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  2. Oh, I was moreso stating the perks being distributed at an even 2.56% (2.6% if you round up) would be a better idea than perk progression. Perk progession would ultimately make the perk system as whole way too easy. Sure it would cost more CP to upgrade, but the system itself would be easy. I think @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow idea on top of each of the 39 perks having the same odds of being rolled would be a fix to the current perk system. Even odds for each of the 39 perks while being able to pay more to slightly give yourself better odds of that perk being a good version. Perk progession would break the game in favor of the counselors.
  3. Yeah that's why I put quotations around RNG. It is supposedly RNG, but the chances on some perks are just ridiculously low of being rolled in any form
  4. Get there and set your trap first.
  5. The thing is, the system of the 'RNG' in this game isn't exactly random. Some perks are favored over others. If each perk had an equal chance of being rolled, you would have plenty of medics by now. I believe there are 39 perks, so you would roughly have a 2.6% chance of rolling Medic each time you roll a perk. Key word there was 'would,' but since some perks are favored over others, it is likely that your chances are below 2.6% per roll.
  6. I can't see this working with how the state of the game is now. This game has an increased number of trolls in recent memory and it is quite concerning to have to play with these people when given the power to cripple your chances for troll reasons. The only way I think friendly fire should be done is in private matches as an on/off option.
  7. Basically : If I benefit from it - it's not an exploit. Tell me how to figure out a way around a counselor trap that prevents me from contesting any objectives on the map. Because there are enough bear traps to block me from placing any traps on any objectives.
  8. While counter trolling them is the justice trolls often deserve, it would contributing to the trolling in one way or another. I won't disagree with you on it being a solution of sorts, but it's a solution that involves using the root source of the problem, even if your intentions are good ones. Solo queueing being the only option for QP may not be popular with many players, but it would water down the trolling significantly. The ratio at which trolling happens without parties compared to with parties is probably 1 to 30 or 1 to 40 because of how hard it is to troll without teammates or without having Jason on your side. Even a party of 2 can do damage. I appreciate that you do your part to put trolls in their places, someone has to since reporting them seems to do nothing. Of course solo queue being the only method of QP will never be implemented, so it's nothing anyone would have to worry about. Hopefully with the new engine and eventually dedicated servers, their will also be a report option that ACTUALLY works. A kick option would either be abused by hosts or parties would just vote to keep their buddies in.
  9. So @ShiftySamurai any news on a kick/report option? Because we need it.
  10. I'd much rather have some sort of perk progression than "Rng" because even at level 70 I've never gotten medic
  11. Wow yes spread your ego! SPREAD IT LIKE YOU'RE A BIRD! So what if you are level 150 and clean 95% of Lobbies? Do you want an Award And no it isn't only Jason's Game, It is both the Counselor's and Jason's Game, That is where there is a chance to escape Also insulting me and my list while I tried to stay as civil and non insulting as Possible is a rather immature Move, I'm sorry that you get so triggered about something. I shall ignore you as well.
  12. Your suggestion itself is a good one, but the OP meant the inconsistency of the supposed 'RNG' system. Some perks are favored over other perks. I have hit level 150 twice going on three times (130) and have rolled Sucker Punch 9 times total, Swift Attacker 13 times total, Thick Skinned 12 times total, at the same time I have rolled aquanaut and quiet swimmer over 100 times each easily without a single doubt in my mind. Same can be said about Scout, Adrenaline Rush, Friendship, and Teamwork. I have gotten those all either over or close to 100 times ober that span of time I played. Maybe you're right. Maybe players shouldn't have such good perks so early on, but a system shouldn't be advertised as RNG, when the only thing the 'R' in 'RNG' stands for is 'Rigged.' We're not saying we should all get epics of the top 6 commonly used perks, we're asking that each perk has an equal chance to be gotten, not that we should get good versions of said perks.
  13. Respectfully disagree with a lot on the topic. When the game first launched, and I encountered a trap on the phone box for the first time, I thought, “You son of a...”. I was outwitted, and I couldn’t help but to give Jason his props. Same with the counselors laying down their own unset traps, preventing Jason from setting his in that spot. It’s not an exploit, it’s brilliant. That’s the way the game should be. It shouldn’t bother you, it should make you better. Now you’ll figure out your own way around it to one-up the counselors again. And on. And on. And on.
  14. Hahahah I’m a 150 level kickstart backer, I clean lobbies 95% of the time, and yes it is Jason’s game , as the devs say, your list is to be laughed at which is why nobody else responded to you, I couldn’t help myself.... such stupidity, I’ll ignore you now.
  15. Best way to counter is join with a larger party. Have majority. Yes there are trolls but they'll exist in any game you ever play. With my regular group of 4 to 5, we've run into people like this, but we have our fun and get back at them until the either rage or stop. Fact is that even if there is a group of trolls, if some of the solo ques see there's a larger group trying to "police" the game so to say, they'll actually help. I've gotten several messages from people thanking us for the laughs when we "anti-troll" or deal with people that don't do anything the whole match (hiding under beds and trying to steal a car they didnt work on, coming back as Tommy to try and steal a way out without helping, so on). I know in QP I'll sometimes come off as an asshole (dunno if I've run into any forum members on PS4) but its usually only when provoked. I usually try to help the newer players that are actually looking to get better. You don't get to hear too much about people doing that but it does happen. The only time people are really vocal is when they have bad experiences or somethings wrong. How many posts do you see of people thanking others for help vs complaining? Its the same in any media from games to movies to Youtube.
  16. The Marilyn look has me GAGGED! Physics wise to make it work I'd be happy if it was changed to a pants suit. There's still issues with Jenny's princess skirt clipping through the windows so i imagine this would be a nightmare too.
  17. You know what, This is why Posting anything is a bad Idea And No it's not Jason's Game like you fanboys want, THE GAME HAS ESCAPE ROUTES FOR A REASON! Also with your logic of "Go watch a movie "hurr duur" No one but a single person should be able to even escape, Which would make no one play the game Reducing the already available items would cause even more of an Outrage, And also, I'm sorry that you can't read, But a few of the items there can also be used by Jason to his Advantage Might as well Remove everything that lets the counselors escape and throw them in Jason's shack and watch as Jason just slaughters them one by one, You know I'm trying to be polite or I would of have called you out on your "logic" a while ago. Also in the Movies The Counselors were not near a Campfire and Rob didn't die every single in Every Single Movie, There would only be 1/2 People surviving and Jason wasn't knocking down every door that there is, He was being stealthy and Killing the counselors without others knowing that everyone was dying, Enjoy your flawed Logic, Jason Fan boy who wants to make the Game easier for Jason. You pretty much contradicted your self, You say that Counselors are still Too Strong when they have already been nerfed, That means that A. Either you are pretty bad at Jason And need to make this game be your playground Or B. You need some medical attention Goodbye and enjoy playing with your Flawed Logic. Sincerely Smug.
  18. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    I want the door added for screen accuracy, I've noticed a lot of missing things from the maps that throw off the looks of the game from the movies, like the missing silo and basement on Higgins Haven.
  19. The many contributor to trolling in QP is being able to queue up with a party. It's always parties who help each other troll the rest of the lobby. Yes, there are cases of trolls who troll by themselves in QP by running people over, but this happens way less often when it isn't one of their party members who is Jason. I am on my way to level 150 for a third time (level 130) and I have seen solo trollinv a total of maybe 4 or 5 times throughout the many hours I have put into this game. If you want to play with a party, play private matches. I'd rather take my chances with randoms than with party of trolls or parties who won't troll, but will always miraculously never die when their fellow party member gets Jason. Of course all of this is alleviated by and actual functioning report system that bans cheaters and trolls, but an easy soft fix in the meantime would be making QP solo queue only. Dealing with uncoordinated teammates is better than dealing with coordinated trolls. I haven't enjoyed this game since November, but it'a my autopilot, go-to game that I always go back to to burn free time. I think once I hit 150 for a third time, I'm done for a while. I'm not falling for the 'sticking around future content' meme any longer. Fix your damn game already.
  20. LOL! Anything else you want to buff the counselors ? How about and invincible mode where Jason can’t even touch you without falling over? So basically you want to escape 99.9% of the time with ease... nope the game is better with less weapons, it should be left alone, if anything reduce them more there are still to many med sprays and you want more hahahah! , , this is Jason’s game counselors are supposed to get slaughtered , go watch a movie (if you are old enough)1 or 2 people max survive.
  21. Jason Selection Update

    Right. I did a video on my channel for some of the update additions, and I made sure that anyone who viewed it knew that April 13th was never said by anyone but people who don’t know. I get the reasons behind the speculation, but it’s never a good idea to pass speculation off as facts.
  22. This is exactly why bear traps on vehicles and fuse boxes are exploits, it stop Jason from trapping them because he cannot move counselor bear traps, making it one sided and blocking the game mechanic that Jason uses. It is an exploit of this flaw.
  23. Today
  24. If I lay a trap at the fuse box after I fixed it, and it leads to getting an extra couple seconds to complete the call to police before Jason can break it, then that’s an incredible tactic. I highly doubt this is realistically doable though, unless the Jason player is new or just shitty.
  25. People go missing around here, they’re gone for good.

    Afraid I've had to remove your avatar, @Voorhees Residence 13. Identical to Damon's.
  26. Vanessa just became scarier than Jason
  27. People go missing around here, they’re gone for good.

    Thanks I feel like I left out a lot there! Ive been playing for almost 3 months now ( since christmas ) My favorite map definitely has to be Packanack. As far as Jason/counselor go...I'd have to say Pt.3 / Vanessa. The update in April will probably be their BIGGEST one yet and will please everyone across the board. Thank you for the link, I will check out that section.
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