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    Hey Campers, We've noticed a lot of messages being sent our way about press and streamers getting early access to the game. Thought I would take a moment to talk with each of you here. I will do my best to try to explain/answer some of the questions and comments we have received so far. We had an overwhelming request to allow for backers to pre-load the game. That's not a flip of the switch by any means. It took us 2 weeks to set everything up properly with Valve. Doing so kind of splits the game package (how steam handles executable of the game) into two different packages. They share the same backend for game saves, progress, etc. But on the back end of Steam, it splits it. Press package and Pre-load package. Next, we have to request keys; pre-load keys (the keys we sent to PC backers) and Press keys. The terms and conditions that we agree to as developers/publishers with Valve/Steam states that we can not "sell" press keys. (Same for Sony and MS by the way.) We were given a finite amount of press keys that point to the active game package. We were given a precise amount of pre-load keys to send to backers. This package does not and can not activate until the launch date. So why do press members, content creators and streamers get access to the press keys? Well, the press (like Gamespot, IGN, Polygon, etc) get access to press keys because they are press. But the world of video game journalism shifted BIG TIME over the last few years. Content creators on Youtube and streamers on Twitch, garner audiences that rival press outlets. So much so that every major press outlet, streams games on launch day. It's not a coincidence. The Press is playing catchup and trying to compete. Content creators and streamers create a direct avenue to new audiences. New audiences lead to potential new sales. New sales mean both full servers AND revenue to keep the servers going and new content (DLC) in the pipeline. I know this might be hard to see, but it's the truth. To developers and publishers; content creators and streamers are the new "Press". And the Press has gotten early access to games since the dawn of the video game industry. You could have a great game, but if no one knows about it, it doesn't last long. Servers close...content dries up...games die. Especially for small teams like ours. We don't have $300M in the bank to rely on if the game tanks. We can't really brush that off and say "welp, let's go make something else." I know some of you are pissed at this. I can understand why you would be. You backed the game. You believed in the project and supported it since the start. And we did our damnest to use that money in smart ways to create the best F13 experience we could. I'm sorry if you're upset about this, but I'm doing what I think is best for the future of this title. It's not about showing favoritism to content creators/streamers. On the contrary; I'm trying use as many tools as I possibly can to keep you guys, the fans, happy. I want full lobbies and I want to make cool ass DLC that I'm pretty sure everyone will love. Some of you will still be upset, and I understand. All I can do is offer this explanation and my apologies. If you want to yell at me or call me a dick or shady, etc. That's fine. I'm here, listening. -W
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    Hey all. So I want to come in and say some stuff for everyone to be aware of; things are a bit screwy right now, and our team is working as hard as we can to ensure all of you are getting to play. We planned for a lot of people to play, but we're blown away by how many people have in fact started playing. The servers are upgraded, but the migration takes time. This is not an easy process that can be done with the flick of a switch or a restart; this is a progression of updates that has to occur around the world for our various players on multiple platforms. I won't lie to you, there are growing pains that you've probably experienced yourself or heard about. The best and most reliable way to play is Private Matches. We encourage you to ask around here on the forums, the Reddit page, Discord or with your own friends to get into games and play. Those use Peer-to-Peer access, so you can play with others. Do keep in mind, it is P2P so connections could be weird if the host doesn't have a decent set-up. Our team has been working nonstop. I won't lie, I was up close to three days and finally got some sleep last night. We're all focusing on getting fixes in and keeping you guys up to date, but the expectations are fixes that occur in minutes, when the reality is these take hours if not more. Issues such as Database Login Failure and issues with lost unlocks or perks are due to server migration and back-end services. Your profile should not lose those items overall, and we have seen people regaining their unlocked characters, but it can and will take time for everything to get to complete normalcy. The server load is crazy and we're working to ensure that the new setup for servers will handle everything. On the other hand; we want everyone to get into games, not get dumped into a server with no one else joining. Overall; there's a lot of players and quite a few are playing right now, but we are working to ensure 100% of our fans are getting what they demanded. As for those waiting on their DLC; we are working on a solution, but unfortunately we have to wait on Sony and Steam reps to get back to us. The issues look to be permissions-based right now we've been hounding for support on our end. This situation absolutely sucks right now, because the only people it affects are our backers, the people that believed in us and gave us more money to make this a reality. It is not fun, nor is it part of the deal. We at Gun apologize sincerely for the wait, but we should have news soon. Your new Jason and the clothing pack will go live, it is one of our top concerns. Those of you on Xbox; we're waiting to hear back on MS for the server issues. It's not fun that they didn't launch our title on time, it's not fun our backers couldn't download the game due to their server issues and it seems that servers on their end are also having issues that we are waiting to hear word on. It's something we are pushing to resolve just as fast as we can. I personally game on Xbox One more than any other platform and I was looking forward to a match this morning before coming in...so that was a let down on the release of my first major game for a console :/. I'm right there with you guys. Our guys got a little sleep last night, we're all getting back to it right now and we hope to get things smoothed out soon as we can!
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    This is all I really wanted to know today. I made a list of the Jasons and counselors and at which level they unlock: Jason Part 3 - Starts Unlocked Part 6 - Level 3 Part 7 - Level 7 Part 2 - Level 13 Part 8 - Level 20 Part 9 - Level 31 Counselors Vanessa - Starts Unlocked Chad - Starts Unlocked Jenny - Starts Unlocked Kenny - Starts Unlocked AJ - Level 4 Deborah - Level 6 Brandon - Level 8 Eric - Level 10 Adam - Level 14 Tiffany - Level 18
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    Finally, the real fucking countdown can begin... 10 days!
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    If they had come out early on and said the clothing pack was just recolors and textures because they ran out of time and didn't get to do the 'new clothing' they wanted, i'd still have bought it and would be totally understanding. But, I read that backerkit description multiple times and it pretty much said it was new clothing for all counselors that you could mix and match etc. And we've been asking for MONTHS if it was actual new clothing or just recolors/textures and they have either not said anything or have made conflicting reports. (Like just a few pages back someone said Randy or Ben told them on twitter it was all new clothing, mind you he didn't source it and I haven't seen it personally so who knows if he really said that or not). But to not come out and clearly state what it was until now is just kinda shitty in my opinion. I think they are wonderful devs, I really do. I don't think they're trying to pull anything over on anyone. But, I still think some of their choices on information they reveal is rather lacking. And not telling anyone what the clothing pack actually contained even when purchasing it all this time despite people asking repeatedly, and not confirming or denying whether it was recolors or new clothing only to finally 2 weeks before release to say "Oh yeah, it's recolors" is kinda messed up. They said awhile back that the base game would contain some recolors free for those who didn't get the clothing pack. So we all assumed that the stuff shown so far of recolors and textures might have just been that with no actual confirmation. So again, now after all this time, "yeah, no time to do actual clothes so just recolors. Hope you like!" is kinda off putting and a bit aggravating. Like I said, if they had said this and explained the why early on, i still would have bought it to support them and would have been understanding and cool with it. I understand budgets and time constraints with everything they're trying to do and with how hard they work. But, to dodge the question all this time to reveal it at the last minute? That's just messed up to be honest and I'm kinda a bit annoyed about it.
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    Like seeking out the elusive bigfoot the search has not been easy. But, I can finally reveal to you all, footage recently uncovered of our overlords performing their forum duties. JPpops Ben Wes
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    Please do something about the guy in a hockey mask. He keeps grabbing me and killing me. All I want is to sing some camp fire songs but he's not having it. (please don't ever nerf Jason, you did a great job Gun Media, don't listen to those who don't get it)
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    Hello, FNG. There are reasons why canon characters are not in play. Rights issues and whatnot. If that takes 50% of the awesomeness away does that mean you won't be playing, or do you plan to play and just piss and moan all the while? Epic fail? Because these guys didn't do it exactly as you would have? I suppose it's a shame that these guys took the effort to actually do something and not just armchair quarterback. Also if anything the response to the beta is Gun hit on all cylinders. You're in the minority with your feels. We are being submerged in the mythos. Some of the serial numbers have been filed off off because many of these people fill the same tropes. Ginny, Alice, Chris are all the final girl. Which one would we have used if we had to pick? Or are you going to pull the magical unicorn answer and say all of them? It takes work to create sprites and having multiples of the same character is a waste of effort in a game this size. Heh. Again you're in a small minority. Almost all the fans I've run across has sung the praises of this game. As far as the 10 picks, who decides? What about those who feel alienated their picks were left out. Original characters solves that problem. Boom. We already have this game, giving them a chance at a different fate. We just don't need to be spoonfed. Projecting much? I'd suggest Chad. Seems he'll be a good fit for your temperament. Wha? Yeah, I was hoping for a statless game so nobody was good or bad at anything and Jason handed out participation trophies for showing up. Who needs skills? You're always welcome to go back and play LJN's attempt.
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    Okay, I'll jump in. 1. We have not ruled out pre-load. We are planning on day-of and you will get to download as soon as things go live with the keys we send out. 2. We are a Kickstarter game. The rules you usually see with regular games do not apply because they have to supply us, and then we supply you. Essentially, we buy keys/tokens ourselves and then distribute that to all backers...that can and might take some time, but we do not anticipate much of an issue, as we did not run into anything major during the beta. You guys helped make this a reality and we can't thank you enough. Trust me, we care about all of you and you are all going to get the game, but fulfillment is a process for every company, ours included. We have a third party company set up to help with distribution and everyone who backed will get access soon as we're able. The size of the download is only 3.5GB, so you won't be waiting that long ;). 3. The prices on Steam were a mistake. We listed the price as $40USD, and that was not done with several markets. We amended that the moment we found out.
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    One of the DLC outfits shown off along w/ the new moving hair
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    As of the Beta(and most likely the current build of the game), Jason could have 4 kills pre-selected for use in a match. During a match, the Jason player would press one of the ABXY or 1234 buttons to use a grab kill. While there are plenty of environmental kills to keep things fresh, often times the same few kills would be used and seen over and over again because it was often more reliable for Jason to mash 1234/ABXY than to walk over to an environment kill area and risk allowing the counselor to go free. My suggestion to increase the variety of kills seen in a match is to allow Jason to have 8 kills equipped for use in a match. How would this be done you ask? Easy: After grabbing a counselor, by default the first 4 kills are shown on the player's screen. Then, when the "Run/Fast Walk" button is pressed(this was SHIFT on a keyboard, it would be the equivalent button on a controller), or perhaps another appropriate button, a second overlay replaces the first 4 kills with 4 more kills selected from the Jason character select menu. I believe this is a simple and easy addition to the game that hopefully can be added in the first round of updates. If in the final game each Jason first starts with fewer than 8 kills, then the second overlay would have only as many kills as would then be currently available.
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    Alright, let's try this: Hey @wes, @GunMedia_Ben or @Randygbk Can you explain to us what exactly we bought in the 'Counselor Clothing Pack'? As in, are they just recolours/textures or are they different clothing options/outfits like was suggested when we bought them?
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    But it will ruin the immersion! There was nothing silly like this in the movies! How dare this game throw cheap faces and laughs our way! I'm gonna stick with the authentic F13 movies. Nothing silly and stupid happens there.
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    Okay, so I'm going to jump in and frankly I feel like several of you aren't going to like what I have to say. I hope you guys take this as constructively as possible; this forum is the least of our concern right now. That statement right there sounds terrible. I know. I get that. Most of you are backers. Most of you have been following us for a long time and most of you are fans of this game. We thank you for that and appreciate that; it's that very reason why the forums get the majority of the major updates first from Wes. Small updates go to Twitter/Facebook. Behind the scenes or nutty stuff goes on IG. There's an appropriate place for each channel that's out there. It's way smarter for us to just post on Discord/Twitter/Reddit a small bit of info like 'We got rated in Germany,' than to email backers that info. It's smarter to post a huge change to Jason's Sense ability here because that's in-depth and has more value here for people that are more interested in that. Each platform has it's utility, but small stuff is easier where major changes are less day-to-day. We don't ignore any particular platform whatsoever. There's over 105,000 people on our Facebook page with hundreds of messages sent to us a day. Steam's Group has over 90,000 people all tuned into our game. There's a Twitter account with 65,000+ people messaging us thousands of times an hour. We have 14,700 people on our Instagram, 3,500 people on our Reddit and just under 2,000 people on the fan-run Discord. Don't even get me started on the emails I have to answer on our contact email...that's hundreds of emails a day. Thing is, I do it with a smile on my face because each and every one of those people are potential fans, just discovering our game and are interested in buying it themselves. They have no clue about this game, they want to know what platform the game comes out on. They want to know how much it costs. They want to know about gameplay. They want to know if you can play as Jason or a 'survivor.' They want to know if Jason from Part 8 will be in the game. All of those people, and only 4 of us at Gun with a couple customer service reps at Backerkit. The ratio is not very large. I do all of this while working on a game, and I have people like Rainskull, Mind of Jigsaw, Ralph Wiggum77, and especially Jpops to thank for their continued help in managing a huge community with our team. They each do an incredible job and get literally nothing in return other than our gratitude, and those communities are quite positive and fun for the vast majority of people looking to learn. I smile at all of them because they want to join in on something that they are interested in. Sure, they don't Google to start, but that's fine. I spend a good amount of my day responding to each and every single one of them the best I can. Thankfully I have tons of help from the fans on each of those pages. I see dozens of people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Steam Forums, Discord, Reddit...etc taking time out of their day without ask or want from anyone on this team to help spread the word. Those people are amazing and exceptional individuals. This forum knows better. This forum checks the information we post, has meaningful discussions and digs deeply into the ins and outs of the information we post. One piece of information posted becomes a ton of discussion that then immediately the shift becomes 'give us more,' it's insatiable. The problem with that drive for information and desire to be as knowledgeable as possible has created an issue that we've noticed creep in these past couple months. Frankly, the forum has become noninclusive, has become incredibly elitist and while the discussion is very, very in-depth, it shuns new users and the uninformed. Arguments between a small group of users has become toxic, the assumed 'leadership' roles that some in this community have developed is not entirely friendly and threads like this are a great example of why this forum sees less activity than literally every other social platform we have. I mean, I'm reading a three page thread of you guys complaining about a fan-run chat service :/. Why? Why post all of this over a group that you are not a part of, nor do you like? It's a fan-run community. You don't have to be part of it. Thing is...if you want to be part of this one, you need to follow the rules...and this thread is definitely not posting with a purpose other than to rant and rave about someone you do not like. This thread is very much not in line with our rules and regulations. So why post it? We here at Gun are always, always open to criticism. We love hearing issues from the community and we have taken a lot of feedback into account post-beta from users on here and other social channels. Honestly;We demand you call us out when we fuck up, but we have an expectation that complaints and criticisms are justified. Harassment of new forum users, harassment of those not on this forum, continued snide remarks over perceived slights between users and threads designed simply to complain does not a happy forum make. I have talked with Jpops on continued policy enforcement not because I want to be tough on this forum, but because it seems that we need to do so. We're a small, scrappy team and we have a lot on our plates, but one thing our team is very, very proud of is how we get information out to as many people as we can with our budget and resources. This team believes in self-discovery. We want you to open the game up on May 26th and get to explore things. We want you to learn and discover right there alongside every other person as you see what it takes to win as either a counselor or Jason. That's what a game is for; experiences. We're not going to tell you how to beat Jason. We are not going to tell you every kill, we are not going to tell you about easter eggs. We are not going to tell you what's coming next because that's the beauty of it; it's a surprise. It's meant to be something you experience. It's meant to be something that feels awesome when it's finally learned or revealed. We aren't haphazardly just throwing things out there and not everything is supposed to be completely directed at you. We know that you know more than the people on Facebook. We know you know more than the folks on Twitter, we know you know more than all of the other social communities because you are our fans....but as fans, it's become very clear that this community more than any other has become unwelcome for new members. It has become dedicated to trying to one up one another with who knows more or what one specific little tease is going to culminate in for the final game. Guys, myself and Jpops are going to do more to ensure that this community becomes more fun for users when the game comes out. Forums overall are kinda archaic; quite a few major publishers got rid of their forums years ago (BioWare removed their forums and even the venerable Bungie.net forums are relatively inactive from their heyday) and our team sees this community for the hardcore of the most hardcore...but it needs to be inclusive. If that means that bans need to occur due to continue grievances, then that's what's going to happen. Remember; you direct any and all issues to Gun and Gun only. You do not insult other users. You do not make snide comments, you do not judge others for their opinions. The only people you may go after are myself, Wes, Randy and Ronnie. If you want info that we haven't revealed...sorry, but you're going to have to wait. If you demand we bow down to your desires and give you information....sorry, but you're going to have to wait. We promised you a game. We are delivering that game and it's going to be the best we can possibly make it. If you like it, awesome! If not, tell us why not and we're going to do everything we can to ensure you do come to like it! You want more content? Great, we'll see what the future holds :). Until then, I ask that you guys take a look at your interactions with one another and try to turn the other cheek. There's plenty of places to talk and discuss, and the best that anyone of us can do is remember that not everyone might have the same knowledge or passion of this game as you do, that does not make you better than them, nor does it make you more valuable. It makes you an asset to help spread the word and keep this game going and lively for years to come. Be the pillar. Be the example and be the guys that others want to learn from, not the group that only sees the negative. Good night.
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    Ok so obviously the devs have lives, and I want them to keep enjoying life and not work on the game 24/7 until they start hating their own game. However, on April 21st, Wes said on the stream he wanted to get some pictures of the Clothing Pack stuff to show this week (22nd to 28th). Then this monday, May 8th, he says he wants to get pictures of the DLC clothing pack out tomorrow (May 9nth). Now I've been checking the forums and the F13th twitter and Wes' twitter, even though i don't have one, perodically, because I'm excited to see what we will get. And what do I see today, May 10th (sorry if this seems stalkerish, I never follow social media, but I've been hoping to know what's in the DLC pack for a while) : Wes tweeted that he had time between meetings and decided to play some PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Now of course, the devs are humans, and OF COURSE they have the right to blow off steam and not work 24/7, but is it too much to ask for Wes to take 5 minutes and show us what he says he would be showing us since April 22nd? Or at least update us on why we haven't seen it yet?
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    So what i can ascertain from the messages is... Early May 26th 2017
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    We're receiving the game codes earlier than the 26th- I wonder if the same can be said for the Savini/Clothing Pack DLC?
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    8 days remain! For those hoping for film related pics for the countdown- CrazyRalph made some a while back for another countdown:
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    At least you are getting to play. That's better than this login failure junk.
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    Seriously! 90% of all of the threads I read today, were nothing but negative BS! (bashing, whining, complaining, etc etc etc...) I can understand Some negative feedback here & there with any choices they make. But its gotten Way out of hand! Honestly, those of you who are going bat turd crazy are ruining the hype for others. Everyone already knows the specific reasons people are mad, so I wont go there. Play the game! If you enjoy it, Play it! If you do not, then simply Dont play it! Nothing wrong with constructive feedback though, just enough of the bonfire flaming negativity! Its just a Game. Stop & remember that.
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    I have been gaming since the 70's. For me gaming is interactive entertainment. Like music that I hold dear, games can take me to another place and time. They can make me feel emotion and have good moments and bad moments if I am having a potato day of aiming or a plot that gets sad. The most important thing games do for me is to take me back to moments and times and places that I may have forgotten or missed entirely for that matter. Entertainment unmatched by any other method because I get to interact in the world that is created for me to discover. I for one will allow myself to do exactly what gaming is supposed to do. Enjoy being entertained. For me this was not only about a game, but about a time and a place that I grew up with, movies that were iconic that I enjoyed as a young kid to young adult. They take me back to a time where I was much more innocent in the way I thought and less bothered by the daily stresses life will lay upon you. I loved every horror movie as a kid I am not sure why maybe I just liked being scared, or they were cool in the special effects. Maybe I liked when I took a girl to see one she grabbed my arm or hugged close. Whatever the reason there is one really cool thing about this particular game. That moment and time that is so special to me, that place those movies. I get to play in that world. That to me is simply amazing. Nothing more. Nothing less. Thanks for that. No matter what happens in the end. Thanks for that. P.S. The other reason I bought the game and backed it was because I actually liked the people making it. They care about us the player. That is rare these days.
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    One day to go! Our wait (hours, days, months, years, decades) is almost at an end. Credit to CrazyRalph: I'll probably make a final post in this thread shortly before midnight EST and then I'm going to attempt to avoid the board until I've gotten some games in. I hope you folks who have been around awhile will stick around for a bit more and share your thoughts and personal reviews. I'm curious to see who's expectations were met, not met or even exceeded.
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    tosclive has been banned for lying about his practices for personal gain. We do not care if you insult us. We do not care about you hating us for anything we do. We have reasons for what we do and we want to get you as much information as we can because at the end of the day the health of the game is our main concern. However, if you lie as a direct way to curry favor or use lies to try to get access to content or use lies as a means of personal attack towards our team, I will absolutely bring the ban hammer down on you in every channel we know. We will never, ever lie to you and hope that you give us the same courtesy. We all care about this game, there's nothing to be gained by that kind of behavior.
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    We currently have ten character tropes featured in the game, and without adding too many more (because let's face, at some point there are going to be characters that are too similar to one another), how about creating another ten counselors that feature the same tropes as the original cast? This would be a nod to having a different group of counselors from a different film, but they still fit the typical archetypes we see throughout the series. (Though I still think we need a mean girl and a party animal trope, then we're good. Also, I think party animal is a much cleaner way to say stoner guy.) My suggestion would be to have a male Tiffany, a female Adam, etc. On the character select screen you could easily just hit down on a specific character and get an alternative version of that trope. I realize this is something that can't be done right away, but I think it's worth considering in the future.
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    Unknown atm but they're working on getting a world release time for us.
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    I created a topic, it's not really a lenghty subject, but there aren't really any tips and tricks or strategy topics for counselors and it didnt fit in the Stats topic, feel free to merge if it fits better anywhere. As launch approaches, I just wanted to share a little trick I discovered for my fellow counselors, maybe most of you already know it but I want the odds to be in our favor When Jason finishes breaking down a door (or bursts through it with rage), he enters a "walk inside the cabin" animation for a few moments, and during it he cant block, grab or hit. If I had a blunt weapon and didnt have a trap, I used that moment for a free knockout, just start swinging at exactly the moment where Jason's final hit connects with the door, and you should have a free hit (and even knock-out, with the right weapon). Hope this helps some of you survive in a few days! Do you know any other tips and tricks we might not know about?
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    If you thought finding videos of the admins was tough, you wouldn't believe what I went through for this little beauty. This is a documentary on the daily forum like competition.
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    If Adam's hair doesn't sway in the breeze we riot!!!
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    Here's the light that I made at my FALLOUT 4 settlement in honor of the upcoming release:
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    My sincerest of apologies if I posted this topic in the wrong category. Also if there is already a topic about this (I checked and came up with no results), my apologies again. Anyways... If you could come up with some achievements for the game, what would they be? So far, I came up with: A Face Only A Mother Could Love - Unmask Jason Voorhees. It's Got A Death Curse - Kill all campers in the lobby as Jason Voorhees. Today... Is His Birthday - Play a match of Friday The 13th: The Game on a Friday the 13th. Then He's Still There - Kill 13 campers in the lake. You're Dead Meat, Slime Bag! - Destroy 13 radios.
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    Go look on any multiplayer games forums, their will ALWAYS be more bitching. Lets me and the rest of this forum be real for a second, this game will not launch perfectly, something will go wrong at launch. It may be the servers, it may be a balance issue or an exploit discovered the day of or after launch. It may be that one platform ends up running like shit, or that the codes for backers are delayed. It could be one of a million little things. Its virtually impossible that everything will be super smooth. So ya, I FULLY expect all the saltiness that we see here to grow larger and more pronounced after launch. We are going to see someone complaining non stop about some issue or another the game has. We are going to see folks bitching that they cant buy the clothing packs anymore, and others bitching that they bought it in the first place. We are going to see LOL THIS GAME IS SHIT CANT WAIT FOR LAST YEAR GUYS, and "This game could of been great if the devs listened to me!" Just remember one thing, in the end its all totally fucking irrelevant. The devs will do what they do, we are all just along for the ride. Just remember, the first month or so of this game is probibly going to be the funnest period it will ever have. Don't ruin it for yourself by bitching about what could be, enjoy it for what it is. We will have plenty of time for that salty bullshit that always comes a month or two post launch. For launch however...
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    Let's get the game out first and then iron out the details down the road
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    Dunno if anyone has linked this yet BUT. Here is all the DLC clothing options. Kenny's Hawaiian shirt is sassy as fuck.
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    There's a million threads on what we would rather see and what we hope they do in the future. I thought we could use a thread where we remember all the unique and awesome things this team did right on this game. First of all - Tom Savini and Kane Hodder. Wow. Just Wow. They wanted to make a game that felt like F13 even before they had the license, so they went out and got the 2 people that could really make that happen. The guy that MADE Jason, and the most iconic actor ever to play him. It worked. Jason in the game looks and feels and moves like Jason. The kills are amazing in that Part VII over the top almost funny way. It's RIGHT. No other studio would've done that. It feels like F13 because they brought in the right people. The environment. We havent seen the other 2 maps yet, but cmon - the Higgins House is perfect. The barn is perfect. The whole map is creepy. I absolutely cannot wait to check out Packanack since its the location in my mind most associated with F13. The main lodge just SCREAMS F13. I cant wait to see it in game. They did an amazing job with Higgins Haven. Proximity voice chat. This, IMO, is the game's cornerstone. When you're alone, you're ALONE. Vulnerable. Nervous. Tense. It really makes the game 100 percent immersive. It makes it all work. Playing as Jason, listening for the screams and shuffling noises, is awesome. It's just utterly fantastic and unique to any game I've played. Most of all, it's just plain fun. I had an obnoxious amount of time in the beta. I havent played marathon like that in years and I loved every second of it. They can make everyhting look perfect and if it isnt fun then it's all irrelevant. The game is an absolute blast. All the parts work. All the thought and love put into it really come through. They realized their vision, as TRUE fans of the franchise, to make it into a game that truly put you into the F13 world. If a big studio would've done this game it wouldnt have been right. It wouldve been a cash grab. They had to do everything right and it really shows. That said, people who arent fans of the movies can pick it up and get into a game and still have a ton of fun playing it because it stands on its own as a game regardless of the license. I've never seen that pulled off SO WELL. Hats off to Gun and Illfonic again. Yeah were all antsy waiting but in the clamor of "I want the game now!!!!!" and "YOU SHOULD DO THIS!!!" I thought maybe you'd feel good hearing that most of us still think you did something amazing and truly unique.
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    Ive gotta add another one. One I think has gone terribly underappreciated. Crazy Lixx. Great tunes. Amazing 80s sound. They fit so perfectly into the game and F13 universe. Its a shame we didnt have them back then because man are they just screaming F13. You could replace the rock tunes in any F13 movie with them and it would sound right. They dont sound forced. Just like the game stands on its own as a great game their 2 songs stand on their own as great tunes. The band doesnt get talked about much but yet again ... great job by Gun for including them and great job by the band.
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    How dare you, sir. We all know JgtH is the worst film in the franchise.
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    Don't feel too bad, my preference was set to "Playing the game today." but I haven't been able to get in because of errors.
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    Spamming the forum isn't going to resolve your problem any quicker.
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    Comparing this to No Man's Sky because the Xbox store is down? Bravo, you're an ass
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    All I can say is that Adam needs a Tunnel Snakes jacket. "Tunnel Snakes rule!"
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    So... Can we be sent our keys sometime soon? I did hear something about them being sent launch day but that's kind of dumb considering people are currently pre-ordering and won't have to potentially wait for an e-mail like backers. The beta had issues with the keys being sent out slowly in batches, I don't expect anything different with the full launch. Aren't the devs going to be at a convention at launch anyway? So yep, I'd like my key. I know I can't do anything with it but I did buy it (or it was promised to me if you're going to say I didn't buy anthing) so I'd like to have it. Thanks.
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    As much as the world being on the teams shoulders, Bears has a valid point. Anyone that has pre-ordered it on steam has their copy duplicated, licensed and reserved on their account. Once it hit's the time, the code is made live, ready to download and play (DL is redundant if they let let you pre-load). What we know is they will send out Backer codes on the day... Which Without any delay or complications, means steam buyers could still potentially be playing sooner, by minutes or even hours depending on What time of day it goes live on steam and the time of day the codes are sent out. From a business and gaming point of view... going by information known, does seem a little silly and leaves no time for errors.