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  2. Nah, Sandy...... You misunderstood. I said YOU must've been hitting the report button cause what you said before you edited your post. (You can read it in my quote of your post) And I don't give a fuck who you block, including me, cause only a SJW, Snowflake, Hipster, Millennial would block someone on a forum/message board to keep from having his ego bruised. You want some French Cries with that Whhaaaaahhhh Burger?
  3. Gotta love my bikini Jenny doing the Sexy Sway.
  4. Well, I disagree. I was quite glad whenever a counselor tried to hit me through a door. Meant he was opening himself to a hit or at the very least not gaining any distance from me.
  5. It takes no effort for me to not do business with Walmart if I don't like Walmart. Why would a business go under on its own? Because people quit doing business with them when they don't like them. What part of that are you having a problem understanding?
  6. You go to your Jason selection screen, where you set up your kills and such, and move the joystick around until you're highlighting the weapon icon to the left of his head. Click on that and you're good to go. You also have to be at Level 113, otherwise you can't do it.
  7. Just played my first game. Damn its way too dark. I can't see SHIT. The animation of a grab kill is buggy as all hell too
  8. This subject has been talked about, specifically on the original thread posted by the mods. But I agree, the weapon swaps should have been spread out between the intermediate levels.
  9. BigShaunPolk

    Some people.......

    Maybe the pkayers that are toxic on forums could be the trolls in real life? Food for thoughtšŸ˜
  10. That is unfortunate... sorry I could not be more help.
  11. Oh you think I changed my tune because someone hit the button? I ain't you. I don't care if I get reported. But I wonder if you care about being ignored. I had to unfold your message to read it, and for the few times that I do that in other threads, I'm always reminded of what a good decision it was. What I'm saying is there's no need to put that type of effort into it. If a company's making garbage, even if they're being supported, eventually they'll die on there own. Abe Lincoln said it best: You can fool some of the people some of the time....etc, etc, etc. End scene
  12. Deborah is really the only threat to a stealth playthrough. Focus on the Scarecrow challenge first. Deb stops by the stop sign (challenge), Eric will go outside and walk to the barn (hidden challenge), sometimes Bugsy will go outside or he'll go upstairs and get in bed. Vanessa will walk between the bathroom and her room, so kill her before going to AJ (challenge). Kill AJ before Bugsy if he is in his bed so you can break the radio (challenge). If you got him outside, kill AJ first and break the radio, then kill Vanessa. You can pick Part 5 Jason to knock that one out, too.
  13. That is not irrelevant. Tons of players exploited door combat to stun and to demask Jason as well as farm stamina and those options were removed. That was in his favor. I am not saying it should be harder for Jason. He should be favored every match, but there were some changes in the update in his favor and just because they dont work with your narrative doesnt mean you can magically wave them away as irrelevant.
  14. I love the Single Player Challenges. Honestly in the future I would love more challenges and I love the cutscenes. It makes me want a full Friday the 13th story mode or mission mode rather then challenges where you play out an entire movie. However the AI seems to notice Jason too quickly in places they should be unable to see him.
  15. I was expecting bugs... but other than Bugsy standing up in the wheelchair several times, I have not noticed any.... yet. I am sure I will see more of them as I play the challenges again. The A.I. is not that great... but there are noticeable improvements over what they were. Hopefully more improvements are made in the future. I have heard the A.I. scream from behind a wall in the challenges without actually seeing me. Their behavior continued on script and I did not get a notification for "Undetected failed". They can see you through a window if your are too close to it, then they break script and run. Make sure you are getting the "Undetected Failure" notice before restarting to try again... It should also tell you if it is failed in the objectives list... when you press "tab". I have found you only need to use stalk if you need to open a door to get to someone and want to remain unnoticed. I walked around Eric in the kitchen of the vacation house in stalk and he did not see me... then he got cork screwed. It did seem that stalk made Jason invisible, at least in this instance... I will have to test it out again to see if it works like this any time stalk is used in the challenges... I wonder if that is a bug or intended. If you are having problems remaining undetected in a certain spot, try using stalk for that one. I still have not got the undetected objective for challenges 7, 8 and 10... also have not got the XP objective for challenge 10... yet.
  16. I've had this happen a few times now, but whenever I play against Offline Bots (Easy, Higgins Haven Small, J3), at the end of the match Pamela will say "that's OK Jason, there will be others..." as if I didn't kill 8/8. Not a big deal at all, just something to flag.
  17. Wouldnt be shocked if a couple of these were shills but I am sure many are just new players or posters spurred on by the update.
  18. The girl with the sweater can no longer hit Jason until the end of the animation. It takes a third person or Tommy Jarvis to hit him.
  19. FrenchFriedPotaters

    Why don't the new dances cycle?

    Isn't there an emote where a female smacks themselves on their.. -I'm not gonna say it bc it's offensive to some people-?
  20. The chipper is connected with Kenny's AI. If you turn it on without intending on killing Kenny soon after, he turns it off. So kill Tiff and Shelly, then turn the chipper on to get Kenny. FYI, his AI will force him to stand in the kitchen until you turn it on. Which is kind of weird since AJ walks right past him twice in her scripted "search" for him. I nearly walked past him myself until I realized there was a red plaid shirt in front of me.
  21. I like how theyll run right past their friends w/o saying oh shit its Jason
  22. It's not a frequent as it seems. Yes, the behavior of the AI is weird at times considering you can be sneaking up on someone and then they randomly do a 180 and spot you, but again, it's not very often.
  23. If it's not meant to give XP, then I'm disappointed a bit. Spend roughly half a day trying to get these challenges, and being rewarded CP but not XP seems a little cheap. Not that it takes away from the fun, but remember...not everyone is 113 and above yet...
  24. Giving money only to companies I want to support is how the free market works. Its actually the opposite of what SJWs want. When people stop doing business with companies they don't like that business either changes it's practices or it goes out of business. If you don't think that's a good system maybe communism is more to your liking.
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