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    Up next on Friday the 13th The Game forums : " Jason being able to kill counselors ruins the game! "
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    It is bullshit. Fully. It takes as long to lock a door as it takes to search a drawer. Meaning- two extra drawers would not result in wasting enough time to search 2 extra cabins. Yes it's silly this guy made another thread on this subject. But let's correct this false information easily. False reasons mentioned above. 1-Jason is not senseless or shiftless for 5 mins. I have not clocked all Jasons, but Jason 3 for example gets sense around a min and a half into game and gets shift in about 2 and a half mins. Nothing crazy here, just showing the OP is wrong. 2-Op Says it saves time. Wrong. It takes as long to open a drawer as it takes to lock a door. Locked doors also waste Jasons time. Meaning- allowing Jason easy access to all cabins is actually giving him mins of extra killing time. 3-Jason can not break all cabin doors in a game without dedicating his entire match to doing so. No, locking doors has never once allowed Jason to remove all stam gaining areas from the map early or late. That's just silly and a nonissue. 4-leaving all doors open just so you don't have to maybe jump through a broken window or two along the way, is ridiculous. 5- No. leaving open doors is not s breeze for other councilors to find. It results in death for others very often (see below) 6- window body blocking? What? That is not even a thing lol. How is this a pro? Or even relivant? 7-yes if Jason is chasing you and you slowly climb into a window you may get hit by knife or weapon. But who the hell slowly climbs through a window when being chased? You jump through. And if cabin has been locked and prepped, jumping through is 9 times faster than closing and locking a door in time to stop a pursuing Jason. 8- OP says shift grab will not get Jason in house while your rushing to close and lock door before a shifting Jason gets in. That's false. All of us Jasons have done it. It's one of the best feelings in the world. It's easy to shift into a house ahead of the door being locked. In short- the OP has made a long list of false positives showing he's unaware of simple game mechanics. He's also stated in another thread he's aware it gets people killed when he don't lock doors but don't give a damn if others live. Great player eh? Lets look at real cons to leaving doors unlocked and why almost all players hate these types. 1- 100% of all games where some noob don't lock doors results in others dying screaming "what fucking idiot left the doors open!?" It's usually someone who's helping Jason or someone who don't understand the game. 2-it takes Jason 6-10 seconds to break a door. That time adds up and slows jason down. Refusing to lock doors adds to Jasons free time to kill you. 3- not locking doors removes all stam gaining areas unless you lock a door. In effect giving Jason full reign to go where he pleases. It also gives you no time to search for a weapon or item in a rushed situation. 4- cheaters helping Jason do two things instantly. Open doors for Jason and drop items in woods. There's a reason they do this. Both help Jason incredibly. Doing it on purpose or not, not locking doors makes Jasons job easier. All Jasons love these people who don't lock doors. It 100% of the time makes his job easier and saves him time. Long story short- the OP is wrong. And this is his second thread on the subject. Waste of time for us all. My reason to reply in length here is simple. If a new player sees this thread and assumes OP knows what he's doing- it will get people killed. Never leave doors unlocked. There is no reason to. Locked cabins are temp safe zones and save lives 100% of all played games. There is never a game where prepped cabins do not help and save lives. This is not a debate or something to argue. If you don't lock cabins you are killing your team and lessening the chance of your escape and survival. Period.
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    "We want to honor her memory by having her viciously murdered in a video game forever."
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    We do not run the sub Reddit page and are not able to lock or close threads. That being said, I am more than happy to address the issue here for you guys. We were sent a report prior to this incident from a person that knows someone at IllFonic. This person is an industry vet that has worked on multiple triple-A titles and review of the evidence made it clear that sexual harassment without provocation occurred that involved two perpetrators against three others (one of whom is a minor.). I do not personally know this person who made the report and their bearing as an industry fellow in no way impacted our decision. I had never spoken to them or frankly had known about them prior to the emailed that was forwarded to me with the complaint. Arguing occurred between the two parties (the minor was unfortunately caught in the middle of the conflict) that quickly escalated on part of the griefers with sexual harassment that involved minors to a degree that is absolutely, terribly unacceptable. This kind of behavior was reviewed by our team and the call was made without hesitation to ban for such incredibly horrible behavior. That was apparently not the end of it as a review from one of those banned stated a conflicting report. The users that were banned posted negative reviews on our Steam Page that can be read here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/yourwaifuisshitdesu/recommended/438740/ Immediately, users within Steam and Reddit believed that our team had gone overboard. We have stated multiple times that we review each ban thoroughly and do not take action without 100% proof. To be frank, the several thousand emails we've received of reports have seldom ended in bans due to lack of evidence or what is clearly not bannable (team killing, name-calling, etc.) We are looking for behavior that is unacceptable, and these two users spent the better part of 8 minutes harassing without pause suggesting sexually harassing things that involved a minor. Regardless; the banned users in question have clearly not spoken the entire truth of their actions, nor have they posted counter argumentation or documented proof that countermands the things we have witnessed. I find it very unlikely that they would post their side of the story up via a video, as the things stated involve sexual activity with a minor to a very deliberate and lengthy degree. I digress, they are more than welcome to post the video themselves to prove their innocence. The banned users decided to post negative reviews and create statements, yet at no time did they provide the full story, or even begin to attempt to provide evidence despite the fact that our team only bans with evidence being presented. Our team does not air people's dirt publicly and we will not disclose our method on how we review each case; I am sure no one wants to be outed publicly for their actions that got them banned from a game, given a VAC ban and sent along their merry way. These users were given a ban and promptly forgotten about until these reviews were posted. It is unfortunate that people have decided to create a witch hunt in this manner, as I have read circulating rumors, demands for action on events that never occurred and so forth. The counter argumentation on breaking the rules from the affected users does not hold water as well; there was no deliberate team killing for the sake of harassment. The affected users did not ask Jason to spare them, and asked for Jason to play fairly. After continued harassment they decided to team kill the griefers and as soon as the situation was resolved went right back to normal gameplay. This is entirely acceptable as it was not premeditated behavior and team killing is an acceptable part of our game. The fact that a minor is playing our game has no bearing on anything. The ESRB/PEGI and other rating systems each have their own standards, but the ESRB is not a governmental mandate, nor does it legally bind anyone. It is a guideline that is used by game publishers and retailers. We do not accept the sale of this game to minors; it is a parent's job to educate themselves on the content of the game and decide for themselves if they wish for their child to play a game like Friday the 13th. We cannot say if this minor had parental consent or not, however it is not against the law for him to have played. The fact of the matter is; we banned two users for breaking the rules and engaging in behavior that encouraged and prompted sexual acts with a minor. I won't go into the continued harassment that occurred outside our game, as it does not fall within our purview. We have proof on our end and have taken appropriate and discrete action as we would with anyone being banned with our game. It is unfortunate that these users decided to do what they did, however we hope that everyone understands that the burden falls on them if they are willing to reveal exactly what they said to deserve the ban. -Ben
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    We are happy to announce that a hotfix patch for PlayStation 4 has gone live! This hotfix is mainly addressed at fixing memory leak issues (those crashes that occur from time to time) as well as the various exploits that have been utilized by players. The 'crouch glitch' that has been used by players to get on roofs and within hidden areas is patched out and should no longer be occurring to players. Other areas have also been looked at and patched up as to prevent users from getting into spots where Jason cannot go. These fixes are already live on Steam as per the last patch and Xbox One users can expect a full patch shortly; our main focus is to ensure crash issues that are occurring on Xbox One are reduced to as close to zero as possible. Per our earlier updates; this is a far more involved process with consoles, however testing is going well and we feel confident that dashboarding crash issues will be alleviated with the upcoming patch! Again, thank you all for your patience and support. We received over 5,000 reports this weekend due to the exploit issue which prompted us to take action as quickly as possible. Bans have been issued and will continue to be issued to those exploiting to harass/abuse other users. -Ben
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    He says some valid stuff but it sounds like he's just sucks at playing. I've eluded Jason many times it's not impossible. Like in any multi-player game it comes down to the intelligence of the other players. Some Jason's will be harder to elude than others because of skil and knowledge. This game has a ton of issues but Jason being to op is not one of them.
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    Hi all, We are currently working on a more robust system at this time, but to immediately work to curb behavior on unkind behavior with users, our team is going to immediately work to moderate and take action against those that are deliberately taking away from the spirit of the game. We currently have these areas of concern that will result in a ban at this time. Deliberate Third-Party Hacking Software - Anyone caught with automation/speed/wall hacking and other third party macro systems to give them an edge in-game will result in a ban Threats of Violence/Rape/Sexual Assault - Those using Voice Chat to threaten and harass other users with threats of sexual violence, rape and domestic violence to a degree unsuitable for social standards will result in a ban. Racism/Discrimination - Those caught being racist or discriminatory to others will result in a ban. . Deliberately Helping Jason - This one is trickier; we will ban the Jason player and those helping Jason for deliberately 'helping' Jason win a match through killing other teammates or working to farm XP. Qualifying for a ban like this would require full footage of players deliberately working with Jason throughout a match as a means to track down and allow Jason to kill other counselors for the sake of an 'easy game,' on part of Jason, or through various means of continued 'ganging up' on other counselor players throughout a match, hand-in-hand with Jason. We are also looking for other means of helping Jason; such as delivering other counselors via car/boat to Jason as a drop-off service. XP farming, such as continued repair of generators/fusebox and Jason allowing for himself to be killed will also be under review. Deliberate Abuse of Exploits - Exploit usage that results in the deliberate griefing of others to gain an advantage and overall reduce enjoyment for other players will result in a ban. Do Not Pretend to be an Employee of Gun Media or IllFonic - Anyone utilizing usernames that attempt to act as a member of our team or speaks in-game as an employee of our team will result in a ban. Do Not Spam Report Those You Do Not Like - Reporting users needs to be constructive; we do not ban for team-killing. Please only report those you are certain of cheating or exploiting. We will eventually ignore requests from those excessively reporting other users for actions that do not fall within these guidelines. Gun Media holds complete discretion on bans at this time and will work to improve experiences overall. However; at this time bans will be permanent for those caught breaking these major areas of concern. For those reporting; we need 100% verifiable evidence of these actions occurring. A video with usernames displayed and links to usernames is necessary for us to take action. A screenshot will suffice for exploits, however the best bet remains video. We cannot and will not take action without proof. Please email f13game@fearthegun.com with any and all reports of cheating/exploits/harassment.
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    I wanted to address this and set some things straight. First, this is a $100 reward. It's additive and stacks on top of the $400 reward tier and includes the game, DLC and many other things. The reward still includes the ability to influence the development of the game, and we have a long way to go with all the updates we'll be doing for quite some time. The only thing that changed, was the timeframe and for that I apologize. We at Gun and Illfonic have been heads down and doing everything we can to deliver on all fronts, and make a game that the F13 community can be proud of. There has been some insinuations by some in this thread about various things and our intents, but I definitely would like to help close this down and not have anyone further maligned in the process. I emailed Jay and sorted all this out and contacted all the backers of this reward. In the effort to be transparent, I'd like to post one of my replies to his emails. I have asked and have gotten his approval to do this. ---- Hello Jay, So, with everything that has happened I wanted to be clear that this whole Kickstarter and everything we're doing has been new to us. This was our first KS and trip down crowdfunding lane. We've scraped by, and put everything we could into the game. It's always been a new and unproven game design until recently, inherently risky, because there was no roadmap to follow. We were blazing trails on this type of game. It's incredibly hard and stressful to make a game, any game, as it is, and it's very easy for time to get away from you. I'm sure you understand and have had projects in your life that have consumed you, that you've thrown your all into, and still it wasn't enough to get everything you wanted to get done. As well, I'm sure you can understand that with anything in life, plans can change, things can shift, and reality can come at you faster than you can react. This project has been immensely time consuming, especially as a small team. We've all sacrificed sleep, time with our families and sometimes even sanity to get this game done. I'm not making excuses, just talking about the realities we have faced. With all that said, it wasn't magical timing. It's been in the works and just one of the many things on our plate. I understand that you are upset about information that was shared with Charmin, but Charmin had no influence on any design decisions whatsoever. The Community Design team liaisons will have influence, solid suggestions and direction will be acted upon from the input. If you want a refund, I'd be happy to give you one in full. No worries there. You'd still keep the digital content you've received to date, and we'd close out your account. While I wish I could turn back time, find more resources and know what we know now, back then, that's just not reality. I would be personally sad to see you fall away and not be a part of the process going forward, but will do what it takes to make you happy from this point where we're at. Whatever outcome you choose, I want to say thank you for the support and honesty about how you feel. It's very much appreciated, and I'd like to send you something personally (consider it an apology gift from me) regardless of your choice on whether or not to proceed or get a refund. -Randy ---- If you or anyone else has anything else to say on this matter (or any other), please do me the courtesy of coming to me personally by forum private message, email, or twitter DM, before casting disparaging remarks. Thank You.
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    Hello! You may know me as Geekboxing on the Friday the 13th subreddit, or Rydog on Steam. I've spent the last several weeks researching the stats and abilities of counselors and Jason, to help the community with theorycrafting and learning more about the game. I have created a keyed guide to the game's maps, an extensive counselor stat guide, a Jason ability guide, and a data-driven counselor tier list (with a similar one soon to follow for Jason). I am currently in the process of migrating these guides to Steam, and I would love for you to check them out. I will happily migrate them here as well, if that is useful/not frowned upon by mods. Also: Hello to Wes and my old friends at Gun. I am glad to see that this game is doing well! Clearly, I am very taken with it.
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    No offense to you but that's an awful idea. Both of them.
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    Gun probably said...we're gonna need the best in the business on this case, a man that eats and sleeps being with law enforcement...a man that will solve any case...get me Detective BigBoss on the phone...now!
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    I can't believe you made a whole new post about this. Hahaha And I call bullshit on 3 cabins being fully searched before 1 cabin can have both doors baracaded.
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    With the implementation of the report system, I think an honor system would also benefit the game. The way it would work is at the end of each game, at the end screen where you see everyone's results, you could honor another player as Hero if they made an honorable sacrifice, Party girl/guy if you had fun with that player, Mastermind if the player made good calls and helped you avoid death, stuff like that. Then, maybe you could unlock titles, or maybe your honor score could be displayed next to your name or maybe you could get special bling, anything to show other players what your playstyle is and if they can trust you. What do ya'll thinK?
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    As far as the plot of Part V goes, Roy showed the same abilities that Jason did up to Part 4. Remember, this was before zombie Jason was a thing. This was when Jason was more "pseudo-supernatural" since he was not undead. I'll prove it to you. At the start of this clip, Roy bursts through the door to the house. He then WAITS for Reggie and the girl to run out of the house. Then he appears IN FRONT of Reggie, and Reggie was sprinting that whole time. If that's not teleportation, that's a new human land speed record. Roy doesn't "technically" have teleportation powers, but he has movie trope powers of being wherever the plot needs him to be for a slasher film. I.E. pretty much teleportation.
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    Good. Thank you! As for those worrying this will lessen player numbers. Psssh. This will better the game. I think the devs have a lot in store for us all and they have no need for toxic or unwanted players. Let them rot in hell.
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    A lot of you have seen me posting on these forums over the past few weeks. Many of you are familiar with my Friday the 13th Knowledge Base, which is the result of my having dedicated more Earth hours than any human should to exploring, analyzing, and documenting the mechanics of this game in a controlled and as-scientific-as-I-can-manage way. To those who have gotten value out of it: Thank you for reading, and you are very welcome. Outside of this, I'm probably most well-known as "one of those people who likes to debate about balance-oriented matters and this silly 'advanced tech' stuff that so-called 'high-level players' use." A lot of you have engaged me in productive discussions. I've made some of you angry. This is a heated topic, so I'm grateful to everyone no matter what your position. In the name of not derailing other topics with hoity-toity tech-talk, I've asked @Kodiak to allow me a central place to put these matters on the table for anyone who wants to discuss or debate them. There are a lot of diverse views on advanced techniques ("tech"), and I think (or hope, anyway) that it would be useful to have a central place for the developers to see these views. Disclosure: I earn a significant chunk of my living as a game development consultant. This means that I visit game developers and publishers, look at design docs and play video games well before they're ready for public release, and advise developers on how to improve them for general audiences and press. In fact, once upon a time, I was a consultant for Gun Media, back when they engaged in this type of work for other developers (and before they got into game development themselves). I do not consider or discuss these things willy-nilly; I have a very strong body of knowledge and experience that I bring to discussions about mechanics and balance. I don't like tooting my own horn or throwing fancy claims around, but I figure -- for a discussion like this -- that it is useful for you to know what lens I am looking at these types of things through. All that having been said, I want to use this thread to discuss and debate what constitutes an exploit, what ought to be considered valid and viable advanced tech for the game, and how the developers ought to move forward in a way that caters to both a casual and a hardcore audience. Given that Friday the 13th is a competitive asymmetrical multiplayer game, you need both. Casual players form the foundation that the game is built on, and hardcore players are there to ensure that the game is sufficiently deep, as a shallow competitive game is one that doesn't have a long shelf life. To use an analogy that I like to give game developers about competitive balance: Most basketballs aren't purchased by pro players... but if you don't have pro players, you're not going to sell nearly as many basketballs. Given the developers' current lack of communication, and the fact that the game hasn't been patched for three weeks, there's a lot of hand-wringing here (and on other official Friday the 13th channels) about ongoing bugs and exploits. Some players are quite sweeping in terms of what they consider gross exploitation; others (like me and @Pappus) have a pretty nuanced view of where the line ought to be drawn for advanced mechanics. For my part, I think everything falls into the following broad buckets: 1) Obvious, aggressively hostile exploits. This category is straightforward: It includes anything that involves a player going out of their way to achieve an obviously unintended and toxic game state that gives them an advantage, and for which there is no counterplay. The exploiting player is making direct and intentional efforts to do these things, and the opposing side can do nothing, other than give up and lose the game in all cases. Examples include: Glitching onto the Packanack Lodge roof. Going out-of-bounds behind the boat exit. Warping through the car to reach places that Jason can never get you at (and/or that you could never reach normally). Item duping. 2) Bugs. Some behaviors in the game provide obscene, obviously unintended advantages to one side or the other. What defines these is that -- though there tends to be no immediate counterplay -- these situations are not completely game-breaking, and can often occur completely by accident, with no malice actually intended and no unusual action taken by the offending player. These are obviously things that players should not be able to do, but they are the results of normal and otherwise tactically viable actions. You cannot fault other players for these kinds of bugs; in my view, they just become accepted tech until patched. Examples include: Jason's ability to block traps, firecrackers, and flare guns while in combat stance. Counselors bypassing traps with body-blocking. While there IS counterplay to it (i.e. smarter trap placement), it's obviously something that shouldn't be occurring in this way. Knocking Jason across the map with the baseball bat. Block-swinging. 3) Advanced techniques. This is, for the most part, everything else -- anything, unintended or not, that can be done to create moment-to-moment advantages for a player or disadvantages for the opponent. The key factor is that there MUST be some sort of clear opportunity for counterplay. Examples include: Counselors can hit Jason through doors or walls, but he can do the same to them (which makes for some tense standoffs). Jason can Shift over traps without harm, but he is also choosing to expend a valuable resource (i.e. his ability cooldown) in order to gain that advantage, and a savvy counselor could evade him by window-hopping. Counselors can animation-cancel with dodges to land several quick blows in combat stance, but Jason can block these. Jason can cancel a knockdown animation (after mashing E) by entering the knife throw animation. He can currently choose not to throw the knife, but I'd say this should be patched to require him to expend the knife in order to cancel, so that there is a non-negotiable resource cost involved in the choice. Morph-blocking or Morph-trapping. This itself IS counterplay which relies on good map knowledge to defend against Jason's most frequent and/or dangerous Morph spots. Body-blocking Jason's Shift requires careful timing and positioning on the part of a counselor. Again, this itself IS counterplay to -- for instance -- safeguard someone who is using the phone. Body-blocking in general. If you're positioned in front of a repaired phone box to prevent Jason from breaking it, or a car door to prevent the driver from getting grabbed as they turn the key, that -- again -- is counterplay in and of itself. Abduction (grabbing a counselor just as Jason enters the Shift animation, and moving them away from the group) sacrifices a valuable cooldown, which both forces Jason to catch the counselor without it in the first place, and also moves Jason away from others and gives them space to finish objectives, regroup, or flee. Car-surfing (getting onto the roof of the car) might be an edge case, but it does not prevent Jason from attacking and killing the counselor, or forcing them into a situation where they are vulnerable to a grab. If you're one of those who questions the value of advanced tech, I'm afraid I simply don't understand what your stance accomplishes. Advanced tech is a major skill differentiator in any competitive game -- and again, Friday the 13th is a competitive asymmetrical multiplayer game. Without advanced tactics, a game becomes shallow, and shallow competitive multiplayer games are never long for this world. It doesn't matter whether you're an advanced player or not, or whether you "play for fun" or whatever (don't we all play for fun?); it's important to recognize the value that these types of mechanics bring to the table, for the long-term health of this or any other similar game. You may not care about advanced play right now (or ever), but it gives everyone a path to growth and mastery (quite literally moving from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end). I'll remind you all that Street Fighter II's combo system was the result of a programming error, as hits were not supposed to leave opponents in a stunned state long enough to enable more successive hits. The entire fighting game genre owes its existence to an unintended bug (which turned out to be a feature!). So these are sometimes good bugs, even if the developers didn't anticipate them. And if you don't think Friday the 13th has anything to do with fighting games, I say look again! You are directly fighting an opponent in a 3D space, and moves have startup frames, active frames, and recovery frames. Different attacks have different properties, swing times, stun chance, and so forth. The fighting mechanics are similar to 3D fighting games like Tekken or Soulcalibur or even For Honor, and this provides a useful frame of reference for how to regard Friday the 13th. I know Friday the 13th is not ONLY these mechanics, but as this is the area where most of the angst around advanced tech comes in, it's really useful to think about it in similar terms. Gun Media is not reinventing the wheel here, after all. As a final aside, I will say this: Really skilled players of any game approach things with something resembling an "exploit-y" mindset. The players who discover new data and powerful techniques are the ones who approach systems with an intent to learn how they work, and leverage those systems to the fullest. The difference between top-tier players and actual exploiters (like whoever came up with the account spoofing script) is how they use their information. It's kinda like the term "hacker" -- when we hear this, we all think of the bad people who use ransomware and such for personal gain. But a lot of hackers out there are who they are because they are curious about how things work. What I'm ultimately saying is that the core mindset of these two groups is not so different. The value of these kinds of players cannot be overstated, when it comes to "breaking" games and ensuring strong balance. To close out: Thanks for reading all of this, even if we don't see eye-to-eye. I really like this game (probably a little too much). I don't want to see it taper off, either from lack of support or from shallow mechanics. I hope this starts a good conversation, I hope it doesn't drive @Kodiak mad enough to lock it, and I hope it gives Gun Media (@wes @Randygbk @GunMedia_Ben) some good info. TL;DR Advanced techniques breathe life and longevity into a competitive game, and shallow games die. Skill differentiation is good for the game, and for players of all levels. Whoever you are, and whatever your reason for purchasing and playing this game, this should matter to you.
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    The game needs the player base, and it doesn't make them "trashy posers" just because they are understandably upset about something that is so broken on XBONE that I'm surprised that platform even has a single player left at this stage I do not own an XBOX, but I do sympathize with all the XBONE users, since I am incredibly frustrated with the BETA level product that we are playing on Steam and PS4, so I don't even want to know how they feel with their early ALPHA version I have only been on this forum for 5 weeks, but overall, the morale has gone backwards by a very large margin, and by many hardcore franchise fans that were totally in love with every aspect of the game, but that has withered with each passing day that Gun Media remains radio silent about the future of the game, gives questionable responses via their twitter, almost going borderline rude to fans, and the latest, locking an official forum from new registrations I sincerely hope that these guys haven't sailed off into the sun set, just because they had a great vision of a great game, and just don't want to handle the aftermath of selling an unfinished product, while sitting with our money. I personally don't even care about having paid for this title twice, but what I do care about is absolutely zero concern to address game breaking issues, and PR that is completely non-existent.
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    This is not a constructive conversation and what I am seeing is multiple tags in a post in hopes to bombard an answer out of someone. Host quitting is an issue that is known and things are being discussed. There is not an answer at this time which is why you have not received an answer. Like I've said before, Ben has several places that he must tend to. Most AAA games there is limited / no interaction from the community manager aside from announcements. I feel because this is an indie game that some feel that they are owed answers outside the norm. The answer here is that it is known and when something is available to be announced it will be. Some are frustrated on the time line and I am sorry you are frustrated. I play primarily on Xbox 1 so I can understand but demanding answers will not yield results any faster. This thread borders on an attempt to incite a situation and I will not have that. You are attending SDCC? Cool, want to ask a question? Cool, but I will not allow such a thread to continue which is hostile in nature.
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    It appears Gun has gone dark. They have have donned their ghillie suits and equipped their silencers. Their hasn't been any meaning full communication on facebook since the third, twitter the fourth, and here I don't even remember when we were given some meaningful info. Xbox is still missing the latest patch and the last ps4 update crashes my game now more than ever. When I can even find a game that is. I'm sure they'll say they are hard at work fixing the game but this new silent treatment is worse than their terrible update Release predictions. Hope they pull themselves together real soon, because this is getting ridiculous. Almost two months after release and game is still barely playable. Not to mention the lack of content. I would be alright with the limited content for now if I could play consistently. But, now with the litany of problems I'm getting annoyed with how terrible this game launch was and starting to lose interest. It's a fun game when it works, but there's the problem. It doesn't work most of the time and when it does work I have to contend with some game breaking bug or glitch. I would love to hear from the team about some progress because trying to play this broken game is beyond frustrating.
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    1st suicide gets to come back as Crazy Ralph. Unlimited stamina and starts on bicycle. He goes around making tons of noise screaming, "you're all doomed." causes fear in counselors and distracts Jason with noise. Just an overall a-hole.
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    @Bigboss831 is your man in regards to information on that. He is extremely busy, working tirelessly around the clock at the heart of the investigation at the moment though. So a reply is not always possible. Information may be too sensitive to divulge or if currently undercover, the release of information could compromise his cover. If you have information on the case itself he may be contacted in the strictest confidence at: Frank.Drebin@Police.Squad
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    I've had my 4th match in a row where half the people quit mid execution and I lose the points just because some kids get salty over being killed. It should count as soon as the execution starts.
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    Hi, I know there has been a lot of negativity lately with the reddit fiasco, 0XP, constant crashes, lack of host migration and bad player ethics. Its hard to have a great game be ruined by this and not be upset. I started to think though if I was contributing to the toxic environment lately and I came up with a few things I am going to try and do to help do my part to get this community to where it needs to be so we can hop on and enjoy a game without feeling angry all the time. I am not talking here about not Tking or glicthicng - I mean what can good honest players do to help makes this better. Here are a few things I think we can all do to help: 1. Keep your anger in check - what started this whole reddit thing was one guy losing his mind over bad behavior. If someone is doing something wrong then call them out on it, swear at them etc. But don't cross the line and maintain basic decency. Think about it like road rage - you can yell and put the finger up at them, but getting out and hitting them with a crowbar or telling them to have oral sex with their child in the car is not right. Try to be at least a little civil. 2. Don't stereotype - by this I mean kids with high voices. I know for the most part they annoy people, but if they are playing the game properly then let them play. Its their parents job to stop them, not ours. If they are toxic then please call them out on it, but I have encountered some that are fine and people still give them grief over their voice and age. Hate the game, not the player so to speak. If they are good players then welcome them, don't attack them 3. Don't report everything - its a game, and shit will happen at times.Let's not make this a snitch game. For me, there are certain things that fit within the game that are unethical. for instance, if you were being chased by a killer would you lead him by the hand to others or shoot your teammates with a gun? Of course not. But, would you tell him that others are escaping or point out where they are to save yourself? You might - so doing something like that I think is okay (maybe a bit dickish) in the context of the game. If someone does something small then give them a warning. Try not the be trigger happy on the bans. 4. Excessively Mock bad Jasons - everyone is learning and I know it sucks to jump into a game with a Part 3 Jason who goes 0/7 and traps nothing and you all escape without trying. Its easy to yell at them for being stupid etc. But this is just going to alienate players. I have seen some great people try and help them over mic etc or tell them to go read resources. Lets try to make inexperienced players better if we can. 5. Mix it up - as you get into the later levels you start to memorize maps and start complaining about lack of maps and content/depth. Once thing I have done is randomize the player choices so that you can try using ones you would not normally use and can play them in character. You can be a fixer, a runner, a fighter etc. If I am Vanessa I run things, if I can Deb I fix and if I am Chad I am a dick It adds to the replay value and is fun to role play and also won't make you as mad at the lack of content if all you do is run AJ all the time. 6. Don't spawn kill - this one might be a bit more controversial but it really sucks to kill someone right off the bat. If you are Jason and you morph to the car and you see someone running away, try not to chase and kill them within a minute. If they are putting gas or something in the car then please grab them, but often people will realize where they are and try to get away. Let them go and you won't have people sitting by ideally for 18 mins of the game getting mad at how it works. Its just more fun that way and if you are a good Jason totally unnecessary. 7. Help others - similar to not mocking, sometimes you have green players who don't know how to drop things etc. Try and help them out, don't kill them and take it to speed it up. Eventually they will get better and the community will be stronger for it. I know I am guilty of these things as well - but I think as a forum/community we can do little things for the long term health of the game
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    Devs, When a player dies with the fuse, the fuse becomes bugged on the ground next to the dead corpse and nobody can pick it up to repair the phone box to call the police. Please fix this so that counselors have a chance to escape fairly. Thanks.
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    So, let me get this straight, two people were calling a couple female players "whores" and a minor a "faggot"... and also suggesting one of the women to begin engaging in sexual relations with the child... So the women stop playing the game normally long enough so as to defend the kid by teamkilling the two griefers (not so that Jason can win the game, which would be breaking the rules mind you, but so that their disgusting griefing of said minor would stop) and then returned to playing the game normally once the two idiots were dead... A report gets submitted with evidence of the very offensive wrongdoings and bans are appropriately handed out to the offenders... who just so happen to start a fire on some forums where their side of the story makes them out to be the burn victims, yet they have no evidence of their own to submit against the girls... Now, Gun is under fire for determining correctly from the evidence submitted that there was no wrong doing on the girls' part for standing up for the kid (likely playing as Jason) and putting a stop to the two pedos profanities and promptly reporting them and having them banned... So, a lot of folks get up in arms because of "double-standards" and "two-wrongs don't..." and "blah-blah-blah's" while I'm sitting here with this crooked look on my face just floored at how Gun and these girls are somehow the bad guys here...? Did I miss something? Were they helping Jason to win (which is bannable) or doing the only immediate and respectable thing two mature adults could do to protect a child from perverts given the situation... smacking those dudes' bitch-asses to spectate purgatory and now ban hell? Let those filthy effers burn. And my praise to you gals and Gun!
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    This just in from GunMedia on the topic:
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    I disagree. I have gotten away many times from Jason while he has tried to break down a door.
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    I am not sure where you think this boat load of cash came from. It costs money to create these things and it's not a little bit of money to do so either. Gun is committed to fully supporting the game and who knows what will happen down the road as far as freebies go but to be realistic about it, it is not like anyone is knee deep in cash due to an overabundance of it.
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    .......so when does this game leave early access?
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    I personally don't care. I don't see the teleporting as cannon "magic". I see it as the game is mimicking schlock gimmicks in old 80s movies. The same way I don't think that the VHS static proves Jason distorts reality like it's analog tape. The powers just facilitate a gimmick. Like Jasons ability to catch up even when he don't run. This game does not convince me that Jason teleports in the movies nor do I think the devs intended that.
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    As @bewareofbears put it, Roy is jason up until hes not. He deserves to be in the game.
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    Well, i'm at least very disappointed in their handling of the launch and post launch issues, as well as their lack of any substantial information concerning updates and fixes. This was a crowdfunded game and while that doesn't mean we will get a say in it's development we the loyal fans of the franchise and backers are what will keep this game going when others start losing interest. While most companies are large enough to not need fan input this company is not. This game will require Gun to engage it's community or it will fail. If they don't listen to what players want or engage with us they will lose their already limited player base and this game will fizzle out and die in no time. I have disagreed with Gun more than once and have told them so when I do. I'm not one of their yes men. I want to see this game succeed and sometimes that requires tough love. I'm active in this community and help other users when I can and contribute my ideas and to others ideas when i have something to add. This community is to add to the overall game experience, discuss problem, seek answers, contribute ideas, and build a solid player base. For Gun to ignore this forum is just bad judgement in my opinion. Might be too late at that point.
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    No matter in what state this game remains, it will always be a guilty pleasure. Especially to us old folks who grew up on the original films. And super especially with alcohol. Yeah.
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    You can choose as many as you like. If there's something other than what's listed above, specify in your comment. Maybe this will help @wes, @Randygbk, @GunMedia_Ben and the other folks at Gun and Illphonic get a better grasp on what the most pressing issue or issues are to the community.
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    With the potential abandoned camp map that may be added, I thought I'd share some pics from my vacation at Lake Tahoe. I took a wrong turn and ended up at an abandoned camp. My camera filter on my phone brightened up the lighting but at dusk it was very creepy. I loved it and would be excited for such a map.
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    All existing Thick Skinned perks were apparently nerfed. Mine went from 41% to 17% overnight. There is some testing going on right now to ascertain the impact. The devs really need to issue patch or hotfix notes when things like this happen.
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    In fairness to Gun every time they do try to communicate with us, they just get shit on anyway.
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    Should leave? I don't think you're in the position to tell people to leave. If you don't like a post or poster you can just not reply... The "Sumbit Reply" button isn't mandatory.
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    How else would a phone box grow?
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    Short but good story. Spawned in crystal lake. Me and a random head towards a cabin, he literally says" as soon as i get a weapon im killing you. So he finds a weapon and starts swinging. I run, he chases me. Jason shows up, i say Jason help me please this guys a teamkiller killer. Jason tells the guy, " I dont care if everyone else escapes as long as i kill u so u might as well leave. The guy the then quits lol
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    Anyone glitching or exploiting of any form deserves permanent instant ban in my opinion. As for you they'll need to provide sufficient evidence if they are going to attempt to report you for whatever you did (sorry I could barely understand what you wrote it doesnt make much sense).
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    First off- 300 accounts banned. You do not know what reason for. Its up to you to trust if the devs are pulling weeds out of their garden or pissing in the flowers. As for me? I 100% trust Gun Media knows exactly what kind of scum don't belong in our playground. And I can't wait to see more banned for harming this game and costing people countless hours of grief. That goes for team killers, roof glitchers, hackers, racists and Jason helpers alike. Send them all to video game hell! Edited to add- I'm not concerned with how long these asshats go without f13 access. Not one bit.
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    There are topics on this already, such as my own: I ammend my part 4 Jason to the following: +Can Run +Stalk +Sense Cooldown -Morph -Less Hit Points -Traps