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  2. No. Bot lobbies are easy asf now. I don't need a friend to sit there with me through bot matches to "help me out." I like online the way it is.
  3. no not teamer practice, I'm talking more like instead of having online why not just have it a co op game like just you and a friend against bots or help them out. It would be nice to see all the AI updates that come along with this as well. Not sure if you played Saints Row the third, but that's the kind of co op I'm talking about, in that game you can just join your friends session and play from there or have your friend join your game.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I think this is more about the directors making badass scenes so the movie can sell well than it is about Jason's personality. But either way, I agree that the kills on the movies are cool af and that the real objective of the game is to perform the same. A boring Jason is a fakeass Jason.
  6. There's a lot of cherry picking on both sides concerning what's an exploit/cheat and what's a legitimate game tactic. It seems to boil down too, whatever tactics I like to use are legit, and the ones I don't like that others use are cheats. Most arguments for or against are too easy to dispute, thus there's never going to be a consensus. I've personally never had anyone place a bear trap at the fuse box while I was Jason, but maybe that's because I've rarely ever not gone over to the fuse house first thing to trap it ever since I first realized what that phone icon meant. It's definitely a dick move, but there's a lot of dick moves in this game, and all you can do is either let them bother you, or learn to work around it. I'm not in the business of telling other people how to play, mainly because those types of people are the players I dislike the most. A lot of people hate the way I play Jason, so I'd kind of be a hypocrite if I judged anybody else for the way they play short of teaming/rock glitching and all that crap. I don't like this tactic though... But then again, if Jason takes five minutes to get his ass over to the fuse box I don't feel sorry for him either.
  7. I get that, but it would be like an “enter if you dare” kind of option. It wouldn’t be a forced thing.
  8. Ooooh please. Its all about ego.. always was. Jason toys with his kills when he can. He savors the moment. For example... In this clip. He didn't have to do that with the Corksrew. But he did. And he didn't have to hit that car. But he did....
  9. I can get you entire teams of tournament players if you'd really like to test your skills.
  10. Even though I back out of low level lobbies and prefer to play higher level Jason's. Nice logic there, you know me so well
  11. Teamer practice? Just play online. You can easily get into a lobby where most of the counselors play like bots.
  12. So cheaters, people that are better than you, cheaters, & people that are better than you. Edit: and cheaters Makes sense. This seems to be everyone's thought process: Don't get good. Just find a lobby where people suck worse than you do. That way you're the troll...
  13. Nobody would play beta for longer than five minutes today without uninstalling. That would be the ultimate toxic cesspool. Add the exploits of today on top of all the exploits that have previously been patched, then turn team killing back on. Oof...
  14. I don't know why you would have the right to complain that others are ruining your fun if you are ruining the fun of others. But I agree, these Jason's shit things are dirty. However, that doesn't make counselors' shit things less dirty.
  15. Well said. Devs should make it where Jason can move and use the counselor traps outside. After all, 2009 remake Jason did use one of these beartraps on a counselor and it was Gun's easter egg for that movie since they couldnt get the rights for that film in the game.
  16. Lol if you think I ruin the fun of the game.... should try playing against teamers, trolls, sliders & tournament players Edit : and people that crash your game
  17. Wrong, an axe or weapon coming through a hole made in the door on first hit should still hurt a counselor, no more Jason nerfs.
  18. This has been an interesting argument. I can see merit on both sides. One trend I've noticed from high-level players, strictly in public lobbies, is that a lot of them don't appear to know there's a difference between as good as them and absolute trash. There are plenty of layers in-between. Simply telling casual or average players to git gud isn't helping anyone. All the strategy guides and Youtube tutorials in the world aren't going to mean squat when you're up against a high-tier counselor with 1000+ hours of experience. That doesn't mean you get butthurt if somebody shows you up, learn from it and adapt. This logic an be applied to the mask buff. For high-tier players and talented Kill Squads, no, the mask buff hasn't made killing Jason any more difficult. You just might need an extra axe or machete to get the job done. For everybody else, the experience is likely quite different. When I talk about Jason being too easy to kill, I'm speaking purely from a counselor's perspective. I want Jason to be more difficult to kill. It's much more satisfying when you have to earn it. The mask buff has helped a bit, but not enough. The hardest part of killing Jason shouldn't be whether or not you get a dipshit or indifferent Tommy. The plan to kill Jason should never hinge on the fact that killing Jason appears to be the easiest method to win the match. This happened to my friends and I last night, up against a 150 Savini and we all got randod into dumb characters, so we decided killing him was probably our best option... And we did, which brings up another point. A three person squad probably shouldn't be able to completely make a max-level Savini their bitch. Worth it though, that bitch was probably the second most salty/toxic person I've ever encountered in this game. All in all though, the last two major Jason buffs have evened out the playing field for most of the player base. Rage mode created more of an emphasis on escaping and completing objectives, and all but eliminated Battle-Chad squads from the game. Don't think anybody's complaining about that except for troll Twitch streamers but who gives a fuck about them? I've noticed that since the mask buff, a lot of the player base on Xbox are a lot more reluctant to go for the kill. I used to have very little issue finding people to cooperate with, and now I've had to change the way I play when running solo almost completely. Of course, that's just my experience. Saying the mask buff hasn't had any impact on the game isn't quite accurate. The real debate is how much.
  19. Egotistical crap. Jason cuts a motherf*****r in the movies with any tool he can. It aint about looking good, its about killing those that step into his woods.
  20. How are you going to morph for two objectives at the same time? Choose the fuse, they will trap the car; choose the car, they will trap the fuse. I think people are misunderstanding the base logic of this game. At the beginning of the game, counselors are at disadvantage; and Jason, as soon as he gains Shift, is in an advantageous position. No objective was repaired, Jason is not being pressured, therefore he can freely pressure survivor by chasing them and be prepared to Morph when people step on his traps. Once the cars are started, the cops are called or the sweater is stolen, the tables flip and now Jason is the one being pressured and counselors are the ones in an advantageous position. As Jason, you want to kill counselors as fast as possible. If it is not possible, you'll need to delay the time of repairs by defending the objectives so you have the time to kill them all. As a counselor, you want to fix things as fast as possible so you can take the control of the situation and pressure Jason by doing multiple objectives. This is the core balance of this game. Everyone has their time to be on an advantage. Of course, it is not as perfect and mathematic as it sounds, but this is the big picture. When you perform the trap cheat you basically break the logic of the game because objectives will be done no matter what. Why? Jason can't be everywhere at once, his traps are his viable way of applying map pressure. Without it, experienced counselors will do multiple objectives at once and Jason will have no chance. If I am not mistaken, trapping objectives as a counselor is prohibited in tournaments, and it is for a reason. Trapping objectives is broken, OP and it ruins the fun of this game. As I say for Jasons that use abduction, I say for counselors that use trap cheat "stop fucking up this game". Think by yourself, Jason not being able to trap doesn't make any sense and it doesn't represent what happened in the movies. Please, let people enjoy the game, be nice! This game is already almost dead, don't be that player-drag-away machine. I just want to have fun, please don't ruin it.
  21. Exactly this. Everyone is ok with it as long as it's justified in their minds. Meanwhile we have another thread on how Jason is weak. 🤦‍♀️ Read back through... ^^the original complaint... Spoken like a counselor main.
  22. That would be nice for me since I still haven't bothered unlocking all the single player stuff despite logging in insane number of hours
  23. Revenants are vengeful spirits in spiritual or corporeal forms. Jason is a corporeal form.
  24. Agreeing with @Somethin Cool. The mask buff from the last patch addressed 2-3 hit demasks.
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