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  2. Not trying to be a dick, I just don't understand. How is moving a button press from the keyboard to the mouse a macro?
  3. Traps should be removed as a weakness from the game. Give Part 7 and 9 different weaknesses. What I am wondering is who thought it was a good idea to give a non-running Jason a weaker Shift? If anything give him a stronger Shift.
  4. So this would basically help you recover faster as Jason and the like? Sounds like a macro.
  5. But Part 7 isn't fine the way he is. And there's nothing "hard" to use about him, his skills overall just suck. It's not a difficult execution thing, his abilities are just weaker. And I bet the only reason you kill all 7 counselors each time as Part 7 is because you're playing against a team of newbs or people that aren't playing together and coordinated in random public solo queue search No he's not. Stop upplaying him
  6. Yes but thats a bug right now that devs will remove so only Part 7 should be able to keep it to make him unique and have it as one of his skills
  7. Yes, but wouldn't you like a free kill? What if you have already been unmasked? Then all Tommy needs is a machete and then they can kill you. I know it's not verycommon, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  8. As far as the tank strength with the combat stance.. can't every Jason do tha already?
  9. When they finally release the patch. Credit to LLcoolGem And no, no one was seriously hurt in the crash.
  10. Well it's not a new IP this game has already been released I am not sure what's different about this and Moving Hazard. This was worked on in tandem with F13 before it's came out, it first released in March 2016 I am just saying its not as horrible as everyone thinks it is. I can understand the concern but I am trying to assure people that the worrying is not necessary Well I have my own thoughts about TC's handling of the IP but I won't get into detail about those feelings. Is understand what you mean though.
  11. Damn so we're still having to use this thread eh? Their next patch better be a doozy or I officially give up on Xbox and will at least try to get a refund. I figured I'd play the PC version until they patched Xbox.. that was a month ago.
  12. hes a beast in the right hands
  13. To counter that I can point you to 343 Industries with Halo. 5 was great gameplay multiplayer wise. I have my qualms about the story, and the microtransactions in that game are unnecessary if you know the proper way to unlock stuff. I unlocked basically everything from just playing the game, never bought a single pack. GoW4 deff did it wrong. The creators of Killzone with Horizon. Bethesda even doesn't "seemingly" try to toss up two games at once. I don't see how a small company that splits itself can manage two games, when the first one is already questionable in the first 2 months.
  14. If I'm Jason and someone offers to tell me where someone else is, I put on blinders and make it my objective to kill the Jason Helper first. I do think there is room to "teach" new players, but I there is a distinct difference between the new player offering up counselors because they are scared vs. the player that drives around delivering counselors to Jason - or the player that stalks you, opening doors, and maiming you as Jason gets closer. On the latter, I have noticed a rising trend where teams of two will jump in and out of public matches. If one of them gets Jason, they will JH grief the game. If neither gets Jason, they will immediately drop. Many games lately start as 8/8 and quickly become 6/8 - with a full room having about a 50% chance of being a good game or a grief game. The games which maintain the same 7 players for several games tend to be better. As a counselor, I have become increasingly paranoid about JH. If someone is following me around who I haven't played a few matches with, I watch them closely. I'll never attack a player first - but if they start swinging, I stop caring about Jason or an escape and make it my goal to remove them from the game. Unfortunately F13 doesn't provide any method for removing griefers from a public room - so our only options as players is to drop the room and roll the dice on a new host, or to gang up agains those who ruin the game for the rest of us. I've noticed this happening more and more, with players coordinating to put down JH/TK. Until the devs give us the tools to deal more effectively with griefers - our only in game recourse is lynching. To the OP, I play PS4, and griefers in the form of JH/TK is prevalent, but your odds of getting into some good games are very high as well. Some keys are playing with a mic, and with others with a mic. Not all rooms are vocal, but typically I find the ones that are tend to exhibit fewer griefers. I'm hitting about a 50% good game : 30% grief game : 20% crashed game ratio at the moment. At release it was more like 20% good game : 5: grief game : 75 % crashed game, and prior to the glitch patch it was about 10% good game : 60% grief game : 30% crashed game. In other words, we're not there yet - but the trend is in the right direction. I think their work to reduce crashes (which are still prevalent) helps, because the fewer the crashes, the less likely you and other players are to be randomly ejected from a good game. If they add host migration and public kicking, this will help as well. Stable rooms can be sustained. But for now, there will be those sessions where you hit grief and crash after grief and crash, and just end up wanting to delete the game.
  15. What's your tag? I promise I don't rage quit.
  16. Also the reason I stopped playing GoW4 after the campaign. Micro transactions are a great way to turn me off. And if there's one thing I love, it's buying limited edition skins for a full priced game. Savini was an exception.
  17. Well if you don't care for them I can understand why you feel the way you do. However my point has been that these practices are normal. I'll cite a different example. The coalition which is funded by Microsoft focuses solely on gears of war 4. Which they are working on the next step in the series. That game is so ridden with micro transactions and support for it is limited. They recycle maps as content and release rng skins that you have to cross your fingers you get. You can buy it with in game currency but those limited time events have a way of helping people part with their money for skins they wanted. It all comes down to preference. But, the common theme is there is a revenue stream that needs to be consistent.
  18. The best conclusion we can come to is that they have been trying the fix the problems but have been experiencing difficulties. There has been no indication of anyone giving up on the game IMO. But I did say a while back after the whole banning disaster that they might not be so quick to bounce back from it all, so the media silence potentially has something to do with it. Who knows. Too many people seem to have developed a stalking habit, keeping close eye on everything they do and what it means. It's worrying that some of the community have stooped to that level, makes me not want to be part of it.
  19. I'd say our salt wouldn't be as bad as it is if they other two platforms didn't already get the patch we aren't able to get weeks ago.
  20. The games you keep referencing are exactly why I have this kind of attitude in the first place lol
  21. Well people are going to feel the way they feel can't do anything about that but the game is about 2 months old. Way too early to abandon a game if we were a good chunk of time in I may be able to understand the concern. Moving Hazard or deadly alliance as its now called was not abandoned while F13 was being worked on. It was done at the same time. This will still be the case there is nothing to worry about. I think people in this day and age get a little worked up over nothing. I can understand how they can feel suspicion as its been a little quiet but nothing to get upset about. I understand that's the way I feel about it and that's my opinion. I also play Xbox more than I play any other platform. It's a waiting game and it hasn't been fast but it will come and the game won't be abandoned. Like I always say silence is not always indication of lack of work.
  22. Packanack is my favourite. I think it's a well layed out, and very challenging. The car escape is very difficult with the narrow road. I've had some intense encounters with Jason on that road. I like how it's cluttered together along the road, it's easy for cabin hopping, and if jason is guarding the road you just have to take the back trails from Woodbury to Packinack. Which is always a risk cause you're out in the open away from the safety of cabins. Probaly the scariest map with a good Jason, and I've waited many times in Stalk mode inside the Lodge by the phone while the poor councilor goes upstairs to call. Only to fall into my trap.
  23. Personally, I wouldn't take it that far. It's obvious the game will be worked on and content will continue to be rolled out. My concern is how much of Illfonics resources will be diverted to supporting Dead Alliance and if that could slow work on F13.
  24. Too bad with your schedule not more often!
  25. I guess I'm the only one who think part 7 is fine the way he is.... I will admit he is not the easiest to use right out the gate, and is really hard to use if you are inexperienced playing as Jason. However, the last 2 times I have used him I have had no troubles killing every counselor in the match. I will say breaking down doors is his biggest weakness, but they can't all be winners, right? I'm not saying I would oppose a change, but just wouldn't find a change necessary. I would say he is a good Jason to use if you want a challenge.
  26. I think it's because people fear that F13 (and the long awaited Xbox patch) will be abandoned. I think some people are even beginning to doubt as to rather or not the Xbox patch is being worked on. A simple statement from Illfonic could help, but it appears they've taken the media silence approach like Gun has.
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