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  2. The devs already commented on this being impossible to completely do.
  3. Its def Vanessa I can get a Chad but a Vanessa with the right perks is annoying.
  4. I can't tell if you are serious or just trolling. No, hiding in the water is in no way, shape , or form an exploit. You could argue that it's lame or cowardly or whatever. But an exploit? Nope. Not at all. It's a game mechanic specifically coded into the game.
  5. Does not matter. They are replacing the model with THE SAME MODEL. Just slightly modified. If they replaced it with a new model, that would be a no go.
  6. But what he’s saying is they aren’t just modifying the model that is actually in the game now. They are modifying it elsewhere. Then they have to import it and completely replace the current in game existing model. Which is true. That’s what he means.
  7. Be careful when posting to not antagonize other people in this thread. Some posts are coming very close to being uncivil, so step back from it. As for 'Jason was never meant to be difficult to kill', that wasn't how the game was designed. It was originally supposed to be really hard. I haven't played F13 in a while now and it's the irritating kill squads that're the reason. I don't fear them, I honestly have never been killed to this day and I've never hid in the lake when in danger (always knives and lots of distance until Tommy or sweater wearer are dead), but the game is no longer about surviving for a lot of people - to them, it's about either helping Jason or getting a group of goons to hunt him down every single match. I don't feel strong as Jason even after the rage buff. Personally, I think the rage buff was a step in the right direction but the biggest issue is that Jason's mask still comes off far too soon. I've literally had like 2 Buggzy's, a Vanessa and someone else all swinging bladed weapons at me and even though I blocked every single hit and broke nearly every weapon, my fucking mask still came off. Quite frankly can't be doing with the same shit nearly every game and it's usually a bunch of Vanessas.
  8. I don't think the size of her butt is the issue. It's how the pants are currently not fitting the butt and making her look a little funny. I couldn't care less cuz I don't play the game to get off on how the counselor butts look, but what ever they think needs fixed as thats all were getting now anyways is fixes...
  9. I'm moving this thread to off-topic, seeing as this doesn't affect anything with the game. The developers have stated a countless amount of times that content will not resume, no matter how many times people ask. It's the same thing that it was with Savini Jason and non-backers; they're sticking to their word. You guys can discuss any implications this may have on the future of the Friday the 13th franchise, but content will not resume and as a result, this thread is not suited to the F13 Game General Discussion area.
  10. Kind of like me telling my kid shes not getting a toy on the way to store, but she was good and I get to the checkout and see her eying something up, so I say fine go ahead and grab one. She is usually more excited this way cuz she never thought she wouldn't get anything.... It could happen right!? 😀
  11. Incorrect. It's a modification on the currently existing model. It's not a whole new model.
  12. Anyone else get the feeling they are saying no to future content and to a possible sequel because that is what they are being directed to say? And if given the greenlight, they will be back at it at full force? Probably not, but in the back of my strange mind, that's a thought that rattles around, at least until the hamster falls of his wheel.
  13. Today
  14. I wish there was some indication on the Morph map, or the cursor to show you at least where you’re likely to end up. The learning curve and amount of memorization that go into being a good Jason is extremely high. I’m sure they didn’t realize how much of an advantage they were giving to experienced players by not giving some indication or thought it was to much of an advantage but it’s always bugged me. The easiest solution is to just show the Morph points but I’d actually like a slightly more vague indication, like the Cursor expanding or contracting as you move over them or leaning a chevron in the direction of the closest one.
  15. LOL, yes. I cant count how many times i was 7 out of 8 and that 8th guy runs right out or I miss a car stop cuz the morph put me in the water. Its embedded in my head to morph down the road a bit now. If you morph to the front side of the car(east) it will put you out in front of the car for easy knife throw to battery or gas side if someone is putting in a part. Also a throwing knife is usually on that tree right by the road for quick pickup
  16. Damn, beat me to it. Can't count the amount of times this has happened to me, or others that were playing Jason.
  17. This isn't an introduction post so I'm going to move it to Suggestions and Feedback rather than close it up, but I have edited your original post to remove that user's name. As said, please don't post user names in here but F134Ever86 also has it right - head along to jasonkillsbugs and you can report it in there. If you have a video of this, even better. Sorry you've had an encounter in the game like this.
  18. If Gun really isn’t interested, I would too. There’s so much that could still be done.
  19. I'd like to see another company take the game on for a sequel at some point.
  20. Jarvis at the police exits. You end up either too far away or in the water. Stupid.
  21. On Crystal Lake, whenever I morph to the car that spawns near the boathouse, I always forget to morph a liiiitle farther south and always spawn on the other side of the fence, giving counselors plenty of time to run while I jog around it. 🤦
  22. Sometimes you just have areas that just suck to morph to. For example, yet another reason why Packanack Small is such a trash map is the car spawn near the top of the lake. You can't morph anywhere close to it. You try to morph into the lake and you still end up on land and far away from the car. It more or less forces Jason to come from far away every single time or burn a shift to get close. Another example is on the regular Packanack where the car spawn is in the top right corner. Though less sucky than the other one above, its still pretty difficult to morph anywhere close to the car spawn up there. What are some others?
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