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  2. I was actually honestly surprised they never just released Savini Jason after they basically gave him away on console. They could have given the backers an even better Jason if need be to make up for it even. Accident or not the cat was basically out of the bag by then. I heard they disabled the codes for him which I also thought was the wrong thing to do considering people paid actual money for those codes. They would have sooner or later ran out of them eventually anyway. I also don't think I agree with the long term players having a shitty deal either mate. I mean they basically gambled on a Kickstarter which very few games ever make it out of the starting gate there and this time they got lucky and it paid off. Everyone else who basically either did not know about it or like me will not ever in life touch a Kickstarter game more or less got shafted out of locked content. Not that I am complaining because I really don't care, but I don't get how they got the bad deal out of it all. They gambled and it paid off. Good on them. They essentially got the better end of the deal mate. lol 😎
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  4. I elaborated a bit more on it on a comment in this thread in regards to my thoughts and impressions on future mod support.😎 Next Patch That's about really as far as I am going to go with it from this point on. The matter is closed and over and done with now. I haven't posted on the Steam forums since. I made exceptions on this forum only to respond to comments made to me so I was not rude and given the fact I've not been bothered with the silliness here yet. So anyone new coming in to the game wondering the same things I was wondering will find the answers all in one thread and hopefully avoid the situations and experiences that I have had. The only reason I even questioned it in the first place was because the Steam forums don't exactly look updated and I just read different things being said on the matter. 😎 I also want to point out this experience I don't feel should reflect on the team s a whole as I've notice Zombifest seemed to be very helpful on the forums over there so I actually hope it wasn't him that sent me that message as it would totally ruin my mental image of him. lol He seemed all right in my book. lol 😎 Anyway the bottom line and end result is no mods are officially allowed. I wouldn't even discuss them to much just to be safe. That's the over all end all be all message that should be taken from this thread. Nothing more and nothing less. Take care, stay safe everyone, and have a blessed day. I wish you all the best.😎
  5. Not sure what you mean by that mate, but no. lol The short version is Fair Play gave some good advise which I basically passed on myself and I got accused of the exact opposite. What's not to get? lol 😎 I basically updated the thread and let him and anyone else who searches the topic in the future for that matter know that he was right on the money and it's a big no no. How you got X-File shit out of all of that I do not know. Let me know if it's a good episode though mate. lol😎 I basically asked for clarification. Well I got clarified. End of story. lol Not in a professional manner in which of how I would have preferred, but it is what it is mate. lol 😎
  6. I actually think that is a good idea mate and I was thinking almost the exact same thing, but rather then noise circles that give a visual ping I was thinking more along the lines of actual faint sound effects of a slight bumping noise from shaking in fear since they gave the avatars actual reactions in this game. Think of it like either a mouse hiding in the attic sound or even better the equivalent of Scooby-Doo and Shaggy hiding in a closet. Isn't very long before the ghost ever find them. Lmao!!!!😎 To bad they don't create content for the game anymore or allow mods. Those would have been some fun models to see go up against Jason. I'm just saying. Scooby-Doo vs Jason Vorhees. Who wouldn't want to see that or at the very least get a good laugh out of it. Poor Scooby. Lmao!!!!😎
  7. You know this is a two year old thread right? Also, you can already judge fear level by looking at the counselor/screen. Damage too...
  8. Oof There's so much wrong with that tier list... 🤦‍♀️
  9. Eventually, every game done in those styles will become repetitive. Fun can still be had nonetheless.
  10. Consider passing the information directly to a member of the development team. @Carlso, hiding spots are fine as they are. If someone tries to hide in the same spot for the whole match, they can and will likely be found by most Jason players. Surviving the night by hiding is permissible, even if it isn't a guaranteed win.
  11. @Carlso Whilst I respect you rankings, I do find a quite a few questionable. The ones identified below are more questionable than others. Again, I understand that the tier list is your own opinion and I'm just offering my reasonings. Friendship [Too high] - Far from S tier as it's too reliant on you being next to 4 or more counselors when taking on Jason. I say 4 because if you are next to 3 or less then you may as well be running Slugger. Also, it's unlikely you'll get that scenerio in Quick Play unless you go in with 4 other friends. Plus, once you've got Jason's mask off the perk becomes redundant. And the Jason kill is not even guaranteed if you're up against a competent Jason who has denied the Tommy call. Sneaky [Too high] - Jason's ability to grab a counselor as they climb through a window is hardly a frequent way for him get counselors. You shouldn't be climbing through a window if Jason is close enough to grab you anyway. I'd be more concerned with getting a knife in the back or him shifting to the other side than running this perk. Home Body [Too high] - I'm all for sense avoidance perks, but this perk is most definitely a situational one. Not only does it give you a low 1 in 5 chance of avoiding Jason's Sense on its own, but it also requires you to be indoors to do so. Jason players can also spam Sense so he is very likely to detect you eventually. Not A tier if you plan to get objectives done, escape in a vehicle or run to the cops. Thick Skinned [Too low] - This perk is definitely God tier IMO. There are incidents in everyone's matches where you might need to tank a trap to get an objective done or escape. Or where Jason is tunneling you and you need to eat throwing knives and climb through many a broken window. Not to mention the occasions where you get trolls/teamers who trap the windows or doors without locking them (in QP). Furthermore, if you're a player who knows where pocket knives generally spawn on a map (or get really lucky when looting) and listen out for the change in ambience as it goes silent when Jason is stalking you, then he will often have a hard time Stalk-Shift-grabbing you. And once you become aware of a stalk-shifter you generally tend to duck into cabins more as Jason needs to locate you first before he can Shift-grab. Therefore it is most likely that Jason will resort to good old walking you down, slashing, throwing knives and placing traps. Med sprays run out eventually but Thick Skinned is effective from beginning to end game. [Too high] - Not sure if you were trolling with this one. More XP is great for leveling up quick but without double XP events most councelors get on average 1000 XP per game. So an extra 5% is a measly 50 XP. That is by no means worth a perk slot. Also, what about the players who are already level 150? Yes XP does equate to CP, but I believe the XP to CP conversion is only 10%. So that's an extra 5 CP with Grinder, lol. [Too high] - This perk use to be OP until it was nerfed heavily, and that was before Rage mode made it even more irrelevant. Test (available on YouTube) have shown that Heavy Hitter adds about 0.5 seconds onto Jason's stun duration making it not worth a slot. I really wish they would take the post-nerf addition of Rage mode into account and amend the stun duration so HH becomes viable again. [Too low] - I used to underestimate this perk too. But when used in a combination with Thick Skinned and Medic it takes your survival game to a whole new level. 30% (combined) healing replenishes a good amount of HP so that throwing knives, traps and broken windows are much less of a worry. Also, there's been a few times where I've spawned at the phone house and Jason shows up, smashes all windows and starts peppering me with throwing knives as I sprint to the next cabin thanking my lucky stars I started with a health spray. Motorboating [Too low] - Surely this perk is not actually worse than Potent Ranger or Quiet Swimmer??? IMO it can actually be quite useful as not many Jasons morph directly to the boat exit but more so in between. That's where having the ability to out-speed a +Water Speed Jason can be very beneficial on a map where you have room to manoeuver in the water. And even if you do get a Jason who does block the exit, he will either need to come and get you eventually or risk everyone else in the game getting the other objectives done, or even you surviving the night as you circle the lake. Restful [Too low] - If a player is able to manage their fear level well then this perk can work a treat. Inevitablly Jason will soon be on you, so it only has its uses whilst your fear is low. Having said that, I now use this perk on NF Jenny and she does brilliant at being a part runner and kiting Jason from cabin to cabin, all the while keeping her stamina high.
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  13. They could rename the kill 'Assisted Suicide'.
  14. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/collision-filtering It's pretty similar after a little research. I don't care what they say, anyone who's done any coding. It can be fixed in the damn editor. From my understanding they used a lot of blue print code. Which is basically non coding with understanding how code works. It can be fixed with a few lines of code, I refuse to believe it could cause problems for other parts of the game. Stop physics interaction on collision with the car. The documentation states where and who and how the interaction can happen, with a few lines of code. It's either can, cause physics interaction, or can't and allows which game object to do so through filtering, just like a physics collision matrix. It's utter fucking incompetence on who ever the hell they let in charge taking over the project. Find what object has the code attached to the knife, when projected, set filtering to the car to not collide. wtf is so hard about that. Once the object is spawned it can't collide with a car. I do have some experience and it's obnoxious still
  15. i am not new to the game but i am new to the forum. i play on console. my mains are mitch lachappa and jenny. hi everyone. i didnt know about this introduction thing so i did some posts before introducting myself so sorry for that.
  16. what i wanted since the begining of the game was some source of punishement for who stays the entire game inside a locker to win by time. in dbd survivors that stay in a locker for too long are punished with some birds that fly arond you and reveal your position to the killer. something similar should be implementend on f13 the game, like after 1min hidden the counselor starts to emmit big noise circles so jason can know where to go, or make that counselors can only hide for 2min in a locker and when the 2min countdown ends they automatically get out of the locker and can't get inside ant hidden spot for the rest of the match. it's something really annoying that needs to be balanced.
  17. Also leaving while grabbed should count as a kill for Jason.
  18. Suicides credited as kills to Jason to stop trolls.
  19. things that make you lose fear: being with people being indoors being where the lights are on being with high hp, the more hp you lose the more fear you gain having a weapon being far from jason doing things slowly making things quietly how to know your fear by the tiers: (note: every tier you get the stam recharge gets lower) tier 1 your face is normal: ('-') tier 2 your stam recharge starts to slowdown: ('-') tier 3 you begin to slightely move your head: ('-'#'-') tier 4 you begin to move your head harder: ('-' )#( '-') tier 5 your eyes get bigger: (°-°) tier 6 your eyes start to alternate bigger to smaller: (°-°)('-')(°-°) tier 7 you open yout mouth and make fear position with your arms: <(°o°)> tier 8 your mouth alternate from big to small with your eyes: <('o')><(°0°)><('o')> tier 9 screen gets gray: *gray*<('o')><(°0°)><('o')> tier 10 screen shakes: *gray*<('o')><(°0°)><('o')>*shake* if you want to do some fancy stealth juke you better be tier 4 or lower or jason wll notice you i think we need hp indicator just like we have fear to indicate. the tiers could be distingued by the amount of blood on the counselor.
  20. This makes sense. That's a good reason why I use measurable perks most of the time. Medic gives you 2 sprays, even if the healing is a percentage which always seems to max your health no matter how badly you're hurt. Same with Prepardness. The map is there, period. Good call
  21. Biggest issue with ranking perks is we dont even know exactly how most of them work. Do % increase allow you to go higher than 10? It seems that it does but I havent seen actual evidence for it. Are % increases based on the counselor stat or max stat? Game doesnt specifically say and I have not seen evidence to prove one way or the other. Also, unknown factors can affect stats it would seem. Ive seen proof that AJ is quieter than Tiff and Tommy is quieter than both. But all 3 have Stealth 10/10. So something else is at play (probably composure). Perks like Thick Skinned are also hard to quantify. If your health is increased by less than the damage of a knife throw or broken window climb, it quite literally is doing nothing for you. So there may be 0 benefit from having +19 health vs +17 health. The vast majority of our preferences are based not on logic but simply from our anecdotal experiences.
  22. My favourite perk has to be Nerves of Steel. If you could only pick one perk to use it would be that every time for me. There is no right answer for best perk/s, it all depends on who you’re playing as and your play style.
  23. The disc clothing content should be able to purchase separate for digital players. I bought the game on release on PS4 & all dlc that came out. Bought everything again for Xbox this year. No way for me to get the disc clothing unless I buy the game a third time. The glitched clothes I had on some counsellors got patched quicker than any cheating/game breaking glitch. Finally, what I think is worst of all is the amount of Savini Jasons on Xbox from new players who have flash drived him off another mate (Apparently it’s easy to do on xbox) Had 4 under level 100 players in a lobby all teaming & all using Savini. Feels a bit like the longtime players who paid full price and stuck with the game through all the bad times are having a bit of a shitty deal.
  24. I normally use Medic and preparedness. Intel is your best friend and healing is a must due to traps and broken windows. I play to Deborah's strengths and occasionally boost her with Thick Skin or Stamina. Grease Monkey for Deb is pointless. Most of the other perks I salt into other counselors and I have to agree with your list of lower tier perks. Those I don't bother with at all except Hypochondriac. Cheers and game on, my friends
  25. I would second the notion for Predator. The game plays well. People are complaining that it's repetitive, but with different players each round, skill levels fluctuate and makes each session a different experience. I've only tried out Predator one time online so far, but playing as part of the Fireteam is what has captivated me to this point.
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