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  2. Post a link to that video if you can.So this tells me it does happen.Now the next question is can you do it on purpose and have some people figured out how to do it and keeping their mouth shut so it doesn't get patched.
  3. Gaming isn't about playing to having fun that much anymore man. I don't really know when it turned this way either, in arcades in the 80s if you played a random person would they have trash talked beside you the entire game? "Hey dude, you're bad kid scrub f****t, learn to play boi". Like I remember playing my PS1 and PS2 with my buddies via split screen and whereas we did tease each other we didn't disregard each others mothers or try to out the other person as gay because they didn't score a goal. I think online games (and social media unfortunately as it is fairly anonymous) just offers people an outlet to be as toxic as they like with no real repercussions, a warning, temporary ban etc. If the scum of the internet talked the way they do online, in real life on the street they would get beaten up. If I'm honest as someone who played CoD/Halo in the early days in those infamous lobbies, probably the most shitty/snidey/pathetic community these days is Rocket League. Holy good christ that community is teeming with scum, I remember this one player was typing "f*g, go kill yourself" etc and I beat him and typed for him to go f*ck himself and I got reported with a temp ban on messaging. Which irritates me, if you're going to give it out you must be prepared to take it, as Qui Gon once said, "theres always a bigger a fish!" In summation, sorry you're having a shit time man, hopefully you find good people on here to play with.
  4. I am a fan of the dance emotes, if a Jason has been tunnelling me the entire game, if I smack him down, a little dance emote to piss him off so he makes more mistakes which increases my chance of survival. The dance emotes have also given me funny moments of the game, hearing the music playing outside a house, peering in through the window to see 5 counsellors busting moves. Or seeing three teamers dancing beside Jason only for the player driving the car I was in to run them all over is also pretty funny to me. Even if you took away the dance emotes or made them zap energy, people would spam the crouch button again and again. Baggin' or Dancin', people pick yer poison!
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    TV box

    Hi, does anyone have a good TV box?
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  7. Thanks @mattshotcha and the team. This is the best patch for a long time. The AU Servers are connecting again, finding a game is MUCH faster, and there are no new show-stoppers introduced. Obviously there are still issues like the knife/car which you are looking into, but a really really good release. Well done guys!
  8. No fan of those dancing emotes either. Good idea to reduce the stamina while dancing or make it that who use dance emotes won’t be able to carry a weapon while doing so. Would cost them a second to lay it down and pick it up again. Counselors who like to dance in a cabin, have fun with it. But not this teabagging nonsense any more. At least less of it.
  9. This other one from the other day. Luckily the person couldn't run me over when I was inside the Pinehurst main lodge and Jason couldn't find me. Usually if I get teamed against I just hope I'm Jason next. I actually took this Jason build now I run part 7 with the meat cleaver lol
  10. And yet some people on this forum still have the nerve to claim counselors are at a huge, game-breaking disadvantage...
  11. Xbox: Lizard Man888 I guess it's not really a bad idea to try this. QP is full of a toxic bunch now and then. I had a bad experience today and I'm trying to find more friends I can play the game with. People I can rely more on who won't be overtly rude just because I'm not playing at my best because I'm still trying to learn.
  12. Oh AshTray900 - steam and xbox AshTray700 - ps4 btw my friends son next door gets PAID to play rocket league, he’s like 16, have we gone mad as a society! Seriously, it was bad enough when athletes were all that were sucking up people’s attention and money. Now it’s people playing a damn video game! how about we consider scientific discovery and technological innovation things worth dumping lots of money into. Idiocracy, was a movie in the early 2000s and now is considered to be a prophecy by many folks, you should watch it! Sad but funny
  13. True. i would be Happy with just a movie and some new action figures. I Own some expensive Sideshow toys Jason figures that i got off ebay.
  14. I agree, I’m 40, we played NES as kids, we had fun with each other, no days many of the younger folks, and some of the people from my generation have embraced the fact that playing games is supposed to be some die hard competition, like it’s something that you achieved in life, hell its why gamerscores, badges, trophies, etc even exist. Games are supposed to be fun, you wouldn’t talk to your friend next to you that he was a stupid idiot because he missed the platform and died and required Mario to give him a few more lives. all of these comments like “get gud” or you just don’t know how to play right or complaining about the way you play (like slashing) which is a completely legit tactic regardless if counselors hate it. Then they want to flip cars with knives and bounce onto the packanack roof and be like ohhhh look at me I’m so smart when some other idiot told them how to do it by figuring it out accidentally. i tell you what happened, we got removed from one another, now I fully support the modern digital age, but it comes with its flaws, one being we are completely anonymous, this shows how we really are, you know kind of like how a man treats a cat can determine his character in seconds (I say cats because dogs are part of the acceptable companions for guys) I totally feel you, we cannot live in a peaceful world online, which is a sad state of our existence, like how many Facebook groups have you seen not be toxic. Perfect example is a group for no mans sky the game, this is not a PvP game and it’s mostly a niche game and everyone was almost always friendly, well some jackass placed a permanent marker where some of us build (one who is 13) and basically said suck my d#$& by changing a couple letters and I posted it and asked how to report this person and get it removed, instantly a group of what I would have considered all decent people turned into rotten trolls over it. Ok this wasn’t something said in passing it was permanent and anytime someone walked past it they got that message to pop up on their screen and it was in a location everyone needs access to. i don’t know what to tell you, but it does suck and I completely understand, even grown adults are treating kids like shit in game just because they have a high pitched voice, not because of a bad attitude a lot of times, now what are we teaching our children about the fun of video games if we treat them like that. i hope I die before I need a nursing home because I’ll probably sit in my own shit for days because the two nurses are arguing over call of duty 2060... ☹️
  15. This happened to me one time a couple months ago, and it freaked me out. I was the last one alive in a larger cabin, and I was waiting by the window next to the fireplace. Suddenly I see Jason inside. I didn’t hear him breaking in or anything, so I just thought maybe I didn’t hear him breaking the back door (this has happened many times when I’m in a different room). However when I ran to go out the back door, it was completely barricaded, just as the front door was. Guess Jason uses windows now. 🤣 In all seriousness, I guess this is a glitch of some kind because I was watching a jason gameplay on YouTube, and this glitch happened to them, and they were pretty confused about it themselves. Although it is pretty unfair to just appear inside of a cabin, the Jason I was playing against used stalk, and even though he didn’t mean to morph inside (at least to my knowledge) it made for a very cool jumpscare.
  16. I’m not expecting much, but hopefully it will be a step in the right direction to finally end the BS so at least merchandising can resume. We still need parts 7,8,9 and X from NECA. We need another F13 movie.
  17. While I don’t mind the dancing, I can see where you’re coming from. Especially now since counselors have gotten better, in almost every lobby, if the Jason is good or not you’ll see people stunning Jason then dancing on him. It’s annoying, and I usually just ignore it whenever it’s done to me. I usually use dance emotes when somebody is teaming and I want to make sure they know they’re shit, or when just in general I want to make a funny moment out of something. I was never against the dance emotes, but it definitely does take away the immersion of the horror factor. I like your suggestion about the stamina being taken up. Maybe when dancing they should make it that you’re more noisy (since if you were to be dancing in real life, you technically would make more noise than if you were just standing still), and Jason can see/detect you easier.
  18. WOW THIS COULD BE IT. THE BIG HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. If the lawsuit settles in february or sometime this year. Then maybe we can petition Horror inc and Victor Miller for a New Friday the 13th game made by another company.
  19. Sorry to raise this one from the grave? Are there any admins from the Xbox group around?
  20. So what’s the deal as to why sometimes 30 swings on Jason with audible taps just swing though some Jason’s?
  21. I haven't been killed once on either of my profiles on Steam/PS4 had PS4 since release, and PC version in November.
  22. Well, Jason didn't get killed the same way every time in the movies. So when I play as Jason, Jason remembers. ..lol Anyways, For me its not about winning or losing, since the counselors are not really a team. Its about either being a victim or surviving. On top of that, the devs didn't do a good job Combat mechanics and Jason killing. So I can't just force myself into a situation where Jason is just going stand there and die. Just like I can't do that when im playing as counselor. I chalk it down to mostly the kill squads being so painfully obvious about trying to get a Jason kill. A few times.. I've had players who where very low key about it and almost got me. But that was rare. Because most kill squads are loud and proud, and those ones get no luv'n from my sweet ass.
  23. Further tip, you better find at least one other person to kill very quickly so you have a chance that they end up coming back as Tommy. Because if you're dawdling the bait counselors can kill each other and guarantee one is coming back as Tommy anyway. Two traps and a broken window is all it takes. Each counselor sets a trap. Jumps in and out of a broken window to limping state and then steps into the trap their friend set. Voila. Two dead. Neither are a suicide. And one is coming back as Tommy if he's already been called. Or you better hope you didn't try fighting the two near the phone house or the car as you can leave them limping and then they just need to hobble to your traps on the car or fuse box. Killing themselves to your traps, guaranteeing one comes back as Tommy and now one of the objectives is easily available for someone else to fix.
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