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  2. See you soon, because we always come back to this game when the anger has passed 😁
  3. I am going to abandon playing this game, because it is a complete mess. Every time I am Jason, and I kill the host, the game ends. I literally have not been able to complete any matches as Jason in the past 10 tries. Also, hacking has become common place, and it is not possible to look past these glaring issues anymore. I even take MERCY on the host, and kill him last, but they drop anyway right before the kill! In order to have a NORMAL game you need: -The host not to drop -Jason not to drop -Nobody cheating -A normal host lobby with 8 cap NORMAL games are now RARE to come by, this is untenable for me. GOOD BYE!
  4. My experience last night: -1 low level savini with an infinite shift in each lobby -1 host that uses the console to spawn items - Aspirated by a hacked lobby (you have to wait 10 minutes or more to find a normal lobby). I reported every cracked savini yesterday to see if they will be banned. Savini doesn't bother me, but it's a whole plethora of hacks that come with it...
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  6. Well playing devils advocate, being that the level of difficulty of getting the kill is relatively easy regardless of the person playing Jason's skill level I can't 100% agree with you. If it were very difficult (more earned) the way it should be then yes. I myself if I get in a near death scenario will just keep morphing or shifting around collecting knives and make them chase me around the map hoping they will slip up but if not the timer runs out but I'm not "letting" them get the kill. Is that just as pussyfied? Maybe but I didn't rage quit. You gotta remember there are hackers on my platform as well.
  7. Rage-quitting is for butt-hurt little pussies.... period. If they got you, they got you. At least pretend to have balls long enough to get back to the lobby.
  8. My group doesn't kill baby Jason's. With as many smurf accounts as there are, we've stopped basing this solely on the Jason's level and lean more towards how well he plays (it's not hard to figure out whether someone knows WTF they're doing or not). If he clearly doesn't know what he's doing, we leave him alone. We do, however, take special joy in killing high-level Jason's, as these are usually the most entertaining to kill. I find it utterly hilarious when some lv 150 fuck-boi talks a whole bunch of shit before the round starts, then rage-quits a few minutes later as soon as Sweater-Girl does her thing (or even better, as soon as Tommy and SG break the mask). No matter how good you are as Jason, you can still get your ass handed to you by counselors. From your post, it sounds like you might have been one of them. Which were you, the bloody skinned pt 5 with pig splitter, the bloody skinned pt 2 with pig splitter, or the bloody skinned pt 6 with pig splitter?
  9. As the title says, I did some testing yesterday and it seems that if you set your counselor to "Random" Tommy will not get your counselor's perks. If you select a counselor, he will. I think I remember seeing someone mention this in a thread about the "random counselor glitch" but at that time I assumed it only happened when the game glitched and gave you a random counselor. When I chose to play as AJ (with Medic perk) and came back as Tommy I was able to get 2 uses from my health sprays. Then I set counselor to Random (equipped all counselors with Medic) and the next 4 times I got selected as Tommy I was NOT able to get 2 uses from my health spray. (even if I found a new one) Has this always been the case? I don't get selected as Tommy very often so it may have always been this way and I just never noticed.
  10. Do you have enough friends to play alongside of in Private matches?
  11. Try reaching out to them on social media, though I don't expect much to change. They do seem to be a bit more active there than here.
  12. Doesn't appear to be. Won't be buying another game from Gun again when they won't even reply. Poor customer service. I understand no more patches but at least somewhat support your existing games by policing the hackers.
  13. Last week
  14. I always report the hacker lobby host on steam. I wonder if it is even being looked at.
  15. There are like 4-5 topics about it on here. Some on steam, some on reddit as well. It is what it is.
  16. Umm... No, dedicated severs were decommissioned on all platforms on Nov 4, and switched back to P2P. That was included with the 'final patch', so more than likely there will be no further patches. We were hoping we'd get something minor to fix anything the final patch broke, but almost three months later that's clearly not happening. The final patch has dropped. There likely won't be any future updates for fixes to this game. If you read about the state the PC version of the game is mired in right now, it becomes even more obvious Gunn isn't devoting any resources to this game other than the bare minimum to keep it running. Gunn has moved on to their next project, they're done. You'll just have to try and enjoy the game in the state it's currently in or choose to move on. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  17. What are the variables here? Assuming you play a lot, is this something that happens once a week, or on a nightly basis? Second, how big is the group of friends you play with? If there's only two or three of you, then that's weird. If you're in a big group of 4-6 , this is much more likely to happen. If all the randoms in your lobby have their preference set to counselor too, well one of you has to be Jason. This is the only instance where someone with their preference set to counselor should ever be Jason.
  18. wow wow wow stumbled across this i legit just finished them all. JGTH made no sense but the necronomicon deosnt just raise the bog standard deadites, I’m a massive evil dead fan long before i watched EVERY fuckin jason movie [including part 10 to hell and back]. So much didn’t make sense, let me just say this, they’re awful movies. But the book deosnt just raise deadites I’m just going to watch all the evil dead’s again after I’ve finished writing this, the book can do all sorts dude. Mabye Jason’s not a deadite I mean he’s fuck all like them but that doesn’t mean his mother could use it to raise him, and your wrong motherfucker if you know anything you know that ash didn’t destroy it, and certainly not before 1979 when the first Friday takes place, she would have used it well before then surely? Right so how is it there in JGTH well I think that movie is awful and we are better forgetting about it all together but for the sake of true geeks, the evil dead book cannot be destroyed, so how did it get to back to the voorhees house? Well mabye somebody put it there fuck knows, the movies are awful. So let’s make it make sense. Pamela fucked about with it and knew the clown in the cabin in the evil dead mabye it wasn’t far away?? Who knows right no reason in the shitty Friday the 13th film with all the toxic waste fuckin bullshit and the sequels that get worse and worse culminating in the basically boring as fuck Jason X (chronologically speaking), there’s no reason we can’t have the fuckin book, something made Jason into an indestructible special needs case and it wasn’t Pamela smoking marijuana during pregnancy or some rapist poking him in the eye while she was pregnant with him, no, in this universe of complete inconsistency the necronomicon is valid as fuck, fuck the people that made Friday the 13th part 3 onwards FUCK THEM AND THERE BULLSHIT. I wasted all that time to find out what I knew after the second one, he can’t die! Fuck you if you don’t think the book had a hand in that or mabye watch something else cause after part 3 it’s downhill. Trust me
  19. F13 is way better. DBD borderline sucks. Gets boring and redundant pretty quickly. It just sucks that Friday is the one that got it's content halted.
  20. There are a plethora of issues plaguing the Switch version of the game. We still have dedicated servers thankfully but is there anyway to incorporate a party system like on PS4 when the final patch comes? It's a PITA to attempt to join your friends in public lobbies when you go to Quick Play frequently. This isn't new content, it's a feature that is already available on other consoles.
  21. This certainly isn't true on the Switch. My friends and I are all set to counselor and we routinely get picked to be Jason.
  22. Credit goes out to Jay-Ray on the Switch for figuring out this fix for the digital version. Jay-Ray and myself have been informing new players coming to the Switch to download the game directly to the Switch's memory for months now. You can easily transfer your data from your SD card to the Switch in 3-5 minutes. Problem solved.
  23. I leave if I can't get to the boat and leave as thats the only badge I have left to get. No point in sticking around if there is no boat option repair in the map
  24. Just give me back the force grab and you can keep everything else. That "grandma Lunge" of his is what makes so easy for him to be opened to get hit and tea bagged and lose his mask
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