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  2. Mostly A.J. like the sneak around and carefully get the items without getting caught
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  5. He is in the intro. It creates false hype when you think you see P3's legs but then you see P4's wound. I cannot tell you how many times I thought that the broken selection system had decided to be nice to me and give me Jason but it turned out that I was wrong.
  6. Part 8/Chin Strike (super satisfying to see after finally catching a good Vanessa kiter)
  7. I use this site to resize images. Don't get me wrong, I do agree with the AOL style limitations on such a low amount of space.
  8. There is no full length of those few seconds, but this is it on the soundtrack. It is about 10ish seconds in. I guess he reused it later.
  9. When I first started, I mained Deborah because I was scared to hell if Jason morphed right to me and I was to scared to even slap him on the ass with a bat. But, after seeing Tiffany game play on Youtube, she was the only real counselor I ever wanted to main. I grinded for days until I reached Level 18, after I unlocked her, I started playing as her more because I finally got the courage to know when Jason was nearby and learned a bit more combat tips. I really liked her stamina and speed, along with her stealth, so I can grab Jason's attention when somebody else needed a distraction to put in a part, and when they finish, I could dive under a bed and Jason wouldn't know where I went. (Unless he walks by me, then I'm DOOMED.)
  10. I like your idea. Even showing unlocks once you hit the next level. Here is a cool thread with really interesting ideas about revamping the progression system to keep players interested and such. You should throw your idea over there.
  12. At the beginning, Deb. Love her stealth and fixing. AJ was and probably is my main. Using My Dads A Cop always, switch between marathon, preparedness, thick skin, medic. I got used to using Mitch over the week and dig him. Adam is a character I have gotten better at using recently and dig a lot. Vanessa if I want to survive the night. Overall, I use AJ because if her fear levels are low, you can hide under a bed and not have to breathe. Unless jason knocks out the power, he will walk in front of you and she wont make a noise. Solid stealth, composure and repair. Keeping near objectives to find items and repair is effective to help benefit all counselors. I am not the best runner, so fixing objectives for the group is my thing.
  13. What gives? Last month in a 10 day period I found five tapes, and one duplicate tape. And it was one every night back to back almost. 6 tapes in a week. It took me til level 85 to get my first then I found plenty of them. But now it's ran cold again. I haven't even got a duplicate in the past 100 games. Was I just getting all the tapes I should of had by now at once, or was I on some incredibly rare lucky streak?
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  15. I didn't see anything about this, but the solution is an easy one. All you have to do the first time someone jumps through a window and you're outside the window looking at them is use your shift, but don't go anywhere just use up all of your shift right next to the window and when they climb out, boom got em.
  16. Are you sure? It isn't mentioned in any patch notes.
  17. Can we actually get some cloth on for tiffany
  18. Nice job for your first one! This is something I am interested in trying out. Thanks for telling us the software you used! I feel like with how many people are making these, they should create a stickied thread so we all have one easy, accessible place to post, appreciate and review other people's work. Share ideas or take requests for songs. Always cool to see other people's editing and art!
  19. i love this peice of music from part 4 it happens twice in the movie as far as i remember when axel dies and when the kid who gets the harpoon in the dick is trying to swim away does anyone know were i can find a full length version of this? heres the music i can only get about afew seconds to hear it
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