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  2. "His" who is named Alice and a he?
  3. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Anyone else want an option to turn off the grab music?....
  4. Jason Todd Voorhees

    The real Chad releases a Video to celebrate the new update

    Ima go bleach my eyes now.
  5. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Let's talk about Jason and kids.

    What is this post?....
  6. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Was the sweater cancel patched?

    Likely a glitch lol.
  7. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Massive F13 Nerd here because of an Xbox One issue...

    Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Got a Bug or User report? Head to JasonKillsBugs! And or want to discuss about suggestions and other ideas you have? Head to Friday the 13th the Game: Suggestions/Feedback section! And if you want to talk to other players about the game just head to Friday the 13th the Game General Discussions but for "News and Updates" for the game head over to the F13: Game News/F13 Game: About but overall enjoy your stay here!
  8. Jason Todd Voorhees

    New to the forum, longstanding F13 fan

    Would be best to make your own introduction so everyone can seee you.
  9. What has a small window? Do you mean that there is only a very brief moment during the sweater speech in which you can use an emote to break out of it, and waiting any longer will lock you into the animation?
  10. pilospc

    Where Do We Go Now?

    I want new mp maps, the pajama clothing, clothing for new counselors as well, more music in mp games, a story mode to be either Jason or the one counselor to save them all like your own movie story mode, more Jason kills, weapons, skins, and more environmental kills in mp. It would also be great if they added a way to customize your own counselor sex, looks, clothing style etc that would be great.
  11. Yes, The counselors would be in a nearby bar but this would only work on the challenges. You need enter in Alice apartment to put Pamela´s Head In the Refrigerator and wait for Alice to open it to kill her with the Ice Picker
  12. Thanks, I'll practice this in some PM, until then, its Tommy with the Axe.
  13. Alkavian

    Real JASON!!!

    It has been explained before why FvJ and Remake are not in the game. There is a fight between Paramount and New Line Cinema regarding distribution rights. The legal proceedings are still underway. Gun will not add them into the game and potentially get drawn into the dispute. They will wait until it is sorted out. There is also a legal battle going on between Miller (screen writer of the original movie) and Sean Cunningham over rights - though this is unlikely to affect the game. These Jasons are basically off limits until there is a light at the end of the legal tunnel. I think most players would like to seem them in the game at some point, but that point is probably at least a year away...if not more.
  14. I knew this was gonna be a fail. Good intent behind it, but the execution misfired. The only people I've personally seen in the mines so far are good players who've done nothing wrong. The asshole players are still assholing, and now they know the good ones are under pressure to stay in the game and can't quit out to find a match with decent people. About connectivity issues; I remember reading, several times, that the system was going to be able to differentiate connection timeouts/dashboarding/bluescreening from actual quitters. I take it that isn't actually the case?
  15. Well single player challenges are fun on once you beat them then they are just there no longer exciting can only do them so many times over before they are just wasted hard drive space and wasted time on the dev's part. I personally would love to see a story mode more one that has levels and flows in a sequence like your own Friday the 13th movie story mode where you are Jason or the sole counselor set to survive Jason. I would also love for the dev's to give us more mp maps the ones we have now are getting old maybe NY city from part 8 and others like it further i want more clothing for the counselors all of them esp the new counselors with the new counselors having both Halloween and bikini options as the others and i want them to hurry up and release of the pajama clothing just adds to the counselors so they are not so boring to play and look at lastly i love the emotes yet the latest ones need to be set on a loop like the other dance ones so they play instead of having to be done over and over again to enjoy lastly more music would love Alice Coopers songs added to mp games song's such as He's back the man behind the mask, and teenage Frankenstein.
  16. Every game is competitive. Some games are more competitive than others. F13 isn't one of them. Approaching F13 competitively is like approaching a hooker romantically...it ain't gonna feel right and will end up being very unfulfilling. When I play real competitive games, I don't give a shit about my character, what it looks like or what's gonna happen to it, as long as I win. Playing this game competitively has a shelf life of about a week, in my experience. It all becomes 1s and 0s at that point, and the speed and mechanics of the game alone aren't exciting enough to hold my interest. It's a vibe based game and bots do a much better job at providing and maintaining the vibe I'm looking for. I'll take them getting caught on rocks and looping windows over the overall inconsistency of the multiplayer experience. At the end of some nights online, no matter how good or bad it was, I'll cap it off with a couple of bot rounds and I never end up being disappointed. Ok some multiplayer nights end on a low note and then I'll start a bot round, and the notes start going lower, and then I karate kick my monitor into oblivion. But those are rare. On a good to average night of online shenanigans (spelled it right on the first try, baby!!!), I always end up being satisfied with them. I'll be playing a bot round and one of them starts to do something stupid and I'll be like, "I caught 3 morons doing that same thing tonight!" And my favorite thing to say to players online is "You're worse than the bots". And I'm not even trying to say it, it just comes out. When I play, I give the bots something like a 5-second rule. If I catch them quick enough, before they start doing something too stupid, then there's no difference in experience between them and multiplayer. But if I see the stupidity for too long, then the moment becomes too dirty to eat. I wanted to say something else but I can't remember........
  17. Yeah. But its a very small window. so if you mess up any jason actually trying will tap out. Its better and much easier to use three people or just have tommy with an axe to do the knock down.
  18. I concur. It's made offline bots annoying. They had the perfect balance of pocketknives beforehand. I'm starting to develop that old "slash-first" mentality I had with the knife frenzy on MP last Fall, and that's discouraging.
  19. so use the sweater first, then use a dance emote?
  20. Jasonlives4ever

    Where Do We Go Now?

    Hopefully part 6 and 7 map, new kills for Jason, and Jason x.
  21. Didn't Alice live in a neighborhood area? I'm sure they can set up a scenario where they have the counselors start in different houses. A bar could work too. The intro can open up to something like the characters hanging out in different areas and hearing the scream of Alice. I'd like to see this included for multiplayer as well. Maybe give bonuses to players for something like helping Alice survive via escape or killing Jason.
  22. SteveChristy

    Where Do We Go Now?

    Hopefully installing some stronger lights around camp.
  23. Using the emote to tell someone to "come here" is the quickest imo.
  24. SteveChristy

    The future of SP challenges

    Not sure if it's a realistic hope or not, but I'd love to see 10 more challenges added at some point. I'm having more fun with these than I ever have with MP. This is the Jason game I used to dream about in the 80's.
  25. SteveChristy

    AJ gets around huh!?

    Whether the SPC are canon or not, seeing her getting busy/referencing getting busy with a different guy every episode has definitely affected my perception of her. Interesting they chose to go with her so much in that regard. Tiffany seems like an innocent girl nextdoor by comparison, although she does flat out say "yeah, whatever" to a guy who basically tells her he's gonna go off and kill himself.
  26. You can still cancel the sweater animation if you use an emote than move to cancel it out. Still gives the sweater girl enough time for a swing if done right.
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