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  2. I had the same issue with my perks reset. My level is unchanged (was already at 150). The perks that you see still in the slots have no effect, they are just for show. So until they fix your account, you are stuck playing with no perks just like me. I sent an email about two weeks ago, which understandably got pushed to the side while they are dealing with the hacking. If I don't hear something back in a week or two I'll email again. You should do the same.
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  4. It's easy to feel a little intimidated if a lobby is full of high-level Vanessas, but just remember that even if they're hard to catch, they're easy to find, plus they're almost guaranteed to fuck up at least once if they try making repairs.
  5. Servers seem to be back up since last night. I've watched several streamers play it for hours on end. Currently watching one now on PS4...no issues so far.
  6. Not that I'm encouraging you to team-kill or anything, but... run those little bitches over. Shit like that should not go unpunished.
  7. As the title said, I got some trouble with the data of mine in the game.. I already sent a report + 2 screenshots of the perks in 05 July and today - 12 July, to http://jasonkillsbugs.com/ (but welp even though I sent my email, I forgot to include my Steam link in it..) My question is, should I play now when suddenly I am in level 150 and lost all my perks and CP? Will it be safe? And I still got the perk settings for each counselors even though the perks are all gone when going into the slots, and I haven't tried it out whether it still affects my counselor, since I got the fear of accidentally making my previous data cant be reversed... Here are some screenshots, to make it clearer for you guys, thanks in advance for any advice and additional info in regard of this problem *Perk library on 05 July 2020: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cKiuoxhc6JWV_RPTT9CPkDXY_iDT_r5m/view?usp=sharing *Perk library now on 12 July 2020: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rlZlkA9gdWeka5LpKxyBgK5w-351wulD/view?usp=sharing *One of the counselor who still has her perk setting: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1txYDJQCyQrJJVd5_7-tQiiQU8O7nk_TF/view?usp=sharing *My current level, at 150 by accident: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jdAVgtw0O15eWNFD2qmany33fiwVB6ex/view?usp=sharing
  8. Steam name: Chi Korra Girl, 99, not native English speaker so mic might not work the best for me, but I guarantee no unnecessary toxic behaviors, and love helping others in game to get things into their inventory ☺️
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome! Thank you so much and yes it is. It's kinda embarrassing when I often in the situation that falling for spin-off or inspired products/projects first before getting into the original ones, which often make me feel let out and disappoint the orginal devs because I cannot get the easter eggs myself haha :'D Even so it still encourages me to do more research on the game and play it properly so I and enjoy it as fully as possible, no bug can stop me >:3 I am playing on PC-Steam, and yes I do love playing as Jason part 6 the most because I pick up the knives throwing thing fast as him, he is also the first Jason I played (moreover I kinda love his weapooonnn), my second playstyle favorite is the Imposter Jason P5, he is quick and again the throwing knives thing and I need his traps. my third fav Jason is Part 3, dang his strength is insane! (good choice for my aggressive playstyle). Oh the single player content too ahhh, I love everything about it (the animation and camera angle of cutscenes ddaaamnn no one gives enough praise for this aspect!) I haven't played them all because I am saving it for later to appreciate each details, and even though I really love the cutscenes, but still hope we can be able to skip it after 3-5 tries on the challenge. You know to save time, not because I hate it x'D And thank you so much for the information, I will dig them in as soon as possible, cannot beat Jason without teamwork! xD
  10. Read this: Server Issues Or you could have read through the multiple other posts about the servers being down.
  11. https://imgur.com/DGb6cW8 i got this error in startup how can i fix it ?
  12. So managed to play a couple of games today & was a happy camper...till i came acrossed a troll in a match as Jason in Pinehurst & a whole party leaving after killing one of their team members in Packanack small jeez some things never change, huh?
  13. Wow I just realized your avatar is a black cat with a hockey mask...cute.


  14. I used my another acc . I can't play from my main account because hackers have blocked my profile. I have the same problem as you. With another account (not main), I play without any problems.
  15. Ditto and by the way two guys are cheaters tonight on Xbox, Tuxedo Jerk and the other guy is xSaucy BallZx . whichever one's Jason, has the buddy unlock doors etc and cheat for the other guy.
  16. I still can't go to the game menu with my main account, but I can play with another family sharing account.
  17. So, guys. Just finished playing. I played for 4 hours. There were no problems with the game on my side. EU server, PC.
  18. I'm amused with slashers at this point. Thick skin+medic+decent evasion/knowing when to faceplant Jason lead to Jason's with a low kill count. Good fucking luck,guy.
  19. Keep the positivity flowing! It’s a little choppy, but it’s working!
  20. While I think slashing should be utilized as part of Jason's strategy, and not strictly a 'play style', I don't have a problem with Jason's who do it. It's Jason's job to kill all the counselors by any means necessary, so it's definitely fair. I don't slash much as Jason, with a handful of situational exceptions, as I've never really found it an effective strategy unless you're running part 3 or 4 up against a bunch of slow inexperienced counselors. Competent players using high stamina counselors will rarely put themselves in a position to get slashed to death and for the newbies that do, it's just not worth it. If someone is going to give me an easy kill, I'd prefer to do a fun kill. I'm a Jason Killer as a counselor, so personally I love seeing Slasher Jason's. They're by far the easiest to kill, since they'll just stand there and let you whack them 5 or 6 times with a machete trying to slash me to death, and by the time I'm done, that mask is just a couple of hits from coming off. Bring it on Jason, slash me all you want.
  21. Played 2 games on servers without error just now. PS4, maybe the hacker takes a break on the weekends. edit: 5 games in a row without any issues.
  22. @TimDuke 01, that could be a good sign. Welcome to the forum @BdubOKC.
  23. My experience with the P2P is that you need to invite people to get a full game .....
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