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  2. What do you mean by Statue? You mean action figure? I want a TShirt
  3. I'm gonna go ahead and delete that gif from the quote. 😵 That ain't me bro! I'm a helluva lot sexier than that! 😂 😂 I actually just got the XBox One X, so I am delving into that. Not sure if my game will transfer over yet. (still downloading that fucking patch!) I hope this XBox is better than the last one. Of course, they say it is backwards compatible, but I have heard that shit before.
  4. It's the same, it's a quicktime event. There are variables for skill checks in Dead by Daylight also, based on a variety of factors. Having to find the part for an objective is definitely an added step that Dead by Daylight doesn't have. Whether or not it enhances gameplay is debatable, especially now that parts can be marked on the map.
  5. I would disagree with that, since for the car/boat/phone you actually have to find the items first, then transport it there while possibly being vulnerable since you are unable to equip a weapon while carrying gas etc. Also the quicktime event varies depending on the counsellor's Repair stat. So I would not call it the same thing. Similar, yes.
  6. Yes. That's it. I was waiting for the car at the T on the main road and he morphed right on top of me.
  7. The generators are the exact same as the gas/battery/etc. It's just a mechanic for a quicktime event. The visual of a different item is the only difference. It's the exact same thing. Having to drive the boat or car is a plus but the car drives like shit (though I've seen some pros). The car driving backwards as well as it does forwards is a little ridiculous though. In Dead by Daylight, if you're just running in circles then that's on you. Killing and escaping both require skill. I don't mind some folks dislike Dead by Daylight but I think a lot of the criticisms here are pretty lame. There's definitely stuff to be critical about but I'm not seeing it here. Friday the 13th is ambitious but it's failed to deliver as of yet. It's a drawer opening simulator with an impotent antagonist currently.
  8. DbD has come a long way indeed but they still have many issues (especially the console versions) that pop uo every now an again. People falling through the map, stuck on nothing, etc. My personal favorite is when you run out the escape an the game just keeps playing as you explore "beyond the wall". F13 has come just as far in terms of squashing issues. Yes there are still some, but every game has issues. A few more months an im sure f13 will be in great shape issue wise. I still remember when 20ft axes were an issue. Good times.
  9. I usually hear death screams along the lines of extreme trash talking right before they die. Hell sometimes they don’t say a word. Instead the game decides to text me their death screams by displaying it on the screen. A good old “Player has left the game”. Then I’m the one screaming at the TV.
  10. I do enjoy playing both games (though I haven't played DBD in quite a while now). While these two games are fairly similar in the main concept (escape the killer by doing stuff; or kill all the survivors), I feel as though they have their different aspects that make them good. DBD feels more fast-paced more emphasis on hiding F13 lots of different objectives to complete lots of different game mechanics (fear, stealth, combat) On paper, yes DBD feels like a dumbed down version of F13 however it puts its emphasis on other aspects. F13 came out about a year later than DBD so I am hopeful that in a year F13 will have come the long way that DBD has. On release DBD had some really bad bugs and features aswell (lobby simulator). Hopefully F13 will improve on the matchmaking/netcode system soon (dedicated servers on console) and the game would be much more enjoyable. Whether or not the balance of Jason and councellors is good or not right now is not very important to me. What's important is that the game works and there are no random disconnections etc.
  11. I'm not even going to bother. It's fine if you believe that, but obviously the vast majority of players disagree.
  12. Early 2017™️ But really I’m just excited for dedicated servers to come, I’m willing to wait because I love playing F13 Also still pressed that early 2017 didn’t make it into the game as an Easter egg
  13. You better get that Xbox download working so you can meet up with us Sexy rexy
  14. Today
  15. I'm not having fun anymore so, unless they fix the game, i'm out
  16. The treble whammy of goofy costumes, goofy dancing and a nerfed Jason that has ruined the counselor experience, has been a gut-punch to the enjoyment of the game for me. I've stopped playing for now. I'm not positive things will improve in multiplayer, but I'm hopeful single player should have less scope for similar kinds of fuck ups.
  17. He didn't cuss at you. And he is right to some degree.
  18. Lol yeah it’s always some kid screaming over the mic lol
  19. Yeah I hate small maps both when I’m Jason and a counselor! Counselor: Less cabins to search and I die more frequently. Jason: Cars can escape much easier if I’m using a -Shift Jason also items spawn near objectives.
  20. The grab isn't my only issue. I don't want the vacuum grab back but I do want something that works properly and consistently.
  21. i don´t think the vacuum grab will ever come back. I´d rather try to get used to what we have, it´s not as easy as before, but i am slowly getting better at shiftgrabbing again. Good counselors will dodge that alot, but they alrady did that before the last patch. Avoiding shiftgrab was never really hard. Just don´t be Rickon Stark.
  22. I'm avoiding spoilers. But it sounds like it's a bit of a mess. Not terrible, more fun than most of the DCEU, most everyone I've seen has it flagged as either behind only Wonder Woman or behind just Wonder Woman & Man of Steel. But a bit of a mess and it seems to be paying for the sins of BvS and Suicide Squad still, in a way that Wonder Woman didn't thanks to its novelty and actual quality. I reckon the legs will be stronger than BvS (it's hard to get much worse as a major blockbuster, it didn't even scrape a 2x multipler) but still not good enough to make it hit $300 million. At present, I'm tagging it for something around $250 US and a worldwide take of $720-740 million. Thanksgiving weekend should soften it, but it's a tough road after that and a certain Disney film is looming three weeks after that to crush everything in its path. With all ancillary revenue included I don't think it will end up losing money, I'd class this much more as a disappointment than a bomb. It's no King Arthur or Valerian. But a real big disappointment...all that time, money and effort was invested to make a bonanza windfall, not a small return. Justice League was meant to be their Avengers moment, the triumphant culmination of years of effort, not a rather damp squib looking to break even thanks to home video sales and so on.
  23. I recall reading something that this would be too much work for their manpower. And also that this propably would take a long time to do this, even if they had more manpower.
  24. Yeah, except I got derailed hard by Wolfenstein The New Colossus (good game, takes a while to get going IMO but revs up from the midway point) and I've had a virus the past few days keeping me off. But yeah. Hoping the next patch comes out soon, want to see what's on it.
  25. @Trident77 (why can i not tag you?) . It´s a horror game. Where you constantly fear to be killed when playing as counselor. Hence we have stumbling. I hardly got killed or killed anyone due to stumbling in 450+ hours. 10 times maybe overall? something like that. @woundcowboy Well i would say, there is a luckfactor. But as usual the rule is, the higher your skill the more you can profit from luck. Someone who doesn´t know what he is doing, won´t be able to take adavantage of his luck. Or not for very long. While a pro might only need luck once in the 20mins to survive the whole game due to beeing lucky.
  26. I know they didn’t change anything but it feels like there’s more pocket knives available than there used to be. Nearly every grab someone has one. I’ve even seen counselor’s kill tommy with the car to take his shit.
  27. They should just make it possible for Jason to destroy furniture. I know there was talk about but ofc if it actually went down it would most likely be broken as fuck.
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