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  2. Just fix it to where Jason cant get stunned right after raging thru a wall or door. A wrench or bat with epic stun perk is a 100% stun chance on Jason. Also less pocket knifes.
  3. How 'bout 2 cops enter the camp...but if you are playing as Tommy they will try to arrest you.
  4. You got a video of it?
  5. Disney's Next Big buy

    Yeah, there were certain Indies that had a real good rep for sending good guys up. D-lo brown and bull Buchanan came out of the hwa. On another note, between wrestling and being an auto mechanic, if you see me on here bitching about the game it is because of my background. In both aspects of my life, I didn't have time for BS. As a wrestler, you are taught to do things correctly and protect who you are working with or bad accidents happen. As an auto mechanic, you HAVE to fix it right the first time. If you dont, 1) you are keeping a paying customer out of their vehicle. 2) if you have to work on the same problem twice... you aren't getting paid for it. So, if I ever sound critical of this game it is because of my background. I'm a straight forward, do it right kind of guy.
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  7. Yeah there's no denying that matchmaking was a nightmare. When you found a game it was a treat though! I'm a huge fan of every installment of the series. My brother introduced me to Friday when I was a kid and now this game allows us to play the game with eachother from across the country. The game is definetly not without faults but it blows the NES version out of the water. 😂
  8. If that's the result then so be it. If everyone can say, "Look, X has got to be fixed. Period." And X is the same thing(s) over and over, well, I just hope the devs can know that and hopefully keep it mind. Really I just want it to be helpful for them while it's being worked on.
  9. I appreciate the golden days too. But I do want to also keep perspective and remember the frustrations at that time too. On Xbox, the game crashed about 60-70% of the time. I couldn't play the game at all for the first week or so because of a corrupted data file. Matchmaking was totally broken (not hyperbole -- ACTUALLY totally broken where it just didn't work) so you needed to come here to find invites to private games if you didn't have friends who played. There were a ton of in-game glitches (I will never forget the packanack lodge and higgins haven house glitches). Basically, in the "golden days", the game was broken (almost unplayable at times), but when you DID get in, it was an amazing experience and the playerbase were true fans who were there for a survival horror experience (for the most part). Now, the game works, but it's so unbalanced and favors casuals who are there for a dance party to the point that it's not worth playing. So.....lose-lose, I'd say.
  10. I'd like an option for custom load outs as well as using the load outs for multiplayer, so you don't have to start from scratch.
  11. Ahh yes the golden days back at launch. That's when it took 30 minutes to find a game so nobody was leaving lobbies on purpose. You appreciated and cherished your spot in a lobby. It was awesome, my heart rate was jacked every game and everyone wanted to be Jason back then. It was addicting, you just wanted to play more! I still get that game launch feeling every once in while during a match but not like the Golden days.
  12. How do you scare counselor's?

    Idk why the other abilities aren't like sense. Not just stalk, but shift to. If you use shift for 2 seconds, you have to wait the entire cooldown. That just doesn't seem fair to me somehow.
  13. Totally agree, other than offline bots. Like everything else in the game, they're half-assed and feel unfinished. But the former is why everyone is so angry. It went from a possible game of the year contender to a disgrace to the franchise, with a bunch of clueless and arrogant indie hacks lecturing a fanbase who evidently cares far more about the franchise than they do, why such changes were great.
  14. Biggest difference between now and launch is that it is now one of the worst fucking online games I’ve ever played. At launch, I’d felt like a Friday the 13th film. Now, it’s complete fucking shit. Offline bots is all I play at this point.
  15. I don't think I have much new to add, but they all bear repeating: * Jason grab radius needs buff * Jason hit detection needs readjustment * Number of knives, guns, and med sprays need to be greatly reduced * Counselor stun chances/times need nerf * Invisible box around windows need removal The usual stuff that will likely get ignored.
  16. At this point I just want them to buff Jason so much so that way people can stop complaining about their immersion getting ruined
  17. Also forgot window breaking/invincibility and the counselor scream that ruins hiding spots.
  18. Jason should not be taking damage while stunned.
  19. Literally the only reason why people hate the emotes is because people like to troll with them, in that case blame the person abusing it not the actual animation, the emotes don't force you to use them, they don't have free will. Us humans do, call out the abusers. As for the costumes, the only excuse people seem to have for hating them is the fact that it ruins their immersion. Even then everyone has a different perception on what helps contribute to the immersion and then takes it away. Let's talk about the real issues that this game has, not ones that ruin your mood just because it affects you mentally. Let's discuss about how nerfed Jason is at the very moment. Way too many pocket knives, if they removed some of them and reduced it to a count of 4 including Tommy's, I HIGHLY doubt you will be seeing people try and kill Jason, reduce the amount of health sprays to 4 as well. The hit detection on almost all of the Jasons is wack. It needs a major upgrade. The amount of shotguns that are found in this game makes me wonder if I'm playing Friday the 13th or Call of duty. Those are the real issues.
  20. Best change since launch: phone fuse doesn't glitch into the ground. Worst change: grab nerf Honorable mention for bad changes: item spawning on map, increase of pocket knives, and car rubberbanding after crashes.
  21. Thanks for all your answers! This all was quite illuminating to read. I wish I had been playing then. The emotes are incredibly tacky, and few things annoy me more than passing through a house and seeing someone in a stupid outfit just dancing by the fireplace instead of being useful and actually trying to accomplish anything. Or the cocky players with 2-3 pocketknives who dance literally 1 inch away from the exit when the cops are there just to taunt Jason. Needless to say, I hate the emotes. I don't mind the assorted clothing. No big deal for me. but it really is quite unforgivable how easy it is to fend off Jason now. A real shame.
  22. Oh lord here we go again blaming the costumes and emotes. Blame the people not the objects.
  23. The main difference that sticks out to me is the change in tone. When it first came out, it felt like a Friday the 13th game. Jason was OP, counselors ran in fear from him, and rarely did you have more than a handful of counselors surviving a match. When the Jason music would kick in, you'd feel dread because it meant that you were likely about to die. Which is how it should be because very few people in the movies survived an encounter with Jason. Then they started catering to casual fans. They added in stupid costumes and emotes. They nerfed Jason to the point of breaking the game. They added in so many knives, firecrackers, and guns that counselors get 3-4 free passes running into Jason before they are even remotely in danger of getting killed. The tone when the game started was one in which counselors were running scared and desperate to survive. The tone now is one in which counselors are running towards Jason to dance around in sexy devil outfits and spam stuns and teabags.
  24. I didn’t realize two fictional people was the equivalent of everyone now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  25. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Let the nerd flow through you....
  26. Balance Patch Expectations - For the Devs

    Exactly this for all the reasons.
  27. When the full game was released the walking animation was changed for the counselors and Jason to me I loved the old walking animations it made it seem realistic and made Jason feel heavy and strong and make counselors feel more realistic, what’s y’alls Opinion
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