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  2. Here is chad and his OOOOHHHHHHH intro he will be missed for now
  3. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I would have the stats for stamina and speed switched round or have speed decreased and stamina increased. Not only because I find stamina to be more important, but the Mean Girl wouldn't be used to sprinting about, strutting yes, but running fast no. Probably more like Jenny.
  4. I liked the new AI it works great but it does need some work like in this video i made
  5. The end of the trolls depends on the devs rebalancing the game to not make it possible anymore
  6. Emotes need to go

    Now this guy I like.
  7. 1. Remove Jason's door combat stance and side swing. Only allow the regular animation. 2. Increase his grab width and weapon range same with counselors. Increase some of the weapon ranges(such as the wrench which misses unless you're hugging Jason). 3. Bring windows back to how they were 4. Items should be left alone. Who cares, really. If Jason's gonna get his mojo back, counselors are gonna need those pocket knives. Doesn't matter if Jason players cry when they have to spend extra time catching counselors because they have pocket knives. If counselors aren't gonna have it easy, so isn't Jason.
  8. Emotes need to go

    I think the emotes are ridiculous, I just bought to help Gunmedia, but by the state of the game today i'm already regretting.
  9. Where is everybody from...

    Well they were fighting on what to name
  10. Yes, but then it should take fewer to get out if you are fully healed. This would give Jason players incentive to slash a few times and actually give players a chance to break out. Does anyone even breakout anymore without a pocket knife? The mechanic needs to be adjusted.
  11. Where is everybody from...

    Cool name didn’t expect a Turk/Greek to be named Chloe doe. My parents made sure my name is Arabic lmao
  12. Where is everybody from...

  13. Emotes need to go

    I’m on pc and I can confirm EU severs are full of kids who either cannot speak English or when it’s mostly broken English mixed with whatever their first language is. Playing during evenings helps a lot unless it’s school holiday.
  14. Make matches more longer

    I am turkish. Forgive me.
  15. What games are you looking forward to?

    Whatever game Hideo Kojima is working on right now forgot the name. Death stranding? Last Year (hoping it won’t be canceled) Days Gone even doe I’ll wait till the price drops to 20-30 bucks Star Citizens (if it ever gets released)
  16. Games that make you RAGE but are fun as hell

    Super Meat Boy and Friday the 13th.
  17. Rename the Games

    Pokémon Go: a pedophile’s lure map with a 100% guarantee someone will enter your area after using lure modules Any Pokemon game after the 3rd gen: we ran out of ideas so enjoy the Pokémon’s our staff members created while doing acid
  18. Today
  19. <3 The elephant scream is a reference to part 8 Jason after he got acid dropped onto his face. Me and my friends say stupid stuff while playing but whenever I’m in a lobby I warn everyone to either mute me now or live with the fact I’m gonna fool around with the lads. I’m such a bad Jason that I cannot even afford to speak or shittalk while seriously trying to kill counselors. The thing is I disagree, I met so many funny Germans or other people (EU server on pc has LOTS of Germans) that where saying or doing funny things as Jason like one time a friend of mine got grabbed and the Jason told him he’d let him free if he sings a song or something like that. That kind of stuff is what makes me log in on steam and play the game for a few rounds every now and then.
  20. Emotes need to go

    Can an emote for "that's glitched?" 😀
  21. Where is everybody from...

    I'm in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia - about 282 miles northeast from Melbourne - 286 miles southwest of Sydney.
  22. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Mics on PC are very buggy. If you're in a party and use push to talk, it won't work in the party-lobby unless you go into the Settings menu. You don't have to change any settings, all u have to do is change menus. If you don't use push to talk, your mic indicator lights but some or all of the party won't hear you. To fix it you go into the audio settings, and toggle push to talk on and off. Sometimes that doesn't work. It also happens in game. Everyone will see your mic light up but won't hear anything.
  23. Jason X unlock

    I don’t think it’d be weird seeing Uber Jason on the current maps, I mean we have Barney Retro Jason running around already. Its gonna be more strange seeing counselors running around in space suits/futuristic attire though. I think those clothes should be tied to Grendel only.
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