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  2. I can confirm that all of the above is still a problem. Regardless, big thumbs up for getting the Jarvis House counselors off their lazy butts! I hadn't seen slacking like that since the last time I told my kids to clean their rooms!
  3. It should have better writing and a better casting for Jason be it Kane or C.J. Every Jason has been unique..... Part 2 being the more novice killer personality not fully aware of killing, he was accident prone but manage to catch himself in a hunt. Part 3 being when being clumsy can get frustrated and annoyed but has that experiencing knowledge when stalking and dispatching people getting the hang of it. Part 4 being the beginning of a more aggressive and more experienced Jason who is now more confident and goes for the kill. Roy was basically Roy.... Part 6 being the now Undead Jason with far more killing intent with no fear or remorse he is a killing machine like a military mercenary on the hunt, his killing experience is expert level, he is far more feared because he is undead and he takes that as a advantage, and he is ruthless in the hunt that behaviour is very aggressive and angry type of personality, and doesn't do the heavy breathing but used the tilting and the head movements to show he is watching. Part 7-X Jason is the beginning of the consistent/definitive Jason personality this Jason has visible rage,anger, and hate, his breathing technique done by Kane can display Jason is either annoyed or angry, his movement isn't just aggressive but nature, he doesn't need that running or sprinting he just walks, thats what makes these personalities so linear with Kane that menacing nature became the iconic Jason we see, even doing the head and then body turn showing he knows your presence, this Jason is what we would call a Punisher as shown each kill is having emotion behind them unlike Part 6 who was killing people fast and easy while Part 7-X would have you suffer the worse way. FvJ Jason was just a Frankenstein.....slow stereotypical zombie, was too limited in his behaviour unlike all the previous and future Jason actors have shown. Reboot Jason is a hyperactive hunter he knows his prey, he is hunting to kill, and he has the personality of a Savage man with no real intelligence other than the name of the hunt this makes him unique his personality is about being isolated and not being disturbed and once disturbed he is annoyed by the presence of others and will eliminate them. It's a huge response to that first half I know but just because you put a big guy in a hockey mask doesn't make them Jason.....to each Jason there is a certain behaviour and movement as a Cosplayer I got the part of the Jason I am cosplaying if I'm Part 7 I will do my best portrayal of Kane, and if I'm Part 6 then Ill do my best portrayal of C.J Graham....yes different actors have different ways but in terms each Jason is unique either bring based on the previous or adding something new.
  4. * Progressive perk system for counselors and full jason customisation of strengths and weaknesses. *More ways to escape * remove shift ability, Ability power gained and durations increase with certain tasks within the game e.g kill the power and for variety of kills - reward the player in game. *sense is reduced to cabin detection only - instead make it an ability thats more a combination with stalk. more ability to hide outdoors due to reduced sense ability. *jason can detect any counselor blood trails until counselor heals. Counselor med kits reduced Torchs need to be found and light toggled to recharge battery. * final player left bonus system to help evade jason.
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  6. Welcome to the forum @Unicorn. There are still people playing on all platforms.
  7. What this gentleman said. 😎 Some new players are still fascinated with Savini Jason from what I've noticed.
  8. My only.concern about crossplay would be the hacker crowd in the pc portion of the player base. At this point I doubt we would see it with the game so late into the development cycle.
  9. I remember those days, and don't miss them one bit.
  10. I tried playing the game with the Oblivion ambient track playing in the backround and the in-game music off. I got a pretty good kick out of it. Has anyone else done something similiar?
  11. Please add the option to report players. Also make a new topic on this forum: "Report Cheaters" As i want to report a man, that spreads cheats: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1971124875 I reported him on steam already, as he breaks steam rules. I see him in games very often.
  12. Most people in private lobbies are friends. I absolutely love the new addition. We get to make the game harder and test our skills again. I would even add more like jason starts with all abilities, mask hit damage variants,walkie taking range variants, add more enables for councillors and camp as well. This has revitalized the private match for me and my friends.
  13. Would love this so much. Would finally be able to play with my friends.
  14. The framerate difference isn't much of a problem in a game like this. There won't be much of a competitive advantage for the PC players. The only types of games you wanna worry about when it comes to framerate difference is FPS.
  15. Just wanted to suggest some tweaks to Jason, councillors and match time. So Jason as we can all admit is pretty powerful. Maybe a bit too powerful for the game though. So if possible it would be nice to have a slight buff to the speeds of some councillors. A mild increase to health would be nice. Not too much more, but enough that win rates don’t make solo queues feel like an instant loss. Also being able to ping locations such as the telephone house so success is more attainable. Maybe using the flare could highlight the house on maps for a few seconds. The grab mechanic is also for lack of a description broken, resistance is futile. At least a better percentile chance would be nice-maybe a qte like the repair instead of the button mash. And the balance to this being Jason has higher chances when you’re low health and when a councillor is at 50%+ it weighs in our favour. please read and consider, an adoring fan of the franchise and game. Thank you.
  16. I actually like Victoria, she’s different, nobody selects her, she’s not that great at repair, she can run longer and harder than Deborah, I played A.J. who in my opinion is the best character for ages but after being maxed out on everything I just want to be a different character compared to the three main ones chosen. oh and La Chappa is underrated, people were hating on him once and I convinced everyone to select him, both cars gone and cops called in 5 minutes, and the Jason was no newbie either if I had to just pick one it would be a Kenny, hes missing his Walkman and the YMCA mix tape lol
  17. That’s fair, but I think that would apply to all of the counselors though. Except Kenny of course. To me, her high stats just don’t justify me playing her to win you know? She also has a high stealth, which I don’t completely understand. I’ll try playing as her and give her a shot if you think she could be good.
  18. I’d actually like him removed, lol I know it will never happen, but I’m old school, grew up on the movies, Tom Savini lost his skill, that does not look like Jason, you can hardly see the mask, I know I know, this was supposed to be him returning from hell, but I still like to see a man in a visible hockey mask come at me lol. in general im against exclusive game content, this for better or worse just doesn’t seem to be a good thing, exclusive content in my opinion would have been movie accurate masks signed by Savini, some kind of fan memorabilia. like the original poster said, I do believe if in game perks are going to be given to backers these should be things like easier leveling up, just something that was also attainable by others with more hard work. I’m pretty sure you can still buy him on eBay through a momentary game share trick, I did, but you can never delete the file, ultimately I removed it on my own, it was 5 dollars wasted. Also the crowd sourcing was a little off to me, I saw the link and would have considered doing it, however I have never done that before and wasn’t really ready to hand out my credit card info etc to a website I had never seen before. Had I, I would have much rather had an authentic movie accurate part 3 mask than a fire zombie Jason lol. Everyone does seem to get all riled up about this, he’s for backers only da da da, seriously who cares? I mean we spend a little bit of our spare time playing a game and then move on to real life where you can’t wear your Savini Jason as a badge of honor lol. i would even vote no to Jason X and Grendel spaceship map, I would vote yes to adding forest green and the part of crystal lake from part 7, I mean they are all on crystal lake, I would even vote no to Manhattan, call me crazy but the cabins in the woods is one of the best parts of the game, it sets the mood for the movies I remember. I even recognize the house where Kevin Bacon died and commonly refer to it as “the bacon house” lol
  19. This is kind of a hate it love it thing with me. I do think the car glitch with the knife and all the environmental kills were fixed, but I’ve noticed other stuff come up, not game breaking but got a little messed up and now 8 people have to all agree on the settings, you realize how hard that is! Makes your real close friends have better games, but on Xbox I’m afraid it’s going to make people want to be the host more, before that was primarily a task assigned to the person with the best bandwidth. I hope the end result is not more fragmented lobbies, we already had issues with that about how Jason was “supposed” to play. Some of it was cool as it made gameplay more fun than a five minute counselor wipeout, but we already had issues with “spawn kill or not” “slash or not” now add about 30 different settings and ugh, first lobby had Jason super powered, not fun at all, next one had counselors all buffed up, also not as fun, about the only setting I see that was kind of ok was tommy being able to ignore the rage, that would give Jason a bigger incentive to kill and trap power boxes, but honestly I liked it how it was, I adjusted to all the little baby “balance” changes people whined about and still had fun, now you gotta keep checking the gear and if the host is readied up or you will have no idea what your getting into, I see rage quitting spilling over into private matches more now. anyways just my personal thoughts, take them as just that, I just want to sit back and have fun with the game and never worried about my outcome since the game had static mechanics, now I have to see if the match is worth playing or not lol
  20. You guys are wrong. Victoria is a good counselor if you use her to her strengths. 7 stamina and 8 luck you can distract Jason and run him around. Also 3 repair ain’t bad. So you can go around and repair things to. just wish she looked better. They didn’t make her look very great. @thrawn3054 he actually has 9 speed I just looked lol
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