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  2. I played a match today where 6 of my team used the roof glitch in packanack main house and jason only had me who was running around i felt bad for that jason , so used it myself to kill them all -6k exp and let the jason kill me so he got exp. This needs to be fixed asap.
  3. What's funny is I said I feel, never said it was true, as someone who plays Savini Jason these are how I feel about him. Never said they were "FACTS" like you are claiming, now if I said they were fact then you would have had me but I said feel, never gave facts of how I feel since it's just a feeling, something every human has. Now I never backed these with real facts only stating how I felt when playing him compared to the other times I've played as other Jason's. so you showed me lol It's called having a strategy no matter what comes, you know his three weaknesses Bad grip, slow in water and he can't run. Mmmm well if no boat spawns then we are gonna need to think of a plan, if he teleport near you and he's busting the door down, think, if three hits brings down a door, use more doors to slow him down as you take the window. Try and get with other's to help stun him and keep moving. You seem to know how to play or just watching youtube videos on how to play. Now on to the stunning, when ever I get whacked by other players I feel I get hit quicker then most Jason's (Now you can say what you said about it being in my mind, these are things I've notices whole playing as him.) It takes him a bit to recover then most allowing most players to get away faster. Now you can put your tin foil hat on and say how crazy I am for thinking this but that's just a feeling don't have facts to back that one up. Now special perks I never said there was one for Savini Jason just that having some pretty good perks can be bad for any Jason even Savini, pointing out that is a weakness to every Jason my friend. So if your done throwing your fit and eating the chocolate out of the tin foil hat you made I think we both need to move on from this and just agree to disagree
  4. It may not bother you but it certainly is something that bothers a good amount of people. I myself didn't get this game to have to deal with glitches / exploits that detriment Online play. Buy allowing "cheating". If it was offline and single player based I wouldent have a problem with it. However its online based game. And dosent need cheating. The fact ive seen players do this. And stock up on healing spray and shotguns while ive played as Jason. Is absurd as it allows as you said. For the Exploiter to win buy simply running down the clock as Jason has no method to get on rooftops. And without ladders or any means to get on rooftops normaly again its an Exploit. Not only does this affect whoever is playing as Jason it affects players playing as counselers as well. Think about it the minute you glitch onto that rooftop your leaving the rest of your team to die rather then help out your team to escape the camp or defeat Jason. As it stands its a exploit that needs to be removed period. And the sooner its removed the better.
  5. AJ was my favorite until I unlocked some good perks and now I've been testing on some of the stronger characters. I love the fact that my strategies change with each one. So now it's really tough for me to pick a favorite. But I guess I can pick AJ and Bugsy for now, until I learn more.
  6. I really hope that Gun and IllFonic are looking at Alkavian's and VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow's map suggestions becuase they are amazing!
  7. Okay time to tear you apart, piece by piece here. Then you follow up by doing EXACTLY THAT. HOLY SHIT THE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. There you go! You do it every time! You invent in your mind a hidden weakness unique to Savini Jason! There is no special perks or strategies that you use only for Savini Jason, no special playstyle that Savini Jason does in particular that you can use against him, it's all standard stuff because he's good at every possible Jason tactic, the best at most of them. the only Jason that has any sort of niche advantage over Savini Jason in any playstyle, is part 2, for objective based control and trapping. Part 2 excels at that but isn't as good in a chase. So you play against part 2 differently because you know his shift has a longer cooldown and you know there's going to be traps on all the objectives. You play against Savini Jason the exact same way you'd play against Part 9, Part 6, and Part 8, and pretty much part 3 too. There's no special weakness to exploit and he's got good strengths all around so you just have to "try harder" Which isn't much of a special strategy is it?
  8. I'm willing, heck I've been trying to win him his own SJ so he'll clam down about it. Still no luck on that (I feel these people rig these things)
  9. Can you two just agree to disagree? I see this only getting uglier and thread getting locked.
  10. I'm curious to see which counselors are the most popular, myself I'd have to say Chad or Jenny, they're both good at the same things so I'm not sure which I like more.
  11. I have SJ and use him alot,but hes not the OP jason everyone thinks, he just looks cool hes like every other jason it all comes down to who you enjoy playing as me its part 2 other then SJ.
  12. here u have 2 dude/kids using an exploit of getting under the staircase and up to the roof l would recommend you either patch in so you can get under stuff like that or make it so the person just instantly die as soon as they are glitching through a wall sure it might be a bit harsh but hey there is nothing fun about abusing a glitch/exploit in the game since the people want to enjoy the game but these types of people just ruin the game by doing this sort of stuff
  14. You know, I feel like you read what you want to read. I haven't said this was secret weakness that only Savini has but I've stated I've played him and I feel he does have a higher chance of being stunned more and being down a bit longer, granted I haven't tested this out and plan on doing so. What makes me laugh is how you still haven't talked about the perks and being smart about how to handle Savini Jason, I think your still mad about him. As many of the other players who have played Savini stated to you many times about how he plays you seem to not understand that, maybe one day you might, but my hopes for that is very thin since you keep over looking perks and characters who can break free from his grip in a heart beat and being able to out smart him. Plus you over looked the fact of the whole "In the right hands any Jason can be powerful." Plus the try harder thing doesn't really work for you since I can already tell your the first to always die, do you spawn in his hut? That must be aweful for you mate. You know bear traps help slow him down along with flares and guns and fire crackers right? Oh right, I forgot I'm talking to someone who dies right when he spawns in! Sorry I know that wound must be hurting. And to be fair, when I was on the map with the two cars, we beat the crap out of Savini Jason and escaped, he has bad grip, his morph is the same as most Jason's and he just used it and as for his shift it can be dodged if done right. Plus he is slow so you could still out run him, but I know you spawn in the hut so the wounds are still hurting there. My advice for you, just play the game and stop complaining about something you don't have and be thankful for what you have.
  15. I have noticed a few times that if you place the trap too close (like flush against the wall or car) to what you're trapping players can bypass it. Mainly the fuse box and car is where I've seen this.
  16. How about you go through the thread, hit ctrl+f and search the terms OP, and Overpowered. Now quit lying. Quit lying about weaknesses that don't exist, and quit putting words in other people's mouths. and yes FFS, Savini Jason can get stunned all Jasons can get stunned but stop acting like that is a unique property to Savini Jason rather than a standard thing across all Jasons. You consistently make the claim like it's a unique property to Savini Jason which is not backed by any evidence. You imply that Savini Jason is EASIER to stun than other Jasons. You imply that Savini Jason is stunned LONGER than other Jasons. Don't make me quote you boy. You were on a map with 2 cars, that means that he had no weakness, there's nothing to be knowledgeable about. "Aw bruh I know his weaknesses... he's slow in water! Yeah!" "Oh, cool, because there's no boat, meaning NOBODY IS GOING TO BE IN THE WATER" There's no different tactic in fighting savini Jason than any other Jason other than knowing you're going to be more fucked than usual early on because he'll be plowing through cabins at the beginning of the match giving you little time to prepare or rest, and at 2:15 he gets a 20 second he's going to be harder to run from and juke than usual That isn't a strategy to win that's saying the odds are more stacked against you than usual so I guess... try harder? Great strategy! Just try harder, because he's stronger than most.
  17. I agree with everything but Team killing. It sucks but to me having to try and figure out who is friend or foe is something I like about this game. Would you kill someone to escape? Would you injure another player so Jason would go for them and not you. This is the one thing I think the game makes you think about. As for working with Jason, was with a bunch of kids who were team killing and or keeping the keys from other players. So there are ups and downs to the game, yeah kids will team kill you but that is something we all need to really think about, would you stab a team mate in the back to escape or die along side them?
  18. Yeah, much like Higgins Haven, that'll require an awful lot of rewatching and rewatching the movies. Ronnie in particular is meant to be encyclopedic on that kinda thing. Good about the Jarvis House, wasn't sure about that one.
  19. Jason's proximity music needs to be made a lot smaller early game. This would solve problems of people wanting stalk earlier in the game plus it would take 2 minutes to rewrite the code for that. Jason should also generate rustling sounds when moving outside and floor creaks when indoors that counsellors can hear only based on their composure level. Floor creaks and rustling can still happen when Jason isn't there to leave the counsellors guessing.
  20. I've had that one a few times before, myself. I'd recommend you either email them at, or you could try tweeting at about the issue. They also have Facebook and a main Twitter account @(Friday13thGame), but those would likely be the quickest chances of a response.
  21. Apparently, there's a way to avoid a perfectly-placed trap by having another player stand next to the trap/phone box. You stand on the opposite side of the other player and you can fix the box without "snapping" in front of the box; hence avoiding the trap. Not sure if this has been patched or not, but here's a video.
  22. My experience tonight was awful, not a single round went unblemished: In no particular order Packaknack roof exploiters Host quitting Host quitting because I killed them as Jason More Packaknack roof exploiters Children 12 and under teamkilling, working with Jason Rinse/repeat I think I'm done until this all gets patched/fixed. It only takes one person to hijack your game. Whether it being exploits, team killing or simply quitting as host- you're at the mercy of someone else and the PS4 community at large has shown they're more interested in playing hostage with you than playing the intended game. There's a surprising amount of kids in-game also and their priority seems to be using the glitches and exploits. The gameplay has grown a little stale and I can live with that but the game as a whole is fundamentally flawed and flat-out broken in many respects. At the very least, host migration should be the #1 priority after fixing all of the exploits. With the wrong group of people (and it happens a lot), the game is unplayable.
  23. Looking welcoming. Just needs a couple missile launcher turrets in the 'eyes'
  24. Good news is they already know about this one and a fix for it is included in the next patch. Though I don't know when that's due out, doubt it'll be too long. They had a lot of people contact their Twitter when it started happening and including pictures and videos like these. I even saw two people doing it in a game once, myself.
  25. I know the reply "no" seems overused in this topic already but I'm going to use it again. No. This will ruin the game.
  26. Jason can cut the phone line, after a fashion, I'm a crap Jason player, but I play him as best I can when I am selected to play Jason... on several occasions I've heard someone screw up the phone box fix game and I've morphed there as soon as I could, and the first thing I do is interact with the phone box, and just like interacting with a generator box, Jason will give it a whack with his weapon and break it, I have cut counsellor's off mid-phone call, and I myself have also been cut off mid-phone call... something else to help promote the "hunt" style of play (if it isn't already present), is when Jason triggers his Stalk ability, on the counsellors game screen, they should experience the same "VHS interference" that they would if Jason Morphs/Shifts whilst near them, that way in addition to muting Jason's proximity music, unless the counsellor actually has Jason in their sight, they are not sure if Jason has Morphed/Shifted or gone into Stalk mode for example if Jason has located an occupied cabin with Sense, or he chased a counsellor into a cabin, he can smash all the windows around the cabin and/or place traps at the windows, then if he moves to a point where he can't be seen through the window, and activates Stalk, the counsellor gets the VHS blip, and the music stops, so the counsellor player has to decide whether they stay put or make a break for it
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