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  2. every time I see a group try this they always end up hitting him before he drops to his knees.
  3. This is a must.
  4. yup it's like the archery in crystal lake.
  5. I think a more realistic addition would be the SS Lazarus from Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhatten. It was a giant ship with tons of rooms, and even a few party locations for the students on board. Life boats could be a way to escape. Or fixing the ships piloting system as you've said to get to the shore, and the escaping to an exit similar to how calling the cops now works.
  6. They changed it because the kill was bugged. So presumably the kill is in the game, just not working. Like you said, I don't know either.
  7. Played 6 games on XB1 this afternoon. Four lagged out or dashboarded. FOUR.
  8. Its hard to say we have never been in a match with one since numerous people have no mics. Also consider how many matches you died within the first minute due to spawning next to the phone, car, main lodge, or wherever Jason felt he needed to morph to immediately. I know that I am level 39, have friends in the 50s and 60s, and none of us have found a single tape. I admit I can't play on Fridays like most people due to the industry I work in being busier those days and having a girlfriend to come home to limits my playing time on Fridays. However I played for a good 10 hours this past Friday and couldn't find a single one. Then again with a thousand server errors that day did anyone?
  9. Please ban him, and also fix this problem
  10. So this year, my school's prom was held on a boat. I thought it would be a really cool idea if one of the maps was on a yacht and everyone was dressed up in prom outfits! (even jason). The two ways to escape would to fix the thingy that drops the emergency life boat. Or, to fix the Piloting system of the boat, and wait until the boat gets to the dock! IDK I JUST THOUGHT IT'D BE AN INTERESTING CONCEPT
  11. I can guarantee you the moment you start a videogame you are not a lifeless zombie For the rest I found exactly 3 tapes, all in the same match, all the same tape too in again a single match. Since then never again so it is safe to say they are just outright bugged. You don't need to ask further. Their design goal is most certainly not having all pamela tapes after 12k hours.
  12. But Jason DOES have an HP meter, when it reaches zero his mask comes off ;p
  13. Yeah, it was in the wrong hands on the wrong network. That is mostly what it boils down to. Slasher is slightly(only slightly) better because they actually killed people in not so nice ways. But it suffers from no budget leading to bad acting and writing where you only care about the kills. Maybe the second season of it will learn from the first's mistakes, but I am not holding my breath. Harper's Island seems to have come the closest to nailing the formula for a TV series and that was around a decade ago(?). It was fun for what it was. That was a case of bad timing and also being on the wrong network, even though they did get creative with the deaths.
  14. Hopefully, this will help tone things down a bit.
  15. As much as I'd like to see the doctors outfit in game I don't see how you can fit game mechanics made for a wide open campground with cabins fit well in a spaceship with cramped corridors and rooms.
  16. I've only personally saw it happen legitimately once (I was spectating at that point, can't take credit for the kill myself) - Tommy and Jenny lured Jason (Part 2) into the shack, then basically cornered him in the back and tried to double team him with melee attacks. Another dead player was spectating with me, and he's like "What are they doing?", I told him "Looks like they're trying to kill Jason". He hadn't seen one either, I guess. Luckily, they had multiple pocket knives and healing sprays between them, and they got the job done. I was also pleasantly surprised that even eliminated players like me got XP for the Jason kill. I also saw a near-miss recently - Tommy and a female counselor in a cabin, mask is off, they stun Jason with the sweater, and he's on his knees, but...Tommy has no weapon left. He desperately runs around the cabin looking for a machete to grab, but by the time he grabs a wrench (which I don't believe would have worked anyway), Jason has recovered and the sweater is used up by that point, so they blew their chance, lol. I hope I'm involved in a Jason kill myself someday.
  17. It would be nice too if a DEV did come into this topic and help us as well.....
  18. Today
  19. Actually, they've changed it. I believe anyways, unless they plan on adding the animation down the road. But right now you can actually get the Torpedo badge, which originally said to "Kill a counselor on a boat." Now it changed to, "Tilt boat then drown counselor." Either way, I don't know.
  20. You need one free hand to open doors and windows. You wouldn't be able to escape the home unless Jason broke the door for you.
  21. oh as a suggestion Deez Nuts - make every single person you are playing with quit the game, then restart so you are all starting your first new game at the same time. It helps sometimes because everyone playing should be ready to have a crash around the same game number (in my experience). Where as, you play like 2 games, then a friend joins and is just starting.. well in a game or 2 you may be due for a crash, and if you are the host, you're going to crash your friend too even though he has only played one game.. he could have gotten away with another couple games.. problem is, the more people (which makes it fun in the first place) the higher the crash frequency. it's a bitch.
  22. I had time for one game this evening.. Nothing like playing, getting killed by a beartrap that goes off on you when it shouldnt (glitch 1), then the host crashed (2), killing the whole game for everyone...yeah.. i sat there watching for about 16 minutes for a damn host crash.. It's really out of hand.
  23. I did it once online and I had the sweater while my friend was Tommy. Us and 2 others were ready in a cabin and we kept trying to attack Jason and one of us died, but eventually we got it and killed him.
  24. I think the ripcord and spark plug and maybe tire patch kit could be added as new RNG elements for escape routes. These would be small enough to be held in the inventory rather than in the hand. Would make for more interesting RNG spawns.
  25. I'm maxed out level 101 for a while, but I couldn't find a single tape...
  26. People may have forgotten why you are starting this and what constitutes as a bad player. Might want to edit that into your main post to remind them.
  27. It's a legitimate strategy. I find it better for late-game play, actually. If there are 2-3 counselors left and you haven't seen a pocket knife yet, it's almost guaranteed the knives are spread amongst the remaining counselors.
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