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  2. Just curious as to whether or not there’s been any news regarding this. I scanned the forums but didn’t find anything. Had a counselor last night behind the furniture on the vacation house porch. Normally it doesn’t bother me too much because I just knife the shit out of them. But this dude had 3 med sprays with a medic perk on. I ran out of knives on the map and he lived. This made me sad.
  3. Yes. It’s a semi-common occurrence. I don’t know why, but you’re not alone.
  4. I honestly don’t know how this dude gets views. More power to him, but when content creators talk down to their viewers (like this dude often does), one would think subscribership would go down. Not to mention, in this video, he got ALL the facts wrong. Every. Single. One. Then again, maybe it’s genius if it gets him views.
  5. My only issue is the servers throwing me out of a good room at random for no reason. I’ll deal with the other stuff... for now.
  6. Today
  7. JackTV

    Recording Video PS4

    Everyone has to change their settings, or it won’t work. Interestingly, it works fine if you your settings are configured correctly in a chat party, but just an online game, no-go on PS4 without a capture card.
  8. Probably the low luck/composure combination.
  9. What's crazy is how 1 point of composure can be so huge, Jenny never stumbles. But, Mitch does occasionally. Lachappa stumbles often, when Deb hardly does. I run no fear on all for 20%, Chad and Tiffany are like the Stumble king and Queen of the homecoming ball. But, Vanessa doesn't seem to stumble much for me with that build. I run thick skin with my build, on random. Tiffany stumbles more than anyone for me, even more than Chad.
  10. Can we get a #FuckSeanCunningham, #FuckHorrorInc or #FuckCrystalLakeEntertainment tag going on Twitter? Probably time the real bad guys who stopped production of the game and movies got their fair share.
  11. Oh I get that. I'm just giving out a alternate idea for a broken window buff. I'm in favor of any small buff to Jason while also giving a reason to want to actively smash windows (because now, I don't care to.)
  12. The damage is probably as high as it should get. Making the broken window animation longer would give Jason more chances to catch up.
  13. I do have Speed Demon, but it only works if I am alone and I like to get the 4 seater filled up and drive around for the rest of the match listening to whatever is on the radio. For that reason I prefer Lead Foot. It's a lot easier than trying to time Jason out by looping and fighting.
  14. Or adjust the damage climbing though window. As Jason, I really don't bother breaking windows since the time investment isn't all that great when you consider the all the counselors with medic or thickedSkin. Unless its per-emptively next to something like the fuse or I'm on my last counselor, which I have a habit of drawing it out longer by cutting the power (if it wasn't already) and smashing windows and weaking doors on near-by cabins, I'd rather relentlessly pressure the counselor.
  15. Yea, kinda the reason why I don't play Jenny as much anymore, since I also want to be able to demask practically. Jenny is still my bae though, and I'm reminded why I miss her everytime I'm screwed by stumbling...
  16. The female repair counselors have high stealth, so if you can just stay off Jason's radar and repair the objectives he is furthest away from (check your map often, Jason is sometimes highlighted on it if he has been spotted by another player.) You can get stuff done. If a trap is on the objective you can disarm it with a pocket knife silently. If you don't have a knife, you or another player unfortunately will have to set it off. So make sure to heal (or equip the thick skin perk) and run away! Personally, I do think the game has a pretty decent learning curve. skilled high level Jasons usually clean up (6- 8 kills a game) Whereas beginning players on both sides of the aisle (Jason and counselors) tend to struggle. Watch some videos, learn to conserve your stamina, (don't run if you don't need to, you make louder pings for Jason to follow when you do) lock cabin doors and try to avoid close quarters combat unless necessary.
  17. What?.....Lol , that's weird. Well...it works on PC....so I am Pretty sure it would work there too.
  18. The Wolf with that Toast

    October Event Celebration!

    Finally , I got my second time weapon swapping. Now I don't have to piss off my Friends with grinder anymore lol. Thanks for the Special Weekend!
  19. The Wolf with that Toast

    Overpowered and Underpowered

    ''But...But , he died in every movie , so he should die in every match too!'' -Citation of basically every counselor crybaby.
  20. Ozzman123

    My 3d Renders and Fan art

    i don't have his model, i only have Vanessa , Tiffany and AJ
  21. Yesterday
  22. Thank you! I might change it to random, with all counselers. At this point, I’ll set up the counselor perks...to make them more benificial, with my playstyle. I appreciate the tips! 🤘
  23. BigJay

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    That wasn't meant to be a joke. I just asked a question.😉
  24. thrawn3054

    Favorite counselor and perks

    I've always felt Kenny was really underrated. The 5 across the board stats are surprisingly good. Obviously if you want to do something specific in a match there are better choices, but I enjoy his Jack of all trades build.
  25. Just found this article today stating some games released before April 2018 may not support this new feature. Will F13 support PSN name changes? https://qz.com/quartzy/1430591/players-can-change-playstation-id-these-usernames-can-go/
  26. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Overpowered and Underpowered

    It's Jason.....you know the most overpowered character?.....like you know...he is meant to be overpowered?
  27. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    More hope than you ever making a good joke.
  28. BigJay

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Do you still have hope for future content? 😂
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