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  2. I would definitely pay for Uber and his 6 kills and a PJ pack for 10 bucks all day !! Give me Jason X with part 9 music and sound effects I will take it !!! wish this was an option... we should make a poll...to show them where the community stands on the issue
  3. They have a better chance of making money to go along with 'dedicated servers for consoles' if they packaged up Uber with recycled music cues and his kills to go along with the Pajama clothing pack for like 10 bucks a pop and pushing it out like they did the Part 2 kill pack. I could see the remaining playerbase eating that up for like 10 bucks a pop by comparison to an outrageously priced collectors edition...hypothetically speaking. But of course even despite both being in the pipeline months ago via video evidence and data mining, its no dice. Grendel I can understand, it like...really wasn't finished at all.
  4. Appreciated. If possible, could we get some sort of sticky or announcement on these official forums to coincide with whatever medium is tabbed to "break the news"--perhaps a direct link with a thread designated to capture reaction in the forums? It'd probably alleviate the issue with multiple reaction threads popping up when the new info IS available. We actually understand that working with outside partners can lead to some issues, and while it looks like we're carrying torches and pitchforks outside the gates, prior response history in general has provided little in the way of clarity. If anything, it usually makes things even murkier (subjectively speaking). Again, thanks for the heads-up.
  5. I don't know whether to bet with you or against you. That one's a tough call. Or shitting bricks... That was one interesting accent back in the day. I'm glad that someone takes the time to gather all that information from the other sources and posts it here. A big thanks goes out to those that take the time to do that to keep us in the loop. The price for this collection could change between now and September.
  6. Not half ......the entire community...wants communication and for things to be posted on this forum first.
  7. Played in one lobby for about 2.5 hours last night, no one found anything.
  8. Agree it shouldn't go for more than $40 - it's original price - like other Game of the Year I Guess We Are Done Editions that bundle everything together after a year. I initially laughed at the $70 price tag and the pessimist in me imagined them going "shit - the player base can do basic math!" when lowering the price.
  9. Ummm, I’d just like some clarity. I can wait a couple days.
  10. Emails have gone out to backers that purchased art books and/or soundtracks that they should have them in hand in 6-8 weeks.
  11. Stay tuned to Reddit! And then it will be posted here once someone sees it over there.
  12. O no! Gun is releasing a new version of the game to make more money to keep this game going? Those jerks. Releasing an ultimate edition is blasphemy even though almost every company does it.
  13. And it will be posted here? I’m going to like your post on the assumption it will be.
  14. Wes never stated the artbook and soundtrack wouldn't be released, in fact he's said to the contrary that they would be released.
  15. We’ll have corrected and complete information out in the next few days.
  16. Sure seems like it. I'm not seeing as many of the old regulars around here like I used to.
  17. So they can make this and ship it out to everyone but they can't release new content? Isn't this new content? Wes stated on Twitter they wouldn't release the art book and soundtrack to people because it was content and they weren't allowed to do that. But this is fine to sell? I call bull.
  18. Yes you are here. For now and in this thread at least. Most of the time, it's seems like tags and questions fall on deaf ears around here. Not until somebody does something drastic that gets them warned, suspended, or banned does much action seem to take place here.
  19. It’s cool could you clarify for us, which one comes with the mask and what does the new Counselors thing mean?
  20. Lies

    ME! ME! ME!

    Finally got around to making an account, I've been lurking for a while here. I do stuff, and things. Game is great for what it is, but I wish it had been finished... I'll try to speak the @Truth while I'm here, despite my name. (Hi Damon)
  21. I don't play as Jason. Not because I am not good at it, but because I hate it. Heck I have only done one of the single player challenges and played offline bots one time to see what it was like. I had always hoped there would be an offline mode to play as a counselor.. sigh.
  22. 1. Wes thought I was unavailable to respond due to a family emergency. He had already responded to Reddit while I was responding here. 2. Wes is the boss for sure, but it’s my job and not his to respond to these things. Again, he did so as he thought I was unavailable. 3. I was writing messages for both and sent an email before posting. He was doing the same thing. He took Reddit, I took forums. Estimate for a next patch - I’m not sure. I don’t want to throw out a date and stuff happens that delays the release. Both of those issues are know, though, and are considered high priority.
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