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  2. Slasher_Clone

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Me too, first thread I was welcomed in.
  3. Because it IS still 30fps. The Pro can boost the framerate up to its target of the game (for F13 its 30fps on consoles) using Boost Mode if it isn't well optimized, but will NOT magically go from sub-30 to a locked 60fps. Not enough juice and not enough optimizing by the collection of devs the game has had (or has).
  4. I do play this on a PS4 Pro (I always turn on Boost when playing F13), and after enough exposure to it, it feels like, aside from slightly faster loading times, when you put Boost Mode on you get a slightly smoother experience (fps-wise). It's not a huge difference (doesn't fix optimization) but it helps. The supersampling, however, does nothing for the game (a past post of mine had me under a placebo thinking it did. WRONG!).
  5. IcrazyKid855

    Funniest Experience?

  6. RustInPeace

    Funniest Experience?

    I don't condone team killing (unless justified in a public match or purely an accident in private games), but this was probably one of the funniest ends to a match I saw in a long time:
  7. IcrazyKid855

    Funniest Experience?

    Pahaha that’s amazing🤣🤣🤣
  8. One of the funniest experiences for me is this gem: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/capt-crackbeard/video/51624917
  9. What’s everyone’s thoughts on a new Friday the 13th reboot/sequel by Blumhouse. Ryan Turek really wants to do it and Jason Blum has expressed interest also so I guess it’s possible this could happen. What do you guys think they should do? Personally I don’t want them to remake it as they always turn out awful, so maybe they could ignore Jason X and make a new 10th movie after Part 9 or maybe do something similar to Halloween 2018 and do a direct sequel. I wouldn’t mind them doing a direct sequel to part 4
  10. IcrazyKid855

    Funniest Experience?

    Lol offline bots clearly got an upgrade
  11. IcrazyKid855

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Same here, I miss getting excited when I used to wake up in the morning and check the thread to read peoples ideas but now it’s just a ghost town because of this stupid, selfish lawsuit
  12. IcrazyKid855

    Eva Watanabe

    Makes me feel depressed reading through all of the old counsellor idea threads to think we had so much hope and now half a year later we never got this because of the stupid lawsuit, when I think about it the dlc coming to an end was probably the worst thing to happen to me in 2018
  13. If you practiced driving the boat enough you can figure out spots where he can't catch it. Jarvis map for instance has alot of shores where you can juke him but If Jason comes high enough out of the water he might be able to grab kill you. Once everyone starts using the shores effectively you will feel like Jason does need the sound effect. I definitely feel like Jason needs it to even attempt to catch me and it drives him off of other counselors.
  14. I usually prefer letting them fix the boat too, though it came back to bite me in the ass once. In a nutshell, I heard them fucking up the skill-checks but wanted to wait till they were close to the exit (to deter anyone from trying to swim out to it). I was watching them on the map and just when they were about to reach the exit... "You like that, asshole?!" Turns out a counselor had noticed that Jason was just standing there staring at the lake and decided to go for a cheap-shot. Of course, the boat was gone before I could recover from the stun.
  15. Dragonfire82877

    Funniest Experience?

    Revive this thread, lol Since when did the offline bots start trolling?
  16. TommysMightyChin

    Abusive Players

    This is just the online gaming community though, no matter what game you play there will be trolls. Even Minecraft has its trolls and the only thing you can do is mute them or sit in a party chat by yourself to block them out. Look at YouTube gaming videos/“culture” for the most part it’s all about embarrassing the other players and trash talking which is why you get children on voice chat getting on like utter wankers to emulate their heroes*. It doesn’t make it right though having others take out their political, religious, emotional, sexual and racial insecurities out on you. *Unless of course they are just a horrible person regardless.
  17. Terrible idea, patching the glitches would be better.
  18. IcrazyKid855

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Same here I prefer Michael as an ordinary, Human killer as it adds more mystery to why he kills
  19. Don't forget to order the new album Lord of the Lake by First Jason! For the uninitiated, First Jason is a rock band fronted by Ari Lehman (the actual first ever Jason) check them out on YouTube!


    Jason is weak

    Those was the days...he was a complete badass
  21. CountYorgaVampir

    Boat is near useless now.

    I agree. I always wait for the boat to start now. The boat flip badge is the last one i need, so while I appreciate the startup sound as Jason, it definitely sucks the remaining 90% of the time.
  22. F134Ever86

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I think first person would be scarier. Also third person would give spatial awareness making it easier to hide from Michael. Options are great tho. Maybe it changes to first person when Michael focuses on a certain player? Also mirrors would reflect your image and when you look down you can see your body. Also this is an M rated game so teenagers are fair game so long as they are trying to kill michael. I don't recall anyone snowflaking when that kid was killed in the 2018 movie. Also not a fan of supernatural Michael.
  23. IcrazyKid855

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I also would really love Jamie Lloyd in this game but she’s only a kid in 4 and 5 and Jamie is so much better with Danielle Harris playing her, so I don’t know how they could have a child in the game because it would be pretty messed up seeing a 9 year old get murdered.
  24. ExpertDual

    Best place to hide

    At the house near the bottom left of Packaknack and the boat spawn if you place a trap near the front of the building and Jason hits while entering you can jump out the window to the outhouses and hide before he recovers
  25. IcrazyKid855

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Same here
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