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  2. So ends abother week & up begins a new but not without starting it with the most hated day of the week. ಠ_ಠ

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  4. Honestly, the Steel Pipe is the worst weapon in the game. The best ones from my experience are Machete, Axe, Baseball Bat. Anything else and you'll struggle getting Jason off you.
  5. There aren't any. Nobody bothered to update them after the mask buff. It's much too hard to tell now anyway with the RNG they added to mask damage. All you need to know is the machete does the most damage, axe second, fire poker 3rd. Then there's the shotgun which is roughly the equivalent of a heavy hit from a machete. And there is no guaranteed stun. It's not rocket science, and it doesn't have to be. Just hit him until the mask pops, or til you die trying.
  6. Flare guns can be used to demask Jason post rage. The pan has the highest stun chance of all weapons. But not a guaranteed stun even with max sucker punch.
  7. Blocking offers 360° protection. You may have been holding the button, but you weren't in block if you were stunned with a hit to the back. Ping causes all kinds of issues with block off host.
  8. i remember i was blocking and someone stunned me in my back
  9. I know this has already been settled but the fact there was a thread debating about the true colors of pt.5's coveralls is kinda funny especially when reading the number of pages as well like holy shit.😂 Btw i know they're green like @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow has proven (known this myself for awhile) but i like the blue ones as it matches the chevrons on his mask.
  10. If we are talking about minor annoyances, can we add Roy to the basement museum in Virtual Cabin?
  11. I don't care if a Jason lets his friend run around until they are last as long as he kills them when opportunity allows. But if the counselor is actively following other counselors around and telling Jason where they are/closing windows/getting in their way/holding the fuse or car keys/etc, is when I have a problem. Also when Jason doesn't kill them at all. Actively working together to take out counselors is teaming. Like betraying people in the car or picking them up and stopping so Jason can grab them is the issue. I have friend that I sometimes let them get shit done and rescue other counselors, but if I get an easy chance I will kill them, I just prioritize others. Seeing Jason and a counselor running side by side is when I get frustrated. They have the same goal at that point, to get Jason as many kills as possible.
  12. We'll never fully agree on what is considered teaming. If I suspect a player is teaming, I'll finish the match as intended, then move on. If I see the offender(s) again in the future, I'll change lobbies immediately. There are still plenty of decent players out there.
  13. Welcome to the forum @usach3v. If you have evidence of someone using cheats, submit it to jasonkillsbugs.com.
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  15. Block and move on their direction. There's nothing they can do besides running.
  16. Vanessa is not able, nor was ever able, to demask a Jason in one hit.
  17. na, im the pro with jason, fighting a vanesa with perks 1 hit mask off is impossible
  18. Well forgive me not noticing a tiny signature at the corner friend but with that aside I looked him up & seems I can't find a clean scan of his pt.5 artwork anywhere.🤔
  19. Naming and shaming not allowed on this forum.
  20. Everyone is innocent until it's proved the contrary. Before actual proofs, speculations and guesses don't mean much, even if they really seem real. I voted no for the three. 1. I do that when I see a person is new to the game and doesn't understand what is happening. I don't think that is teaming. 2. If the counselor played really well and I injured him in front of the police, I usually let him escape. I don't think that's teaming. 3. As Jason, I decide who I want to kill. If I don't want to run after that Vanessa, and aim for the fixer first, that's none of anyone's business. I don't think that's teaming. The three could be used for teaming, but none of them tells necessarily if someone is teaming or not. Accusing people of something you don't know for sure is wrong and annoying, I would advise everyone to don't do that. That's what I think.
  21. This person is using cheats https://steamcommunity.com/id/kaaladnoslinembhvrhack/
  22. Good news, I just played a full match as Jason, and killed 6/7. One person dropped before I could kill them, otherwise I would have swept it. (I hate when that happens) I'm on PC.
  23. ....or they're unfamiliar with the map and are taking a second to get their bearings.
  24. Don't get me wrong, I am still eagerly awaiting a resolution as this is still my favorite game to play. I too look daily for updates. But I have been around long enough to know Gun's track record. They aren't going to make an announcement until they actually have information to share. It just baffles me the amount of people that pop in from time to time acting like they had no clue what's going on. It's all over this forum, Facebook and Twitter. People complain that they haven't been able to play for a week or better and they never once saw it mentioned? They cant use the excuse that they don't have any way of knowing. They are posting on the same forums that the discussions are taking place. Hopefully we will get a resolution to this whole mess within the next day or two.
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