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  2. If Tommy uses a Machete, it looks like part 4 death If Tommy uses an Axe, it looks like Part 3 death.
  3. Weird. I've never seen that happen. I usually place traps in random spots leading away from the shack and have caught several sweater-thieves as they flee from Jason. Are you sure they aren't walking around the traps? Have you actually witnessed them walk over them and they not engage?
  4. You obviously have no idea how I play. I do not troll anyone. I mostly play fixers and I can count on one hand how many times I've taken a swing a Jason in the last 3 weeks. Go exploit some shit with your buddy Pappus.
  5. Everyone including myself seems to love The Early Friday the 13th maps 1979 Camp Crystal Lake and Packanack lodge. Would it be possiable to push the developers and request more early Friday the 13th maps. a 1956 Crystal lake Map that is custom and made up and classic like the other early maps.
  6. Whatever, you just want to keep Jason as an Easy Kill and are terrified of him getting buffed so you can't troll him anymore.
  7. For every vid you post of Jason being stun-locked, killed, trolled...etc I can provide links of Jason wiping the lobby. I'm not even going to bring up the fact that your first example is Pappus, a known exploiter. That alone says a lot about your stance. Streamers and YouTubers post what they want you to see. Yes, experienced players can make a novice Jason's game a living hell, just like a good Jason player can obliterate a novice group.
  8. When playing Jason i try to set traps right before i step out of the cabin so that i can catch counselors in traps that are trying to kill Jason with the sweater. When i place the traps right outside the Cabin ground walk way the counselors just walk over the traps and they are unaffective. Traps Being uneffective right outside of Jasons Cabin has to be a technichal Glitch.
  9. Hey Everyone Just want to say hi. I was a huge Dead By Daylight guy but ive changed and came over to the Good side. Im Now a Huge F13th game player.
  10. Okay so if anyone was STILL thinking that its not TOO EASY to kill Jason: https://clips.twitch.tv/DeafJazzyFalconOhMyDog https://clips.twitch.tv/SmilingRoughNuggetsPanicVis https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianToughEagleDAESuppy https://clips.twitch.tv/CourageousGentleDogBuddhaBar https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultVivaciousGorillaKappaWealth BUFF JASON IN THIS FIELD ASAP!
  11. Good experiences in QP?

    Dude. You have plenty of threads to keep posting your same complaint about QP. This is a thread that seems to have been started to spread some positivity for a change. Every member who has spent any time here since the last update knows the problems you have with it because you state in in every fucking thread you respond to. I can't understand why you're even playing the game if you there is "little to no good experience" to be had. Are you a masochist or something? Now, back to the subject at hand...I had a few matches the other night with a mostly good lobby. There were (of course) a couple of shit-talkers in some of the matches. There was also a Vanessa that was trying to lead me, as Jason, to the other counselors. I tunneled Vanessa and killed her, and 4 people escaped in the process. I still considered it a win. But all in all, it was a fun night of playing with a decent core group of players. I didn't survive as often as I would have liked to, but I had a blast.
  12. Oh, so you actually do understand the concept of annoyance?
  13. Why do they go off the part#4 ending of Tommy killing Jason for killing Jason when he returned many times after? T. In the future, they should include the magical Daggar in JGTH and have Jason's sister, Niece as playable characters to kill him. It makes more sense than Tommy being the only way to kill Jason.
  14. I knew it was easy but THIS EASY?! This all the more makes me realize how much Jason needs a buff in this regard.
  15. Good experiences in QP?

    Well. Random QP lobbies make it very easy on Jason for a reason. Its funny, one of the most stressful gaming experiences and Easiest gaming experiences are on random QP. Be it either a counselor or Jason. A good experience will be because of being on a good team. A bad experience is mostly QP lobbies. Its a frustrating experience as a counselor
  16. Good experiences in QP?

    Bro, do you even hyperbole?
  17. Good experiences in QP?

    Theres little to NO "good experiences" in Random QP as a counselor. Generally you'll know what you're getting yourself into. If no one is on a Mic, Good night!! You're gonna get picked off one by one. Unless the Jason is a complete Rookie. If you're Vanessa you can last a while though against a good Jason. But chances are you'll eventually get picked off. . Either that or you're playing with 8 year olds who scream and are utterly annoying OR someone just rage quits and you don't even get to finish the game. OR its a bunch of goofballs running around the gas, battery, Phone thingy and doing nothing with them. Not even dropping them. Even being Jason gets boring after awhile because its SOO EASY going up against uncommunicative lobbies. No challenge at all
  18. But not over and over again. But a Counselor, can change that by Doubling, the stun, and there’s no way to prevent it. But yeah, what ever if this gets a lock then fine. Just was concerned about these bugs and if they will ever be fixed.
  19. Jason Selection Update

    5 pages of Jason Tickets and not 1 mention of this?
  20. This appears to be turning into a rather heavy case of VGL. (Video Game Logic) You state: "there was never an moment in the films where the de-masked killer every[sic] puts his mask back on" Translation: "We didn't see it happen on screen, so it should never happen." (even though Part 3 does count, as well as Jason showing his face to the punks in Manhattan. So, yes he did.) So, are you suggesting that -- once Jason is unmasked, he must go the rest of his life without putting it back on? Didn't he put it on himself in the first place, or do you imagine someone else placed the hockey mask there for him, and he never took it off, ever ever ever? Don't we see Jason return to his shack at the end of each round with his mask on, regardless of whether or not he lost it in the match? HOW DID IT GET THERE?!?!?!!!!! But to your other point, "It's the player's responsibility to ensure that they don't take enough damage for the mask to fly off his face:" Is it then not also the player's responsibility to ensure their counselors do not take enough damage for them to reach a limping state? Should we then remove all med sprays? Is it then not ALSO the player's responsibility to ensure their counselors do not get grabbed by Jason? Should we then remove all pocket knives? In short -- yes, it would be feasible, and fair, and understandable -- for Jason to be able to pick back up and put back on his mask. It's the player's responsibility to ensure they kill Jason before he can put his mask back on.
  21. Same thing... Pocketknives STUN you. Bear traps STUN you.
  22. I don’t have “Chain Stunning” in my title. This is more related to taking Damage, after Stuns, and being double stunned after bear traps and pocket knifes.
  23. Good experiences in QP?

    That's a good point. I like the randomness of it, not knowing what kind of game you'll get into. I've had terrible games, and I've had some of my best games in quick play. It just spices things up a little, I guess you could say.
  24. Good experiences in QP?

    I used to play without a Mic, and this one Jenny dropped the keys and told me to take them because she was a terrible driver. I was trying to find a pair of headphones with a mic to plug in, when she then said something along the lines of fuck you/fuck it/whatever, and then got in the car. I climbed out of the cabin just in time to watch her drive STRAIGHT INTO a fence. It was so funny, I friended her. That person's name was @Riot_Dame, and because of her ability to accumulate A, B, and C team Private Lobby groups, I've gotten to know the regulars I play with today (or at least played with regularity until last month when it seemed to die out).
  25. Yeah man, I hate chain stunning. Really wish they'd do something about it, because honestly, it makes Jason look like a wimp I hate to say.
  26. Your issue has little to do with pocketknives, and there are plenty of threads about chain stunning.
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