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  2. Kind of like this morph by @Redrum138? (Somewhere around the :35 second mark)
  3. I like the whole post but this part especially. It’s one thing I like about Dbd as the killer. Knowing what I was facing after the match helps me become a better survivor. In Friday I think I’d like to know as a Counselor because so few people will let you know what they’re running and I’d like to find more fun builds. Good ideas brother.
  4. Yeah, it actually does. I’m not judging others based on who they choose to blame for the current situation... but I’m done with Horror inc. For me it’s a way to deal with my personal feelings about the franchise and the game. One thing is very clear to me though, I’m very happy, even thankful that the game came along when it did. I’d stopped buying games or consoles, moved from pc to apple for convenience and in general just didn’t have any motivation to play games. Life happens to the best of us, I spent a decade not growing up and living ‘the life’ bartending, being irresponsible and playing games all day, but as I said life happened. I had a kid, moved away from my core friend group and got a ‘real job’. I moved on from games without really noticing, I lost something but didn’t know it. Then I saw a YouTuber playing Friday, I wasn’t much into watching other people play games either so it must have been recommended based on it being Friday. I’m a lifelong horror fan and Jason occupies a special place in my subconscious, he’s both the ideal Slasher, the iconic image pared with a perfect myth... and not my favourite. I’m a talker, never shut up and while I’m as prone to power fantasies as the next person, being a huge guy has never been one of them. I’m fine being my build (Chad but taller), with my never ending stream of words, my power fantasies tend to be of that guy, not some unthinking hulk or brute. I prefer Jason over Michael but Freddy and Chucky over both... because they talk, probably. Jason is the one I imagined on the other side of the elevator door though, he’s the one who you wanted to be on Halloween, he’s the topic of too many late nights and he’s the one we all wanted a game for, I can remember talking about it often. Gun made that happen, while I can see loads of places to improve it, I’m still impressed they made it work. They gave us a version of that hypothetical game from all those late nights. I have a nice collection of toys and other things, not a envious one. I collect other things so it’s piece meal and was never going to be complete. I just don’t need the merch, if the game somehow got more dlc I’d still buy it but NECA has lots of other properties and license I can support. I don’t think the small amount of revenue I provide will cost you any future figures. Like I said before I’m not calling for a boycott, I’m just drawing my line in the sand. It’s my line, so I’ll put it where I need too. (Things could change too, lines drawn in sand fade... of course they could piss me off more and I could burn that line into the surface of the earth with napalm.) PS. Who knew I had so much to add, Jesus I should shut up sometimes.
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  6. I agree for the most part. What I don’t agree with is that they were suddenly told to stop. They knew FAR in advance about the deadline. Because as you said, it’s about the contract they signed. And that’s how contracts work. And they chose to not finish content and work on a unnecessary engine upgrade instead. I love this game. Which is why it upsets me so much. But they knew about the deadline. And they chose their priorities wrong.
  7. @SirMang, that sounds like an awesome match. Thanks for the suggestion of Higgins. I love how the players who are doing well to take counselors out keep getting called "noobs".
  8. Last nights match where I got to trap the exit, I got 3. 1 person got grab killed because they hit the trap. 1 person had a pocket knife so they pretty much got to the cops right from that animation...and then the last one was extremely weird. Remember the whole counselor screwing each other over idea? Well the car was also roaring down the main road towards the police exit at the same time. Tommy hit a trap, poor guy came back after being betrayed earlier in the match lol, so while Tommy was standing in the trap the car rammed him full force. His body ragdolled into the top of the bridge, we were on Crystal Lake, except instead of being betrayed the game decided he escaped LOL Good times! The best map to do the police exit shenanigans is Higgins Haven, especially if it's on the East exit as the lighting isn't great and the traps kind of blend in with the dirt road. I had some girl extremely salty over my shenanigans on the map. It wasn't a screw over your teammate match, it was a I'm Jason I don't feel like chasing or seeing any of you so I went out to the boat exit and just stayed there until I heard the cops get called. I waited til I heard the siren and then morphed right to that E exit. Lined it with traps. Got 2 people with them and killed both. The 3rd was said girl. I stood at the exit and waited to see what she would do. I was able to shift towards and around her back to the exit twice. On my third shift, she finally made a break for it. Problem is, she found a trap. And then she found a spear into her face. She went on a 5 minute tirade about the whole thing. How I was trash and a noob for not doing anything all match. For just standing at the police exit. For lining the exit up with traps. I just replied if I'm trash, what does that make you and the two other people who all they had to do was pay attention, not hit a trap and simply walk right out for a free win? She was apparently in a party so a couple other people chimed in and then they all left the lobby. It is really weird if you don't play Jason the way other people's think you should, including doing next to nothing, someone is going to bitch you out for it.
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  10. I learned that in my first year of gaming. That was lesson 2 from my mentor.
  11. I'll second that. Keep an eye out for Jason while you do that. I'll agree 200%.
  12. All that will do is make sure we don't get any more Jason figures ever. I'm buying two of each, one to open and one to keep sealed. I want NECA to know that we definitely want more Jason when this whole debacle ends. And if Horror Inc somehow won, you'd what, never buy any F13 merch again? Yes, of course they do. They don't get it for free. Actually, I hope there is 5 still coming eventually. I want both Uber and Pre-Uber.
  13. Meh people have too much ego, especially for a video game. I feel many player will improve when they stop fearing loses (a blow to their pride) and accept them as part of the journey
  14. If and when this movie ever comes into being, I'll throwing a block party.
  15. I wasn't singling you out on your comment. I find it funny to hear the players in QP call people "trash" for the dumbest of reasons. You've gotta love the uneducated members of the player base. I guess people don't learn how to lose gracefully anymore. How many people fall for your traps at the exit? People don't like to lose, even kill squads.
  16. To come back into the map, if you care to, all you need to do is swim to the actual water on the map. From there you'll be able to surface and walk around again. About the thread title and problem itself.... The car can be screwed up simply from Jason morphing anywhere on the map while you're driving. Watched the first car get destroyed and that's exactly what happened. Jason tried to morph out ahead of you, and as soon as he morphed the car decided it was done. This happens to me all the time when I'm playing as Jason. This is how I know it's not throwing knives because I don't throw knives at the car and I'm just as surprised as the counselors that the car is gone. I morph out ahead to try and stop the car, flip sense on, and look around and no car. I then look at the map and see the car being in all sorts of weird locations. This glitch/problem has been ongoing ever since the throwing knives glitching out the car has occurred. Which was the patch that stopped people from being hit by knives while sitting in the car.
  17. Hi folks. Has there ever been an explanation for the inconsistency in the game lobbys? You know, where you sometimes get 4 or 5 games in a row with the same lobby of players before getting thrown back to the main menu, yet other times you get booted back after 1 game? With the game continuing to suffer from mass douchery (running people over, roof dancers, Jason’s sidekicks etc.) it’s a real shame when you find yourself in a good lobby with players working together for it to exit back to the menu after a game or two. Was just wondering? 👍
  18. Maybe it's just me, but I don't get this general hostility Jason players have toward kill squads. It is, after all, a win condition and I don't care if they try to attempt it or not, however I do take issues with players talking shit, down to other players, or gloating of how great they are (Rarely every have the skill to match their mouths), counselor or Jason. Most of the toxic squads I've came across are actually causal players thinking they'll get a easy kill (selecting a small map if given control) on a unsuspecting Jason (and likely berate him afterwards), and they are the most vocal, salty, and butthurt when things don't go thier way. Since I've starting playing again, often times when a group of players are queued into the lobby together, as soon as I cut the power and they realize that they are going to be challenged to even get Tommy into the game, they all quickly leave together, leaving me with like 3 players left on Jarvis Map.... poor souls... and poor me . Again, generally I have not issues with kill squads in itself.. but maybe it's because I'm used to dealing with them whenever I play with my friends and I'm Jason
  19. I had a similar glitch a while back on that same map, but in mine the car just fell into an underground lake from which there was no return.
  20. i shouldnt have lumped you in there like that as far as the bad mouthing goes, mr. christy. and once again, its no hard feelings towards any of you. the whole thing just sucks balls! happy camping sir, and may the courts be damned!
  21. Well, you wouldn't have the dingbat wrecking the shuttle and it's a large ship. So I'd say pretty good
  22. Since when have flare guns had a stun Chance? I remember them being 100% always, and with a face hit knocking Jason down 50% of the time... when was this changed... https://imgur.com/gallery/r5uR0lj
  23. Why are you even still here? The shotgun is always 100% stun even in Rage mode. If you shoot Jason with it and it doesn't result in a stun, it's because you shot too early (before an animation was completed). Edit: And this is why the Rage buff was created in the first place. You've brought this on yourselves.
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