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  2. Two things I've noticed, both started rarely happening after last patch, but more so since this one- 1) My C/J selections will reset to random between the timer and load screen, has happened several times the last week. 2) When barricading a door, you often get the lock wheel, then your character opens the door; I don't notice it happening to interior doors with the small locks, just the barred doors. Otherwise, the functional environment kills help, and the sliders on the private match offer a lot more options, solid.
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  4. Yes. They replied pretty quickly once I reported it to JasonKillsBugs. I’ll update the thread again once I get home and test it out. Thanks!
  5. There are 4 pocket knives 3 shotguns and a crap ton of med sprays, with the new speed increase(people are already taking advantage) along with Jason’s worsened grab(he has T-Tex arms again with this patch , it’s very annoying
  6. Glad they got you sorted out already. And thank you for updating the thread!
  7. @The Milwauking DeadThe last time people reported missing tapes, level resets or any other missing items it was a server issue. I know this may sound like a broken record, but report your issue to Jasonkillsbugs.com They had a similar issue after the April patch last year. **Edit: Nevermind, just saw your most recent post
  8. they should come back. this has happened to a few friends of mine as well as myself. i have also been knocked down from level 150, to 0, weirdly back up to 100 for some reason, and it eventualy was back to 150 one day when i logged in. give it some time i guess..
  9. Today
  10. UPDATE. Gun support just emailed me back. Surprisingly fast! And said to play an online match and see if it syncs the tapes back up. I will try that as soon as I get home and see if they reappear.
  11. That’s why I went to check this morning. And they were all gone. All the time I put into finding them. How am I supposed to get them back???
  12. The devs can’t release a patch without breaking something else and this time it was people’s badges, perks, and lost levels
  13. Yeah but that requires work so you know....lawsuit.😉
  14. Experienced it for the first time yesterday. Yes, it’s very annoying
  15. I saw in another thread asking about adding the pitchfork and speargun as new weapons. The speargun I can’t see. Because of “new content”. But the pitchfork wouldn’t be new content at all. No new animations needed either. Did everyone forget that the pitchfork was used as a weapon for Jason in the trailer before the game even launched.
  16. If you play mostly small maps, that might have something to do with it. To my recollection, it seemed as if there were less openable/breakable windows on small maps.
  17. I’m a backer and I’m game but I’m sure others aren’t! if they did they would have to give credit in game loading lobby to the OG Backers like maybe put a gold B next to backers loading names!
  18. Windows are the same as they've been for years, nothing has changed. At least not in the 500+ hours I played last year, and the year before...
  19. This is yet another thread about content that is not going to be added. @Strigoi, seriously please stop it with these threads or it'll be considered spamming.
  20. @Strigoi you already know there will be no new content added. Thread closed.
  21. I know a lady who plays in Ps4 and Xbox leagues. Her PSN is LSBNLOVE, probably the same on Xbots. She's pretty much the F13 Oracle, if anyone I know can help you it would be her. Search for her and ask about leagues, tell her redrum sent you.
  22. Yeah even still it felt and looks like New Line Cinema purposely did the recasting even Kane told everyone in his Documentary that he was given a script and had no calls back for month or a few and book trailer comes out and he finds out he wasn't Jason that way. Many actors would say being handled a script personally would be a official role. This is like the situation with Part 7 where John Buechler himself paid out of his pocket to have Kane auditioned for the role of Jason where Paramount wanted C.J back but after seeing Kane they knew they found their Jason.
  23. This patch deleted all my tapes!!! I just went in to check. They are all gone! I busted my ass finding every Pamela and Tommy tape. And this patch deleted them all!
  24. I had EVERY tape!! Just went to check since this last patch, and they are all GONE! Every single one!!!!
  25. Not exactly, but yeah, pretty much Summer of Heat Mitch Murder The summer began Burnin' hot, inside of me Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the street (out on the street) Oh, you held onto me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey, what! And the time began The best I've had Inside of me (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the beat (out on the beat) Oh, you stay there with me On the summer of heat (summer of heat) It was the very first love The very first love Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first love The summer began Burnin' hot D-do you, do you wanna have fun? (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, the lessons are free We're out on the street (out on the street) All you said was to me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes… Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes so fast Like grains of sand in my head Oh, the best things are free Said was to me (said was to me) [?] Do you, feel, Remember it, The summer of- Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first- The wind across my hair (it was the first love) The ruckus [?] in the air (it was the first love) The gang's inner web [?] (summer) It was the first love (it was the very first love) It was the very first love And the nonsense [?] And good fun [?] And grind [?] In the summer, through heat with you tonight Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you
  26. Yeah @Vaderspupil @RustInPeace ,so much fun! Hopefully next time we'll get a full lobby to play like that. Loved the hardcore settings that we came up with! No sprays, no hud, no maps, lights out, max fear to start, Jason has no sense in rage and double counselor health. Very movie like settings, intense and fun! @mattshotchaGreat patch, nailed it!
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