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  2. - Counselor - · Most used or favorite counselor(s): Chappa · Favorite weapon : Ax · Favorite perks : Medic, thick skin, Thrasher · Play style : Completing as many, objectives as possible, before baiting Mr J, into such fun filled games as, musical windows, who's trap is it anyway?, sugar shack hopscotch, and the fat man always smacks twice · Likes : All things Debs related · Dislikes : Corkscrews, midgets, lurkers. Lead, follow, or take a long walk off a short pier, but commit to the cause, hiding will get a trap up your four point of contact quick, fast and in a hurry · Goals : ??? Situational. Teamwork makes the dream work · Mic : Communication is key - Jason - · Most used or favorite Jason (s) : Part 6 main, parts 2 and 3 situational · Favorite weapon : Machete · Favorite kill(s) : I want your eyes pig Mmhmm, you know the one · Favorite environmental kill(s) Gravity (windows ) while yelling, "Can you fly Bobby??!" · Play style : Kill em all short, fat and tall · Likes : cats · Dislikes : Reptillians posing as camp counselors · Mic : No 🙃˙ʇsɐoʇ ɥɔuǝɹɟ ʇɐǝ I uǝɥʍ lɐʇuǝuıʇuoɔɹǝʇuı ɯ,I ʇnq 'ʇsɐoq oʇ uɐǝɯ ʇ,uop I 'ɓɐɹq oʇ uɐǝɯ ʇ,uop I🙃
  3. From across the map, yes. But if Jason uses Sense, and she is in range, expect her to glow red. Therefore you'll need to manage her fear by staying well away from Jason, in well lit areas and by not seeing dead bodies etc. The higher your fear, the bigger Jason's Sense range is. When he is in Rage mode his Sense range can pretty much cover the entire map, so look to escape asap.
  4. yes parents are *******, there are stuped little kids with 1 - 2 mental years that are playing and screaming all time, and playing this +17 game, usa ******, they are inferior
  5. Yesterday
  6. To speak on the topic of abductions, what i have found is when using abductions involving CS it would seem to be resolved for the moment. That being said abductions involving the use of an x prompt remain active ie water, and any hiding spot kills. Sliding and knife cancel tech can still be done either the old way with a bit of timing, concerning sliding or a new button combo for quick knife tech. Big weapons are back again, double tap can be done without the use of environmental hitboxes, using a method similar to counselor sliding, which has the added result in that a walker can run or at least its possible for pt 6 to briefly display what looks like the jog animation for pt 3. Abductions can still be landed on a boat providing you shift over it and time the inputs to take the map cancel/ CS delay into account as well as a non water Jason can exploit the hitbox of the boat to keep pace with it, love the game and have nothing but respect towards my fellow peers and the game as a whole. T.M.
  7. I've played plenty of games where you can murder half naked woman. Some of those games even allow you to eat them... Besides, This is a F13th game.. You can also murder men who are even more naked than the women. As far as kids go. Bad parents are bad parents.
  8. I swear if they moved the dates I am going to be livid... Update: SON OF A B- its moved to February 2021!!!!
  9. It's a completely different era of gaming. You have entitled, spoiled, and very vulgar / ill-mannered children gaming these days. As far as where they may have picked up such colorful words, look to the "adults" they emulate. All parents aren't perfect, but I applaud those that still believe in actually parenting their children, rather letting technology babysit them. Thankfully, you have mute (when it works). You can also create a party chat with just yourself as an alternate option.
  10. Like I said I'm not claiming to have followed all of the game ratings myself as a kid. Just the things this kid was saying..... wtf? I haven't heard adults use those words a freely as this kid was. Where did he even learn them?
  11. Last week
  12. @AngliNex, not all of those kids are bad. For every few hellions you encounter, there's a decent one in the mix. Some of them are a bit more mature than some of the adults playing.
  13. Happy turkey day for those who celebrate the holiday. Stay safe and eat well.
  14. i dont post my real social media on the internet because my paid hobby is making photo-realistic 3d porn with ageless characters. and i only use the twitter associated with my pixiv (where i stash all my made porn) to comment on tweets where people respond with some grade A autism to make fun of them. if you dare, my handle is @hentaiparadiso. i rarely use it so dont expect much
  15. Not having any of these issues and I'm on PC/Ps4....
  16. It's an almost undetectable perk for those not that experience with Jason.
  17. xXAXONXx

    Very slow

    slow?, the game is slow since the devs changed the game engine, i think it was in 2018, the game is slow too much stuttering, etc etc, i could run the game before, devs must set back the previous engine, this is very bad optimized!
  18. so lightfoot makes aj "invisible"? guess i can trade an extra QTE for being completely unnoticeable.
  19. absolutley not. J7 sense is underrated. i can tell when someone is headed toward an objective from far as hell away. sound waves coming from the car area, better have a closer look.. a close eye on sound waves will make up for his lack of traps. being able to "hear" the pitter patter of brats from such distance is a huge advantage in my opinion. part 7 isnt the best, but he is my favorite along side classic part 3. wish i could say the same for part 4 -crys self to sleep-
  20. I very rarely go less than 6/8 on PC regardless of who is in the lobby unless I'm having a bad connection.
  21. Alex123


    Thanks! I do hope we all will put through.
  22. Define experts lol I had the game since release...pre and post "Buff" I barely see people getting 5/8 counselors on PC/PS4.....so not Every Jason can unless the counselors are braindead to bad Jason's lol.
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