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  2. So if I use the same counselor with no perks, equipped with the same weapon, and hit Jason x amount of times... I should be able to see the difference between stun resistance as a strength/weakness, right? So higher strength yields higher stun chance, when equipped with a high stun chance weapon, right @mattshotcha?
  3. Simple whoever is hosting the private match can change the settings to their liking.🙃
  4. I ask the person I was playing with but they didn’t reply back lol I guess she didn’t want to tell me 😂
  5. When I was playing in a private match with one other person, I was a counselor and she was Jason, when the game started both cars were already started and it started counting down the time until the cops was gonna be there but I didn’t do any of that so I’m wondering how did the person who was playing Jason do that, lol like how did she turn on that on, I hope this makes sense lol thanks for any help!!
  6. When a counselor hits Jason stun resistance has a chance to trigger. Normal Jasons could have a 10% chance. More stun resistance should have something like a 30% chance. Less stun resistance ones don't have at all. Like a 0% chance. If that triggers, Jason doesn't get stunned no matter what. It is simple and practical (I guess I don't understand anything about coding)
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  8. k22ZO47.jpg

    Something i did in PS & wanted to share with you guys plus PT.7 is just a really cool design! 😁

    1. I'm Not a Goalie

      I'm Not a Goalie

      Neat. I've actually gotten the P7/Retro glitch hybrid a couple of times and he looks pretty damn close to this. Retro Savini is still my fav. Only seen him at the end of matches, but still cool though.

  9. From my understanding, the stun resistance stat is supposed to be a variable of the likelihood to BE stunned, not the duration of the stun. Where this gets muddy is the amount of variation of stun chance on different weapons, as well as different perks applied and counselor strength. If I'm not mistaken, and I've already sent out a query for more info to verify, the reason the trait seems unreliable is due to the heavy amount of variables applied to stun chances. But stun resistance should act as the opposite, counter power to stun chance.
  10. I'm going to look into this. EDIT: Spoke with support and it seems you've stopped responding to the troubleshooting ticket with them. Please respond to their last and continue the troubleshooting steps they've already sent you. I will say this though, if your ping is comparable to the rest of the lobby, and you aren't experiencing any other symptoms of ping, there is not a lot to be concerned with other than the little number on the screen. According to your ticket, there is no poor connection behavior reported other than "ping number is high" but the entire lobby falls in the same ping range as you. So unless you're experiencing some type of latency related issue, or are matched up in lobbies where your ping is drastically higher than the rest of the lobby, there is nothing to worry about. Having a 100 ping in a room full of 100 ping players, all without experiencing latency is not something we consider a problem. Again, though, if an issue comes up, please do inform the support team of the latency related behavior you're seeing.
  11. The best Jasons will always insist on using flashy environmental kills instead of hitting the first kill available.
  12. I mean granted I would love a 1 shot (possibly 2 shot) kill when as Jason but again balancing however it could be something for a rage buff but I doubt it. *EDIT* This is one of the reasons why I would love a 1 shot kill especially when against trolls
  13. Agreed and not to mention innovative kills is Friday the 13th speciality.....without them The game just wouldn’t be as awesome or fun.
  14. Sorry to hear that’s not the issue.... doesn’t Look like anyway to resolve it. @mattshotcha I am pretty sure he has gone through all the avenues to resolve this anything else you can think of?
  15. Well if it was like that I don't think the game wouldn't have gotten where it is today plus remember it's a peusdo movie game so they had to add something so it wouldn't make the game too easy for Jason.
  16. Numbers definitely don't lie. The stats are very much appreciated, mate. I did manage to get some tests done with the 2x4 and frying pan and, as you've shown, it would seem that the extra hit varies based on a combination of weapon used and counselor's Luck level. I've reworded the statement concerning MAA to reflect this. Thanks again.
  17. It could be possible that the Buggzy player was running Heavy Hitter. I've seen vids on YouTube where HH was an absolute game changer early on, especially when combined with Sucker Punch and Swift Attacker. Then they went and completely obliterated HH by nerfing it to a fraction of a second additional stun time.
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  19. Know what I've always wondered? Where did the idea of grab-kills come from in the first place. Who was it that said, "Hey, instead of just having Jason swing his weapon, let's have him grab someone by the neck, lift them off the ground, and hit a button"?
  20. I probably should have mentioned, and the main reason I posted here, is this is not the issue. I use a wired connection and get consistently good ping in other games, and I will attach a screenshot. When asking JasonKillsBugs for help, (That's how desperate I was) they admitted to not having west coast servers and gave the most basic internet troubleshooting tips imaginable. At this point I've given up and been just playing bots, but I would love to be proven wrong someday.
  21. your internet connection may be the problem.... These are the Minimum requirements: Download speeds: 3 mbps Upload speed : 1 mbps Ping rate : less than 150 ms for better online gaming performance download speeds of 15-25 Mbps is recommended. Faster internet speeds is one way to help this situation.
  22. Well I like grip strength but I understand your opinion on it however I think what would make it better if it took 2 hits for Jason to let go of a counselor if they're either in pairs or 2 man army.
  23. As long as it's not a constant choke or decapitation kill cause those are getting tiresome.
  24. Hm considering it was never coded in the game & since pt.9 is the only one released with it as a strength (excluding Uber) I think a proper replacement for it would be weapon strength but this is just my opinion.
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