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  2. Yes. i cant wait.Evil Dead the game releases in about 2 days,im super excited.
  3. I pre-ordered. I played both Betas on Xbox. Looking forward to the game.
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  5. It depends on what we mean by the word "dead." If the question is: can you still play online with others in 2022, even though the developers have already left that? The answer is obviously yes, so from this point of view it is not dead. From another point of view, however, this has long been dead. (Updates, bug fixes, improvements based on feedbacks.)
  6. with just 179 players, you ARE bound to find full lobbies at the usual hours. but thats just for pc. since this is a relatively easy albeit time consuming platinum/1000, people play on systems more id wager
  7. https://steamcharts.com/app/438740 These charts beg to differ. Also I'd like to remind everyone that the devs gave up on this game 2yrs ago and the lawsuit has been resolved but the devs nor publisher made no attempt to barter a deal with the rights owner.
  8. I'm still finding lobbies in 2022...so its def not dead by any means.
  9. i recently started playing again mostly bots but a little online as well & i can say as of April 2022 there are still mostly full lobby´s for online
  10. I played Evolve legacy yesterday ,after 6 years of abstinence. There's a community on a discord server and we would set up peer to peer 4vs1 custom matches + 1 observer role (switches per round). Talking about dead games. I think F13 is so unique that there will be always a hardcore player base and some random ppl beeing curious what the game is all about. Yeah that's not the way it should be but ppl. can still experience it in some way. As for the lawsuit - it really should be settled by now and future content should be developed. There's money to be made so I don't see what the problem (still) is.
  11. Well support did fix my Data login error on my accounts,we'll see how long it remains that way. However the modded lobbies are very still much a thing and darn near impossible to avoid unless you play with a bunch of friends in private matches. Hackers still abound and most have a way to redirect/spoof their actual profile so it is pointless recording evidence of them using their cheats as you can't report their actual Steam profile which support needs to ban them.
  12. I'm guessing this game is still broken by mods on PC.
  13. I missed out on the option to fund and/or pre-order the F13 game and I like some of the tchotchkes, so I figured I'd give it a go. Plus, I still have PTSD from discussion on this forum around the skin who will not be named and thought it might be fun to be accused of paying to win by someone unfortunate enough to lose a match to my average ass.
  14. Wow so you bought the super deluxe version with Savini skins and actual physical t shirt. Im sad that i missed out on the super deluxe version. But This Evil Dead game looks good. Im going to pull out The Evil Dead dvd's and watch them. I Hope you and your wife both enjoy this game.
  15. Excited enough that this was only the second game I've ever bothered to pre-order. (Take a wild guess what the other game was) I usually like to wait and make sure I'm going to like a game first before I spend money on it. The game is technically an early birthday present from my wife, which quite conveniently, is being released on my actual birthday. God, I hope this game doesn't suck.
  16. I was excited enough to buy one of the fancy pre-order packages with lots of knickknacks.
  17. Im super excited and pumped about evil dead the game. has anyone ordered Evil Dead the game deluxe edition from a game online store. has anyone played The Beta version of Evil Dead the game.
  18. I checked this last time yesterday and it wasn’t good then. I don’t know what is the situation in general but others have commented lately that they still have the problem.
  19. Forums are old technology. People still use them, but not as much. Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and other newer technologies are more commonplace. Trolls and "strange multiple accounts" can be found on any of those platforms as well.
  20. Send an e-mail to their support and see if they can help you.
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