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  2. It's fine on PC if you have a good enough rig. It should be removed from Quickplay on consoles though, and left optional for private matches. If you don't have an Xbox One X or a PS4 pro, it kills frames, especially in cabins with a lot of hiding spots. Why it exists on the Switch at all is a mystery to me.
  3. Welp, i still stand by the fact that the rage update was the worst but Jason slowing down could help even the playing field even if it's a little bit..
  4. Well that's one of the positives, but unfortunately the negatives far outweigh the positives. Honestly they should have gone for the less extreme ways of buffing Jason as i have listed. I just hope this post reaches the devs and makes them consider these ideas. And yes it does require more skill to play post buff, but if the Jason has even the slightest idea how to play, the counselors won't survive the night
  5. Meh, it's bothersome, but the worst buff for me has got to be a buff not from Jan 2019, but Jan 2018. Jason's movement speed buff from the Pinehurst update is still one of the dumbest changes and makes any counselor not named Chad, Buggzy or Vanessa (Even Tiffany with 6 speed has to sprint quite a bit) forced to burn their stamina without Jason even having to use long shifts. I'd say keep the rage buffs, but revert his run/fast walk speed back to 2017. At least that way repair counselors actually have a chance to repair against a good Jason early game. I get the argument if Jason not being able to be two places at once, but 99% of the time in quickplay, that is never going to happen as people are either laser focused on killing Jason, or they are not coordinating to repair two things at once. I know in private matches players are much more organized, but the game should be balanced more around quickplay, not the top 5% of players. Jason getting his old speed back would be the only nerf I give him, I don't mind him spamming shift and not being able to be stunned during rage. Long shift is easy to counter and there are windows to help replenish stamina. His base movement speed is actually ridiculous though, especially on running Jasons.
  6. I never have a problem calling Tommy so... @Speed_Force92 you definitely don't speak for me because: a) I don't mind the bugs. They make the game about as cheesy as all the movies. I think that makes it more realistic. b) On a game breaking scale of 1-10, I'd put the environmental kills about 1 compared to some of the lesser known glitches. And to be honest, 9 times out of 10, the enviros still work as long as you don't spam buttons and wiggle the sticks. It's really not that big of a deal.
  7. Long story short, they're not changing the "rage buff". Troll Jason all you like til rage mode. After that, you might want to be somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly approve of it. Wasn't necessarily a bad idea, just poor execution. About the only thing the "buff" is really good for, one way or another, is guaranteeing that 99% of the matches played won't last the full 20 minutes. Which translates to the people that die or escape don't have to sit and watch a couple of asshats chain stunning Jason for 20 minutes because they think it makes them good. If you can still run the clock out on a halfway decent Jason post "buff" then I'd say you might have some skill...
  8. Also I would like to narrate another incident I got killed by Jason (and his teaming buddy) and was spectating. I saw that the teamer was hitting Jason repeatedly while the Jason was blocking. At first, it didn't make sense but then I realised what they were upto, it was a quick way to filling up the rage meter. In the blocking stance, the Jason wouldn't get stunned but his meter will still get boosted so it was quite efficient ... Well, the Jason hit rage within 1-2 minutes of doing this and killed the entire lobby with ease, along with his buddy ofc. Honestly it was so scummy that i left the lobby. So this is one of the many ways that players have wrongfully exploited the rage update and ruined the game for counselors.
  9. While there are quite a few people who feel thay the rage update given to us on January 2019 was a much needed buff, i beg to differ. I feel that it is ,as some people on reddit say, a "band-aid" fix for the beginner Jasons who didnt have the patience to ride the learning curve. To add to this as a jason player, I don't feel any sense of accomplishment when i kill an entire lobby with my OP abilities. Its been many months since the rage update and ive noticed that 9 times Outta 10, there will always be a group of trolls who senselessly smack jason all the way to rage mode. As a result, the penalty of their actions falls on the peaceful players who are focused on the objectives. Another problem with the rage mode is the spam grabbing. The stun invulnerability of post-rage Jason makes it such that counselors can be grabbed instantaneously after being saved . The only way you can escape a grab after rage is to hope for Jason's mask to come off because of which he is stunned momentarily. And this brings me to another grievance , once you're injured post-rage, doesn't matter if the entire lobby tries to distract jason, you WILL not survive. Again, we have to thank the stun invulnerability for this. I liked this game more than other games such as DbD because you can atleast fight back but now it has turned more or less into a game of waiting for your stamina to run out. There are alternatives I can suggest: - Make all stuns post rage "instant recovery standing stuns" , the ones where you dont have to mash buttons to recover from. This would result in a stun that is about a second long. Very quick recovery but still solves the issue of instant regrabs, being unable to heal when Jason is on top of you, being unable to distract Jason when he's on top of an objective and combat that feels very unrewarding/unresponsive. -Keep the rage abilities but make it such that the rage meter is unaffected/less boosted by counselors attacking jason so that we dont get the rage mode too early in the game as a result of a group of trolls. -Remove the stun invulnerability but give jason more throwing knives from the start. -Remove the stun invulnerability but make counselors recover slower from melee hits so that they cannot instantly hit jason after being slashed. I got many of these alternatives from Reddit, so Gun Media, kindly go through the F13 subreddits if you want to hear a wider range of opinions on this . (Note: After the rage update, everybody seems to be using only high stamina characters like Vanessa/Buggzy etc which I cant blame, so many of the other counselors tend to be unused because they just can't survive jason post rage, this is another proof that the game still needs some balancing. Not to mention the number of jason teamers have rapidly increased...)
  10. @DontZzz34 oh my thanks for reminding me. Yes that is true.
  11. You forgot to include bc they suck at actually playing the game right so they resort to teaming. I think this is how a lot of it starts in the first place also of course to troll others and make other people’s gaming experiences bad are probably the biggest reasons for it.
  12. Yesterday
  13. If you're timing is split-second perfect, you can Morph-dodge the sweater stun. Me and the other two Jason-kill friends found this one out the hard way. I broke his mask, friend #1 was Tommyy, friend #2 had sweater. Jason turned facing the wall, then turned toward us and morphed just as the sweater was used. A few seconds later he stalk-shifted right in the middle of us and commenced a beat down.
  14. For what it's worth @FridayThe31st, they weren't trying hard enough. That's why they fell in the end.
  15. Indirectly or not, you still don't and never will speak for me and a great many other people here. My approach would be differently executed than yours. I wouldn't take shots at the developers like I was entitled. They are people like yourself, and I wouldn't treat them any less just because the game as it stands has bugs. Work is being done to fix things. It is taking longer than some people would like? Yes it is. Is throwing a tantrum because it's taking too long in your eyes worth it? No it's not. At the end of the day, this is a game, and it's not worth losing your composure over. If it's stressing you out that much, take a break from the game and try back after a while. @Dragonfire82877, I'm gonna have to go out and get a Whopper now. Thanks for the inspiration brother.
  16. Still wasn't speaking for him, nor anyone else on this forum. You can only speak for yourself. As far as I can see, you are the only one crying like a baby because you didn't get what you expected from the money you put in. This isn't Burger King, you don't get to "have it your way." If you are so unhappy with the game, leave it be and don't play anymore. No need to come here to whine and complain because you are unhappy.
  17. LOL I was just playing a match as my main Jason, part 8, and I was in a lobby with a BUNCH of kids with mics (there were about 3 teenagers with them). The match before one of the kids (who was level 9 or something) was Jason and they couldn’t kill more than two people. So when I was Jason I was pretty thrilled because these people looked pretty easy to kill altogether. I went about my normal routine - trapping the entrance of the shack, the phone, the battery of the 2 cars - then went over to start killing counselors. Since I wasn’t talking over the mic (I don’t talk over the mic) they were wondering who Jason was and thought it was one of the them. Anyway, almost immediately when I went to the first house and broke down the door, I grabbed a Mitch. And out of the blue I was called a try-hard. Like... what?! There were 3 people in the house and they all began saving each other as I grabbed one. When they got me down, the kid who was playing as Mitch started t-bagging me. LOL. I killed him RIGHT after that, and after I went about killing about 4 others, I heard the trap at the phone go off. I immediately turned stalk on, morphed near there, then shift grabbed the Tiffany. It was one of the teenagers and he had a pocket knife, so he got away as of then. After that I shift grabbed that person and a few others after that, along with being able to stop the car. All throughout that time as I actually performed kills rather than slashing, one of the kids was like: “oh my god this kid is a try hard.” And then suddenly all of them started calling me a try hard even as I was killing them. At the end when they were all dead I heard them talking and they were talking about the traps. They called me a try hard for trapping the car and the phone. I put one trap on each objective, and that makes me a try hard? If that makes me a try hard they haven’t seen nothing yet because I’ve seen people put ALL their traps on a phone box. They also were saying that I was a try-hard because I “morphed over and then suddenly I was on them and grabbed them” aka because I was able to successfully shift grab a lot of the players. Come on. When they call you a try-hard it usually means they’re just shit at the game and they’re sore losers. Usually so called “try-hards” are Jason players who actually know what they’re doing. The people who throw out that word at you are just bad players.
  18. in the end you said it yourself that you and others aren't completely happy with the game and want change...in my own words that's what I stated i wanted in the post..so yeah sorry to burst your bubble bud but i indirectly spoke for you in parts of that post....you would just go about the entire thing differently and more politely... which is why you shunned me...so you lecturing me was pointless...like I said I don't need your lecture... you just like many others disagree with my approach...but for the longest I haven't cared....have a nice day
  19. Welcome to the forum. Have a nice stay. It's unfortunate to hear you are having problems with the game at the moment. Have you tried submitting a report to jasonkillsbugs.com?
  20. Truthfully, you could say all of the above. No matter the reason for teaming, it sucks across the board.
  21. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Like all wonderful things, it can be abused. Speaking on behalf of everyone is a contradiction to the freedom of speech. You are trying to impose your opinion as being the only one out there. I am part of the "everyone" you are trying to speak on behalf of, and I can honestly say, you do not speak for me. I personally know of at least a dozen or so people on his very forum that share a similar stance on that. If you feel a certain way, that is your right. If you speak for a chosen few people that share your opinion 100%, that's fine too. However, there will never be a justification for you speaking for every single member of this game's community. Most of us here have learned to agree to disagree on things, and do so in a respectful manner. As far as "your money", it's the same as every penny the rest of us backers donated to the game. The same holds true for every person that bought a copy of this game. Once the money leaves our hands, it's not our money anymore is it? I cannot and will not attempt to rationalize where the money went, or insinuate that it was a cash grab. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. As I'm not part of that development team, I'll stay in my lane on that one. Some of us here are not happy with the state of the game. We all post here to encourage change with our suggestions and feedback. If you took the time to read through some of the older topics here, you would see that. You're not the first person to come here and blow off steam, and you most likely will not be the last. If you want to have a decent conversation about the game and offer suggestions to make things better, that will go a longer way than just dumping all over the game. We're not at the end yet, so things may get better, or they may not. We'll all have to wait and see.
  22. game will not launch. launch error. says have virus .this is what it says REALPROTECT-EC!233DADE5D5E5.i scan says no virus, tried again still won't work would like to play the game but no luck any help possible would be welcomed
  23. @NickersLarge I think it is messed up, and they're just that trash at the game.
  24. No, what’s evil is, waiting ten minutes for a game t start just to find out that it’s a 5v2, 4v3,or whatever. And the fact that when I try and ask them politely, why are messing that up for everyone else? You don’t think it’s a little messed up that the rest of us are trying to play the game the right way and you’re helping Jason? And get a stupid response back. I just don’t see how that’s fun? part of me totally gets meeting someone that’s pretty cool and then having to kill them. But these mother fuckers are just straight up ignorant. I run them over every time I can. I’m not the kind of person that has control and can just leave the game
  25. Dude I don't need a lecture. Actually I can speak on behalf of everyone , yall can just disagree with me. That's the beauty of freedom of speech. Just like you mentioned rules, and things that aren't bannable there's no rule that states I can't speak on behalf of everyone. So far more people agree with this than dont, considering I typed this while playing and read it back to the lobby in which they responded "yeah post that someone needs to say something". The game was backed and funded by way more fans than developers, and a lot of us don't like where our money went. There are bugs present that have been present since level 100 was the max level. To ask for donations from people like me to make a game, and then less than 3 years later the game is still as buggy as it is? Where did my money go, as well as everyone elses? I'll tell you where. Gun probably pocketed the majority of our donations while using the minimal amount to develop and keep up with the game. What other possible explanation can there be as to why the game is still this fucked this far into it? The lawsuit isn't an excuse, they had a lot of time before that to fix bugs that are still present back when content was still being released. The game blew up more than they expected then.
  26. @NickersLarge I know, its so trash. When I know there's a teamer, i fix the car and run them over, and then after the match, call me evil, but i go on the mic and tell them that they're trash and should go play something else if they're gonna be doing that trashy shit.
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