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  2. Im amazed at how many people have already voted yes its teaming already. At the end of the day. The counselors are basically like an all you can eat buffet when you're playing as Jason. The food doesn't get to call the shots.
  3. That's why I didn't include anything about snitching on players locations or leading Jason to hiding counselors; those aren't a grey area, there is no way you can be doing anything except teaming when you do them. And yeah, I get called a teamer at times (and granted, there are some people I am simply not going to kill if I'm Jason and they're in there with me) but it's usually somebody pissy about me letting the last counselor go.
  4. Update: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28690-patch-status-server-issues-update-as-of-852020/
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  6. Recent attacks on our servers causing instability have been under investigation by the team. Working with our development partners, we have a patch candidate that is working through the process of going live on all platforms. However, due to the urgency of this patch we will be rolling it out as it is ready on a platform by platform basis as opposed to holding the patch until every platform is ready. We aim to have the patch out on PC and PS4 by the weekend. We will update this thread when those builds go out. Xbox and Switch will be trailing, but we plan to deliver those as soon as possible. While this sounds like players on specific platforms will see improvements before players on the trailing platforms, due to how our backend is structured, the patch landing on other platforms means we should see an overall improvement in matchmaking for every platform, building as we reach parity. The staged approach is going to make incremental improvements as it rolls out on different platforms and ultimately, once the last platform is updated, alleviate the issue for the community. I'll be back to update this thread as the patch rolls out. Thank you for your patience, gang.
  7. They need to give us that 8 bit Toony Terrors Jason as well.
  8. I didn't mind Last of Us 1. But Last of Us 2 seems like complete mess.. Just watching a friend play it for a few hours and seeing how ridiculous the games story is, and who the game forces you to play as was enough for me to pass on it. The moment players are forced to play as Big Mama Pump.. it becomes a comedy or just pure torture.
  9. As this conversation has occasionally been mistaken as a dumping point for naming and shaming posts, I am editing the title and locking it up. I have made efforts to delete all instances of naming/shaming here. If there are any I missed, please use the little flag button in the corner of that post and we'll get it cleaned up. All instances of cheating with verifiable proof can be submitted to www.jasonkillsbugs.com Any attempts to report cheating through forum posts will be removed, as it is not the monitored by Gun Media staff for that kind of activity and violates our naming and shaming policy.
  10. Playing through a match right now on PS4. All is smooth for now, match is almost over, but I had to fight like hell to even get in a lobby. Watching a Vanessa just explore Higgens Haven for a full 10 mins after everyone else has escaped while Jason is AFK...so glad the game works when I'm not playing...
  11. We're going to have to go back to peer to peer soon enough anyhow. Dedicated servers can't be up forever. But the issue here is that we still need to close the vulnerability EVEN IF we are on peer to peer. It seems like it's fine on P2P because if you make it online past the database login, you can play them. But there is a SIGNIFICANT amount of players that can't get past even the database login. That's an immediate blocker to playing at all. Please see above. It wouldn't resolve the issue and would divert the team from completing the work that would resolve things for most, if not all the player base. We need the database servers to be functional so players can access unlocks, stats, XP, CP, etc. So this situation is important regardless of Dedis or P2P. That said, I should have some news on things by end of day. The team is currently tackling an unexpected situation with deployment.
  12. Since we're all pretty much relegated to Offline Play at this point, until a patch is released, I think it's a good time to address having more control of Offline Play. The first of which being Counselor Outfits. We spent a lot of time leveling up to unlock all those attires (and most of us paid for the DLC attires) so only being able to use them Online is kind of a rip-off...and it'd be nice to break up the monotony of always seeing bots wearing the same clothes over and over and over. A rain toggle switch would be cool too. Any other ideas?
  13. I agree that none of those are necessarily "Teaming". To me, "Teaming" is when a Counselor is actively trying to help Jason (letting him know where players are, opening doors for him, running people over etc). Even counselors who rat someone out in order to save their own ass aren't "Teamers". They are just a-holes who will most likely get what they deserve next round. I have been accused of "Teaming" a number of times. It is always because Jason chooses to leave me alone (for whatever reason he had) and so people assume we must be working together. I can say with 100% honesty that I have never ratted out another player to Jason. Even if they deserved it. I've set traps to catch counselors, run people over, shot them, closed doors/windows in their faces. But I have never sold anyone out to Jason. I rather be dead than a rat.
  14. There are definitely grey areas here, but when you see a counselor running side-by-side with Jason as Jason mows down everyone else in his path, that's absolute teaming.
  15. On Xbox I find it rare that people change the custom settings. I have played a few matches with custom settings but a lot of them kind of ruin the game. Played a few matches with Tommy being able to stun Rage Jason and it just made him way, way too OP. Played a few matches with the Car/Boat already fixed and ready to go and timer set for only 10min. But if the car and boat are already fixed...what exactly is the point of playing? lol Played a few matches with Fear Level maxed out when the match starts. That was pretty funny as it took a good 5 mins for my counselor to finally settle down.
  16. 1 and 3 are usually signs of teaming, but not necessarily. 2 I have done before, but it could be viewed as teaming by the rest of the lobby. There really is no clear cut answers for any of the three, but 1 and 3 are usually seen when teaming is occurring.
  17. For me, teaming is when Jason is in a call with the counselor and they both are being benefited from that. Ex: counselor tells Jason what other counselors are doing and Jason lets that counselor escape.
  18. I voted not teaming for all 3 questions. Because i end up doing that that shit all the time. But i also think theres limit to it. I mean, if im ignoring a certain counselor and that counselor does something to get my attention by annoying me, i will kill them. For me, sometimes i like to kill counselors in certain a order, maybe i want a specific counselors to be the final counselor alive. Maybe i want a specific counselor to escape and survive.
  19. Since the word "Teamer" is used about 500,000 times a day on this forum, and everybody has an opinion about it, I thought it'd be interesting to know other players thoughts on some of the more "grey areas" that are more open to debate than others (If you're leading Jason to counselors, you are teaming...PERIOD. There is no debating that one).
  20. Theres alot of magic..Witchers can use magic called signs. Don't really want to spoil it for you tho. One things for sure tho, the game is more geared toward adults. Just watching the trailer again, makes me want to play through it again.
  21. Truth be told, the whole additional custom matches in private match was probably the best update they've had in almost 2 years and what do you know?...it was content related. Like I've said before, it was probably their biggest strength in terms of updates. The content related updates. The bug fixes/maintenance weren't. What does that mean? We are constantly told about a totem pole or priority of things they have. Somewhere before the end, more options for offline bots, maybe even quick play should be something they consider as it will actually add more life to the game beyond bug fixes when the servers go away. Options that can be done within the confines of the restrictions. If they can create entirely new options for private match, they can add more options to offline bots or even quick play. I'm not saying everything, but sensible ones. Fact is, I always knew people were going to avoid private match during the game's lifespan, because the game was never going to be meant to be played with friends and the teamers/friends aspect shows it in quick match. Games are more often played straight with a lobby of 8 complete strangers than combinations of friends mixed in. Not only that, lots of people were going to avoid private match because of the custom match settings. Lots of purists who hates mods and would view any perceived changes to Jason or Counselor as too extreme by the host (more traps, rage right away, Tommy immune, etc). With the playerbase likely to be in dire condition once the servers go away for good. I'd be willing to take the trade off with more options in quick play and obviously more options for offline bots.
  22. No you are not suppose to post videos of hackers/exploiters in the forums either unless you edit or block out their gamer tags.That would be considered naming and shaming and you will get warned by Kodiak or another admin to not name and shame again. Even if they deserve to be exposed to everyone.
  23. Agreed. There are usually 60 or so private match posts at any given time on the Xbox so it doesn't take long to find a good group to play with. The biggest downside to Private Matches is having to listen to teenage drama while waiting for people to ready up in the lobby.
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