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    Hey all! Today we're going to reveal a bit more up our skirts here at Gun Media and IllFonic about our actual DLC plans for the game, beyond what you've already been informed. While dates are tentative, this should give you all an idea of what is currently in the works/on the docket for Friday the 13th: The Game at this time. We have some news from IllFonic for you regarding timelines and single player:
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    Hey everyone The initial reaction from our Part 4 / Rain announcement has gone over very well! We are excited that the community is happy but wanted to address a concern that came up. People felt since the game is already pretty system intensive that rain would set most machines and consoles over the edge making performance a lot worse. This is a valid concern as particles can be very expensive. Most maps are CPU bound rather than GPU bound from the vast number of items, blueprints and entities that must sync across the network. We have a little more room to play with GPU and the best solution for rain, that not only looks good but is rather efficient for performance, is to use GPU particles. Initially our art lead, was having issues with GPU rain particles as they would come through the roofs of the cabins and houses. When we moved away from GPU particles we noticed a big performance hit as it was slowing down the CPU which is mostly where we are performance bound. Our initial reaction was to remove the amount of rain particles and make them bigger. This didn’t look that great and we started to think if it would be even possible to do rain at all. We knew the solution would need to be using GPU particles but we just had to figure out how to get it working. Original CPU particles with larger rain drops but less rain due to performance on the CPU. Once we had everything working the art team was very nervous about performance on consoles and the hit we would take on PC as well. We fired it up on Xbox One and PS4 to see how much more we would need to optimize to squeeze in rain on all our maps but our initial findings showed hardly any performance hit at all, which had us very excited. This allowed the art team to really start dialing the art in. Adding more wind to the trees, working with Angelo, our VFX artist, to dial in the look of the rain, cranking up the gloss maps on certain textures such as cabins and terrain textures, and even adding a wet look to the characters clothing. Oh and you can’t forget lightning too. New GPU particles with more rain. Players have noticed recently that performance on certain maps have taken a dive. We have spotted these issues and are working hard now to get performance up across all platforms which so far we have been making good strides with. We hope to have this all resolved by the time rain launches as well. So not only will performance be better across the board, you won’t see any additional hits when it comes to rain. - Gertz
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    Update 9/1/2017: We were able to deploy the patch for both PC and PS4, XB1 currently has no ETA yet. More when I have it. Hey everyone I know the last two days have been rough but we just locked down a set of fixes to address the most immediate concerns of the player base. The build is currently in QA's hands so I have no ETA on when its going to go out. If QA finds any major issues we are going to fix those and create a new build to test. We then have to get through cert. I don't have a timeline yet for this but we did finalize the list of fixes. Matchmaking Fixed an issue that would create a new lobby after only searching for 10 seconds. Increased the ping threshold back to 300ms on PS4 Parties Fixed an issue that would cause a crash if a party leader invited a player that was already in another lobby Jason Decreased the window break animation time Fixed an issue where Jason could not damage counselors moving through the window Fixed a number of environmental kills that were not triggering Fixed an issue that was causing the door to not get hit after the first or second swing Fixed an issue where the morph circles were not appearing on the morph map. Fixed an issue that was leaving the map up when Jason was hit while trying to morph Fixed an issue where Jason was not dropping a counselor in a choke if he was hit Fixed an issue where Jason was taking damage while stunned...he shouldn't Counselors Fixed an issue where the Pocket Knife would not trigger Fixed an issue with weapons that was not decreasing the weapons durability if they were hitting Jason but Jason was not taking damage Misc Fixed impact decals so they dont display the material type anymore. (Wood, Metal, and Rock) Fixed badges disappearing when swapping languages Fixed a loading screen hang on PC Maps Packanack Fixed a hidden door Fixed a tree from spawning in a cabin Higgins Haven Fixed an issue where Jason would become locked out from performing interaction when attempting to use a Window interaction Fixed an issue where the phone box to call the police was blocked by environmental objects
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    Hey everyone I want to try and give regular updates on whats going on here at IllFonic and what we are currently working on, things get busy so I cant promise these every week but I will do my best. Right now I dont have dates for patches yet...just Soon™ Bugs Perk Fixes (Fixed Internally) We have internal fixes for Grease Monkey, Heavy Hitter, Man at Arms, and Tinker. QA has verified them and they should be in the next patch. If people find issues with any other Perks let me know PhD for Murder (In Verification) We have a fix for XB1 and Steam not working; QA is verifying on both platforms but its going to take a little bit before I know for sure if its fixed or not. Pocket Knife Fixes (Fixed Internally) Additional fixes for the spam kill exploit. Stun Locking Jason (Fixed Internally) We found an issue where the Stun Timer was being doubled...opps, its fixed internally and will be rolled out with the next patch. Jason Stun Animation (Fixed Internally) We found an issue where after Jason was stunned but hit again it was breaking the Stun Animation/Pose making it appear Jason was no longer stunned when he actually was. Grand Slam Jason (Fixed Internally) We fixed a number of issues where Counselors could knock Jason across the map...it may still happen occasionally but it should not happen as often anymore. Male Counselor Voices (In Verification) Fixed an issue where male counselors were using the same sound files...we checked it in late last night so we need QA to verify its working now. Misc Audio (In Verification) Fixed an issue where certain audio was being heard across the map Windows and Doors (In Verification) This will be a little longer... We found an issue where Jason was only inflicting damage to the first object he hit...this was causing Door Breaking and Window Breaking to happen inconsistently as Jason would more often than not hit the Cabin before hitting the Door or Window. This was also causing a number of other issues; Counselors not being hit when they should have been, objects not being hit when they should have been, Counselors not breaking counselors out of a choke, etc. This was also having an unintended side effect of allowing counselors to gang up on Jason knowing he could only hit one counselor...he can now cause damage to multiple counselors at once...beware Performance (In Progress) This is a big one that we are currently trying to track down. No info yet... If there are other things not mentioned above drop them in the comments. Be gentle... - Gertz
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    Hi everyone!Wanted to take the time to talk about dedicated servers vs host migration for consoles and we’re here to elaborate on what we’re doing for Friday the 13th: The Game. To start; we are currently working on dedicated servers for consoles. That is going to happen, however the time it is taking is rather substantial. We’re going to go a bit more in-depth on why things are taking time for dedicated servers and why we chose dedicated over the oft-requested host migration feature.First off; Host Migration vs. Dedicated Servers.One of the biggest, if not the biggest request we currently receive from our fan-base is for the inclusion of a host migration system.Host Migration would take a very long time to implement, something in the neighborhood of six months or so with our team to be able to work without interruption. It, unfortunately, is not a quick fix as some might believe.Even with host migration, as soon as the host drops we tend to see people leaving rooms and finding new games, thus perpetuating the wait and potential for loss of game data between clients. We’re talking about a good 30-60 second delay for a host switch and in that time is fairly common for users to quit. The potential for multiple interruptions for host migration is a very real possibility, especially knowing that users tend to leave the moment they are killed. We also have an issue if the host is Jason and they disconnect or quit; no one would be picked as a new Jason. With dedicated servers we can swap Jason, with host migration we can’t.While this system is potentially good, it stands as a band-aid rather than a full fix. We’re opting for the full fix.Dedicated Servers and What to ExpectWe have more coming soon, but going with dedicated is a smarter route for the game. Console versions of the game will perform smoother overall and you now have removed the host advantage. Whenever someone disconnects, you take away the need for the game to pause and there’s less of a chance of data loss in-between any migration of hosting duties. Overall; the console version will perform in the same manner that you see with PC in regards to joining and leaving games.We are getting close with our dedicated server system going live, however there are a lot of considerations we have to take into account. We have been working with a partner on implementing our dedicated servers and they’ve been doing a tremendous job in the time they’ve had. This is something we’ve been working on for quite some time now, but want to remind fans that it remains a long process as well to fully implement, just like host migration would.The work has been on track, but we have a lot of security protocols in place from the consoles that must be implemented. We have a lot we have to do on our end to ensure things are working properly so that when we go into audit with Microsoft and Sony, we minimize the time needed to go live. They have a minimum test and evaluation period and we want to get through that as quickly and properly as possible.We don’t have a set date at this time. We are aiming for late-September, but it is not out of the question that it might take more time and could go into October before we release. There has to be an audit that ensures things run properly on consoles and that is a process that takes time.TL;DR - Host migration bad, Dedicated Servers Good. Give us a couple months
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    Hey all, We're all here at the office going over everything we're reading from your comments here and on other forums within our community. IllFonic has been working with our Discord users in live bug reports, I've been gathering notes and taking down comments from all of you guys here as well as our Steam Forums and all of us at Gun have been in meetings today over everything going on. I want to preface this by not making excuses for the issues that you are running into. The biggest issues we know of remain with matchmaking. That's being looked into at this time, but we are certain there have been some backend server issues via our Sony/PSN partners as well as Steam. These have been momentary hiccups that are outside of our control, however we are looking at matchmaking on our end to ensure that when things do smooth out that we're not seeing continued issues. We are taking your feedback on gameplay such as the window animation change for Jason. We are looking into the issues with 'WOOD' and a few other misplaced items (the door on Packanack...oh boy) and of course overall feedback on maps. Please stay tuned. We know the frustration inherent with things that shouldn't be there, but keep in mind that our focus is improvement overall for our players. While some users might be seeing bugs, we've been able to move towards parity for all of our builds; this allows us to work more effectively for all three platforms for future content, future updates and future fixes. We've been working hard on the retail version of the build that has to be separately submitted and a lot of things are moving at a pace that has not let us ease up since launch. We've got a few new people on the team and while this patch has a lot of improvements, it certainly has revealed some issues that we're already identifying, tasking and working to fix quickly. EDIT; Going to have some folks from IllFonic come in here in a bit and talk a bit more in-depth, so please stay tuned! We hear you. -Gun
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    Hey all! So we're happy to announce that the build has gone live for all platforms today! You might see some time differences with each platform, but everything is starting to go out now! The biggest draws are of course the new smaller maps that have been added. We've reduced the size of each map by around 40% which should encourage a bit faster-paced game play overall and give you guys something new/different to toy around with while we work on the already hinted at new content coming at a later date. You might also note that Team Killing has been removed for public matches. Cars can still be used to kill, however weapons will have no effect on fellow counselors, should you be wielding a shotgun. We will continue to monitor game play overall for continued tweaks. For those on Xbox; this is a big one. We've reduced crashing instances to almost nil at this point and are fairly confident the memory leak has been plugged. Things should be far, far more stable and with new matchmaking tweaks we believe things should be far more optimized. Keep in mind, we are still working on console dedicated servers so host-quits will still result in the game ending, however crashing to dashboard should not be experienced. We have also added localization to the game. English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian have all been added. Lastly; we've done another major sweep of bugs and exploits. Rock hiding spots, collision exploits and the outside-the-map exploits that were being used by players have been plugged. You should also notice that items will not fall through the map as frequently/if ever. As always; please continue to send all issues you encounter to www.jasonkillsbugs.com should you encounter weird/odd things or exploits being utilized by players. PATCH NOTES Stability Overall stability should be drastically improved due to a number of crash fixes and a major memory leak fix. Parties/Invites/Matchmaking Disallowing party leaders to join game session invites to sessions that do not advertise (private matches). This is due to not being able to search for sessions that do not advertise, which prevents party members from following their leader into them. Party leaders can now follow public game invites, bringing members with them. Steam Matchmaking tries harder to find lower-pinging matches. PS4 matchmaking up to 6x more efficient with tighter ping requirements. Fixed XB1 matchmaking bugs. Fixed a number of issues with how the game handles Party Invites and Matchmaking; there are still a few issues out there that are rare but it is much improved. Fixed a number of issues on how canceling matchmaking was handled that could leave players in a state they could no longer matchmake. Party members now see their party leader’s matchmaking status and time.\ Various improvements to error messaging. Maps Added Small Maps for the existing maps; Packanack Small, Higgins Haven Small, and Camp Crystal Lake Small. Increased the density of Kill locations on all maps. Adjusted collision on Maps to prevent people from standing on water. Adjusted collision on piers to prevent cars from driving on them . Added a Map Icon to Campfire Kills. Fixed a number of kill spots that were not functioning. Fixed an issue with not being able to fix boat propellers based on boat positioning on the dock. Placed collision under piers to prevent people from swimming under them. Fixed a number of areas that the player could get out of the map. Fixed a number of areas that Counselors could get to that Jason could not. Added better collision around Boat Exits to prevent Jason from getting to areas he shouldn’t be in. Gameplay Team Killing changes. Team Killing is no longer possible in Public Matches. Cars can still cause damage to the players if they are hit. Traps can still hurt and/or kill the player but there is no longer an XP penalty for the person that placed the trap in Public Matches. Private Matches have not changed. Fixed an issue where the Counselors breath wouldn’t start to recharge if the user continued to hold the button after breath was depleted. Fixed an issue with Fear being canceled if pulled out of a car. Fixed an issue with the Police Objective happening when it shouldn’t be. Fixed a number of issues regarding objects falling through the ground. Fixed an issue where Damage and Stun chance were only being calculated on the first attack. Jason can no longer block through traps, firecrackers, flare guns, shotguns, and the Police. Fixed reliability of perks that spawn items at the start of the match. Misc Fixes Increased texture resolution on the XB1. Fixed the PhD for Murder Achievement/Trophy. Improved intro and outro cinematics. Fixed player muted states sometimes getting “lost” after level change. Can now unready in Private Match even when the countdown is low. Fixed a hitch caused by the video settings savegame after signing in or changing those settings. Localization added; EFIGS+J+P+R
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    Hey everyone Over the last 24 hours the team here has been parsing through the reports via the www.jasonkillsbugs.com website, and the various social channels; Reddit, Discord, Forums, Facebook, and Twitter. We have heard you loud and clear! Now that we have sat down and discussed the issue I wanted to follow up to @GunMedia_Ben's post and let everyone know where we are all at, Ill try and be succinct about tech details so no one falls asleep...its a long post and Im going to break it out from my general post. While it's unfortunate some of the item's here got out into the wild I want to commend our QA team, both internal and external, which is a small team of 4 guys each shift trying to test all 3 platforms often under intense time pressure. We do our best but sometimes we don't see this stuff until it gets reported by you guys. If you have any questions Ill try and get to everything as I can - Gertz
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    Hey guys, So we do have internal projections but we'd rather be 100% certain when giving out dates, rather than give you guys speculation. It's better to be 100% rather than to give you guys a promise and miss a date. In essence; we are working as quickly and as hard as we can. This patch brings all versions to parity and gives us a more substantial platform to update for future content. We want to get updates going out at the same time, on a schedule that is sustainable and works for everyone. We're working to reduce the instances of patches going to Steam/PS4 before Xbox One and vice versa. That being said; we have a target. Is that target set? No. However, it is our hope.
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    With the new Counselor Clothing Update, players will have much more control over what they want to wear as a Counselor. Our old clothing system was pretty limited, only allowing you to choose between various material and color options for the default pieces of clothing available on each Counselor. We understand that as Counselors you want to look your best, so we have been hard at work on a full revamp of the clothing system, which now provides much more control and customization. This revamp includes a new, streamlined clothing user interface (we know the old one was pretty clunky, sorry about that!), and behind the scenes, involves a system for swapping in and out skin masks and clothing meshes. What this means for you as a player is that you will be able to choose brand new outfits in addition to the default ones, and also customize the look of each piece of clothing within each outfit. To pick out your new threads, go to the customize screen for your favorite Counselor (Chad, obviously) and select Customize Clothing. Pick the outfit you would like to customize. Choose a clothing slot. Finally, pick the color/pattern swatch that you want on that piece of clothing. The new Spring Break '84 Clothing Pack DLC will also be available along with this new update, and we have a lot more fun outfits coming down the pipe soon. So suit up, customize your look, and show Camp Crystal Lake what you got!
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    This here is my Part 3 Jason Costume. Side View and Front View. What do you think..? Any ideas on how to make it any better as well? Thanks! P.S.: Keep in mind, I'm only 14 years old, so don't expect me to be as big as Jason. Also, sorry for the bad quality...
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    I'm still impressed with your commitment to communication, this community has been waiting for someone to engage us on issues and you're doing just that. Just knowing where things are at eases a lot of concerns. It also looks like we won't be waiting until September 28th for a patch and that would be welcome news.
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    Hey all! The latest patch is rolling out over the course of the next few days, depending on platform. We are just now going live with Xbox One, PS4 should be later today for Sony America, while Sony Europe will be next week (9/26). Steam is on the way, and we will update when able. This is a rolling update, so times and dates are slightly fluctuation. We are also happy to announce that this update also includes the new Spring Break 1984 DLC. That DLC also has to propagate, so you might not see it immediately available in your store, but we believe things should be calm and ready to go in a few days' time at the latest. The biggest additions are the new interface for clothing selection; we've tried to make things a bit easier to work with in terms of selecting your clothing and color styles! Of course; we've also added in the new communication emotes! You can choose between a ton of them, all free and usable with every counselor in the game! Without further adieu; New Stuff New Outfit Customization! New User Interface for clothing. Choose your style with the new swatch menu. After selecting your outfit, your swatch menu will now appear. Choose your colors, then select Back to move on to the next piece of clothing. Your selections automatically save so simply back out when you are finished. New Emote Comm Wheel and 8 free Communication Emotes Customize where your emotes appear on the wheel. Move the Left Stick or Mouse towards the desired emote and Press A or click to make selection. Use the Emote in game. Press and hold UP on the d-pad or V on the keyboard (default bindings) to open the wheel. Move the Right Stick or Mouse towards the desired emote. Release UP on the d-pad or V on the keyboard while holding the direction for the desired emote. The 1984 Spring Break Outfit Pack is now available in the store (Contingent on DLC release and purchase) Misc Fixed an issue that resulted in a black screen when loading into a map if the player loses connection or the host leaves while loading in. Gameplay Perk Fixes Fixed the following perks: Grease Monkey, Heavy Hitter, Man at Arms, and Tinker Fixed a number of issues with items not being dropped if a Counselor was killed in a hiding spot Fixed the PhD for Murder Achievement on Steam and Xbox 1 Maps Fixed an audio issue where certain audio queues were being heard across the map Fixed a number of objects that were awarding XP each time they were repaired or used. Crystal Lake Fixed a number of spots where Jason could not kill Counselors Packanack Fixed an issue where cars could block the lodge entrance Jason Fixed Jason’s Sense ability to properly track counselors after they leave a Cabin Fixed an issue that was causing Jason’s stun timer to double when being stunned Fixed Jason’s stun animation from canceling after he was hit again while stunned Fixed Jason’s combat stance blocking the sweater stun. Fixed an issue where Jason would be flung across the map if he was choking a counselor and was hit while uneven terrain Fixed an issue where Jason’s weapon damage was only being applied to the first object hit. Fixed an issue where Jason’s weapon collision volume was not hitting counselors directly in front of him. Fixed an issue to allow Jason to hit counselors through windows Fixed an issue to allow Jason to destroy windows and doors when swinging at them Fixed an issue where Jason could no longer move if he tried to grab a Counselor immediately after throwing a knife Fixed a number of issues preventing Jason from pulling Counselors out of a stopped car. Fixed an issue that allowed Jason to Shift and Grab at the same time Fixed an issue that was allowing Jason to activate an ability while throwing a knife Fixed an issue that allowed Jason to use drown kills in shallow water Part 9 Jason should have Part 9 music now Counselors Fixed an issue that was not allowing the Pocket Knife to trigger Male counselors should all have their own VO now Fixed an issue where dropping a gun while aiming could leave a counselor in an unresponsive state Fixed an issue causing Counselors to not be able to break other Counselors free from Jason’s grip. Fixed an issue where female Counselors weapon swings not hitting Jason Counselors can now nudge each other slightly out of the way.
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    Great to see a quick response on this. But it's also equally alarming... I've said time and time again that the community needs to show more patience and give the team the benefit of the doubt. But this update might be pushing me to my breaking point. A lot of the issues that needed addressed simply weren't, aside from team killing...But when a patch INTRODUCES this many new bugs, red flags start to pop up...The new and unnecessary Window breaking animation, hits on doors not registering, pocket knives not working...this stuff is completely unacceptable. Especially when there wasn't any reason to mess with these things. I've been playing through the tough times waiting for you guys to do something that'll bring people back...Seems you've gone backwards here. I hope a quick fix can be executed here otherwise it's likely over for this game.
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    Since people are quoting me in here from Discord I figured I would drop in and say hi and follow up. So...hi everyone! The certification process can be fickle; sometimes you get through quickly with no issues and sometimes you get kicked because there are issues that you didn't see while the build was in test in the office. Sometimes it takes a few working days and sometimes it can take more. It's just unpredictable. I probably shouldn't have dropped the specific dates we felt we would be through internally in Discord as anything could happen. I should have left it as my normal "Soon(TM)" response. Obviously, it wasn't ready today and who knows what will happen tomorrow. Don't be angry at me or anyone else if nothing happens tomorrow, it was a guess on my part. I know it can rough waiting, trust me, we are doing everything we can to get something out as quick as possible. I think players will be happy. - Gertz
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    Jason is supposed to have all the advantages. Doesn't matter if the counselors want to escape, they aren't supposed to. 1 maybe 2, max.
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    When you're the Dev who got nominated to talk to the community.
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    Dear Public Match. All the other guys call you horrible things. They say you're boring, filled with trolls and noobs, inconsistent and not for them. Dont let that hurt you. I love you. There is so much about you that lesser players fail to see. Yes, you may be filled with noobs and assholes. Ok, sure you're not the first choice for those who desire no nonsense. But you have so many things that no private match can offer me. My dear sweet pubby, you are special. You are unpredictable and often so funny. While my private matches have become so samey and by-the-book, you have never failed to surprise me with your variety. You see Pub match, you are the most fun for me. Your experience is more akin to a real life situation. A bunch of counselors trapped in the worst of predicaments with no preconceived plan. It's hit or miss. Life or death. No guarantees. No promises. Trolls are hardly as prevalent as private players complain. In fact I will directly call anyone who says "pub match trolling is almost every game" an outright exaggerator. Hundreds of games with you and less than 2 dozen trolled matches is hardly a plague of trolling. Heck, most trolls are fun in a weird way when they get killed. Noobs are awesome. It's so fun to see new players struggle to survive. New players are still frightened, still sweating, still screaming. And I get to be the calm elder who offers wisdom and Authority. What a rush. I love you pub match. I enjoy private time to time. But meeting new people and trying hard to survive is the best in public. As Jason or counselor, nothing is more fun than a pub match gone right. Please be my favorite game mode forever. Love, CampkillCommentary.
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    I'd love to see where a dev posted that was an 'advanced technique.' This is a bug, one that is being looked at at this time. BTW; please try to ensure legibility and English is properly written when posting. This is an English-based board, and it's appreciated.
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    It's fair game. Anyone pro player knows that the first few minutes into any match before Jason acquires shift are the most important. The first few minutes will sway how the much carries through. If everyone ends up working together or dragging their feet. Theres no safer time to install anything then the beginning of the game. Running away from Jason when he doesn't have shift is easy. Just make sure your not caught in a single door cabin or run out of stamina. Jasons only objective is to kill everyone. Not 1 or 5. Everyone. Regardless if he kills all 8 within the first 3 minutes or right down to the very last few seconds. That is his objective. Yes it sucks to die very early & to die first. Specially before you get a chance to search anything but that's the game. If people can't handle losing then they shouldn't play something that is competitive. In my opinion it's not bad sportmanship. Its bad sportmanship to kick a player because they killed someone early. Someone always has to die first. Shouldn't matter if it's 30 seconds in or 5 minutes. It's fair game & strategical. The faster you kill players the better your odds are. Letting that 1 person go free can be the difference between 5 people escaping with the police or the car driving off. Jason isn't here to try & appease the counselors or give them a fair chance. He's suppose to be a massive unstoppable force. If Jason isn't pissing people off he isn't doing his job right. On the flip side of things. Any Jason attempting to kill anyone within the first minute or two into the match is usually indication of a poorly skilled Jason. Not always but most of the time. That should help buy eveyone time to get things done.
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    I refuse to play until I get home from work... ...and don't have other responsibilities to attended to... ...and have a reasonable amount of time to get a few rounds in... ...so, until then, it's a no go... ...I'll see you guys in the game, later tonight.
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    Hi everyone. As of late there have been a lot of new forum members, which is nice to see! However seeing as a lot of folks are just getting used to the etiquette required on this forum, I wanted to put up a thread for users to view which will help you decide where to post your thread. There have been a lot of threads that have required moving to relevant sections, as well as some duplicate threads. Hopefully, this will help and will keep the forum cleaner and easier to manage. Step 1 - Ask 'is this a duplicate thread?' Chances are there is already a thread related to the topic you want to create. Of course this isn't always the case, but we like to keep all information in one or two threads on a topic if we can. So, step 1: find if it's a duplicate. This is easy. We don't expect users to trudge through 10+ pages of search results to find a thread from 2 years ago, but we expect users to have a quick search before making something new. Simply navigate to the top right of your screen to the search bar and pop in a few key words related to the topic you'd like to start. Bear in mind a duplicate thread is judged by the content it contains, not necessarily 'does the title match?' If after a few pages you don't find anything, then move on to step 2. Step 2 - Decide the correct location and content A lot of threads related to Friday the 13th but not the game will often get posted in the general discussion section, as well as bug/cheat reports and off-topic threads. To decide the correction location for your thread: Ask 'is this relevant to the game?' Quite straight forward. If it's something related to Friday the 13th: The Game, then it doesn't go in the off-topic section. Ask 'is this related to horror movies, music, cosplay or anything similar?' If so, please post it in the all things horror or off-topic sections. Ask 'is this a bug/cheat report?' If it is, please visit www.jasonkillsbugs.com to report your issues. You are unlikely to receive responses from the developers for bug and cheat reports if you post a thread about them. We mods and admins are not employed by Gun Media; we simply maintain the forums so informing us would be like telling a random forum user to fix the game code. Ask 'is this a suggestion thread?' A lot of forum users have had many great ideas they like to share and discuss with others, which is great! However, there is one section specifically for game suggestions. They do not go in the general discussion section. Ask 'does this thread offer incentive for discussion?' If you're posting in the general discussion section, you need to create a thread that opens a floor for discussion. People have to be able to chip in and talk about things, rather than someone making a thread that serves little purpose. Joke/meme threads are fine by us, just please post them in the off topic section. Step 3 - Post your thread Once you have decided where your thread goes and there are no previous duplicates, go ahead and post it! Generally, threads that are well formatted (not an eye-sore to look at) tend to get the best responses from the community, as well as threads that are well mannered with positive content. If you read your own thread and think 'yeah, this might annoy some people' then try to reword it. Flame and troll bait threads are not appreciated and will usually be locked or deleted, so please post things constructively. Lastly, a quick word about use of the report button. The report button is only to be used if you identify areas where the forum rules are being broken. If you spot a duplicate thread, please include the link of the original thread in your report. If you see someone multi-posting, that is also acceptable to report. Same thing goes for trolling, flaming, flame-baiting, racism, insults/antagonizing users and spamming. The report button is not there to be used for when you disagree with someone else's opinion or if you don't like someone. You can also report your own posts if you accidentally multi-post; we won't be mad! We actually prefer you to notify us so we're aware it was an accident.
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    Happy to report that we're working to get you guys more frequent updates in the form of dev diaries! Hope you enjoy the first in our series!
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    Decreased the window break animation time You said you were rolling it back to the way it was before, people hate that you have to go into a stupid animation to break the windows, it's boring and unsatisfying.
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    We've made it so that's not possible anymore with the next update.
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    Also, they are adding Pumpkinhead. Either that or it's pumpkin rain, which would probably would be just as deadly and terrifying.
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    I know people hate it when people don't use their mics, I get it. But me personally, I've had social anxiety since I can remember. The first time I talked online I had such a bad anxiety attack I almost passed out. I know people can't see me but it still gives me awful anxiety for some reason. And I'm not trying to sound like a pussy, but sometimes it hurts when people say awful things to me because I'm not using a Mic. I've had people say I'm retarded, worthless, trash, and even told me to kill myself just because I'm not talking. I like to enjoy the game and talking makes it less enjoyable for me. And I'm actually getting therapy for my anxiety this Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to that. Maybe once I get my anxiety under control, i'll have the guts to speak online. But that's just my story, even though it's personal it's still the truth. Hope you guys understand.
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    Sorry, but we never created this game with competition in mind.
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    You are welcome. I dont have a time frame right now, just got home and I think we knocked out about half of the issues we have talked about. We will need to discuss internally and Ill share as soon as I can. We want to get them out as soon as possible to people but also need to make sure the fixes dont cause other issues. We have our overnight QA coverage vetting some of the fixes right now. You are welcome. We are making changes to process to facilitate more stable builds but its not something that is going to happen between two builds. You start by fixing the foundation and rebuilding. For us this starts by isolating feature development away from the general build and merging it in when its done so we don't get things making it in half way. We have begun doing this but the stuff that was in progress already we have to make sure we mitigate any errors as much as possible. We honestly didn't target a date, to us it was get it out as soon as possible and we actually held it back a few times to fix additional stability issues and party issues. I think we always feel pressure to release stuff and give people stuff quickly but I'm good at saying no. I appreciate the feedback. We try and fix as much as possible within a given time frame but cant fix everything. Often times that does include taking a few steps back, learning, and then applying what we learned to fix it in a different way. Sometimes we feel we have a good solution but it doesn't go over well and we have to go back to the drawing board. It wasn't the entire problem, we did find an issue that was causing you to only search for parties once and then it would shove you into your own lobby. We got a fix for this tonight internally but need to test it as it required changing some network code. For the Pocket Knife, I wouldn't ban people for it right now, its a bug that we can fix. Thanks, we will try not to, but we also don't want to continue to try and rush things out. You are welcome Thanks, yes the window change hasn't gone over well. We think what has happened is some of the new kill icons we are prepping for but are disabled are sometimes rendering...not positive on this one but we do have it as a known issue. Its a bit lower priority than the ones listed above. This is all stuff that's being talked about...right now though its bug fixing and stabilization. You are welcome! Agreed, its on the list right below most of the stuff mentioned in the big list I posted. You are welcome! I feel this is an unintended side affect of a few bug fixes; fixing an issue where the damage and stun calculation would only happen once and remain the same for the entire match, the combat stance fix allowing Jason to block everything, and removing TK'ing which allows a group to just wail on Jason and disregard hitting the people around him. We are going to have to look at all of these to re-balance whats going on. I'm not a designer though so they are going to need to evaluate and figure out the best solution. Agreed, and we have already seen it. Not entirely...though that would always help We fixed a bug tonight regarding the matchmaking system putting people into a new lobby too soon. Haven't seen this one before, Ill note it and have QA look at it in the morning. Thanks! Just like Jason! That is correct. Thanks! Ill pitch it around, its something we wanted to do while at previous companies but it does come with costs in terms of supporting an extra build...it would be like adding a fourth platform alongside Steam, XB1, and PS4. If we can find a way to minimize the support it may be doable. Thanks for the feedback For the FPS problems we got some fixes in tonight that should help. You are welcome! Thanks for your feedback. Ill clarify, its 8 testers total; 4 internal and 4 external. I assume this is PC? Part of fixing the memory leak was also rolling back a small optimization that we didn't see on our end. Most of the people that worked on fixing this issue have higher end machines. We went and bought some more potatoes to test on so we catch this stuff in the future. You are welcome! Its a balancing act for sure, we have to work on new content because it does take a long time to make certain things, new maps for an example. We also shift people to fix issues if they come up. As some people mentioned here as well, there is the pressure from fans to release new content..."Where is the new Jason?", "Where is single player", etc. You are welcome! I mentioned it above but I will add it here too... I will pitch the PTR idea, if we can mitigate the overhead for it in some way we may be able to do it. We got about half of the issues we were tracking addressed tonight, we will evaluate again tomorrow and see where we are at. Id like to not wait a month before getting stuff out to everyone but I cant promise dates.
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    Hi gamergal, I'm not a mod or anything but we (as a community) are not going to put up with shit comments like this. Tone it down or take it somewhere else. I reported both of your comments. No place for that bullshit here.
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    Def the way to go. Wow, what a difference it makes to have almost everyone using the mic, having a good time, not taking things too seriously but still playing the game properly. Tonight was a BLAST for me. I use La Chappa so naturally I get killed often and early...also because I suck which is rad for the Jason players. My best death tonight happened in match 3. I ran up to the dock as this dude had the propeller and asked me to install it. He was using Adam. The boat was already gassed up. I installed the propeller and he hopped in to drive the boat and I got in the front. As we were escaping Jason tipped the boat over...but only I fell out! LOL! So Jason drowned me while Adam in the boat was able to escape. La Chappa! The sacrificial lamb doing his job!
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    They blocked my ten yr old's pornhub account. Us good parents need an explanation now!!!
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    If the parent decides to expose their child to this sort of thing, it is not up to us to judge them for it. From what I read, this seems like a responsible parent. He or she is playing with the child, guiding their experience.
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    This was Jason before the patch And Jason after the Patch
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    Hey Campers, This is a thread that I have been meaning to do for some time but have not previously got around to it. Many times I have new players ask me for advice in game or I see new players lamenting that there isn't more information given in regards to tutorials and strategies. They get the generic, break windows, trap phone first, trap four-seater, don't play Part 7, et cetera but do not actually hear much in terms of specific strategies for specific situations. What I would like to do with this thread is pick a specific scenario or strategy about once, maybe twice, a week and discuss different approaches to dealing with it. Think of it as a playbook where we can share ideas and specific approaches we use for a given situation. This thread will not be on any one specific topic but something that evolves and changes weekly. This first week, I got my inspiration from @Tekdrudge. The topic was regarding shift-grab and if it was skill or luck. See topic here: WEEK 1 - The Juke (let us talk about the fine art of leaving Jason in the dust) Ok, some might say this is self-explanatory. Don't run in straight lines or git gud or some other such nonsense. New players, and some veterans, have issues with avoiding the aforementioned Shift-Grab. People can be pretty salty about it. There are things that will help offset the skill of the players who have mastered this technique. A. Bear in mind perspective/point of view. A Jason approaching from the rear has YOU as a foreground target. Moving in a linear direction away or perpendicular to Jason's perspective makes you an easier target. Counselors that are walking or jogging are easy pickings in these situations and running counselors are not much better off when moving perpendicular to Jason's perspective. Moving away is slightly better when sprinting because you *possibly* can open up enough distance when he comes out to Shift-Grab you - he might miss. Either way these are less desirable techniques in my opinion. B. Closing the distance of YOU as a foreground target is used by a lot of people. They are trying to throw off Jason's perspective and make him overshoot the target by doubling back on their own path. This can work against short-range Shifts, but it is still essentially moving in the same azimuth (from Jason's point of view) and simply closing the distance quickly. A good Jason can still easily snatch you. C. I recommend using a triangle pattern: You change your foreground presence by moving diagonally. This adjusts your range from Jason in the foreground and makes him consider more than one axis of movement (you are not just moving back and forth or left and right). Figure 1: Moving directly away. Probably the worst option. You are only adjusting your position in the same direction of movement as Jason is facing. Figure 2. Moving perpendicular to Jason. Bad (it gets worse the farther you are away because Jason has more time to steer the hit). A simple Shift approach, leading you like in a shooter game, and Jason has you. Figure 3. Better than 1 or 2 because you are closing the distance between Jason and reducing the time to react. Best used on extremely short Shift distances to throw off the Jason player. It is OK. DO NOT TRY AGAINST A LONG SHIFT. You're just making it easy for shift ninja Jason in my opinion. Figure 4. This is what I do. I change my position both in the foreground and laterally. I move primarily in diagonals and they are strung together in a quick series of adjustments. Don't run any one leg more than a second or so. After the end of two diagonal movements you make a break (horizontal seems best). I would recommend breaking back towards the original center-line for your axis of advance (complete the triangle). This will often throw off Jason's Shift approach and get you out of the grab swath. Remember you can also invert and/or reverse this tactic to make your counselor very unpredictable for a Shift-grabbing Jason. Additional Info: Juking on rough terrain benefits the counselor. Jason has a tendency to get hung up on rocks, trees, building corners, and just about anything else. As you are running/jogging be expecting the Shift and thinking about which way to initiate your juke to put the most obstacles between you and Jason while keeping up your erratic evasion.
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    It's been a tough road for all of us, glitchers, trolls, team killers, bugs, I can go on and on. I still have faith though that the Devs will make it right for us, we just gotta give them a little more time. The game took everyone by storm and the sudden success can be hard to manage with thousands of bugs and requests these guys must get everyday. Once they get a solid team things will stabilize I feel...don't lose hope, things will get better.
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    Weird how perspective works. You see it that way...here's how I see it. Underdog group wins a kickstarter quest, coming out with rights to an awesome IP. Said group releases best game I've ever played on console. Said group keeps adding fun to game while dealing with overly entitled fan base getting pissed about the smallest thing. Group continues to dedicate every waking day to pleasing you. You bash them because perfection has not been achieved in under a handful of months. Trolling you? Fuck no. They are trying to cater to you. I think you should be thankful.
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    This is just a neat thing to add. Although the characters they are based on usually don't know eachother in the movies, but these ones were camping together. So it would add extra voice acting yes, but here are some suggestive lines anyways. "Wait, Chad? Is...is that you? What happened?" "Kenny? Kenny?! Oh my god, what happened to you?" "Eric?!? Is that you? Tell me this is a prank..." Except when a councilor finds themselves dead. Just don't keep a voiceline for them. Keep the original line. I just ran out of suggestions pretty much. Is it still good?
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    I don't think we're worthy. Happy now @ikarikh?
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    You're upset because you can't teamkill. I'm happy because you can't teamkill.
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