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  2. I’d kill for access to any dev tools they have. A test mode would definitely occupy a good number of hours too, there’s a very long list of toggles that could be added and I’d love a hud display showing how perks change or modify stats. Also I can’t say it enough, let me load into Bots or SPC’s as a Counselor, I don’t care if the bots ignore me unless I’m attacking them. I’d like to be able to practice as a Counselor and would definitely prefer exploring the maps that way.
  3. How many times YOU have been Tommy or Sweater Girl User and killed Jason. Jason Killed World Stats for Counselors/Gamertags. A Practice/Damage Calculation mode where Jason is just a NPC Dummy, and you can TEST all Weapon Damage/Durability Perks. Then another area to test Window/Jason Trap/Jason Slash NPC Dummy for Damages on our Counselors instead of loading in and doing it in a Private.
  4. Not sure but going by that... 1. Unlock/Call for Kay Em somehow. = Computer instead of Radio obviously. 2. Wait for her to spawn. She comes with a Gun like Tommy, but obviously a Space Gun instead of Shotgun. 3. Stun Jason somehow. Possibly just beat on him enough. Then press "A" or "X" with Kay Em to Kill/Blast him.
  5. So apparently awhile back, there were leaked audio lines for Kay Em for Grendel. So Kay Em was going to be in the game. Whether she would be an alternate hero to Tommy is anyone's guess. I'm not gonna link the audio lines because they'll probably just delete the thread as they have in the past when people post the actual unreleased content. Anyway, what do you think this was leading to? 1. Kay Em being the hero ONLY on Grendel 2. Tommy being just another guy on Grendel 3. The devs finally instituting a new 50/50 hero split for all maps, forcing more lobbies to run a more balanced set of counselors in case Kay Em were the hero instead 4. Kay Em would've only been a new counselor, not a new hero 5. Jason would have to deal with 9 bodies on Grendel instead of 8 6. Kay Em would only be available on Grendel, Tommy on other maps For those casuals who have no idea who im talking about...this is Kay Em
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  7. A stats screen showing games played, deaths, escapes, percentage of escapes and how etc. Also an extra after match screen similar to the in game status screen showing the players name next to the fixed items. E.g - Repair fuse box - Players name who did the fix. Call made to cops- Players name who made the call. Same with the car battery, gas & driver.
  8. At the momment most rounds in where all people do is try and kill Jason. There is often no other tactic of surviving that councelors use. When playing as Jason its annoying nearly every lobby is trying just trying to kill Jason. People will say, thats just the Jason playing bad. I never die when playing as Jason, but the games mechanics are still unbalanced. I love the unstunnable Jason in rage mode at the momment, its awesome. Jason still needs buffing however. The whole origonal idea of it being extremely hard to kill Jason is nott present in the game. I want to suggest a few changes that should correct this. •Atleast increase the total hit point pool of each Jason by 50% to 75%. •Increase 10% to 20% to stun resisstance to each Jason for the whole round. Also while keeping each strength and weaknesses of each Jason. In return for councelors. •Nerf sense abillity so Jason doesn't just kill everyone in four minuites. But obviously keeping sense better for Jasons with sense as a strength. There are far too many people as councelors running around thinking they are good when they are not. I dont die over 90% of the time as a counselor and its completely boring. Whatever happened to the whole idea surviving the round as a councelor was rewarding. I want it to be a fight for life at the momment as a councelor even more. •Maybe even make hardcore quick play mode where every Jason is buffed up to give betrer players as councelors a challenge for once. I know which one I would choose if their was an option between quick play and hardcore quick play. I would choose hardcore quick play even if I was a councelor.
  9. Earlier tonight I had a round where I had killed everyone except Tommy Jarvis. He hopped in a car but I stopped it before he could get to the exit. He gets out, gets grabbed, shanks me with his PK, then runs away. I send him a message telling him it's fine by me if he wants to escape. I get a reply that says "Try n kill me". Well, if you insist... I start chasing him all over the map while he does the typical kite-flying tactics (standing by a window and jumping out when you get close, playing RAR with couches, hopping from one cabin to the other, etc... ) By the time we got the two-minute warning, I was kinda irritated, so I waited for him to take another dive through an open window. He gets up and starts flashing his light at me, and I stare at him for a few seconds without moving. Then I activated Shift and wedged myself against the wall. The second I do, he hops back through the window, gets grabbed, then gets murdered. Nice job, jackass! Maybe next time you'll quit fucking around and escape when you get the chance.
  10. Create a counselor would be tops on my list. I love to customize characters in video games and this would be cool here. Counselor offline single player mode would also be cool. New York map would be awesome. New counselors I would add: Creighton Duke from Jason Goes to Hell, Sheriff Michael Harris from part 6, Demon, Tina & Eddie from part 5. Those are some of my favorite victims from the movies I would like to see.
  11. Hi Chris, welcome to the forums. If you find the time please make an introductory post and be wary of double posting. As far as the rubber banding glitch goes, they are currently busy at work on the hotfix that will focus solely on this very problem.
  12. Dude let it go. They already said they're not going to make it a kill zone.
  13. I commented this on another forum but regarding the rooftop glitch. What if instead of trying to make the rooftop inaccessible, you guys just made it a killzone? Anyone who goes there will die immediately, be kicked from the lobby and jason will get XP for a kill.
  14. This is the WORST patch that has ever come out for this game. Why put out the patch and say things are fixed if you haven't fixed them?!? Does anyone test this stuff?? Glitches everywhere!!! People are STILL on the roof, the car still gets destroyed from outta nowhere and throws you off the map AND NOW my kills are glitching! I just killed someone TWICE and had the animation not go through so they got away and survived the night and I lost out on my XP for no survivors. This patch is a joke man.
  15. I'd probably be a mix of AJ, Adam, and Kenny. I'm pretty withdrawn, I have a similar build to Adam, and I'm a jack-of-all-trades myself. There's no Loner archetype in the game, but I think I fit this role best compared to all others.
  16. Oh I know how it works, I just wanted to point out that having such a bright moon is not that unrealistic :p. I agree that the game looks washed out, but only on Packanack / Crystal Lake maps. Higgins, Jarvis and Pinehurst look pretty good to me. Jarvis looks washed out when it is not raining. Also small map variants are darker than the big ones.
  17. Not sure if Gun actually reads this or not but just wanna make a suggestion on rooftop glitching. It seems like you guys are having a tough time figuring out how people are doing it and how to properly fix it so instead of having to do all that why not just make those locations a killzone? Going there immediately ends your game, you die, get kicked from the lobby and Jason gets the points for a kill.
  18. Central Europe is closer in line with the moon than New Jersey. It gets more direct light because its more northern location. My gripe with the regular light we have now is that it looks too saturated like it is an overcast day. The colors should be more muted and the blues and grays should be more present. Where I live a full moon with no clouds looks like a blue-gray filter over everything and darker than the game we have now.
  19. Adam is the closest fit for me. We're both old school 80's rockers/metal heads with similar taste in women. We can fix things. Decent power. Good composure. My luck in real life is usually the sh!ts and my speed would probably be somewhere in the middle of the group. I'd like to think my stamina is higher, but I dunno, I went on an incline hike here recently with some photography gear in my pack and nearly fell over dead, so 4/10 is probably generous until I can get more cardio in. Only area where I feel like I significantly exceed Adam is stealth. Over the years of cosplaying Jason and Michael Myers I've gotten pretty conditioned at creeping around silently. That said, Adam is still my closest match.
  20. Done it several times only because I know I'm dealing with a counselor who can break grab quickly and of course, no kills are lighting up for me. So, there's always the chance that someone is merely trying to get the game to work. If it's happening excessively though, yeah, you're more than likely being trolled.
  21. Cancel the search once it goes over 60 seconds and try again. Works for me.
  22. Okay first of all where I live (Central Europe) you can read a book during the full moon in the middle of the night. Our cottage is situated in such a way, the moon shines directly into our windows at night and let me tell you, if you think the game now is too bright, you have not seen anything yet. I think they just have to adjust the variants, like in the old DBD. When it's full moon, the game should be as it is now. However when it's cloudy, storm etc. everything should be much darker (Variant 1.). I personally hate the nights in both Alan Wake and Skyrim so both of those variants are too stylized for me.
  23. I only see rage quiitting. People who taunt, dance etc. and think they have the upper hand until I grab them and slowly choke them to death. Or when people are denied an escape in a car. Quite funny to see everyone exiting the car and suddenly dropping dead at the spot simultaneously.
  24. Who cares if they leave the match before dying? If they're that salty then I've done my job. 😂 I'm just happy if no one is left alive at the end of the match when I'm Jason.
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