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  2. Learn from it instead of getting pissed off by it. When you're good enough to take out one of them, you'll be able to handle anyone.
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  4. Nearly every single vanessa I have encountered has been a troll who has taunted, tea-bagged, and been a down right bitch to me. So forgive me if when I see a vanessa player, I automatically assume troll.
  5. To be quite frank Lawsuits suck. Also dedicated servers cost a lot to maintain so calling it a “money grab” doesn’t factor into it logically. I highly recommend looking at the history as to why dedicated servers were taken down.
  6. Wow, just looked it up and they closed them after just a year of the game being released for the switch. Sure glad I didn't get got by that money grab.
  7. Oh, come on dude. Just because someone doesn't agree with your opinion or doesn't play the way you want them too, that means they're a troll white-knighting for trolling? No... Go back and read their posts without your Vanessa hate-boner on, this isn't what they're saying. Not exactly anyway... Surviving the night is a perfectly legitimate condition for winning. Hell, sometimes it becomes your only option depending on match flow... And yes, if you gave Jason a handicap and extended the match to thirty or forty minutes, I'm sure most decent Jason's can eventually catch the troll. 🤣 I'm not even sure how to unpack that. Twenty minutes is more than enough time for a Jason who knows what he's doing to dispatch a lobby, even with runners. On the rare occasion I run into a counselor who can outlast me for the full twenty, I tip my mask to them. I don't make excuses or call them trolls and pretend they somehow didn't beat me. That reminds me too much of guys who rage-quit the second they get grabbed and pretend they somehow won or one-uped Jason because of it. No... You still lost. I accept it, and tell myself I need to do better next time. I actually enjoy a good chase against a really skilled counselor. I do agree that the best way to deal with a troll is to more-or-less ignore them and shrug off their antics, and yes some of them do get themselves hard by doing their stupid tea-bagging and dancing on Jason's face, but for most Trolls, there's nothing more satisfying for them than to break Jason enough that he either rage-quits or just gives up. I'm sorry, but not engaging that player at all because you don't want to bother with them or know you aren't good enough to catch them is a form of giving up. There's no point in quitting especially once in rage... Everybody's tripped once or twice at the worst possible moment. Everybody's climbed through the wrong window, or ran through a door not realizing Jason was standing right there. Trolls can be taken advantage of if you know what your doing. I mentioned this earlier, but I fix the phone quite frequently with Vanessa. It's a bit more challenging, especially against an alert Jason but by no means impossible.
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  9. Once again, the pro-troll vanessa's flock in to white knight their tactics which begs the question: Why bother on a dead forum? Bah preaching to the choir here. On a side note I find it hilarious that anyone who waits out the 20min timer calls that "winning". If that timer wasn't there Jason's would of eventually caught you at some point if you don't escape. Hell, kinda wish there was a way to remove the timer for that reason alone. because even the best pro-troll vanessa's can't evade Jason forever if they keep harassing them, especially at enrage. Vanessa's bank on the timer for their "wins" since they can't repair worth a shit so fat chance getting the phone repaired without Jason noticing.
  10. The dedicated servers are shut down on Switch. Have been for a while now.
  11. How much longer before the dedicated servers for switch are shutdown and that game is killed off too?
  12. Today, the final Switch patch for Friday the 13th: The Game has been deployed. This patch includes the following: FIXED: Multiple matchmaking issues related to peer to peer matchmaking. FIXED: Title crash when attempting to host a Private Match after leaving a public lobby. FIXED: Multiple audio issues related to VOIP, including Spectator joins, and mute behavior.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. hope everyone is doing well. i turned 39 this year. nevermind im not going to say anything negative.
  14. The forum closure will happen eventually. Enjoy logging in and posting while you can. No matter what the team does to circumvent the hacker lobbies, sadly I think they'll continue to be a thing. It royally sucks for the PC players, and I feel for them. They'll probably lock the forum once their newer project is close to completion.
  15. ☝️☝️Exactly this I mean, I could do it with Lachappa just as easily and still Stn pubs more often than not. It's not really about the stam, the speed, or the luck. It's whether or not the Jason knows what he's doing.
  16. I call it "managing your stamina". If you cannot catch a counselor as Jason then it means they are better at playing as that particular counselor than you are at playing as that particular Jason. Nothing more. Nothing less. I've noticed a lot of people like to say players that troll or use "tech" only do so because they are crappy at the game. In some cases that may be true but more often than not it is just an attempt to dismiss the player who beat them in order to make themselves feel better. More often than not, the player trolling or using tech is actually pretty decent at the game but facing that fact means looking in the mirror to find answers why you lost. And really, who wants to accept blame for their own failures?
  17. Vanessa, Chad, Buggzy, Jenny (no fear build), and Tiffany can all do this with ease. Medic, thick skin, and nerves of steel are the preferred perks for running Jason solo. Medic, thick, and hypo if you're running in groups. Nobody that's any good runs stam regen perks unless you're running no fear Jenny build. And crouching doesn't help with stam regen at all. That's not true. If they're running solo and surviving Jason's consistently, then they're most likely highly skilled. Jason can slash too I mute the entire lobby when I play pubs 🤷‍♀️ Again, lobby muted so... The only reason I play anymore is to survive the night or die trying. Escape and kill are too easy. The thrill of the chase is literally the only thing left that brings me entertainment. Btw, emoting and teabagging are simply to get under the Jason players skin because it generally causes him to make poor choices and makes him more likely to mess up. This is a solid tactic for anyone that doesn't want to be shift grabbed. It's usually not necessary in pubs because most Jason's short shift, so all you really need to do is pause for a split second and then continue the jog. Always good for the "pro-troll Vanessa" because stupid Jason's help conserve stam by playing poorly. 😎
  18. If I'm Jason and all (or most) of the lobby are low-level, I msg a few of them and tell them to go ahead and escape, then dump all five traps at the shack entrance (sometimes I just stay there, but other times I like to go troll them a bit before letting them go.). A 150 Jason going after a lobby of complete n00bs like they were a high-level kill-squad is just too big of a dick move for me. HOWEVER... If I catch someone near the shack, I'll PM them and tell them to go away and escape with the others. If they don't, or they do but then come back, I tell them something to the effect of, "Most/All of you guys are low level, so I'm trying to be nice and let everyone go. Don't fuck with me/piss me off/press your luck/do something stupid." If it STILL happens again, I just kill them. 90% of the time they take the hint and bugger off after the first message.. If they go away but come back with Tommy (and all five traps are still undisturbed) I turn on Stalk, Morph somewhere behind them (but still within Shift distance) and wait. As soon as I hear the first trap go off, I Shift back to them and grab whoever stepped in the trap (this works best if it's Tommy). If they have a PK, they'll drop right on top of a second trap and die instantly. If they don't, whoever is NOT in the trap is almost guaranteed to either shoot or hit me to try and free the one who DID step in the trap. As a result, they will most likely drop right on top of another trap, killing them instantly. If I get salty messages, I just reply with a screenshot of their dead body.
  19. Vanessa is the ONLY CHARACTER in the game who can as I call it "troll walk" Jason effectively the whole game. She's the ONLY CHARACTER who can jog NON-STOP stopping for brief amounts of time with OP stamina regen. Usually a Vanessa who wants to troll a jason will run Max medic perk, Max stamina perk, and improved healing perk, with a Perk that gives them high stamina regen when crouched. I hate Vanessa's because anyone who plays one has one goal and one goal alone generally: Piss the Jason player off by trolling them the entire game. You don't even have to be good at Vanessa to troll Jason the whole game. All you need are the previously mentioned perks at just about any rarity level and a small knowledge of the map layout. Pro-Troll Vanessa's(note: they aren't skilled by any means, they just know how to exploit the map layout) will make sure to have at least 2 pocket knives before they begin trolling Jason hense why if I'm Jason, I gun for them before they can get them if i find them soon enough. However if they get "fully equipped" I just ignore them the whole game until their the last one left. Usually in my experience pro-troll Vanessa's love to taunt and troll-walk the whole time you chase them. With me, I just stop trying to put in the damned effort. Sure I'll chase them and try to kill them but the only thing their going to get out of me is this line on voice: "lmao, git gud noob." and similar lines because they aren't skilled players. They use vanessa because her stats based on the gameplay loop of the game make her OP. Sure, they'll be looking forward to those frustrated groans, calling them names, ect because they get off on pissing Jason's off but they won't get that from me. Hell, after awhile I'll even sometimes get bored and say: "Okay troll, I'm leaving, have fun doing nothing." and morph away for the rest of the match Not leave the match mind you, just leave them alone for the remainder of the match. THEY HATE THAT!XD PS: Running in a circle is enough to make getting a shift grab a nightmare even for the best Jason players and they are likely to miss which is what a Pro-troll vanessa will do when they notice you shifting at them.
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  21. Yeah you're probably right on both but one can hope since there was such a backlash on the Steam forums. Everyone is pissed that the modded lobbies are still around and it's nearly impossible to avoid them as I pointed out hosting is pretty much a waste of time.
  22. What's your impression of it so far? Just out of curiosity.
  23. Pretty sure a forum closure is low on the priority list while they work on a new game. Fairly certain that hotfix to add the option to become a host was the very last.
  24. Understandable. That does prove challenging, and funny sometimes. I do the same.
  25. Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday. Save room for dessert, and work it off running from Jason.
  26. if im in the mood. yes. if its literally their first game and im jason i will help them somewhat by not going after them first.
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