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  2. That's pretty creepy man
  3. Yeah no, sorry friendly fire is dead and gone and thank god it is.
  4. DO people really expect most players to stick around for a potential 15-18 minutes AFTER they killed quickly in QP? I mean what game does that anyways? Of course most people are going to quit and move on These are COMMON SENSE things, the developers should have thought of before they threw it out to the public before it was even HALF completed
  5. So true man. I think what we need is a ban system of some kind. Where, if someone does ANYTHING at all that even resembles trolling, they're banned, period. This would get rid of the troll problem we've all had to suffer for so long, real fast, either because the trolls will know they can be banned, so they start playing correctly, as hard as that is to believe, or they just simply get banned. In my mind, sure there are a few little issues that could be worked out in the game, but by far the 2 biggest ones are the lack of dedicated servers and trolls. Hopefully the engine update will help, and will pave the way to dedicated servers, along with a ban system at some point.
  6. I hate you SO MUCH ;----------; I want to like your thread even more now because of your marilyn monroe DLC Dress GAH WHY CAN'T I LIKE THIS POST A MILLION TIMESSSSS!!!!
  7. This game has became extremely unplayable, I can't even play one full match without the host leaving, or game crashing. I understand this game has private match, but this game should not revolve around private match. Even in private match you aren't safe because of how often the servers crash.
  8. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    Been killed twice in private matches against really good players. It sucks, but it's not the end of the world. If my mask comes off, I continue to fight and try to take out Tommy or the sweater girl. I don't run and hide in the water.
  9. I like this idea. I've always been kind of annoyed how certain stats (Stamina,Luck) are required to survive frequently whereas other stats (Stealth,Composure, and Strength) are borderline useless outside of certain strategies.
  10. This^... I know alot of people who are willing to shell out money for new clothing and kills. Gun is missing out on alot of extra cheese here.
  11. @Deth_Hed Yeah, this forum can be toxic sometimes. But there are good users as well. Don't be fooled by first impressions.
  12. I'm also for a report system. One that is intelligent enough to categorize toxic players and group them with other toxic players during matchmaking. Let these people wait for long periods of time only to be matched up with 7 other shitheads like themselves. Then they can see how their own medicine tastes. I agree that a kick option would be abused so it's not worth implementing.
  13. I usually play between 9pm est to 1 am est. And usually play about 4-6 games per night. 1/4 of them are filled with squeakers.. 3/4 of the matches end up in quitting hosts. IMO the lack of dedicated servers is the biggest problem with this game on consoles. Can't understand why there's no dedicated servers OR hist migration. As far as stupid and newbie players go.. This something i easily deal with with some high quality cannabis and just enjoy the show. (This is why Jason that spam the same kill get on my nerves) I have no problems sitting here playing with idiots, just kill everyone with some style and im happy..lol
  14. Bottom line. I think of Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2. Valve's response to team killers and griefers in that game was... "Play with friends" And that game has a kick feature, but initially it DID NOT have a cooldown. So griefers/trolls could come in and spam vote and because players get annoyed by a pop up vote menu. They always voted YES just to get rid of the menu and guess what?...player kicked who didn't deserve it. Not only was there no cooldown. Additionally if a player was kicked, they could immediately rejoin the game. To add to that frustration, they added vote to restart campaign and vote to return to lobby options. Again, just more tools for trolls to use. They finally added BOTH cooldowns to voting so you couldn't vote constantly in seconds AND vote bans so if someone was voted out, they had to wait 15 minutes before being allowed to rejoin the same again. So as you can see. It was a big mess, especially with more tools in the hands of those kinds of players. I think its the opposite in Friday the 13th. I think the main problem with Friday the 13th is its supposed to played as everybody for themselves. When you get trolls, griefers or teamers/even lite teamers. It completely ruins the game. Like I said recently. I find myself setting my preference to Jason less because I enjoy playing Jason and more because I know if im selected as Jason. All the teamers, trolls and griefers can ONLY be on the same side and while they try to still ruin the enjoyment for randoms by holding or locking items inside unlockable rooms. At least I know as Jason, it forces all those players on that side only. I play offline bots most often these days despite providing zero challenge. I'll play further for singleplayer challenges, the hope that they change Paranoia to PAMELA and the hope that they continue to add more things from the films and hopefully tighten up the standard game. Right now the standard game is blah.
  15. Today
  16. Kick system is bad because groups of players will create rooms with rules like "no grab kills or "no slashing" and boot people for just playing the game, much like how you would see in COD games with servers that said "grenade launcher=kick!!!" Kick system is a good idea on paper, but a terrible idea in execution due to abuse by trolls who want to force others to play how they want to.
  17. Already a thread on this. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16490-tea-baging/
  18. I have to agree about the "vote to kick system". Especially for the groups in private matches that say you have to play by their rules. They will all vote to kick random players for no reason. I am against it. I think the only way it shoulr come up is if a player Team Kills another player. Then the possibility of a vote makes sense. As for the OP, the past month has seen an increase of "I am not playing anymore, and here is why". There are a ton of reasons for people to not play this game. Most of the ones you listed, will probably still be around after the update. An engine update is not going to make groups of random idiots start communicating and playing together better. That simply is QP. I also disagree with @BeautyNumber2 on the "its the recent group of players". There is a reason why team killing got taken out, as well as item locations put on a map. Trolls. The old glitchers that sat on the roof of Packanack, the empty room in Higgins, behind rocks in the Lake. People running over groups with cars, etc. Always has been rage quitters as well.
  19. Its a thrilleeeeerrrrrr!!!!
  20. He looks like redneck Jason. Interesting design.
  21. I still think the game needs to do what some of the previous CODs did for specific game types and just make it so you HAVE to be in game chat. Granted there are work arounds with messages and things like Discord and so on but if people are forced to do that, due to people generally being lazy, they're less likely to troll. It would take much more dedication to do it. When my friends and I play QP we're always in game chat because to us thats the way the game was meant to be played. However, I won't lie and say I've never sent one of my buddies a message about something. I just don't continuously feed info. Being dead is suppose to mean no more communication for the team.
  22. Make all item spawns 100% random and unpredictable.
  23. Fan of the movies and this is a game I have wanted for years. Finally having it is pretty cool, trolls and bugs aside.
  24. I get like 10 Aquanauts and 30 Easy Listening perks and I still have to get anything that is good other than Thick Skinned,Medic,Sneaky,Marathon,Restful.
  25. I think friendly fire should come back. Yes, it sucked at times when you had that one asshat that felt the need to betray, and yes it sucked at times when you had a Jason teamer. But I have a scenario for you that happened to me on the PS4, and this is why it was fun. 8 Counselors including Tommy. Everyone was dead except for three of us. The car was trapped. The boat was not. I was the one who was screwed because the car parts were who knows where, and two counselors were getting on the boat. Now, would I rather die or would I rather live? I had a shotgun, so I blew Tommy's brains out so that I could take over the boat and escape. On top of that, Tommy's passenger tried to attack me. By that point I was in the boat, he was in the dock, Jason got his kill. If I hadn't killed Tommy, I would have died to Jason. Self preservation. In Friday the 13th Part 7 that slimy doctor put Tina's mother into Jason's path first in an attempt to save his own ass. People should be able to do that in this game, and I'd say friendly fire allows for that kind of thing. Nowadays I'd argue the "fear" from the game comes from being isolated from your other counselors while being hunted by Jason, because when all the counselors can group up and spam swing and not hurt each other it takes the bite out of the suspense and intensity.
  26. Oh, I was moreso stating the perks being distributed at an even 2.56% (2.6% if you round up) would be a better idea than perk progression. Perk progession would ultimately make the perk system as whole way too easy. Sure it would cost more CP to upgrade, but the system itself would be easy. I think @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow idea on top of each of the 39 perks having the same odds of being rolled would be a fix to the current perk system. Even odds for each of the 39 perks while being able to pay more to slightly give yourself better odds of that perk being a good version. Perk progession would break the game in favor of the counselors.
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