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  2. it was just twitter i notice this on. all other sites like here and facebook I havent seen people disappearing.
  3. Any news on this? Supposedly they read everything posted on the forum, but they have yet to confirm wether the DLC is for recolors or actual clothes as far as I know? I mean they could just tell us its not gonna stop people from buying it, you cant buy it anymore
  4. On the topic of the phone being too easy, I was actually surprised that the cops always show up. I thought some counselors should automatically be assumed to be playing a prank (Eric) while others characters (like the final girl) would actually be able to get the cops to come to the scene.
  5. Good point. From what I've seen the game is moderately to severly discounted depending on country. To curb refunds, sending out the keys/codes/tokens would be a good move.
  6. I'm only commenting on what I've read, I haven't been in it myself. I'm trying to limit myself to this board with varying degrees of success depending on the day. JasonTakesOmegle talked about it a bit in another thread, he's a mod there I think. As for Twitter, again I have no idea. Maybe Jason can clarify. My Orwell conspiracies haven't quite extended to Gun Media.
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  8. Work,online games,forums,movies,and F13 discord chat.
  9. Xbox One: Aldermach XI Steam: AldermachXI
  10. QFT. But this is 2017 - the age of entitlement. No one's behaviour here surprises me. Let's all just chill and be happy we'll be playing this in under 4 weeks now.
  11. You all keep talking as if you are thinking this is a standard release by a big game developer. This is a Kickstarter project, made by fans, for fans, with a SMALL development team. Give them a break. I appreciate all the effort these people put into bringing us this game.
  12. Has anyone seen the bear trap exploit against Jason? If not I'll try to find a video and post it here. Basically you just keep setting traps in front of a door and Jason has to walk through them to get you. I'm not sure if the throwing knives are gonna stop people from doing this and especially not if every Jason doesn't start with knives, although I'm not sure how hard they are to find on the map. Edit: Here's the video. It starts about 8:30 in and the YouTuber screams, so headphone users beware.
  13. I'm not gonna ask for a refund. I'll just buy another copy from Steam for myself and then give away my key once I get it. Was intending on getting my brother a copy anyways. Now I'm just curious to see how this all goes down. I think with rising concern, Gun may have to try to send codes a little early if they want avoid refunds..
  14. I think it'd be fair to be along the same lines with the boat as the car. As in, he can stop it and make a grab kill on someone in it, but anyone else can get out and survive. For swimmers up against J7 or J8, that's getting the hell out of the water before he's finished killing the first person. Insta-kill on everyone in the boat with a stoppage just feels like people would never take the risk of the boat. Even up against the Savini Jason, slowest in the water, just because of the risk of them all dying at once due to a mistake.
  15. R9 390. How I love thee, let me count the frames.
  16. fair enough, this somehow flew under my radar. I've merged the two.
  17. This one,also i would like to note that if you look at the top of this 'if you could design a skin?' thread,it's the third post on the page where i mentioned my topic and posted a link,not sure why peoples keep not noticing it.
  18. Now that im thinking about it,i think i know now how Pamela could actually be implemented in this game. Basically her stats would be like what Tyrant666 above me suggested. She should be able to kind of slow down a counselor progression by messing with stuffs a bit. (She can call the cops but not completely cancel them,like only add a few more minutes before they arrive and she can only do this once,as for parts of the car/boat she can take one out but can only leave those around the car/boat,forcing counselor to re-install it again.) As for the having no grip,Pamela would be more of a slashing and long range killer,she use a kitchen knife when being close and can swipe/stab really fast with it,as for long range instead of having darts she would have a bow with arrows that when shot go straight instead of in a arc pattern. Once a counselor health is pretty low,Pamela would need to get very close to the counselor,at that point the 4 killing animations prompt will appear without the need of holding a counselor since she cant hold one,if she press one she will do one of the 4 chosen and many newly dessigned killing animations.if the counselor as a pocket knife tough the animation will be interupted with the counselor stabbing Pamela in the shoulder.
  19. Oh I have no doubts the phone will get at least one more tweak post launch that we get to play with besides the fuse. 1. Moving the fuse to anywhere on the map, instead of the same set of cabins. Though some I've seen claim this is already going to be the case. Far as im aware, its going to be in the same general set of cabins as the phone and phone power. Correct me if im wrong. 2. Removing the infinite escape for the counselors, say a 2 minute window is allowed after they arrive and then they leave cuz...yeah Jason is out there 3. Making the two cop cars only hold 4 characters, so 4 cops would occupy the two front seats and the 4 passengers in back, but no driving required, just the cutscene 4. Tying the camp power into the power for the phone, making it possible that 4 steps are required to get the phone working, if Jason knocks out the camp power too They could also double the car supplies to 4 of each thing, that way they are a bit viable, less worry about trolls or people dying in the middle of the woods and the key is nowhere to be found. Or as someone mentioned a bit back. The counselors could use a skill check to hotwire the car, after the battery and gas are in it and this would leave them vulnerable since Jason can still grab you in the car. Bypassing the keys entirely, but they can still be used and don't require skill checks. It'll be interesting to see how the boat escape plays out. If your against Part 7 or 8 Jason. I feel like it will be avoided since he's a bit faster than the boat. But you would think if Jason caught up to the boat. He would in theory, instant kill everybody on the boat if he can stop it. That's feels like a fair trade off.
  20. Yeah, the Beta only ran for about six days but they patched it at least twice. One time where a small dev team is an advantage; they can react, develop and push out patches quicker than a bigger team having to juggle more stuff. If the phone escape does end up getting abused, they could add an extra step, make the skill check harder, increase the response time, something like that.
  21. I agree with what's been said so far. Pamela Strengths - Can Run - Stalk - Sabotage (Cancel Cops, Look like Counselors, Steal Gas/Batteries Inside Cars, etc) Weaknesses - Low HP - Slow Shift - No grip
  22. Fun fact, the dust they threw into the fire on that show was non dairy creamer. According to the crew its petroleum based and burns like a motherfucker.
  23. Those backers weren't messing around
  24. Well the game was $10 less when I pre ordered it
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