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  2. I do not agree with any sort of immunity for Jason while he is Raging through a door/wall. As someone else pointed out, that is the consequence for being obvious. Even in the movies, a walking terminator Jason gets knocked down or stunned when he's in that "locked on target" mode. Most of the people who die in the movies never see him coming until it's too late. The ONLY thing I would offer as a counterbalance to the rage stuns is a decrease in weapon durability when striking a Jason in rage mode to prevent repeat stuns. This would make sense as hitting a Jason who is in rage should be a one timer for a getaway.
  3. dmack621

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    If I'm being honest ... I'd not only undo the boat sound, but I'd remove the car start up sound as well. AND I would remove the Jason music ... at least until he is in your line of sight. Then it makes sense for the Jason music to start playing. I think that would spice up the game a LOT and ... it wouldn't be adding anything ... it'd just be REMOVING some existing things or altering them. I believe as a counselor you'd have to be more on your toes and not just instantly know Jason is in the vicinity. As for stalk? Well as I said, line of sight. So if Jason is anywhere on your screen even if YOU (the player) don't see him, but your counselor could ... music. So stalk would just eliminate that when activated. Now, this isn't just about the counselors. I don't think Jason should just know that the car or boat has been started. He should keep his attention on objectives. The phone, well I'd leave it as it is only because they can't "add" anything which would be my trade off for the sound. Add a second part to repair for the phone like what has to be done for car or boat and then take away the sound alert. But that can't be done, so meh, leave it as is. Though I feel taking away the sound alerts would create more immersion on both the counselors' and Jason's end.
  4. Np. I just saw it recently so it wasn't too hard to find. I agree you would think changing it would be simple, but given my lack of programming knowledge it's possibly much hard then I'd imagine. I also agree it's probably best left alone.
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  6. Sinisterslither

    Tommy Bot Hilarity

    He learned to play Tommy like in Online Quick Play.
  7. Love these thread, post more videos please ! My favorite moments as Jason are when I trick some players like in this vidéo I've made :
  8. I don't know if any of you have noticed this, or if it's just my own game play experience, but Tommy Jarvis (in Offline Bot play) is now basically a total dick. (And a coward.) He'll murder other counselors. He'll steal cars and try to escape alone. He'll run away from a group, leaving everyone else to die. And half the time, I'll end up killing him in a hiding spot. Could Tommy's middle name possibly be "Chad"?
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  10. DorianRo

    The future of the game

    Seems like with every upgrade the game just got worse. Now the grab is a complete mess. If certain things aren't broke, don't fix them. The game had enough problems other than game mechanics which mostly were fine. Now the game mechanics are wrong along with just about everything else.
  11. Dolemite

    Can't hear the boat?

    It's not bothering me that there's a sound for the boat now (I admit that I love Jason buffs, so I'm biased), but I do see that it makes the boat a far less viable option for escaping unless you luck out and randomly start the boat while Jason's morph is in cool-down.
  12. The Milwauking Dead

    Can't hear the boat?

    We ALL experienced differently for the simple fact that you are wrong. That’s it.
  13. Perfectly understandable, old chap. If you're a Steam player we should hook up for a match at some point. We both seem to be honorable players.
  14. Dolemite

    End Of The Line

    You're missing the point, Freddy "oh hai I'm banned" Mercury. Make the most beautiful, poetic farewell post ever made, I give no shits. But then honor said post like a man by never coming back. Otherwise, you're just doing it for attention. BTW, I love that your significant other is sending you emails about this and that you went to the trouble of registering a new account just to reply to little ol' me. Tee-hee!
  15. I apologize I was touchy - I'm still remembering the level 10's shrill voice boasting about how well she did and her expertise due to her YouTube watching, and the rest of the lobby flaming me. Yes I'm still a bit tilted.
  16. Now that's a mature and rational response. Bully for you. And just to be clear, I've never actually avoided a kill by facing a wall, mainly because the possibility had never occurred to me before as I've never been in or near a cabin when confronted with a sweater-wearing counselor. It was more of a rhetorical question.
  17. Actually I haven't done anything he listed in his post. At most everyone has (unintentionally, against their will) been grabbed by Jason in a spot where no kills light up. The 1 second it takes him to find at least the head punch light up never made a difference in regards to being able to avoid death. I respectfully disagree that standing against a wall and looking away from all of the counselors, doing nothing but hoping to fall into the wall, is a legitimate tactic to avoid death. It's exploiting bad coding and unintended mechanics. Or I'd hope they are unintended, as if they are not, then the devs are worse at game design than I could possibly have imagined.
  18. Dolemite

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    This sums up the world today, yeah.
  19. Dolemite

    Jason Rage Quiting

    I was young and foolish. It was peer pressure. I needed the money!
  20. Touchy! And I'm not defending anything. I'm attempting to have a discussion, which you seem waaay too bitchy to be able to do. BTW, read @Ahab's excellent post above and tell me you've never done anything he's talking about.
  21. sedaiv

    Get F'd Twitch

    The cock suckers removed the follow button on the app.
  22. DeadDuck

    Jason Rage Quiting

    Its democracy ! Jasons should have the right of not being horribly bullied ^^ I demand having super ez kills when having the first couple of matches as Jason !! And ye , i've quited a few matches as Jason myself , this game isn't my job , i don't get paid for it so calm down.
  23. Thanks... I could not remember what thread it was in... there are so many threads I have read through and watched videos in. I don't know how hard it would be to change the kill prompt for Tommy and his position in the animation to match where the prompt was activated... But that would be cool to change up what the Jason kill actually looks like without adding anything new. I would prefer they leave it alone, even though it makes sense to make this change... who could predict what new and horrendous glitches and bugs could be introduced if they attempted this change.
  24. Fair Play

    Your First Video Game

    I never owned the Sega Master System, but a friend in my childhood neighborhood had one. I was over there so often, his parents talked about wanting to adopt me.
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