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  2. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Aw, thanks!! hahahaha And I know, I'm such a terrible person But one day I'll be able to watch Clue. Wait for it. Sup guys. Today is the day? or nah?
  3. Can you add to the ESRB?

    I've tried looking it up but I must be blind or something because I can't find anything about this. Wasn't very clear. Can you add to the ESRB when the game is already out?
  4. Friday the 13th VR Game

    I was just thinking about VR F13, but I dislike first POV, so I dropped the idea in my mind.. BUT I can totally see lots of folks really enjoying the experience.
  5. I can agree with you. I have had the pleasure of a being called a squeaker before because I sound much younger than I actually am. ( I'm 26 ) you may be 13 and technically you should not be playing the game but I'm not the parents. I've seen a few kids or tweens be actually nice and helping the team out best they can. Yes most are annoying and cringy, but I can admit there are a few that are not that bad.
  6. Does anyone know if the 24% sense avoidance on heavy sleeper only works in tents? Or is it everywhere?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I agree with heavy mover and tinkerer, but Heavy Sleeper has 24% sense avoidance and 0% fear penalty so I was kind of on the fence about that one. I almost like it better than the rare Home Body that only has 16% sense avoidance so I'm not sure which is better to run with for my AJ stealth build.
  8. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Did he ever set a trap other than the rope snare in part 2, though?
  9. @matisangry This wouldn´t be the first time the devs are like "it´s not that bad. people just overexaggerate" (see last patch) and do nothing. so i take my chance by reports. if this also fails, godspeed F13 game. i am done with this leaving scum. @JulianVK exactly.
  10. Part IV Shift

    I don't plan on traps killing anyone... I use them to delay things from getting repaired so I can kill them
  11. I would agree, but only if the stumble chance is bad on that uncommon. Thick skin is good to have but I hate stumbling, lol. Epic thick skin used to be awesome, not so much anymore... I have an epic Lightfoot on my AJ, makes her move like a ghost.
  12. Part IV Shift

    weapon strength > destruction
  13. Running Over Counselors

    I sometimes run people over but it's for a reason. Ether they are being complete asses or the car is full and the counselor is in the middle of the road. Also maybe if Jason is on my ass and the counselor is in the middle of the road.
  14. I just want to know if this is happening to anyone else. They said that if you kill a counselor and they leave during the animation, you still get kill credit. Now maybe I still get the XP, but, at least for me, all I see on the lower left is versitial or environmental.
  15. I must disagree. First because we currently haven't the slightest idea of how the bots will behave, and at least I wouldn't want potato bots in my multiplayer matches. Second because that would sort of justify the selfish attitude of chronic leavers. "It's okay if I leave, a bot will replace me. Also I'm special and I deserve to play Jason every single time." Then before we realize it we'll have matches with half the counselors being played by bots.
  16. His name is Freddy Krueger, stupid. Dunning? Hahaha!
  17. Ok, my daughter is 13 and plays this game. I am 42, I watched alot of the great 80's horror movies in the backseat of various family vehicles over those years at drive-ins (remember them?" When she started playing I was right there, when she started watching horror movies I was right there, look at my profile and you'll see us with CJ Graham, together. The problem lies in parents letting their kids play this behind closed doors with no supervision, and expecting them to be upstanding individuals. They are prone to peer pressure, and pack mentality rules online gaming among kids. All it takes is a parent who cares enough to spend some time and make sure to explain things now and then. It's not hard, but some parents expect videogames, movies, schools, and government to raise their children for them so they can focus on number one, themselves. I mean I was 11 when I saw the texas chainsaw massacre, and far younger when I saw Halloween, Friday the 13th, and many, many others. Difference is I have an awesome mother who was right there too, making sure I knew the difference in movies and reality. Many kids don't have that, not their fault. Blame the parents, not the kids. But don't exclude kids who are mature enough to be in this too, you might miss out on some good games!
  18. 1.There are the few good ones out there that have respect. 2.welcome 3.to late if you are already playing the game
  19. you're spamming when they've said they're not banning people for leaving at this time. i get it. i hate leavers, too, but you're wasting your time while given them more crap to sift through to get to the idiots they ARE banning.
  20. Who's on first? What's on second?
  21. They were thinking about giving penalties for people leave but until they fix the connection to host lost or connection timed out, then I think they won't do it.
  22. Why does a snowflake represent Christmas? Why not a picture of Santa? Or a wrapped gift? I feel like if they wanted it to be Christmas there are a bunch of other images they could have chosen. Christmas tree!!! <-- thought of another one.
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