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  3. The easiest tweak in my opinion which the devs seem pretty adamant about NOT doing is allow Jason to see the Tommy tower on his map and make the mask harder to remove. Maybe adding a generic tower icon is technically "new content"? It never did make any sense to me that Jason can see everything BUT a big ole tower with a light on top of it to boot but he can see a fuse box. Maybe give all Jason's 1 more trap including part 2 to help the trap tanking at the Tommy box. Just those tweaks alone would slow down kill squads without messing with the mechanics and the coding too much.We all know what seems to happen when they go messing with the code. I'm just trying to suggest very simplistic things that shouldn't mess with the code to any extent.
  4. You are missing Restfull perk. My favorite build is Tiffany with Restfull, Marathon and Thick Skinned. She is a cabin-looting machine. Terrible at fixing shit but she can pretty much spend the entire match sprinting from drawer to drawer and cabin to cabin collecting parts and dropping them off. And Id argue she is up there with Vanessa as one the hardest for Jason to kill.
  5. Medic, Thick Skinned, Marathon, and Nerves of Steel. Best perks in the game. I don't say preparedness simply because I love my mini-map and I never want to lose it.
  6. Medic, 17+ thick, hypo, nerves, swift. The only perks that matter, unless you want a no fear Jenny build (10% preparedness, 10% nerves, 17+ thick), or a one hit Buggzy build (slugger, thrasher, swift/17+ thick).
  7. Which Perks do players consider to be the best (assuming Legendary Perks stats)? I realise individual responses will depend on play style and counsellor choice but I'd like to get a general idea. The poll only allows me to include 20 choices - unfortunately I may have neglected some Perks which players use.
  8. Pretty much everyone runs thick skinned. I was Jason earlier and one of the counselors, a Tiffany, was rolling w/ thick skin and medic. She had to have three med-sprays cause was running around spraying everyone the whole game.
  9. Question is, how the Jason kill „itself“ can actually be reworked, without adding new content. All parameters like looking for the shack, putting on sweater, joining TJ, taking Jason’s mask off are surely set in stone (in other words there wouldn’t be any new ways of killing him - although I deeply like counselors have a way of drowning „water hiding pussy Jasons“ with a chain or something). Right now, I only can imagine that the final button (on PS4 the „X“) for TJ will be reworked. It is surely way too easy for TJ to just press the X after Jason is on his knees. Suggestion: we already have QTE in the game (for fixing car, boat, fuse), how about substituting the TJ’s final X with a QTE (old content, not new) ? This could make it a little bit more difficult, of course the final QTE shouldn’t be too easy like all other QTE are as playing TJ, this one should be maybe more like Chad’s/Vanessa’s QTE (= shorter reaction time). In order to make it more dramatical: this final QTE should be viewable by all players (killed spectators, active counselors and Jason himself). This way all of them could watch the final obstacle in killing Jason and even with Jason on his knees there would be chances to mess up, which would make the whole kill more difficult.
  10. I'm in favor of it getting a re-work. IMO, there should never come a moment during a match where counselors have Jason by the balls and the average Jason player's only two options are to either walk right into getting killed or run away to avoid it. There should be more dynamics involved in the process, like maybe adding a necessary third counselor to the mix, as in the one who kneels Jason has to be someone other than Tommy/Sweater Girl with a high strength rating, and that person has to have a specific weapon. And/or maybe there are only certain areas of the map where the kill can take place (not sure about that one). Make Jason harder to unmask, and give him the ability to put the mask back on. To really shake things up, could also give him the ability to make a player drop the mask from their inventory either by slashing/knifing or grabbing them, that way a counselor simply picking it up and hoarding it isn't a safe bet, and kill squads would have a new dynamic to think about. A strategic attack by Jason on the player showing up in a unique color on Sense, indicating they have the mask, could give him the opportunity to put it back on before the sweater is activated.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hi there, A little while back I asked a question about rolling Legendary Perks: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27852-rolling-legendary-perks-technique-or-100-random/?tab=comments#comment-374845 Since then, I increased my Level to 150 and accumulated about 200,000 CP. I have followed the advice received. I activated Max Value Perks on all counsellors. I am spreading the rolling out between every counsellor. I began with 11 Legendary Perks. I have gone through 100,000CP and rolled 8 more Legendary Perks. I already had one of those - so I currently hold 18 Legendary Perks. These are the Legendary Perks I think I would most like to have: Level Headed Marathon Nerves Of Steel Thick Skinned I currently have Epic level Perks for each of those four. To the point: does anyone have any specific advice for rolling those four Legendary Perks? Perhaps certain counsellors roll those Legendary Perks more often than other counsellors? Perhaps I need certain other Perks activated before I begin rolling? I will be very glad to receive any advice. Thanks, Matt P
  13. Most of us are counting on some kind of offline profile access. We'll see what happens.
  14. They'll decide what they feel is a priority. As long as the major issues are potentially fixed, I don't care about the order of things. Multitasking is possible, but taking it slow and doing it correctly makes more sense. Just doing my part to help with the process. I'd do more if I was able to. I'm glad someone appreciates the effort. Most of my polls are comprised of long standing members, for which I am thankful. I only wish some of our former members were here to contribute to the process as well. Skewing could happen from either perspective. Let's not encourage that kind of thinking, and hope people voice their honest opinion, and leave it at that.
  15. So far almost every one who has participated in the poll have been long standing members.
  16. The only thing about polls like this is the numbers could get skewed by people going to enough lengths to create a bunch of new accounts on here and shifting the tide one way or the other. I hope that is taken into account.
  17. Good poll, I definitely think it’s time we see a change regarding the Jason kill. It is something to look forward to, so I’ll be waiting until then!
  18. thank you i have received a messages back from the jasonkillsbugs people and they are definitely helping me out i will post the ways to fix it when we find out thanks
  19. I Understand and im trying to stop posting things threads with no facts or that speak for others. I Also have stopped posting things about Gun Medias next project. I Understand that there is no more new content. I Understand that Gun Media is not ready to share its next projects etc. I Apologize if ive bothered anyone or have upset others.
  20. The support team will walk you through the problem asap bud. Matt is our community leader he won’t be able to work out the trouble shooting issues like the support team will. be patient you will be running for your life or swinging a machete really soon 😊
  21. Thanks for the clarification Matt! can’t wait to see what the team has come up with...... I agree That making a drastic change doesn’t make sense at the current stage of the games life. Always appreciate the feedback!!
  22. This is more like it. Thanks for the poll @Fair Play I'll be keeping an eye on it.
  23. We're not, ever, removing the kill completely. Another key point I made was that we would like to err on the side of caution rather than make drastic crazy changes at this time. The team has been investigating and working on some things that I truly think will straddle the line between the two opinions on the Jason Kill. Until we have it set in stone, this is all the info I can share at this time. OH, and I'm not going to lock this thread just yet. People stated their opinions and that's good. But let's keep it civil and realistic. And @Strigoi please take a moment before posting threads like this. They have an incendiary effect when people see you trying to speak for them. And often the point of the thread is lost from there out. Too much speculation and too much speaking for others. I don't want to give out points here, but this is becoming a problem.
  24. thank you:) , i would also like to add in steam i verify the integrity of the game files and it says 1 file is missing and so it reacquires the file but the thing is in the downloads area it says it is 0 bytes and so i have verified the integrity of the game and the same file comes up and it says the download is complete but then i verify it again and the same thing happens so???
  25. Hey! I checked in with the support team and they will be getting back to you. This will require some troubleshooting, etc. and they are the best equipped to walk you through that. And yes, our support is still turning tickets around. Virus outbreak or not. So hang tight, and they'll get back to you today for sure.
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