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  2. your internet connection may be the problem.... These are the Minimum requirements: Download speeds: 3 mbps Upload speed : 1 mbps Ping rate : less than 150 ms for better online gaming performance download speeds of 15-25 Mbps is recommended. Faster internet speeds is one way to help this situation.
  3. Well I like grip strength but I understand your opinion on it however I think what would make it better if it took 2 hits for Jason to let go of a counselor if they're either in pairs or 2 man army.
  4. As long as it's not a constant choke or decapitation kill cause those are getting tiresome.
  5. Hm considering it was never coded in the game & since pt.9 is the only one released with it as a strength (excluding Uber) I think a proper replacement for it would be weapon strength but this is just my opinion.
  6. Its all B.S , every Jason gets stunned and knocked on their ass , I’m not sure if it ever worked, but if it did, that was years ago.
  7. I tested this long ago before the Mask HP buff so I don't think that affects strength at all. If anything, I think that they lowered damage certain sharp weapons do to make de-masking harder. Also I heard that you must hit Jason 4 times minimum to get his mask off now. So basically if you already did 100% damage on him on the second hit, the mask will not come off until the fourth hit. (Someone talked about this on reddit so this isn't my theory). You will have to excuse my poor google sheet abilities lol. Either way. Number on the left represents the # of hits that weapon gets without the perk on and number on the right the # of hits with the perk on (15% Man at Arms). As you can see AJ, Tiffany and Vanessa barely get any extra hits with weapons whereas the other counselors get an extra hit with like every melee weapon. Also forgot to test 2x4, branches and frying pans. But you get an idea already.
  8. Ok, so I checked this and you were spot on. The Escape Artist perk does only affect the auto-filling mechanic of the Break Free gauge and does not impact the manual button presses that a player makes. So assumably the same goes for the Scout perk as the mechanic is the same. That is shocking and practiacally renders those perks redundant - not that anyone used Scout anyway, lol. I will add this to the list. Also, Jenny does indeed break out of Jason's grab 1 button press quicker than Adam, thus making her the fastest grab-escaping counselor. My theory on this is that the recent weakening of the Strength stat, which was implemented to make Jason's mask removal slightly harder, has now made Strength a touch less impactful when it comes to the breaking free mechanic. Forgot to look out for the noise pings on Tommy but I did test my 15% Man At Arms perk. It seems I was off with the level of Luck that counselors are required to have in order for the perk to work. A Luck stat of 4 or higher is actually required to get an extra hit with a melee weapon (list updated accordingly). You mention that A.J., Tiffany and Vanessa benefit the least from MAA. But I found that only A.J. (1 Luck) got no extra hits and Tiff (4 Luck) and Vanessa (6 Luck) both got one. So it would be cool to see your numbers if they differ greatly from my general statement about 4 Luck being the minimum requirement to benefit from MAA.
  9. Or if the Jason-player is a dumbass and insists on trying to use a flashy environmental kill instead of just hitting the first kill available.
  10. The only time you have a good chance at breaking out of Jason's grab (without a PK obviously) is if he grab you in a tight space and can't find enough room to perform a kill in time, or if Jason intentionally lets you go.
  11. Stun Resistance seems like it would have been a pretty valuable trait to have. Grip Strength, however, was made entirely pointless from the get-go. There's very little point in making it harder for counselors to kick out of your grabs if you can insta-kill them immediately after grabbing.
  12. Yesterday
  13. More than likely yes and what were they doing that you considered a "hack"? As I pointed out what 1 persons hack is another persons "exploit"
  14. No issue just wanted know if anyone reads the description before watching is all.
  15. It was never coded in. There is no such thing and there never was. To make up for this wasted strength/weakness slot I vote getting rid of -shifts slow speed. They can keep the 40 second recharge to balance it out.
  16. Of course, I read everything. You may want to elaborate on what the issue is. Don't want to make assumptions, but it sounds to me like you may have misinterpreted something I wrote.
  17. Unfortunately they don't make the increments bigger. When you're tapping X,A or E to break free, the autofill pauses so escape artist isn't even working when you're mashing buttons to break free. You can check this by letting your friend grab you, mash the break free button until the gauge is halfway full then stop. You'll notice that the gauge will freeze there for like 2-3 seconds until the auto fill catches up then it will continue to fill itself up. I used to believe that he had the fastest escape speed too until I tested this in private matches, thoroughly. Count the taps it takes to escape before and after rage and you'll be surprised. It seems that composure is the most important stat to break free from a grab and then strength adds some bonus to it. Also stronger and weaker grip strength seems to give a boost/penalty of 7-10 %. For example against Roy, Kenny escaped in 22 / 44 taps (Almost like AJ) but then against Part 3 it took him 27/54 taps. Yeah Jason's hearing sense gets weaker during rage. All counselors still make big noise pings in the mini map but Jason has a harder time hearing them. However Part 7 Jason seems to have a greater hearing sense. He can hear AJ and Tiffany jogging from a considerable distance.. it's like all counselors get a (-) Minus 2 Stealth penalty when playing against him. Because of his perfect composure and luck and stealth, Tommy secretly has a much higher stealth just like how Jenny and Mitch are way quieter than Chad and how AJ is quieter than Tiffany. Tommy only makes noise when he swims but it's not that loud. Maybe he still makes noise against Part 7 when he sprints but I haven't tested that because you need a somewhat big party to get Tommy to spawn in private matches. hehe If anyone is interested I also tested a 15% Man at Arms on all counselors, AJ, Tiffany and Vanessa benefit the least from it. If you want I can break down the number of successful weapon hits everyone gets with and without the perk on.
  18. I remember one time near launch that it certainly seemed like it worked back then. One time a Buggzy player stunned my Part 8 Jason with a bat, and even after the stun meter disappeared, Jason was stuck standing for an additional, what felt like 10 seconds. It was insane. So maybe they tried to patch Stun Resistance but ended up breaking it.
  19. Knowing this game as well as I do, I wouldn't be surprised if it worked at one point, and then it got fried after one of the many patches and updates that all bring their own set of bugs with them. People who know a hell of a lot more about game programming than me though, will insist it was never coded in, and has never been a working function in a game. The one thing I do know for sure is that currently stun resistance is not a working mechanic in the game, and most likely never was. Our own perceptions can be strong influencers at times for better or worse.
  20. If it makes you feel any better, they removed the possibility of getting stunned by melee weapons after entering Rage (unless the hit breaks your mask).
  21. It's odd because I recall when Jason part 9 first got his own theme that the stun resistance was incredibly effective at the time, he was one of my favorites just because of that. Rather than 5 seconds I would only be stunned for 3, the exception being with the shotgun. Now here I am after a two year absence coming back and feeling like they removed his stun resistance suddenly haha
  22. Either was never coded into the game, or not coded correctly depending on who you hear explain it. It's been a well know fact for a while that stun resistance is horse poop. Don't give it any mind at all when selecting your Jason.
  23. Nice input there. Personally I thought those perks made the increments of each button press bigger, meaning you manually fill up the bar quicker. But if it only speeds up the rate at which the bar autofills then that's pretty lame. Nevertheless, if the bar is constantly filling up automatically, in addtion to a player's button mashing, then that would technically mean the perks are still achieving their desired result, albeit very, very poorly. Did you happen to test any of those counselors without the perks equipped? That would be the telling difference as to whether or not the perks make any difference at all. The test results are definitely thought-provoking. Escaping Jason's grab is based on a counselor's combination of Composure and Strength, and as such I feel that Adam escapes faster than Jenny. It would also explain why Buggzy has a pretty good escape speed despite having just 4 Composure. He definitely escapes quicker than A.J, and Mitch too IMO. This seems similar to the Heavy Hitter and Firecracker perks. The mechanics of the effects (stumble chance, stun duration and stun radius) are not a direct percentage increase as we would expect and instead do very little to enhance a character. As those perks actually have very marginal effects it makes them pointless to run. I did bring this up with the Community Leader but at this stage of the games life cycle it would be next to impossible to get a much needed perk rework. Therefore listing inadequate perks would just be too monotonous. I knew noise was greatly reduced when Jason was in Rage, but thanks for providing some clarification on that. However, I was not aware that sprinting noise was virtually squashed that much. I guess Sense becomes more prominent for Jason players once he is in Rage mode, so noise pings get easily overlooked. Also, I could almost swear that I've seen Tommy making noise pings, which did surprise me as I too was under the impression that he made no noise whatsoever. Either way I will verify all of the above during some gameplay tonight and then add to the list once confirmed. Thanks.
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