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    I hope that vaccination can protect us from a new pandemic
  3. Yes, original and very cool. We ordered a similar photo session for a corporate event, but were very dissatisfied with the quality of the photos. Our photographer gave us dark photos with a blocked horizon.
  4. I would imagine it was a combination of shift stalk and morph. It'd all happen relatively fast during rage if you alternated between shift and morph when one cool down or the other was halfway charged. I know there are ways to cancel vhs static but as far as I know there's no way to bypass cool downs on console.
  5. I just rewatched the clip. We're inside the shack but not crammed into a corner and I was literally pressed against Jason's back when the swing started, so he was definitely in range. 'Also. this is unrelated, but what the fuck is up with Jason constantly Shifting and teleporting all over the map? i don't have the video for this one but last night a part 7 seemed to be constantly spamming Shift and/or Morph (the little sound effect you hear when P7 shows up was going off repeatedly and he used Shift twice in a span of ten seconds)?
  6. Sounds ping related. I've definitely seen a lot of wonky hit detections myself since P2P.
  7. How about you stop crying and git gud they wont remove the cops or nerf or remove vanessa
  8. Yesterday
  9. An Original Idea for a photo shoot. The Masks Are Like in the Movie. I Will Take Notes and Invite My Colleagues to Arrange Such A Photo Session, For example, for Halloween.
  10. I haven't had it happen to me, but I had someone message me once to complain that a swing went through me while I was Jason. I dismissed it as saltiness since he was accusing me of performing a glitch to make it happen, and that I somehow glitched the car out when all I did was shift in front of a driver driving erratically. This is going to sound like a lazy answer, but if you're certain the issue wasn't ping related, sometimes weird stuff just happens, especially in P2P. I once tried to save a counselor, heard the blade make contact and watched as Jason still got the kill off, but as soon as the animation ended, Jason recoiled as if he'd just been stunned. Bit of a delayed reaction there... I've recently been grabbed while wearing the sweater, only for it to mysteriously disappear during the PK animation. I've seen ghost counselors stuck on drawers that weren't really there, and one time had an A.J. fire a shotgun in the opposite direction of where I was standing and I still hit the ground like a ton of bricks... And I'm 99.9% sure there wasn't another shooter on the grassy knoll. Yeah, sometimes weird shit just happens, and you never see anything like it again.
  11. As stated in the "Future of Friday the 13th: The Game" thread, JasonKillsBugs.com will remain active and support can be reached there. Public matches will not receive the same custom options as private matches, so that players can still search for a traditional lobby. If those toggles were in public matches, then every lobby would be at the mercy of whatever the host felt like toggling on and that leads to a terrible user experience for anyone not on host. You'd also see even more people leaving the matches and trouble filling lobbies because toggles they don't prefer are turned on or turned off, etc. It's not a viable solution to the issue with PC lobbies, and it's a net negative for the majority of the community in general, especially when those options exist in private matches. Fan organized "Looking for Group" messages to fill private matches are the best way to orchestrate a match with toggle options. Yes. "Not supporting their own game even just a little bit" seriously? You're right, there is no guarantee that after 4 years the next game will still be receiving new content and stay out of sunset. But think about that for a second. Lawsuit aside, literally NO game has a promise of content 4 years out. So I guess by that logic, no game is safe? Is that what you're saying? How many years will make you more comfortable with your $40 investment? Hell, Anthem is seeing sunset now. I don't mean to sound like I'm kicking them while they're down, because I genuinely feel for them and their community, but look at that as a point of reference. And I'm not saying compare the two games or anything like that based on their game play, or any criteria other than timing alone. So are you saying you aren't going to buy games anymore then? If you feel that the last 4 years of F13 was not worth the $40 price tag, by all means, speak with your wallet when we launch our next game. I'm not a salesman. That's not my goal here. But your comment lacks perspective, self awareness, and vision.
  12. That would be really good to know 😀😀
  13. Most likely ping related. We get a lot of swing throughs in private matches if the host has bad internet or our ping is high.
  14. Was it a combat stance swing or a regular swing? Regular swings tend to have unreliable and weird hitboxes at times.
  15. So I just finished a game where I was Tommy and our groups dedicated Sweater Girl died after Jason grabbed her and my swing went right through him even though it was clearly close enough to make contact. No one was lagging, and I was literally right behind him (in the open, not in a cabin). Is this new, or has it been around and I just never noticed?
  16. This is the most objective perspective we can have at this point. The game is done, we are lucky that we are getting one more update that's fixes (hopefully) what broke last patch (CS LOL). As a PC player, it's disheartening to see it over ran by hackers, I'm glad I got out before dealing with that frustration. At this point, organize with friends to play together to have a smooth experience. I'm sure not many will like what I'm about to say, nor will the Devs, but the fact that is been proven that hackers can customize game gives it some hope. Perhaps in the future, this develops into a grassroot effort to unofficially support the game, balance, and content on this forgotten gem.
  17. In their defense, the hacked lobbies didn't start until around last patch. They probably didn't even know it was possible. I'm sure they've looked into it and came to the conclusion that it's not a cost effective fix at this point. If you read between the lines you'll see that they're not investing anymore time and money into it after the patch. I mean, sounds like they're shutting down the forums AT next patch. That leaves no room for future complaints even about the upcoming patch. We get what we get with the next one. Honestly though, you kind of knew the higher risk of hacking being a PC gamer. It's certainly not unheard of on that particular platform. That's why I do all my gaming on console. And it's not like the hackers have always gone unpunished. You've had 3 years of relatively unhacked play on a game that's been dead since they announced no new content. It sucks that they can't fix everything. But overall, if it wasn't worth your investment, you probably wouldn't still be here. It's definitely a shame that hackers are going to end up killing it for PC though. I'm honestly ok with any way it ends now. I can safely say that I've had a blast with it while it lasted. More so than most big budget games I've ever played. I personally wouldn't rule out at least checking out their next project. Hopefully they'll take what they've learned from this one and make improvements.
  18. Look I see your point but this is the game that put you on the map so to speak and it wouldn't be so dead IF they could control the hacking situation because that is just driving players away from the PC version of the game and gaining any potential new players because everyone is well aware it's a hackers paradise on PC. There won't be no next time for me. I'm DONE even with no rights dispute they couldn't fix major bugs and it took months between fixes or attempted fixes which usually caused more bugs. I will not buy another Gun Media game,they have lost any credibility they had with me. It's a shame because really without hackers the game is really not that glitchy or buggy anymore relatively speaking. Most of the map exploit places are limited to 3 maps now where as there were at least 1 on every map a few patches ago.
  19. I get the frustration but how much money do you think they're going to throw away on a game that's been dead for years? Sounds to me like their budget was just about used up at the last patch. And still, they're releasing one more patch in a final attempt to take care of some bugs and increase playability. They could have pulled the plug any time after the lawsuit and just walked away. Even if they did take care of the hacked lobbies, there's no guarantee that the hackers wouldn't find a workaround as soon as the patch dropped. And how many other bugs would potentially turn up? They could spend an eternity trying to fix every problem this game has and still there would be someone complaining about something. They're not going to get new players. Nobody in their right mind would buy a game that has been dead for years. If you were running a business, when would you cut your losses? Would you risk going bankrupt trying to patch every glitch, bug, and prevent every single hack on one single game that's been content locked for years with no end in sight to the lawsuit? Or would you fix what you can, move on, and try to learn something from your mistakes for next time?
  20. Last week
  21. @mattshotcha I apologize for sounding angry but it's due to frustration on PC platform. I don't think you realize the severity of the hacker problem. If they can create these servers and it does say official servers when you enter one of these lobbies how are they accomplishing that? Are they actually paying for a server? I'm no coder or hacker so above my knowledge. I can tell you this that if you threaten to report hackers in lobby chat they just simply laugh at you. They say go ahead My profile is hidden the one you see is just some random Steam person who may not even own the game. I'm using a VPN I'm invincible. It is harming Guns already bad reputation by not supporting their own game even just a little bit. I understand the way it works .I myself will never buy another game produced by this company because there is no guarantee the next game might suffer the same fate. I'm not the only one who feels this way.IMO it's not good business practice just to simply throw in the towel.
  22. Is the obnoxious big weapon glitch getting patched? Thanks.
  23. Fair enough. @mattshotcha I really only have two questions then. 1. What becomes of JasonKillsBugs after this forum becomes archived and the final patch pushes out? Does it still function or does the playerbase just have to police itself? 2. Any consideration with this final patch of adding the private custom match options for the lobby host in public matches? Afterall, this is basically part of what these hackers are doing to public games anyway and with private matches being very hard to setup due to any number of reasons. I would say on some level, it makes sense to add these custom match options for the host of non modded lobbies and the other players can see what options are changed by simply clicking the settings wheel. It might even be a decent foil for the modded lobbies in the long run and will finally provide new makeshift game options to the public games.
  24. I've responded to folks on ANY channel with questions about the patch or PC build. As long as I'm tagged I NEVER ignore a tag, question, topic, or discussion, no matter the context or situation. Implying I've ignored you is wholly incorrect. As for the issue on PC, I understand it can seem like every lobby is one of these lobbies, but it simply isn't the case. I know that's not a great answer to the issue, but as said prior, we are well outside of the end of service to the title. The team has held on to get the final patch fixed up, but the truth is the game is heading into a different stage of it's life. Major overhauls like what would be required here are simply no longer an option. Hell, even these forums were supposed to have been archived by now. No, I think the patch will be communicated the same way every other patch I've worked has been communicated to you. When the patch is finalized, and I can compile patch notes, the community will see those patch notes. When we have a date for the patch to go live, I'll inform the community. But no, I do not intend to pop into the forum and simply say "still working guys" once a week for the sake of it. If there is a question about the patch, simply tag me and I'll do my best to answer. As said prior, No I cannot expand at this time on the date or contents of the patch. When that info is finalized, I'll be sharing it with the community here. Just as I have with every other patch. If I missed a quoted response, I apologize, genuinely, for that. That said, misrepresenting the situation as the community having to attack the ComDev to get an answer is not only incorrect, it's designed specifically to stir up trouble. The information at this time is simply as said prior, the next update is the final update. It turned out to be more work than a quick hotfix and will be communicated on as soon as we have it finalized. The game is outside of it's planned cycle, and the forums are set to be archived with the launch of the last patch, as Gun has to shift focus to upcoming projects. I notice you still, after two full years of me working on this game, refuse to address me in a reply and only talk about me. I'm not sure why you do this, or why you refuse to acknowledge any of my replies to you, But here goes. "Personal vendetta" is an odd choice of words. Your comments are always more of the starting trouble for the sake of it variety than any personal vendetta. If you expect answers, ask questions. Because as said before, I'm not going to pop into a forum and say "Working on it" 1000 times in the interim between when we confirm we're going to take another stab at the last patch and when we have confirmed patch notes. That's simply pacifying and not providing any new info to the topic, and is not something I'm going to do. If asked, I'll give any info I can, and HAVE. But a non-update just so I can say I sent an update is a waste of everyone's time and only leads to frustration for the community. I'm not a non-answer answer type of person. And no, that isn't "the only info relayed to the community lead". It's the only info the ComDev can share with you at this time. Just as has been the case with every prior patch, when we have confirmed patch notes, you'll see them. When we have confirmed a date, you'll see it. Substituting your own theories in places where you feel like they fit is not facts. You posted your comment after hours in my local time.
  25. Pretty much these. I don't have a personal vendetta against Matt or Shifty or Ben. All the people that have been here over the years that have been punching bags for the community. Negative yes, personal no. That said, we all expect answers and the fact that it seems like the only answer that can be given is a random post on a super, wild west forum like reddit about how the patch has turned into a bigger patch as the only info to be given is disappointing. The only info Black Tower Studios can relay back to the community lead is that the patch is going to be bigger? Not enough.
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