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  2. Sorry about that...I do wish that stealth did have something to do with Jason’s sense ability. Stealth and composure should make it a lot harder for Jason to spot a counselor. If a counselor is walking with no fear then Jason shouldn’t be able to sense them, sense is supposed to pick up on fear not whether the counselor is within his music range.
  3. Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    Thank you, kind sir.
  4. Ooooo they have an internal wish list? I'm interested on who's it gonna be
  5. Not sure how you gathered that. He said they were a fan but they had other characters on their internal wish list. The chances of seeing Reggie as a counselor or a counselor inspired by him are next to zero for the time being.
  6. Jason Part 2 - Signature

    Jenny or Part 6 Jason would be awesome. I appreciate you doing this for us man.
  7. Creative Kills

    I'd like to finally see a kill where Jason completely splits the counselor in half.
  8. Creative Kills

    One that has been mentioned on here before, that I believe could have a double purpose. If the hood is still up on a car (i.e. the battery hasn't been installed yet), Jason could push the counselor's head into the engine compartment, and repeatedly slam their heads with the hood until the head is crushed. If the battery has been installed, the kill won't work. Maybe this will entice more players to complete some objectives to take away an environmental kill. Might not work, but it could be worth a shot. Jason taking out a power box and a counselor at the same time. Instead of disabling the power with a weapon, he could do it with somebody's head. Would also be a chance to include a quick, awesome electrocution animation in the process. I have plenty more rolling around in my head, but those are two that came up immediately.
  9. Pretty sure a new counselor won't be coming till Summer or fall after Victoria. But if they did, it wouldn't be Reggie. It would be a counselor inspired by him since it's apparently so hard to get the rights.
  10. Sneaky works. I know that much.
  11. More new clothes for Jenny please.
  12. Jason Part 2 - Signature

    i made a little animation of fire in his eyes
  13. Is he not coming? I was looking forward for a new counselor.
  14. Today
  15. I hate having another generic boring final girl. I’d prefer if Jenny somehow dies while saving someone. The unlikely final girl, Tiffany, ends up alive after being thrown across the shrine, puts on the sweater and kills Jason, with the help of a few lucky survivors.
  16. besides the hockey mask shelly is just a body to add to kill count
  17. Whats your Horror Movie Trope?

    I wanna be the boy next door that transitions into the girl next door that eventually transitions into the killer.
  18. Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    I'm proud of you
  19. Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    Something tells me that OP probably has +stalk. And likely -sense.
  20. Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    I've tried dating people I found online, through games, forums, etc only twice before and it backfired on me severely, so no, I haven't found any "hot girls" playing this game and I don't plan on it. The first time I tried to date someone I met online, a friend of mine had a very prophetic dream that I arranged to meet them in person and they turned out to be a fat, middle aged guy, and my response was apparently to jump head first off a bridge. My second shot at online dating was with a girl I actually met once in real life and she broke up with me by accusing me of cheating on her with a girl I've never met in person and she also claimed she cut herself because of me. Long story short: I don't want to find "hot girls" on this game because they're probably (as Bruce Willis said in the movie Surrogates) a fat guy with their d*** hanging out
  21. OK... his character still had backstory as well as Debbie, Rick, Vera a bit. That was only the third movie.
  22. Creative Kills

    We need an electric box kill for one there's a few in the series. Where Jason throws the counselors into the generator and it shocks them too death
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