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    Virtual Cabin 2.0 is coming in the next update to Friday the 13th: The Game! The new Virtual Cabin is an expansion and complete overhaul of the original that we launched prior to release of the full game on PC. For those unfamiliar; the Virtual Cabin is a combination museum to Friday the 13th: The Game, and an interactive dev diary! 2.0 is far larger in scope, not only with information and accessibility, but it includes far more than meets the eye if you start to explore. Why explore? Well…...we’ve added a ton of stuff hidden below the surface. The secrets in the updated Virtual Cabin are completely new. The more you explore, the more you’ll discover, and the more everything becomes clear to you. The Virtual Cabin is not what it seems, and it will take everything you have to unlock its secrets. Our team is really looking forward to seeing just how long it takes everyone to play through the full experience. That said; Virtual Cabin 2.0 is a complete re-imaging of our first iteration, and it has been completely upgraded to be more challenging and far more expansive. We encourage you to keep plugging away, because nothing is what it seems, and there is so much to discover. All it takes is finding the key.
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    Those of you who know me know I'm usually limited to gameplay on weekends and holidays -- because I'm a working schmuck who commutes over two hours to work each day, and after meals, cleanup, kids to bed, and chores -- when I have to choose between F13 and sleep, guess which usually wins?? That not withstanding, I got to play a bit on Saturday. At the time, there were no friends to be had, so it was "QuickPlay or No Play" for me. So I jumped into a full room. "Hey everyone!" *silence* "Nobody else has a mic?" *silence* "Oooo-kayy, I'll shut up now before you all mute me." Game play begins. My first time playing as Deborah. Looking forward to fixing all kinds of neat $#!&. Immediately find a knife, a walkie, and the FUSE! Neat! "Hey guys! Got the fuse! Anyone seen the fusebox?" *silence* Ugh. So I run to the next cabin. Med spray. Cool! THEN -- everything instantly goes into slow motion and turns an amber hue. They're killing Jason!! What??!! But it's been less than TWO MINUTES!! Game ends. Trophies and XP awarded. Me: "Well, you guys were either incredibly coordinated, or incredibly lucky!" *silence* Game starts again. Ol' Deb beats her nerdy little tushy to the nearest cabin. AGAIN, I find the fuse almost immediately. 2-3 houses later, THERE'S the fuse box! And it's trapped, but quite poorly. I start fixing it without triggering the trap, get it done in 0.5 seconds -- embarrassing the crap out of the entire Kensington family line. I race inside and call the po-po. Timer starts. WOW! I got the cops called within the first 90 seconds of gameplay! None of the other objectives are started, so I meander to a good midway point between the two exits and wait. One minute left to go. THEN -- Slow motion and amber again. Jason dies. AGAIN. And as previously, within the first five minutes of the game. Okay, this is getting weird. It happens THREE MORE TIMES in subsequent games. EVERY Jason dies. New players are coming in, and at the end of each round, each player who played Jason comes over the mic and either congratulates the silent room or yells obscenities at them before leaving. Finally -- it's me. In all my retro 8-bit purple-and-blue glory. And I know what's coming. I grab knives, trap the fuse box, then go to trap both cars. ONE dude is standing at the first car, not doing much of anything. He takes a wimpy swipe at me, but I grab him and dispatch him quickly. Then I return to business. AS SOON as I drop the last trap: *CYMBAL CRASH!!* "They're here, Jason! Don't let them take Mommy!!" The game . . . is afoot! Rather than dropping right in on a coordinated ambush, I drop on Stalk and port about 50 feet away from the shack. I'm behind the shack, and they're all in front. So I run up to the back wall, then squeeze in around it. And there's Jarvis, machete in hand, with his back to me. Jarvis spawns with a knife now. So I drop my purple axe upon him with a satisfying crunch and a loud "NOOOOOOOO!" He whirls around and smacks me ONCE with the machete. INSTANTLY, my mask flies off. "WHAT??!!", thought I. I take another swipe at him. He limps away to spray. Then I get attacked by the others to stall for him, but I'm on Jarvis like flies on my mother-in-law's Hungarian goulash. As soon as he sprays: "Jason? Mother is talking to you. Put the knife down." I'm hitting my Resist button like crazy, and the dude with the stunner bat is approaching. I snap out of it just in time to run forward and miss his bat swing. Again I swipe Jarvis twice with the axe, and he's limping again. Another counselor runs up to him -- presumably to spray him, but I ran between them to block and swiped Jarvis again. "errrrppphhh" *dies* Someone: *every expletive you've ever heard* The other counselors instantly scatter -- their plans dashed against the walls of broken dreams. The normal hunt resumes. I get one or two rather quickly. I get another in my phone box trap. Then, it's down to just me and the room host -- who's playing Vanessa. Finally find her in a cabin standing near a window behind the couch, DANCING. I circle around the couch, and she starts playing "All Around the Mulberry Bush" with the couch. I try knives. She dodges all. I try relentless pursuit. She evades. I try stopping and waiting. She frickin' DANCES. I even try walking out of the cabin and around the corner, turning on Stalk, then Morphing over to her -- but she slipped my grab and got around the couch again. More mulberry bush. This goes on for a LONG time. Time MUST be almost expired by now. Finally, I get as CLOSE to the couch as I can and do a hard grab with her on the other side, AND I GRAB HER!! Host: "Bull $#!%!! Bull $#!%!! BULL $#!%!!" I must tell you, I've never heard a more satisfying crunch as I did with her head. "You killed 8/8." Return to lobby. "LOADING . . . " "You were kicked. Host has left the game." Salty, salty, salty. Now mind you, I was MORE than happy to collect all that yummy XP for the repeated Jason kills. However, I wasn't going to be one of those guys they just came in and trolled. Purple Retro Jason took a big, hairy dump in their punch bowl and force-fed it to them. Then. I received a friend request from the host. Heh heh heh. So. How'd you spend YOUR weekend?
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    Nope. It's bullshit. All of it. I was in there for this part of the stream and Randy just kept digging the grave deeper and deeper. I did legitimately laugh when he got to the part about the grab range being a bug ALL THIS TIME. This game really is still in beta.
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    Just had a series of disappointing matches again tonight, and despite playing almost daily since release, my entire playgroup tonight (all 5 of us) decided together that we'd had enough, and are done unless the game gets a drastic rebalance, and recaptures its original spirit. One of the things that tipped us over the edge was listening to a series of talking Jasons during matches who sounded genuinely depressed at playing him, and as counselors, we had to actually offer constant encouragement to Jason-fucking-Voorhees in the middle of playing to prevent them from quitting. I even let one kill me (pretending I was trying to escape), as I felt so bad for him, and just wanted to boost his confidence. This is absolutely absurd that this is the case, and was the final nail in the coffin for us. The developers have shot themselves in the foot so badly that they've taken their entire leg off. We've totally exhausted our good will for the game, and thus also our patience with the constant glitches too. It's been months and months since release, and frankly, it's an insult that the developers have so little respect for their audience and their product that this shit remains unfixed (and actually keeps getting worse) and we're just expected to live with it. As if it's just the way of the world and sloppy work is the norm. Well, no more. I refuse to be indoctrinated into seeing negligent and incompetent management of a product I paid good money for as reasonable behaviour. I also refuse to let you hide behind your bullshit "Aw, shucks! We're just a small indie studio!" excuses anymore. Your attitude to your customers sucks, and you've needlessly ruined a product that used to be great, turning it into a parody of what the Kickstarter promised. You only got away with it for so long due to people's affection and nostalgia for the franchise, and their desire to go the extra mile in patience to see such a project succeed. But now you've abused that patience, and started to make a mockery out of the films - we're out. All of us. Of course I understand many people will see this and just think "Bye Felicia", and of course that's fine - I'm not fishing for sympathy - but I thought it was important to make a topic where people feeling the same way can express that.
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    Hey all, we're going to do this a little differently and show you the upcoming patch notes a bit before launch. This is not all-inclusive, as we have quite a bit of content coming with the next patch as well, and we don't want to spoil the surprise in patch notes. After release we will update this post to be all inclusive. Counselors Large items are now properly hidden for counselors operating the CB radio Addressed some issues that were causing counselor ragdolls to behave incorrectly Fox's character model now properly casts a full shadow Made adjustments to various counselor outfits that were behaving incorrectly Addressed some issues that were causing players to become interaction locked Fixed an issue with the baseball bat not properly calculating durability Jason Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause Jason to clip through terrain while in shallow water Addressed an issue causing Jason's own location icon and morph reticle to sometimes not appear on the map Fixed a bug that allowed Jason to interact with the fuse box while also holding a counselor Fixed a bug that allowed players to escape Pamela's Sweater stun by activating Jason's morph ability at the exact same time Made improvements to the camera angles used for Part 4 Jason's cinematic kills Fixed a bug that caused Part 7 Jason to sometimes behave incorrectly after being stunned by a pocket knife Fixed a bug that caused some of Jason's environmental kills to allow more uses than intended Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter combat stance while in the middle of Jason's grab animation Fixed a bug that prevented Jason's traps from properly triggering when a Counselor is entering a repaired vehicle Fixed a visual bug that caused Jason’s blocking animation to not show properly after blocking an attack Fixed a collision issue with Jason's throwing knives Perks Medical Sprays will no longer contain extra charges after being dropped by a counselor with the Medic perk equipped. Reduced the effectiveness of the Heavy Hitter perk User Interface Repair Part Icons are no longer able to appear beneath the default Map Location Icons Fixed a bug that was causing an incorrect amount of kills to be shown on the scoreboard Sound Reduced the volume of Part 9 Jason’s music Fixed various audio issues occurring with some of Jason’s environmental kills Maps General Added additional item spawns to campsites Lowered the maximum amount of Medical Sprays that are able to spawn in drawers Increased the minimum distance that the fuse can spawn from the phone box Added countermeasures to prevent players from parking vehicles in front of Jason’s shack Removed various exploit spots on all maps Removed objects on various maps that were blocking the use of some of Jason’s environmental kills Jarvis House Added more variation to the possible cabin types and cabin spawn locations Added additional item spawns and environmental kills in the Jarvis House and Vacation House Adjusted repair item spawn locations to no longer spawn at inaccessible locations Corrected various collision issues that were blocking player movement Higgins Haven Fixed a bug that caused the "HIGGINS HAVEN 1984" text to sometimes appear during a match Removed some assets that were spawning inside on another Higgins Haven (Small) Removed a tire that would sometimes block the phone repair box by Blair Cove Matchmaking Added an option in private matches to toggle Rain On/Off/Random Made adjustments to the lobby system to more evenly distribute the chances for players to be chosen as Jason Players who choose the ‘Counselor’ option in the ‘Spawn Preference’ menu will no longer be chosen as Jason (unless there are no other options)
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    Hey counselors and slashers, as Courier said last week, the next update for Friday the 13th: The Game is more focused on bug fixes and content than balance, but there will be some differences that will change how you play. We have added item spawn locations to campsites. This means that you could find a Pocket Knife or Medical Spray amongst the tents. Still on the topic of defensive items, a Medical Spray dropped by a player using the Medic perk will no longer have additional uses if a counselor without the Medic Perk equipped picks the item up. We have altered the spawn parameters of the fuse required to fix the phone box. At times the fuse would spawn too close to the objective, allowing for extremely quick fixes of the phone. The fuse will no longer spawn in the same building as the phone box. The last of the balance updates is a reduced effective range of the Heavy Hitter perk. The previous value range increased Jason stun time by 10% to 40%. These range values have been decreased to 5% and 15%. You’re still knocking Jason flat for long enough to begin your escape, but the stun duration will be far shorter. We will have more information on the update, including patch notes, more in-depth looks at new features, and a release date, in the coming days.
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    @Randygbk - Hopefully you can take the time to read through the thread and see why your comments are coming off as extremely ignorant in the eyes of the community. Jason is currently broken. Between the T-Rex arms, insanely bad hit detection, and all the different bugs preventing Jason from interacting - or at times even moving at all - I don't know how you could say "Jason is fine. Counselors just got better" unless you're just being willfully ignorant. I can understand not wanting to respond to pressing matters on a live stream, but to dismiss the fact that Jason is currently broken is downright irresponsible. You're better than that..
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    From the time this game came out in May all the way up to the late October patch I have had roughly 200 friends on PS4 consistently playing this game. I had a choice of well over 10 lobbies to join with countless invites among my friends. These lobbies led to meeting even more players and there was never a time or day that I couldn't hop on and fill a lobby within seconds. Post patch? These people have dropped like flies. Nobody plays the game anymore, myself included. Of the 200+ friends I had CONSISTENTLY playing Friday ... there's about 6 maybe 7 that still do. Quick play? If I so chose to hop into quick play (which I had when it was assumed Pamela Tapes could only be found in quick play matches) you could leave a lobby with bad pings to host or lobbies with obnoxious players and easily find several other lobbies to choose from and find one you were comfortable with joining. Post patch? Leave a lobby with bad ping and search again it will put you back into the very same game. Leave again? MAYBE you'll find 1-2 alternate lobbies. There is a problem. Everyone knows there's a problem. If they are denying it, they'll soon face reality when it hits the wallet because numbers don't lie. If you're trying to tell me that brand new players have "gotten better" as counselors and suddenly everyone who has played the game since launch just started sucking as Jason? That clearly shows that the devs are out of touch, or are just flat out denying the facts. Jason was nerfed and it was made far too easy to be a counselor.
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    ...and everyone was terrible. I've never seen counselors worse in my entire 6 months with the game. Even considering we visited about 6 different lobbies, plus the regular lobby churn. I had Jason as my preference, and got him every 3rd or 4th match, which makes me believe almost nobody wants to play as him anymore. Even with the Jason nerf, I killed everyone each match simply by virtue of how overconfident and incompetent counselors are these days. I regularly had people squaring up against me in the open without backup rather than retreating. Nobody had any fear at all. AJs were trying to rush me with machettes. As Jason is so poor these days, it seems like the skill of the average counselor has dropped to match, as there's no challenge for them to use to improve. And on the rare occasion they encounter a 101 Jason who honed their skills pre-patch, they just get annihilated, because they're so used to using him as a punching bag that they have no idea of what to do when one fights back intelligently. Most matches, the counselors tried killing me as a matter of routine, and failed spectacularly. Killing Jason now seems like as normal an objective as fixing up the car. He's now the victim, and they're the hunters, which is ridiculous. Likewise, in every counselor match I was in, we easily killed Jason. I actually felt sorry for him. He takes such a beating, his mask falls off as a matter of course most matches. As nobody wants to play as him, I get the impression most current players have very little experience with him as they set their preference as counselor. As a result, this just creates a cycle that dumbs the game down into nothingness. Where as with a fearsome Jason, everyone was forced to raise their game. With a joke of a Jason that has no room to learn, everyone's skills erode. How is he supposed have space to learn and get better when he has to fight a 8 v1 against coordinated humans and defend 3 objectives simultaneously, and defend against getting killed, when he can't even grab people in front of him? Randy tried to make out in his streams that the counselors have improved, and this is just a natural evolution of the game. I call bullshit on that. The last time I saw counselors this bad at the game was in the first few weeks. The counselors have gotten much worse. It's just Jason is in such a sorry state, that even with all that they seem better in comparison. And these weren't players in the first 10 levels, but mid 30s on average, which suggests people who bought the retail version or got it for Halloween. This is all they've ever known. All the 'improved' counselors seem to have abandoned the game entirely, other than the occasional curious 101 who's essentially just farming easy kills for achievements. I'm shocked at how badly the game has regressed. Not just in terms of balance and atmosphere, but player ability in general. And the only people to blame are the developers.
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    I think something that has been lost on many in this community for some time, is the sheer audacity of what has been taken on by the development team, and what they have been able to accomplish. To many of the users on this site, Friday the 13th is a property of mythical proportions, but keep in mind that it is a property that its own film studio deemed too risky to bother greenlighting a new movie. To outside observers, the Friday the 13th franchise is a relic at worst and a novelty at best. We have a game on our hands that not only incorporates an underloved property, but elevates it and reveres it. Reading the excerpt about this game in an article I just encountered, reminded me that I have the ability to wander into Tommy Jarvis's childhood home, and see his Masters of the Universe Ram-Man figure on his shelf. I can stroll past the spot where Ned embarrassed himself in front of the cop, the afternoon before he was murdered. I get to climb out the same kitchen window that Ginny did while trying to escape Jason in Part 2. When I'm alerted to Jason's presence, it is by the familiar score, that Harry Manfredini rewrote for this game. I get to stomp through the woods as Jason Voorhees, himself. Mind you, it's not a generic Jason, with grey, tattered clothes, and a pristine white hockey mask, but a convincing replication of one of the many screen appearances of the man. I'm not even controlling the motions of some random mocap actor. I'm getting to control a Jason moving just like Kane Hodder did, because these guys hired Kane Hodder to reprise the role. That last part, we couldn't even get out of the producers of the Freddy versus Jason movie. Name another horror franchise that has been recreated as lovingly in video game form. I can't think of one. We are in uncharted waters with this game. I wouldn't begin to claim that this game was perfect, nor would its developers. But this game has by no means cut Jason's nuts off, as some of our members claim. My main problem with the game comes from the actions of other players, rather than the limitations of the game itself. The development team has acknowledged these problems and has taken on excruciatingly expensive measures to help alleviate them. My intent here is not to scold. My intent is to remind this community that this game shouldn't even exist. No AAA developer wanted this property. Nobody else out there cares enough about Jason to do more than treat him as an add-on character to fight and lose against their own licensed characters. This team did care, and that passion bleeds out of every frame of the game. It is heartbreaking for me that so many of us have lost that sense of wonder for what we have. Thanks for reading. TL,DR:
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    Wow! I can’t believe we won Best Independent Game for Friday the 13th: The Game at the Golden Joystick awards. I wish we were there to be able to accept the award and say thank you at the show, but we’ve been working hard on all the new upcoming content. It’s truly an honor and I want to thank the community for supporting the game and voting for us to win this! We couldn’t have done it without you and wouldn’t be here to receive this award if it wasn’t for you. I also want to thank Gun Media for trusting us with their baby and the support they have given to us. Finally, I want to thank the IllFonic team for all their hard work, all the late nights, stressful days and believing that this could turn into something big. I know it wasn’t easy and didn’t come without a slew of issues but what this award really means to us is that the players and community recognized the true independent nature that this game was built upon which was one of the most challenging tasks we have ever taken on as a company. We learned a lot while building this game and hope to bring that knowledge into all future content and projects. Again, we really thank each and everyone one of you who helped turn our dreams into a reality. Chuck Brungardt CEO // IllFonic
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    Jason is currently a zombie piñata. He can be stunned by feathers, balloons and light gusts of wind also.
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    After a brief conversation with @Redcat345, I did some thinking on how I would like to see Mrs. Voorhees implimented as a playable killer. This is an idea for a 4 vs. 1 game featuring Pamela as the killer, built on suggestions from @Redcat345 and others in the past. Pamela Voorhees Strengths & Weaknesses: Option 1 Strengths +Stalk +Can Run (as fast as an average counselor) +Weapon Strength Weaknesses -Can't Shift -Destruction -Grip Strength This option allows Pamela to morph on par with an average Jason. Strengths & Weaknesses: Option 2 Strength +Shift +Can run (as fast as an average counselor) +Weapon Strength Weaknesses -Can't morph -Destruction -Grip Strength This option allows Pamela to shift but she can't exit shift in view of counselors- similar to how spawning as a zombie works in Left 4 Dead. Weapon Knife Alternatively, Pamela could use all edged weapons (axe, machete) Combat Pamela can crawl in and out of windows and hide in any hiding spot. Pamela's speed crawling in and out of windows or hiding spots is faster than any counselor, as well as completely silent. Pamela's stalk is abnormally long in duration, allowing for jump scares. Pamela has kills, that if she is hiding in a closet and a counselor walks past- she can perform an environmental jump scare kill. Pamela's combat is the same or similar to counselors. Pamela must first stun a counselor before being able to perform a grab kill. Pamela's grab kills are low-impact: stabbings, throats cut, etc. Pamela can run as fast as an average counselor but her stamina is significantly higher, walking does not have a stamina cost. Traps Pamela has no traps but is able to use the same bear traps as counselors. Sabotage As suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can sabotage escape options- she can remove the battery from the vehicle or propeller from the boat. Depending on balance, this option could be limited to once per vehicle and boat per match. Maps This mode uses only the small maps. The escape options are limited to the boat, two seater and match time expiration. No guns spawn. Jason's shack doesn't spawn. The two seater is Pamela's Jeep. Pamela's Kill Conditions Scenario #1: Suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can only be killed on the beach, with an axe or machete- the possibility of these conditions are heightened by the boat being a main escape option Scenario #2: Pamela can only be killed by the final remaining counselor, after a struggle mini game is won. The mini game favours Pamela. Scenario #3: Suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can only be killed by a new hero character: Alice Pamela's Customization Pamela's base appearance will be as she appeared in first film Pamela will have an alternate skin, as zombie Pamela from Part 3 As I said at the beginning of this post, these are a mixture of new and old ideas. Feel free to add or suggest what you think would improve on these ideas.
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    @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @lHeartBreakerl @bewareofbears @TheHansonGoons @Tattooey @Brigadius @AldermachXI @Alkavian @DamonD7 @JPops @Kodiak @thatdudescott @NthnButAGoodTime @Tommy86 @Risinggrave @Dolemite @ZooMalfunction @Max Walker @Ghostboy20 @Redrum138 @PlayerAgainstTheMachine @WashingtonJones @Splatterhouse @TheButtonMasher @Charlie Chainsaw @TiffanyCox @Moe9999633 @tyrant666 @BoxingRouge @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow @RKSDooM @ColdArmy13 @Truth @CPLhicks31 @Maddogg_8121 @Rexfellis @lasse_hei @MichaelMemers @NoOneK9503 @lazerus_86 @Corkenstein @Barbara Ann @Hal Bailman @Alien_Number_Six @Cokeyskunk @Davidt @havek @illchuck @Randygbk New video - Xbox One - 12/9/2017
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    Starve someone for a while and then hand them some food. I highly doubt they will eat it will composure or grace. They will rip into it with little tact or civility. Such is human nature. The same can be said here. Community engagement and interaction is far too inconsistent. The community is tired of being ignored for long periods of time only to be met with a trollish(regardless if it was meant or not to be trollish, it was) reply. Then to be followed up with a tone deaf reply? I don't really blame people for being upset by it especially since some have been dealing with it for 6 months now. Again, regardless of how it was intended, you can obviously see the community is at a boiling point. It isn't just one person. It's multiple people across multiple platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and even here. That is a clear sign something is extremely wrong on the communication front. This isn't anything new and it has been a constant problem since day one. Community management has been awful for a while. It sucks for the new guy because pretty much he was handed a ticking time bomb that was already at 1 second and is being asked to defuse it. Pretty shitty thing to do honestly. Ignore/Dont actively engage the community for 6 months so they are extremely frustrated and then pass it off to someone else while washing your hands clean of it.
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    Hey everyone, We wanted to give you all an update on the status of this upcoming patch. There are currently no planned patches to be released during November. We’re still working on some of the new content that will be included in this next update. We recently announced that we will be raising the current level cap up to 150, but that’s likely the least exciting part of this patch and we’re definitely looking forward to that. The only hint we can provide right now is this: check the planned content road map. There have also been many questions about balance changes for this upcoming patch and we want to make it clear that this will not be a balance focused patch. This does not mean that we won’t be making any adjustments to balance, but there certainly won’t be as many high impact changes like the previous patch. A majority of this upcoming patch will be focused on introducing new content and fixing bugs. We acknowledge that Jason currently requires some additional tuning and we will be releasing a few posts in these following weeks with information regarding some of the recent balance changes. There is currently no ETA for the new patch at this time, but the plan is to release the patch immediately after everything has been completed and approved on all the platforms.
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    Hey, everyone! Apologies for posting this so late. Moving forward, we'll also be posting the Hotfixes and Minor Updates that are patched into the game on the Official Forums (which we should have been doing before) so that players will not have to rely on social media platforms for information. Last night, we rolled out a hotfix in preparation for the updated level cap that will be implemented in the upcoming patch. Players that reach the level cap are now able to obtain Customization Points every time they gain enough EXP for a "level rollover" Basically, anyone currently at level 101 will be able to level up indefinitely for Customization Point rewards while staying at their current level. Every 10,000 EXP you gain at 101 will cause your EXP bar to rollover and grant you 2,000 Customization Points. This system will also apply to players who reach the updated level cap of 150 in the next patch, but with update values for rewards.
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    Imo, @Randygbk doesn't play the game enough to know what the balance is currently like. Either that, or refused to acknowledge what was happening in front of him. "Powerhouse" Jason is gone. Guess we'll have to get used to being a walking pinata.
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    ....'cause you gots no periods. Edit: It's a punctuation joke...and a corny one at that, because I have no interest in getting in a pissing match with a new forum member about whose Jason is bigger.
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    24 days without a fix for what was broken in the last patch is fairly unacceptable.
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    The Jasons on the road map are new Jasons.
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    http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13657-starving-for-information/ To everyone bitching, complaining, and whining about "radio silence", go read this thread. Read the whole thing, all 4 pages. @GunMedia_Ben and @ShiftySamurai attempt to answer people's questions and concerns in this thread. Yet, they are still fucking berated for no reason. I wouldn't be saying a goddamned thing at this point. It makes this community sound like a bunch of ungrateful, entitled little shitheads. And I bet 99% won't take the time to read the whole thing, because "It would take too long". But, you expect the people working on the game to read it all and answer your questions because you dropped a little cash on the project a long time ago. I am not in any way happy with the state of Jason in this game right now (as I've stated many times), but, I am appreciative of the fact that people working on it are taking time out of their busy schedules to to give detailed answers to the questions that many of us hardcore fans are asking. I am optimistic about the changes coming up. Of course, we could all be disappointed, but that is just life. I'm sorry for the rant, and I apologize to all the children I offended with it. I have no doubt that this topic will be locked, and I may get my first strike against me (Or banned, or whatever). I just call things like I see them, and I have never seen a game company that tried so hard to be interactive with the fans, and get shit on so much for it. Then, they get shit on even more because they are tired of repeating themselves, and hold out information until they have something concrete. I just hope the topic stays up long enough for some people to read through it and realize that Gun actually cares what we think about the game. Later.
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    Good points on both sides...Some of the things said towards the devs has definitely gotten out of line. But at the same time, at this point, a lot of it isn't untrue. People often go over the top to get their point across. Especially in this industry, and F13 has the added difficulty of appeasing to not only gamers, but Friday the 13th fans as well. I don't admire the position they've gladly put themselves in. As far as communication with the devs, I'd say it was on a high level pre-launch. One could pass it off as "yeah, they wanted our money" but that WAS the idea. It was a kickstarter game, after all. But I was especially impressed at things @wes said in several interviews. He showed a level of transparency and knowledge you rarely see. I'll see if I can find a great interview re: certification process and link it at the bottom of this...Anyways, things have understandably shifted towards focus on development over communication. But it would be nice to see a little more. Especially on the issues that get repeated the most. I think that's only fair. Hopefully that's where @ShiftySamurai comes in. We need a thread to address things like "Where we're at on Jason's grab" weekly. Even if it's a simple acknowledgement of the issue. All the top issues can be discussed in a place where we know devs read/post. We could use polls to determine the top issues at a glance. All that being said, I think the devs also have to realize that entering the longest stretch without a patch in a period where the game needs it more than it ever has - due to issues brought up in the last couple - is going to cause a lot of complaining. Simply put, the game isn't fun in this state. They've made the game not fun to play. Think about that. By adding costumes that should only be available a limited time, by adding dance emotes to troll Jason, by arming Jason with T-Rex arms and a pool noodle, these were all conscious decisions, that several people worked on. No one had any foresight? Won't even get into the bugs. The intentional stuff is bad enough. Great dudes...Everyone is human and says or does stupid things at times. Everyone needs time to get their shit back together and be with their families (or their guns), take vacations, etc. I understand. But again, to ignore the issues fans and backers are bringing up and posting those things on social media instead...by posting "Come vote for us for Best Multiplayer", you're inviting the negativity, and showing a perceived lack of focus. At the very least, appreciate your own privacy, or accept the consequences. The game still has a lot of potential if they can manage to turn things around. It would be another success story they could add to their growing list of accolades. But something has to be done and it has to be done quick - and correctly. They can't afford to have the game in this state over Christmas and into the new year. I'm rooting for them. I really am. But we've done our part - as selfish and entitled as it sounds - We funded the game. We played the game through a bumpy ass launch and gave this baby bird wings. We kept playing as things got less and less fun. But it's gotten to a point that instead of progressing, we're at a stage where most people laugh at Jason and no one wants to play him. Something is wrong here. We've done our part. It's their turn, and it's make it or break it time.
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    I havent played much since the update because me and my friends both hate it. I joined the forum little after the update when I started my 'strike'. I guess I just wanted a little reasurance that I'm not alone in this? That other people are starting to feel the same way I am. The problem with this forum, whilst the majority DOES seem to share my concerns, is that it's pretty much more of the same. Councillor is too easy, Jason has been nerfed too much, restore his grab, 'git gud'. People seem to complain more about Jason himself than the control they have over him. I've come to realise that that's my concern: CONTROL. Now, you have to enter a clean, smooth animation for each individual window when before, you could swing wildly and smash up an entire house like a true brute. Before, you could place traps wherever. Want to set up a phone minefield? Go ahead but it'll cost you two exposed objectives. Now you HAVE to set one per objective, unless you want to spend an extra few minutes setting up things YOUR way. Still, it'll cost you two exposed objectives while you do that, when before you could do it prior to second morph and still have time to spare to collect knives or smash shit up. Before, you could swing your axe and devistate anything in your way. Fences? Broken. Windows? Shattered Doors? Smashed. Councilors? Crippled. Then the children cried 'too op!' and the devs agreed. Now your weapon not only has a nearfed range, but a nefed HEIGHT. Fences are no longer broken, neither are windows or doors. Want to cripple a councilor with a quick swing? Watch out, if they duck you'll miss it. Fuck, you'll provably miss it anyway, all those pesky leaves blocking your way. They also made it so that the first thing you hit cancels out the rest of your swing and made combat by a house seem more like a pillow fight. Even though this also applies to councilors, it works in their favour. Not only do they not get damaged but their weapons can't get stuck in things and leave them vulnerable to a quick combat hit. Each nerf make him less like a wild, relentless animal and more like a fucking roomba. Just type in a few commands and tell him where to go, the game basically plays itself now. I have more control as a councilor than I do as Jason, it's fucking ridiculous. Playing him used to be fun, not just because you could kill your friends, but because you felt truly wild, devistating. You could fuck with your surroundings just as much as you could fuck with the people you were chasing. Hell, I used to go around breaking fences just because I could, it felt good to press a button and carve through them like butter. Now... now it just sucks. Everything has been made so meticulous and tidy that it's taken the raw charm, and for me, fun, out of the game.
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    So after getting disconnected a few times because of hosts leaving quick play I ended up as the host. I am a good host and I always stick around after being killed. A few games roll by and everything is going well. Then I ran into a pair of Jason helpers. One guy was Buggzy and the other asshole was on random. Buggzy was setting up traps for Counselors and Random Asshole was holding parts. A few of my friends joined in and I decided enough was enough and venge would be mine. Mainly because I wanted them to leave and I was the host. It is very important to know that this is very out of character for me. I have only received three betrayal penalties as a Counselor and never helped anyone as Jason. In fact I do my best to kill the fuck out of everyone. But today was a different day. I spawned in as Jason with the intention of killing Buggzy and Random Asshole and them alone. I trapped the phone box and Morphed to the car. Random Asshole was there. I let my friend run by me with the gas can. He actually stopped and asked me what I was doing because it was very out of character for me. I explained that I am killing the Jason helpers go ahead and escape. I was chasing Random Asshole when one of my traps went off so I Morphed away to investigate. It was Buggzy he had run right into a random trap I had dropped near the phone box. He was limping and easy prey. I grabbed his sorry fucking ass and said "Random traps fucking suck huh. Get the fuck out of my lobby I'm going to make sure this shit lasts twenty minutes motherfucker." The trap setting Buggzy left after receiving the Shop Suey kill. Now to get Random Asshole. I found him at the drivers seat with two of my friends in the four seater. He was trying to drive the car into the lake but hit a cabin and was trying to start the car when I pulled him out of the driver's seat. One of my friends hit me before I could kill him and I said "This one of those Jason helping fuckers." Random Asshole jumped back into the car and tried to get it started but I pulled him out and chopped his fucking leg off then buried the pig splitter in his dome and told him "Better leave you Jason helping scum." My buddy decided to hop in the drivers seat and start backing the car away from me. I chased him a bit until Random Asshole came back as Tommy and shot me. Then he ran to the car and I told my buddy. "Don't let him in the car. His Jason helping ass is mine." I chased him around and grabbed him twice. And as I chopped his leg off again I said "I told your Jason helping ass to leave." He left. At this point there was one player left. He was pretty good. When he came over his mic to taunt me I said "If you can find the phone fuse I will let you escape." He said "No way. Why you being so nice?" I said "Because I was trying to get the Jason helpers out of the lobby. They are gone and today is Christmas free XP for everyone." I directed him to the fuse box after he found the fuse. I kicked Buggzy's dead ass body around in front of him while explaining that he was setting traps up for counselors the last three games. Then I thought you know I should really kick Random Asshole's dead bodies around too. I wouldn't want him to be left out. So I morphed out and kicked around his dead ass bodies too. After that I made some friends who thought that was awesome and had some great matches. The truth is though it was pretty dirty. I enjoyed doing it but I knew it was wrong. But you kind of get tired of the shit going on in quick play sometimes.
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    A friend of mine was looking through some of the game's assets and came across some interesting finds. There is also an asset named Uber. Guess we will see Uber Jason and the Grendel at a later date. Sorry if I shouldn't post this, but thought everyone here would be excited. Thanks friend. 😉 Edit: asset name pic deleted.
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    Ok, spent a bunch of time with @TheHansonGoons, @bewareofbears, and @GhostWolfViking tonight testing Jason's grab and weapon attacks. A few observations: 1. Part 7 and Part 8 Jason are completely unable to free swing on flat ground and hit a ducking counselor. They will always miss. They can only hit with combat stance. 2. Part 6 and Savini Jason can hit a ducking counselor close to them with a free swing provided that the counselor's head is between Jason's shoulders. If the offset is too great they will miss. Jason will "step" past the counselor. 3. Part 3 can hit a ducking counselor on his off-hand side up close, but on his weapon side up close, the swing will go over their ducking head and miss. Attacks are inconsistent and dependent on what Jason is chosen and the position of the counselor up close while they are crouching. It is actually easier to free swing and hit a ducking counselor with a "long reach" Jason (It is not great, but better than the others). About counselors: 1. Counselor hit boxes are wider than their actual shoulders, but just as narrow as their chest front-to-back. The grab: 1. The grab seems consistent for all the Jasons. 2. The grab is NOT a cone anymore. It seems to be more of a cylinder. 3. If any portion of the counselor's hit box clips the grab execution area, they will be caught. They do not have to be fully in the grab AoE. This is as it was before but I thought I would note it. 4. Jason can grab a counselor standing shoulder to shoulder with him (not in his frontage). It only works if the counselor is shoulder to shoulder because the counselor's hit box clips into Jason when the grab is executed. If the counselor faces Jason's shoulder they will not be grabbed. 5. Position of a counselor AND their orientation relative to Jason's facing can have a huge impact. A counselor can be standing in the same spot facing Jason and be grabbed, but facing perpendicular to him and he'll miss along the edges of the grab AoE. This goes back to point #1 regarding counselor hit boxes. 6. Jason's reach distance is his arm length + the lean-in he takes + about 1ft. Roughly 4ft give or take a few inches. 7. The grab "start/effect" begins about when Jason's arm is extended halfway.
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    So as we know, according to Randy, the mods here, and the vocal few who got the game changed for the worst, the game is fine now. Alright so for those of us who live in reality, I have compiled a list of some of the commonly approved statements and viewpoints that are required to assimilate into the new, toddler version of the game. Approved statement #1 There is nothing wrong with Jason, and Counselors have just gotten better. The game is perfectly fair to anyone who plays as Jason and the fact of the matter is, everyone has just forgotten how to play as Jason after 6 months of playing the game. We all woke up on October 26th 2017 and stared blankly at the wall, realizing that despite 6 months of playtime, we're all just noobs when we play as Jason. Coincidentally however, when we play counselors we just remember how seasoned we are and take Jason to town. However, those who purchased the game as of October 13th 2017 are just complete beast counselors. In just 13 days they not only completely mastered the art of playing a counselor, they did so to such an extreme that it completely negates Jason. It only feels as though Jason has been nerfed. The fact is, these gosh darn counselor players are simply top tier. It's only a coincidence that they were being slaughtered on October 25th 2017 and began dominating on October 26th 2017. It was the opposite effect, they woke up, abandoning their noobness and realized they were actually pro veterans. I know it'll be tough to swallow this information, but we all have to realize that this is just what happened. Nothing at all was done to nerf Jason or buff counselors. It's all in our minds. The Reality: If you read the above statement and actually believe that shit ... seek mental counseling immediately. The game was changed to favor counselors, everyone knows it. But those it favors won't admit it. And the devs never admit to fucking anything up. If you honestly believe you just suddenly got good at playing a counselor if you weren't good before ... yeah you didn't. Bye felicia. Approved statement #2 Listen guys, the game isn't suffering a decline due to the latest patch or nerfing Jason. It's simply that there isn't enough content being released. That's all there is to it. Nobody is leaving because Jason is broken and nearly unplayable. However, back when the game was perceived by a few to be very unfair to counselors, those players left in droves as they have pointed out to us many times. It had absolutely nothing to do with content back then, people just didn't want to play as a counselor and it was a real concern. But people not wanting to play as Jason because the game was changed to be unfair to Jason players? Nah, that's not happening. The Reality: People are not playing a game that is based on JASON VOORHEES because Jason Voorhees has been ruined. We were promised a Friday the 13th experience and we had that up until recently where now all we have is a Counselor simulator. Approved statement #3 Guys, you're just going to have to adapt and "git gud" as Jason. I'm sorry but that's how it is. I know you've been playing the game since launch but you'll just have to accept that you don't know how to play and new players DO know how to play counselors. Item marking, stun buffs, and the non-existent nerfs have nothing to do with it. You just need to get on the same top tier level as these counselor pros. Before this most recent patch, it was simply unfair to counselors. They didn't need to adapt or "git gud" because they've always just been pros who were being held down. They weren't doing anything wrong, it was the game that did it to them. But you Jason players? The game did nothing to you, you've all just started not knowing how to play and therefore must adapt. It is also not alright to tell a counselor player to "git gud" or adapt because as previously stated, they've all been pros since the moment they inserted their disk into their platform or downloaded their digital game. They couldn't possibly be wrong here. You're just going to have to accept it. The Reality: Bad counselor players bitched and moaned because they didn't win all the time and got the game mechanically changed to hold their hands through playing while giving a big "fuck you" to anyone playing Jason. And also a big "fuck you" to anyone who already took the time to develop a strategic counselor play style because now there is no challenge to the game for ACTUAL good players. Approved statement #4 We're dropping new content soon. We aren't going to address any of your concerns because there is nothing wrong. But again don't worry, new game modes and new things to come! The Reality: To everyone who backed this game "Fuck you", we already have your money so now we're going to cater to toddlers and babies who simply MUST win every time they play. We no longer care about the Friday the 13th experience we promised you and we don't care how far we bury the franchise via this game. As a distraction, and to garner praise amongst our new snowflake audience, we're going to give you a few new sets of Tiffany ass shorts to ogle over while we further strip any semblance of survival horror from this already broken joke of a game. I hope this helps guys! Now you can understand what we must conform to and accept in order to assimilate into the new Camp Counselor game. Let the brainwashing ... (I mean completely factual, definitely not full of shit statements) begin!
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    Pretty sure they unbanned most, then sold them bunny and princess costumes.
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    A. You speak for no one but yourself. Get on social media...These comments are parroted everywhere. It's not the same handful of people who post here. B. Patience is wearing thin. "We're working on it" is cool for a couple of months. Not 6. Plus, I don't think dedicated servers are the fix people think they'll be. C. Game is terrific other than server/host issues? Are you high? Or just new? Near perfect? Fuck me... I think I know why you're smelling shit, and it has nothing to do with diapers.
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    I am really looking forward to offline bots. Even if they run into walls, it will still be better than host disconnects in quick play.
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    The problem we have a lot of in this forum is people who mainly play private matches forgetting that quick play with mostly randomers is the mode 99% of the community play. Of course there's no tension when you play with the same friends all the time, and every game you run the same plans and coordinated tactics. That's not what the vast majority of players experienced or enjoyed. Being in a lobby full of potential cowards, idiots, traitors, heroes, geniuses, and martyrs, and not knowing who is who, is real tension. Having to drag a lobby to victory by their bootstraps is tension. Having to try to fortify and survive the night on the fly as a last resort because the parts are lost in the woods is tension. It felt unpredictable, and like the films. The issue with marking is it turns QP games into private matches where everyone has perfect information. It simulates teamwork instead of inspiring leaders to try to rally strangers. Everything feels mechanical and predictable. Like a game. I avoided private matches because I felt they missed the point entirely about what made the game great. Now every match is a private match. People claim the marking and grab changes were needed. Well nobody I know wanted them. And all I know is the game was an absolute blast without those changes, and a joyless chore with them, so what problem did they actually solve? Were those phantom issues so pressing that it was worth killling the game over?
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    It's actually an incredibly simple concept to grasp. Everyone else seems to have managed it. When you reduce the complexity of a system, then it's normal that the average ability of people using that system drops. Especially new players. Old players skills atrophy from not exercising them and new players never get a chance to develop them. That's something that's not really arguable. And it isn't a case of "playing how I want them to play". It's about not playing the game in the way it was designed to be played, or being successful at it either. Those are both objectively 'bad' ways to play. And as a developer, if you're unable to craft the experience in such a way so people follow the path you lay out, and do so well, then that's just shitty design. When they previously had achieved that, then changed it, who else's fault is could it be? Under those circumstances, you haven't then made a piece of art. You've just constructed a 3D playpen for idiots to cavort in.
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    As a new player myself I really sympathize when another noob gets Jason and is struggling. He's suppose to be the funnest part of the game...then you get these level 101 Counselors with all epic perks, just dragging out matches to be an asshole. It really makes it unfun. Shit-Talking is fine, and fun hey even I do it as a Counselor. But dancing infront of the cops and using your epic level perks to constantly stun jason, and run laps around him well...you guys doing that are making new players not want to play..and that -will- eventually kill this game. So please for the fellow new boots and myself, if you have the opportunity to end the game...just do it.
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    The roadmap is completely irrelevant to me at this point. I don't care about anything that's currently on it. Fix the bugs. Get the game we CURRENTLY have working properly, and then we can talk about more content. Grendel and Jason X?! Pointless if all the current bugs are still around. What's the appeal in Jason X if I can't move/interact? New counselors? New maps? Again, who cares? Unless the game gets fixed, it's all useless. No amount of extra content is gonna make us forget that the game plays at an all-time low. If they release a new content patch and these bugs are still present, I'm just gonna laugh, shake my head, and promptly uninstall from my Xbox and PC.
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    I feel Friday the 13th the game is really close to becoming like what the Culling became, one of my favorite games, similar to H1Z1. It was a fantastic game until the devs stopped listening to the community and higher-ranked players and began dumbing-down the gameplay mechanics that the pros loved, and everyone else went a long with them. Do you know why? Because the pros are the ones who advertise your game on twitch. The pros are the ones who feel like your game is complicated enough to put hundreds of hours in to become an expert in it. In 4 months the game went from 4500 players to 600 hundred players on average. If not for the recent updates and the recent steam sale for friday the 13th the game would be in a very bad state right now. Currently the new players who bought the game on sale are sort of inflating player numbers at the moment, hence all the noob players you see on these days. The devs are focusing too hard on content that doesn't enhance the core gameplay of the game. Your skins don't matter. Your Jason 4 addition came too late to matter to feel the game was being looked after by most of the community and introduced more bugs a long with it as with the game itself on release. The game was scary because it was new and people didn't understand what the core of it was well, and then over time it was realized it was heavily about the shift grab. But at least jason was scarier then and could hit you through windows and block your attacks like an unstoppable force. Now we have nothing except the shift grab and face sitting jason like it was a category on pornhub. Please listen to the community, take 10 minutes out of your day to post a poll on these forums asking people about the game. The people on these forums are great people with great ideas, and i think this forum is what's keeping the game from dropping 50% of its player base. Talk to your forums, its cheap an effective, and you wont have to think to hard about fixing the game. Thanks.
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    Why is he slashing and not grabbing? Oh yeah, I get it. The AI also realize that grabbing suck too.
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    To be blunt, Randy is full of shit. They nerfed his grab, and stun resistance. He’s been nerfed. Plain and simple. Counselors haven’t gotten better. They just have no reason to be scared of him anymore.
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    Hey to everyone on the forum and to the developers, seeing as it's Thanksgiving I want to say thank you for making this game happen as a fan to the series, I also want to ask all the fans out there and everyone on the forum to try and give thanks for the fact that this game exists. I know there are things to complain about,ask about, etc... But at least there is a game to have issues with I play this game to so I do feel like everyone else but in the end I'm still glad this game happened I have been wishing for years there would be a new Friday the 13th game. It's Thanksgiving people so come on. Oh and I'm thankful for all the really awesome people I've met through this forum and the game international and on the states you all rock.
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    Plop down 40 bucks for an unfinished product. How do you sleep at night? How much time do you need to get dedicated servers? Don't you test this stuff before throw it out to the market only to rip people off?? . For 3 hours we keep just getting kicked to a lobby of defaulted to a one person game sessions with just ourselves sitting in there waiting for others to join Whats the most important thing with a video game?? Well being able to PLAY IT would be a start
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    The perfect analogy - "There's a dent in the car, Father Ted". https://youtu.be/8mdwAkWvWMw EDIT: For those lacking a sense of humour, let me explain why this is an analogy, and therefore a valid post. It shows how endlessly tinkering to solve a small, insignificant issue, can eventually ruin the entire product because you end up causing more 'dents' than you actually repair, which creates an exponential problem. An analogy is a rhetorical tool. As is satire. Both are ways of communicating concepts to people in ways that are more relatable than simple descriptive text. The endless patching and creating new problems is a genuine problem for this game, and therefore this is on topic as a way to express my opinion as to the larger problem it creates. So stop fucking crying for mods to censor opinions you don't like under the insincere claim it isn't relevant.
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    There's still double trapping now, in a sense, even though you can't stack them, and it's potentially deadly if Jason knows how to set it up. I've done it a bunch of times now... Set the traps up one in front of the other, like a line from the objective. If the counselor eats the trap closer to the objective, they'll pull themselves out into the second trap and die. Even if they disarm the trap closest to the objective, there's a chance they clip the second one during or after the repair. I've gotten way more trap kills post patch than I did before. So I really don't see why stacking needs to come back...If you're using a pocket knife on a trap only to find another one directly below it, you're defeating the entire purpose of that mechanic, and therefore breaking it. The current trap setup is balanced and frankly, proper.
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    This is a sort of "be happy you got anything" post, right? I think you should take a moment and write a thank you post to the backers too, who made this game not only a possibility but a reality. Then pause for a moment and reflect on Gun and Illphonics responsibility to those who gave them the funds to create this game. Then come to the realization that just because the funding phase has ended, it doesn't mean backers (or anyone) should simply be content because they got something, anything. There are parts of this game that are great. There are also parts that absolutely suck. Blind admiration or adoration simply because the game exists is irresponsible for anyone with an interest in this game succeeding or growing or simply becoming better. Gun bathed in praise previous to the game's release. Praise didn't fix the issues at launch. Discussing issues and expressing discontent with portions of the game or gameplay fixes issues.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to dig back into features (such as listing who liked posts) as soon as everything else is buttoned down/readable. 1. Read notification background too light Done 2. Tags users should be red Done 3. Post cancel text too dark Done 4. Post likes - display user names 5. Quoted text and background colors in message composer are too similar 6. Blue line between some posts in mobile view This marks the beginning of unread posts and cannot be changed (stuck with it) 7. “Like this” button outline too dark Same color as forum body and cannot be independently changed (stuck with it) 8. Poll percentage colors make reading poll results difficult Done Please feel free to throw more readability issues at me, I haven’t been able to explore every page of the forums I apologize for the rushed roll-out issues with the new theme. You should still be able to use the Light theme with all the same functionality as before (I literally just renamed Default to Light). The problems are 100% my fault, I’m used to PHPbb & vBulletin forum software, so there is a bit of learning going on for me.
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    only troll jason if he's being a dick. taunting new players makes you an asshole and troll. the xp excuse is BS. these type of players aren't dancing at the exit and beating jason's ass for ten minutes for an extra 111 xp. people don't need to take it easy on new players. fix objectives, get shots in when you can, but don't hang around and troll jason for half a round because he's new and doesn't know what he's doing. unless, of course, you want new players to say "screw it" because the community seems toxic.
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    The greatest satisfaction came from the fact that I'm only Level 20. Remember, I rarely get to play!! But I do have a great deal of free time at work (hence me writing this now), so I spend a healthy amount of time watching gameplay videos on Twitch and YouTube. I always watch new F13 posts by Swiftor and Ohmwrecker, and I learn strategies from them. And I haven't even mastered Morph yet! But it felt pretty darn good to go through 5-6 Jason slaughters and then to take them ALL down -- even the dancing troll at the end. That was a yummy piece of pie.
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