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  2. Punishments will = more trolls. As I said they will find other ways they can't be punished for and start doing those things.Example taking objective parts and hiding for as long as possible or just hoarding objective parts in general with no intentions of using them. Block you in no escape rooms or corners with either a shotgun or flare gun. Just a few examples of what would happen.
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  4. Maybe. Keep in mind that people will be left behind to potentially keep the dispute going. Hopefully they are wiser in their youth, and get this settled, in the event that one or both are unable to continue.
  5. I personally wish that people would refrain from posting information that is not fairly recent and accurate. I do hope that some kind of resolution comes eventually. It's too late for this game, but that gives hope for a new game down the road.
  6. It would seem so. I kinda wish a system similar to RE Resistance could have been a thing. While that game doesn't have nearly as many issues, there are trolls and rage quitters there, among other troublemakers. @TimDuke 01, I've been watching videos as of late on YouTube. I feel for you, @Mayday, and the other honest players of the PC community.
  7. I don't even bother recording evidence now and submitting it. I'm just wasting my time that person will just return within a matter of minutes even IF they get a ban and be hacking again.
  8. On the bright side, the login server is still a thing. Once that's gone, then they've walked away from the game. I'd say it's more like the bags are packed, and one hand is on the doorknob. You look around in the empty room and reflect on the memories (good and bad), before you open the door and walk away. As far as the "silence", I doubt there is much to say to that any of us still coming here want to hear. The final patch has come along, and outside of fixing any issues that came from said patch, I don't see much else coming. The offline profile access is the only thing left to hope for, and we've been told that won't potentially happen until the login server is ready for shutdown. Will we get offline profile access? Only time will tell.
  9. I tend to agree PC/Steam is a hackers paradise now and they have a software that keeps them from getting banned now. Almost every other lobby I enter is a hacked lobby with like 50 players. Seemingly NOTHING is going to be done about it either. I don't think I'll be buying any more games from them either if they can be hacked so easily.Jasonkillsbugs is a total joke now.
  10. Umm yeah that's why I said it was almost 3 years ago. It's a click bait thing that appeared on one of the Facebook F13 game pages yesterday or day before. It's old news that just got brought back to the surface just like necro posts that have been coming back on here as of late.Really wish people would pay more attention when they read these things.Just like you'll see a dead celebrity repost that they think just happened and that celebrity has been dead a number of years.
  11. Welcome to camp @Ghost Pepper and @keithrooney.
  12. Has no one else noticed that this report is based off a tweet Larry Zerner made in September of 2018?
  13. The fact that they’ve completely abandoned this game in the broken state that it’s in would definitely deter me from buying anything else from them in the future. If you’re going to walk away from the game, at least leave it in a better state than it started.
  14. Yeah its all pretty bad at this point. Combine that with the teamers, trolls and russian servers with 30 players on Packacrap Small who hack people's accounts client side and its all one pretty big mess on PC anyway. As usual, all we get from the powers that be is the tried and traditional... 1. Go to Jason Kills Bugs Or 2. Total silence Why anyone would blind buy their next title regardless if its Halloween, TCM or anything else is just crazy talk at this point. The lawsuit isn't valid here either because these were things well documented over the course of the game's existence from the start. Nothing to do with content.
  15. Almost every match I’ve played since the recent patch has ended in a rage quit. This game is almost unplayable now without dedicated servers or host migration.
  16. Since dedicated servers are done, isn’t there a way to disable people from joining a game for 24 hours as a punishment for rage quitting???
  17. I think some form of mediation is occurring. It explains the license being used in the limited degree we’ve seen the last few months.
  18. Hopefully they are delaying it so that they can iron down the rights to release parts 8, 9 and both versions from Jason X shortly after they release 7.
  19. Why does it always gotta be us F13 Fans to suffer??? I pre-ordered the figure the hours when it was available just to get about 3-4 delays.
  20. Impossible to play at this time because we are immediately thrown into these hacked lobbys as soon as we log into the game. When will it stop please ? @mattshotcha
  21. I've heard nothing, that "victory" they mention was almost 3 years ago.It's still in appeals court last I heard anything.Larry hasn't updated any info in quite sometime but I don't follow his twitter either. It wouldn't mean anything as far as this game goes anyway if that is what you are thinking.
  22. Has anyone heard an official word from Larry Zerner.
  23. https://horrorfacts.com/new-friday-the-13th-in-the-works-as-victor-miller-wins-lawsuit/?fbclid=IwAR23l3itWgRaIGO8r0s_r58OD1myMDgKWNa2l-Z-YOF7NBtyiOPd7odDxaU
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  25. It is going to take one of those 2 old guys to die before that dispute is settled.
  26. To my knowledge NO the Salt mines have not been reinstated.They got bigger fish to fry than worrying about rage quitting hosts or rage quitting in general.They need to concentrate on PC hacking.It is almost to the point of unplayable on Steam anymore and banning them doesn't work.They have a software work around the bans and they are back hacking in minutes even if one account does get banned. I've said this countless times that punishing rage quitters be they host or not or teamers will just create trolls. Once they come back from their "punishment" they are just going to find other ways to make your gaming experience as miserable as possible since they can't leave or team without being punished again. Do you really want lobbies full of trolls? Hacking should be #1 priority right now .For those who aren't on PC you have no idea what is going on right now. About every other lobby I enter is a hacked lobby anymore.
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