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  2. I have never seen a thick skin, or most of the parks talked about so far. I get a lot of marathon though. That and the swimming one.
  3. You have come to the wrong place to troll
  4. I have your opposite problem. I never see the perks you just listed, or very rarely and they are at best uncommon rarity(I only keep rare and epic perks, mostly).
  5. Those are the scrubs who finish with 3 kills & complain counselors are OP
  6. That efficiency is what leads some to say that part 2 beginning is Elias. I don't see it though. If the Pamela story comic is cannon, then Elias is very dead. That would make me lean towards the Pet Sematary theory. She brought back something that wasn't Jason. That way she could still have had Jason around and say the things she did in part 1.
  7. This anti-slashing mentality is so bizarre to me. Borderline snowflakey. are not entitled to use your 3 pocket knives, AJ! Now that I'm more comfortable playing as Jason, I def mix it up well with grab kills, environmental kills, etc.,However, if I FINALLY catch up to a Vanessa, Tiffany, and/or Tommy that I have been chasing for like 3 minutes, you better damn well believe I will slash away until you are at least hobbling. I believe the real skill of the counselor player is shown best in their stamina management and wits/juking abilities. Elite players will make sure there is always space between them and the Jason thus making even his "slash" attacks null and void.
  8. Dude, I said I was sorry. Yes you are pretty. Wait, are you coming on to us?
  9. I'm hopin Chad gets a speedo like Kevin Bacon's from the first movie! What's a swimsuit you guys wanna see? Doesn't have to be from the films either
  10. Those are all well thought out theories. I suppose it depends on what you find canon too. For me...JGTH was such a bad movie that went a totally different direction that I don't consider it canon. But the Elias theory of raising him is a good one I have to admit. I'm for Pamela resurrecting Jason but not knowing it actually worked. This does have holes though because you have to think, why didn't Jason go find his mother? He is capable of doing it because in part 2 he was very efficient and finding the girl from part 1.
  11. help me Friday the 13th the game isn't working I brought it on steam tried playing loads then goes to global shader cache file

  12. Wait until you hear about the new Jason's weapons...
  13. so I brought the game and when I try to open it then it loads and than says global shader cache file
  14. *Sigh* @Definitelynotjason@Alkavian
  15. @lHeartBreakerl Apparently there was a "leak" that was taken down. Heartbreaker knows a bit and isn't sharing apparently. He has secrets. The nasty little hobbitses.
  16. Hey man, haven't argued in days! How ya been? shall we dance, you seem in the mood with that comment? seriously though, this thread does seem to have gotten a bit that way. Not sure why people think in terms of solely buff and nerf. Most of the changes are fixes to things never intended to be. At least that is what is being told to us.
  17. I think a way to keep people from leaving if they die early is to add some really simple games that could load in over the game. Such as tetris, breakout, pong, that sorta thing. People could opt out in favor of spectating or play these little games. Perhaps these little games could even be Friday the 13th themed, Atari/NES look, etc?
  18. We both have our own opinions though so no need to argue Us Michigan bros have to stick together
  19. Hm. A 'wah wah, milk and cookies' thread. Joy.
  20. ok, so I was wondering when this plot hole would come up. Thing is, the comic and part 8 are not in alignment and one of them has to be thrown out. I vote for the comic. Three main theories: 1. Pamela resurrected Jason and you know was crazy. This one does not work for me based on dialogue in part 1. Too big of a stretch for her to think Jason was dead if she knew he wasn't. Now, she could have seen it as a Pet Cemetary sort of deal. Her boy did die, and what she brought back was not Jason. 2. Jason only merely almost drowned and spent the next 20 years wondering the countryside. I don't like this one as he was too much of a momma' boy not to go straight home. It could make sense if Jason lost all memory and only got it back when he saw his mom die. 3. This is kind of mineish with bits and pieces from others. Elias was the one who found Jason and brought him back to life. Elias kept him and raised him until Elias died at which point Jason went back to mom, only to find her dead. This one covers the existence of a Voorhees house, a sister who actually knew who he was and that she was his sister and why mom thought he was dead. Whatever falling out mom and dad had led Elias to keep Jason. Elias was the necromancer, Pamela just a crazed mother who lost her son.
  21. Uhhhhh no I didn't imply that at all. I know their are that group of people who would still complain. Lul I am totally trying to shame you HAHAHAHA get out yo' feelings bro. I don't care if you no skill kill.... yes I SAID IT FIGHT ME...a couple people but more than 1/2 the lobby is just sad imo
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