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  2. Good luck with that. People are too selfish to care about the experience of others. Host a session yourself or just get used to it.
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  4. A Death match between horror icons from a wide variety of films would be cool. Now that Kane Hodder has announced at Flashback Chicago in July of this year that Gun media's next game will have multiple killers maybe Wes Keltner wants to go more in the direction of Dead By Daylight and Mortal Kombat. Well at least we know for sure that Gunmedia's next game is NOT Halloween. I Just wish @wes could do a podcast explaining to us why he couldnt get Halloween for a game maybe later. I
  5. I honestly didnt think of coming back to the forum but here i am😁
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  7. I’m posting a request because hosts are quitting ridiculously often in the last 6-8 months. (PS4) Please only be a host (public match) if these are not specific to you: Jason killed you and you can't stand it You died first and you can't stand it You just don't have the patience to wait for a match to end (dead player) You didn't become Tommy Jarvis and you can't stand it The car-boat didn't wait for you / you didn't fit in and you can't stand it After you die you stay but you quit near the end to fck with the others You’re Jason and the match doesn’t turn out the way you want for whatever reason No problem if any of these are true for you but then the host status is not for you.
  8. What's the purpose of this thread exactly? Seems like a thread just saying "game's dead". It's not.
  9. You are VERY VERY VERY wrong (and ignorant). Whiny little pussies have been declaring the game "dead" for over two years, but guess what? It's not. The player base might have shrunk, but it hasn't disappeared. There's still plenty of YouTubers posting gameplay videos, and I still have no trouble finding full lobbies.
  10. I don't really mind the objective parts showing up on the map, but it's not much help if nobody bothers to pick them up in the first place and you find yourself the only repair counselor in a lobby of Vanessa's who aren't doing shit but running around with baseball bats. Also, for whatever reason the lower-left shack location on Jarvis House has a spot inside where a trap can be placed. Not sure what that's about but don't bother trying to to use it as a sneaky way of warding off a Jason-kill, it's too far against the wall to be any use
  11. I know it’s starting to get ridiculous….. Still no luck finding him … I have hit every Target and Walmart in my area twice now….. 3 Walmart’s and 2 Targets…… fingers crossed eventually I will find him…… or My pre-order ships “soon”
  12. YES But Kane Hodder already announced months ago that Gunmedia's next game will be a HUUUGE HORROR BIG FRANCHISE GAME. The only franchise i know of with multiple killers is Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  13. @OCT 31 1978 @Jason Todd Voorhees come on you two. Still no luck? I found my 2nd one tonight at Walmart here in South Carolina. If he is already here, he has to be there. South Carolina is always the last state to get stuff. Normally don’t collect more than one of a figure, but I couldn’t leave that poor defenseless Jason on the shelf.
  14. i preordered mine almost a year ago from big bad toy store. still havent been charged for it yet, so i still got some time to wait. ive been to a local walmart since these new jason sightings have been reported. i dont think our walmart is cool enough to have him early so i have my doubts one will turn up on the shelves here before the mailman barley makes it out of the delivery alive with my preorder. then i'll pose the living hell out of part 7 HA. good luck to all on their action packed serch.
  15. Yeah it was. However, most lobbies aren't filled with a coordinated League style players. It would get way out of hand and tiring dealing with it game after game, not to mention that Trolling hasn't yet devolved to the low standard we have now when that objective buff was implemented.
  16. As long as the game is good and fun to play that’s all that matters to me….. Multiple killers…….. more the merrier!!!
  17. It’s not on the vendors. They are as annoyed as the customers and trying to keep everyone calm. I don’t but the BS about COVID delaying shipments, I mean the big box stores (even Walgreens) already have him. This is what happens when NECA lets a retailer get first to market rights. They need to squash that BS and release to all avenues at once. Or at least put the figures they know is going to be highly sought after up for sale on their Amazon and EBay sites at release date.
  18. I Just hope that Gun media has not sold out and hopped onto the Dead by Daylight band wagon.
  19. BRUH I ordered from Horror Merch this is some bull! they were quick to get the Victor Crowley but not Part VII??? this doesn make sense bro!
  20. One of the online vendors that people put preorders in for J7 reported that they have been billed for him. That generally means he’ll get product within 3-5 business days. Looks as though the preorders are finally being filled.
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