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  4. we got lots of new players on xbox since it was free for a while. bastards keep closing the windows behind them grr
  5. Does anyone want to try out for a team on Xbox?
  6. It's been like that for awhile on all platforms, we'll have to wait for the next patch for it to get fixed.
  7. Most of my environment kills as Jason do not work and glitch out. Kills like the coat hanger, the knife kill with the red box, the record player kill, and more. Mostly the indoor kills do not work.
  8. Granny. It is available on Steam and also mobile on techbigs. You have five days to escape Granny`s house...
  9. Can't put on a show once a bunch of try hard Jason killers have a sweater in play. Not that theres anything wrong with Jumping into the lake. I myself don't use the lake to wait out kill squad, because it gives them to much time to dance, talk shit and send pms.. Id rather sucker them to chase me around the map Its still a show, just a different type of show.
  10. I agree with all your points 100%, Jason was nerfed in every patch except the “rage” patch ( which actually makes him easier to kill) can’t stack traps, grab, promos for window breaking(giving a safety window for counslers ) etc..... most of the environmental kills have t worked for months... they say it isn’t “game breaking” ..... When they did the patch were Jason couldn’t be killed in rage, they fixed it right away, not being able to kill Jason in rage is something that was not game breaking either , fact is the meta of this game has become Jason being the hunted, I hate that this has happened but like I said ..... it is what it is, they don’t even do basic maintenance on this game, do you really think they are going to change this game for the better? I have less than zero confidence in that.
  11. With this logic. They should remove the cars, the boat, the cops, the time limit win and the perks for counselors and give Jason the location of the Jarvis Radio/Power Box Connected to it and turn the game into what it became inevitably. A poorly coded Street Fighter simulation. When they talked about how it was '1 in 75' times during their playtesting. I kinda doubt the goal was to make a game where the hunter became the hunted, but because they were so incompetent and lazy. The best they could do was nerf Jason into the ground over 2017 with buggy patches and feature removals and then give out the lazy rage update as an apology for the meta not being what they wanted the game to become. They can hide behind the money excuse. As if peddling clothing packs and kill packs was gonna give them the revenue they needed to support the game with more consistency and quality. The reality is they showed they couldn't consistently do that when they actually had clothing pack/kill pack money coming in before the lawsuit. Its your opinion and that's fine, but its definitely in line with the company approach. Just accept it or don't. Many didn't, which is why the playerbase dwindled.
  12. Does that "show" include hiding in a lake if counselors are trying to kill him?
  13. Sometimes it can take awhile to find a lobby. If it takes longer than 2 minutes just cancel and try again. When I do get into a lobby it usually fills up. I'm on PS4 also.
  14. I play on ps4 every night and have no problems finding full lobbies. If anything, I have problems finding the same lobby twice.
  15. Last week
  16. @VLK, the mask worn in part 8 isn't the same as 7. His mask was destroyed in 7 and Jason got his mask in part 8 from the dude on the boat. As for the mask in 9? I have no clue how to explain that. He loses his mask in the sewers in Part 8 when he takes the chemical bath, so as to how he got another mask in part 9, that's anyone's guess. They didn't really do that great of a job with the consistency of the mask IMO.
  17. Yesterday I was playing as the part 8 Jason and he is the most "preserved" version of undead Jason, the mask lacks almost all the cracks and worn from previous installments, lacks the chain and damage seen in part 7 Jason, now lets jump to part 9 meatb....Jason, that mask resemble more closely the damage sustained in part 7 tough the crack in the right eye is new loss more worn out
  18. That's the first thing I do when joining a lobby (mute everyone). Even when playing with friends, they know to PM me if they've got something to tell me because if they try saying it over the air, I'll never hear it. As far as taunting, I never tea-bag or dance on anyone, ever... the only possible exception being a Jason who is clearly teaming with a counselor. If Jason rage-quits, he might get a PM about it if he quits mid-death, but that's about it. When playing as Jason, however, I'm more likely to be an asshole taunt-wise. If you tea-bag or dance on me (which most people here know is a major pet-peeve of mine), all you've accomplished is guaranteeing I will do everyone possible to kill you (and once I do, you're getting a nasty PM about it). Likewise, if you see me breaking down a door or Stalk-hiding by a window/door, and you get killed because you thought it'd be a good idea to try and sneak attack me from behind only to get grabbed at the last second, you also will probably get a nasty PM telling you what an idiot you are. Like this guy:
  19. I see the point but as teamwork is part of the mechanics of the game that should stay but as i said before once you got the required items, unless that requirements are met then you're on lone wolf mode
  20. Gotta have Thick Skinned. I hate going into limp mode after just 2 knives!
  21. It seems that when new people join the lobby it completely overlooks the people who are already in the lobby - despite if they’ve played as Jason yet or not. It’s kind of weird though since I’ve been selected twice in a row sometimes, even when new people join the lobby. It makes no sense.
  22. I have been playing this game since launch was a backer so I will give my 2 cents, yes it’s very easy to kill Jason , it is one of the easiest things to do in this game. What people have to now understand is that this game is no longer about trying to survive as a counselor this is not challenging at all anymore, I look at it as a challenge to kill everyone while not being killed as Jason, that is what this game is now and it’s not going to change. People can adapt to it and have fun with as I learned to do, or be pissed off(like I used to be) it is what it is.
  23. Easy fix: Zombie Pamela from part 3 with Jason's powers. Also Betsy Palmer's likeness rights. But if they could have added her the game would have been mindblowing!
  24. But not fun, they dont run or give any challenge to sharpen my skills on.
  25. You're right, we can't have both. At this stage in the game's life, it looks like what we have is likely what we'll have at the end. I hope I'm incorrect.
  26. Thanks for the confirmation. I know a great many of the players will be relieved to hear that bans are still a thing.
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