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  2. If they were to introduce a new way to kill Jason, I would want it to be just as challenging and also very different from the way you can already kill him. One way I thought would be cool was if you could lure him into the water somehow and have Tommy chop up his face with the boat propeller like in Jason Lives.
  3. That's true. I'm sure the devs are implementing new ways of killing Jason if they are adding maps from the movies. I'm nearly certain we willing be getting a "space map" and manhattan map at some point. So maybe we can expect Jason to die like in the movies on those maps.
  4. Those are some nice ideas and they could work. However that would make killing Jason a lot easier and personally im not a fan of that. It would be ironic for Jason, the unstoppable killing machine, to die in every match and it would make the game less fun imo. Don't get me wrong you have some great ideas but perhaps they should implemented to a different game mode, perhaps that smaller map mode that Gun is planning.
  5. I was the same way, I've been playing the game for about a month and skimmed the forums a few times and decided to join
  6. Probably because this video game has an IP that people have been insanely passionate about for over three decades. It would be the similar if this was the first authentic (I don't count NES F13 as authentic) Star Trek, Star Wars etc game released. People have high expectations and a long time vision of what they want from the game.
  7. Here is your answer to the steam update from Illfonic. And the patch is in cert right now. At least they've learned their lesson on releasing steam patch before console patches. Although I say F consoles. I want my PC patch now!
  8. From the girls I honestly think they all are pretty in their own way. Aj's style and character design however stand out the most to me. From the guys most of them look pretty good but no man can hold a candle to our savior lachapha.
  9. I keep seeing double posted topics today. I can't be that drunk yet...🍺
  10. I was kind of disappointed with how Jason is defeated in the game. I find it too easy and kind of annoying how we have to rely on tommy to give the finishing blow. Especially since I was hoping we'd be able to have the final girl/boy moment like in the films. So I've thought of ways that Jason could be killed while reusing assets already in game. 1. A female counselor can kill Jason if ; She is the last one alive,must be inside Jason's shack, The blow that removes Jason's mask must be dealt by her, she would then stun him with the sweater and use the killing animation tommy has. 2. A male counselor can kill Jason under the same conditions,expect the male counselor instead of using the sweater he would take Jason's mask and bring it to Pamela's altar. These are just some ideas share some of your own.
  11. Kenny is the hipster. He enjoys craft beers and Bright Eyes. Adam would be my male choice. Pabst and the Misfits or Ramones. AJ was my choice for sex appeal. I see her in fishnets, tats and she has those hips and cheeks. Although I typically date Debs because they are secret freaks and nothing is more hot than an intelligent woman. Well, maybe AJ. Haha I am waiting for the Chads to come out here.
  12. VCs who pony up big money and actually take equity stakes in startups are nowhere near as entitled and short-sighted as this community can be. It's the worst I've seen in three decades of video gaming.
  13. I'm level 92. I've found 2 within the last week. Zero before that. Both of them were found at Packanack. One in a private match, the other a public. You can bet that the instant I found the one in the public match, I was praying to get through the match without the host quitting. Luckily I did.
  14. I just finished Part 5 and I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this movie. I actually thought I would enjoy this movie because it kinda reminded me of one of my favorite cartoons, Scooby Doo. You know with the whole OMG who's the killer approach, but it felt like a good concept that was POORLY executed. The plot was a complete snoozefest to me. One of the main things that ruined it was that is was freaking obvious who the killer was. 3 more things left to say about the movie overall till we get to Jason, Final, and characters. First the idea of "Oh, he is killing everyone because his son who he abandoned got killed by some maniac" is just ridiculous. Second, him killing innocent teens in a special needs home and a old man doesn't sit well with me tbh. Especially since he tried to kill Reggie, who is like 12. The real Jason might be crazy but deep inside he knows his limits. Last but not least THAT ENDING WAS ONE OF THE FUCKING DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! This "Jason" was GODDAMN boring. He was small, and slow. His mask didn't even fit properly. Something that confused me was obviously we don't see his hair because he is wear a full mask that covers his entire head, but when he falls on the spikes the whole thing comes off. WTF! Enough about wannabe Jason. The killing in the movie was bloody awful. I don't remember a single kill that even showed Jason during the kill just his hand. Not even a quick glance at his face before just to be like "Hey guys it's me killing this black guy in a portapotty or gouging the eyes of this naked girl after sex". Last thing! How the hell did he catch up to Reggie and Pam so fast when they went to the police car. Time for final girl. Can Pam even be considered a final girl? Don't get me wrong I actually liked Pam a lot as a character, and was happy she lived. On the other hand she did kinda failed at everything she did. When running from Jason she fell and couldn't get up for some unknown reason so Reggie had to help by hitting him with a uhhhhh tractor? Then when getting him with the chainsaw somehow she couldn't do anything but cut his arm because you know machetes are great at blocking chainsaws I guess. Lastly she tried to fight Jason with what seemed liked a broom for some reason. But she is pretty at least she has that going for her. Will ANY of these movies have a final girl who isn't saved by some male ugh? The characters are simple. I didn't love any of them but didn't hate of them. Actually I loved Reggie and Pam but that is it. Before I go why were their so many boobs in this one?
  15. For me it would either have to be Tiffany Cox, or Kenny Riedell.. Kenny is obviously the best looking male character and he seems like he would have a friendly personality, kind of similar to Jenny's.
  16. Yeah! I've heard some say that they tried it and it did not work. It seems like it might work or might not work at times which is weird. I did it three times yesterday and it allowed me to drop my items selected items all three times. The first was a test where I asked Jason to grab but not kill me, he stood still not moving after grabbing me while I simultaneously pressed down on the d-pad and struggled to break free and my two med sprays was indeed dropped to the ground not glitched. The second and third times it was done in an actual game situation. I was stuck in a trap at the car for the battery when Jason grabbed me, he quickly turned to face away from the car and executed the kill. Somebody later in the match came by and took the med spray and car keys that I dropped. The other time I was running towards to phone box but Jason was stalking right around the corner, he moved around, grabbed and killed me instantly with every bodies favorite kill... asphyxiation(one handed choke). I did not even try to struggle during this occasion but instead was spamming down on the d-pad the moment he grabbed me. I had the fuse already selected in my inventory when that happened. It did not glitch(somebody picked it up later) but my med spray was glitched due to the quickness of that kill. I've never tried it on a shift grab, only tested and tried it out yesterday for the first time. It's still something worth to try as a last resort just in-case and hopefully it's consistent and works more often than not.
  17. Yeah that's happened to me. I've also noticed that when i drop the gas can by the car, then go to pick it back up, there's a gas can in my hand and one still laying on the ground. It's very rare that happens to me but I just pass it off as a rare dupe glitch. But if someone is able to recreate it 1/1 over and over again it could be a problem.
  18. Meant to make a topic about this a few days ago. But has anyone else been experiencing a bug with the gas can, where after using it you still hold onto it and can use to fill up the other car or boat? Its happen to me twice in the past week or so.
  19. I remember first hearing about the game when it was called "Summer camp" and I was really excited! Then around the times when the Cabin Demo's began to come out I lost interest in the game and only picked it up last month. It was definitely worth it! I love playing it with my older sister or my best friend, and I'm actually really good as the part 2 Jason but I prefer to be a counselor just because the experience is more unique. (Level 23, so not that good)
  20. Well, I don't think any of us are "worried" about it. We're just curious as to why it was pulled all of a sudden. And a possible law suit is the best answer we've come up with. I do doubt that Takayama went out of his way to file a suit for someone using his score briefly. But I also doubt that it wasn't a suit. Overall I'm just curious and confused. I doubt we'll get the answers we crave but that's probably for the best.
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  22. The 3rd film was such a let down so it can only go up from here. Can't wait!
  23. On Xbox One you just set your home xbox for your banned account that has the game purchased. Any new account created can play the digital copy and have access to xbox live gold to play online. You can make as many accounts as you like for free. If they want to waste time having multiple accounts banned no way to stop them. Microsoft would have to do a system ban.
  24. I seriously doubt that Hirohiko Takayama is so much of a stuck up person, to sue someone that just complimentarily sampled 8 seconds of a tune from a Nintendo game that came out in 1989. It's a compliment to the artist, not plagiarism. Nothing to worry about.
  25. I would save Alice in a heartbeat. I had a crush on her when I was a kid, and seeing her killed in the beginning of Part II was devastating. Why didn't she go back to California?
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