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  2. OP, I feel your pain. It sucks, but I've just learned to live with it. In fact, in the past, it REALLY annoyed me, but now I just laugh it off and think to myself, "Oh these guys are gonna be fun" 😉
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  4. This is good new only because its a possibility for improvement rather than more of the same expectation we've experienced.
  5. finally it happened, illfonic was crap! lol
  6. GeneiJin

    Jason Kill Stat

    If such a counter was implemented, I wonder if killing Jason only counted if you've been Tommy. If so, my number would drastically be lower since I'm usually the Sweater. If it counted "defeated Jason", then I guess it be nice for me to know, lol.
  7. I'd also like to be able to mess around with customization and perks if I've been killed early, instead of just spectating. I know you can leave, but I want the xp and sometimes the lobby can be with decent players and might want to stay in it.
  8. Took it like a man. I respect that.
  9. Good fucking riddance, Illfonic. It's about time they got the boot.
  10. What content was promised that didn't come? The only argument to be had for "promised content" that wasn't delivered was Uber Jason and the Grendal map. That content was shut down due to the lawsuit. They didn't just decide screw it we're not going to give them Uber Jason. You want to give them hell for blance problems or bugs that still need fixing, you'd have a case. You don't have an argument about content though.
  11. Problem is in my experience is the casual playerbase will ALWAYS go for what's easiest to play. So if its easier for counselor, it will be the preferred method of play.
  12. That is absolutely untrue. Sales may not be that large but I've been seeing a majority of new players the last 2 months so people are still buying this game. And this is fantastic news for all of us. I've felt for the past year Illfonic was not capable of completely fixing issues. This is why we've had 2 new bugs for every 1 bug that gets squashed. I don't know anything about Black Tower Studios but allowing a new fresh developer to sink their teeth in this game maybe we can finally have a majority bug free game. This game IS NOT DEAD!!! I still play it on PC. There are still console players every day. It is not dead until all the servers are shut down. I don't need new content to keep me satisfied with this game. I have all the Jason's and counselors I need. I just want the lingering bugs to finally get fixed so I can 100% enjoy this game instead of just 80% enjoyment.
  13. I would assume the initial print run was pretty conservative. After all it's probably pretty hard to accurately gauge the interest.
  14. Everyone knows this, it's been around since Jarvis House release. Can you guys fix the porch so people can't hide next to the front door any more? Jason can't grab people, he can't heavy attack them either. It's been done to me, but i horde knives, not everyone has such a luxury. Especially if people have Thick Skin and Medic with even two sprays, those'll outlast Jason's knives. If you stopped the duck glitch from launch, how about this porch glitch too? Otherwise give us back the duck glitch so we can hide behind the SE exist at Packanack Large or find Jason's second house or hide on top of the Packanack Lodge again. This is bullshit that this glitch is ALWAYS over looked, serious laziness.
  15. I pray they rehaul the game. FIRST, they need to expand the game within its existing parameters. EVERY lobby needs to have full match customization (e.g., rain on/off, Jason’s music on/off, team killing on/off, weapon spawn low/normal) The right side of the lobby screen should have a UI that completely customizes every match. We don’t need more maps, but some additional variety would improve the game. If they want to go further, each player should be able to place a ticker and vote for each customization. This game has incredible potential that does not require new content added. Elaborate and explore custom options for Jason and the counselors within the match, that’s all. Let the players who want easy/troll mode have their lobbies and let those who want an OP hardcore mode have theirs.
  16. they need to add a hotkey for block so you can enter clock fast without going to combat stance first and remove the lockon or at least add an option to disable it
  17. Hydroquarintine

    Buff Jason.

  18. whats the point??? when you abandoned your promised content you hammered the last nail in the coffin
  19. Dont get it... Why would they do that? What could they possibly gain from it? The game does not sell anymore, so there is no more income to collect from it.
  20. Do you really expect anything less then disappointment at this stage?
  21. As long as we get offline console saves before or during the final update for this game, I'm fine with that.
  22. badassgixxer05

    A new hope for the game

    yup, i thought the last update we got would be the last, so good news to hear there will be more
  23. At this point, bug fixes are better than nothing...
  24. i wouldn't get my hopes up dark tower studios made magus and that game has bad reviews. But i do hope they can pull of the bug fixes that illfonic could not only time will tell.
  25. Victor Miller is the good guy, Cunningham is the guy who stopped the game. I might get banned (again) for saying it but Cunningham has created this problem himself. Followed, respected and critiqued Wes, Ben, Ronny, Randy and Daniel over the last years. Respect them all though, from the first day of the kickstarter 2015 campaign. Cunningham can kiss my British butt though. No respect left for him.
  26. Was going to pick this up at GameStop today, was told the only copies they were getting in store were pre-orders, and they will not be receiving anymore. So far, no local stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy) near me have it in stock. What's up with that?
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