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  2. fuck man i missed it. can't we have another thread where they duke it out, i want to see where this is going.
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    Uh oh, looks like Lirik made a boo boo.. huh.. that's actually kind of an interesting question for any game developers or folks who are in the know, does an NDA cover the fact that your under a NDA and when it lifts? Not a huge reveal either way, most of us knew it would be coming soon due to all the streamers who were on the game all day today. (Have some folks on my friends list who where IN GAME.)
  4. That is odd, contact and verify your order.
  5. Welcome to the forums BardMedicine!
  6. Yeah, I understand what you mean :/
  7. And what if not?
  8. welcome to the forums.
  9. @JPops I'm done indeed, but I like being poked with sharp sticks about as much as anyone else (metaphorically speaking). As long as Ikarikh and Laphin leave me alone there won't be a problem.
  10. @Kodiak I hope your last post saying you were done was indeed your last. If you take issue with a user there is no need to continue to express you have an issue with that user. You are entitled to your own opinions and no one here needs to like one another but keeping that discussion going is not something that will be allowed. Agree to disagree and let's move this topic along. I hope I do not need to come into the thread to say it again. Thanks.
  11. When I originally pre-ordered the game, I chose the physical copy for Xbox one, but yesterday I was sent the download code for Steam. Anyone else have this issue or know who to contact about it???
  12. Not you again. Coming looking to argue with me by PM's, gonna call me a stalker again because of all the stuff you posted publicly? I never even gave you grief in the first place, like I told you before you simply posted and sounded like a this-that-and-the-other, then instigated an argument. Just don't. I'm trying to maintain civility here, and unless you're 10 years old you shouldn't be trying to get me to respond and start a flame war. F13 game forums belong to their creators, I don't want to publicly argue and make their shit look bad. I'd say PM me, but I already ignored you on there so you can't.
  13. Good luck with that, Air Force usually has lengthy waits for recruiting. But their PT is easier compared to other branches so that's a plus for you.
  14. Well spotted! I had to take a good look to notice it lol. Glad they've included the option to enable or disable it Although I imagine public servers are gonna have it enabled by default.
  15. Ohhhhh, I really hope this is an option across all game modes. That was one of the things that drove me crazy near the end of the Beta: Fellow counselors picking up weapons and just attacking each other at random. I died in two different games and never even SAW Jason.
  16. Civil arguments and debates about things are fine.. more than fine, actually I really enjoy them. The problem is that a lot of folks on the internet skip that civil part as SOON as someone challenges their position and goes strait to attack mode. I frequent a lot of forums and reddits and the intimidate response to offering descent or another opinion is for you to get shitposted/downvoted to oblivion. Just the other day I ran into a man who said F13 was going to bomb and that everyone hyped for it would feel really silly soon enough... all I did is ask him for reasons and examples as to why he thought it would bomb and he went postal on me. Its pretty crazy how fanatical folks can be... any contrast in opinion and WHAM your public enemy number one. As for this thread, its basically run its course, streams are coming out tomorrow at 9 A.M. Honestly I'm so bored at this point, I'm actually looking forward to at least watching to see the changes.
  17. You'd think so indeed. He rolled up with a ton of gear in that particular comic, but even when he returned to Crystal Lake in part 6, he had nothing but the stuff required to burn Jason's corpse. He tried to grab one of the shotguns in the sheriff's office, but ends up getting chucked in jail for it.
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  19. Ronnie put this out yesterday, about him sat alone in an empty lobby. But I noticed that little checkbox box and text there - Friendly Fire. Definitely wasn't there in the Beta. For Private Matches at least, seems like the host will be able to choose to have it on or not. Maybe Quick Play as well, can't say for certain.
  20. Thanks, where would I find them? I don't see a forum for it.
  21. That is where I got it from. He knows Jason you'd think he would come more prepared. Unless he's gotten really cocky over the years, but I think he is always prepping for Jason's return.
  22. Was just wondering why they never made a Friday the 13th movie in the winter. I know the back story revolves around the summer camp, but they could easily just say some teens are on a winter retreat or preparing for some winter camp or Christmas village or some event. Same basic story except with snow. Gives the story a chance to create some new kills. Possible Kills: Icicle (from under the bed - jk) snow shovel snow plow hockey stick snow blower curling stone Christmas lights chainsaw tackling someone on ice and grinding their face into it while sliding. There's more but I'm not going to list them all. Seems like a missed opportunity.
  23. Aw thank you 😊
  24. I guess rather than a nod, he's there as an integral part of the series. Tommy was in 3 films and is the only person to defeat Jason and canonically survive. Funny how you mentioned in the first post that he should turn up in a military Hummer; here's an extract from the synopsis of the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors comic: "They are interrupted by Jason, who comes crashing through the door and kills Steven. As Ash arms himself, the man in the hummer drives through the wall of the house and rams into Jason. Everyone escapes, and their savior introduces himself as Tommy Jarvis" And indeed he will lose melee fights with Jason, although it depends on how well the combat system now performs. Melee and 10 strength may very well be a good strategy for keeping him busy. Tommy can be a fighter, a stealther, a runner, he can be whoever the player wants him to be Well, Ginny could be one to possibly consider adding as she is indeed one of the few survivors, but Tommy did battle with Jason through 3 films
  25. New video talking about how I shot a few scenes in Slasher Backer!
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