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  2. I can't image what horrible fps a host would get on switch. It's bad enough on PS4 to the point of being almost unplayable
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  4. I played a few matches on Xbox, I'm happy to see the match making is at a healthy volume.
  5. I see I can get the Ultimate pass on Xbox for $1 right now. I will probably cancel before it renews, and just buy those activation passes from a gas station by me. Sometimes I play the game for a month and put it down.
  6. No, there's no hacked lobbies on Xbox or console in general. No hacking issues at all really, and the player base on Xbox is still fairly sizable so I rarely have issues finding a lobby... Just staying in one where the host doesn't quit or you get disconnected. This is the first online game I ever played, and I wasn't happy either when I found out I'd have to pay an additional $10 a month to play a game I already shelled out 60 bucks for. Turned out to be well worth it for me in the end. It just depends on how badly you want to play the game and if you're willing to shell out the extra cash for it, especially if you don't play Xbox enough that the Ultimate Game Pass doesn't appeal to you.
  7. I have the game also for Xbox One, but I don't want to have to pay for Xbox live to play it online. That's the reason why I got it for PC in the first place. Are hacked lobbies an issue there?
  8. I see now many people are giving people this game a negative rating on Steam because it is not playable in multiplayer. So while fixing small issues like that is fine, it doesn't amount to much if we can't even play multiplayer. It is a shame, because I really liked this game. The state of it now, I would not recommend it to anyone for PC.
  9. The patch is not addressing the matchmaking/hacked lobby situation that is a separate issue of it's own. I myself don't think the hacked lobby problem will be solved.I know they'll try and fix it but to no avail. Unless they change their mind about diving into the main code of the game which Matt has made that pretty clear they are NOT going to those lengths to solve the problem. I hope I'm wrong and they can find a solution but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. P2p is what private matches are. Essentially every game will be like playing a private match but instead of the match being exclusive to friends, it will be full of randoms. When the host quits, the game ends for everyone. As of now, there is no "host" in public lobby's. The red triangle just shows who picks the maps. When we lose the public servers, the red triangle will be the actual host. So if the host is a counselor and quits the game, the game will end for everyone. Unlike when Jason quits, the entire lobby will be kicked to the main menu. You will then have to search again for another lobby.
  11. Somewhat self explanatory. When Victoria uses Pamela's sweater, it play's Vanessa's line instead. Always bugged me.
  12. I hope the patch comes soon, because I miss playing this game. I don't understand how some people are even remotely-mentally stimulated by these idiotic hacked lobbies.
  13. Last week
  14. Sorry for the double spam but, I have updated the website with new coding to help make the website feel different and more unique check out the new features listed! New Features List Thread
  15. Even pre-rage Jason was still a threat if you didn't have at least one friend to bail you out of Jason's grab, and at that, many Jason's got savvy and just started swinging instead of grabbing. Rage is the perfect addition since at this point, the counselors SHOULD have escaped by now, but now Jason can just take his weapon and start swinging. Part 7 was my main but this rage buff made him much more viable in the long run.
  16. People have made topics in the past, but they get shut down pretty quick.
  17. Well the Salt mines were in effect for a short period of time but failed miserably.They were easy to get out of.There are still to this day bugs that cause 'fatal errors" and crash the game. I get at least 1 a day so they could never enforce a policy like that anyway.
  18. Yeah, you're right. This may have been a policy Gun intended to enforce before the game exploded, but just based from experience, I'm 100% certain temporary bans for leaving early aren't and likely never were a thing. Over the years, I've amassed a mental shortlist of players I know to either slash or chock to death immediately when I catch them because I know they're going to leave the moment they realize they're screwed.... And you know if a particular player pusses out in every match you play with them, they're not just doing it in matches against you. Yet, I'll still see their gamer tags popup every few days or so. Same thing goes for that small group of Jason Mains who leave matches anytime they're not Jason.
  19. Off line games are products, cuz you buy it and everything is recorded on your own device. AKA, everything is yours. On line games are services, cuz they provide you a server in which you record your stuff or play on line. This is talking about service and not game. I'm 90% pushing it, but I still see no rule regulation break on these terms.
  20. While that maybe true if someone got temporary banned for leaving matches too often and they are a member here,they would have raised a stink about it on here.
  21. I wouldn't remove anything. It's a moot point given that the "final" final patch is incoming.
  22. A game needs to be released before we worry about deluxe editions or DLC for the game.
  23. I won't completely disagree, but the question asked was what one's favorite Jason ability was, not what was the best choice.
  24. It sounds like a little of Column A and Column B.
  25. I can't say I've heard of any temp bans either. Then again, bans aren't really discussed here.
  26. I agree and as I said I don't condone hacking in a online environment if it's giving the person a unfair advantage.I have NEVER seen a Jason X online in a match with the stats he is suppose to have.I've only ever seen a Part 8 with Jason X skin way back a long time ago. tyrant666 has a excellent point they'll have to ban Slash and Cast also who have won content creator awards on this site.They have recently shown all the unreleased content as far as kills and they have shown Jason X on the Grendel map. We are kind of splitting hairs here.Should these content creators get banned showing unauthorized content in a OFFLINE setting? I guess if you want to follow the letter of the law. They don't enforce the 13th point AT ALL or they would have pretty much nobody playing the game as it basically says if you purposely rage quit too many times you are suppose to receive a temporary ban .I've never heard anyone getting a temporary ban.. IMO until they use these mods online and it gives them a advantage, I don't think they should be banned. Let's leave that up to the powers that be.
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