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  2. I’d like them to fix the damn fear system so that Vanessa actually has a disadvantage in a chase. She’s supposed to stumble and have a hard time seeing but people just up the Gamma and the stumbles do nothing useful. Her fear recovery is also ridiculous, it seems to work the exact opposite of the way it should. Low composure Counselors should stay at high fear for a long time and high composure Counselors should recover quickly but currently it seems to work ass backwards. If I ever become a toxic asshat it will be because of Vanessa players.
  3. My favorite Is definetly when we had a really toxic Jason playing and all 7 of us just beat him up for a round, considering we were trying to do the phone right next to him anyway. We ended up getting both cars, shining light on him and tommy as he got killed, and then had everyone dancing in the back as they got ran over. It was most definetly the best thing ive seen. Another is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1653203818 When we killed Jason, I guess the game stuck my Deborah ontop of tommy, because I was floating around and doing some exorcist shit. it was hilarious.
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  5. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll do a Beyond episode on it. I’d have settled for that, was hoping he’d have his own mode though.
  6. Model probably would have been the same. But they were going to make him a separate Jason with unique stats, and probably new kills for him I assume.
  7. I thought they were just going to rework his stats. They were actually going to change his appearance? That would have been interesting.
  8. Wouldn’t have helped him. We started at the top of the canyon and made sure that he saw the sweater girl. I was no where near him when he started to chase her. We baited him all the way to the shack so he would think tommy was inside waiting and then turned and headed back out of franklin to make him think he separated her from the other 2 guys and tommy with his shift. he was too busy focusing on getting the sweater girl to notice me come up the backside of the hill to the rock. His sense would’ve just lit up the four guys he was chasing and made it almost impossible for him to see and anything. Misdirection is a tough thing to deal with when your a worried Jason chasing a rabbit and you know that once that rabbit is dead you can enjoy it and the rest of your meal.
  9. What?! Jenny myers wins all the way Vanessa Jones should hold the title of butts n tits ....
  10. ☝️This. @mattshotcha If it is looking like the patch will drop pretty soon could the community get a peek at the Patch notes before the patch drop? it will go a long way to fuel the Jet of conversations here!
  11. I would very much like the patch notes. That’s all I wanted to add, looking forward to the patch but need more info to have any conversations about it.
  12. I believe you can get an achievement in offline bots but only if you get it in the match, after each match they aren’t added to your total. Hope that makes sense.
  13. I don't hate anything in the game, but I'm going to say I like Vanessa the least. It's not because she's a bad or poorly designed character, it's because of the players who choose to play her. Nearly every time I see Vanessa in-game, she's just running around trying to scrounge up loot. A lot of players choose her for her stamina and speed and when used by a good player who's helpful with parts, she's great. The problem is that the players never seem to help with anything, they just empty all the drawers and then follow people around, go for the sweater, run around doing nothing or go off to whack Jason with melee weapons. She's also the biggest nuisance when playing Jason because she just runs off everywhere, tries to slap you or just steps in all the traps. I don't feel like I have to worry about Vanessa escaping when I'm Jason, I just know she's running around being a useless derp. In short, it's the people who play her who I don't like rather than Vanessa herself.
  14. What? They were going to make him a whole new separate Jason. Not comparable to this situation at all.
  15. The devs already commented on this being impossible to completely do.
  16. Its def Vanessa I can get a Chad but a Vanessa with the right perks is annoying.
  17. I can't tell if you are serious or just trolling. No, hiding in the water is in no way, shape , or form an exploit. You could argue that it's lame or cowardly or whatever. But an exploit? Nope. Not at all. It's a game mechanic specifically coded into the game.
  18. Does not matter. They are replacing the model with THE SAME MODEL. Just slightly modified. If they replaced it with a new model, that would be a no go.
  19. But what he’s saying is they aren’t just modifying the model that is actually in the game now. They are modifying it elsewhere. Then they have to import it and completely replace the current in game existing model. Which is true. That’s what he means.
  20. Be careful when posting to not antagonize other people in this thread. Some posts are coming very close to being uncivil, so step back from it. As for 'Jason was never meant to be difficult to kill', that wasn't how the game was designed. It was originally supposed to be really hard. I haven't played F13 in a while now and it's the irritating kill squads that're the reason. I don't fear them, I honestly have never been killed to this day and I've never hid in the lake when in danger (always knives and lots of distance until Tommy or sweater wearer are dead), but the game is no longer about surviving for a lot of people - to them, it's about either helping Jason or getting a group of goons to hunt him down every single match. I don't feel strong as Jason even after the rage buff. Personally, I think the rage buff was a step in the right direction but the biggest issue is that Jason's mask still comes off far too soon. I've literally had like 2 Buggzy's, a Vanessa and someone else all swinging bladed weapons at me and even though I blocked every single hit and broke nearly every weapon, my fucking mask still came off. Quite frankly can't be doing with the same shit nearly every game and it's usually a bunch of Vanessas.
  21. I don't think the size of her butt is the issue. It's how the pants are currently not fitting the butt and making her look a little funny. I couldn't care less cuz I don't play the game to get off on how the counselor butts look, but what ever they think needs fixed as thats all were getting now anyways is fixes...
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