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  3. Hi Guys. New in the univers of F!·. Ijust bought the game a week ago and its seems to be a problem with servers. It takes ages to get a game rolling. Did i make a mistake buying the game, is it about to be close al the servers, is there anybody playing these days? Thanks.
  4. If somebody plugs the patch cable into the back of the EU PS4 servers again I may be able to get in a game again. Cleaning lady must have knocked the cable out again while hoovering around the back 🤪
  5. Are you guys on EU PS4? Not been able to get a game for days now. Tweeted support a few times but not had a response as yet
  6. You used words that I'd never heard of, but I agree with your quoted statement as well!
  7. Thanks for the info SirMang. Maybe it was wrong keywords I was using in the search for this answer. Cheers!
  8. This has been an ongoing thing and been discussed all over the forums. Throw a knife at the car, watch it fall into the ground, fly into a tree, hit a house, deposit people below the map, deposit people off the map. This has been going on for about 6 months now. Also you can morph and cause the car to do the same thing.
  9. Hay all. I’m new here on the forms but I searched my question beforehand before posting this so hopefully I won’t get yelled at. I have noticed on ps4 that if a person has started the four seater car and from a little bit of a distance, if I hit another player with a dagger while them getting into passenger seat it makes the car disappear from the game and slingshots ever one that was in the car across the map. “Crystal lake small” what it seams to be happening on. This has happed about three time now since the patch and was just curious if any other ps4 players are experiencing this as well? Cheers!
  10. I think you need some practice or you’re doing something wrong then because you can run Jason around for several minutes sometimes even the entire game with Tiffany, Vanessa, Tommy, Victoria being the better choices. You can still survive the night with anyone else but it’ll be harder. Try not gassing yourself out when you run from Jason all in one sprint running out in the open and you won’t lose it quickly. Ive tested Tiffany can sprint with marathon for 26 seconds (I think that’s right) go outside and do this and tell me they lose it too quickly
  11. Same thing is happening to me fam, it puts me into a peer to peer server after 4 minutes of waiting.
  12. Well that’s your opinion your always allowed to disagree if you want
  13. It doesn't work everytime, but if you are diligent, and don't let your character get changed to "random," it works most of the time.
  14. Maybe some players like vennesa or tommy Jarvis can easily do that but the rest have slow stamina regeneration and they lose it pretty quickly to
  15. Well here is a link to the clip. I don't have a youtube channel https://xboxclips.com/Seraphic King/f9936f76-493c-4d93-879c-e072224fc613/embed
  16. I'm in Australia and it's been borderline impossible to get a game at all (PS4), and when it does find a lobby it's in the wrong region and playing as Jason in particular with 200+ ms is awful. It's a pity that a patch dropped that didn't break the game more for a change, yet the servers went to complete shit as soon as it dropped, right as the game released on Switch. Speaking of which, I gave the game a go on my switch in handheld mode last night for the first time, it seems like a solid port but it put me in an empty Asia Pacific lobby (where weirdly I had great ping, under 100, like I used to get on AP servers on PS4 before they got rid of those particular servers) that noone joined, then a US lobby with about 3 other people, one of whom left at the start of the game. Yet to play a round as counselor but it's cool to have the handheld option, just wish the servers weren't a complete joke at the moment. Have they acknowledged the fact people can't play the game without wasting ample amounts of time searching for a lobby, only to eventually find one in the wrong region? It's really fucking annoying. I play this game all the time and love it but it's not worth anyone's time until the servers are fixed.
  17. Thank you bro!! I think Savini Jason is a fucking joke and I’m shocked Tom Savini when designed and finished his last Jason, hit save. I remember him saying it was going to be true and accurate to all of Jasons injuries. He got rid of all of all the features of jason9 (definitely one of the coolest looking jasons). And it seemed kinda lazy to make him all black. Most importantly, I don’t get that F13 feeling w him.
  18. Yeah. I wasn’t as lucky as you to where I could take the sweater girl out in the beginning though. I had to work for it. And that wasn’t a noob Tommy either 😂. He had no clue I was coming for him
  19. While in lobby, one of the players was telling everyone how to do the bed glitch that makes you un-killable. I just so happened to be selected as Jason. Undoubtedly when they released the newest patch, there is now a glitch to cancel out the glitch. . The player still looks as if he is going to be untouchable, but not anymore, lol. The whining and complaining during the kill was priceless!
  20. Well, you're not going to magically "suck" because you pick a certain Jason. Each version after all is really the same "character" with tweaked values. However, since that is what the OP asked for, a quntify list on ranking each choice, certain combinations of strength and weakness will lead to the "Best" choice. "Best" choice meaning which Jason has best combination of Killing Potential, Objective Control, and can accommodate different playstyles. Savini, 3, 8 ,and Roy are the best since there is no glaring weaknesses, well maybe except Savini's water speed, which may not be a issue at all if there is no boat. LOL, honestly I still double trap the Tommy Box if I'm a -Trap Jason, which mean I don't trap the cars at all. As for I don't need to "rely" on it, it really depends on the lobby. In a typical QP game, then not really, but I do my routine since I believe in consistent play. A game filled with skilled player with the goal of killing Jason, it's otherwise hard to counter with any other method.
  21. I always like using the come here emote and then they follow me to the shack. Makes me feel like my Tommy has got some game with the ladies 😉 And @Seraphic King I know which Jason killers ur talking about 😂 they thought they could get sweater at game start with me and I killed him right away
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