grab mechanics as they are now. There has been a lot of negative and positive feedback regarding the implementation of grab reach/area changes, traps changes, Jason’s melee hit detection, and posting icons on the map. The one mistake that I think you have made is that you are tweaking too many things in a single instance without finding that “sweet spot” with your players. It is much easier to do this kind of work when you are not beholden to pleasing a rabid fan base. For that, you have my sympathy, because it is a battle you cannot win…completely. I would suggest the changes you should focus on are those that were complained about most. I get that is why you tackled the grab reach debate. That is fine. You should have singled that mechanic out and fully sorted it before addressing anything else. Using the method of tossing enough stuff at a wall and finding out what will stick will end up costing you more time than just methodically fixing one key issue, then moving on to the next. As it is now, you are creating tons of different feedback trains, with each one focusing on a different change. Plus, there are a few other trains still rolling in regards to previous adjustments (or lack thereof). As you’ve told us before, you are a small team. Please be cautious about how many fires you light at once regarding game mechanics hot buttons. It creates a very fluid dynamic and a ripple effect in gameplay. More importantly, it makes it harder to figure out exactly what you NEED to fix when so many different factors are altered regarding gameplay. Just some food for thought. The new DLC’s are nice. Thank you. Keep up the hard work. TL;DR Don’t make too many changes to gameplay mechanics at one time. It makes it harder to sort out issues and fine tune functionality. You’ll also get less backlash from the players.
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    Wow! I can’t believe we won Best Independent Game for Friday the 13th: The Game at the Golden Joystick awards. I wish we were there to be able to accept the award and say thank you at the show, but we’ve been working hard on all the new upcoming content. It’s truly an honor and I want to thank the community for supporting the game and voting for us to win this! We couldn’t have done it without you and wouldn’t be here to receive this award if it wasn’t for you. I also want to thank Gun Media for trusting us with their baby and the support they have given to us. Finally, I want to thank the IllFonic team for all their hard work, all the late nights, stressful days and believing that this could turn into something big. I know it wasn’t easy and didn’t come without a slew of issues but what this award really means to us is that the players and community recognized the true independent nature that this game was built upon which was one of the most challenging tasks we have ever taken on as a company. We learned a lot while building this game and hope to bring that knowledge into all future content and projects. Again, we really thank each and everyone one of you who helped turn our dreams into a reality. Chuck Brungardt CEO // IllFonic
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    24 days without a fix for what was broken in the last patch is fairly unacceptable.
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    We're working on making some changes to improve the preference system for both the player groups that prefer to play as Jason or the Counselors. One specific change we will be adding would be to remove the ability for 'Counselor Preference' players to be chosen as Jason.
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    1) Item dropping trolls were never an issue. I've played over 1500 matches, and maybe saw it 10 times. It's not immediate enough to give them satisfaction as they don't get to see results firsthand. They'd rather help Jason or run people down. Both are way more common. It also doesn't even fix those issues. Nothing is preventing you locking them in rooms and leaving via the window, or simply refusing to drop them. It's a nuclear response to a problem that didn't exist, and didn't even fix. 2) There's now no need for chat, which makes walkies and the proximity chat features pointless. Everyone has perfect information at all times. That's two unique and core mechanics undermined. And as a result, I've seen a huge drop in people talking, because nobody needs to anymore. If you consider the looting and exploring phases end quickly now too - that's three complex mechanics turned into basic shadows of themselves. 3) There's now no need for teamwork. Again, everyone has perfect information, so can act as individuals while the game simulates that element, which massively speeds up the game and reduces it's complexity. A fundamental horror trope is how the main thing that gets people killed is their inability to work together or get on the same page. This went from simulating that perfectly to completely removing it. And in keeping with the trope, non-communicating, selfish/cowardly counselors are now waaaay more successful, instead of the awesome and flavourful burden they used to be, with no incentive not to be. 4) It's ruined Jason. Jason gets stronger as the game goes on, and is vulnerable to mobbing. As games now get objectives fixed much quicker, and people rush to attack them once they see parts, Jason is on the defensive in every match, and getting the shit kicked out of him. Games now regularly end with 0-4 kills for Jason instead of the 4-8 they used to. People used to beg to be Jason in lobbies, and quit if they weren't. Now they beg not to be, and quit if they are. For a Friday the 13th game, people hating playing as Jason is a disaster. 5) It ruins the atmosphere. By making Jason a chump, and making it so you have no need to work with others, and are powerful and self-sufficient, there's no fear in the game anymore. He's on the defensive from the start, and spends the entire game playing catchup. By having every game play out the same, and remove the need to organise, it becomes a game of twitch reflexes rather than adaptability and strategy. It removes the unreliable human element, and all the wonderful chaos and drama that came with that. It essentially becomes a hugely watered down version of itself. The fear has gone. The complexity has gone. The atmosphere has gone. It's become an unchallenging repair/dancing/cosplay simulator with an ineffective, lumbring hazard that nobody wants to play as. The only people who like it are bad players who like the power fantasy of free wins and hitting a parody of a vicious killer over and over with a frying pan. It's completely ruined the game in a huge number of ways. But some people like that, because they don't like difficult or complicated or scary things, so love the spoon-fed pile of baby food the game has become. It's an absolute disaster of design, and just shows how difficult 'magic formulas' in games are to get right if just one change can unravel so many interconnected systems in one swoop.
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    You make numerous assumptions and straw men arguments. For a game to work there must be some balance. Too many Jason only/jason loving players think a total wipe of the counselors should be the norm. That is bad game design, bad psychological reinforcement, and led to many of the problems we have been experiencing. Counselors survived every movie, Jason died in every movie and not because of some convoluted sweater plus stun plus tommy combo. Horror game? Sure, but for horror people think they need a chance, else it isn't horror. It is futile and frustrating. Tweaks were needed. You assume people who want balance also want glitch on packanak roof - false and misleading assumption You assume people who want balance do not care about long term health - I throw that back at you saying those who want Jason to win 8/8 or 7/8 every time are the ones who do not care as if you play counselor 90% of the time, and it is futile nearly every time, frustrations leads to Apathy then to not playing. We saw decreasing populations, and counselors leaving numerous times every match. Symptoms of the problem - and the problem was not the counselors being OP. Can they tweak things - sure. But there were serious issues needing addressing. "I feel like it turns the game from survival horror to arcade action. " The key word is survival. If there is no hope or reasonable chance for survival there is NO horror. When someone is hopeless they get resigned, and then apathetic to what is going to happen. Someone sees light at the end of the tunnel and they get caught/stopped they have an emotional response and/or feel fear of being stopped before escaping.
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    Hey, everyone! Apologies for posting this so late. Moving forward, we'll also be posting the Hotfixes and Minor Updates that are patched into the game on the Official Forums (which we should have been doing before) so that players will not have to rely on social media platforms for information. Last night, we rolled out a hotfix in preparation for the updated level cap that will be implemented in the upcoming patch. Players that reach the level cap are now able to obtain Customization Points every time they gain enough EXP for a "level rollover" Basically, anyone currently at level 101 will be able to level up indefinitely for Customization Point rewards while staying at their current level. Every 10,000 EXP you gain at 101 will cause your EXP bar to rollover and grant you 2,000 Customization Points. This system will also apply to players who reach the updated level cap of 150 in the next patch, but with update values for rewards.
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    ....'cause you gots no periods. Edit: It's a punctuation joke...and a corny one at that, because I have no interest in getting in a pissing match with a new forum member about whose Jason is bigger.
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    Apply the animation of dragging someone out of the car to windows and furniture, this would prevent people from hitting Jason through windows and running around tables/sofas. I'm a kiter and whilst I don't play ring-around-the-rosie, I do hit Jason through windows. His stun times are so low that it doesn't really do anything for me other than regen stamina (which I can get via hitting him when he breaks the door). I mostly just do it because... well, I can. If Jason breaks a window and a councilor is standing too close, he should get a 'grab' prompt wich allows him to drag them out car-grab style. There's already an animation for it, so why not utilise it some more? In DbD, the killer can 'catch' people climbing through windows/vaulting over pallets. Instead of having an invisible wall that prevents Jason from touching a councilor that's slowly climbing through a window, give him a prompt to grab them mid-climb. This would cause more people to jump through windows instead of leasurely crawling in as Jason watches, unable to act. Another (perhaps less viable) idea was to apply the same to furniture. instead of having Jason be able to break it, he simple drags the councilor over it if they're close enough.
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    Patch Notes - Oct 25. 2017 New Counselor: Fox Level 32 Requirement 6/10 Composure 3/10 Luck 6/10 Repair 4/10 Speed 5/10 Stamina 4/10 Stealth 7/10 Strength Tommy Jarvis 2.0 (and Jarvis Tapes!) Tommy Jarvis has had a pep talk and now has the courage and determination to protect all the Counselors of Camp Crystal lake. In this update, we tried to clear define what it means to play as Tommy Jarvis. Players chosen as Jarvis should prioritize saving the other Counselors from Jason and helping them escape. To emphasize Tommy’s hero attributes and goals, we have introduced these following changes: Tommy Jarvis no longer says a variant of “I need to get out of here” when he spawns The text that displays when Tommy Jarvis spawns has been changed from “Escape!” to “YOU were chosen to be Tommy Jarvis” - “Save the other counselors!” Tommy Jarvis is no longer startled by dead bodies Tommy Jarvis spawns with a Medical Spray and a Pocket Knife To incentivise these new character goals and discourage Jarvis players from escaping on their own, XP will be granted to Jarvis for sacrificing himself while there are any living Counselors nearby (20 meters). This is a one time bonus per match. The bonus will not be granted multiple times for multiple Counselors in the vicinity. Any deaths caused by Jason will grant XP - this includes death by traps. Deaths due to suicide or team kills are excluded from the bonus XP. We have also added an additional post round reward screen to show XP gained while playing as Tommy Jarvis. This will be shown after the normal Counselor reward screen. Jarvis Tapes have been added! Tommy Jarvis Tapes have also been added alongside the TJ 2.0 update. These are collected in the same way as the Pamela tapes and there are 13 Jarvis tapes in total. Good Luck! New Environmental kills 5 New environmental kills have been added to Jason's arsenal! These kills are available on every single available map and can be executed by all the Jason variants. This should spice things up a bit on Camp Crystal Lake! Counselors will need to be extra careful, as Jason is now able to use these following household items as environmental kills: Stove Top Boom Box Kitchen Knife (Throat Slit) Kitchen Knife (Stab) Screw Driver Changes Jason and Disconnecting Counselors Jason will now properly receive the kill credit even if a counselor disconnects during the kill animation "No words are needed for this change." Counselors are now able to check their map to find the location of Repair Parts that have been dropped Repair parts that have been dropped will now immediately show up as an icon on all available Counselor maps. These icons will not appear on items that have not yet been picked up or on items currently being held. Jason is unable to see these icons on his map. If a Counselor escapes with a repair part or dies with it in the water, the item will respawn somewhere else on the map with an icon accompanying it. "It was frustrating in the later stages of a match for Counselors when repair parts were taken from their spawns and lost in a large map. Being able to locate your win condition is an important part of the game and this QoL change should help alleviate some issues" Jason's Grab adjustments Slightly reduced the maximum range of Jason’s Grab Reduced the cone size of Jason’s Grab "This is a change that we have been looking into for a while. Through internal testing, we have decided that these new values currently feel better than they did previously. We will be keeping a close eye on community feedback regarding this change and are not opposed to making further adjustments in the future." Emote and Scoreboard key mapping changed on controllers The Emote Wheel is now accessible by holding down the [Y]/[Triangle] button on controllers Pressing [UP] on the D-Pad brings up the Scoreboard as it did originally “This is just a much more convenient button to access the scoreboard. The button to activate the sweater remains the same” Bug Fixes General Players are no longer able to find duplicate Tapes Applies to both the Pamela Tapes and the Jarvis Tapes Fixed a bug that caused Medical Sprays to sometimes show the incorrect number of remaining uses Fixed a bug where - if Jason destroys the fuse box powering the Radio, it could cause the “Use the Radio to call Tommy Jarvis” objective to be incorrectly displayed as “Complete” Force Feedback on controllers added to various actions that were previously missing it Perks Sucker Punch now correctly increases Melee Stun Chance Fixed a bug with the Sneaky perk that was causing some players to experience camera and collision issues Perks that have been updated in a patch no longer need to be re-equipped for "activation" Counselor Fixed a bug causing blood splatter to not appear correctly on Counselors executed with a Cinematic Kill Fixed a bug causing Counselors to sometimes "hang" in the air when executed with an Environmental Kill Jason Fixed a bug that caused Jason to do extra damage to doors and walls Fixed some issues that were caused by Jason walking across the Police Line while holding a Counselor Fixed a bug that allowed Jason to block and attack at the same time Fixed a bug that caused Jason’s grab animation to sometimes not trigger when grabbing a Counselor out of a car Players are no longer able to access the Jason (Part 4) kills that they have not yet unlocked Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Jason to become interaction locked after attacking a hiding Counselor that quits at the same time Added a minimum required distance between Jason traps to prevent players from being able to multi-trap objectives and chain stun Counselors Fixed a bug that caused Jason Part (2/6/9) to have slightly higher HP than intended Spectator Spectators no longer have their audio muted after spectating a Counselor that commits suicide Map General Fixed a bug on various maps that caused rain to be visible during Pamela’s post round reward screen Destroying a generator will no longer incorrectly damage nearby objects Fixed a bug where - if a Counselor exits the map while holding a large item, the item may sometimes respawn in an inaccessible area Removed various Counselor exploit areas from all maps Crystal Lake Removed an item spawn that sometimes produced a non-interactable propeller inside the dock Jarvis Map Fixed a bug that caused players to not receive the police officer voice cue that accompanies the successful use of the phone Added a radio tower that was missing in one of the cabins with a CB radio spawn Fixed some interaction issues with the basement door in the Blue House Removed areas of the map that allowed players to escape prematurely Tidied up collision on various wooden log steps around the map Tidied up collision on several rocks and boulders around the map Removed an “invisible wall” that was present on one of the roads Removed an overlapping Fuel Canister spawn Removed grass that was growing in one of the cabins Fixed some texture issues on the Jarvis House Higgins Haven The police that spawn in the upper-left corner of the map will now properly shoot at Jason when he approaches the police line Fixed a bug that caused one of the fireplaces to sometimes shine a bright blue light throughout the cabin Packanack Adjusted the spawn point that caused Jason to sometimes spawn under the ground Fixed a terrain issue that caused players to be able to fall into an inescapable hole in the ground Vehicles Fixed a bug where - if a Counselor was sitting inside of a vehicle, their fear would not update(increase/decrease) until they exit the vehicle Emotes Fixed a bug that caused Brandon 'Buggzy' Wilson's arms to clip through his head when performing the Cry emote Equipped items are no longer visible in a Counselor’s hand while they are performing an emote Counselors are no longer able to aim the Flare Gun or Shotgun while they are performing an emote Fixed a bug where - if a player used an attack while performing any dance emote, their character would become stuck for a short period of time User Interface Updated the “Controller Mapping” image to reflect the new emote and scoreboard controls Fixed a bug causing counselor outfits to not update properly in the customization preview Added a description that was missing for Jason’s (Part 4) Throat Slit kill Sound Lowered the volume of the Rain SFX during Jason’s Stalk ability
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    This game is the most awesome, fun, enjoyable, authentic, iconic, buggy, glitchy, broken pile of chocolate flavored shit I have ever played. I'm serious Windows 95 connects better then this game does. The server it runs on is a little better then two cups and a string. Friday the 13th The Game fucks up more then a retard trying to shit in a sink. But I fucking love it. The people in the Camp Crystal Lake Employment Agency are fun to play with. I love chasing people as Jason and being chased. I don't know man. Maybe I just love the punishment.
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    We don't need the old grab back, but this grab also need to be fixed
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    He would probably say "spell my name right" :-)
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    When can we expect an update that fixes this broken mess? I am at the end of my road in regards to patience with this title, it has been a hot mess since launch. Numerous updates that break core game play mechanics, no dedicated servers that were promised to us before launch. The complete joke that ended up being "single player late summer" when we still have NO offline bots. Digital players still don't have their bloody Jason skins. $400 level backers never got their counselor database reward tier (thievery) Game play nerfs that completely make Jason underpowered( why do counselors get a speed buff when I hit them with a throwing knife???) You owe it to everyone that backed this game, made it financially possible, and supported you through all the BS to help you sell more copies. That time is about at an end, and I seriously hope that by me just listing a tiny bit of the issues with this game (albeit the more Important ones), that you'll actually respond to our criticism and concerns, as these are not just mine. But I feel, all of ours, as a collective whole, feel this way. Make it right GunMedia, the ball is definitely in your court, but you only have time for one, maybe two more shots. Make em count...
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    The problem is cumulative: The small maps, and the item spawners on them, are heavilly biased against Jason. Often the 4-Seater is running before you even get Shift. Many times I've gone to the phone, then a car (finding it's the 2-Seater) and had the 4-Seater mobile before my 3rd Morph had fully charged. How is that fun or balanced? For either side? I hate this as both Jason and a counselor. I feel like my time has been wasted on both occasions. His grab - his main means of killing - has been nerfed so as to be almost useless. It doesn't just screw up gameplay, but atmosphere, seeing him constanty lurch wildly and whiff, as I said before, like a goddamn Scooby Doo villain. This is only amplified when Jason's bright purple, and he's chasing a pink rabbit, who then dings him in the face with a frying pan because he can't lay a hand on her. This means you need to chop more, but as everyone uses Medic (for two uses per spray), and health sprays are both ubiquitous and uniquely spawn in predictable locations, everyone has a bottomless pit of health, making it futile. They can broken window hop, tank traps, or jump out of 2nd story windows to their heart's content. Thick Skin was nerfed to stop this, but Medic is essentially being used for the same purpose. The difference being due to the grab nerf, and inability to hit window climbers, it's harder to punish this than ever. Objective marking means the counselors have more information than Jason. This is the opposite of not only how it was, but of how it should be. Jason is now the anxious player, as he's living in constant fear of coordinated attacks on objectives from the start. He can never be on attack, as he's on defence almost from the start. By giving the counselors perfect information at all times, you bypass not only the atmosphere caused by a lack of knowledge, but it makes the proximity chat/walkie system totally redundant. No more Chinese Whispers, or clutch searches for dead bodies carrying items - everyone essentially starts with a mobile phone with a Crystal Lake GPS app installed. There's no emergent stories of great heroism and cowardice - every single game plays out the exact same way now. The costumes and emotes make a joke of Jason in atmospheric sense. They'd be fine if Jason was still a threat, but as he's a joke in gameplay terms, just makes for a pitiful experience, as people are free to gyrate their asses in his face after he's got ganked by a gang of sexy cops and fairy princesses. If I was the license holder, I would genuinely be really, really pissed off as to the damage you're doing to the character's reputation in the eyes of a new generation of potential fans. One of these things is annoying. Two, frustrating. Three and above, and you start to wonder why you still play. Now the magic's gone, all the other annoyances that you previously gave a pass to start to grate again, especially after you realise none of this shit has been fixed in months and months. The connection drops, the host quits, the shoddy hit detection, the weapon and item lock-ups for both the counselors and Jason... My good grace at being an unpaid beta-tester has evaporated now the game itself is no longer fun due to the fact that not only do they clearly not test the builds on a technical level, but push out wide-ranging gameplay changes without testing them on a fun level. It's like they have no understanding of their own game. The game is no longer fun to play as Jason, and with ineffective and demotivated Jasons, the game is no fun for counselors, other than those who want free wins, or like trolling. These people should not be pandered to, as they're not the people who have the long-term health of the game in mind. People loved the Packanack roof glitch for the same reasons - free wins, and a frustrated Jason. It seems like a case of "thank you for backing a risk of a game, and putting up with a clearly unfinished product for months on end, but now kindly go fuck yourselves as we go chase the low attention-span mass market with simplified gameplay and 'lol-so-random' cosmetic cash-ins". My worry is Gun will see the Halloween bump, and assume they're on the right track, without realising that's purely seasonal, and nothing to do with the patch. None of my playgroup (who have played almost nightly since release) want to play anymore. And I hear nothing but complaints in lobbies about how shit the update is The worst thing is that the game used to be great! They somehow managed to turn gold into shit. The game can survive being silly, as long as it's scary, but easy and ridiculous is a terrible combination for a survival horror game.
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    i would say the Toxic Jason players are also the Toxic counselors. A toxic fuck is a toxic fuck.
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    This is an awful change. It makes the game less survival horror and way more arcadey. Non-repair characters can just pick up and drop an item to mark it. Jason no longer gets rewarded for intercepting a part carrying player in the woods. There's no rush of finding items on corpses - instead, everyone knows where everything is at all times. This completely subverts one of the best aspects of the game - the proximity communication system. You now have virtually perfect information at all times about your win conditions. I'd put money on this being the next window breaking controversy, where community uproar gets it reverted next patch. Rather than play more, I can see this wrecking all the tension in the game for me. If you have to do something, mark corpses. That way people at least still have to search. The game's all about looting and searching. This completely kills that aspect.
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    This is cool, but not giving AJ a witch costume is an obvious fail.
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    Plop down 40 bucks for an unfinished product. How do you sleep at night? How much time do you need to get dedicated servers? Don't you test this stuff before throw it out to the market only to rip people off?? . For 3 hours we keep just getting kicked to a lobby of defaulted to a one person game sessions with just ourselves sitting in there waiting for others to join Whats the most important thing with a video game?? Well being able to PLAY IT would be a start
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    The perfect analogy - "There's a dent in the car, Father Ted". https://youtu.be/8mdwAkWvWMw EDIT: For those lacking a sense of humour, let me explain why this is an analogy, and therefore a valid post. It shows how endlessly tinkering to solve a small, insignificant issue, can eventually ruin the entire product because you end up causing more 'dents' than you actually repair, which creates an exponential problem. An analogy is a rhetorical tool. As is satire. Both are ways of communicating concepts to people in ways that are more relatable than simple descriptive text. The endless patching and creating new problems is a genuine problem for this game, and therefore this is on topic as a way to express my opinion as to the larger problem it creates. So stop fucking crying for mods to censor opinions you don't like under the insincere claim it isn't relevant.
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    There's still double trapping now, in a sense, even though you can't stack them, and it's potentially deadly if Jason knows how to set it up. I've done it a bunch of times now... Set the traps up one in front of the other, like a line from the objective. If the counselor eats the trap closer to the objective, they'll pull themselves out into the second trap and die. Even if they disarm the trap closest to the objective, there's a chance they clip the second one during or after the repair. I've gotten way more trap kills post patch than I did before. So I really don't see why stacking needs to come back...If you're using a pocket knife on a trap only to find another one directly below it, you're defeating the entire purpose of that mechanic, and therefore breaking it. The current trap setup is balanced and frankly, proper.
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    A friend of mine compared this game to a restaurant that has amazing food but really shitty service.
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    I think Caine Hodder doesn't have an opinion about the game, maybe Kane Hodder does.
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    That explains your terrible post-to-like ratio. Quality content.
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    I understand the game's been made by a small team, which does let them off the hook a little when it comes to some of the mistakes they've made, but they have messed up quite a bit at times. Here are the lessons I hope they've learned: Never offer mechanically unique content as an exclusive - only cosmetic: The Savini uproar was less about the skin, and more about the gameplay implications. People may envy an unobtainable look, but they hate what can be percieved as an unobtainable advantage. You'd have got just as many pledges based on the skin alone - as stuff like TF2 shows, people love cosmetic-only stuff just to peacock. It didn't need to play uniquely. Stop teasing things too early: Hype can only be sustained for so long before it collapses over time, especially with open-ended dates, and just leads to annoyance. The roadmap is great - actual information with a vague timeline. The endless blue dot bullshit for Paranoia not so - no information or timeline for months on just breeds contempt. A surprise is better than a tease. The former feels like an unexpected gift. The latter an irritating taunt. Nothing should be explicitly teased more than a week or two before it drops. Test your damn updates: It's simply unforgiveable that every new update breaks something that used to work. Have some professionalism and pride in your work. Your "we're just a small studio!" goodwill that makes people willing to effectively be beta testers post-release only goes so far, especially after selling millions of copies, and your game's been out for nearly 6 months. Stop wildly tinkering with the game's mechanics and balance: Adjusting things slightly in response to feedback is fine. Drastically the nature of the game 5 months in with a feature nobody requested (item marking) at the same time as making multiple severe nerfs to Jason is not. It's too much at once, and if you screw it up, it can ruin the game for a good month before you get the next update completed. If you have a winning formula, step lightly, canvas opinion in advance, and make changes one at a time, and only in increments. People are happy with evolution. Less so sudden and unexpected revolution.
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    That's the problem right there: balance. This game is balanced when it is unbalanced. Jason should be OP, and your chances of survival slim to none. Nerfing Jason so it's a 50/50 or better shot to escape as a counselor every round is not how it should be.
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    I'm not a fan of this at all. That said... I also thought the swimsuits might kill the atmosphere, but they did not (not for me, at all). I mean, it makes sense... showing skin, swimsuit wear, Friday the 13th... that worked out well enough. These costumes though?? Argh... all the great atmosphere they've created with this game - the NES Jason and these costumes just destroy. At least the Jason was just one character that may not be chosen. I don't know... just not a fan of this overzealous "got to put holiday stuff into your game for the holidays" crap that the gaming industry has embraced. Plus, I hate how horror games are catering to it... you're ALREADY HORROR! You already FIT. No need to cater to the nonsense. Ah well... not the end of the world, but I am not a fan of this.
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    @Randygbk should do only quickplay lobbies on his friday streams so the audience knows what matchmaking is really like.
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    Backlash? As far as I know a majority of the players are happy with the patch. Thing is, most of those who are not, are very whiny and vocal about it.