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  2. Pinehurst Small

    Personally I feel like Jarvis Residence Small Map is long overdue
  3. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Can you change the region you are playing in somehow??
  4. I agree. Once one of Jason's traps has been set off by a branch or weapon it can be reset- just like real traps.
  5. killer/survivor modes

    Sounds like Dead by Daylight is the game for you.
  6. Today
  7. From what I've heard it's something they're working on but like I said I can't say for sure. Certainly explains some hit detection issues (though there may be other reasons too).
  8. My biography

    I can’t see your pic and I’m not putting photo of myself because no thanks
  9. I'd say broken when it's coupled with the other issues facing combat but we don't need to argue semantics. It's an issue and will hopefully be addressed.
  10. Works fine for me, I'm on PS4. It’s only a minor fear decrease (even for epic) so don’t expect to not to get a dark screen at all.
  11. Since Jason can break any "chain" stun after the second stun, I don't see why it needs to be removed. Sure, the free hit after a pocket knife removal should be removed, but otherwise nothing needs to be changed about stuns.
  12. I've spoken with other players about this and the theory is that it may be leftover hitboxes from deleted map design elements. Because it really makes no sense at all why those boxes should be there, particularly in the middle of the road. There are invisible walls at cabins to stop cars blocking the entrances, but it doesn't explain the distances some of these boxes are at. @Loading it doesn't work. Like I said I would've liked to post this with more footage, but this will do for now to let everyone know about the issue. More can be added later.
  13. If you play enough, it gets you enough. I've had kills lost (including jason kills) on that main road in higgins because my bat clipped on something invisible. Now I know. PS: Thanks a bunch for posting this!
  14. It's because he knows you'll repair the car, that's why you need to be smarter, gotta out wit the Jason, all Jason's will go for the fixers. He'll live the idiots to run around till they have to die, it's basically the rules of most Jason, me I just kill all don't care. You play as a slow counselor then try and stick with people or find a friend to play with. Also find a pocketknife if you can or firecrackers. Have perks that can help you and remember to keep moving
  15. Nah you get one shot and if you screw it up then oh well. The game is primarily about escaping, not killing Jason. A lot of players seem to lose focus of that.
  16. Have a counselor stand on the opposite side of the camp fire and throw a knife at them. See if that works.
  17. The issue with that is many players in QP will just not move at all.
  18. Perk does not always work. Some characters are still losing the mini map and their fear is still high, even though I have an epic perk.
  19. It can interfere with combat to an extent, yes. But I wouldn't call it broken. It's only on certain spots on the maps, unfortunately it may very well be the spot you're fighting on.
  20. I think it’s a good thing. i hate entering a quick play lobby and seeing 2 or 3 other tiffany’s. i usually just play buggsy if that happens.
  21. Explains a lot. Combat is incredibly awkward in this game and this basically confirms it's broken.
  22. Yeah it's the same for counselors. I agree, it is pretty fucked up. I don't know for sure whether it's being worked on or not, or how much.
  23. @Tommy86 That's fucked up. Is it the same for counselors? Thanks for posting this. I thought some of the stuff I encountered was random or I was doing something wrong. I wonder if this issue is known?
  24. It had to be long. No one understands anything unless everything is explained. I get asked the same questions repeatedly and in order to address one aspect I had to address 10 others as well. You play as a slow counselor, you are often guaranteed to die. It doesn't matter when you choose to conserve stamina, if Jason is hunting you he's hunting you.
  25. The thing is there is no way to learn combat as counselor outside of just taking Jason on every match. Provided you have the correct knowledge to base your playing on, good technique can be learned quite quickly. But the players who only ever take Jason on when they need to will always be disadvantaged and never progress to the point where they can actually do it and consistently survive. It should be the first thing everyone learns basically. From there, they can rely on this skill in their strategy in the match.
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